November 22, 2015

Free Talk: Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 115]

I found AnY 115's  translation and link for the raws here so, there's no need for a summary for this chapter. I’ll just comment on it for those who want to read my views about it. =P

My comment:
So, apparently, there is some problem in Sei that caused them to arm up/show off who’ll be boss. Kuba must be the intelligent one and the ones left are the stupid ones for coming up with such a stupid strategy on where to get the slaves that they’ll need and attacking with pathetic two strongholds which they probably thought are invisible to Kouka. Actually, the most stupid one is probably Hochuma since he is the head of the military forces and just look at those soldiers. They are totally pathetic. Still, they are competing to attack Kouka so that is like splitting their soldiers towards the same goal with different strategies? How would they know which one is greater if they have one stronghold each? Tae-woo, they are not making fools of Kouka for they are already the fools. Their intel, pardon the word, totally sucks too for they didn’t know what Kouka did to Kai.

Apparently, except for Suwon, everyone is also totally clueless about what’s going on outside their country. It is one thing for them not to know the stronghold at Water tribe’s side. But they didn’t even know the current events of Sei that Suwon has to inform them about it. And, they will only know about it because Lili got kidnapped and they have to rescue her. It would be okay if they are just civilians but they are generals and that is like ‘seconds-in-command’. Out of curiosity though, if Suwon got killed and let’s say there is no Yona, who’ll be the next one on the throne? Apparently, Jungi is the weakest among the generals. It is strange that he is using this excuse now, when he didn’t use it when they are ‘at war’ against Kai. I guess it is different when he is ‘on stand by/defense’ rather than for ‘offense’. And is it because Taewoo is a new general that he didn’t know about Jungi’s handicap?

The misunderstanding about who Lili is to Suwon is amusing. I think there is a higher chance for Lili to become queen than Yona ^^; I do wonder if they push this up further, would Suwon agree to it? It is important to have a heir while the country is constantly in conflicts with other countries especially if the king tends to rush into the battle. But then, this isn’t a realistic type of series so never mind. Ever since Tetora met with Suwon and others, somehow, I feel that she became idiotic/idiotic-looking. She must be in shock from being in the presence of the generals – ah, that is general.., wow, this is general, and now, that thing regarding Suwon and Lili ^^;;

It is amusing that the guys were overeager to be accepted by the soldiers that they actually really helped almost finish it. And, apparently, Haku was Suwon’s contact who will help destroy the stronghold from inside and protect the hostage-slaves. Well, I can say that I guess Haku got his priorities straight. The question is will they fight side by side to destroy the stronghold? Most probably. And, this will be an instance wherein Yona didn’t incite Haku to help out Suwon. I’m not sure how this will turn out but at least, Haku can be temporarily? reunited with his Wind tribe. Honestly, it is overkill for Sei = zero chance of victory. Anyway, we’ll get to see how Haku and others will react with Suwon minus Yona around.


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    1. Opps, is that so. I thought is only 'Please don`t re-post or upload elsewhere!' I only posted the link. Since it isn't allowed, I'll remove it.

      Thanks for the info, Sofie.

  2. Thanks for the links kat ^^
    Best part of the chapter NO YONA and strangely enough this chapter felt quite nice ^^
    Anyway ,earth mentioning the whole « you fell for Lili that’s why you acted so fast » blah blah I’m telling you Kat those two will end up as cannon and that’s sickening because from that we can guess that in the end he will remain on the throne and Lili will be his queen and he will be all sunshine and rainbows with hak and yona So disgusted with this highly possible fluffy ending .
    Another thing when SW was explaining about sei’s situation which honeslty I couldn’t care less about because these dudes are dumb and they will be defeated by yona’s fiery glare so who cares but yeah when SW was talking to Tae Woo about how he intended to attack the forts and Tae Woo just looking at him sliently I loved it because at least one of the characters isn’t buying the SW « Im the best leader this country could ever hope to have » act but what would’ve been amazing was if he continued and told him then why didn’t you attack sooner and waited until more people were kidnapped and they finished the building of their forts ??? But I know it’s asking for too much but I’m liking Tae Woo ^^
    Anyway I do believe that such things prove that SW doesn’t have the people best interest in mind and instead has his own agenda and he doesn’t mind a few sacrifices along the way even if they are his own people .And I just thought of something maybe he waited until water asked for help so he could make him own him and buy his loyalty just like he did with earth ? In addition he probably did it to get more dirt on sei so he could attack for more lands .
    Since in yona’s mind and everybody else .A good king is a king who goes to war and take lands T_T
    Still all what I’m saying is pointless since it will be a rainbow and sunhine ending for him and Lili ……puke
    Now the most important part of the chapter the Hak and SW conversation .What Can I say except that it was intense unlike all the forced SW /yona drama in fact I found it even more intense than even Hak going berserk mode when he met SW in water territory .
    This is the type of reaction that I would’ve expected /loved to see from yona ,again makes you wonder whose dad was killed .Not even once has she shown this level of rage and intense killing intent toward SW .People are gonna say yeah it happened in earth and water tribe …are you kidding me ??? Just what did she do except glare and act tough and then cry ???
    What happened to me in this chapter made me realize a few things that I already knew .Hak has a deeper bond with SW than yona ever did .The intensity of his reaction show how much he meant to him and how much he is hurt by what happened .another thing is that the author won’t even allow Hak to be angry/hurt on his own .I’m saying this because he « calmed down » when he recalled yona « i’m alright » and that was so lame ,it’s like his life isn’t his ,can’t he at least have the right to be angry and sad on his own without it being related to yona ?
    Again his reaction was amazing and I loved the scene where hak was scratching the wall until his fingers started to bleed and SW was gently touching the wall it felt as if on one side we had utter rage and on the other side affection and regret . The faces hak made in this chapter was pricless and

    1. you could see that it took him all his strength to answer SW at the end and I love it at one point I even though he would bit his lips until they start bleeding .
      Now you are right Hak did what was right in this situation but if they start watching out for each other next chapter and fight side by side I’m not only gonna rate I’m gonna rage because that would be too much .There are also SW lackeys there minus the wind tribe of course and I’m telling you now Kat next chapter when sky and earth and mainly sky they will rush in front of SW to protect him .I just hope the dragons rush in front of hak to back him up .Can’t say I’m excited these two team up and I can’t say that i’m excited for when they march toward the second fort cause that will happen .It’s like what’s going on in the author’s mind having SW and Hak fight side by side considering their common history ??? Do you think when they take down the forts hak will turn his blade on SW cause in this chapter he looked like he was about to go on a killing spree .
      I agree about Tetora and you are right about the generals but as we have seen in the past that they are quite pathetic since an 18/19 years is manipulating them so easily .
      The dragons finishing the fort was funny as well as the signal at the end ^^
      P.s hak sensing human presence ??? The dude is op ^^

    2. No problem, sofia ^-^

      Lol, I know you couldn't resist saying that ^^

      It is highly possible. Can you imagine this: At the palace courtyard, a young red haired boy who is OP for his age playing together with a young black haired girl who is quite intelligent for her age. And, the boy gives the girl a familiar hairpin. Their parents watch on at the side. Yona hoping that her son will end up with Suwon's daughter so her first love will finally have a 'happy ending'. =P Uh-oh..that young couple scenario is actually very interesting if developed more. ^^;;

      True, I noticed that too. We talked about it before why he didn't do it earlier..but of course, it is 'publicity', and 'winning Water' among others. Publicity = look, the king himself came to save us, the king cares for us, etc..etc = spread the news to everyone. High popularity = Suwon is a great king.

      Yup, we take lands to make our country prosperous..because we'll have more people and more resources. It helps that the other countries are kind of antagonistic against them since Suwon has an excuse to 'attack in self-defense/retaliation'. With his strategies, there will be a few injuries and sacrifices but overall, it is great. There will be more benefits, etc = great king.

      Ah, let's not talk about Yona having rage or intense killing intent, after all, she wanted to understand the man who killed her father. Just with that...if Suwon gave her some valid reason, everything will be okay., even if you mentioned that Yona is thinking that the world revolves around her with that 'I'm alright', it actually has a calming effect for Haku. It is like a mantra = 'Everything in the world is fine as long as Yona is alright'. His world revolves around her. I was going to say that he'll be free if Yona is gone but thinking about it, nah, she'll most probably be his one and only = cannot move on forever., he has to be all related to Yona.

      True. But when you mentioned affection from Suwon, it makes me nauseous. =P that you mentioned it, 'SW and Haku fight side by side'...Yona would then arrive and say, my wish came true.

      Okay..before they can rush down the second fort, someone has to inform the hostages to move aside. And second, Ayura is too slow that she couldn't rush over to the first fort to tell them about Yona. It is faster for Suwon to get there from Kouka. And, don't tell me about the guards..the guards are totally lax there and I doubt that they will be stricter just because two troublesome girls got away. So, it is also possible that during the attack, Ayura will inform Haku and others about Yona and they'll leave the fort. The others won't know who helped them out from the inside except for Suwon = get all the glory as usual.

      For now, I'm not sure if Haku will do that. Aside from the possibility of Yona appearing, the others are also there. Wind might help him though. Still, plotwise, I'm not sure if the mangaka does pull it off..what's next? Haku tried to kill Suwon in front of everyone whom except for Wind thinks is one of the great king that they needed. So, Haku and others might just leave before the others get to see then, that will be bye-bye Wind tribe reunion...somehow, I can expect Suwon finding the hairpin and realize why Haku is there.


      Actually, I just thought of something funny regarding that signal. I can almost imagine 'chibi Haku devil' saying, 'crap, I missed'. It's interesting Suwon didn't think, 'is he trying to kill me'.

      It seems so. Well, that is a typical shounen 'talent' and we talked about Haku being a shounen-ish type of guy. ^^

    3. What can I say kat ,you know me well ^^
      Yes ,I can and I’m certain that we will get this type of ending it’s like it’s started with childhood friends and it will end up with them .I think SW and Lili as king and queen ,yona and hak in the wind tribe as their good friends and both their kids will be raised together now if this was another story it would be nice but in a story such us this one .No that’s far from being nice or touching since it doesn’t even make sense to begin with .But still it will probably happen .And you know that hairpin will be like naruto’s necklace in naruto T_T It’s yona ‘s treasure that will be passed on (pukkkkeeeeeeeee)
      Though right now ,it’s kind of funny because the one Lili is in love with is yona so it’s like don’t get your hopes not only is she not interested but she doesn’t swing that way but I guess after a few years she will get over it ^^
      Yup it’s to promote himself as a « great king and the only king needed » When yona said something along the lines of « i don’t want to think that the spent time together was all lies » it makes me laugh because yeah the dude does care but killing his uncle is something he planned ages ago .SW is very calculating person he doesn’t do stuff randomly or on a whim and when he does something it’s always for the sake of gaining something from it .He doesn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart but because he has a hidden agenda ,I get it ,you do ,the wind tribe does as well .The only ones who don’t seem to get it are yona and the rest of the cast .
      Yes and that’s very narrow minded way of thinking .In chang ge xing we have seen that in the royal place there were lots of scholars ,a lot of trade routes ,when she was at the temple people were starving yet they still had dignity and tried to live on with their own efforts .Each time we go to a new tribe like Khitan or uyghur I’m quite pleased because each one of them is different and interesting .In AnY everybody let themselves die and blame the king for everything ,as if those weren’t their own lives to begin with and as if it’s take one person to ruin a country when it’s collective responsiblity the king for being too soft ,the generals for not trying to find a compromise with the king to keep the country is prosperity without going for random wars and the people because they let themselves dive into a state of complete paralysis where they do nothing except complain and wait for someone to save them so when you have someone like SW of course he would be popluar .
      I know that but I can’t help and he doesn’t need to give any excuse she did that for him .And giving an excuse would imply that she was angry and thus he need to apologize or make up for something but she was never angry or enraged to begin with so there is no need for any kind of excuse .
      I know and it’s really pathetic that he can’t even be his own person .I know that this another bad example but look at current kyouko ,she has her dream and her own goal at the same time she would do anything for ren .That’s what I would’ve wished for Hak ,it would’ve been okay if he were loyal but still has his own opinion and feelings and didn’t spoil yona as much as he does .For example whenever the hairpin comes up or SW related stuff .He should tell her to get over herself and move the guy betrayed her and has her own dad’s blood on his hand .It’s a truth that will never change yet instead he tells her « take your time ,do what you want « I mean look at ren whenever shou comes up ,he always set kyouko’s straight and ask her direct questions .It’s to such a degree where ren gets very mean and unfair toward kyouko but it does good to their relationship .

    4. With Hak and yona it’s like a master and it’s dog it’s too one sided to even be called a relationship .If the guy could be his own person that would be awesome but sadly …
      Haha ,I also got nauseous when I wrote that just like I get sick everytime there some lame /corny/forced drama scene with yona and SW or everytime something emo related to those two happen .
      But still I did like their scene ,it was passionate and intense .I would love if someone were to mention it to yona SW maybe that with hak their bond is much deeper than she could imagine maybe then she could get over herself ????
      Oh god if that happened and I know it has a high chance of happening .My eyes will start burning ,i recall something similar happened when sasuke joined the war and sakura was looking at him and naruto fighting .If it happens it would make sick .Now since yona isn’t there maybe the one who will make this comment are munduk or sky ??? Since they were close to those two when they were kids
      Well they way I see it ,is yun will get the hostages out maybe with the other guy from the wind tribe han dae I think that’s his name .While the other take care of the fighting .Zeno and Jeha are looking for Lili and Yona let’s say they find them I think they would go back to the forts to help ayura right ? They will not leave her alone there and above all yona will never leave her hairpin .Or the two forts are actually pretty close and yona and co will end with hak and co ??? Either way it’s a big mess ,it will turn out into something awkward and lame probably .
      Or they destroy the fort and get moving to the next one ,because I also believe that SW will find the hairpin and I’m so not looking for that moment .
      So yeah there are alot of factors to take into consideration like where are yona and lili are they close to hak’s fort ,how far from each other are the two forts .But the guards and their strength that isn’t a factor .But I still think that one of these fodders may mange to injure hak if he let his guard down or is in rage mode .Remember how sky whose skills I believe are far inferior to hak could cut him easily because the guy was so deep into his rage that apart from SW he could see nothing else .So I don’ think that this option is far fetched .
      And of course the credits will go to SW and water will be his new lackey .
      Before giving my opinion on what will /may happen .I would like to share with you the title of next chapter Who is the enemy? Who is an ally? Here is the link
      So from the title here is what I think things will play out .
      Next chapter SW’s and Hak’s party will meet each other face to face .The dragons will be shocked and give a worried look to hak ,who will clench his fist and get the job done .SW ‘s party mainly sky will rush in front of SW to protect but will say something like his isn’t an enemy and sky will give him a worried look but will obey while giving the evil eye to hak ,wind will be happy and who cares about that idiot of the earth ??? Anyway this is pretty much what I think will happen and maybe at the end

    5. hak will turn his blade against SW when all is said and done . Now what would make me sick to my stomach if it happened is :
      If SW tired to look out for Hak like he did with yona when he protected her in water arc .For example he stop and arrow from hitting him or something like that .I would puke if such a scene happened .
      Though if Hak stay his usual self he would cut off his head right on the spot and not protect him like yona did .
      Or if the two fought back to back that would make me sick ,or if sky protects him and has some sort of monolgue like he did back then with yona that will be so sickening .Now if it’s munduck I wouldn’t mind that much .
      Long story short as long as there is no buddy buddy crap and Hak keep his bloody thristy attitude but remains cold blooded instead of losing his cool and giving others opening and just be the badass that he is I’m fine .Though I expect emo faces from SW ,since he already did that in this chapter .
      I do hope that yun and the dragons would look out for hak .Unlike what they did last time ,since this time they know the truth .
      But I wouldn’t get my hopes up ,I feel like next chapter it’s gonna be a full on rage for me after the chapter (facepalm)
      Haha that would’ve been funny ^^
      Yup shouen ish skills in a very shoujo ish manga with a an even more shoujo ish personality ….sigjh

    6. =)

      Hehe..indeed. If things doesn't change course, it will surely happen.

      True..and let's consider Haku as part of the Wind Tribe. I do wonder if the dragons will also think of Suwon that way because of Yona. And, I mean after interacting with him more rather than the shallow interaction [/joking around], would they know his 'true' nature or view him the same as Yona and the others.

      Indeed. Everything is depended on the leader for Kouka. As we talked about before, it must be because of the red dragon/Hiryuu before. He spoiled them so they believe that those who'll replace him later on will do the same thing for them. He will fight for them. And, because of him, everything is prosperous and well. Iirc, the ones fighting are always the three dragons. Hiryuu and Yellow are just watching ^^; We don't see much of the other soldiers. Then, they start to fret if the dragons wanted to live their own lives. They probably thought that they are selfish for 'abandoning the people' and want them to 'serve the people' until they die just like Hiryuu.

      True, he doesn't have to give any excuse and she will still do that for him. For the readers, it is good to at least imply a bit that she was angry. Like that talk with Lili, she was made to imply that she was angry and wanted to kill Suwon..something like that but I never thought of her attempting at it except for the occasional glare and holding the sword when Suwon was hugging her. As you mentioned, the intensity wasn't there compared with Haku.

      True..but then, the relationship in terms of status is different. Ren is either equal or above. Haku is below Yona = servant who should be quiet and do what she says/orders most of the time. In a way, I think the mangaka prefers to portray 'understanding' between them regarding what happened/is happening by keeping quiet. Haku keeps quiet for if mentioned those things, it will hurt her. And, he kind of understand her feelings. Yona keeps quiet for if she mention those things, it will hurt Haku. She also kind of understand his feelings. So everyone just shut up and pray for happiness for the other.

      Indeed, and Haku is suppose to be a general of a whole tribe. We already talked to death about his wasted potential. ^^;

      Alas, I think it won't be mentioned. By the way, I don't know if you have read my comments before with another reader. I made an amusing theory that the reason why Iru doesn't want Suwon to marry Yona and why Suwon isn't really into women, then he is also so into Haku, maybe..he is a girl. Okay, a flat-chested girl but he got the feminine looks. So, there's my female character with brains in this series =P Hehe, impossible but it will make a nice twist.

    7. I'm not sure Mundok would also say that..he'll probably cringe over it, too. Sky..after what Haku did to him the last time. For major impact from you, it has to be Yona =P I'm thinking that it might happen when they go to the second fort and Jeha is bringing everyone back. Is this a dream? Am I too thirsty that I'm hallucinating? Haku and Suwon fighting each other side by side. It is like everything is back to normal. The nightmare is over.

      Ayura, depends how she is going to inform the others about Yona. Depending on how close the two forts are, if she is still waiting for that opportunity, she might take advantage of the chaos in the other fort. Oh..another funny thought. It would be interesting if say, Ayura got to Haku and others just before Suwon and others enter the fort. Then, when Haku and others get to the other fort, they overtake it and try to destroy the other fort along with Suwon in it. Okay, that won't happen since Wind is there but it would be amusing if it happen like what the Sei rulers built to see who is great between them will be used by Haku and Suwon to resolve their issue. =P forget the 'I'm alright' calming effect so that might not least, I don't think that it won't easily happen again. It might also be different if Haku has his weapon. The priority is also destroying the forts. Thinking of it, shouldn't it be better for them to get their weapons first before launching the attack. Oh wait, they can just use the building materials around as weapons. Anyway, Haku was also able to contain himself before when they saw each other during the ex-Fire's rebellion. Somehow, I still think that as long as Yona is okay/no threat, Haku can restrain himself.

      First part will most likely happen.

      Turning his blade against Suwon is a bit unlikely. Again, it depends on how worried he is with Yona. Like, it is very likely that they will go to the next fort. Haku doesn't know that Yona isn't in the next fort. He might think since Suwon is going to deal with this fort, might as well, go to the other fort to get to Yona. Wait a minute..Suwon and others' priority is to rescue Lili who is probably drinking Nadai. So, after 'talking' with Haku with no affirmative sign that Lili is there, why are they attacking this fort? Is it because it's easier to defeat with Haku there? = easy glory.

      Anyway, back to what I was saying, it depends on Haku if it is more important to see that Yona is safe and sound since Suwon and others are probably going to attack the next fort or it is more important to fight Suwon.

      It's really strange that Suwon is really there at the front lines. And, except for Sky, no one seems to be wearing armor or any army protective gear. Sei must be really belittled, and rightfully so. I really don't know what to say if any Sei soldier single/team managed to beat Haku in rage or not. It will be so pathetic especially if he has a weapon. Two girls can already take down on single soldier. And, the reason why they are all there is somewhere far behind as support. If Jungi is a villain, he probably used his daughter as an excuse and after they are all tired from destroying two forts, he'll attack from behind. Anyway, it's really not strange if Earth kept on saying that Suwon has a thing for Lili. Oh well, I know, I is for the story that Suwon has to be there to meet up with Haku for this chapter's cliffhanger.

      Hopefully, the dragons will after that bonding thing earlier.

      Nice description and it fits perfectly ^^

    8. Ya and we know they won’t change ….sigh if change or growth it would’ve happened ages ago not after 115 chapters .
      You mean the dragons thinking of SW as a great king because yona think so ? If that’s the case I agree ,we have said it times and times again the dragons no matter what they say or what they do they have no will of their own .For example they all saw what happened to hak and now the truth of what SW did but I know for sure that if yona were to say something like « protect SW » they would do with arguing .These guys opinion same applies to hak an yun don’t matter at all since it’s yona’s will which is the most important .Also ,Green seems to like him ,he even said I know I can trust him which is quite hilarious ,yun and co don’t seem to have a problem with it .So if they get to know him better I’m sure they will like him because the only one who seems to see the truth are hak and his tribe .
      Such a pathetic country .Kouka citizens are a bunch of good for nothing and spoiled people and again that’s one of the main reason why I don’ t care for any tribe except wind .They are really lame people
      No matter what she says ,or how much she glares or tries to act cool in front of SW I ‘m not buying it yona never hated or wanted to kill SW .After she met in earth tribe she broke down in tears and was doing stupid things like she couldn’t eat proprely and got her clothes dirty and started to strip…alll of that because she saw him .Or when she met him at fire war and she started Looking at him with big eyes or even before that when her country was about to be attacked she thought SW will be attacked and after the fight she told hak I saw the hawk you raised with SW or that damn dance or when they were in kai she thought if my dad was better king he wouldn’t have been killed now I recall after reading that line I almost fainted because it was like my dad got what he deserved and I was like seriously ???? Your obessesion with SW is to such a dgree where you could say stuff like that about your dad .Let’s not forget that pathetic coversation with Lili and it’s like who is yona trying to fool ?Anyway You get my point I can list many others scenes but that’s enough to say that yona never ever did hate or wanted to kill SW .All her glares and « look at me I’m so badass « scenes when it comes to SW are just talks it’s all but fluff .
      It’s true that ren is kyouko’s senpai and for kyouko he is Buddha but kat whenever they had some serious issues like when kyouko broke down because of her mom or on dark kuon took over or during dark moom….etc they helped each other get over their issues and when push comes to shove they treat each other as equal .When kyouko broke down he hugged her and listened to her afterward it was simple but effective .Same goes for kyouko always there for ren and pay great attention to his feelings and was able to find the right words to bring him back when dark kuon took over .Of course kyouko worshipp ren as a god even though ren is not a fan of that but it’s okay since yeah kyouko may usually lower herself regarding ren but when push comes to shove wether in acting or in solving issues she is his equal in fact she is superior .
      With hak and yona the relationship is one sided and unfair .The scene where she tells him you must call me princess only you (which is one of the scenes I hate most in the manga) is horrible compare it to how ren hates how kyouko treats him like some god figure and was happy as corn because kyouko was very intimate with him .This scene to me speaks volumes .I agree that hak keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself mostly because he was reminded that he is « a servant » and because he doesn’t want yona to be hurt if he says his feelings about SW so he just keeps quiet .Now I disagree

    9. about yona watching out for hak’s feelings.She claims that hak is hurt because he trusted SW more than anyone yet each times it’s SW this and SW that .What she says and what she does are complete different things .
      Yup it’s a shame .
      No I didn’t that’s funny ^^.I always thought that he didn’t want to because he knows that his heart belongs to hak ^^ I mean out of all the characters of the series those two have quite intense chemistry

    10. You are probably right ,Hahaha you know I see it clear as day ,yona seeing yun runing toward him just to see hak and SW fiighting side by side she will tear up but wipe her tears and charge with her sword and of course power up haki+rinnegan since this is such an amazing sight ,dreams coming true.And she will rush saying something like « I’m not a damsel in distresse I can fight » and the three of them will wreck the two forts and they will throughtout the land as the three legendary sannins oooops wrong manga but you know what I mean ;)
      Yes in reality it all comes down to how close the two forts are but still I believe that yona +lili+ the two dragons will end up in Hak’s fort .Lol that would be fantastic if Hak did that ,something oops my hand slipped and he will fire bolders from the other fort to crush SW but yona would probably rush in there and say Hak if you want to kill him it will be over my dead body .
      Yes with just « I’m alright » it’s like the dude is under a spell ,so lame -_-
      Yeah the more I think of it the more I believe that he won’t attack but Sky would probably try to attack him and SW stop him with an emo look on his face (double facepalm)
      You are right but I can see hak clenching his fists and teeth and just swallowing his rage and going on a rampage to let out his killing intent .Since in this chapter he contained his rage next chapter he shouldn’t do something to SW .
      You are true they should be in a hurry ,something like we will rescue her then come back to destroy this fort but it’s all for the dramatic meeting between SW and Hak .
      Yup ,it doesn’t make much sense but it’s for the sake a dramatic meeting and more fiery glare .When you put it that way ,it’s true .But still I think hak getting near death isn’t too far fetched now who will do that probably someone from SW party or SW himself .
      I would like to hope so but I believe they will have a good reaction to SW at least green did /will maybe even zeno .

    11. I'll answer you tomorrow since it is already late that I finally finished a summary ^^

      In the meantime, 7sins is already out.


      Okay, it seems that we are right about the dance. I think you probably cringe over how scared she was upon recalling the demons..with her like that, I mean somewhat of a trauma, how can she fight them? Maybe, when she gets her memory back. Ah..did they just say that dance is from the 'gods'? Anyway, that will be her power up.

      Next, Meliodas is really easygoing. ^^; Who cares about Ban, King or Escanor...there's a festival battle around and he wanted that money. I'm amused with MS jokes about it being similar with DBZ..battle, count me in! by Goku.

      Tentacle girl seems to have a history with her. Hm..if it is a romantic thing and she is still in love with him in some way or at least want his attention, Elizabeth better beware. Of course, you'll probably hoping for something else with that =P

      So, maybe those wine will be delivered to the festival or, they'll continue on being separate groups? Actually, will they finish off this pair of demons in the next arc?

    12. okay ^^

      Before getting into this chapter I wanted to talk something I just recalled when you started watching the 7sins and I told me that diane was sort of childish with her pig tails and all (you are the one who told me that right ?)
      Now that I think of it Elizabeth maybe very annoying and meh but Diane she is just chidlish ,her hair style is childlish and she is ver over 700 years old -_- her personality is beyond childlish I mean she wants to be friends with elizabeth and other people she gets too happy when someone praises her ,she only talk about love and friendship in a way a teenage girl would .She is very naive to the point where it can be called stupid ....etc so in this chapter I shouldn't be too disgusted with her but I am .Seeing her happy go lucky attitude is sickening and her shivering in fear wasn't disgusting to see .It's like she was lame and pathetic and now she is fallen below that .There is nothing I like about her character .King when he isn't being emo ,he is pretty nice character .Diane I just can't stand her .

      Yes that dance will be her power up and honeslty the cover page with her as a dancer wasn't appealing at all .Matronna said the giant dance was very beautiful ,somehow I can't imagine a giant especially diane dancing and being beautiful o_O

      I think it's just mean that it's amazing ,doesn't mean that it is actually from gods or maybe it is .I don't know and I don't care about anything diane related .

      You know facepalming or getting pissed isn't enough with a character like Meliodas .This proves that except for elizabeth he doesn't care about anything else and that's so pathetic and sad seeing how characters like ban really care about him when he doesn't .I know that this is proabably for the sins to reunite and diane will regain her memories +her power up she will probably defeat one of the demons ,still a festival in such a dire situation is pretty lame .This should be an intense situation and yet we get a festival !!!!!

      Well I know that she said that about Mel and the blushing does imply something romanitc but when Mel greeted them a few chapters back she didn't seem to react to him ,but it maybe the case since we already have a demonic romance with moustache and taking it from the ass demons .But yeah I'm not looking forward to it since it's Mel and elizabeth so things will get lame and corny if another girl is involved and she gets jealous so lammmmmmmmmmmmme

      I believe the wine will be delivered there and thus the sins will reunite and king will revive diane's memory and she will amaze everybody with her dance and some corny moment would follow . Yup ,I believe these two will be defeated during the festival .One will be taken down by Diane and the other by hendy or Gil maybe since Mel will probably fight with his brothers .

    13. Well, this is a manga so, a sudden 'out of character' thing might happen though very unlikely. =P

      Yup, that's what I meant. Indeed...they especially Yona only 'see' the 'good side' of Suwon and pretends/didn't know about the 'bad side'. You know, recalling what you mentioned about Taewoo not being won over by Suwon. Is it possible that it is because of a grudge towards what happened to Haku. The joke would be for making him general when he would rather bum around. But seriously, I'm just thinking that if it is true, at least Taewoo won't easily let Suwon off for it compared to Yona who is okay with everything and it is 'normal' for Haku to go following her around.

      Ya, that hawk thing is weird. If this is a gag, Haku would have said, you should told me earlier and I would have shoot it down for dinner. Hehe, she seems to have fooled Lili...or even the dragons..too..and herself? a way, it isn't always one's superior or not. Like you mentioned, they can be equals..and if someone has a problem, the other will always help. In short, it is an ideal relationship ^^

      Ya..but well, that is what Yona is doing. She doesn't engage Haku to talk about his feelings and stuff..the one you were waiting for since Haku went berserk... And still talk about Suwon this and that..not realizing how that makes Haku feel with her wishful thinking/what SW is thinking.

      True. And in a way, Yona is the 'third wheel'. ^^;;

      Lol...I was really imagining it. It is 'just like the old times' =P

      Ya...and Haku will have to deal with Yona grieving over Suwon this and Suwon that. ^^;

      Hm..not sure if Suwon will stop Sky. He didn't the last time.


      Hm..I'm still not too convinced that it will happen here. If it would happen, it should be in the prophecy arc, if there is a real threat or something. But then, with enemies becoming lamer after every arc..I'm not longer sure ^^;; Anyway, we'll know if it is going there in the next chapter.

    14. Yup ,it might happen but not in this one since character growth doesn’t seem to be part of the plan .
      Yes ,yona is a character who only sees what she wants to see .That’s most obvious with her behavior toward SW .She see him as an amazing king yet she refuses to see the other part which includes his lies and betrayal .
      About the dragons ,they have no will or opinion of their own sot hey are gonna think the same way she does .And let’s say they see SW attack Hak and drive him near death and let’s say they wanna get back at him and yona says no let him they will do as she says .To hell with the bonding and the commarde thing ,at the end of the day just like the only one who matters to yona is SW ,the only one who matters to the mis yona .Is it sad hell yeah ,will it change hell no .
      I recalled something funny when green met SW with yona and co and then joined with Hak before they attacked the ships and he told Hak about SW « I felt like he could be trusted » I thought to myself this is ironic because SW can be many things but trusted hell no .He didn’t think twice before betraying those closest to him when there could’ve been other ways and he didn’t hesitate to threaten wind when they were always good to him ,he screwed over fire when he was done using him …etc yet such a guy can be « trusted » this is hilarious
      But you know what’s even more hilarious is that no one seems to put two and two together and question SW ways .Again he killed her own dad and she is still that way with him ,so no one can expect anything from anyone else but it’s really painful to read because I feel like the story is made up of fools and fanboys .
      The only ones who seems to distrust SW are hak and his tribe .Hak because of his violent behaviours and when yona was telling him like the fool she is « do you think he attacked kai for water tribe’s sake »and Hak laid down the truth this something well planned and the water crisis was nothing but an excuse to take back land and win over earth for good .Now you would think that would create a reaction in yona like « oh maybe SW isn’t that great after all » but what does she say instead ,well you know ,with envy in her voice she says » you really understand SW » and trample yet again on Hak’s feelings
      And as a reader All I can do is facepalm -_-
      And yes I believe that taewoo hates SW because of what he did to hak and his tribe and that’s why he keep his distance with him and maintain a professional relationship which get a huge thumbs up on my part we need more characters like Taewoo .
      It isn’t only weird it was pathetic and out of place ,it’s like she should’ve said thank you and shut up You know what makes me annoyed it is one readers take moments such as this one and say stuff like yona doesn’t realize that hak loves her because he always say it’s my job but just what it is he supposed to say when every time they are alone ,the only thing that comes out of her damn mouth is SW ???
      Hahaha that would’ve been amazing ^^ Yes first of all the one she fooled the most is herself and then the dragons and last Lili

    15. Yes and ideal and healthy relationship .With Hak and yona it’s like she owns him and that’s not appealing .I’m all for girls power but in this case no that’s sickening .
      Yup when you see the intensity between Hak and SW ,you realize that there is no room for yona when the girl think the world is revolving around herself .You know when you said yona is the third wheel ,I imagined something what if at the end the three make up and SW say « I’m glad because I could no longer bear being apart from you » and yona gets all happy but SW blushes and looks in hak’s direction instead ^^
      You know this old times scene may happen if yona is close by the fort where they are can’t say I wanna see it ,but I guess it will be good material for jokes ^^
      Well ,I know and you maybe right but I just thought this time it’s different they are surrounded by enemies so he has no right to let sky do as he please when Hak swallowed his rage and pride for the sake of the plan .But I know that sky would do it at least try to attack Hak or just stand in front of SW in bodyguard which is hilarious considering that he was freaking out when hak was glaring at him .
      Now I ‘ve a wish and that’s if hak get attacked by SW or one of his lackeys the dragons and the wind would stand by his side .
      Because when green stopped hak ,it annoyed me because when sky was slashing hak ,SW didn’t stop him and green saw that yet when hak did so ,green stopped him .SW didn’t stop sky saying he is our « ally » the same way green did and that really pissed me off .It made hak look like he was the bad guy .
      You maybe right since there is no sense of danger and the enemies are just jokes what we have is just teen drama .

    16. Hehe, I think I did. ^^; that you described her like that, I wonder if the mangaka is aiming for a character who is a giant but acts childish. Kind of like a 'child giant'. She may be physically big but she's mentally young like a kid/ naive teen. Perhaps, it doesn't help that she is always being brainwashed ^^; And, I guess King is her opposite if he isn't being emo. ^^; And, talking about that, Meliodas isn't exactly acting his age either. ^^;; Hm..I guess just like Zeno does? Or even Kaname.

      When they continue to look 'young', most of the time they just forget that they are already *blank* years old. I read before in a manga wherein a guy always look young that everyone treat him as a 'young person' that somehow, it affects how he views himself and he also start to think of himself as young when he is actually older than all of the other characters. Perhaps, it is also an unconscious way of 'blending in' with others.

      True, that was the word..pathetic over how she was shivering in fear. Oh well, I guess she is a contrast to Merlin.

      Well, since the giant is a helps if it is a sexy girl...and if it is with nice clothes/dress. Just imagine the ground going up and attacking while the giant is dancing..something like waves of water. But then, that dance doesn't seem like feminine..iirc...was it?

      Hehe..well, if it is from the 'gods' then it can counter the 'demons'. Since Escanor's 'god-like power' can counter a demon. Hm..are the 'gods' clan here going to sit this one out? I mean are they still around? Iirc, there was only that thing before which orders Ban to kill Meliodas to revive Elaine.

      That's right..a beat'em up festival..based on MS seems that there are people excited about such competitions ^^;

      Hm..maybe they are childhood friends for her to know that Mel cannot resist a beat'em up + money/reward involved. =P

      Hehe, in a way, it is kind of fitting for her two do that at the festival..she found her weapon there, and she'll show her new power up there, too. Hm..possible Merlin back to normal? Anyway, we'll still have to see what the powers of these two demons if it can be defeated by pure power/strength or wit.

    17. If that was her aim then it’s a major fail because her character is horrible .She is supposed to be part of this amazing group of warrior yet she is pathetic giganitc teenage retarded girl .Then comes Meliodas ….sigh what make it worse about his case is that he is freaking demon .King well apart from being emo and a lovesick idiot he is nice character .
      Yes Meliodas is like zeno and diane like kaname a less serious version but they are the same especially with the teen drama .
      I don’t think so in this manga I think the author wanted to make his character orginal and yet again it’s a major fail .
      But it’s okay I may hate a few characters but in my eyes seven sins is pretty good manga ^^
      Sigh if she could be a little bit just a little bit like Merlin I wouldn’t complain that much .Merlin is great she is smart ,cool and fishy ^^ Even when she lost her body she kept her calm and thought of what to do next ,now look at diane T_T
      I know that this could look amazing and the concept isn’t bad but my problem is that it’s diane and she is a giant so it’s like 0_o
      Yeah maybe it could be effective against demons .Well it has been hinted that they lost almost all of their powers after the war 3000years ago .For example the one who told ban to kill mel was supposed to be a goddess so I guess they no longer have bodies ???

      I would’ve been excited as well but not in such dire situation ,right now this seems really random .
      Yeah maybe they were quite close when he was in their team a long time ago .
      Yes ,that makes sense .I don’ t think she is because if she were someone would comment about how escanor probably had taken out one of the demons .Since after feeling his magic power they would realize he was fighting Garan .
      Merlin she would probably win with wit ,gowther as well .The rest of the mit will be with power .

    18. Hehe...true. But then, she 'looked' dignified and mature in chapter 1 =P

      True. And, from that, I start to imagine that if ever Haku and Suwon try to kill each other, I get the feeling that Yona might actually just watch like during the Water tribe arc. You see, Haku x Yona fans will have a fit if she sides with Suwon even if everything about her is about Suwon. She won't exactly be supporting Haku either. Maybe kind of 'it's complicated' Anyway, for now, I still cannot imagine these two groups fighting especially when the mangaka is always finding ways for them to cooperate/working separately over the same goal.

      But it is indeed a honest assessment of Suwon. I won't be surprised if Suwon fooled Green, he already fooled Haku and everyone and they are with him for many years. For me, the problem would be, they especially Yona already know, yet they think that he won't pull that off again/hoped it didn't happen. ^^;

      Indeed..they all think that it is for the country when obviously, it is revenge. Yona still think so even Suwon told her the reason in her face that night. I guess she thinks that he's just lying but actually, the reason is for the country? Whatever.

      Ya...if only that was followed up with, you really understand SW, so how do you think we can fight against him or make everyone know the truth. Something like that.

      Indeed ^^ Taewoo is being professional about it and not too antagonistic to mark him as an 'enemy'. you think that if Suwon dares do something to Taewoo, Haku would no longer be restrained by Yona and other things in doing what he really wanted to do with Suwon?

      That's right. It is indeed out of place. It just suddenly appeared as if it is something important between the two, and now, it is nowhere in sight except for some random scenes. you think that it takes two to tango? She acts like she owns him yet he allows her to do so.

      Lol...true. There was this childhood scene before..Suwon mentioned about wanting Haku to be his..something like that but Haku said that he comes with Yona <- package deal so, I guess Suwon really doesn't want Yona since he chose this path. Sorry, I couldn't find that chapter anymore ^^;;

      Yup..let's see how it unfolds.

      True...but then, Sky is the bodyguard so he'll have to do it even if his knees are shaking.

      Good point there. Though Suwon might say, I was just too stunned over what's happening..and it happened so fast. Look, even Yona is and almost everyone are stunned. <- his defense.


    19. Hehe, well, perhaps, we cannot have all of them to be completely 'amazing'. Amazing powers but not so amazing personality and vice-versa. You know, even Hendy...look at what happened to him. He is cooler as a villain or perhaps, Meliodas' attitude is contagious. That would be an interesting power = making everyone around him stupid/become idiots.

      Ya, it's good though currently, I do think it is a problem that there is no sense of urgency when people are becoming demon food. I guess it will be hard to pull of a major epic war like in OP? We did talk about before like all the clans teaming up against the demons..yet two demons are out of the game temporarily/permanently due to one person.

      Hehe, I is because it's Diane. that so. you think that later on, it turns out that the goddess are the real villains? Like their powers are sealed? It's just that demons and goddesses are probably the most super strong clans before..and they were 'sealed/no longer in power' right now. Is it too much of a coincidence?

      Hehe..I forgot about Gowther ^^;; Ah, how would they know he was fighting with Garan?

    20. Sadly she just looked dignied and wasn’t actually mature or dignified .
      You are right and you know yona siding with SW isn’t that far fetched .I imagine that she will rush in front of SW and tell hak no you aren’t a murderer and I understand your feeling but the country need this guy .I can see this scene clear as day .Will I have a fit absolutely .
      But you are right ,the author is always finding way to make SW look good in yona’s eyes and make yona herself look good in order to find ways to team them up ,so there will be no killing ….sigh .
      Despite all what I said ,I do wish for the dragons to side with Hak if someone tries to do him harm like one of SW lackeys .
      Yes ,you would think the dragons and yona especially would always be on guard with him and not
      trust all what he says and does but she /they do and it’s so lame .No one ever question this guy like why did he go to war when the country is so weak ?
      True ,he told her yet she makes excuses again this has to do with the whole « sees only what she wants to see » thing .Yup ,unlike her he doesn’t care about the safety and happiness of the people or if they have something to eat .What he want is restore daddy’s legacy and prove to everybody were are powerful country .Because if he did care he would send men fix the broken houses and the villages which are on the verge of disappearance .
      Oh if she said that would be epic but the truth is so far from it T_T
      Yes taewoo attitude is excellent .I would think /hope he does because if he doesn’t I would you are that much of lackey that you can’t even act on your own when a guy from your tribe gets beaten that would be so lame .
      Yes ,that damn hawk I hope it does die before the end (evil smile)
      You are right ,If yona is obvious to everything except SW related stuff .He should tell her straight away « I will help you ,protect you but when SW is concerned leave me out of this don’t even talk to me about him » but sadly he doesn’t (double faceplam)
      I recall that scene he told him come work for me ,be mine .And since Hak is delivered in pair with yona ,SW refused and you are right about that he really doesn’t want her now if this isn’t another proof of the yaoi-ish feelings he has for hak I don’t know what it is ^^
      I would’ve loved for yona to know about this and know that the dude never considered her a possible marriage partner .
      Yup ,he will but seeing how shiver in fear was awesome .
      I know ,but this makes what green did even worse considering that he didn’t even stop his men from harming hak .And of course that didn’t cross his mind .

    21. You are right and I can’t bear it because there are other cooler characters .Yes ,sighhh hendy right now sighhh .The meliodas ‘s stupidity disease is very contagious
      You are right and them having a festival at such a time is something to facepalm over because it negate this sense of urgency they should be having .
      I admit ,I also thought about it .When the horn /goddess thing asked ban to kill Mel I thought maybe they aren’t that good .Because Mel betrayed the demons and clearly had a big part in sealing them and since then he helped humans quite a bit yet they want him dead .I mean the druids girls are clearly aware that he is a demon but they are on friendly terms because they know he is good ,yet the goddesses want him dead .So yeah it shouldn’t be shocking if those guys turn out to be the final boss .
      Welll Garan released great power before fighting escanor and we know they can sense power so they could put two and two together but it doesn’t seem to be the case -_-

    22. Indeed...somehow, still clinging on to a tiny bit of hope that it isn't so. ^^;

      Hm..I can also imagine that happening.

      I think it will happen as long as Yona won't protest or isn't around. The dragons are worried about him here so it would be strange if they suddenly 'turn back' against him or not help him around. Of course, if Yona factor is around, I cannot say for sure.

      Maybe in Iru's reign, Kouka is pretending to be a weak country that the people itself thought it is a weak country? Because it is a pacifist? I still don't know where Kouka got the money and resources to engage in that 'war' with Kai. Maybe, it is another portrayal of SW being a strategist who can make do with a small army? And lucky, Kai is divided now and their rulers are either weak/idiots or both, so, this is easy. The other countries' intel also sucks so they could have taken advantage of three tribes going against Kai, they'll attack Water/Wind. Anyway, the only explanation is its fantasy for if it is real life and not everyone are idiots, SW and others won't be so lucky. Actually, even Yona =P

      Yup. And actually, SW cannot really get away with always being away from court. Thankfully, there is no other backstabbers/traitors in the palace who can suddenly have a coup of some sort. The one 'guarding' it is just that adviser. Oh well, they must be also SW admirers. Anyway, it is for the story, too..he has to get out in order to meet with Yona and others. would have been that until that out of place Suwon blushing. What was that all of a sudden. ^^; I guess the mangaka wants Earth to continue joking about Suwon's love life since it is mentioned here again.

      True...oh well, let's hope it won't be any worse here.

    23. Indeed.

      Yup. Since goddess and demons are most likely enemies, yet they both hate and want to kill Meliodas. Do you think he somewhat tricked the other to defeat each other in some sort of way?

      I see.

    24. You kown what we are expecting is for yona to have some sort of epiphany about her journey ,SW and Hak but it won’t happen the way we want it because think about it .Yona has first « epiphany » after she gathered the four dragons and went back to the priest and told him him all that blah blah about feeding the poor and not returning to the castle since she realized that far more horrible things were going on in the kingdom .Her second one was when she was playing the stare game with SW when they met during mini fire war arc and the whole « ah that’s why you wanted to become king »and there is another « epiphany » when Hak went crazy and afterward the whole « please heal all of his wounds »making it believe as if she realized his feelings and it all concluded with the pathetic blah blah blah she had with Lili a few chapters ago .
      Now you and me we do realize that she is just fooling herself and sees only what she wants to see Because if she didn’t ,she would’ve seen that she is the one causing hak to suffer the most by being insensitive .She would be aware that SW doesn’t care about the safety of the people because they have money for war yet they have none to treat the sick and feed the starving people ??? This is a massive hypocrisy from SW’s part and his lackeys yet yona doesn’t see that are you kidding me ???Above all it’s really pathetic the way she makes him a priority even over her harem’s safety when she is by no means a priority in his plans or life .
      Yes ,I believe so and you know it’s stuff like that that confirm what I’ve been saying the dragons have no free will at all .It’s like even hak is their buddy and even if he is right if yona says he isn’t right then he isn’t and that’s so lame .
      I recalled something ,kija once said that if SW goal is military expansion the dragons will stop him and when I recall that and see what is going on now I can’t help but laugh .

      You know I don’t look too much into the politics in this manga because it’s beyond stupid as we have seen so far the countries are lame and stupid making even more idiotic moves .It’s like there is no sense of danger inside or outside the country .And this yet another reason why I think SW achievement are very meh ,he is fighting idiots or is the author doing it on purpose to make SW look good ? At the end I bet kouka’s territory will expend to every country .
      True ,if this was chang ge xing they would have died ages ago .Actually ,if yona was in chang ge xing she would suffer some horrible death .I mean look at her bossy attitude when she arrived in sei .Let’s say chang as a girl not in boy’s clothes had such a behavior when she was captured by sun ,what would happen ? She would get raped and killed and thrown to the side but yeah since AnY is very unrealistic ,characters can get away with such behaviors .
      Yup ,again if this was chang ge xing .A coup d’état would happen while he is away ,but this is casual in AnY but you are right it’s all for the plot .
      I think it is just fanservice to keep the love triangle alive and tease the Lili/SW shippers .But we all know that SW doesn’t roll that way and in his heart is one handsome black haired dude ^^
      Yeah ,hope it’s easier said than done with this series -_-

    25. Maybe because it makes sense for the demons to hate him ,but not the goddesses since he helped in the war so maybe he also did something to them and they want revenge or it is just he is a demon thus he has to day .

    26. Ah...harsh but I agree. Oh well, that is how the mangaka wanted it to be though I sometimes wonder if it is deliberate or we notice all of that 'flaws' because we are overthinking things ^^; It is a good point, they are going for war rather than helping the so-called poor. I have to admit that he did help Earth but of course, that is only for his own purpose. Fire is left on their own to pick up the pieces. Even Water is left on their own to deal with the aftermath of Nadai..actually, war is prioritize first before helping the people who are still addicted <- what Lili had been doing.

      I think Suwon is just going along with the story, too. Sometimes, he is macro-managing but most of the time, he is micro-managing. I mean, he specifically called some generals to save the daughter of Water general. Are the generals too idiotic that they cannot even do that themselves and have to get their king to personally lead and 'do' it/tell them how to do it for them? Oh wait, we talked about that already...Kouka people being too dependent on the king. I guess Iru isn't helping them in every single small thing so that's one reason they don't like him. ^^;

      True..they'll just 'follow' her. Actually, even Zeno who doesn't seem to be bound by her is just following around. He does rarely give a bit of advice like iirc, telling Yona who is their enemy right now during the water tribe-nadai arc.

      Kija did? Hehe..^^;

      Possible. And, I guess showing those countries who's boss/don't mess with us will make Kouka a great country as it was before. Well, there will be peace. is indeed one thing for it to be fantasy but for them to act unrealistically in such situations...sigh.


      Ya..I'm thinking that he used them to help in the sealing of the demons but somehow, there is a 'backfire' and they ended up like that right now. So, something like a former ally.

      Let's not talk about Bleach. In OP, it seems that Jack wasn't successful in saving Doffy. But, I guess he is at least in some level with Sanji since Sanji and the others are the 'saviors' of the country. I think idiocy is excusable if it is for gags like here. Luffy just blurting out about ninja/samurai and get promptly beaten up to silence. I wonder how the ninja looks like. I wonder if he'll be Naruto-ish looking of some sort since Oda is a friend of Kishi.

    27. Honestly ,I believe that for the readers and the author as well there are no flaw .Like the plot problems ,the forced badassness ,the lack of villains ,the lack of a goal .For most people ,yona is fierce and badass ,and the bonds she shares with Hak and the dragons is something deep not the reality which is master and dog .They think/author as well that yona love for someone is something epic and tragic when it’s just puppy dog love .They think that yona has grown into some warrior princess when she wouldn’t even know where to go if left alone …..basically the author and the readers are like the character they only see what they want to see and reject the stone cold truth (kind of weird saying that about a manga^^)
      So yeah it isn’t deliberate ,the author think she is doing great and I guess she is if her target audience are young girls but for more mature readers such as myself this is far from being a good read .
      Yes ,he did help earth but just so he could win him over .Did he ever go to see the villages in ruins in fire tribe ? No he didn’t ,the one time he went was to win over fire by « forgiving » him for daddy’s betrayal .Yup ,he didn’t provide help to deal with the aftermath of the nadai crisis since he got what he wanted an excuse for war .SW is like yona who sees only what she wants to see ,SW only see what will serves his interest .The fact is he could’ve done so much more for the country by sending men to the villages that were in ruin ,gathering doctors ,providing funds stuff like that but he didn’t .
      The generals are even worse not only are they dumb enough to get manipulated by SW but they are worthless leaders .Earth is by far the worst ,everybody praises him and love him yet when women were being taken from his lands and sold he did nothing except sit around and complain about Iru he was living in a castle and got his wife ‘s tea popluar or whatever yet his people were still miserable and were hungry ,same thing goes for fire and at least the younger brother is doing something about it ,same goes for water who let his tribe fall to pieces and waited for SW’s help
      When I see that ,I’m thinking to myself what right did any of these dudes have to badmouth Iru when they are no better ??? Yet no one is stating the obvious .
      Just compare those leaders to the ones in chang ge xing …sigh .The han/Li shimin made tang rich and welcomed even foreigners ,Most of them are educated and intelligent .
      The turks may leave in a weird way but they are well organised and guys like sun look out after their clan .
      The khitan we have seen the sacrifices of sun’s uncle to keep his tribe safe .
      The uyghurs ,chang’s uncle and grandma are doing pretty good job .
      Everybody is doing his best for his tribe unlike in AnY where they are so lame and stupid ,No need to continue any further you get my point .
      True ,these guys are veteran yet they need their teenage king to come and hold their hands to show them how things are done ,it’s really pathetic .Like it’s you said it’s for the plot but there is no point in having SW here or the other general maybe if the wind is close to water .Mundok would come and lend a hand with taewoo +yona’s harem and that would be enough but the author had to add SW and his lackeys for drama I guess .If this was a tiny bit realistic ,we would only see SW in action when a big war is going on like with kai .Again in chang ge xing we don’t see Li shimin going out to retrive a

    28. missing daughter or check out a new drug in the city or the great khan chasing sun around ….sigh that’s lame .
      Yeah the people in AnY they just suck ,yet again look at the difference with the people in chang ,the little girl in the temple who was working really hard ,or the khitans who are poor yet they try their best to survive and those people they don’t wait for some holy god sent haired girl or girly dude to come save them ,they are saving themselves .
      True ,the only time he really said something « critical » was when they were with the priest and everybody looked at him as if he said something really aweful when he stated the simple truth and I really hate how in kai (the first time they went) when he was talking about SW and her dad ,green and white didn’t allow him to finish it’s like what the hell ??? it’s the truth that everybody knows so let’s talk about it .They don’t talk about the real issue in yona’s harem and the few times zeno did ,yona was making her drama queen face and zeno was made to shut up ….sigh
      Yup ,he did ,it was either when they were at the priest’s place or when they first went to kai .I could find the page but it’s painful for me to re read those chapter so I would rather not .
      Yeah probably it’s lame though .
      Yup ,a manga can have a fantasy element in it but it doesn’t mean that the characters behvior mindset and actions have to be mindless and make zero sense .
      Yeah ,probably .
      Yup ,I would rather forget all about bleach .I believe Jack is stronger he was confident enough to take on fujitora and senguku and could sink two of the ships they were guarding and of course last but not least he is said to be kaidou right hand man so I don’t think sanji was his match but he probably found a way to counter these guys .True ,in such moment luffy’s idiocy is funny not like Meliodas’ idiocy that is causing people to lose their lives .Omg no ,no naruto ish character in OP please

    29. Hehe, that's practically saying that they are like Yona and the most of the cast. ^^;


      I do recall Suwon talking with Fire dude in the village. Does that count? Of course, it wasn't exactly shown how he had helped..probably stop the father from recruiting people to become soldiers. As for the food, etc..that is Yona and others' work. True...I would even assume that perhaps, that is happening behind the scenes? Like what else would adviser be doing in the palace ^^;; Hopefully, not just palace-sitting.

      True. So, Wind can handle itself. apparently not satisfied about something. By the way, about the women taken from that the one in 'finding Green' arc with the pirates?

      Indeed...and you know, as we always repeat nth times, the daughter isn't defending her father either so... ^^;

      True...I guess it is like how they are drawn at a joke.

      Indeed, so it just shows that everyone cannot do anything productive without the king or rather, there is no one whom Suwon can actually trust to accomplish small things like that. Well, it's for the plot. is like we talked about before with Haku and Yona..they presumably don't talk about it/bring it up because it will hurt their feelings/recall the bad stuff.

      Oh..maybe, in the end, Jack left abruptly after learning about Doffy. Hm..still, he is a Mammoth so I wonder how he pulled it off. Well, if they do fight, who do you think Jack will be paired off with? Zoro? didn't thought of it. =P Well, with the hype and trouble with mr. ninja, he should be something.

    30. Yup that’s what I’m saying and it’s a shame because they each have their own personality yet they have all been reduced to fanboys and fangirls on both yona and SW side
      Well ,he went there after the coup to tell older brother of fire dude « I forgive you and you are great and you are now general » making the guy feels grateful for « forgiving « him and become his loyal lap dog .It was never shown that SW did something that wasn’t serving his interest .Everything he did /does is because he has an idea in mind .As we have said the forts were here for some times yet he waited all this time and decided to act only when Lili was taken ,the only conclusion I can draw is him doing it to make water loyal to him for saving his daughter .Even taewoo is giving him a suspicous look when he was talking .This is my opinion on SW and I wasn’t given any reason to think otherwise what SW want is military expansion not happiness of his people .
      The adviser dude maybe he is just there for intel ?
      Yup ,wind is the best tribe no doubt about that .Yes ,it’s that arc and what was the earth general doing ,sitting around doing nothing and complaining .Out of all the general I hate the him the most .
      Yup ,when the daughter isn’t defending the father and even just justifying his murder « if he was a better king he wouldn’t have died » she implied something along those lines during the kai arc and I was like 0_o there is zero hope for this character ,so Yeah can’t expect others to react in any other way after seeing something like that .
      The drawing ,the personality ,the actions everything about them is a joke .
      Yeah and that’s really lame ,He could try to take action with the generals and see how they could improve the management of the tribes but as I’ve said above earth is the best example about how worthless their leaders are .
      If you think about the whole go to war when people don’t even have what to eat .In the real world it would be like someone buying designer clothes while you starve and are homeless it makes no sense
      Except that it’s just Hak ,yona is insensitive about things such as hak’s feelings and there way too many examples about that .She is dense and insensitive .
      Yeah I think it would be against zoro because sanji I believe is inferior to zoro ,or maybe since there are three calamities each of the monster trio will take one ?Good point maybe he learned of what happened to doffy and left to rescue him .
      No ,I tend not to think of any naruto related stuff but yeah the ninja seems interesting .

    31. True. Hm..I think that is usually evident when they are joking around/comedy = different personalities, but during the serious arcs, they are like that.

      Ya, based on what is shown, it is like that.

      For intel? In what way? Usually, for intel, one has to be going around the country and stuff...what Suwon is doing when that isn't exactly his job as king. Since the adviser is the one staying in the palace and probably ordering people around what to do for the country..doesn't that make him the 'king'?

      I see. And, I thought Earth likes 'battle' when that is a reason to do so but he isn't doing anything. And, to the fact that the new king isn't exactly like Iru who would disallow arms and 'violence'.

      Yup..and I guess, the mangaka couldn't make anyone act any better about Iru because it will make Yona look bad.

      About that one, it does happen like the rulers are enjoying luxury and things even if the people are starving, etc. The thing is, which is probably what you're leading at is Suwon is suppose to be 'good/great' king yet he is doing that. It wasn't exactly shown how did Kouka benefited from Kai or what happened to that Kai village. In a way, Suwon never knew what he caused = killing of many innocent people after Sei's defeat, just to get some territories back. is one thing about not wanting to bring it up to face the truth/talk about what happened but saying/doing other things that could possibly hurt the other isn't good.

      Possible. Yup, wonder what he will be like. Anyway, we still have to find out what happened to Sanji.

    32. Yup ,we have seen that each of the characters has his own personality but during serious times .Their own personalities are negated and they all turn into mindless fighting fanboys and it’s like why the hell are you doing this when they can be more than a fanboy .
      Well ,what I had in my mind was something like the adviser has spies all over the country and he spend his time collecting intel and keeping in touch with what’s going on ,not that I care anyway .
      Yup ,that’s why I’m saying he is a worthless leader and so are almost all of them .
      Yes ,I mean just seeing how it affected hak while yona is being indifferent about it ,is enough to make me feel disgusted with her .So yeah if there were other characters who felt the same way that would make her look really bad ,not that she looks good anyway .
      Yup ,it ‘s the case in kouka they are having festivals and parties and ladies dress up in silk yet most of the people do not even have what to eat .If SW was the amazing king everybody think he is ,he would try to divide the resources in a more equal way between the leading class and the people ,promote trade ,education and not just go and steal land .Because when he dies and let’s say another Iru appear the country would return to it’s former state but if he make sure the people are more independent and educated ,even if the country were to be poor they would manage to survive .
      But the only thing he does is show off military power and steal lands and that makes him great ?
      I think he knew ,SW is calculative and cunning he is someone who is well aware of his actions and it’s results .He knew that killing Iru would ruin his bond with Hak and yona yet he still did it .So as someone who isn’t naive he knows how war will always take away the lives of the weakest but it didn’t matter he still did it .
      Yes ,that’s why yona to me is a hypocrite and an insensitive person .
      Yeah ,it seems like what happened in Zou was a big mess .

    33. 7sins is out spoilers alert

      Look like the giant demon with four arms is the founder of the giant tribe .I didn't see that one coming and look like he has a human face and he is just hiding it ,but it's weird that his his body is green ,did he turn into a demon with that colour because of the dance when he became one with the earth ? Or was he always a demon and still founded the giant tribe or was he a giant turned human by the demon king ?

      Another interesting thing is human call him balor ,I don't know if you recall it but balor demonic eye was introduced chapters ago when merlin gave it to hawk ,it's used to see power level .So is it his eye ? I mean the eye of the actual demon/giant dolor or did merlin create it using the eye of the orginal demon as a reference ?

      I hope this time we will learn more about Merlin because there is a strong possiblity that she is as old as meliodas is .
      Also ,there was a sort of data book where the author revealed the race and age of every taizai and neither Merlin age or her race was revealed so that makes me really curious .

      It look like everybody will end up meeting at the festival and this time it will be up to diane to take on a demon and power up via her dance which honestly wasn't appealing at all .Again a giant girl with pig tails dancing isn't really a pretty image but I guess it will be better than a certain red haired girl dancing for a tragic love with a sword in hand .

      I look forward to seeing the demons fight ,diane's part not so much but I will bear it .

    34. Kat if you have some times could you please give me a summary of the new chang ge xing chapter no need for details just tell me what's going on ,it has 10 pages if you can't it's okay thanks ^^

    35. True.

      So, if the adviser is the one collecting intel and SW is going around the country..who is ruling the country? ^^; Actually, the generals are also at the beck and call of SW so the ones ruling in their tribe is? Well, for Earth it might be his wife. Fire, his brother. Wind can take care of themselves. Water? Sky? Anyway, not that it actually matters since nothing much is happening anyway even if they are there. ^^;;

      True though dividing the resources might be hard..let's just stick with helping the poor by promoting trade and education to become more self-sufficient and independent. a way, it also depends if SW would want the people to always 'depend' on the king like before for everything. To maintain the status quo. And, politics isn't this series forte so I seriously doubt that will be addressed at all.

      I guess for most, it is. Because they are tried of being the 'door mat' of other countries.

      Hm..true, only the naive would think otherwise.


    36. I would think he's a giant then became a demon. Probably something like Dreyfus. So, it makes me wonder if Meliodas is also kind of like that but wasn't totally 'possessed'. It would be a bit strange if he was a demon who found the giant tribe then went back to being a demon...wait, it is possible since the giants are more into 'killing/destruction' missions and that is 'bad' so..

      I think that it is his eye because the side of his face is scarred. And, it might have been a missing eye. If so, Hawk will have a use when they start comparing power levels later on for the festival.

      I see..well, if it wasn't mentioned there, it will be used as some 'plot twist' later on.

      From that dance, it makes me think that Diane is a little girl in a woman's body ^^;; turns out that I'm really annoyed with those glovelike-things on her wrists. ^^; Anyway, it would be a joke if Dolor and Diane would have a dancing contest.

      Yup, and if it is two vs all of them.

    37. As for Chang, I'll get back to you since it won't load...there are times when the pictures won't load on my side ^^;;

    38. Good point ,Most of the time SW is away and we have seen that earth and water aren’t really rulers so yeah if you really look into it ,no real ruler in Kouka ,if a smart group like chang’s gang were try to overtake the kingdom it would be a piece of cake .But if they are here or not ,nothing is gonna change ,nothing realisitic will happen and at the end of the day who cares since it’s SW and SW only who is runing the show .Even yona is behind following him to the point of deciding what to do with her life depending on what he does with his T_T
      You are right maybe the current status quo is what suit his interest best .I mean if things stay the way they are ,and he gives them let’s say land they will worshipp the guy .When in reality he isn’t doing them a favor ,since once he is gone a much worse lifestyle might await their children once the good king is gone and there are no more lands .But yeah no need to look deeply into it since politics or even logic isn’t this manga forte .
      So something like a demon soul was put in his body ,cause that’s what happened to drefyus and his original personality is still there .Strangely enough that guy knows his name and he didn’t seem to be like drefyus with a split personality .So maybe he decided to become a demon on his own will ,or maybe the giants are a sub category of demons ? Yeah it would be weird if he did that ,well let’s hope we find out more about their history in the upcoming fight .
      About Meliodas I think he was born a demon ,he is just a failure as a demons Because he has two brothers both look exactly like him and have the same mark and they are very demon-ish so far so I will stick with my theory demon who became soft at a certain point in the past and betrayed all of them .
      Yeah or hem ay rip off hawk’s ear that has his eye on it and take it back ^^
      Ya ,and I really can’t wait for merlin’s backstory
      Exactly ,it’s like a giant baby girl dancing .I feel the same but what annoys me the most are her pig tails and the idiotic happy go lucky face she has on while she dances .I know and why do I have the feeling that ,it will happen -_-
      Still I’m looking forward to seeing Dolor dance rather than diane .
      Thanks kat ^^

    39. True, and as we always say, things could have been better but..oh well..

      Perhaps..maybe it is like a demon merged into him so he has 4 arms? It isn't exactly possessed since it is definitely different from drefyus. Just saying that possibly, he isn't really a demon at first. I did wonder about that..sub category but it is strange since giants aren't exactly 'evil' like the demons.

      True. I just recall there are times when that black thing is over his body. Isn't that kind of like 'being possessed'? How about a half-human and half-demon? The brothers are half-brothers born from a demon mother but Meliodas is from a human mother. So, being soft then betrayed them would still be possible if that was the background. demons regenerate? Well, maybe if he got both eyes back that will be a possible 'power up' in case things aren't going well.

      Really? It would be a bit odd..I mean, muscular guy with four arms dancing...can you even imagine it?

      About Chang: The envoy is furious about waiting for Sun and have to wait some more. Golden tries to delay things saying something about military intel and cannot disturb Sun. Basically, he is doing some delay tactics. So, the envoy gives them three days as ultimatum or else, it will be considered as not following the order. After he left, the young one asks Golden what to do. He seems to say that they'll wait for Sun and in the worst case scenario, say that they didn't get the command.

      Sun tells the envoy 2 to go back to 'Te lei'...G Khan? Sun tells him that he is on a secret mission from his father and didn't expect to meet him there. So, tell him [Sun], isn't he properly instructing him..something like that. And envoy 2 nervously says that is..

      At Chang's side, someone asks if it is okay for her uncle to leave her all alone here. She says that with madam here, how can her uncle be unease. Someone says that isn't that accommodating her.

      That is up to page 5..the loading is super slow. Probably its because of my connection. I'll continue when I can finally see the picture.

    40. Madam tells her assistant to help Chang. Assistant tells Chang not to do that anymore and just talk with Madam. Madam asks if Chang didn't learn needlework so the Han girls don't need to learn it? Chang said that she learned it but she is clumsy. Holding her hand, madam says that her small hand is nimble so how about seeing if she can learn it.

      Then assistant is telling someone about looking quite like one's relative. Another woman says that it has been such a long time since madam is this happy. Assistant says let's go and prepare lunch. The other girl says something about 'Chu' being unnecessary. Chu = pestle/poke..I don't know if it's a name ^^;

      Madam tells Chang that it turns out that she didn't had needlework before since every needle is far from the pattern so if Chang wants to learn it, come to her. Chang asks her if she also taught her daughter needlework. Madam says that there's no need to teach her. She looks weak but whether in embroidery, cooking or taking care of old people and children, she can do it better than anyone else. She is like a flower, quietly blooming. And, quietly, she lost her. Then, madam asks Chang what is it since she's crying. Chang stutters that she is okay, and she is just somewhat sad. Madam says that she's a good child, her heart is also too soft, for this is about someone else.

      The last part is about knowing about it and listen to the next chapter for an explanation so I guess, the lower part is covered for the next chapter.

      That's it.

    41. Yeah maybe as we have seen with the whole knights drink demon blood and become demons maybe the giant demon drank the blood of a powerful demon let’s say the demon king himself and it was so powerful and it worked so well that he became and an elite demon
      Yeah drefyus isn’t a demon he is being possessed by a demon that’s all .
      I know that they aren’t evil but let’s not forget that they love battles and are very prideful which are two aspects of the demon clan but yeah it’s probably just Dolor/Balor who is a demon .
      I admit that I thought of that option as well .I mean him being a half demon because that would explain and justify why his character is so soft and so lame .But even though it isn’t far fetched I still don’t think it’s the case .
      Let’s start with the black thing ,the black thing I consider to be meliodas demonic power which I believe is darkness it has been hinted to be that way meliodas power=darkness. As we have seen when Liz died or during the festival when he fought against helbram he lost his mind to rage and that black thing spread all over his body and he went nuts .I believe what happened is Mel because he doesn’t wanna kill has been holding back his power ,it’s to the point where when he use them he can’t control them .There was this whole talk about rage with the druids regarding Mel
      And as we have seen the demons look down on humans so I don’t Mel’s dad being with a human ,I also remember before they got ban when elizabeth was kidnapped by her sis and mel took her back there was a picture of mel and elizabeth walking and mel shadow was that of a monster with her sister words in the background « meliodas is a monster « something along those lines .
      Long story short Mel is pure demon who at some point probably fell in love or became friends with some human or goddess or whatever and turned good .
      Well Mel could re attach his arm and Garan his upper and lower body so maybe he can do the same for his eye .
      Yup ,it will be something sinister and dark way better than diane being childlish and silly while the author tries to make her look pretty and cool .
      Thanks ^^
      So in your opinion was chang crying because she knows it’s her mom and she is hurt that they are nothing alike or she felt sorry for the old lady or she was just pretending ???
      I don’t see any reason why she would feel hurt ,even if her mom was better when we know that isn’t the case .Chang is unique ,while her mom was nothing more but an empty shell .
      I still believe that she shouldn’t reveal herself to them and if she did ,she should only tell the old lady ,the unlce bad idea but if the truth has to come out it has to come out for her family’s side not hers maybe then things won’t turn out too bad for her ,the whole liar thing .

    42. Ya, that's another possibility. Maybe he was frustrated over the limitations of being a giant.

      Yup, but then, maybe it is part of the giants' prominent/general 'personality'. Humans can be 'demonic', too if we are talking about doing 'evil' things.

      I see. So, after all the suppressing of his demon powers, he tend to lose control of it when it unleashes. Can't we say that black shadow is also the darkness that tend to envelop him? Something like, it is a part of him but he cannot really accept/currently suppresses.

      And, whoever Mel fell in love with before is probably the reincarnation of liz and elizabeth?

      That's possible. So, if he is in a pinch, just get back the eye to power up.

      I see..actually, I cannot imagine him dancing...something like a caveman dance ^^;;

      You're welcome ^^

      I'm actually surprised that she cried so I'm not sure what to make out of it. I don't think she would think that it's her mother. The thoughts that crossed my mind are: if she knows that it is her mother, she would have cried like how come my mother didn't teach me that too when she is caring for other + everything, she cried how come her mother didn't do that when it is typical for the people of Uighur to do that. She is moved that someone is 'being mother-like' to her, something that she never experienced. Of course, there is a possibility that she is pretending. If so, why? To get the madam's heart?

      Actually, that is what's intriguing. Her mother isn't at all like the person she was when she was in Han. For someone who'll take care of old people and children, it seems strange that she would 'abandon' her own kids.

      I'm also thinking about that. Perhaps, it won't be a big deal since they'll easily forgive her if it is already proven that she is indeed the granddaughter/niece. Of course, I think it would need a lot of convincing to make the uncle believe.

    43. Just like how Jerricho was frustrated with being weak .

      True ,Humans can be more evil than demons .For example in D gray man the humans did some really horrible stuff ,to the point where it made the villains look good .

      I agree ,I believe if Mel was being the demon he is supposed to be he would control himself but since he is trying to act human he can't control his demonic power and it ended up driving him nuts like we have seen in the festival and we have seen the same when he first went against Garan and he was trying hard to control himself .And again the whole trial thing with the druid about maintaining his cool .

      Yes ,maybe there was an orginal liz and maybe even grown Mel was involved with her .Since there was this dream with current elizabeth .

      Yup ,

      loL something like that ^^

      True ,she probably was moved by the old lady motherly kindness since it's the first time she experienced that and I guess she felt sorry for her .I think that when she knows for sure they are her relatives she will be hurt because as you have stated "how come my mother was sweet to other people yet didn't care about me at all"

      I said pretending because it seems like something chang would do and yeah to win over the madam and make things easier for her .

      True ,and if you compare her to saena she is worse because saena was cold to everybody and didn't even know how to care for a child ,she didn't even try .Chang's mother was said by her own mother to be very capable and house work and could take care of others really well so that maybe a blow to her .

      Again this has mostly to do with Shimin "i can't be with him might as well throw away my kids and live my life as an empty shell just starting away"

      Yes the problem is the uncle and I still believe she would be in a bad spot if her lies are discovered .

    44. Yup, and probably all the others who drank the demon blood., it has been a long time that it is now a 'I don't care anymore' series ^^; The drawings of the 'monsters' start to make me nauseous for some reason.

      Hm..that's a possible theory about the original liz. is possible that she's pretending but I feel that she already had the madam in the palm of her hand without resorting to that.

      Yup, so I'm wondering if it is voluntary or someone deliberately made her mother act that way.

      Hehe, do you mean ignore my kids since I cannot be with Shimin?

      Sorry for the delayed reply..I found your message in the spam folder. ^^; There is another one..I'm trying to find it. Sigh..didn't read the 'title' properly and just un-spammed it. ^^;;

    45. Sorry, I couldn't find it ^^;;

    46. Actually, it seems to be the double post of your post above..^^;

    47. So ,it’s a problem on your part ^^ It happened twice ,the other comment was about AnY.The two were long comment so I got lazy from re writing once again and I was busy so I didn’t mention it sooner .It’s okay 
      Truth to be told about D gray man I finished reading the series not long ago and it seems like it hasn’t been uploaded in ages and I really regreted reading it because it’s interesting but I can’t series that are like HXH always on hiatus or don’t upload often .I mean after time the series loses from it’s appeal and you forget what happned and your interest in the series vanishes .What got made me nauseous is the main girl lenalee ,OMG I couldn’t bear the girl ,the main guy is annoying compared to the girl who is an unbearable mary sue .Each chapter she appeared I had to skip the page ,there are others character I disliked but basically my point problem with the series was her and the hiatus .
      Either way ,grown Meliodas will make a move on elizabeth and it won’t be something I would like to see since it would be conry and lame .
      You are right ,it’s normal that she is pretending to be a fool and a naive with her uncle since he is suspicious and dangerous but the madam seems to like her .I mean even the assistant commented about how they look like a grandmother and her grandchild .So I think she was moved by the kindness of the old lady ,since motherly kindness is something she never had in her life and she probably felt sorry for her .Since chang isn’t a cold person ,despite not crying every two seconds .
      I think she did it on her own will .Either because she was too disgusted with her husband to care for his kids ,or because she was so hurt for not being with shimin she didn’t even have the will to look after her kids or like I told you before maybe she knew that one day she would help shimin realize his dream which would mean a betrayal of her kids so she couldn’t dare looking at them .A shame thing . ???

      Yes ,I believe that just like chang and her uncle have decided to dedicated their lives to tang ,her mother dedicated hers to shimin to the point where she didn’t care about anything else like returning home or taking of her kids .
      It’s okay ^^

    48. Ya, it automatically marks some comments as spam. And don't bother with the real spam ^^;;

      Hehe, is that so. She doesn't really bother me. Allen goes become slightly annoying. Katana guy got too emo. I'm left with Rabi who doesn't get much screen time. Well, for me hiatus is bad since I usually tend to lose interest = don't care anymore. Maybe, I'll just glance once in a while. Like here, I did and I don't quite get what's going on anymore..or what happened the last time. ^^;;

      Hehe, what are you imagining? Some sort of romantic reunion?

      Indeed. I think something must have struck a chord in Chang.

      Well, you did mention about her mother happily carrying her as a baby so it doesn't seem to jive that it is because of the husband she is disgusted with her kids or about not with Shimin. And, she did warn Chang about what happened so she can escape, right?

      About returning home, it seems unlikely unless her husband 'releases' her.

    49. At first she didn’t .She was okay not like most of the shouen girls who are lovesick idiots but once she lost her power she was always crying and crying and whining it became unbearable and what made it worse is how every guy was so concerned with her as if the whole world of D gray man was revolving around her .I also hated how she was always going on and on about the order is my family and was always hurt/shocked when someone said something bad about it .When we have seen from flashbacks that she was held captive and sort of tortured by the order when she was younger .When allen who always tried his best for the order was held captive and then escaped .She admitted that she didn’t have the courage to stop him because deep down she picked the order over him when he saved her countless times .Almost everytime she appears after her hair gets cut it’s always tears and whinning so yeah I hate her ,I could go on a full rant but you get my point .
      Allen ,I don’t like that much either but compared to Lena I don’t hate that much .What I hate about his « let’s save everybody » thing he has and even now when the order he fought so much turned against him without a second thought he is still loyal to his » home » and that’s lame .
      Katana guy has his cool moments but yeah he is a little bit too emo for me still better than the two above .
      Rabi out of the four main characters ,he is the best but like you said compared to the three above he doesn’t get much screen time which is a shame .
      Yeah and especially with D gray man where the author left the reader with some confusing reveal about the earl and then vanished no release since july or something like that and if a series has alot of plot twist and has a complicated plot yet the author takes long hiatus then it gets even more confusing and the readers will lose interest .
      Yes ,some really lame dramatic reunion with mel ,grown mel and liz 2.0 .
      Yup ,and that doesn’t happen so often with her .
      Yeah that’s why I think she became so cold toward her because at some point she made up her made up her mind it was shimin over her kids and I guess she could no longer bear to look at her ,but she still cared enough to allow to escape .
      I know but she could’ve made plan ,tried .Just like chang was waiting for an opportunity to escape when she was with Sun .My problem with her is that she was so passive and didn’t even try .
      It’s seems like the alliance with uyghurs and the other tribe is on the way and it’s a good thing since sun will soon be attacking .I wonder how they will react when they see chang in girls clothes ,the poor girl will have heart broken for good ^^
      But to me the best part of the chapter was the sun and blonde guy part .It’s adorable that the first thing he does once he gets back is write a letter for chang and it was so cute the way he slightly blushed and blonde guy reaction was rather funny .It’s like he was teasing him because it’s his first love .I think that’s another proof that he does see chang in a romantic way .He even said she was pretty .
      Just to be sure that’s what he said here is the page can you please confirm that’s what he said ^^

    50. P.s I like the noah much more than the exorists ^^

    51. I vaguely recall that..but yes, it seems that after her hair became short, it went downhill for her. Well, the order is also where her brother is, and iirc, the people there are her 'family'. So, I would think she chose that, rather than say those who made her life hell when she was younger.

      I think the it is the same reason with Rinali. In a way, without the order and I mean the people they like there, they have nowhere to go/sense of belonging. So, I don't mind it much. And, well, they are typical 'good guys' ^^

      True..the last time I heard was the mangaka was having problems with her hand. I guess that is the reason I don't quite like the art anymore. I don't know if that is still the reason..actually, I thought that it will always be 'unfinished'.

      Hm..that can be resolved, it wasn't shown that she tried escaping. And, why would she try to escape at first when she fell in love with Shimin. In a way, she probably doesn't want to go back home since Shimin is in that place. You know, even if we aren't together, I can still see you once in a while and that's enough. That kind of stuff. I mean, if this is a woman who will sacrifice her children for why not.

      Thanks for the info ^^ True..hopefully it doesn't traumatize the kid.

      Yup ^^ Ya, he said that.

      The noahs are nicer..but then, a bit too weird for my taste. ^^; Like there was that twins, the Earl..the one who are really interesting is that little girl and Tick.

    52. Yup and I couldn’t bear reading any page or chapter with her in it .I mean for characters like sakura at least they were bad for chapter 1 and just got worse but with her she was actually okay/nice and she suddenly became so bad as a character .So annoying and so whiny .
      I know that but the problem is that even after what the order has done to her and to allen .She never questioned it and was always going on and on about my family this my family that ,it’s like she refuses to see the truth ,the order is rotten place but has some good people in it .Even the way the order treats the exorists as trash/tools she refuses to see or even when sword guy kanda came back and said that he didn’t forgive the order she looked all shocked (and the guy went through hell at the end of the order) it’s like she doesn’t wanna see and everybody as well doesn’t want to see that in order to defeat the earl they have comitted atrocities that are very far from what apostles of god should do .
      Even when he escaped she told him « if you go we will have to fight « it’s like after all what he has done for you and your « family » is that a way to repay him when right now he needs support the most .It’s like her « we are family » is a total hypocrisy on her part .It’s like she just care about her family as long as they follow rules and are in the order .
      So how can I take such a character seriously ???After all the blah blah blah she said and after all what allen did for them ,they turned on him so easily when the guy did nothing wrong ,he just has bad luck .
      Also what did she expect for him to rot in person or be tortured to death or used as some experiment that would’ve been okay for her ?
      The same goes for the rest of the exorists who quickly gave up on allen and are were ready to hunt him down .It’s like after all what they have been through together and what allen has done to them means nothing .Those guys don’t realize that they are just puppets of their higher ups ,it’s like they could try and believe in him ,find a way to kick out noah from his body something but no ,no one did such a thing and the reason why this is so bad ,is because Linali and almost everybody is all about nakama this nakama that and it’s like reallly ???
      The only one who is really being an actual nice guy is glasses scientist johnny .I never paid attention to him ,but to me he did shine quite a bit in the last chapters .I liked the way he viewed the whole allen problem « he has always been there ,always helped me/us so this time I’m not gonna be a burdden and I will help him out simply as his friend » and he went on the run to help the guy even though he does have people in the order and he is a fodder dude but I thought that’s nakama right there for you not the hypocrisy we get from linali and co .
      And even Kanda who was always at allen’s neck is helping him out because he feels guilty toward the guy ,and again none of the guys feels any remorse when he awakened because he was trying to save them .You can even compare this to a real world situation where someone make a lot types of promises to you whether he is a friend or a lover but one bad stuff happen ,you will realize that all what that person said was just empty words and that’s suck and to me that’s what is happening mainly with Linali and the rest of the exorists but yeah you get my point
      Sigh ,if I had known before hand I would’ve never started this manga .Actually in the latest chapters the art has been amazing ^^

    53. I’m still ranting because I just finished the manga ,so I’m still being passionate about it ^^
      True ,I mean such a thing coming from a woman who send her kids to their death for the sake of her first love when she was a child isn’t too far fetched at all and I can picture quite well like her looking at where shimin lived in the castle or where they used to talk when they were younger .But this make look really bad and the more I look into it the lamer it gets .
      Yup ,I wonder if the dad will start getting suspicious if he sees her as a girl ?
      That’s really nice and I know that there are huge hints or tragedy occuring in the manga but do you think that those two will actually enjoy a proper romance like at least a kiss and hearing « I love you « from one of those two .I mean Sun is making huge progress ,I mean the guy probably had sex with women but love was never part of it ,and now look at him he is writing letters and even learning how to write in han to be able to do it ^^ And there was what he said to chang a few chapters ago so maybe we can expect an I love you from him or he will kiss her I would love to see that ^^
      I wonder how they will meet ? If it happens the same way it did in history with uyghurs and the other tribe defeating the truks (sun’s group) will sun be made prisoner and she will free him or will they see each in battle the same way her mother met shimin .Since she is presented her self to be a foolish young lady and even Qin somehow made himself look like a fool with her uncle so it would be dangerous especially for chang .I still believe that chang won’t saying anything even if she knows the truth so maybe the hairpin since her uncle has the same ,will play it’s role and will reveal the turth .
      Haha yeah the twins are creepy but they are also funny especially when cross left them his debts I thought it was hilarious .I like the gothic loli road she is pretty nice character and each times she appear I’m thinking how i wish she was the lead girl instead of Linali .Tyki Mikk is also great character and I agree those two are my favorite among the noah .I like the earl as well even though he is pretty creepy and as revealed in the last chapters he is a crybaby as well ,there is also the noah with the third eye and the noah who adpoted road .The noah are overall very weird bunch of people but I like their antics and to they are so much better than the exorists .
      So may favorite characters are cross marian (allen’s teacher) road and tyki mikk ,rabi and bookman .I like noah in general ,most of the exorist are meh and gets a thumbs down .
      Kanda sword guy I’m not a big fan because he is very emo but I don’t dislike him either .
      Linali I hate the most ,allen I hate him less but I still dislike him .
      Linali’s brother he is very meh in my opinion .I don’t hate him but I don’t love him either if I had to pick one it would be hate ^^

    54. BTW this is the over for volume 19 of D gray man and it is really great cover the art is quite pretty,204,203,200_.jpg I would've loved it so much if Allen was on the run with Tyki and road I like the dynamic between the three and again I'm on team noah .The exorist are annoying ,lame and plain hateful even though they are the "good guys" the noah on the other hand are creepy ,weird but their antics are hilarious and I find some of them quite cool .

    55. Yup, so it's not totally 'rotten'. Hm..I forgot already but do they actually had hopes/goal to change the order? In a way, I guess she and others probably think of it as a lesser evil compared to the Noahs..and other evil stuff of the Earl. Even if they suffered, it is to help people. Something like that. And, I get the impression that they cannot do that independently outside of the order. seems to be 'the means justifies the end' in an extreme way.

      Hm..I see..but then, iirc, Rinali also owe a lot to her brother and the others. So, sacrifice 'one'/Allen for the others? In a way, I get what you mean since she just sides with the order/total loyalty even if there are many things that she should ponder about like what if what happened to Allen happened to her or the others, what then. Maybe, they 'trained' her really well that she cannot consciously/unconsciously 'break free' no matter what. And, I know you hate it when a character 'just accepts one's fate without a fight'.

      As for Allen, iirc, it is because he had a 'noah' inside who might be controlling him? And, I haven't seen them actually seriously 'going after' Allen. I got the impression that they are just 'playing along' especially the inspector guy..forgot his name.

      I guess, she didn't...since she and others let Allen escape, right? Hm...maybe they thought that Noah is permanently inside him. Can it actually be removed? True..they are all nakama this and that but in the end..when push comes to shove..

      Yup, Johnny has been actively looking for Allen and still believed in him.

      Indeed..that sucked. In One Punch is kind of like that, too...hero saves people but then to belittle him and think that he is fake/not really awesome. In short, ingratitude. that so. I guess her hand is already okay.

      Lol..lame as it is..but it is 'love' know. =P Think Sakura.

      Oh..that's a good point. Would that be bad if he sees her as girl = spy?

      Maybe..romantic scenes in the very far future? ^^

      Sun as prisoner..cannot quite imagine it..but then, there might be Sun vs uncle? Not too sure...I mean won't it be bad for Sun's reputation as a Turk and he might get how is he going to help the Khitans then?

      Yup that was funny. I miss Cross..I like the guy but iirc, he was killed off. I used to like Allen..but find him too..ah..weak/wimpy...Kanda was good until emo, and found my favorite with Rabi and his hammer ^^ Rinali was okay before..until you know what. Her brother is amusing yet became annoying over the Rinali this and that for a long long time but I guess it is for the comedy. The inspector is also interesting in his own way. Tiki and Road are interesting. I'm not sure if I saw Earl as crybaby..but it is odd and lowered my impression of him.

      Thanks for the link...sorry, I still feel that something is off with the drawing compared to when the series is at its peak. Hm..slightly recalling the three together..which was good.

    56. Well ,the organization in itself is rotten but yeah there are some good people in it but we have seen that when push come to shove like what happened with Allen ,the family can go to hell you will be treated like trash and no one will care about how many times you saved the order or your « bonds » that’s the bitter reality in DGM .Well that maybe the case for others people like her brother who do see the dark side of the order but still goes along with it for the greater but that’s not the case for Linali as somone who finished reading the manga ,I can tell you that Linali always looks upset when someone say something bad about the order despite the evidence that the order aren’t good guys ,it’s like they are so desperate to win against the earl that they are doing even worse acts than the earl and the noah .Yet Linali refuses to see that (it remind me of yona’s view of SW) and only see that this is my family blah blah blah and I can’t take it .
      No they can ,Cross even when was hiding was still doing a pretty good job of fighting the akumas and the earl .
      Another exorist told Linali when she being all whiny about Allen that I understand you couldn’t stop him because you have bonds in the order so you can’t leave and about allen no matter how far away your bond won’t fade away something like that and I’m thinking shouldn’t it be the other way around ? Allen needs help the most so she could’ve gone with him and even if she was away her bond with her brother and everyone else won’t fade right ?
      Exactly it’s this blind loyalty and forced « bond ,family » thing that I can’t stand and yes if she had some brains or any kind of will she would think « if allen who tired so hard for the order is tossed aside like trash without even the order trying to help him ,it means that the same thing will be done to me and my family if we were in the same position » and maybe she would realize that she she is doing wrong . Yup ,I hate that because it makes them look very passive not very intelligent and just lame .
      Again what does she expect ?For allen to be held captive ,tortured and experiemented on until what he was , is no more ? it is what’s needed for her make believe family to be okay ,for allen to stay there and be used and die like a dog .And she had nothing better to say then « if you leave we will have to fight » after all that nakama blah blah was there nothing else to say .Unlike Johnny who is putting his life on the line to help allen ,now if this doesn’t speak volumes about who is a real nakama I don’t what it does then .
      Well they are chasing him seriously in the last chapter they got him surrounded .Inspector guy Link he is following his boss order(the one who has hitler ‘s moustache) which is to look after the noah inside allen and he said it himself that deep down he is cheering for allen but he will obey his orders and yeah I like him too .So it’s the same with Linali’s and co but it’s worse with because Link isn’t supposed to be his friend yet he feel very conflicted about allen and in his own way he does care Linali and co they are his « friends » yet you don’t see that same amount of inner struggle with them but as you have stated about Linali was probably brainwashed into thinking this place is home and then she started convincing herself and living in denial since then about the order true colours same goes for the rest of them .
      At the end of the day I can see Linali and co as nothing more than ungrateful hypocrites .

    57. I mean cross does dislike the order because he is well aware of it’s true colours I mean that’s why he was on the run .
      They didn’t let him escape ,He escaped thanks to the noah and the exorists who are half akuma who are now noah’s allies and he can use the ark which can teleport him anywhere .Yup ,unlike the noah who are really united ,the exorists in time of peace they are but when troubles arise not so much there was a talk about trying to remove it from johnny so maybe they can but they didn’t even try which is the worst part of it all .
      Yup ,Johnny really did shine in my eyes because the guy is useless fodder yet he was so brave and so cool in how he alone decided to go help allen because he has always been there for him so now he want to support him and he is putting himself in even greater danger because he can’t defend against the akuma let alone a noah yet he is still willing to help ,so what he did makes Linali and her blah blah about Nakama look really bad since she has the strength to help but doesn’t do it for some nonsense reason .
      I know ,it did happen with Saitama but with him it’s has more to do with people looking down on him and how he himself doesn’t care about other opinions like when he defeated the sea king and others said that genos and the other did nothing all credits goes to saitama and then he told the crowd that they beat him up and he just came in to steal the credits which is not true obviously and like I said people tend to look down on him because of his looks so that’s why everybody call him a cheater .So it isn’t exactly the same with allen
      BTW I caught up with one punch man and I’ve watched assassination classroom I will give my thoughts on them later since I’m sort of busy but they were both great ^^
      Well there are currently 220 chapters and next chapter should be out in january 16th so Iguess it’s okay but who knows since this author always has issues -_-
      Maybe but since the guy isn’t an idiot he will probably start getting suspicous of them .
      I hope so I’m not reading this for the romance but the romance has insane potential so I hope the author will explore it further ^^
      You do have a point but so far the author somehow is following what happened in history and if it goes as planned Sun will be defeated put under house arrest and then later ally with tang ,Khitans uyghurs +the other tribe will also ally against the turk .And at the end Tang will stand as the winner .
      Yeah ,I miss him too that guy was the best in the series .In term of personality and skills ,he had amazing charisma .I still don’t believe he is dead though ,he seems to be too important to the overall story .
      I agree about allen ,Kanda ,Linali though if I have to pick one out of the three it would be kanda .Yup Lavi is nice .I agree about the brother at first it was funny but it quickly got tiresome and then very annoying and he may have the exorist best interest in mind but I still believe he is a hypocrite like his sis .I like Link as well .Tyki and road are my favorite after cross .Well he is a crybaby only when allen’ s noah is involved but he is also very intelligent ,ruthless and just insane he seems to have various aspects to his personality and I like it .Overall I like the noah They are creepy but also pretty cruel and

    58. cool yet very weird .Their antics are always hilarious(like at some point they were helping road do her homework it was funny) and they are more of a family than the exorists.
      Okay ,I guess we have different taste on this one ^^ because I feel like the art is getting bettter and better .
      You know I’ve been thinking since allen was retained in the order and the he was attacked by the cardinal who is in reality an innocense who is obviously evil since it killed the guards and killed « link » and tried to kill kanda .Maybe the order isn’t just rotten in it’s core but they are actually evil maybe the exorists are being used by the innocense and they don’t know it .I mean the innocense that attacked allen was called apo something and it looked like a cardinal and it was said that the cardinal are the highest authority after the pope and the order is a religious organization .So what if the exorists who believed themselves to be god’s apostles were actually being fooled and led on by innocense which is evil .

    59. Yup.

      I see. You have a point there..but then, I just breezed through those chapters like with bleach =P

      Oh, I see so it can be done.

      True. I faintly recall that I did hope that she'll go with Allen. She didn't so..whatever. no one really questioned or thought that it could happen to them what happened to Allen? I guess it is just because he is a 'noah' so everything that Allen did is all blank.

      Indeed, that is a real nakama ^^

      Okay...well, I'll have to agree that they are indeed ungrateful hypocrites.

      Well, you know, I always have this feeling as the chapters go by that in the end, Earl and the Noahs are actually 'good guys' compared to the ones in the order.

      True..regarding Johnny.

      Oh, you're watching 1 punch already? ^^ I got nervous that I might have spoiled you after I sent the message. ^^;; True, it is because of his looks and they couldn't believe that he is more powerful than them = the other heroes. Even so, after what he and others did, that guy still have the face to belittle it when they were all trembling in fear. I was moved with what Genos said and the bicycle dude who knows how to appreciate what Saitama did.

      No problem ^^ Will wait for it then. ^^ Oh, have you noted that there are no weak girls in AC? ^^

      Yup..and we don't really have a lot of idiots in Chang, right? ^^


      Well, Cross might not be dead but it has been such a long, long, long time already so it seems like he is 'dead'. ^^;

      True...I would pick Kanda, too...after the recent chapters since he lessened his emo. Ya, Earl was interesting but becoming a crybaby...hehe, I get confused, I guess ^^;

      I agree, Noahs are like a family ^^

      I see.

      I I mentioned above in the end, I feel that the order and everything is actually the 'evil one'. Whereas Earl and Noahs are the good guys but are just seemingly doing 'bad things' or at least, due to revenge of some sort.

    60. Well ,I do skim through the chapters only when Linali is involved or any nakama blah blah is mentioned I skip the page or the chapter it depend but I did read the manga recently so my memory of it which includes my frustration are still fresh .
      Yes ,there were hints but no one bothered trying and quickly started getting suspicious of him and turn back on him when he was revealed to be a noah .
      I thought this would redeem her character a little bit if she would actually prove that she is real nakama and help out allen who has always been there and who need support more than the guys at the order but she didn’t that’s why I said that to linali you are family as long as you are in the order and do as you are told .Anyone outside of the order she either doesn’t care or sees as an enemy .
      Nope no one did .No one ever questioned the higher ups decisions regarding Allen or that they would be treated the same way if it happened to them .No one from Linali side ever pointed out the simple fact that the order is far from perfect and needed change .They are like brainwashed sheeps who just follow blindly what is told to them and see only what they want to see .When that akuma level 4 attacked ,the guy with hitler moustache clearly told them your safety doesn’t matter ,the only thing that matters is defeating the earl .There was so many times where the order cruelty was displayed yet they all still follow the order blindly and that’s not really pleasing to read .
      Sadly and it was getting even more obvious when allen was revealed as the player the noah left behind and it got worse when he was revealed to be a noah .
      I’m also almost certain that they are the « good guys » mainly because their goal is to destory innocense and I really do believe that it’s something evil .The way it forces exorist fight to death I mean those who go against it’s will will turn into mindless monsters and it even sucks their life away and the recent chapter we have seen what the innoncense that protect the heart (which is the source of power of all the innocense ) looks like and it’s really something that you would relate to god or to light or to good here this looks pure evil and we know that to the noah innocense is poison while to the exorist it’s power .So far the noah only hunted down the exorist who wield the innocense and yeah the earl took advantage of human’s suffering to make akuma but this is because since 7000+years old they can’t get over the hatred of the innocense and have to get rid of it but among them they remained united and didn’t abuse one another except for what happened with allen’s noah and that’s not revealed yet why he turned against them .
      The order ‘s actions on the other hand are so much more darker and so cruel .Experiment on children torture ,cold blooded treatement of the exorists….etc .The more I see of the order the more I think of them as a group of blinded fanatics who are so focused on being god’s apostles that they don’t care what they have to do to defeat the earl .
      I believe that the order was always manipulated by innocense ,to do what I don’t know but not something good that’s for sure .Or the higher ups in the order are well aware of the evil nature of the innocense and they are still using it because they are the bad guys and they know it and they have been using the exorists as their pawns making them believe they have been chosen by god when they are merely sheep send to the slaughter .

    61. And yeah another proof that the order/innocense is evil is that like I said it killed members of the orders including Link and Cross and Cross himself like I said always kept his distance with the order and was helping out a Noah and he is hinted to be some one who knows alot about what’s really going on and he said to allen « there is a third side to the war » there were also hints from road that the order is up to no good .So it seems like order/innocense = evil isn’t too far fetched based on all what happened so far .
      And By the way ,I was checking out stuff about cross and I found an interview of the author about cross she said something like cross is someone who is really close to the truth so yeah you get my point .
      Nope ,it’s okay I just didn’t have the time to tell /discuss it with you .Ya ,I did like that as well and it was nice what he wrote just « thank you » actually Genos and the rider hero ,Genos mainly since he live with him are the only few people who actually apperciate saitama’s greatness in both skills and personality .The other who apperciate him are the old martial artist guy who is an S class hero and the new space villain guy though those two it has more to do with his strength ,the other one being sonic and it’s kind of funny because he didn’t even showcase half of his strength yet .
      Yup and I have alot to say ,alot of praise for both series .Yup none of them are useless or hateful even bitch sensei .
      True ,it’s to the point where her life is threatened let alone her being successful .
      I agree ,another thing about cross I like is that unlike Linali and co who are always going on about being Nakama .In his own way cross really does care/love allen .It’s obvious that he cares ,even though he always calls him idiot apprentice .He did feel sorry for allen because he is a good kid and he doesn’ t deserve his fate .He showed great faith in him during battle ,looked after him when he broke down after mana died when he was younger and left that « dying » message to him about following his own path .Overall it maybe very subtle but the love from cross’s part is there ,the author even said that he think of him as his child and I just love their dynamic ^^
      I’m just talking about this ,because just like with johnny or kanda those aren’t the type of people you would think will care because of the personalities and Kanda doesn’t even have a good relationship with Allen but still they do while Linali and co …. You get my point .
      Yup ,Noah for the win ^^

    62. I see...^^;

      Ya, it seems that way for Rinali. And iirc, she was very accommodating of Allen when he first got in the order.

      True, well, I guess they really believe in the means justifies the end. Ah..that level of the ugliest creatures I have seen. ^^;; I had a hard time reading that since I tried to breeze through it asap or else, I'll have nightmares of it.

      It does look evil...and ugly. ^^;;

      Hm..I guess it is a case of it depends on whose side you are on. For the order, at least exorcists, they see the Noahs and akuma-s are bad since they are harming people. For the noahs, the innocence is bad because it did something to them. Humans are collateral damage to their revenge or whatever.

      In a way, I think both are the same. The order do that with their exorcists..while the Earl are doing other things to the humans. Basically, it is really the Earl vs the Innocence and the rest are just pawns who got involved with it. What do you think? In a way, maybe the higher-up also love the power and prestige of being powerful that can 'play' with human lives/exorcist as they wish. Well, with what the exorcists are doing, an ordinary human would think that they are the 'good guys', right?

      Yup, in a way, the order is somewhat portrayed like a 'religion' wherein people are just to follow and those who went against it, are..outcasts or something worst. It is also easy to believe that they were chosen since power are given to them so they are like 'chosen ones'. Of course, I would think that sacrifice and hardship is also part of the deal to defeat the 'evil'.

      Yup, for the order/innocence, it is if you are not with us, you are against us.

      Yup ^^ And, apparently, the season has ended =( Surprised that it is the final episode and I'm not inclined to read the manga because I like the anime. Oh well, will just have to wait for I'm sure there will be another season. And as for rider, when I first saw him in the op, I'm thinking of a turtle. ^^;;

      Well, it's good that there are people who appreciate Saitama. It is nice how it was shown that even if there are 'weak' heroes, they still do their best to help even if it is seemingly futile whereas the 'strong' heroes tend to sit things out unless they would want to take the assignment.

      Yup. I'm actually surprised that the girl put the pencils/pen on the nose of the one taunting them and pulled it. ^^; when they are going to the exams.

      Indeed, I got your point. Basically, it is like those who say this and that about friendship, family and stuff..when things get tough, they're the ones who abandon you first. Whereas those who 'treat the others not to nice' yet in the end, they are the ones who really believe in you = no flowery words.

    63. Spoiler..7sins

      Well, it is a different translator but what happened is pretty much what I expected. The one with D ought to be hard to defeat because of his commandment and their only way to win is to 'kill', right?

      G seems to be 'covet/want' which is what G is currently doing. I guess the armor that M gave him is to keep him permanently amnesia and also hide his true identity. Iirc, there are also pills. So, I really think M knows who he really is. How come Mel doesn't? Or, it seems that he doesn't. =P

      There is something I'm always curious about, it seems that 7 sins is for 18 years and above. Is it because of the groping? I don't recall any very mature scenes there. The killing and stuff are seemingly common for other series though.

      OP - Ah, it seems that Jack is already dead. Since the dog and cat were able to hold him off, I'm still not too convinced that he is very strong unless the dog and cat are actually really strong on their own. With each leg missing, it makes me wonder that is how Sanji 'gone missing' or something..because of Zef..was that his name?

      Bleach - we got some fight from Y but I get a feeling that guy will have a trump card just like the others. I somewhat laughed that it turns out that ichi is as useless as Chad and Inoue. Is he the one going to defeat the boss..maybe it will be Aizen. ^^; Ichigo can just fight ishida.

    64. Yup and she is like that with everyone who joins the order but like I said if someone leave the order or disturb that fantasy of a family she made up in her head she will give up on him .I mean even about the whole « save humanity « thing it doesn’t seem to be that important to her .What’ s important is being with her « family » and she seems to hate noah and akuma because they hurt her « family » not because they threaten mankind .
      Of course she can’t understand that said family doesn’t exist in the first place and it’s that same order that she calls family is what cause them misery .
      You know I recalled that moment when Kanda had his emo moment with his friend who had his ex girlfriend’s soul(that’s kind of complicated ^^) Allen tried hard to help both after seeing their past even got himself stabbed and the noah inside of him was revived and he helped them escape which was an act of treason but he did because he felt sorry for him and despite their bad relationship kanda is his friend .
      Linali and co didn’t even doubt the order after what they did to allen let alone do something like leave and join allen to help him .
      Yup ,but the problem is that those who see it ignore it such us Linali’s brother and there are other like Linali who don’t even see that simple truth .It was indeed very creepy but if I had to pick the ugliest creature that would the innocense thing the one whose picture I sent you that was horrible ….yuck
      It doesn’t really look like something god would send right ? It looks more of a devil messenger .And his acts so far have been really evil for someone who is supposed to be related to god .
      It’s true ,but as readers we get to see both sides and for me the Noah might not be actual « good guys » but they aren’t bad either .I’ve a feeling that their hatred goes to 7000 years ago might in their world it’s what caused the great flood .I can’t shake the feeling that in the deep past the noah were really good but something happened with innocense that made them hateful toward it and the humans who wield it’s power what do you think ?
      And at least the noah are really united you won’t be afraid of being killed or thrown away unlike with the order .Even the noah mentioned about how the exorists are suspicious of each other so it’s easy to manipulate them and destroy them .Sadly the exorists don’t seem to realize that and follow their orders blindly like idiots .and as of now the conclusion about the order is that it’s quite corrupt place
      I agree as far as I can tell the only players in the game are the noah mainly the earl and road who seems to know alot +the noah inside allen ,innocense and Cross .
      And like I told cross who seems to know of the truth keep his distance from the order so that’s yet another proof that it’s evil ,Except for those I believe that everybody else are mere pawns .The akumas that’s obvious but the exorist and their higher ups are blinded by the fact that they are « the chosen ones » and as you have mentioned being all powerful and stuff like that .Yes exorists do see themselves as good guys so let alone normal humans .
      Yup and the ones who lead the order are the pope and his cardinals so it’s supposed to be religious but when you see it’s act ,it far from being religious or even human .I agree that’s part of defeating

    65. evil but in the order the scientists and the higher ups what they did is pure cruelty and instead of looking out for the exorists they continue to treat them like trash .
      And if you are against us you will die a painful death .
      I don’t think it’s over yet at least one more episode to see the fight with space guy it can’t end just like that ,I don’t want to read it either because one punch man is the kind of manga which is better as an anime rather than a manga .I thought the same about rider ^^
      Lol the blonde girl right ,That was nice the kid deserved it ^^
      Yup ,it’s like people in the real world who tend to flatter other and promise things and say big words like love yet when things gets tough they bail and leave you bind and those who may appear rude and cold but when you need they are there to support you .
      Lol there is really a « thou shall not kill » It’s ironic coming from a demon and yeah because if they try to kill him they will die and if they do kill him they will die as well .So the only solution would be sealing him I guess
      Yup ,I do believe that she knows and just like Mel she is proabably very old .Maybe Gowther used his powers on him and he erased his memories .
      Also D mentioned that if he were to die his power would return to his orginal owner and that’s G so it means two things right now gowther has no longer his demonic power and in order to see his demonic self D will have to die ,so I hope he dies quickly .
      Really ? I didn’t know it’s true that there are some bloody scenes like heads being crushed and people being decapitated but that’s not enough for it to be 18+ I don’ t think it’s the groping as I ‘ve told you in Fairy tail it’s boobs and butts everywhere and it isn’t 18+ the girls are G cups but wear a bra that an A cup would wear so you can imagine what it looks like .It’s fanservice everywhere .
      I understand your doubts but I still want to believe that the guy has some real skills because Oda never hyped a guy and he turned out to be lame .Well about the cat and dog based on what was said on last chapter it seems like they are important to the « world »Maybe ???? I think sanji is with big mum ,yup it’s his name .
      Yup and I wanna get excited because it’s Y but this is bleach so the fight will drag out and turn out to be lame .Lol that was hilarious ichigo is really lame ,that would be fantastic but he will probably fight ishida then it will be revealed that he has always been on their side and just waiting to kill juha then he will fight hashwalth and ichigo juha .But yeah if ichigo and co could say face on the ground and let aizen take over that would be amazing .

    66. Hehe, I see. I agree...all talk but when it is time to prove it..

      True..but then, akumas and others aren't exactly nice-looking either. ^^;; Is it possible that Innocence used to be akuma, infiltrated the order and has some sort of rivalry against the Earl?

      Oh..I'm thinking something like that. As I mentioned above. Hm...possible. Maybe some sort of betrayal that caused the flood or trying to eliminate the other so there is revenge type of thing.

      True. And, I guess those who try to expose the Order are eliminated. In a way, perhaps, they only got the Order to follow since it has the 'power' to deal with the akumas threatening mankind. There is nothing else except the Order.

      Ya..I read a bit that the material isn't enough for another season yet. One more anime episode...oh well, at least AC will be back on air soon.

      Yup ^^ <- blond girl

      Indeed. <- flatter but will abandon; those who are rude/cold will unexpectedly be there for you

      Yup. Actually, in a way, does 'thou shall not kill' cannot let anyone be killed when he is around? Maybe that is why the 10 commandments are all sealed instead.

      Hm..that's possible. His memories got erased.

      Hehe..I would think that something in D would immediately go to G if he dies and re-establish him as one of the 10. Perhaps, it includes his powers and memories. I'm curious what G would be like as one of the 10.

      Yup..first saw it in the Chinese scans..then saw it in Mangafox. I'm puzzled over the rated 18. ^^;

      Ya..what could that mean..important to the world.

      I Big Mum also came to the island?

      True. Thor's power is a bit corny..but his true identity is..what? Are there other parts of Sk scattered around?

      Indeed..wasn't Juha suppose to 'have all the others powers'? It would be impossible for Ichigo to defeat him after being defeated by ah..third in hierarchy to Juha. If it is Ishida vs Hashwalth..does that mean Ishida > captain of SS. ^^;; Things are all messed up. Somehow, since the ones who are defeated are you think that it will be everyone vs Juha in the end?

    67. Yup and it’s the same with yona if you think about it .What she says and what she does are two different things ,she just talk and never follow through with her actions .

      I agree ,but if I had to say who is the most disgusting out of the two it would be innocence .Maybe in the deep best when it all began with the noah and innocence but the chances of it being the case are quite low .Because so far it’s very obvious that innocence and akuma are like water and fire they don’t work together so I don’t know there are also of confusing stuff in D gray man .
      Maybe a huge war happened 7000years ago between the noah and innocence which is the bad guy and innocence lost so found some humans that it manipulated to create the order and fight the earl ?
      I’m saying that innocence manipulated humans to create the order ,because even though it isn’t human and it’s a thing ,we have seen in the series that it has a will of it ‘s own and is capable of intelligence (the cardinal/innocence that is looking for allen is pretty smart) so I think it did that to regain power to defeat the earl and by giving it’s power to various people ,the exorists it can look out for the earl and the noah .
      Since we have a cardinal who is highly ranked in the order revealed to be an even more important innocence .I believe that there maybe other innocence in the order ,maybe the pope is the heart ? Anyway this prove that the order is corrupted on various aspects .Also ,like you said since innocence is inside the order and inside every exorist it can look out for traitors /those who go against it’s will and get rid of them or traitors like johnny who just left .
      When you spoke of betrayal I thought of something ,what if innocence and the noah weren’t enemies in the past but innocence and humanity both of them together or on their own did something to the noah which caused them to carry a feeling of hatred and desire of revenge against innocence and humanity and what ever they did caused the great flood ,what do you think ?
      I’m saying this because in my opinion the order is worse than the noah (that was most obvious in the kanda arc where he got all emo and we had a flashback of his childhood ,what the order did was simple cruelty) and honeslty the noah might not be « good guys » but I don’t think they are doing all this for no reason and it seems like their hatred is something that goes way back .
      True and I know that but my problem kat is that they have this unbending faith toward the order which I find foolish because they openly treat them like pawns and their cruelty was also clearly displayed .No one ever doubts the ways of the order ,or the orders they are given they just follow like a bunch of fools .The best example of that is what happened with allen ,they called him their friend yet no one questioned the order when they held him captive and there was even mention of execution .No one thought allen is a good guy he worked for the order so how come it repay him that way without even trying to help him first .
      The only one who seem suspicious is Kanda who wants to repay allen’s kindness and correct his mistake (when he stabbed and he awakened) yet even when the order caught up to him and told him he is in troubles for leaving on his own .He refused to go back because of allen and because he knows something is up with the cardinal/innocence ,inspector Link who should be dead and his boss the guy

    68. with hilter’s moustache .I really liked that because it shows that he has enough intelligence to know when something is wrong and he has guts to try and find out more and help allen .Even though he is exposing himself to great danger .
      Even Link who is moustache’s (forgot his name) loyal lap dog knows that something fishy is going on in the order and he even said something along the lines of « is the order in which we always believed a lie » he said that when he started putting two and two together regarding the innocence /cardinal but at the end the end he decided to obey moustache but you can see that he is very conflicted about it ,he knows that allen is good guy and doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him .
      On the other hand the rest of the exorists and mainly Linali refuses to see the obvious truth or ask themselves the right questions which is really awful to read ,it makes them look like a bunch of naive fools +ungrateful people
      I hope that it will get another season at lead at the end of 2016 because it deserve it .Oh really when will that be ?
      Yup and it really does reflect reality .
      By the way it seems like D gray man will have a new anime in spring 2016 they will focus on kanda ‘s emo arc it seems ,the arc was sort of annoying because of all the kanda drama but it had some good aspects to it ,among them Linali had very little to almost no screen time which is a big + there were alot of noah and allen interractions which I loved and we see the order’s dark side .I will forward to it .
      You know if innocence turns out to be evil and the final boss of the story .I hope that in the end it will take back all of the power it has given to the exorists and they become regular humans .Because after the way the order (higher ups + exorists) has been doing things and the way they treated allen they have no right to be there when it goes down .I would love it if the final battle is the noah +allen +Link +cross and johnny on the side vs innocence . Another thing I’m gonna laugh so hard if it turns out that it is really evil and the exorists have been played all along .Just imaging Linlai ‘s face is hilarious . I also hope that we will see more of allen ,kanda ,johnny and Link adventures in the future I’m gonna pissed if he gets caught in the next chapter because it has no point to keep him captive in the order except more drama for Linali and co ,it has no meaning at all .

      Maybe or it means if anyone tries to kill him he will die even before trying ?
      Yes ,I think he might have erased his memories or Merlin did something to cover up for gowther .
      Yup it was stated that if D dies the power would return to G and I guess his memories as well .Well G is already pretty heartless and creepy and he is that way without trying so if he regain his feelings I bet he will be cruel and sadistic ( but I still like him) so I think as a demon he would be terrific ,at least better than Mel ;)
      It really make no sense why it is 18+ !!!

    69. Again it’s oda so I really think it’s something big and let’s not forget it’s the new world so we really can expect something big ^^
      Well ,I don’t think they could escape from her that easily ,Just blow a part of her ship shouldn’t be enough to distance themselves from her .I mean she is the one who send one of her lackeys to destroy a country because they owned her candy .So I don’t think they could escape so easily and it seems like sanji disappeared with Cesar and it’s big mum who wants him ,the one kaidou want is Momo and another samourai so I don’t think they were taken by jack ,I think sanji somehow went after big mum or something like that .
      It seems like you were right jack left because of doffy .
      His power is lame him being the heart is lame .Yup ,I’m telling you we should expect the organs and limbs of the SK coming one by one in the future …..sigh so lame bleach has fallen so low it isn’t even funny it’s just pathetic .
      Yup ,it makes no sense for him but it didn’t make sense either when he defeated aizen but he did you know he is the main guy ,this is shounen logic ,out of the big three only Luffy wins through efforts and skills .Naruto and ichigo it’s because they are the MC and not because of skills ,this is really lame but again it’s shounen logic .
      Probably but that would be lame because up until know the only thing he ever did was shoot arrow .
      I don’t know and honestly I don’t care ,at this point I’m only reading bleach because I started it either way I’m sure the fighting will be dragged and turn out super lame .

    70. Hehe..true.

      Well, from what you mentioned, I think it is possible. Say, in the bible, the 'devils' used to be 'angels' but after the fall, they are opposites of each other. How's that? Well, I'm using that as reference since it is using religion as its 'theme'.

      That war thing is possible. So perhaps, from your scenario, the earl started getting the disadvantage so he and others are forced to fight back using humans by turning them into akuma. Ah, why is he doing that again? ^^;;

      From what you mentioned about everyone having innocence, it makes me think that they are 'controlled' by it unconsciously. ^^; But then, Kanda and a few others don't seem to be.

      I'm thinking of something like that. And isn't it strange that it is called 'innocence' when it isn't exactly like that?

      Hm..I do understand what you mean. The way the order does things make the noahs look good. Still, I cannot say that the order was doing it without a reason. Okay, say, a 'good reason' for the Noah's might be revenge or to correct some wrong. In a way, both are 'using' humans for their own purposes and leave a lot of suffering.

      I think the order is a dictatorial-type especially with a hitler looking guy so in a way, if they go against = death. It seems to be a once you're're permanently in and the way out is only if you're dead/killed. They had been there for a lot of years so it won't surprise me if they had become 'immune' to the cruelty. Of course, there are those who aren't. In a way, you are right that they are sheep and that is what makes organizations like the order flourish. Perhaps, they adapted to it in a way by thinking that the order is 'family'.

      As for Allen, it is easy to brainwash sheep to tell them that Allen is just saving them by pretending to be good so that he can infiltrate the order. They'll probably thank the order for protecting them from a noah/discovering that he is one before they are all killed by him.

      Yup so they are likeable. I admit that I really hoped that Link wasn't dead =P

      AC will be on January. ^^

      Hehe, I'll probably pass on the DGM anime. I couldn't even quite remember what happened in that arc is so emo that I wondered why am I reading this series again. ^^; So, no need to rewind =P

      I usually have a problem with watching something I already read or vice-versa because I already know the story. It honestly made me wonder if I'll watch AoT season 2 since I already know what happened...and honestly, I'm not too excited with the recent chapters. Hm..maybe the anime would be better..with music, moving and everything else.

      That is possible..they all become regular humans. That would be an interesting fight..and rinali and others are on whose side? Innocence? Since they are 'sheep' so you know.. until the end.. Hehe, true..unless there is some twist if that happens.

    71. Based on someone's comment in MS, it seems that not right because D 'tried' to kill the others by destroying the place. I guess it has to be an indirect way of killing? Or, they might be so injured that they'll die eventually and the kill demon would be away. There is a mention that Mera mentioned about not killing Escanor because of the booze..something like that yet, she didn't turn into stone. So, there must be specific conditions about it. it safe to say that all of the demons are better than Mel for you?

      True, this is indeed oda.

      Oh, I see. I guess I misread the part that Caesar was injured or something there. ^^; is weird..and shouldn't there be also 'legs' first before the 'heart'. ^^;; isn't fun to read if it something happens really well just because s/he is the MC. that so. I'm actually surprised that Naruto ended first before Bleach ^^;; It turns out that fights can really be dragged on to the point of it being WTH.

    72. Yes ,something like that maybe in the past both noah and innocence were working together under god and something happened where innocence became fallen and thus corrupted and whatever happened caused the noah to hate it ,till this day .
      I think innocence and the noah both had a huge fight in the past and each one of them lost a great deal of his power thus in order to keep up the fighting ,the earl made the akumas and the innocence the exorists so yeah both are just pawns .
      Well the earl is the boss of the noah and it isn’t just him that hates the innocence or has power over the akumas all the noah do .Now for the reason it maybe as stated above or something else but I just don’t think that they hate it to this extent for no reason .
      I think it may have a certain amount of control over exorists ,like push them into hating akumas and the noah .I mean the akumas are former humans whose soul were revived and became corrupted because of negative emotions they had when they were alive .If you think about it they are very sad creatures and it could happen to anyone yet the exorists ignore that and just hate on them .That’s one of the reason why I was never really annoyed by allen for feeling sorry for the akumas .And yeah they just hate on the noah without thinking that maybe the oldest humans may have some good reason for doing what they do and hating o.If you think about it they are very sad creatures and it could happen to anyone yet the exorists ignore that and just hate on them .That’s one of the reason why I was never really annoyed by allen for feeling sorry for the akumas .And yeah they just hate on the noah without thinking that maybe the oldest humans may have some good reason for doing what they do and hating on innocence .
      I’m just saying that after putting all the pieces together I feel like the exorists can’t see the bigger pictures because they are well trained/brainwashed /brainless sheeps .
      Speaking of that When allen was in jail and Link visited him .I liked how allen was thinking ,about just claiming things like noahs are bad without even trying to understand what the noah inside of him was trying to do ,that if he knew the truth it may change his view on the current situation .I really liked that ,but yeah so far the only exorists who are thinking on their own and know that something is up with the order are kanda ,cross and somehow allen and Link .
      Yup ,it ‘s by no mean a innocent being it should be called vicious or something like that
      I don’t know if it makes them look good but it does make them look better .I agree that most of the order are doing their job to protect others ,their higher ups not to too sure I believe some may have a big ego with the whole « chosen by god » thing but if like I think innocence is the one that started the order then I do believe that it’s nothing more that a pawn to win against the earl and it planted this idea in the exorists mind that they were « god’s apostles » to make it look and sound better .
      Yup ,they are and it isn’t only that if they go against them they die .They have no say at all ,I recall after they fought the noah and cross was back at the order they had a meeting with him and other big shots of the order .Moustache didn’t allow cross to explain himself or even others tried to defend allen .He was like « all of you shut the hell up I’m the only one who has the right to talk « Now of this isn’t a dictatorship I don’t know what it is .I mean not only do they consider the exorists as pawns who sole purpose in life should be fight the earl or die trying .Let’s not forget the whole expirement /torture of children ,they don’t even care about their opinions when they are the ones doing all the

    73. fighting ???I mean when the level 4 appeared and moustache went to fetch Linali telling her something along the line « go out there defeat that thing and die if you have to die ,I couldn’t care less » yet she /they continue to obey it and be faithful to it ?
      I know but it’s very sad that they are okay with the cruel ways of the order , like I said before it’s like they are so desperate to win against the earl that they don’t realize that themselves have become much worse that he is .Yup ,the only way to get out is to die .
      Noah on the other hand maybe creepy but they are quite a nice party .They are very loyal to one another and are looking out for each other .When someone of them fail they don’t get thrown away and even though Road and Tyki have a sort of good relationship with allen no one is getting suspicious of them .Their antics are always nice to watch ^^ I mean even one of them dies they can feel it and will immediately start crying .If I were to pick a side I would go with noah at least no one will stab me in the back .
      The whole « family » thing with the exorists .I think it is just them fooling themselves and being naive
      True ,since again Linali didn’t doubt the order even when moustache guy told her she can die as long as she defeat the enemy and was even upset when kanda said he didn’t forgive the order or didn’t have enough guts to help out a friend who was in great need of support .I consider her behavior to be a much exaggerated version of how the exorists view the order but yeah since they are that way it’s easy to believe all what the orders tells them about allen ,even though the order doesn’t know him but they do ,it doesn’t seem to matter .
      You could say that the earl is following the divide and conquer policy but he doesn’t have to divide the order is already divide and is very fragile since just a minor event will create chaos in the order and everybody will get suspicous of one another and ready to get rid of him since they lack unity and are very scared of the earl .
      It was even stated that the earl could easily destroy the order if he wanted to ,but the order can’t do the same to the noah because of the difference in power and the noah won’t turn against one another which makes them even stronger .
      I’m also happy that Link is alive he is one of the few character on the order side that I like ,I hope we get to see more of him ,it will be nice if ends up betraying moustache guy to help allen but even if he doesn’t I still like him ^^
      That’s fantastic I will look forward to it .
      Haha ,yeah it was quite emo but to me nothing beats the horrible Linali moments we got so the arc was okay to me and again there were the noah so I enjoyed a part of it .
      I understand your feeling for example since I’m up to date with gintama I’m not that thrilled to watch the episodes because I know what happened .In the current arc there are is an epic fighting and a major reveal that’s gonna happen and it was amazing in the manga and I want to see it but when I’m not hyped that much because I know what happened .It’s takes away the excitement ,regarding AOT I feel the same ,for example I’m looking forward to the fight scene with Levi and kenny in and outside the bar but I’m not very excited about it since again I know how it went down .

    74. Well for now they are on the side of innocence but later if innocence is revealed to be evil and if as I hope it takes back all it’s power back to fight the earl as one being .I hope the order gets tossed aside since they would ‘ve failed miserably not even being able to notice that their power came from something dark and evil .
      By the way I just recalled something when you mentioned that innocence has control over the exorists ,like I said above I think you are right and here is another proof this happened when the innocence attacked allen in prison it told him you have been « influenced » which implies it had an effect on his mind right ? like how he view things ,noah are evil ,innocence is my ally what do you think ?
      Another thing is that was mentioned is how the innocence manipulated the order which I believe is true but as it was stated above the order doesn’t care what it has to do as long as they win and I think it knows that innocence is evil here take a look at that it happened after allen escaped from jail
      I believe that the « it appeared » refer to the innocence thing and the old dude told moustache that increasing our strength was only a front for hidden motives which implies that the order is really up to no good and the exorists are really just mere pawns since they risk their lives and not only does no one thank them but they are kept in the dark about the order’s true colours and goal .
      True ,maybe there conditions for their power to work .
      Yes ,they are Mel is a failure as a demon and a character it’s a shame because he is pretty strong
      Oops ,maybe I’m the one in the wrong then ,maybe I missed the part about C either way it seems like Oda said in Jump Fiesta that this year would be sanji’s year ,the secret of his birth would be revealed so I’m thinking that he has to be part of royalty if he is only wanted alive and his birth is a secret
      Who knows maybe the legs got lost on their way to SS and to the SK place .
      Yup ,it isn’t fun ,doesn’t make sense and just make you dislike the MC .
      Yup ,I also thought it was end first and you know what I don’ t get is how come shounen jump is still publishing bleach and kubo still has job ? I honeslty don’t see the point of the manga anymore …

    75. P.S It would 've been nice if the exorists mainly Linali had the same attitude as Taewoo has with SW ,Which is I will do my job but don't expect to have my trust or forgivness for what you have done .Sadly ,the only one who seems that way is Kanda anyway ....

    76. Yup, and because the hatred is so intense, I would assume that it is some sort of betrayal.

      That's a good theory. And while the pawns are fighting it out, the two are gathering strength/recuperating.

      True..I guess they believe that once you become an akuma, you're corrupted and that's it. Bye-bye. And, I think it has to be like that or else, where would they get the determination to exterminate the akumas? I mean, you are right about thinking of intentions and purposes of the other party but if you are fighting to kill them all, the order would want the pawns to not question or think but rather, just do what they say. For example, in a war, if one start to think that this enemy also has a family and has a sad past, it will make one lose one's will to kill like some 'machine'. I guess the extreme opposite of that is Bleach's Inoue healing the enemies.

      True..cannot see or made not to see =P As the head of the order, I think it is better to make them become like sheep and not question things for the order to get things done. From the ones you mentioned, I think if the order knew that, they will be marked as 'enemies'. Allen is.. Link almost got killed by it right? Cross is missing in action. Forgot what's with Kanda..why they spared him unless they hope he can lead them to Allen in some way.

      Well, it is good to make it sound better that they are 'god's apostles'. It makes me think of some terrorists in real life. It is for this and that, they are the only 'chosen ones' so everyone else who are not with them has to die.

      Yup..they are pawns so if one won't do it, they can easily find others who will. Yup, it is Linali's 'sworn' duty. It is what she believed since childhood so I don't think it can change at all. For the order, she and other types like her are 'ideal' who do what one says no matter if they are abused or taken advantage of. Of course, I know you hate that..but what can I say...there are people who are like that.

      True, in a way, maybe, Allen's Noah had a good relationship with Road and Tyki. Did he? The Noahs are indeed a tightly knitted group and more like family than the one in the order. We can say that it is a contrast. Hm..has Allen observed this? is indeed very easy to destroy the order but even if they are suspicious and everything, in confusion or chaos, their target is still the Earl and the akumas. why hasn't the Earl destroyed the Order?

      True..the element of surprise is already gone. the innocence on their bodies/weapons are part of Innocence? From your scenario, it makes me think that it will be like Bleach, Juha..gave them powers then later on, take them back.

      That's possible.

    77. Hm..didn't the people they save thank them? Unless you mean the higher ups. In a way, it is amazing that they are still doing that even if it is thankless job. I guess they believe/made to believe that what they are doing is for humanity so even if they have bosses from hell and there are many sacrifices, they still think that it is for the greater good. And, even if they suffered, killed, tortured, it is only them and the rest of humanity will be saved. I'm thinking of this something like soldiers in a is okay if we got killed and suffered, etc but for the country... of course, it isn't always ideal for the head of the country to be doing it for the common good. If there is war, most will just follow what is ordered of them.

      Lol..well, if Mel isn't strong, he got nothing else going for him. =P birth is also a secret. That will be interesting.

      Lol...maybe when it was delivered by canon, the other parts exploded because of a fluke. =P

      Well, I guess Bleach is still making money? At least, perhaps, compared to the other new series?

      True..but plotwise, it's no good if Innocence has no allies. In a way, it might make it hard for Allen to 'destroy' since his 'friends' are there. What do you think? Allen is really caught in between the two ^^;

    78. Yup usually such intense hatred is the result of a deep love that went wrong because we know that hate isn’t the opposit of love ,the opposit of love is indifference .So yeah I think there was a serious betrayal in the past .
      Yup ,they are gaining strength and getting ready for the actual fight .Even the earl said it that all this was just a PRELUDE .So yeah I believe that the exorists and obviously the akumas are just being used without even know what the holy war is really about ,since it’s seems like there is much more to it the whole third side of the war thing mentioned by cross and the old guy who revived Link and made Kanda ‘s sword ,told Link that he revived because he saw hope in the plan that moustache came up with and we don’t know what that plan is ,except that it seems like he is doing it on his own since he told Link that some fishy stuff were going on in the order and that it involves allen’s noah .
      So yeah alot is going on and very confusing stuff at least the noah are united ,in the order they are divided moustache seems to be solo while others want to use allen and probably the innocence for their own purposes .
      I understand and you are right about that but look at Allen he feels sorry about the Akumas but that doesn’t prevent him from killing them since in his mind kill the akums=give them peace .So ,his feelings don’t prevent him from doing his job ,he kills Akumas without having hatred towards them but rather he does it with the intent of giving them peace and I like that because like I said those are former humans who suffered greatly in their lives .That’s noble of him ,on the other hand the exorists it’s like let’s kill the akumas because they are work for the earl and are evils when the guys are just victims and it could happen to any of them .That’s a thing I really hate ,it would be nice if they had a more open and merciful view on the akumas but I guess it’s asking too much since they won’t even believe in their allies .Allen never pulled an orhime and spared an akumas he always kills them but he isn’t being blood thirsty while he does it .
      True ,it makes things go smoothly for the higher ups and the fact that they think of the order as family makes things even easier since not only will they get the job done no matter what but they won’t leave or turn against the order .You are right Allen is seen as an enemy even his « friends » are trying to catch him ,Link is save since allen « killed « him but above all he got moustache to cover up for him and that makes things much easier since moustache is a top dog in the order ,Johnny when he left people were sent after him to throw him into prison as for Kanda the order was looking for him as well but one of the generals the old dude with glasses is looking out for him ,if he becomes general he will let kanda leave to look for allen and johnny .I also believe they are using him to catch allen .
      True ,something along the line of « it’ my way or the highway »
      Yup ,they are really treated like trash and it’s so pathetic that after all the exorists went through at the hand of the order .They don’t even have enough brain/strength/will to question the order let alone leave .Again the only two exorists who do that are kanda and cross ,even Allen isn’t suspicous of the order…sigh
      I don’t think that he had any relationship with Tyki but one thing I can say is that Tyki and allen’s noah look the same ,maybe it does meaning why it’s that way I don’t know .As for Road it has been

    79. hinted that she was quite close to Allen’ noah before he went rogue and when I say close I mean that in a romantic way .Nope ,he didn’t I wish someone would state that in the manga .
      That’s true but at the same time they are so scared of the earl and so blindly devoted to the order that they aren’t see the bigger picture which includes the order ‘s true colours ,the real nature of innocence as well as the noah and the real goal of the war .So I hope that the exorists are in for a rude awakening (evil smile )
      You know about the same goal thing ,I’ve some doubts .Yeah as far as the exorists are concerned it’s is to destroy the akumas and the earl but it seems like for the higher ups they are divided and each has his own agenda that’s what moustache was hinting at when Link was revived and he even came to the conclusion himself that all what they believed in was probably all lies but what doesn’t change is that the exorists are just pawns not actual players .

      Well ,he doesn’t destroy them because he needs to keep watch over the exorists because they may lead him to the heart which is the source of all innocence since he can’t find it and he need to destroy it.
      Well yeah all of their powers comes from one source so I think it can take back it’s power if it wants to and we have seen that when allen tried to fight the innocence freak with innocence he couldn’t win .And that thing is just an innocence that protect the heart ,the source of power of all innocence not the big boss innocence itself .
      About Allen he seems to be special and that’s not about him being a Noah the innocence freak said the heart wanted allen to be one with him and if they do a new power will be born that will get rid of the noah inside of him .So yeah more mystery around allen and who he really is .Since if he was just a noah the innocence would never want anything to do with him yeti t protected him when tyki killed him and now the heart wants him ???
      Yup the higher up don’t thank them ,don’t care about their well being or their opinion .Yeah I guess even when they are treated like trash they are trying to make themselves feel better by thinking that it’s for the greater good all that suffering .Yup , still I’m gonna be very happy if the innocence turn out evil and will screw over all of the exorists and their petty ideals mainly linali it’s gonna be a treat ^^
      Yup it’s only strength that he got ,I mean do you find him likable ?
      Yup ,it’s been hinted that the thing about sanji will be big and I really believe that he is royalty .
      Haha maybe or since the SS is also messed up now they couldn’t find their way ^^
      Is it ? I mean seriously is anybody still thinking that bleach is good or even does it still make sense ? That shocking to me .
      You are right that it would be boring and it’s probably to create more drama if allen learn that innocence is evil and it need to be destroyed he is gonna get all emo since it’s in his friends bodies

    80. Yup.

      I seem to recall that and it implies that mustache isn't exactly sheep. was what Bleach used to be..he isn't killing hollows but rather, to give them peace or something like that. That other one..isn't that the quincy mentality? Hollows = bad = kill. I agree, but they are pretty much 'brainwashed' or firmly believed that is how it is and it is no good to think otherwise = being open minded.

      True..perhaps the other thing to that is they cannot imagine any other life except for being in the order. For example, battered wives, how come there are those who do not leave their husbands. Some say that they do not have any other ways of living/income yet they don't find ways to do that. Basically, the alternative do not appeal to them or they are already content with their current life.

      Hehe..rude awakening during a major war isn't good =P

      Ah, I see.

      Oh..okay. If that happens, it won't be just a rude awakening..they might be all dead if they no longer have their powers. ^^;

      Perhaps, it is back to the Innocence and Akuma used to be allies and since Allen seems to be partly both and is/was an important character for either party. Or, has something very important to either party.

      Likable..not really. Don't hate him either..he is just there who happened to be the mc. ^^;

      Well, maybe the Japanese still like Bleach. ^^;


    81. I know I’m responding to stuff posted a month ago, but I’m just now getting to it.

      “Indeed..they all think that it is for the country when obviously, it is revenge. Yona still think so even Suwon told her the reason in her face that night. I guess she thinks that he's just lying but actually, the reason is for the country? Whatever.”

      If Yona is to believe that Soo-Won acted out of revenge, that would mean that she believes her father killed Soo-Won’s father. Why should she blindly defend her father when he killed Soo-Won’s father? Wouldn’t it be hypocritical for her to wish revenge on Soo-Won but still condemn him for his own revenge?

      Soo-Won said that night was revenge for Il killing his father, but if it was, then he got it in that moment in killing Il. Anything he’s been doing afterwards is more than just revenge. I think it’s a possible conclusion for Yona to make that Soo-Won might want to help the kingdom.

      Soo-Won has been lying to Yona and Hak for a long time. What’s to say he didn’t obscure the truth that night?

      Yona knew Soo-Won for a long time and thought of him as one kind of person, only to find out that the person she thought he was wasn’t who he actually was. I think it’s normal for her to think that her past with Soo-Won might have had some truth to it and to want to understand who he really is, what he’s really doing, and how she feels about it.

      “What he want is restore daddy’s legacy and prove to everybody were are powerful country .Because if he did care he would send men fix the broken houses and the villages which are on the verge of disappearance .”

      Yona’s efforts to help the people in the fire tribe were well-placed, but not sustainable over a long period of time because of the corruption of the fire general. Her efforts provided the people with some relief, but there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done if the government put the people in a disadvantageous position. Soo-Won could have sent people to help Kouka’s citizens or reprimanded Soo-Jin, but he would have attracted Soo-jin’s attention. Soo-Won instead waited for Soo-jin to make a first move to catch him by surprise and swiftly take him down. Right after the battle, Soo-Won ordered for aid in the fire tribe.

      Kouka became weak, so the surrounding countries took advantage of it and have caused Kouka harm. Proving to the other countries that Kouka is no longer weak could deter the other countries from trying to prey on Kouka.

      “Honestly ,I believe that for the readers and the author as well there are no flaw”

      Most writers know they make mistakes. Some don’t like to admit it, but they usually don’t get very far. The ones that do are in the minority. I think what you said is extremely inappropriate by trying to bash the writer because of a groundless claim you’ve made. It’s unlikely that the author thinks there are no flaws in the story.

      “basically the author and the readers are like the character they only see what they want to see and reject the stone cold truth”

      Interpretations of stories are subjective. Some flaws you might see in the story could just be a matter of personal taste or bias influenced by personal feelings and experiences. They aren’t always universal.

      For that matter, it’s highly unlikely you're able to put aside any biases when you read the story. People are prone to bias, and there are a lot of them. I doubt you accept the “stone cold truth” either.

      Getting that out of the way, Kat, I looked at the weekly manga sales and in the November 2-8 week, Bleach volume 70 came in first on the sales chart. Looking through the sales for the past couple months, Bleach seems to be selling better than series like Gintama, Boku no Hero Academia, and Nisekoi, but it doesn’t sell as well as Haikyuu, AssClass, and Nanatsu no Taizai. It’s not doing bad, but it doesn't sell as well as in the past.

    82. Echida, she probably did but we'll never know for sure since that was never mentioned again by Yona. She didn't even try to find out if it is the truth. She never even blindly defend her father. I don't even recall a single scene that she defended her father because Suwon is always right and good for the country. Based on everything, I get the overall impression that it is Suwon > father. She might be a hypocrite if she did that but it is a 'natural reaction' rather than what she is currently/had been doing. But then, it is better not to discuss that since it is already established that there will be no revenge from Yona that is going to happen here.

      Nope, there is a follow-up to that, and that is to fulfill father's wishes for the country. Get tribes together, and take back lands..make country great again as a 'fighting country' instead of a lame pacifist one. She probably think so.

      I see..thanks for the info. So, Bleach can still run for another year, I guess =P

    83. Kat, what I meant was that it seems as if you wanted Yona to defend her father, but I don't see why she must if she doesn't really know what he did. I can believe that by the time Yona had been out of the castle and saw more of the country, she was disappointed in her father and couldn't defend him. I think it's natural for her not to defend him.

    84. Perhaps..but based on real life situations I have seen on the news and stuff, it is more natural to defend one's own blood relative especially if one had been specially close to him. Actually, even if that person is obviously the one in the wrong, the family would will defend him. It goes to show how much they loved the person and couldn't believe that s/he is capable of that. I mean contrast how she views her own father and Suwon. Both had faults but she is more willing to understand/forgive, etc Suwon than her own father.

      In a way, realistically, there should be some things that Iru did right for Haku and the Wind to support him. Just because of what Suwon and others are saying while she is touring around, it is portrayed that Iru is some 'evil king' who has to be put to death so that their lives can prosper. And Yona just believes that even closing her eyes to what were the generals should be responsible for and blame it all on the king. But then...from how the mangaka want things to be so...ya, she cannot defend him because her father is bad for the country.

  3. Actually for me, this manga is my most awaited update of all. Even though the idiocy of the generals are so prominent, I would really love to see more of their actions and reactions if they discovered Princess Yona is still alive. Also I'm excited on how Yona will be found. I really wonder what will Hak do if he's face to face again with Suwon. I'm soooo curious what will happen if Suwon discovered that the people with Yona are the legendary dragons. And I'm soooooo soooooo so excited for the next chapters to come!!!! :)

    1. Is that so ^^

      I'm not too sure if there will be more reactions/actions to what they are currently doing. Sky already knows that she is alive. I thought Earth already saw her when they fought ex-Fire but still, he probably couldn't care less since everything he wanted Suwon is giving it to him. Wind already knows that she's alive. Fire..his brother might tell him but they are out to prove their loyalty to Suwon so they won't rock the boat. For Water, he is going to be indebted to Suwon soon for rescuing his daughter. Yona herself is okay with Suwon so, ya, I think everything will be the same as it is.

      What Haku will do with Suwon is the interesting part.

      I'm not sure if it is of importance if he knew about the legendary dragons. They aren't against him since Yona isn't. Would it change things if he knew that she is the 'red dragon'? I don't think so.

  4. Dont get me wrong kat. I honestly loveee your work. But this manga is seriously stock. It doesnt matter how many cliffhanger it has, the plot doesnt change at all ): .. But I like to read you

    1. Hehe..I agree.

      Thanks for the comment ^-^

  5. I think Tetora's recent dumb look has more to do with Suwon than the generals because she now knows the truth of what happened with Yona in the palace, and how they have sort of become friends. In her perspective, I guess Suwon has started to look like some sort of villain and she's anxious about his help knowing that it could lead to Yona's discovery.

    As for Hak <3 I'm just all hearts now. I love how he remembered what Yona told him, that she was already fine. Even though it may seem too early and unfounded, I like how these two characters are growing enough for them to not be so influenced by the past.

    Now, this has basically been buried in the plot, but I honestly think Hak and Suwon would have to unite under Yona to fulfill the prophecy. I always thought of Hak as the shield and Suwon as the sword. I wonder if this event is the first step towards preparing the sword. What's wrong with Suwon really is he's become such a skeptic that he thinks nothing is going to change unless they use force and strategy, almost as if he condones leading with feelings.

    Anyway, this is my first comment, Kat, lol, and I want to say thank you. I've been dependent on you for updates on many of my favorite manga for a while now. I'm just usually way too lazy to do things like this. haha.
    xo ~~ CJ

    1. CJ, I'm actually not referring to that but more on how she seems to be 'fangirling' about the generals and going blushing-shock over the possibility of Suwon and Lili having a relationship.

      Is that so.

      Hm..maybe. It might prepare things but then, who are they going to fight against? So, it's probably something out of the blue.

      Thanks for commenting ^-^ You're welcome ^^ And, thanks for reading them ^-^