March 28, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 79]

Smiling Reishou asks Yuulin that she shouldn’t have been doing those cute actions because she is suspicious that he’ll have an affair. Yuulin nervously denies it. As Reishou goes towards her Yuulin backs to the wall and says that it isn’t like that. “Ah, no, even if, indeed there is someone suspicious but that is just a guess. I didn’t take it seriously.”

Holding her hand while cornering her to the wall, Reishou says yes, for he did clearly tell her, ‘There’s no need for you to worry about me having an affair’. She says yes. Reishou asks that so-called ‘countermeasure against affairs’ is? [<- the term used from last chapter is changed ^^;] Yuulin couldn’t answer.

He tells her, “Wasn’t I able to make you believe my feelings for you? Regarding the way of expressing it up to now, does it still need to be upgraded once more?” This made Yuulin dizzy and blush really red. “Going to once again up-..!?”
Yuulin exclaims no, no way, there’s no need to upgrade!! “It is already expressed quite clearly!! *Reishou stares at her* It’s true. It isn’t like that. *heart beating fast* I said that it is countermeasure against affair but actually I heard that this is very important for married couples. It totally doesn’t mean that I’m concerned and suspicious about..about.. (Ah ah ah, how come it seems like I’m making excuses!?)”

Reishou looks at flustered and teary-eyed Yuulin. He turns away which puzzles Yuulin. He looks at her again with a smile. He says really, how come she did it like that. Narration: “Because the princess from Enha came, a harem’s ‘countermeasure against an affair’ meeting has been called. Eventually, this brought about a subtle deadlock between the happy married couple..”

Looking gloomy, Yuulin wonders how come things became like this. Holding her head, worried Yuulin thinks that even if Reishou is smiling but it is shown clearly that he’s angry. “Even if when he left, he said, ‘It’s alright already’ but from the looks of it, it is basically not a bit like it is alright...
...*imagines Kouju saying, ‘Lady Princess Consort, carelessness is love’s vulnerable spot!’, Ranyou saying, ‘The king is a living creature that easily becomes unfaithful’, Gen happily showing v-signs and exclaiming, ‘That’s right, that’s right’ and the court ladies are smiling* Isn’t this what Kouju and the others said. A very little dissatisfaction.. mistake in interpretation..something..!

...Could it be that, on contrary, the ‘countermeasure against an affair’ has created a crisis in the married couple’s relationship..!? *holds her head and trembles* Ah ah ah, a huge failure..” While Reishou is walking at the cloister, he asks what’s the situation of the diplomatic group? Walking behind him, Houen says that right now, in accordance to the schedule, everyone is deployed to handle it and there should be no remarkable problem.

“It is just that it seems that there is a group of our country’s officials who are harboring resentment towards this time’s goodwill exchange. There is also a dispute that was brought about by it [between Hakuyou and Enha officials, I presume] Luckily, Minister Han came out at that time and brought it into a satisfactory conclusion.”
Reishou says is that so. “I’m afraid that there will still be many conflicts between Enha which refused to have any exchange until now, and our country’s officials whose brains can be compared to the stubborn rocks on a stream. Even if it is like that, it is good if we can make this exchange become a step towards a turning point.” Houen says yes.

Reishou asks about Shuon. Scowling, Houen says about that one, during the past several days, she had participated in the exchange meetings all over the place. She would even passionately participate in the discussion. Reishou smiles and says is that so, okay, good job on the report and he’ll leave the follow-up to them. With a gong shou, Houen says that it is as he ordered.

Then, Reishou says, also, occasionally, make Suigetsu come and report. “It has been a long time since that youngster showed his face.” Surprised, Houen says yes, definitely! With a sparkle, Houen thinks that no wonder it is His Majesty for he is always quite full of vision. “But it seems that he is somewhat tired..?”
Several days after, at Shokei Palace, smiling Yuulin greets Shuon that it has been a long time since they’ve met. Yuulin says that Shuon must be very busy lately due to her participation in the study meetings. Smiling Shuon says yes, Lady Yuulin, and she learned a lot about Hakuyou’s culture and local conditions [/social customs]. “But as a noble who is above everyone else, it is also essential [in contrast to Yuulin whose background is unknown]!!”

Yuulin just smiles over that remark. There is lightning flashes behind them with thunder. Shuon is obviously treating her as an enemy. Yuulin narrates that there is regularly held exchange between them and the diplomatic group along with Shuon. And just like as Jun said, they are to deal with the guests as a married couple but right now, it is still stiff. Flustered Yuulin looks at glum Reishou.

Shuon asks Reishou that actually during the time when she is studying his distinguished country, there is some issues related to her country that she wants to consult with him. “If it is possible, can we discuss about it with just the two of us alone?” Yuulin nervously looks at Reishou to wait for his response.
To Yuulin’s shock, Reishou says if that is how it is, they can walk to the side of the pond and talk on the way there. Shuon excitedly exclaims okay, thank you very much! Reishou tells Yuulin that he’ll be back soon. Yuulin can only mentally call him and ask that weren’t they supposed to act as a married couple, wait-!!? And soon, Reishou is walking away with Shuon.

Suspicious and uneasy Yuulin thinks that even if they say that it is only the two of them but Jun and the princess bodyguard immediately follow after them. “The country’s problem..can also be said as work.. But still, what are you thinking, Your Majesty!? Is it because you are still angry!?” Seeing Reishou together with Shuon, Yuulin recalls Ranyou saying that if that country’s princess is married to Reishou, she’ll definitely immediately become the ‘queen’. This scares Yuulin.

Just then, Hiroku and a few officials bow and apologize to Yuulin for Shuon’s sudden rudeness. Yuulin says that it is alright and she is admirable for actively studying for her country. Yuulin smiles and thinks that it is no good, she has to properly work so calm down.
Yuulin asks again if he is Hiroku, a civil official. Hiroku says yes. He tells her that his clan had served the royal family of Enha from one generation after another. “Starting from childhood, I am the princess’ conversation partner and caretaker [/attendant]. The one acting as the bodyguard is also like that..”

Yuulin says ah, so no wonder everyone relationship is quite good. For goodwill exchange, Yuulin smiles and asks what is Shuon like most of the time since she also hopes to be able to get along better with Shuon. After a pause, Hiroku says that day and night, the princess will rack her brains for their country and she is very outstanding. Looking surprised, Yuulin thinks that today, Shuon is properly complimented. [<- because they only talked about her bad points before]

Hiroku says but, from the start, she is a princess who always loves to do things that will completely mess things up for the people around her. Yuulin thinks that apparently, he isn’t complimenting Shuon.
After a pause, Hiroku smiles and says that it is good if Shuon can make good friends with Yuulin and can learn to become an earnest lady.. This made Yuulin blush for it is a beauty [Hiroku]’s smile and besides she is being complimented for being an earnest lady. Yuulin is very happy that she successfully learned it. “There’s no problem. There’s no problem. *smiles* I can do this well.”

Later on, Shuon happily says that she passed a very meaningful time! She gives her deep gratitude to Reishou for it. “For the two countries’ friendship, the things that I should learn directly through experiencing [/understanding] are still quite a lot. From today on, please definitely let me continue on asking for your opinion! *snorting at whimpering Yuulin* Then, I’ll first take my leave for today.”

The court ladies tell the couple that afterwards, the two can freely.. Soon, Reishou and Yuulin are walking at the courtyard. Flustered Yuulin says that Shuon looks very happy so what did they talk about. Reishou glances at Yuulin and asks if she is jealous. Pouting like a puffer fish, Yuulin denies it.
Continuing to pout, Yuulin thinks that this is bad when obviously they are still talking stiffly yet this kind of attitude..! “I’m an idiot--!!!” Touching her face, Reishou says that he only have to see her talking with some other man, his whole body would feel like it is set ablaze by jealousy that is resolutely burning him up. This made Yuulin blush that she exclaims that isn’t he the one who ran off as he pleased!

Reishou sheepishly smiles and says that there are some things about Enha that causes him to be very curious [/concerned]. “Li Jun is also very angry. ..I’m sorry for making you feel uneasy.” Blushing Yuulin denies that she is uneasy and all the more she isn’t worried about him having an affair-something. Reishou laughs and says is that so!

Teary-eyed and flustered, Yuulin thinks that Reishou is so cunning, darn it. Looking gloomy, Yuulin timidly asks him if she can hug him for a while. This made Reishou look surprised. Yuulin screams in shock when Reishou suddenly glomps her. Then, he carries her up and swirls her left and right.
Yuulin exclaims that obviously she was the one who first said it and her hair is now all messed up. She asks what is that, besides, why he is swirling her around non-stop. Reishou exclaims that it is because his wife is actually so cute! This made Yuulin blush and scowl. She says about that ‘countermeasure against an affair’..about that.. “I’m really sorry if you really hate that. If it is okay, I want to properly and clearly talk about it with you..”

After looking surprised, Reishou seems to recall some past which had some shadowed figures. Reishou says no, that is nothing much, it is simply, he is a little bit astonished that she’ll also hide some things from him. He smiles and says that actually, it is very normal. This seems to puzzle Yuulin that she calls out to him. Reishou continues, “Compared to that, Yuulin, what are you talking about with Enha’s civil official. *wolf mode with ears erecting up* Can you tell me about it in detail?” This startles Yuulin and causes her to become shiver.

She nervously says that it is just a normal conversation, that’s all!? Smiling Reishou says, “Eh? But I saw you smiling quite happily.” Yuulin exclaims if he can see her expression in that kind of distance!? Narration: “I want to say, whether or not I had successfully evaded the ‘married couple crisis due to the countermeasure against an affair’, there’s a new spark come flying again from somewhere else.” Rabbit Yuulin is trembling and looking aghast.
Comment: Hehe, it’s one problem after another. After the slight falling out due to being suspicious of him possibly having an affair later on, now, it is Reishou being very jealous of Hiroku for talking with Yuulin. It isn’t good that Reishou supposedly saw her smiling while talking with Hiroku. Very good eyesight or he is bluffing. =P

I do wonder what Reishou had thought regarding that affair thing. Was it still about his father or someone else? I’m assuming it is his older brother who wasn’t shown yet. I mean what he looks like and how big of a role did he play in Reishou’s life. I think he oblige to Shuon’s request since he wants to probe what’s going on in her country due to the unexpected actions of Shuon as well as the sudden change of her country’s foreign policy. From what Hiroku said, something is up and Shuon’s goal is usually related to her country.

It is already obvious that Houen doesn’t like Shuon that he won’t even properly address her =P There is no escape for Suigetsu since he’ll have to go see Reishou whether he likes it or not. =P And, I’m not sure if Houen will be there with him. Hehe.. Maybe Reishou wanted to talk with Suigetsu since his family is the one that specializes on foreign affairs.

For now, it seems that Shuon is getting cocky for she assumes that she is getting her way with Reishou. Yuulin is so cute when she’s jealous. Reishou is so cute when he suddenly hugs her and swirls her around. Anyway, how is Yuulin going to convince Reishou that there is really nothing to be jealous about with Hiroku and I wonder if it might jeopardize the goodwill exchange. =P Scans by 水月梅漢化

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      I'm thinking that is her plan but then, there should be a heir from Enha and I don't think they'll easily accept a foreigner king meddling in their country. Still, it must be so bad that Shuon who loves her country is going out of her way to do this.'re welcome ^^

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