May 11, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 62 - How do you know (the start of happiness is)]

While Takane is walking at the hallway, the people are welcoming him even making a mistake of calling him as the young abbot. Takane tells them that the training isn’t over and he still has to go back there tomorrow. He asks if the abbot is already at the dining hall.

A man says that the abbot is already waiting for him inside. Watching from the corner, Junko thinks that putting the successor issue aside, the people in the temple really admires Takane. Tokiko asks Junko if she was able to calmly talk with Takane.

Thinking that not only did they talk but there is also some other things, blushing Junko bows to her to thank her that because of her help, they were able to meet. Tokiko says that obviously, Junko isn’t used to wearing a kimono and she didn’t think that after being in there for such a long time, she can still maintain it in such good state. This made Junko blush really red.
Recalling Takane is reluctant to dress her up so soon and she urges him to hurry up, Junko nervously laughs and says that it is thanks to Takane who help her wear it tidily. Tokiko frankly tells Junko that merely wearing a kimono won’t rise up Hibari’s evaluation of her.

“Honestly speaking, I’m not standing on either your or perhaps mother-in-law’s side. Even if I can understand both of your positions but today, you voluntarily came to learn the work [/etiquette], right? Besides, there is also Takane encountering that kind of situation. For you to have that kind of awareness, it makes me want to encourage you a little bit.” Junko bows and thanks her.

Takane calls out to Junko and asks what she is doing. While pulling Junko away, he apologizes to his mother for being rude. Junko tells him to wait, she is still thanking her. Takane tells her to do it later on and come with him first. Narita greets Junko and welcomes her. Junko greets him back.
Whispering to Takane, she says that this is so embarrassing for everyone is here and a while ago, they are doing.. He tells her that it’s no problem after all, they are a lovey-dovey couple. He advises her to be quite for a while. He opens the door and says that he’s intruding.

While Junko is mentally telling him to wait, the abbot, Hibari and Amane are surprised to see them. While bowing with Junko, Takane says that he’s late in coming to pay them his greetings, and he also apologizes for the many troubles that he cause to the temple. While nervously saying that she’s intruding [<- being polite], Junko wonders if it is alright that there is no practice regarding this and that and they’ll just suddenly come here.

Looking dark, Hibari asks how come he’ll bring this child here in their family dinner. Amane wonders why Junko is here yet he spent half the day looking for her. The abbot suggests that the guest to come and eat with them and then, after dinner, they can talk in his room.
Takane refuses for he’ll finish what he has to say soon so please let him say it in front of everyone. “I’ll continue to strive hard to become the successor of this temple. In addition to that, I also want Sakuraba-san to marry into the family...

...It is only with these things that I won’t compromise. I also don’t plan on giving the position of abbot to Amane.” The abbot sighs and kept quiet. Hibari says no is no but since they came during dinner, then have dinner and leave. Takane calls out to his grandmother.

Junko thinks that it is here, that famous Kansai way of refusal and even if she knows that it means that she [Junko] should immediately leave but she’s afraid that it is very difficult to translate it to foreigners. [<- I think it about Japanese being polite and won’t bluntly say things to offend someone but you have to read between the lines.]

Tokiko urges Junko to come and eat dinner first. Amane tells his grandmother that it doesn’t matter for it is only dinner and they are just going to eat with them.
Amane says that it really makes one unable to comprehend since upon coming back, Takane mentioned about the successor [that it is okay if it is Amane]. “I already prepared myself to come and succeed this temple.” Takane says if that is the case, then he’ll do things better than him in order to make everyone approve since he will put his utmost effort to snatch away that position from him.

Junko recalls Takane telling her that he won’t pretend to be cool and give up. Junko grabs the robe at Takane’s back and thinks, “If that is his wish, I want to support him. Me, too. In order to attain grandmother-sama’s approval of this position [as wife], I have to do my best.”

Back at the café, Momoe gives a shopping bag to Kiichirou and says that these are the things that Yayoi asked her to buy. Kiichirou says that isn’t that a lot and he should pay for it. Shaking her head, Momoe says that it is fine because after all, Yayoi helped her buy the ticket in advance and besides, they talked about exchanging other things so please don’t mind it. Kiichirou continues to protest that won’t do at all.
Momoe tells him that he got her favorite CP coaster and for that she is very thankful of him. Arthur calls out to Momoe and says that he’ll be interrupting. “The time we agreed on has already past. Do the two of you plan on continuing that ‘no no no’ topic? I’m truly sorry for interrupting your conversation, Nogami-san...

...Apparently, your daughter seems to be still sick so I hope she can quickly recover. *Kiichirou thanks him for his concern* Just treat this as a sympathy [/get well] gift. *sparking and smiling* Then, it is almost time for ME to go.” Kiichirou says naturally, and he didn’t know that he was waiting for Momoe, truly sorry about that. Arthur says see you.

Then, he quickly grabs Momoe and drags her away. Momoe bids Kiichirou goodbye. Sweatdropping, Kiichirou thinks that it isn’t necessary for Arthur to be so blunt in expressing his ownership of Momoe towards a middle age father like him and from the looks of it, he is the type who’ll tie Momoe down.
At the street, Momoe laments over the café becoming far away. She calls out to Arthur and says that she always feel that when she is talking with Kiichirou, he’ll always suddenly drag her away.. Arthur says that she is mistaken.

She says that Kiichirou is one of her few students in the designated classroom [/special class]? Irked Arthur says that he only wants to quickly leave this place, that’s all. Momoe goes into shock. She thinks that she was so happy that she forgot. Bowing to Arthur, Momoe thinks, “How could I let an ordinary person [who isn’t into BL] stay at this full of bacteria 2D world for over 40 minutes. Please forgive me. But, please give back my spoils of war.”

Wearing an imaginary protective suit and carrying her shopping bag, Arthur says he always felt that it is unexpectedly quite troublesome but it isn’t just that. “But rather, it is the ‘I have found you and after I hugged you’ thing.”
Flashback: After Arthur hugged her, he is shocked when Momoe pushed him away and said wait, please wait a minute. Rushing back to the café, she shouted that there are two hours [allotted] so there are still 40 minutes left at the café so wait for her to come back and she’ll listen to whatever he says. End flashback.

Arthur reminds her that she said ‘when she comes back she’ll listen to whatever he says’. Momoe says that she feels that indeed, she said that and it is because she is afraid that the things will be sold out so as at all costs, she.. Slyly smiling, Arthur says then, what should be done for what is the price for leaving him all alone as she runs back to that uncle.

Holding up her hand, Momoe says no, she earlier on had already encountered all sorts of things..and she always felt that he is always putting one over her and compared to that, she has a question. “How come Arthur-sama has come here? It is only Lance-san whom I told about it.” Opps. Arthur ponders over what to say.
Just then, Momoe’s cellphone rings. She says that it is from Junko. Arthur tells her to quickly look at the message for it might be an emergency. He says that they first go back to the plan of getting her luggage from home. Momoe tells him to please don’t change the topic and by the way, if he didn’t come here then it wasn’t necessary for him to wait for her for 40 minutes.

Arthur says that after the time limit has passed, she still plans on eating together with Kiichirou right and, geez, in the end, he couldn’t be careless with that uncle so let’s get out of here! Momoe says that she isn’t going and, after all, he [Arthur] is waiting for her. “I..I’m very happy that you came. You unexpectedly run to a place that have such a thick otaku atmosphere..

...and not be stupefied [/disappointed] upon seeing that kind of situation and even helping me with the luggage. (Not only that, you even hugged me/made my heart beat so fast..) You made me so happy that in the end, what kind of trap you are setting up...
...*pause* It is like that. *looking at the side* Perhaps, it is about planning to continue that thing on the train before.. isn’t it so..” Arthur looks surprised and recalls saying while on the train that upon returning back, they’ll immediately continue and doesn’t she want to be kissed until she is unable to stand up.

Arthur says that is because, she.. Momoe says, “Also, in Junko-sensai’s text, she would go back to the she’s leaving the dorm..that is what she said.” While Arthur looks surprised by that, Momoe is mentally rejoicing. “That’s great- Finally, I’m free! I can play rated 18 BL games as much as I want. I can also read BL books as much as I want...

...And, it doesn’t matter if I tie up my hair and let it be all messy as I wish. There’s no need to be all nervous in dressing up so early in the morning. Obviously, I’m very happy that it is a sigh of relief but I don’t know why I feel a bit lonely.”
Momoe says that basically, she is just accompanying Junko in coming to live together at the dorm so it is inevitable that she’ll also leave. Arthur suddenly puts his finger on her lips before she can say anything else. He says that he has decided on what to do with his right of making her listen to what he’ll say.

“Since Junko-san is leaving, then naturally, I’ll get back that room since it is originally mine. You’ll continue to stay there. You are going to live together with me in the form of share house, ok?” This surprises Momoe that she shakes her head sideways. She says no, no, no, this is too early. Arthur says that she was the one who said that she’ll listen to him...

...If you don’t comply then the punishment has no meaning. Besides, just now, didn’t you say you want to continue that thing in the train? You are the one who seduced me so please take responsibility, Miss Momoe.” Blushing really red, Momoe says, that so, she is really being held responsible for that.
Arthur says yes, please take responsibility and it is necessary that they increase their time being together!! Back at the temple, Junko is massaging her aching legs caused by sitting in seiza form for such a long time. She thinks that she has sent a text to Momoe and it would be alright since Arthur is a gentleman.

“Next, I’ll have to go and get my luggage and afterwards, explain to the director and also inform my family.” She looks at cellphone and it is already 10:45pm. She wonders if there’ll be no problem with Takane since he is with the abbot for a long time. Struggling to move her aching legs, she also wonders if he’ll be in dispute again with Amane or perhaps, his grandmother and should she go and take a look.

She is surprised when Takane calls out to her and asks if he can come in. After saying okay, she loses balance and falls flat on the floor. Opening the door, Takane asks if she is alright. She apologizes and assures him that she is fine.
Junko explains that she is just not quite used to sitting in seiza for such a long time so her numb legs couldn’t stand up anymore. After closing the door, Takane says that is embarrassing for it is just for a few hours. He informs her that as the monk’s fiancée, she should be able to sit in seiza for this bit of time [/should adapt as soon as possible.]

Biting her teeth, she thinks that side of Takane really hasn’t changed. She tells him that up to that degree, she can immediately get used to it and she is a woman who can do it [/do it well after having done it before]. Takane smiles.

He pats her head and says that it makes him really happy just thinking that she is doing everything for him but for tonight, that is enough. “If I were to keep on touching you, I probably won’t be able to leave you tonight.” This made Junko flustered that she pushes him away and shouts for him to please, do not say that kind of words so seriously.
“Geez, I feel that doing that kind of thing in a temple is something that I’ll really regret for life. Obviously, these are paper doors and paper windows so there’s definitely poor sound proofing. It is definitely no good. Geez, what’s up with me!!”

Takane smiles and informs her that even if she were to say that but after they get married, they’ll definitely do it every night. She starts ○★※☆.  He flicks her nose and says that he is just kidding. Takane thinks even though what he said about at night wasn’t a joke. He informs her that he is going to take the 5 o’clock train tomorrow.

“I heard that tomorrow’s training will be more rigorous than before. Earlier, my awareness is not enough and my understanding is too naïve thinking that it will end soon and I can immediately come back. So, I didn’t go see you and just left. Starting at the first month, communicating with letters is impossible since it is a 100 days of necessary training. *Junko thinks, ‘If it is touching, I definitely won’t be able to restrain myself. I..’*...
...This time, even if I can finish this training smoothly, there is also no guarantee that I can take back the position of being the successor abbot but, at least, to be able to get a niche [/designated position] although I am actually reluctant to have a fight against my younger brother...

...Actually, starting from before, I plan on giving you something. Basically, I should give it to you in a formal occasion.” This surprises Junko that she covers her mouth and thinks that this is really a nice surprise and looking at this situation, it should be her life’s first engagement ring.. Takane gives her a small rectangular box. He opens it and says that even if it is a simple form of marriage certificate.

Junko is shock for it is an ojuzu [prayer beads/Buddhist rosary]. He tells her that this is considered as a long life rosary[? After googling it, it seems to be an o juju, a 21 two-colored rosary beads used in Buddhist weddings] and in this situation, it is indeed an ojuzu. “Until the wedding ceremony, I’ll formally exchange it with a wedding’s o juju. I hope that you can first put this on.”
Junko sweatdrops for this is Takane’s nice surprise – he is also a person who ordinarily gives a ring. She is surprised when Takane bows to her. He looks at her and says, “Sakuraba Junko-san, I’m Hoshikawa Takane who is deeply in love you compared to anyone else. I would enquire this thing about becoming my wife. Will you accept?”

Junko smiles and says, “Yes. *blushes* I accept it. *teary-eyed* Please definitely come back safe and sound. I’ll wait for you.” They both touch the box. Then, Takane touches her fingers. She holds the box as he leaves the room. Narration: “After we touched, the one who doesn’t want to part from each other that night is me...

...Can I really properly leave this person for 100 days? I have to properly restrain myself [/be patient] and properly do my best. *The next day, the other monks are wishing Takane ‘bon voyage’ on his trip.* My own work and the trust of the people here.. *Takane smiles at Junko who smiles back and holds the ojizu that he gave her*  ..can I put it all in the bag [/mange to pull it all off]? *Amane yawns and Hibari looks displeased* No, I can do it.”
Comment: And, that is another marriage proposal for another couple. Even with that, they have a lot of trials to face including the grandmother, and Amane. I’m not too sure if her work/Makoto will be a hindrance. Still, it is a good step to be optimistic and do what one can do to make it all happen. It helps a bit to have a little help from Takane’s mother.

I’m not too sure if Amane really wants the temple or just want to make things difficult for Takane. I’m thinking that it is the latter due to what happened in the past when he was ‘abandoned’. But then, maybe he changed his mind? Even as Takane will go through a more rigorous training, I think Junko will also have a hard time with Hibari and Amane. Hopefully, Amane won’t pull something below the belt again like what he did earlier.

As for the other couple, it seems that Kiichirou has already noticed that Arthur is jealous of him and is puzzled over why he’ll think of him as a threat. ^^; I guess Arthur just couldn’t help it since he keep on mistaking Momoe’s ‘fondness’ for the father-daughter as personal interest towards them rather than, in truth, it is the BL connection. =P

It is plus points for him that Momoe thinks well of him for not despising her for her hobby, waited for her for 40 minutes and still want to help her with the luggage. Arthur is also not being honest why he is there when asked. It is understandable because due to his trauma before, he still doesn’t want to show how much he loves her that he’ll stalk her to this place.  

And, even if Momoe and his ex are totally different, Arthur still won’t allow himself to seemingly be at the short end of the stick/be more in love with the girl than the girl loves him. Well, before Momoe can slip away, luckily for him, he has a trump card to use to keep Momoe with him.

I’m not too sure if that is a good move since he is kind of ‘forcing it’ on her but then, perhaps, Momoe isn’t really aware of her feelings for him. She did wondered why she’ll feel lonely when she should be very happy for she can do whatever she wants again. As we all know, when Arthur is plotting something, it has a tendency to backfire on him. So let’s see if he’ll get lucky this time and there will be progress in their relationship. Scans by 月球坑组

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