November 13, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 5 - Doing Things According to What a Friend Says]

Surrounded by smiling girls, Yomi says, “Hello everyone, we are going to start today’s horror class. Is the close friend beside you the type who is quite blunt when she speaks? Or is it the person who is good at listening [to you]? Hee, we are going to talk about a story regarding this type of ‘friend’. Lesson 5: Doing Things According to What a Friend Says.

In front of the door to 2-A class, some girls are chatting about a movie that is really good and all of the actors there are handsome guys. A short haired girl tells them that they’re obstructing her way. This made the other girls apologize and let her pass. Then, the girl tells some guys not to block [her way to her seat]. The others comment that she’s really very strong.

The girl is Gouda Aiko [Guesswork from 剛田愛子], 13 years old. She has that kind of personality ever since she’s young and right now, even if she wanted to change, she can no longer do so. Besides, she herself doesn’t want to change. In class, the teacher tells the students to take one paper then pass it at the back.

Frowning Aiko looks at the others and thinks that it isn’t like she doesn’t want to have a good relationship with her classmates but with these people, she wouldn’t dare bluntly say it.
Then, she notices the black haired girl in front of her who is reading the health report paper. This irks Aiko that she tells the girl what she is being slow about, quickly pass that over since the people at the back are waiting. The girl turns around and says okay. Then, she drops the papers on the floor. While picking the papers up, Aiko angrily scolds the girl to quickly pick them up.

The girl timidly says okay. While the girl is helping Aiko pick the papers up, she thinks that this girl’s name is Yami Sae [Guesswork from 野味早依], a girl like her who doesn’t exist in this class so she can understand [the feeling]. Sae blushes as she looks at Aiko. The school bell rings and it is dismissal time.

Aiko is putting her books in her bag when Sae asks if she can talk with her. Aiko says that didn’t they already talked with each other. Timid Sae says yes, she’s right. Aiko wonders what’s up with this girl. Then, Sae blurts out if they can go home together. Aiko is surprised by the tempo [of the conversation].

After arriving at Aiko’s house, Sae says that they’ll see each other tomorrow. Sae just says okay. Aiko wonders if Sae wanted to be in a good relationship with her and speaking of that, on the way home, she is always cautiously copying her..
While walking together, Aiko asked if she is going in the same way as her and Sae asking if she should use polite words. End flashback. Aiko finds Sae weird. The next day in school, Sae asks if they can go to the music room together. Aiko says that it is okay. She thinks that even if this person is weird but she totally didn’t show any trace of impatience towards her.

Sae says that the next class is dividing the chorus so which one should she choose the first sound group or the second sound group. Irked Aiko says that it is good for her to decide that on her own and she isn’t a kid who has to run around the whole day to ask someone [about it]. Then, after seeing Sae’s surprised expression, Aiko stops and wonders if she went too far.

The other students are muttering that Aiko is so strict and Sae cannot take it. To Aiko’s surprise, Sae says that Aiko is right. With a smile, Sae apologizes and says that it is her mistake. She praises Aiko for being really cool and it is amazing for her to be able to bluntly say things without any restraints. “I really like the you who is like that.” Everyone is surprised. Aiko thinks that it is the first time she is praised by someone like that.
At the music room, while singing, Aiko thinks that her friend before would say that she’s so strict that she doesn’t want to play with her and her mother would say that her friends would hate her if she talks that way. Ever since before, everyone would criticize and complain about her so this is a first for her.

After school dismissal, Aiko tells Sae that they go home together. Sae says okay. Aiko says that it is troublesome to use polite words so they’ll call each other’s first names [instead of surnames]. Sae nods. Then, they are buying mugs. Sae asks which one is good. Aiko picks the one she would like. At the fastfood restaurant, Sae asks if it is okay if she has to order the same. Aiko says no, they choose something different so that they can share.

Sae happily says that this is delicious and in the end, it is right for her to listen to Aiko. Aiko thinks that this feels good and it is the first time that she got a friend who got along with her. Some frowning girls see them.

In class, the girls are gossiping that Sae is like an attendant and Aiko would continuously order her around and that kind of getting along with each other isn’t called friendship. Irked Aiko exclaims that she can hear that. She scolds the girls for whispering at the back to talk about someone. “Every time I see people like you, it make me very angry. Go die.”
She wonders how is possible that they’ll become friends. One of the girls says, wha..waht, that is over the top and for her to say that to everyone.. She is surprised when Sae holds up a thick dictionary and whacks her face with it. While Aiko is tense and surprise by that, someone shouts for someone to stop Sae. Another one screams.

Then, the teacher arrives and asks what they are doing. Outside the principal office, Aiko overhears someone asking Sae why she hurt her classmate that she almost severely injured her. They ask won’t Sae utter a word. They tell her to wait there until her parents arrive. The door opens and Sae sees Aiko. She asks if Aiko was waiting for her.

Thinking that she became normal Sae again, Aiko says ya. Sae happily says that next, what should she do. “I’ll listen to you, Aiko.” This surprises Aiko. Then, in class, the teacher tells Sae to read the book. Sae asks Aiko if she can read it. “Can I eat this? Can I open this? Are we going? I’m very happy, is this okay? My pet died, should I be a bit sad over it?” Aiko thinks that it is very strange.. very strange.. 
In class, Aiko confronts Sae and asks what..what’s up with her. Sae asks if she is angry and what does she want her to do. Aiko tells her not to keep on asking her the whole day and she is very strange and how did she grow up. Sae asks what she should do. “My parents’ fault? My fault? At what age should I correct it? 1 year old? 2 year old? 3 year old? 4 year old? 5 year old? 6 year old? It already cannot be change, right?”

Aghast and tense, Aiko shouts that she said that she doesn’t know, and quickly disappear from her sight. Sae backs away. While Aiko is saying that she doesn’t want to have a friend anymore so that she also won’t become strange.., Sae is climbing up the balcony. When Aiko turns around, she can only see a glimpse of Sae’s hair over the balcony then there’s a thud. She goes, ha..?

At home, Aiko’s mother is asking her about Sae whom she heard had lost consciousness and she’s really pitiful, how could she had jumped. Recalling telling Sae to disappear from her sight, Aiko nervously think that it isn’t her isn’ is absolutely not. Aiko is surprised when someone says, “Can I talk with you right now?” She looks up and wonders if she is imagining things and in the end, her situation is really bad.
Then, something under her blanket asks, “Can I sit beside you?” Aiko becomes very nervous that she grabbed her blanket but she got scared that she quickly runs off. Her mother exclaims where she is going. Running towards the hospital, Aiko thinks that it’s wrong, it is impossible for her to be there..since Sae is obviously at the hospital--..

She goes in Sae’s room. Aiko can see Sae lying down behind the curtain. While the machine goes beep, beep, Aiko nervously laughs and says that it is as she said..she is absolutely just hallucinating. Just when she is about to go out, someone calls out from the curtain, “Aiko.” Aiko wonders if that is also a hallucination.

“Can I talk with you? Can I open my eyes? Immediately open my eyes? Or open them after a few seconds? Can I breathe? Can I move my body? Which part of my body should I move? Hand? Foot? Can I take off the bandages? *nervous and aghast Aiko mutters for her to stop..*...

Can I pull open the curtain? Can I go over where you are? Can we be together forever?” In tears, Aiko says, “..fine fine..don’t say it anymore!!” Aiko goes to pull open the curtain and she looks surprised to see a creepy looking Sae removing her bandages. Sae says, “Really..? It is okay for me to be very happy?”
At 3B section, people are gossiping if they know about a student going crazy last year. “Obviously, there is no one beside her yet it is unknown to whom she is always loudly shouting at.” There is a scene of Aiko shouts, “Don’t ask me. Don’t ask me.” They say that she must have gotten entangled with something.

A black haired girl is whispering about writing something on the notebook. Then, a curly haired girl calls out to the girl and says that just now, they are being quite noisy so can she be quiet. The girl, who looks like Sae, turns to the curly haired girl and happily says, okay, she’ll be a bit quiet.

Yomi narrates, “When that girl finds a new DEPENDABLE PARTNER, she can live on by forever following whatever other people say. A friend who listens to your opinion.. It depends on the situation. So, everyone pay attention not to have this kind of good friend. This class is ends here. See you again in the next screaming class.”
Comment: It is indeed scary is to have someone who kept on entangling himself/herself on you and that person won’t leave you at all to the point that it drives you crazy like what happened to Aiko. Basically, the point is be careful whom you’ll be friends with for s/he might turn out to become some psycho. In this case, it doesn't help that Sae isn’t exactly ‘human’. Aiko did have some hints for she did find Sae weird but I guess it is her innate want to have a friend that made her not mind it until it is too late. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Choose your friends wisely because their influence on you is much greater than you might imagine! ~ Author Unknown


  1. I've been really enjoying your impressions and thoughts on Kasane, and your recent recaps on Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei got me interested in the original Zekkyou Gakkyuu series (with twenty volumes worth of creepy stories to enjoy!) Thanks for introducing me to it and for all of your hard work!

    1. Glad to hear that, pomelote ^-^

      Thanks for reading them ^^