July 3, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 26]

As the dorm master goes in the room and asks about the air conditioner, Haruto keeps on looking at his bed where Yu and Takumi are hiding. Yu hopes that she won’t be found out and that the head master would quickly leave.

Takumi looks at Yu and was about to touch her when she whispers to him that he obviously doesn’t need to hide. He smiles and says that he got excited because it seems quite fun. Yu muses that no wonder it is the White Prince, he’s so calm.

The head master asks what Kaji is doing in front of the cabinet. Nervous Kaji claims that he is doing yoga. Yu says since Takumi is so calm, she feels at ease. When she starts to wonder if Meiko is okay, Takumi admits to her that he isn’t calm at all for his heart is beating so fast.

Suddenly, the cat jumps on the bed which causes Yu to scream. The head master asks who is hiding there. Haruto says yes, who it could be. As Haruto grabs the cat, the cat grabs the blanket. Yu tries her best to pull the blanket down to her so that she won’t be found out.
Takumi tells her to calm down. Hakuto pulls up the blanket a bit and calls out to Takumi to give it up. Takumi quickly sits up. He apologizes to the head master for startling her.

The head master says that it seems she heard a girl’s voice. While Takumi tries to cover Yu with the blanket, he says that it is because he’s scared of cats so he’ll make that kind of sound when he’s frightened. He asks her to keep that a secret. The head master agrees. Haruto asks if there are any other things that need to be inspected.

The head master says none, and she’ll go to the next room. Then, she tells Kaji to go back to his room. Kaji wonders how come the two are so calm. After the head master left, Takumi tells Yu that it is alright, she can come out. Haruto grabs Yu’s shoulder and reprimands her for playing around by hiding in someone’s room without permission.

Thinking that the crisis isn’t resolved yet, Yu apologies to him. Grabbing Haruto’s hand off Yu, Takumi says that this is revenge and it is because he always bullies Yu.
Haruto seriously tells him not to be a hindrance. Unfazed Takumi says that he was the one who told them the room number so if he’s going to punish someone, he should include him, VICE-dorm head.

Yu tries to protest but Haruto moves away and tells them to quickly get out. Outside the room, Takumi tells the girls to be careful and go back while they are still not found out. Yu thanks him. Before Yu leaves with Meiko, Takumi whispers to her that at any time, she is welcome to his room. Then, he waves goodbye. Yu looks surprised.

Lying on the bed with Meiko, Yu asks if she feels crowded. Meiko says that it is alright. Yu feels that this is quite fun. Meiko thanks Yu and just now, she was nervous to death. Yu says that Meiko is unexpectedly quite bold that she was scared to death. Meiko apologizes for it is quite bad to enter someone else’s room without permission but thanks to Takumi, it is a relief that Haruto isn’t that angry.

Yu says no, no..if Takumi isn’t around, she doesn’t know what kind of punishment will the black devil give them and they might not be able to come back alive.
Meiko says that chatting with guys is really fun and she still wants to have fun since there are many things that she wants to ask. Yu becomes aghast that Meiko laughs and apologizes.

Then, she says, good night. Recalling Haruto’s smile, Yu thinks that even if they came back caused her to sigh in relief but she couldn’t sleep-- She and Meiko are wide awake. The school bell rings. The teacher tells the student that the exam is tomorrow so properly review.

Sleepy Yu thinks that it is bad for she totally wasn’t able to listen to the lesson. There is a scene of Haruto lying around and Takumi studying. Soon, second term’s midterm exams are over. The fangirls are squealing over the Black and White Princes being number one in the grade ranking. Yu is looking very gloomy.

Meiko tells her to cheer up for she can get back during the term exam. Yu is envious of Meiko for being intelligent for in the end, she totally wasn’t able to concentrate in reviewing her lessons.. Just then, Kanei appears and says that it is a shocker that Yu turns out to be very stupid.
Since Kanei ranked number 3 in the grades, Yu thinks that she is so far from everyone who is quite intelligent. Then, noticing a bruise on his face, Yu asks what happened to Kanei’s face.

Kanei says that he got involved with some bad delinquents and he seems to easily get their attention. Yu tells him to cheer up. Opening her pouch, Meiko gives an adhesive bandage to Yu. Yu tells her to give it to Kanei herself but Meiko says that she isn’t good at talking with an unfamiliar boy.

Meiko then says that she’ll go ahead. Yu gives the bandage to Kanei and says that her friend gives it to him. Upon seeing Meiko, Kanei is moved and tells Yu that it will be cultural festival soon. While walking away, he mumbles, speaking of that, there is love..

The others wonder what Takumi’s class will be doing for the festival. Yu overhears Kaji also has red marks that he screams for Haruto to help him. Yu thinks of him as her comrade. In Yu’s class, their theme is dressing up. Kaji says that they are going to discuss the program scheme so what ideas do they have.
Girls are screaming with different suggestions like butler café where they can watch Haruto, Shinsengumi for they want him to wear a kimono, a vampire, a shiny Haruto like an idiol, be together with Takumi.

Haruto seems to be looking at Yu who is lost in thought over not being excited over that. The teacher tells everyone to calm down a bit for they have to get Haruto’s permission first. This made everyone apologize and tense as they wait for Haruto’s answer which they think is ‘no way’.

To everyone’s surprise, Haruto says that he can dress up but he wants Yu to be the one in charge of his outfit. Soon, everyone starts to pester Yu even as Yu tries to refuse for her grades in home economics is bad and she won’t participate this time around.

Meiko just quietly glances at Haruto. At the shoe locker’s area, dazed Yu couldn’t believe that Haruto would unexpectedly take the initiative to join the festival..no, this is absolutely punishment for going to his room without permission.
Takumi calls out to Yu and asks if they can go home together. The other girls want to go with him but Takumi declines. The other girls think Yu is cunning and they are envious of her. When Yu asks if that is really okay, Takumi assures Yu that he wants to go home together with her.

Takumi asks her what those girls told her. Recalling the harassing girls before, Yu says that it is nothing. She asks what his class is going to do in the festival. He smiles and says that it is a secret since he’ll be held accountable and they just anticipate the festival. Yu says yes.

At the music room, the girls give Yu a tape measure and a note to write Haruto’s measurements. Aghast Yu asks if it is now, by herself!? The girls say that they are going to start a meeting about Haruto’s outfit and after deciding it, they are going to reserve some cloth materials at the store.

Kaji says that Haruto is waiting. Since the girls are very eager, Yu decides to agree to it. She asks Meiko to help her out but Meiko refuses by saying that the one Haruto asked is Yu.
While Yu is surprised by that answer, Meiko urges her to quickly get in the room for things can be seen clearly at the hallway. Kaji shoves away the other girls to get out of the room because they wanted to see Haruto being measured.

In the room, nervous Yu says that she’ll be taking his measurements. To her surprise, he takes off his coat. She asks why he is stripping. He says isn’t he going to be measured. Yu think that even if it is like that, this surpasses her expectation. Haruto grabs her head and tells her to quickly do it. She says okay, but at least, keep his shirt on.

Haruto says who’ll strip down to bare, does she want to see it. This made her blush and get angry over what Haruto is implying. The girls are making a ruckus outside. Kaji shouts for Yu to do her best. Meiko looks a bit flustered. Haruto sits on the table while reading a Bach music book.

Yu tells herself to calm down and first the arm. Then, after thinking for a while, she asks him if he can measure himself and there’s no need for her.. He coldly tells her that since she accepted the duty, she should properly do it so quit complaining.
Yu thinks she knows already. She climbs up the table and measures his arm. Then, she becomes nervous for how is she going to do the chest measurement and she cannot do it from the back. Maybe she get him to take off his shirt and measure the shirt..no, he’ll be naked then.

Yu holds her face and tells herself to gambatte for everyone is waiting. She calls out to Haruto that stop reading for a while and help her out for she’s going to measure his chest. He puts down the book and tells her to quickly do it. Yu tells herself to calm down and quickly measure it.

As she tries to put the measuring tape around Haruto, she wonders if she must stick to him so close and she hopes her heart’s beating wouldn’t be so loud. Haruto suddenly asks her why she suddenly went to his room without permission for it isn’t what Takumi said. He asks if it is because of Meiko.

Flustered Yu says no, yes, it is Meiko accompanying her in going there together, that’s all. “..it is my revenge.. *blushing really red* It is I who trespassed into your room without permission..” Upon staring at Yu, Haruto suddenly holds up some of her hair. This surprises Yu.
Comment: And, the falling out has started. Since Haruto is obviously favoring Yu, Meiko doesn’t want to help Yu out anymore. Of course, it is one thing for Haruto not wanting Meiko to help Yu out. Even if it was like that, Yu won’t ‘sell’ Meiko out and went with Takumi’s alibi as to why she is in Haruto’s room. She’s such a nice friend.

Anyway, that face-off between the princes was a bit intense but then, Haruto blinked and left them off. I’m not sure if that is a hint from the mangaka about pairing off Meiko with Kanei.

As for Haruto’s request, I guess it might be partly wanting to punish Yu as well as wanting to know the real reason for going in his room. Maybe he wants her in the festival, too.

As for the last scene, it seems that Haruto gave in to his emotions over seeing Yu’s blushing face. Turned on? We’ll know for sure in the next chapter. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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  1. Yes!!! Thanks so much much Kat for new chapter! :* ☺

  2. Thank you for this summary :) It'a always a pleasure for me to read your work :)

    When it commes to Kuro he definately has feelings for you, but he clearly isn't in a state to define them yet, thought he's aware of it. Him having more interestes in Yu is a sigh of that - he's looking at her often (the seat changing was quite a favor for Yu and Kuro, because they have the oportunity to glance at each other more descreatedly :) ).
    But I can't agree with Yu that he made her to be in charge of making his costume as a punishment. It's more in this: When they were to have the Sport festival, she convinced Kuro to join into the event by saying that she wants to create memories with each other. Then she was unable to make any of them because she was captured by bullies - as a result she wasn't at any of the pictures from the sport festival. Kuro felt responsible and he took her for the cinema- aquqrium- hotel "date". I think he remembers what she said about making memories, and her beeing gloomy is not normal (she's not in a mood to have fun because she's failed at the exams)so he wants cheer her up (on his own way), and besides it is a good apportunety for him to spend some time with her and maybe undersatnd his feelings for her.
    It seems Meiko is jealouse of Yu beeing chosen by Kuro, because she may see clearly now that Yu is special for him. But if she'll be willing to be a good friend for Yu - we'll have to see what the future will bring to them.
    I'm glad that Kuro's feelings starts to flow into the surfuse and he's becoming more aware of her and it makes him beeing taken by the emotions more often.
    Takumi is more serious lately, because he might've undestood that he has feeling for Yu too. That made him more rebelious torwards Kuro. Seeing Kuro bulling Yu isn't something he will no longer brush off. Besides we can see a shadow of serious rivality between those two - Takumi's first place with Kuro at the Exams and him not accepting the gifts from the girls any more and him wanting to spend time with Yu more - it's gonna by some testosteron in the air next chapters ;p

    1. Thanks for reading, mona and glad to hear that ^^

      Hm..aware of it..I'm not too sure. And even if he does, I don't think he knows what it exactly is. But definitely, she interests him compared to all the other girls/fangirls around.

      Possible. She did look uninterested with the festival but he 'forced' her to join along. Perhaps, it is indeed because of creating memories but then, he wont' directly say that.

      Still, I can say that it is a punishment because he was slightly giving her a hard time measuring him. Instead of just standing up so that she can do it properly, he has to sit on top of the table and read a book. I can almost imagine the fangirls venting their anger on Yu if she didn't measure him properly = outfit might be too small or big for him...

      True..but given the theme of the series of always bullying/giving Yu a hard time, I don't think it will happen immediately...getting over this and still be a good friend.


  3. I do really love all readers comments about this manga..join the long discussion is one of joyful moment..but too bad my english not so well, so i am a litle shy to write this he2.

    Refering above comments..i am actually not agree with u both ^^ ..i m not sure, this kuro..by asking yuu to do the messurement would cheer her up? When he definitely know yuu will not happy to do that...or not bc he wants to punish her to. It is mostly bc he got uneasy feeling when he saw yuu was so gloomy and he wants to bring her *usual behaviour out again. By teasing her..he think it would help her *normal again.lol he feel responsible for everything happens to her..as an master? ;)

    1. Hehe, I see.

      Hm...that is possible. Ah..just cannot help thinking that if they become a couple, and their relationship is still like this.. his way of cheering her up is putting her into a predicament ^^;

  4. I am positively thought kuro still doestn have feeling to yuu akabane but some readers outside this blog delut than he has a feeling for her.. guyss if you think the same please give me some clues/explanation..what chapter you guys found out that he starts to like her? My brain said what he did before and now is only about himself who getting exiciting by teasing a girl who dare fight him back..;))

    1. I think the feeling/interest growing from just 'getting excited by teasing a girl who dares to fight back' would be when he 'saved' her from Kanei before, there are some times when he seems to lower his guard around her like in the last scene of this chapter, acting more 'jealous' when she is getting too close with some other guy..it is those subtle things which is different from the very start or the usual behavior.

      Of course, I would think he doesn't seem to be aware of it like he didn't realize that he was unconsciously doing it. And, usually, when one becomes aware of it, that person is already very much in love =P <- in manga

  5. Thanks for recapping! ♡

    Now that I've read the ending of this chapter, I really want to know what happens next! Will you be recapping chapter 27? And if so when? ^_^

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yes...when the Chinese scanlation for that chapter is out. My summaries are based on that.

    2. As I've read the next 2 chapters already I can tell you one thing:


      Kuro's blushing face is reeeeeeeealllllly CUTE <3

  6. You've read the next 2 chapters?!

    1. Chinese scan are late, but Korean's are at ch 28 :)

  7. Some of us lucky to have bough it online even dindt understand japanese or you could saw it on blogger spoiler..ne?

  8. Ch 27 chinese scan was released, so can we ask Kat, to summary it, please :)?