November 26, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 63]

Yoshio and the others watch the three actresses for the witches perform on the stage. The three witches are talking, “When should the three of us meet again? Will it be in thunder, lightning, or rain? Where should we meet? Let’s do it at the health [/wasteland]. We’ll wait there. –wait for Macbeth. Fair is foul, and foul is fair. Let’s fly away through the fog and filthy air.” 

Kasane watches from behind Nobuhiko. Narration: “Is the situation good or is it bad. At the rehearsal’s nervousness and intensity, my everyday has somewhat grown. But, the more I walk further, the more I felt an uneasiness approaching from behind. *a figure of her mother standing behind her* It is probably because Habuta told me about that thing. That day when he announced about the Macbeth’s cast and crew--”

Flashback: In the dressing room, Kasane exclaimed that it’s simply what she is looking for. Standing up, Kingo said that she’s very enthusiastic. “Even if it is me, I also think that the current you has this asset of self-confidence in being a remarkable actress. But, because of this, in this way, even if it is Fuchi Sugeyo’s last performance, but her acting progressed rapidly...
...Each time, she would win the whole audience’s cheer. *scene of everyone applauding and giving the cast a standing ovation.* In one’s life, it is the most glorious peak of one’s profession! Because you haven’t seen it so you cannot understand. Sugeyo-san’s ‘Lady Macbeth’ is somewhat a brilliant radiance. Towards her husband, Macbeth, it is a sincere love and because of that love, she willingly incarnated herself to have a demon’s cruelty and power..!

...And in the end, this kind of power would cast a shadow on her heart. It is similar to a fully blooming flower that has withered. And, generally, it had become empty and desolated.. *sat down on the chair again* Until now, those scenes are still vivid in my mind.. at that time, no one would have thought that unexpectedly, that would be her last performance.” 

Kasane thought that normally, even if she asked about her mother, this guy would practically seal his lips and not say anything.. Looking a bit tense, Kasane asked, “..but, why? Did something happen to mother?” Kingo said that he doesn’t know but he felt that it is probably because as an actress, Sugeyo’s EXCELLENCE HAS ALREADY GONE OVERBOARD. Her acting is too ‘true to life’, ‘imagination’ had..” Kasane continued, “became ‘reality’.”
Kingo said that’s right, so in the end, she is swallowed up by her role. “It is said that during rehearsal, she is acting somewhat strange. Just like Lady Macbeth who had already became insane, in a state which is close to paranoia, she would wash her hands nonstop. I had also seen it.. That person simply sees a ghost just like Macbeth. Even if there is nothing in the sky, she’ll shriek at it...

...So, after Macbeth..ah, no, in short, Sugeyo-san is psychologically influenced by the role that afterwards, she doesn’t want to go on stage and act again..” Kasane looked tense over this and wondered if it is really because of that.

“‘Excessively getting into character’, I can understand that a bit and even if that kind of ACTION can already be considered as exceptional but no matter what is said, unexpectedly saying giving up on ‘going on stage’. “If I were mother, no matter what happens, I won’t be able to give up this façade. It is because it is only here where I can continue to exist.”

On the stage, Nobuhiko as Macbeth tells to Banquo, “Just now, there’s a dark cloud spreading out and yet, sunshine is illuminating everything. I have never seen a day that was so good and bad at the same time.’” The witches call out, “All hail, Macbeth! Hail to you, thane of Glamis! Thane of Cawdor! Finally, one day, will be crowned as king!”
Macbeth shouts, “Who goes there! I am indeed the thane of Glamis but what do you mean by thane of Cawdor? Unexpectedly, you’ll even say that I’ll be crowned king. That is simply a bunch of nonsense. Quickly speak up! Who had sent you people to come!” The witches vanish. Banquo asks where they disappeared to. Macbeth grinds his teeth in frustration. Yoshio quietly watches.

Later on, Saki as Lady Macbeth is reading a letter out loud, “They became air. Disappeared without a trace. Just when I’m totally distracted and endlessly surprised, the king’s envoy arrived. They addressed me as ‘thane of Cawdor’! I want to tell you of this news ahead of time. To my beloved, you who is about to enjoy supreme glory. *hugs the letter*...

...Quickly come back. Let me pour my thoughts into your ear. *looking fiendish* Let me use [my] silver tongue, to stop the hindrances so that you’ll attain the crown. All, without exception, will be eliminated.” While some of the cast look surprised, Yoshio claps his hand. This snaps Saki out of it.

Gesturing to the script, Yoshio tells Saki that her grasp of the tempo isn’t quite good. “You have to be silent here for 12 seconds. On contrary, it would be better for you to come here a bit quicker. Do not walk around. Try to sit on a chair.” Saki says okay.
Yoshio tells her to first rest for a while. Nobuhiko approaches Saki and asks if he can discuss with her the six and seven scene. While they talk, Kasane thinks that as an actor, Nobuhiko’s level has gone up a notch. “It is simply like his lover isn’t missing. He’ll only concentrate in throwing himself into work. Even if I also feel a bit lonely..

–but right now, *Nobuhiko tells her that he wants the two of them to try reading this part together and she says okay* it is a miracle to be able to once again stand on the stage with you whose acting won’t be influenced no matter what happens. I’m intensely happy over this--” While holding hands, acting on the stage, Saki/Lady Macbeth says, “Wait until Duncan is asleep, I’ll go and use wine to make his two royal guards drunk. I’ll make them sleep like dead pigs. After they are completely drunk, Duncan is unguarded. In that kind of situation, we definitely can do it, right?”

Looking tense, Nobuhiko/Macbeth replies, “And, using their dagger [to kill, then], smear the blood on the dead asleep guards.” Lady Macbeth says, “Next, we’ll only have to extremely cry in anguish over the king’s death.” Macbeth says that he had decided. “Come, let’s go. Use that bright and beautiful smiling face to deceive everyone. To be able to cover up a false heart, is only a false face.”
Yoshio claps his hand and calls out to the two. He says that it is considered good since the acting is marvelous and the grasp of the tempo is also very good. Narration: “We are no longer lovers-- but" After they stop holding hands, Nobuhiko says that just now [<- regarding discussing things before the official practice], it is very sensible to confirm the timing in advance.

Saki smiles and says that’s true. Nobuhiko says that Yoshio is a person who’ll seize and measure time by the seconds so one must properly grasp it. Later on, after the practice, they bid each other goodbye. Kasane thinks that on the stage, she can still feel the bonds that surpass lovers with Nobuhiko. “Right now, my every day is ‘I cannot wait for tomorrow to come..’”

And, Nobuhiko turns to quietly look at her. At Yuuto’s house, Nogiku recites, “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and afterwards, there’s still tomorrow. Day by day, time slowly passes. Always until it arrives. The morning has its destined last one second..” Yuuto asks if those are lines from Macbeth. Nogiku says yes. He asks didn’t she hate stage plays.

With a slightly crazed look, Nogiku says yes, her father always stubbornly force her to read but right now, she knows it by heart. “But, as that person (Kasane)’s last performance.. It really can’t get any better than this.”
Comment: With all the talk about last performance, it makes me wonder if this is the last arc ^^; I wonder if Nogiku being able to memorize the lines in the play have something to do with her plot. Maybe pretend to be Saki and ruin her reputation by acting as her in the play then, no longer ‘lend’ her face to Kasane?

But then, that is something like what Nina tried to pull before and failed miserably. In a way, it is kind of sad yet beautiful how Kasane still loves Nobuhiko but cannot be with him anymore so she is just satisfied just to be able to act together with him. And, at least, in this play, they are a married couple, who are plotting something sinister together for their ambitions. 

Nobuhiko seems to be suspicious of her since he has once again looked at her after they parted. Did he notice ‘Nina’ during their acting? Even if Kasane acts as a totally new person, something has to slip especially if the other party is very observant. I wonder if it is also a coincidence that he helped her by hinting that the director is picky on the tempo.

As for Izana, there seems to be something more to it. Maybe, the real Sugeyo had been haunting her? We don’t know all of her past regarding when Izana lost ‘her’ face and what happened to her afterwards. I guess being too talented in acting can be very problematic if one has a hard time separating from it and real life. Will Kasane also fall into the same trap?

In a way, the play is about something one did in the past will come to collect the due. Both Kasane and Nogiku have that. Usually, the play is connected to what’s going to happen in real life. So, things will be quite intense as to how Kasane will overcome this one especially since the play is a tragedy. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Thank you so much, I'm really happy You translated that chapter. :3 I too wonder what Nogiku is up to. Taking previous chapters into account, I agree Nobuhiko seems to get very suspicious. Maybe he will find out the truth? If,will he accept Kasane the way she is? I think Kasane deserves something bad because what has happened to Nina,she stole her life. Maybe she should just learn to live the way she is. I kinda hope Nogiku will have a good life ahead.(And sorry for my bad English ^ ^ ")

    1. I agree, Nobuhiko is definitely suspicious of her or he wouldn't keep turning around. Since people have treated Kasane badly all her life because of her appearance, I doubt she would have the confidence to stand on stage with her real face, which I find very sad. As a result, she longs for beauty and an acting career, and in order to reach that goal she is cruel towards other people. I find her logic very similar to that of the Phantom of the Opera; the world had no mercy on her, so she has no mercy on the world.
      I just wish Nogiku would notice that they have both had very unhappy lives and give up her silly plot for revenge.

    2. You're welcome, Anonymous [1] ^-^

      Maybe. That is would be nice if he would but since this is somewhat realistic, it is doubtful.

      Hehe, so you want a tragic ending for Kasane? I'm a bit on the fence about it. Even if she does deserve something bad, but somehow, I do want her to have some sort of permanent happiness. But given this kind of story, it seems unlikely. But who knows.

      As for Nina, I guess she is a 'victim'. She allowed Kasane to do so and decided to back out later on when it turned out to be more than what she bargained for. Unfortunately for her, she has 'sleeping beauty syndrome'. Without any other factors, I don't think Kasane would have done so but circumstances among other things made her take advantage of it.

      Me, too. Though, I don't think what she is doing will lead to that..