October 29, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 113]

While Tetora is looking over the town, Ramul reports to her that altogether there are 37 missing people from the accident that occurred a few days*, and it appears that they had carried off those who were injured. Tetora comments that it seems that Sei had dispatched a lot of spies into the nearby border town so continue to look for those fugitives. Ramul says yes. Then, looking surprised, he says, ah, this is. Tetora turns to him and asks what is it. She is surprised for it is scowling Jungi. Tetora immediately kneels and greets him. She wonders how come he is here right now. Jungi says that he came to investigate about Sei coming to Tousui so how come she is here. He also heard about what seems to be an accident that happened here last night*. “Answer me. That child.. where is Lili?” [<- *Okay, these aren’t my typo. Honestly, I’m a bit confused for at the first part, it does mean that the accident happened a few days ago, then here, it is last night. Later on, at Yona’s, it did happened a few days ago. ^^;] Tetora nervously thinks that if she mentioned where Lili is, Yona-Haku and others’ current whereabouts will also be exposed. Right now, everyone is posing themselves to fight..
Wondering if a honest report is really okay, Tetora is about to tell Jungi but Ramul interrupts by reporting that last night, Lili got involved in the accident and got abducted. Jungi asks, ..afterwards? Tetora apologizes and say that it is due to her incompetence.. Jungi interrupts by telling her that he doesn’t want to hear her apology. Tetora tells him that right now, Ayura has currently infiltrated into Sei to rescue Lili. Jungi asks if Ayura is alone. After a pause, Tetora says that she is. A hooded man, together with a scarred face bodyguard, asks what happened to Lili and she just said that Lili got brought to Sei. Jungi tells him no..this isn’t at all a big issue of value that he’ll set his heart on it. Hooded man says that he doesn’t think it is a small matter for the daughter of the Water tribe’s head to be captured by some other country. He always feels that this issue isn’t that simple at all. While Tetora wonders who this man is, hooded man says that actually he came to investigate about the Sei’s stronghold and he fears that it is related to some other thing. He tells Tetora to explain the situation clearly. Tetora is surprised that he knows about the stronghold.
After Tetora explained it, hooded man says so that’s how it is, Lili got taken away during the disturbance and right now, she is forced to become Sei’s slave. Tetora thinks that they do not have a minute to lose. Hooded man says that although that it is for military purposes that the stronghold was built, and he originally planned to have it destroyed sooner or later but since there is a possibility that Lili will be forced to drink Nadai, then, they do not have a minute to lose. Tetora thinks that this man seems to be a noble but who..? His speech and manners is quite cultured and refined that it has that kind of gentle temperament but then, where..it seems that somewhere..she had seen him.. Hooded man says, okay, it’s inevitable, it would be better to directly rush over to Sei. Then, bodyguard exclaims, “Your Majesty!!” This startles Tetora. Bodyguard asks what Suwon is saying, a country’s king would unexpectedly plan to bring these many men and rush over to some other country and does he think that he can just get out like that!? Suwon says, but General Judo.. Judo exclaims that he isn’t some anxious little girl so act properly, okay!! While Suwon laughs over how Judo said it, Tetora realizes that it is General Judo, Sky Tribe’s..and she remembers it.
Several years ago, when Jungi had a reception for people to participate in Suiko’s festival, at that time, he is Jungi’s guest. Even if at that time, he still hasn’t ascended to the throne but she’s absolutely sure that this person is King Suwon. Judo says that right now, they’ll first temporarily return to the city to consolidate their army. Suwon says that they don’t have a lot of time. Tetora is wondering if it is okay for Suwon to meet up with Yona and Haku but if they can get Suwon’s help, they can rescue Lili and it can be said that it will make her feel most at ease but..!! Judo exclaims that in short, only this time, even if he were to tie him up [/kidnap], he won’t let him go! Suwon says he understands. Then, he apologizes to Jungi. Jungi bows and says how can he dare trouble Suwon over his family matter.. Suwon tells him to please give him a bit of time and he has a proposal. Later on/meanwhile, Yona is carrying some heavy load. She thinks that her throat is really thirsty and it has already been two days* since she arrived here. She tells herself to calm down and observe. This place is actually not only building a stronghold for at the same time, there is transporting and manufacturing of all sorts of weapons. There are also slaves coming from Sei’s direction.
There are many slaves brought to this place everyday. Even women and children are forced into manual labor. She might as well say that children’s hands are comparatively quick. Normally, they won’t rebel and are easily controlled. Furthermore, the people in this place had been tamed with the use of Nadai so they don’t feel pain and no one would escape. Then, some guy starts screaming that he got stepped on and whipped by the soldiers. And she fears that if they drink too much, Nadai would cause the body to collapse. The people who can no longer work are dealt away with. Swaying about while pushing a cart, Lili kept on thinking of water. Then, a soldier grabs her hair and asks what’s up, does she want to drink for her actions are very slow. Yona looks surprised upon seeing this. While gripping Lili, the soldier says that it seems that she hasn’t touched the wine. Lili tells him that she’s fine. Taking a jug with another hand, the soldier says that this is freely offered to them so don’t be shy. Pouring the wine on Lili’s face, the soldier tells her that she can drink as much as she wants. Yona tries to go to Lili but the other soldier tells her to get back to work. Lili spits out the wine and wipes her mouth. Lili thanks the soldier for she wanted to wash her face and now, she’s cool already. The soldier is irked by this.
Yona goes to Lili who tells her that she is fine, and at this moment, she cannot restrain her fury. For like this..a person’s dignity is easily trampled. She absolutely cannot tolerate such an extremely despicable place and all the more she felt that this is tolerated by the heavens but.. Crying, she says that what made her really angry is she actually really wants water. Anything will do, as long as it is just a little bit. She wanted it so much that she wanted to be a disgrace and plunder that wine and drink to her fill. She obviously always thought of staying parched and dying from it, and will never surrender. Yet, when she felt that cold water feeling, she unexpectedly utterly convinced [/subdued] at that moment. While thinking of wanting to drink, Lili cries that she’s so afraid. Yona comforts her by saying that it isn’t a bit a disgrace, and she didn’t do anything wrong. Yona thinks that despite her throat being so thirsty that it is hard to endure, despite her rationality is quickly drying out [/boiling away]. She’s afraid that her hands and feet are burned by this anger. She also wants to destroy this utterly rotten place, and also properly protect Lili.
At night, Lili couldn’t sleep because her throat doesn’t feel well from the thirst. Then, she notices that Yona is not on her bed. She wonders where Yona is. Yona is currently wandering around to look for water in order for them to survive. She thinks that since there are many soldiers here, there’s definitely ordinary water that can be drunk. There are a few guards [who happen to be sleeping] and perhaps, the barracks nearby has some water. As Yona continues to snoop around, worried Lili goes out to look for Yona. A hand grabs her shoulder and asks what she is doing. Thinking that it is the soldier [harassing her] this morning, Lili says that it is nothing, she just wants to go out for some air and she’s going back inside. The soldier grabs her shoulder tighter. She says that hurts. Realizing that he won’t let go, Lili tells him to let go for she said that she is going back. The soldier accuses her of wanting to escape and threatens her that those who run away are sentenced to death. Thinking that he’s pressing vigorously, Lili insists that she isn’t escaping and she is going back so let go of her. The soldier says that they are very arrogant for no matter how long the slaves had been here, they are very tame. Lili feels that this seems quite familiar. It is at that time when she faced some drugged man who is about to punch her. The soldier tells Lili that here, those who dare oppose will be dealt away with.
Lili continues to think that even if it is similar, but it is different for those drugged by Nadai has a deep and dense sadness while the one in front of her is someone who cannot stand on his own strength without trampling on others, a comparatively puny creature. The soldier grabs her wrist and tells her to come with him. Lili manages to pull away and tackles his leg which causes the soldier to fall down. She takes a rock and throws it at the soldier. This irks the soldier. Lili thinks that she is also weak, her throat is so thirsty that it is intolerable. Her feet are shivering with cold. She really wants to sit paralyzed on the ground and cry bitterly but she absolutely won’t admit defeat. She faces the soldier who pointed his sword at her. She thinks that at this kind of time, her important person is also definitely.. And, Yona jumps from behind and hits the soldier with a long piece of wood. The soldier falls down but his head is protected by his helmet when he crashed the ground. [Wait, how come she hits his head when he has a helmet ^^;] So he manages to quickly stand up. Shouting that he’ll kill her, he swiftly cuts her wood in half. As Yona stands her ground and faces the soldier who wants to kill her, Lili looks for something that she can use. She finds some broken pottery. She grabs a shard and stabs the soldier’s nape. It causes the soldier to collapse. Yona goes to Lili who has suddenly sat down on the ground [after the adrenaline rush]. She asks if Lili is alright. Shocked Lili says that she.. Yona looks around and everything is still quiet. Yona says that they’re going to escape and right now, the guards are very few. “If this keeps up, we’ll be killed.”
Comment: Even if what they did is somewhat impressive, but somehow, I think that they’re asking for it being arrogant and reckless. I would be impressed if how Yona did the soldier in by somehow stealing his sword or something rather than facing him with a piece of wood. Oh well, it’s for the story to make Lili do something..probably, her first kill? I don’t know about Lili but if I were in her situation, I don’t think I would start comparing a person threatening to kill me by comparing her situation with her situation before and even call the guy puny because he is a ‘bully’. I agree with her observation but then, she isn’t exactly in the position to think of such things when she is technically physically weaker than the soldier. It would be a different story if Yona wasn’t there. And, even if I know that it is for the story but I’m also thinking it would be better if Yona told Lili her plan so that Lili won’t just go out like that. But then, knowing Lili, would she actually stay put? Somehow, I’m thinking that Suwon won’t ever do what the Sei rulers are doing to its people and other neighboring country and since it is only this instances which angers Yona aside from the usual other villains, I guess we can say that Suwon is ‘safe’ from Yona. Well, there will indeed be some sort of war/battle later on for Suwon was indeed planning to destroy that stronghold. I also think that Sei is asking for it since they are kidnapping other countries’ people for their slaves. 

They just gave Kouka a reason to invade them and they cannot say that it is self-defense. They are also selling Nadai. Does news travel so slow that they didn’t know what Kouka did to Kai because of Nadai? But then, I guess Sei people are also too arrogant and stupid. They also already know that they have two defiant girls who won’t drink the wine yet they are very lax with the guards and didn’t bother to lock them up. I guess if Sei got invaded and destroyed, no one will care at all. The enslaved people might even agree to be annexed by Kouka. Question: if Kouka takes the territories of the other countries, it’s considered as Kouka’s, right? Would the dragons be able to go there later on or their ‘boundary’ is confined to the original Kouka land? And, I thought Tetora is going to be fired. Oh well, she probably won’t be if Lili intervened. Thanks to Judo’s carelessness, Tetora knows who the king is. Thankfully for them, Tetora isn’t some traitor/spy. She actually somewhat concerned about him meeting the two so I guess she didn’t know what happened to Haku before? I mean, it didn’t really bother Yona that much so she could have only mentioned Haku. Still, Lili is her priority as the bodyguard. And, lucky for her, she is spared from that dilemma since Judo manages to assert his opinion on stopping Suwon from just going to the other country. Too bad Suwon cannot really insist on it since Judo can really make good his threat and he’ll be powerless to do anything. But then, Suwon seems to have forgotten that he is king for if he really wants it, he can be stubborn about it. 

Actually, if Judo keeps on being respectful, they’ll be more in trouble for he’ll just slip and call Suwon ‘Your Majesty’ ^^; And, really, why bother hooding Suwon to keep his identity a secret when he’ll just blurt it out. ^^;; Same goes for Suwon, just revealing Judo’s name and title. Anyway, it seems that Suwon has a back-up plan. If he didn’t go, I guess the likely scenario is Yona and Lili escaping midway and probably chased after. Then, Haku and others save her. And, Suwon and others can just finish destroying the stronghold..opps, Lili is missing but then, he’ll find a familiar hairpin. Anyway, hopefully, there is only one path to go back to the town so that Yona and Lili can meet up with Haku and others. If not, they will probably just miss each other and the two would probably die of thirst/weakness and it either takes a whole day or a few days to reach the the town from the stronghold. That is, unless, Yona actually managed to procure some water for them to drink. Actually, meeting half-way is good so that the dragons can still use their powers. And a bit of credit to Ramul whose quick thinking to know what to say and it had probably somehow managed to prevent Tetora from being fired on the spot if she were to tell Jungi the whole truth. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. thank u so much<3 how can we live without u ? :D

  2. Omg I'm so glad there's a new chapter!!!!!
    I think this nadai shiz is pretty serious because it has been 2 freaking days Yona and Lili has been missing! And I don't blame hak and the others that has no clue where to find Yona because they don't know where to start I'm just sad because hak and others don't have a moment and I think yona and lili is quite reckless but its their character build to be like that I just really wish that yona and lili escapes so suwon won't be a "hero" if he was the first one to save yona and lili I just really want a twist like yona and lili escapes and live by theirselves for 1 week and be independent and hak and the others will find them and they will be reunited again and they will notice that yona and lili will be independently badass you know just want to see more girl power *feminism here* joke but I would really love a great twist. Thanks Kat!!!! Been waiting for this chapter since october 20 wew When will be the next update? :)

    1. cookiedoctor, I hope you don't mind that I deleted your double post and 'spam'.

      Hm..I think Haku and others ought to know by 'torturing/forcing' the caught spy to reveal everything. I'm thinking that it also counts that Tuvalu brought them by cart there whereas Haku and others are presumably walking so that's slower. ^^; If it is so, they're stupid since they should have borrowed horses or something.

      True..they are indeed like that. Hopefully..maybe..though I'm not really expecting much. ^^;

      You're welcome. ^-^ The next one is out in Japan on November 5th. ^^

  3. Thanks Kat.. I enjoyed your commentaries. :)

    Actually there's something that's been bothering my for quite some time. It's the growing complaint about Su-won's inclination towards war. When I look back, the most significant problems this country have had, involved international politics, which, in the old days are normally settled through warfare if compromise (which seldom resorted to) failed. Even Yona and her group are normally involved in bloodbath when they fight for what they believe in, so I wonder how is that different from Su-won's methods?

    Well, since Yona is already entertaining on the idea that wars brings setbacks, I wonder if she can come up with an efficient plan to reach a "compromise" without shedding blood. The problems in Awa and Sensui, the strengthening of the borders and the Fire tribe's rebellion which had taken root since King Il's reign were all problems and situations where blood must be shed in order to "take the puss out". Now, that they have this problem with Sei, I want to see Yona offer a solution on this problem without shedding blood as to support on her dissent towards Su-won's method.

    And Hak, what exactly is his role in the story other than being Yona's destined lover? Even though, he's got some awesome potentials as a character, to me it seems like he's reduced to a mere crazed fanboy who constantly fawns on Yona and goes berserk whenever he thinks that she's hurt or she's in danger. I mean, I know that this is Yona's story and that this is shoujo but, for geez sake, he is the main male lead I believe.. his character should have more depth. Though, he is similar to Su-won whose POV are seldom shown but when it comes to character development, he is losing to him because at least, Su-won has been shown to have a very complex character: from kindness to to utterly cold blooded murderer, to deception, foolishness to showing his true wise nature, his firm disposition as a ruler yet secret hesitation as regards the people he once held dear. Whereas Hak was still the same character he was in ch1, the excessively protective, secretly in love bodyguard of Yona whose blood will boil with lust for Su-won's blood whenever he is around, that I cringe everytime I see his face hardened in pure rage. For crying out loud, he's Kouka's most prized general Son Hak, and yet he does nothing but follow Yona blindly and fight for her sake.. sigh, so sorry for the rant.

    1. You're welcome and glad to hear that ^^

      I think it is the motive. For Yona and others, it is more on have to protect, to have peace, to save, etc. I can only refer to the Kai one...Suwon's motive is to get back their territories. Based on the one with Sei, it does seem that Suwon is also inclined to make their country as the 'only superpower country' in the region and no other country can have arms or be of any threat to it. Basically, to make Kouka great again and not a 'wimp' type of country that it became under Iru's rule.

      Of course, that would depend on one's perspective. Is it okay to sacrifice soldiers/people's lives to have a better future or more territories? And, in this case, it seems to be yes, it is okay for so far, there seems to be zero casualty from Suwon's side..maybe just some injured ones.

      That would be interesting but for now, based on the abuses she witnessed there, she seems inclined to go with 'bloodshed'. Basically, she has to know why is Sei building a stronghold all of a sudden..or for some time, and even using Nadai..and dumb enough to kidnap other country's people to become their slaves. ^^; It would be interesting if she thought, ah Sei rulers are dumb, I can do better than that. And hehe, become queen of Sei...but no, dragons are only for Kouka so...^^;;

      Unfortunately, that is indeed his role here. Yup..too bad, right?

    2. Downright disappointing, indeed (for Hak).. sigh :/

      I guess, I can agree with you about their differences in "motivation". More like, while Su-won endeavors to strengthen the country, getting rid of the problems and the improvement of the lives of his subjects came following; whereas for Yona, she endeavors to get rid of of the problems which makes the lives of those affected to improve.

      And now, with the different sufferings of Kouka having unveiled, it makes me want to know just what happened in the 10years that King Il had the throne. What caused Yu-hon's death? Where did Su-won wander off after distancing himself from the castle, and what was happening to him or what he observed to wait 10years to "exact his revenge"? If he was suffering, why can't he tell it to Yona and Hak? What made the generals (save for the wind tribe) gave up on their king and why didn't king Il take preventive or rehabilitative measures for those affected areas? He hates war all right, but that doesn't mean he has to forsaken his suffering people.. Ah, we already got a flashback from the age of myth, it should be about time that we get to see what happened to Kouka in the 10years loop, and there is also that last unveiled kingdom of Xing which borders with the wind tribe. If Su-won took the initiative of killing king Il with his very own hands, what else could have driven him to take such a drastic measure?

    3. True, and he is one of the main reasons for reading this series.

      Ya..something like that.

      Yuhon's death...I'm not sure we'll ever know and if we do, it might be at the very end..say, Yona finally got curious about it. Well, I'm sure Suwon wander around and found himself some allies/rebels who'll gladly help him kill Iru to become king. Hehe, he cannot exactly tell them that he wanted to kill Iru, can't he? Since he is suppose to be cunning, he has to do that to keep the element of surprise that even Haku didn't realize it at all. Of course, we do know that Iru doesn't like Suwon either. As to why..again..not sure if we'll ever know or if Yona will finally want to find out the reasons for it.

      For the generals, it is mostly because they miss the great Kouka which probably became great and everything through countless wars. They hated this pushover pacifist Kouka under Iru's rule. That is definite for Sky and Earth. Water is just 'going with the flow'. Fire has ulterior motive for the deceased general wanted to be king. The current one owes Suwon so that's that.

      True..so somehow, I think there is a conspiracy of some sort. Earth general is practically bumming around. How come no one knows what's going on in Fire tribe? Water would probably just want to deal things on his own so he kept quiet about it. Sky is Suwon's babysitter. If Suwon really wanted to help Kouka, how come he didn't offer some advice to Iru or anyone else. Haku might not know either since he is too busy babysitting Yona. I would think that since some of them hates Iru and wants to kill/oust him, they didn't bother telling Iru the real situation. They might even tell him to not interfere with their internal affairs. I actually have a problem with everyone blaming Iru when they are practically not doing anything either. So, what are the possibility that they deliberately do that to make Iru look bad = excuse to get rid of him?

      Hehe..maybe..I think the mangaka might leave that for the end. It would be nice if there is some amazing ironic twist there.

      Ah..he said that it is revenge for his father...and afterwards, it seems to fulfill his father's dream for the country, I guess. If it is for Kouka, it doesn't have to involve killing Iru since there are other ways to do it and not make 'enemies' of his childhood friends. Also, Iru isn't exactly some tyrant either that has to be killed in order to stop his rule.

  4. Dear Akatsuki team :)

    I am so looking forward to your 113th chapter, this is truely a manga i love to read, and i love the characters so much, especially Hak <3 (when he says or do funny stuff to the others on the group).
    How many chapter will come out when it first releases again?

    I am to find on Google + channel on: Linda Zumba Jeanette, and please add me if you are there ;)

    A big hug and greeting to you all from Akatsuki fan :) <3

    1. Hm..Linda, I'm not sure this is directed on the right person/group.

      Are you asking about the scanlation? Sorry but I'm not related to any scanlation group nor am I summarizing this series.

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