October 17, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 39]

After Akira says that she’s quitting, Suzuka asks if she can tell him the reason. Akira says that she thinks that her ability is inadequate and didn’t he say it from the very start. Flashback: Suzuka said that he just so happen to be thinking of looking for an off campus coach. “If I’m able to leave it up to you, then all the more it is okay. –but, if after looking at your coaching *smiles* and, I think that you’re ‘of no help’ then when that time comes, can you please immediately leave?” Doujima exclaimed, wha.. Suzuka said that he knows that this is very rude but the coaching ability and the way of teaching can cause a very big influence on the club members’ performance. “Our club members possess the strength to participate in the Nationals. I believe that these students have that capability but if it is because ‘the coaching won’t do that they weren’t able to join the Nationals’, then that isn’t very funny, right?” Doujima nervously asked if he won’t [accept their help]..? Akira said that there is no problem for if a second, he feels that her ability isn’t adequate then please, send her away. End flashback.
Suzuka says that he indeed said that but right now, he doesn’t feel at all that her ability is inadequate. Akira says that she thinks that her own ability is inadequate and besides, if the coach doesn’t have self-confidence while coaching the students, then it will also cause a bad influence on the students. Suzuka says is that so, he understands. “After all, we are also not giving you some compensation so it is no good for us to force you to stay. It’s truly regrettable. Ah, but at least, can you stay until I find your replacement before you leave. *smiles* I will look for one as quickly as possible.” Akira says okay, she understands. She turns around to bid him goodbye. Suzuka says that even if the time is very short but it is really great that she was able to come and coach. “To be able TO IMPROVE those guys’ ability UP TO THAT KIND OF LEVEL. I’m truly very thankful to you.” Going to the clubroom, Akira wonders what’s that about..being sarcastic? “Those students always remain distant towards me--” Then, after opening the door, she looks surprised as she hears their playing. She thinks that this, timbre..
Upon noticing her, Takezou calls out to her. Akira snaps out of it and says that this timbre.. “Obviously it is only a few days but everyone’s timbre had really enormously changed.” Surprised Takezou asks if she really thinks so. She asks what had happened. Takezou smiles and says that they have heard her performance. This surprises Akira that she looks at Takezou. Takezou apologizes for even if they know that it is somewhat rude to casually listen to it..but after the all the club members heard her performance, they stood up without a word. “Afterwards, filled with enthusiasm, we start to practice. I think it is because after we heard your performance, we immediately understood. Like, ah, it turns out that ‘properly treating each note’ is this kind of thing’, right?” Kouta calls out to Akira and raises up his hand. He says that it seems that he can already play the part that she taught him so can she come and listen!!! Hiro whispers to him to say please. Kouta says please come and listen. Akira listens to Kouta’s playing. Then, he happily asks how it is. To his shock, Akira says that his tempo is wrong.
Then, she says but the handling of the note had become very meticulous that she is astonished by it. She is surprised to see Kouta smiling. He says that he got praised. Hiro says that Kouta looks like he is very happy. Kouta says that he was practically not being praised by Akira. Then, Hiro glances at Akira. Somewhat embarrassed, Hiro tells her that before she taught her, now after pressing that note..it became relaxing to do it.. “Really thank you very much..” Sparkling and giving her a thumbs up, Michi says that he had already practice that even if she isn’t around, he can still hear her calling out, ‘stop’! Then, Satowa kneels down to her and apologizes for today, can she please coach them a bit regarding the ensemble’s practice. She admits that while Akira isn’t around, they had already started practicing the ensemble after club activity has ended. “Afterwards that.. I.. I couldn’t quite teach people..!! I already encountered a problem from the start of the piece, but right now, it still totally couldn’t blend well. But I also do not know what to do. So, it is very difficult to move the practice further, and also..”
Chika shouts, “Hey, are you about to complain about us? I’m really sorry that our playing is awful.” Satowa says no..no..she doesn’t mean that-- Akira recalls asking Satowa what else can she teach her. She thinks that obviously, she said such serious words at that time. Then, everyone starts playing as an ensemble. Akira tells them to stop, and it is indeed very messy from the start. She browses over the musical piece then suggests that they first divide into two groups of ‘solo part and 17 string’ and ‘first sound and second sound’ then practice. [<- I’m inventing the ‘sound’ part and I know there should be a proper musical term for it but sorry, I don’t know ^^; I translated it as first and second group before ^^;; Maybe it is like tenor and bass] Akira explains that in this piece, the 17 string is the foundation, the solo part is the heart. The two groups constitute the piece’s core so these two groups must first have an unshakable ‘core’ and build it up from there. *Chika and Sane are sparkling over being the ‘core’.. and Kouta says that their expression is really amazing*...
...If the 17 string and the solo part can be considered the ‘tree’s ROOTS and TRUNK, then the first and second sound are like the colorful magnificent branches, leaves and flowers above. Based on the first and second sound, if they cannot blend together then the piece’s mood will have a very big change. It is because the first and second sound’s performance is like the note’s relay race. There are so many places that it can intertwine with each other. After the two groups practice, let’s do the ensemble again. –then, first let’s start with the 17 string and solo part first.” Akira glances at Satowa who says that she’ll leave it up to her. And, Akira listens to them play. She says stop, the 17 string is once again being led away by the solo part. Sane apologizes to Chika for it is his mistake. “Sorry, I’ll trouble you to play it one more time.” Sane thinks that he obviously practiced for a long time and he should be already able to play it well. Then, he makes a mistake again so he waves his apology to Satowa. Sane thinks that only he couldn’t blend together with the solo part, and it unexpectedly became so hard to play..!
Akira thinks that this is bad..she was thinking of the piece’s composition that she naturally grouped the 17 string and the solo part into one group but like this, perhaps that child is sent to an excessively severe circumstance. Sane exclaims over making a mistake again. He apologizes to the two. He thinks that it is him again..and no matter what, he is being led away by the solo part. “This bar has an irregular eighth note which I’m not good at playing. Right now, adding the solo’s triplet [/tritone], it became more--” Sane apologizes and asks if they can do it one more time. Watching this scene, Akira felt a sharp pain. While playing, Sane thinks that it is bad for he is dragging everyone behind. “Chika can obviously already properly play it so I’m the one behind. Is it because I mind the solo too much? But, if I don’t properly listen at that side, all the more that it won’t do. This is an ensemble. But if I got led away, then there’s no meaning. I should concentrate on my own sound-- Up to here, I can still properly blend, next--” And, he makes the same mistake. After mentally cursing, Sane apologizes.
He starts to wonder whether or not he should ask to practice alone but if he cannot play it along with the solo, then it is also meaningless.. Akira becomes nervous upon noticing the creeping darkness on Sane. She thinks that it is no good, if this keeps up-- She says no, how about they skip this part. This made Sane look flustered. Chika says to do it one more time, play it one more time. Satowa says yes, go back to the same place. Sane is almost moved to tears. While clenching his fist, Sane apologizes to Akira and asks if she’ll let him ALWAYS PRACTICE UNTIL HE SUCCEEDS! This surprises Akira and recalls something that her brother told her before. Chika and Satowa smile. Sane apologizes to the two for they are going to accompany him a lot for a while. Chika says that he wants strawberry milk. Sane says that he’ll buy him one. To Sane’s irritation, Chika wants one carton of strawberry milk per mistake, and Glico is also fine. [<- Glico: a Japanese confectionery company; probably any strawberry-flavored snack] So, Sane plays and makes a mistake. That is one carton of strawberry milk. Then, it is two cartons of strawberry milk. Akira looks at the high wall above and recalls asking her brother, “—brother, what should Akira-chan do to be able to get first place.”
Her brother says, “First, you have to experience countless defeat. Midway, you’ll also get a bit of hurt. *Akira looks up the wall opening. Chika and Satowa continue to help and practice with Sane. Sane smiles and the opened wall starts gushing water down to Akira* But it is fine for you to just keep on working hard relentlessly until you succeed. *Akira can see the blue sky and the clouds above*” Sane exclaims that it’s great, he can play it!!! He apologizes to Chika and please let him keep on treating him strawberry milk-- And, they were surprised to see tears falling from Akira’s eyes. Sane freaks out and asks what happened to her. Chika asks what this is. The others are surprised and wonder what’s going on. Akira says ah this, she’s really sorry, it is nothing at all-- Then, she starts to sob. This made Chika, Sane and Satowa freak out again. Someone shouts to quickly get a handkerchief. Someone shouts, tissues!!
Comment: And, Akira has found the answer to her problem. She just has to keep on trying and working hard again after all the setbacks and harsh words that people said about her life’s best performance. It really helps that Kouta and others told her how they are appreciating her coaching and how good she is. Even Satowa humbled herself that she isn’t good at teaching and they need Akira’s help. Even if Akira meant well, but it is a good thing that Chika and Satowa kept on encouraging Sane to keep on doing it until he can play that part. In a way, that shows what Akira lacks. She doesn’t have people who help encourage her but rather people who kept on comparing her to her brother. I guess Akira won’t be quitting anymore. I actually think that Suzuka isn’t going to seriously look for another teacher and just delay things. I wonder what her grandmother’s reaction to this. No wonder Suzuka assured the others that it is fine to let Akira coach them, he already warned about firing her if she is no good or perhaps, plotting something else. I’m curious if Akira will change much after this since she is always expressionless before. And I’m sure her brother will be happy over this development. Scans by 二次元秘店

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