January 9, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 57]

[Free Talk: The first half of the chapter has been Chinese scanlated but the rest wasn’t. The new groups that took over the series didn’t bother working on it. It was only recently when someone in baidu translated the raws available on the net so the latter part might have some mistakes as the translator noted but then, it is better than nothing. ^^;]

Episode 57 – closer [part 1 of 3]. At the temple, Takane calls out to the general head and says that he has a request. Regarding the training, all by himself, he can do that cleaning up the hallway done by 5 people as their training so please re-estimate the training’s prolonged schedule. He begs the head to please do it from the original one month. Prostrating down, Takane asks him to at least shorten it by two weeks, no, one week is also okay..he begs him to no matter what, please be a bit flexible..this kindness is beyond bounds. The head calls him as the Master of Ikkyou [一橋 temple] to please be patient for this punishment is to suppress his grandmother’s anger so don’t make this kind of joke about wanting to shorten the time limit. Takane says that he understands what he meant for this belongs to an unfavorable action and he profoundly acknowledge that but..he..even if it is early by one day is also fine, he (want to see her for that day caused him to be full of longing for her) wants to go back to Tokyo as quickly as possible..go back to the temple.
He thinks that being in solitary indoor confinement had caused him to immediately have a huge uneasiness. “Even if it is proof that my training is not enough, but what’s important is it is a fact that those two went to Kyoto together.. [<- Junko and Makoto] Even if Junko-san already properly said it clearly that it is only a ‘day trip’. But, it is a fact that on the way, the two of them are perhaps always alone while interacting with each other.. I don’t know why but it makes me very afraid.. The difficult time is already over [<- that Satoshi pest] it’s one difficulty after another!! It is simply like pest control, that is hard to eradicate! Furthermore, her natural disposition is basically very careless... *recalls Amane said that as long as it is a guy, anyone would..* I obviously know she is that kind of person.. *nervous and gloomy* I even did an action such as temporarily entrusting her to Amane. I have caused this situation to happen.. I’m really quite careless.” He snaps out of it when the head called out to him a few times. Takane says yes, sorry for being impolite [for being distracted].
The head tells him that he had talked with the abbot of the temple where he belongs to and he said that if Takane tries to alleviate from this punishment, the temple’s right of succession will be given to his younger brother, and he is to inherit the temple that his younger brother is originally going to succeed. Aghast Takane couldn’t believe that his grandfather..the abbot had already said that.. The head says that it is a good temple that originated from a prestigious house [/famous family]. “Even if it is within the city, but it is a very amazing manor situated by the mountain. Currently, the place where your younger brother lives is still quite good. Fundamentally..it should be a temple where the abbot and the abbot’s wife LIVE ALONE TOGETHER.” Takane repeats that, LIVE ALONE TOGETHER..really.. The head says that for him who grew up in a city, he should feel that it is too deserted so if he hates it then, honestly stay here to eliminate some rumors and afterwards, go back to Tokyo as the successor of the temple’s abbot. Sparkling over the idea of living alone together, Takane says no..that way..if this will give the abbot less trouble..he will be..very happy.. Back at Tokyo, Izumi tearfully says that as she was saying, it seems that Takane..is giving the right to succeed to Amane and it is unexpectedly like that..everything is all Junko’s fault.. causing her anticipation for Takane to become wasted..
...basically, it should have nothing to do with Amane..yet unexpectedly..it became Amane as the one succeed this temple and will that go smoothly. After listening to that, Amane says that there is no problem about the succession but she should ask him to please become this temple’s abbot, right. This puzzles Izumi. Amane tells her that it is because if his brother won’t succeed it, aside from him [Amane], she has no other choice, right. “If it has to be me, then lower your head and beg me. That way, I might think about it.” At ELA, someone tells Junko that today, she will teach a trial class for second junior high students. The student mentioned about their representative teacher that is on their official web page and right now, the parent is waiting at the reception room and the student is waiting at room 5. Junko thinks that because she is moonlighting at the company, she only has half an hour to come to class every week when it is totally from five to nine o’clock before. Lately, afternoon and early morning classes had also increased. Inside the room, Yayoi thinks that her father will definitely call Momoe.. The door opens. Junko introduces herself and says that she’ll be her teacher for today.
Junko is startled when Yayoi suddenly stands up. Junko asks what is it. Yayoi exclaims that this is wrong, she isn’t a teacher on the webpage, it should be that Yamabuchi-sensei..or Lange-sensei.. Junko says that even if they are also very outstanding but in any case, she is the group leader here. So, for today, she will be the one responsible for her and she’ll properly guide her so first, can she ask what grade she is. Yayoi mutters that if it isn’t that person then it is meaningless..she is in second year junior high. Keeping her cool, Junko smiles and asks what school she is in, private or public? Yayoi says that it is Ochanomizu Junior High. While Junko is testing Yayoi's English, she thinks that Yayoi can really keep up with her. Her pronunciation is still not good but she has the feel for the language. There is no problem with her listening and for a second year junior high student, no wonder she is a student from that prestigious junior high. While checking some checklist on her tablet, Junko says that it [test for her level] is already over so afterwards, a staff member will explain things clearly to her in a while regarding the details of this course so please wait here for a while.
Yayoi asks her if it is okay for the students of this school to have a relationship with the teacher. This startles Junko. She wonders if Yayoi is referring to her and Takane and even if it is already a public secret but is it this well-known. Junko nervously asks why she is asking about that, and could it be that she heard about that kind of rumors about her.. Yayoi says that she heard that this Yamabuchi-sensei seems to be specially close with her student in private. Relieved that it isn’t about her, Junko says that is only a possibility..but it is a rumor that has no basis on fact. Junko thinks that even if Takane used to be her student but they always do not have a normal ‘going steady’. As for Momoe, the truth is she can see that super handsome boyfriend of hers everyday.. At the apartment, Momoe goes out of her room. She looks around and thinks, no problem at the bathroom, no problem at the living room and no problem at the kitchen. “Good! It appears that he is still asleep!! Ha.. *smells breath* Make-up okay. Brushed teeth okay. And I also ate some mint chewing gum. So anytime is okay.” She is startled when all dressed up Arthur calls out to her and offers her a cup of double expression with milk that Lance made.
Arthur says that Lance left a message that if she wanted to eat a brunch then go down to the bar for he already prepared it. “Good morning, Miss Momoe. Were you looking for me just now? I’m so happy!” While taking the coffee, Momoe thanks him for the coffee but she is worried about the mint gum’s taste. Momoe nervously compliments Arthur for working hard [to wake up early] today. Arthur says that she’s quite mean for he only oversleeps occasionally. Momoe exclaims, occasionally, then he also occasionally does that kind of thing!! Arthur asks what she is referring to for he woke up badly that he couldn’t remember it..so please tell him. Blushing Momoe says that it is nothing, she is just asking that’s all. Arthur smiles and puts his arm around her. He mutters, “Adorable! [/You’re so cute]. It’s alright, I’ll properly remember it!” Momoe is already at her limit that she swoons. Arthur has to tell her not to spill the coffee. At Ela, Junko thinks that she always kept herself busy in order for her not to think of wanting to go see Takane..ah, but if she didn’t move out of the apartment earlier on, she had no way of saying it to Takane. She mentally apologizes to Momoe about this and it is almost time for the next class.
Masako calls out to Junko. Junko asks what is it for she’s going to.. Looking flustered, Masako says no, right now, there is a little dispute at the reception desk and it is about that child who took the trial class and her mother. After listening to Masako, shocked Junko exclaims that she was called an auntie and her English pronunciation is very awful!? Masako tells Junko not to get mad at her because after discussing with the mother regarding the results of the trial class, and about the course from then on, in the end, the mother got angry and besides the person herself have a lot of complaints than expected that she said that she doesn’t like that aunt and her pronunciation really sucks. Junko is furious that they’re complaining about her pronunciation. With snakes on her hair like Medusa, Junko angrily says that yesterday, she was unexpectedly asked by some foreigners whether or not English is her native language. It was just determined just now that her English is her strength yet this kind of level is really awful? Agnes had given her a thumbs up ‘good’ sign. Masako says that she told her not to get angry at her. Getting ready to storm out of the room, Junko curses for it really makes her furious and they are definitely still saying bad things about her. Anyway, they are definitely using lies to deceive the manager!
Masako informs Junko that it isn’t the manager but rather, Kiyomiya, the director of the head office who is dealing with this matter. Junko becomes tense and thinks that is the worst. She and Masako peek in the room to overhear Yayoi’s mother complaining that it is very strange for the level of her daughter’s English got her top grades. The mother says that even if it is her, she has an ordinary confidence with her English education but they’ll unexpectedly make her daughter start taking intermediate classes. “Call that Junko-sensei. You are the one with the highest responsibility here, right?” Masako whispers to Junko that is really troublesome and in the end, this is also okay for that person won’t study here. Masako thinks that the other party wanted compensation. Junko thinks that this is irritating and even if it is like that, one has to increase their students. She wasn’t mistaken in determining Yayoi’s English strength but her way of conveying it [to Yayoi] or perhaps her way of saying it might be wrong and she’ll be scolded by Makoto tonight again. To Junko’s surprise, Makoto apologizes to the mother and says that he thinks that there is no particular fault from their side.
Makoto explains that the highest responsible person is indeed Iidabashi, the Kanda branch school manager, and him, the director and head of the company, but their school’s instructor, based on her wealth of experience, made a proper judgment regarding the student’s level especially since it is Sakuraba Junko-sensei. *while Yayoi and her mother are getting embarrassed since the other people are looking at them* “I think Sakuraba Junko-sensei can be said to be Japan’s outstanding person [in teaching English] so I will not overthrow her judgment.” [<- he said that in English] Yayoi’s mother stammers if he can say that a bit more slowly because she couldn’t understand it. Makoto apologizes because he is very fluent in it so he carelessly used it. “Even if I think it is better to use this level of native English..I still have to use Japanese to say it one more time.” The mother says that it is enough. She calls out to Yayoi that they’re going home. The manager nervously tells Makoto that isn’t quite good. Sticking out his tongue, Makoto says that it is alright for it is inevitable that he can only do that way in dealing with that kind of person. He apologizes to the manager for that. Masako whispers to Junko that even if she totally doesn’t understand English but just now, Makoto is so cool and isn’t that good? Junko thinks that unconsciously, her heart warmed up.
In the train, Arthur laughs for Momoe has been particularly distancing herself from him but he assures her that he won’t do anything for today, the train isn’t crowded but then, he has no way of responding to her expectation. Momoe thinks that just now, didn’t he already touched her and don’t tell her that it isn’t the idea of making her paralyzed, and then, going for the second stage of the attack. Probably anticipating for what, and had he noticed it or not, how suspicious. [<- translator randomly translating I think ^^;] Speaking of that, she obviously said to wait before continuing but he totally ignored her. Arthur is reading his cellphone. Momoe thinks that like this, when will it come, when will it come..so nervous, in the end, she’s too incompetent.. [<- the alarm part wasn’t translated; I think Momoe is nervous about Arthur flirting with her again and she isn't exactly ready or know how to respond] Since that’s the case, she’ll use her own pacing. And even if she say that but right now, the situation is considered to be already in the level of ‘off the war’ and that guy just said that.. he always anticipating her..how can she be so vulgar. Shaking her head around, she thinks that right now, her heart beat index is off the charts so is that expectation or having excessive expectations!
Arthur tells Momoe that just now, he talked with Lance about borrowing his car this weekend..ah, is she okay. Embarrassed Momoe says if it is Saturday, so he is going out for a ride, then bon voyage! Arthur asks what she is saying, it is to bring your luggage. Momoe isn’t listening to him since she is thinking that there is already no opportunity and that should be her virgin part summoning up courage [<- translator not sure about this part] But on Saturday, it is the first day of the BL game ‘Appare’ in a theme café Second Voyage. And on the morning, she should go and buy the limited edition product line like key chains and coasters. Momoe says that if it is Appare, then it is very good for them. [<- she probably thought Arthur is asking what she'll do on Saturday?] Arthur is speechless for he thinks that he wasn’t able to convey to her what he wanted to say. Then, later on, Momoe notices Yayoi outside the Ela building [I think]. Momoe calls out to her as Miss Nogami. Waving her hands, Yayoi tells her not to call her that way, just call her Nogami, Nogami Yayoi. Momoe says is that so but then, that is a bit impolite but if she is looking for her father, he doesn’t have class today. Yayoi says that she knows and she only went with her mother to a trial class but Momoe isn’t around.
Momoe exclaims if it is trial class then she is going to study together with her father. Yayoi looks flustered and glum. Arthur doesn’t look happy either. With sparkles and a smile, Arthur welcomes Yayoi but too bad, they don’t have courses for adolescents. Arthur doesn’t want the Nogami father-daughter have anything to do with Momoe. Flustered Yayoi looks away for Arthur is too beautiful.  She says that anything will do and anyway, she didn’t go to take classes and the one who brought her is her mother who just now had quarreled with a handsome guy at the school. Her mother already went home and she only wanted to see Momoe, that’s all. This surprises Momoe. Yayoi tells her that she managed to book ahead a seat for this ‘Saturday’ so if Momoe is a fan of Appare, she should know what she is talking about. It is also okay for her to give Momoe that extra vacant seat. She is also a fujoshi and her father loves to nag at her. Her father won’t allow her to go since she is still a student but if she were to be with an adult, her father should be okay with it. And besides, there is morning, and twice in the afternoon.. Momoe is already swooning with delight.
Yayoi says that when they met for the first time, she said that she wanted to see her and not her father then if she wanted to see her, Momoe should come. Momoe is already imagining Yayoi as some magical girl but Arthur interrupts by saying, What a shame! For if the ‘Saturday’ she is talking about is this Saturday, then Momoe cannot go with her. This shocks Momoe that she asks why he would say that. Arthur says that as he was saying, she is going to be with him this Saturday. Since she is always busy on Sunday, he decided that on Saturday, he’ll help her get her clothes from her house. Momoe thinks that it is because she has so many activities during Sunday. [<- probably fujoshi stuff]. Momoe says no, but about that, if it is that, she can do it herself. [<- translator thinks that she is actually referring to going/doing fujoshi activity. Arthur thinks she was busy about moving her things during Sundays but actually, it is about her fujoshi activities] Yayoi says is that so, then forget it, sorry for disturbing her but if she wants to go then just email to her father’s school [email] account. As Yayoi is leaving, Arthur tells Momoe to hurry or else, they’ll be late. Momoe says okay.
Momoe thinks that if she has a seat in advance, then there’s no need for her to line up and isn’t that really amazing for she can buy the limited merchandise. She can also talk with Yayaoi about guys [in BL]. Speaking of that, she totally couldn’t say out what her scheduled for Saturday, ya, don’t go anymore for it isn’t her duty to watch over an adolescent. Even if it is like that, that decisions is choosing to be with Arthur, right. Looking somewhat guilty, Arthur asks if that is really okay since she really want to go to that café, right and he is just unhappy because that girl is that middle-aged man’s daughter. Momoe mentally asks him to stop looking at her like that. Momoe tensely says that it is alright, it is okay for her not to go to the café. At the faculty room, Momoe’s soul is already floating out. She thinks, that it isn’t a bit okay at all for she wants to go..want to go to that café and what is that..that is basically angel’s darkness and purity mixed together in one body. How come she couldn’t say it out that she wanted to go to the café. Beside Momoe, Junko is glumly thinking that she should thank Makoto for what he said just now, but it is quite frustrating on how to say it but she is still happy about it..what to do. And outside, smug-looking Amane is looking at the Ela building  [I think] Takane's apartment from the street.
Comment: It is amusing that Takane would gladly give up his succession rights for a temple exclusively for him and his wife =P I’m also amused that he things of his rivals as pests. From what Amane said to his grandmother, I think Amane’s motive is plain revenge on how they made him suffer before by forcing him to do the things that he does not want to do. I wonder if there is more to the Yayoi mother complaint about Junko later on, or the purpose of that is just to make Makoto defend Junko. I think anyone would be happy if someone did that for them. Momoe still find it a hard time to balance her fujoshi activities and Arthur. I’m actually not sure if Arthur is happy that he is keeping her away from what she likes/hobby. In a way, Arthur still think that anything Nogami is his rival for Momoe..aside from the fujoshi stuff. =P And, new trouble is coming up with Amane there. Scans by 朝九晚五汉化组 and raffmanga + 人是无’s translation.

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  1. I get the feeling that Amane didn't think this through well enough and it's going to backfire on him. He didn't count on Takane being happy with the demotion and now Amane is going to end up with what he didn't originally want: to be shackled by the higher responsibility of the larger temple

    1. Possible..it depends on what he wanted as an end result. I mean, does he just want Takane to suffer a bit or..permanently?

  2. Thank you, Kat!

  3. i love Takane...he is zoo much understanding of junk's feeling..Hope Amane deserve his tit for tat...Thanks Kat!I read this manga only for Junko and Takane

    1. Hm..he does?

      True..though it seems that Amane has nothing to lose.

      You're welcome ^-^ Hehe, is that so.

  4. Thanks Kat!!!! Awww my favorite couples are JunkoxTakane and of course MomoexArthur! Happy to see them both in this chapter!!!!!


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