January 1, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 77]

Narration: “Currently, our country Hakuyou is in the process of receiving guests, the diplomatic group from the neighboring country of Enha. Today, at the royal capital’s Shokei Palace [guesswork from 招慶宮], Hakuyou’s king, Haku Reishou, princess consort Yuulin and Enha’s second princess, Princess Shuon are taking part in the exchange of goodwill.”

Yuulin is tense when Shuon is sending some murderous and threatening aura towards her. Shuon views her as an enemy. At one side, it is Houen, Suigetsu and the other officials. At the other side, it is Shuon’s three close aides and the other officials. Shuon says that Hakuyou’s scenery is very beautiful that it really makes one exclaim in admiration.

“The residence that was meticulous arranged for us, is also incomparably cozy.” Reishous says that it is good that he can make the princess happy after going the trouble of travelling a long distance. “I heard that the royal capital of Enha is surrounded by mountains--”

Shuon says that it is as he said.. Nervously smiling, Yuulin thinks yes, the mood and harmony of the conversation is very smooth. “And I can say that without the slightest hesitation, he’s showing affection. *smiling Reishou is tightly sticking to Yuulin by holding her to him* No wonder it is His Majesty..
...*glances at Jun* Is this really okay? *Jun nods* Ah..’just in case’ in order to prevent the princess from mentioning about ‘asking for marriage’. *glances at Reishou* I can say that I’m used to this kind of thing and indeed, I’m already used to it..” She blushes when Reishou holds up her hair and asks, “What is it, my beloved princess?”

Yuulin thinks but she’ll get embarrassed and she is indeed embarrassed! She felt like exploding but managed to compose herself and tell Reishou that it is nothing, please continue. While Jun is quietly watching, he thinks that it is progressing smoothly although Shuon has a hard-to-describe expression.

“For her to see that kind of extreme silliness, idiots who are immerse in the river of love, and for her to want to intervene, one has to definitely have a degree of steel bravery or else it won’t do.. In a small period of time, confusion should immediately be made sober.

Even if it is because His majesty’s ‘threatening’ mood has been reduced by half, that kind of love towards the bride won’t be too excessive. ..in theory, not only the blood and family background, and perhaps other conditions, it really conforms for the Enha princess to be His Majesty’s partner...
...too bad His Majesty totally doesn’t desire it so it already doesn’t have any meaning. Moreover it is a princess with such good conditions. Why should she use a method of messing around [/having an affair] to come to my country.. It would be good if we can smoothly concentrate on the goodwill exchange and she’ll be good and just go home..”

Reishou is thinking if this is just the princess’ whim or perhaps something is happening within Enha.. Shuon says that’s right, let her take the opportunity to introduce some of the diplomatic group this time around. She first introduces bangs guy as one of her diplomats, Hiroku [guesswork from 飛錄], who is not only her country’s outstanding civil servant but he is also her distant relative.

Next, is the scholar in the same profession, Son Haryu [guesswork from 孫把留; older guy] and her military bodyguard, Kago [guesswork from 夏豪; head band guy]. Shuon says that they are her trusted officials so she definitely has to introduce them for everyone to know them.

While Shuon smiles, Yuulin thinks that no wonder she is a princess, having this feeling of firmly subduing one’s subjects. Shuon thinks, “Ku ku, okay, go ahead my servants! Properly help in adding up my [good] points!”
Hiroku says to let him first send his greetings to His majesty, for he is quite big hearted that he would pardon the sudden visit of Princess Shuon and for this, he is extremely grateful. Reishou says that he doesn’t mind for the princess and the princess consort’s [Yuulin] age is close so the two can also talk a bit.

After a pause, Hiroku says that even if she is a princess but actually, Princess Shuon is very lively. While Shuon looks stunned, Hiroku continues to say that from time to time, she will climb up the cliffs and other precipices. “If the graceful princess consort can talk with her then that will be very good..” That comment also surprises Reishou and Yuulin that they go huh?

With her veins about to explode, Shuon asks what’s the hell... She tells Hiroku that it has been such a long time already. Kago says huh, didn’t she climbed up that mountain wall recently at the palace and she did it really fast. There is a scene of Shuon quickly climbing up the mountain. This irks Shuon.

Yuulin is speechless and confused. Haryu says that she is really a good healthy and vigorous princess. “A few days ago, she would even disguise herself as a young soldier to go and practice some sword skills.” Shuon couldn’t believe that he would even mention that. She grinds her teeth in anger and thinks, you guys..!!!
Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that it seems that she hasn’t subdued them really well..even if it seems that their feelings [between them/relations] is very good.. Surprised Reishou says that it seems the princess is very active. Aghast Shuon tries to say that no, it isn’t.. With a smile, Jun says that if it is like that then how about everyone go on a stroll at the courtyard.

He tells them that they only have to walk for a while, and they’ll be able to see the lilies that seem to be currently blooming beautifully. Shuon says that will be great. Yuulin is surprised for unexpectedly, Yuulin saved Shuon from embarrassment. Sparkling chibi Jun says that for the top quality gems, one has to be super cordial with the guests. Jun tells them to please be careful in their walk.

Yuulin thinks but, ah..how can she say this, it feels like unexpectedly they have some similar things for she had also climbed up trees. Noticing that Shuon is angrily glaring at her again, Yuulin wonders if there is really no way of having ‘goodwill exchange’.

At their lodging, Shuon shouts at the three what was that and is that called helping!? “Don’t recklessly ruin someone’s image!!” Shaking his head, Hiroku says that she is his country’s number one tomboy princess, and that is a thorough fact. Haryu says that it is very sad [/difficult] to force oneself to hide her real self.
Kago tells her to cherish her own self. Shuon says that they might think that doing that would make her give up. “The princess consort is basically not a beauty but just super ordinary-- The Wolf King, too, is far from what they say as to be very frightening. With that, I only have to think of a way to create a crack that can be used. I will make the Wolf King propose to me and be married into Hakuyou. I have already decided on this so don’t think of going against me.”

The three look surprised and serious. Kago sighs and says that they understand and from now on, they’ll seriously exert themselves. At the harem, puppy Reishou is clinging on to Yuulin who is holding a book. Unable to move, Yuulin asks him what he is doing for the whole day, didn’t he showed affection towards her as if his life depended on it!?

“Li Jun-san is already praising it! *Chibi Jun says that it is at the boundary of silliness so please continue to maintain that* There’s no need to keep on sticking on me.” Reishou tells her that he has noticed it. Looking at him, Yuulin asks what.

With a worried look, Reishou says that even if it is really amazing that he can always be with her because of the guests’ visit but in case she meets with others, he cannot help but worry. “Because you are too cute. *chibi rabbit Yuulin is walking about* You’re cute when walking. You’re also cute when sitting, what am I to do!?”
Blushing Yuulin tells him that right now, no one is watching so there’s no need to be like that, she is already embarrassed enough for today. Reishou says that she is reacting the same during the time when she is working, and she totally doesn’t take it seriously. Yuulin says geez, she is distressed on how to have a good relationship with Princess Shuon.

“Besides, shouldn’t being worried about it come from my side!? Your Majesty, you are very popular. The princess is also very cute and good at talking but then, this is also work.” Reishou smiles and says, “Only you. *Yuulin turns around and says, yes* If you didn’t come back, the Wolf King’s harem will just be always empty. *serious look* ..only you.”

Yuulin looks stunned and her heart beat loud. Hugging her tightly from behind, Reishou says yes, and let him say he isn’t a bit popular and it is unnecessary for her to worry about him having an affair-something! Yuulin asks if he is saying that kind of lie again.. Flustered Yuulin thinks that he suddenly became a puppy and talk as if he is joking. “But in the deepest part of his eyes conceals the ‘wolf’. It is as if he is saying, ‘I’m so hungry. Hungry that I’m going insane.’”
Yuulin suddenly turns around, and hugs Reishou tightly. Surprised and elated Reishou exclaims what is it for she unexpectedly suddenly hugged him back. Yuulin is speechless for Reishou looks really happy. Blushing Yuulin tells him that she’ll work harder! With hearts all over the place, Reishou says does she mean that starting tomorrow, she’ll work hard in sticking together with him, that’s great!

Yuulin thinks that this person gave her everything, and has she properly paid it back? Then, there is an emergency special lesson with Ranyou. Smiling Ranyou asks if the enemy has invaded the territory. This puzzles Yuulin. Ranyou says that it is that unexpected Enha princess and her attitude towards Yuulin has a very deep meaning..

Yuulin says ah, indeed and even if she wasn’t able to establish good relations but she plans to start thinking of a way starting right now-- Ranyou says, establishing good relations? “Aren’t you already too carefree and at ease? If that princess got married with His Majesty, then she can immediately become the ‘queen consort’.” Yuulin seems dumbfounded by that. She tells Ranyou that Shuon has not specially mentioned about the marriage.
Ranyou informs her that it only takes a second to make a comeback. That was a shocking blow [/warning] from Ranyou. While Yuulin is once again dumbfounded, Ranyou says that even if His Majesty says, ‘I’m not interested’-that type of words. “It is good to listen to that kind of words and even if it really isn’t a lie but along the way, situations can develop and become a fabricated situation which can be found anywhere and that is, a girl has a girl’s war...

...If you are careless, in the end, he will be stolen. This cannot even be called as a joke that one can say, right? Regarding what I just said.. today is aimed at the so-called harem. *smiles* Come and deepen your understanding more.” Trembling Yuulin says, ..yes.. She thinks that from the looks of it, this world doesn’t plan on giving the princess consort peaceful days.

Aghast Yuulin says that she really..want..to have a good relationship.. On top of the roof, Shuon says to gather intelligence and practice the strategy. “There is always a way after a thorough preparation. I absolutely will find a way. ..absolutely” Cat ninja quietly looks at her. In a room, Kago asks where the princess is. Reading some scrolls along with Haryu, Hiroku says that she is on the roof. Kago says that even if she really wants to cover it up but she really likes high places.
Comment: Shuon  seems to be planning marry Reishou for some purpose. Maybe as Reishou was thinking, something is up in her country so she is doing this. Rationally, someone with her wealth, position and family background can easily find someone to marry but she is insistent on Reishou even if he is already married and lovey-dovey with his wife.

Yuulin being Yuulin would want to be good friends with her but of course, for Shuon, she is an obstacle to her goal. I find Jun amusing for he is really like a mother-in-law who has given the go-signal/approval to ward off the ‘intruder’. Even if it would be for Reishou’s good and probably the country, it is nice that Jun is respecting Reishou’s wishes to only have one wife.

But then, I’m not sure if he can go against Reishou. Shuon’s three companions are amusing over how they expose Shuon’s true nature. I guess in their time, being a tomboy isn’t exactly a good image for a princess/bride-to-be ^^; Ah, I feel sorry for her since she and the others, except for cat ninja, didn’t know that the gossip about the frightening Wolf king is true.

It seems to be a matter of time before she’ll witness it especially since she kept on targeting Yuulin. We have some nice lovey-dovey scene here and I love when he said that it is ‘only you’. ^^ It seems that Yuulin has sensed Reishou’s lust but for now, he is concealing it with his puppy mode. I wonder what she had in mind about paying back Reishou.

As for Ranyou, it seems that she is indeed going to help out Yuulin by warning her not to be complacent towards Shuon. Even if it is good that Reishou isn’t interested and everything but indeed, things can suddenly change if the other party is persistent on stealing one’s man. Anyway, let’s see how things will be in the next ‘battle’. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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