September 26, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 48]

On Saturday, a female customer calls out to Yanagi and asks for a menu. Smiling Yanagi says okay. After he turns around, he curses for he had unexpectedly forgotten that he has work today. This morning, his father says ‘good luck’ [/gambatte] with his work and he’s going. Yanagi suspects that his stinky father learned of that information so he intentionally chosen this day. “By the way, what has he got up his sleeve.. Could it be like what is always shown in the television drama.. [Yanagi’s father furiously shouts, “That girl doesn’t suit you!”] That kind of scene..!?” <- Yanagi hasn’t thought that he and Kujou aren’t suitable. Just when he thinks of what his father is thinking, the café’s bell rang. He turns to welcome the customers and is shock for it is his father and Kujou. His father waves his hand to Yanagi. While Yanagi is speechless from shock, his father says that he wanted to see Yanagi hard at work so he asked Kujou to accompany him. When Yanagi is about to scold Kujou for being meddlesome, his father apologizes to Kujou for lately, his daughter practically doesn’t want to go out with him.. “My son is also always cold like this.. I had unwittingly depended on you that I’ve asked this favor..”
Kujou tells him that it’s okay.. Kujou says that if he doesn’t mind then she’ll keep him company wherever he goes. While his father is smiling and flashing a v-sign, Kujou reprimands Yanagi that it is bad to have that kind of attitude towards his father. Yanagi tells her to look behind [and see what his father is doing] and how come she is lenient with people except for him. After taking their seats, they order black coffee and black tea. Before he leaves, Yanagi glares at Kujou and waves his hand. He is gesturing to quickly make his father go back home. Kujou wonders if his right hand is painful. She prays for him to take care. <- the two totally couldn’t communicate. While sipping his drink, the father says that Yanagi is quite the [role] model. Kujou says that she heard that after Yanagi came into this store, the volume of business here had gone up. The father says is that so, and Yanagi should thank his parents for giving him that face. Kujou says that Yanagi is good in how he treats people so she thinks that customers also felt pleasant [with him around]. After looking surprised, the father says so it is like that. He says that from how he looks at it, there are more female customers and that is because they are attracted to Naoto’s appearance so what’s Kujou opinion on that.
This surprises Kujou for she hasn’t thought of that side of things.. She stares at Yanagi. Noticing this, Yanagi thinks that it seems that Kujou is sizing him up in detail. “Could..could it mean that the working me looks unquestionably dashing..!? *holds hair with hand and poses* It’’s really inevitable..” Turning to the father, Kujou says that she is already used to that face so actually, she isn’t specially moved by it. Trembling in laughter, the father says that so.. Looking at the father, Kujou thinks that this is Yanagi’s father. At the cashier, Yanagi’s father says that this store’s mood is not bad at all so from time to time, he’ll go here. Yanagi tells him to please don’t let there be a next time. As they head towards the door, the father asks Kujou where they are going next. Yanagi tells them to wait..where are they going next!? The father says that let him think..he wants to see the place where Kujou usually goes to. Thinking that his father is basically investigating, Yanagi says that he’ll also.. The father says that he still has work. Kujou waves and bids him goodbye. While mentally cursing, Yanagi still manages to smile and tells them to take care~~
Outside, Kujou asks if it is okay to go to the place where she usually goes. Looking at his watch, the father says yes, it’s alright so please lead the way. Just when Kujou says okay, they’ll pass through this street then turn right.., they notice an old woman having trouble in carrying up a luggage up a pedestrian bridge. Kujou asks if she is okay. The father offers to carry the luggage but to his shock, it’s too heavy. Kujou says that she’ll carry it. And, he was shocked again upon seeing how easily Kujou carries the luggage on her shoulder. As Kujou guide the old woman up the stairs, she tells her that Kujou is marvelous for she put rice inside that luggage. The father is aghast as he thinks that Kujou can carry it with just one hand. <- the father had felt what his son had already felt from experience. [<- being useless?] After the old woman thanked her, Kujou turns to the father and says that they’re going. And, they arrive in front of a supermarket. Kujou says that this supermarket has a lot of limited sales. The father says is that how it is. Kujou says that the meat in this supermarket is very fresh. “And, this other supermarket’s vegetables are quite a bargain. This supermarket’s fish..”
Sweatdropping, the father says that she had thoroughly knowledge of supermarkets. Slightly embarrassed, she tells him not to exaggerate for she is still far lacking.. The father wonders why she looks happy over that.. Pointing at the side, Kujou says that 30 minutes from here, there is a supermarket.. The father tells her to please not go to a supermarket first. Kujou says is that so, then next, they are going to a shopping street where there are dry goods’s display--.. The father quickly says that they had walked a lot so how about finding a place to drink tea. Then, they are in front of a wretched looking store. The father asks She tells him that this is a Japanese bakery and the taiyaki here is very delicious. The father thinks that she is wonderful girl..not only supermarkets but also stores..and she’s practically choosing ordinary places. Seeing her deep in thought, he asks her, what’s the problem. She says that she is at a loss over choosing between sweetened bean paste filling or matcha.. The father says then he’ll choose one then afterwards they both eat half of each one. Taking out his wallet, the father orders one bean filling and one matcha filling. Kujou tries to protest but he tells her don’t protest and just quickly find a place to sit.
While sitting and breaking one taiyaki in half, the father says that before, he always share in eating it like this with Ryouko. “And, that child will always insist on eating both. *There is scene of young Ryouko shouting that no, she wants to eat that..wah, wah, wah..* Even though the mother will get angry, I will still happily listen to my daughter’s willful request. Okay, here you go.” He gives Kujou half of the taiyaki. Recalling what he said about ‘listening to daughter’s willful request’, Kujou smiles and thanks him. The father recalls about hearing that Kujou already doesn’t have a father. He slightly smiles and says that it’s really delicious. Kujou agrees. Meanwhile, Yanagi is huffing and puffing somewhere wondering what place does Kujou always goes to.. At a hotel restaurant, Kujou says that Yanagi hasn’t arrived yet. The father tells her that it is fine for he already told him the time and place. He thanks her for today since he has learned a lot of new things. Kujou says that it’s okay. He asks if she and Naoto strolled through the supermarket before. Kujou says that they did during high school. “After school, I’ll teach him the homework so we go home together.”
The father thinks that before, because Yanagi lost the first place, he kept on being noisy and having a temper and it turns out that the first placer is this girl. Kujou says that it seems that Yanagi has never gone to the supermarket before and at that time, they are making hotpot so she asked him to get onions. “In the end, he brought leeks, shallot, onion and garlic chives which startled me. It is an unforgettable memory..” There is a scene of Yanagi holding all of the vegetables and asking aren’t they all onions? The father says that they all left it to Yae to make their food. Kujou tells him that lately, it seems that he had started to learn how to cooking a bit that he would call to ask her to teach him. Flashback: On the phone, Kujou told him to put a bit of salt. Yanagi asked how much is a bit. Kujou tells him to taste it then if it’s good.. Yanagi shouts what is ‘if it’s good’!? Annoyed Kujou said that she’ll hang up now. End flashback. Looking aghast, the father says that he really didn’t know what good to say to her for his son did caused her a lot of trouble.. Kujou says that she obviously told Yanagi that he just has to refer to what’s written in the recipe regarding the measurements but he would still always call her.
She slightly smiles and says that it’s very strange, right. The father asks, “—you really like Naoto, right.” Kujou says ah..about that..yes. The father smiles and says, is that so. “It’s just that from what I have seen today, you pass the days quite simple [/plainly], isn’t it so?” Kujou says is and for her motto is be frugal. The father says on the other hand, it isn’t his intention to brag but after all, Naoto is the young master of the Yanagi clan’s resorts, and as she saw it, he is surely very charming. “Of course, I’m also not criticizing your opinion [/desire], but after all, in this world, there is a saying about being suitable. Don’t you think that the one beside Naoto’s side--..should be an ojousama [rich young lady] who is an appropriate match  [/of the same social status]?” While the father intently watches her, he is surprised to see Kujou looking dumbfound. She gloomily says, speaking of that, Yanagi is a rich guy and she forgot about it. “I haven’t thought of it.. Basically, there is that kind of consideration.. suitability.. Regarding suitability, whether it’s a match or not, as to what that thing is.. Regarding those things, I think I still don’t quite understand because after all, they are deciding it for others. I’m only giving it my utmost effort in order to become someone whom he’ll come to like.”
The father looks surprised. Then, Kujou becomes gloomy as she says, “Ah, but I basically, don’t know what type of person he likes so I basically don’t know which direction I should do my best. That is slowly..” She is surprised when the father let out a laugh. He apologizes and says that he wants to hear and see what would be her response and it turns out to be like that.. “Good Naoto, this one..ha ha should I say it..” Puzzled Kujou wonders if he is teasing her. The father smiles and says that even if he has some idea but he doesn’t at all hate her. “I think that from today on, you’ll also experience a lot of things so I wish you the best [/gambatte].” Kujou says eh.. With a sound of someone running, the father muses, speaking of the devil.. Yanagi calls out to Kujou and stands behind her. Loosening his necktie, Yanagi asks his father if he said or did something strange. His father says that he hopes that he can trust him more. Protecting Kujou with his arm around her head, Yanagi exclaims for him to use more action in proving it. The father tells him to first sit down for right now, he is very happy. “Okay, we should eat.” After a delicious meal, Kujou apologizes for she even troubled them in bringing her home. The father says that it is okay, and he has a phone call so he’ll leave them for a while. Yanagi asks Kujou if nothing really happened. Kujou says that they shared half a taiyaki and she felt really happy.
While Yanagi is aghast over what’s with that expression, the father has already come back. He thanks Kujou for today. Kujou says that she should be saying that since he treated so many passengers [/guests] [<- being polite for treating her and driving her home?] The father pats her head and says that if there is another opportunity, would she be willing to accompany him. Kujou smiles and says that she would want to. In the car, the father says that it’s like that. Yanagi asks what. The father says that he felt it’s very strange at that time when Yanagi said that he doesn’t want to take extra classes. From Yanagi saying, ‘My papa is the president!’ to ‘This has nothing to do with papa!’ The father says that it turns out that he got influenced by Kujou. “I guess that she had most likely pointed out that you had benefitted from your parents’s light. *Surprised Yanagi wonders how did he know..* I guess she said, ‘the one who is amazing is your papa and not you’.. Afterwards, you.. You’re truly naïve [/honest]! Ha ha ha, ah, so cute.” Embarrassed Yanagi shouts that he’s annoying to death! He curses and thinks so he hates his father. [<- can totally read through him] The father asks, “—so, you are going to resist on following my footsteps?” Yanagi looks surprised.
The father continues to say, “Next year, you’ll be in third year college. I’ve come to hear you discuss about your plans for the future. With regards to me, I hope that you’ll succeed me. Perhaps, it is parents’ boasting but you have the brains and you know hard work. Your ability to handle affairs is also not bad. The most important thing is, you’re naturally charming [/likeable]. But I don’t plan on forcing you. What’s important is still your own thinking. How about it, Naoto?” Yanagi says, “..I..” The father continues, “..evidently, whether it is good or bad, she plays an important role on you. Of course, I’m not insisting that you give your answer here. I will still stay in Japan for a short time. Regardless of what conclusion you came up with, I’ll accept it. But, if you had made up your mind on succeeding the family business, then I’ll rigorously train you. Before, the foreign expansion was in Asia but from today on, we are working on a collaboration with a US [United States] company. I will temporarily use the US as a base to start the project. Naoto, if you have the intention to succeed this legacy, then immediately afterwards, go together with me to the US.” Yanagi looks surprised.
Comment: And we finally have a scenario that can break the stalemate and force the two to finally decide and confess ^^ Actually, it really rests on Yanagi’s decision to succeed it or not. The new project is indeed exciting for a young person. To go overseas and be part of the expansion, and later on, will continue on the legacy started by his father. His father is also giving him free choice whether to do so or not. Of course, will he give it up for Kujou? Perhaps, wanting to impress her, he would rather do things from down below and go up the corporate ladder? Of course, he still doesn’t know how she feels for him so he might think that there’s no hope and just go with his father. He did mention he doesn’t know what else to do except succeeding his father. And, I’m not sure how Kujou will react if he refused it for her. Will she be moved like other girls or Kujou being Kujou would reprimand him for being dumb and passing that up. Of course, I’m not sure what weighs more for Kujou, to be with Yanagi or what’s important for his future. Aside from accounting, I think Kujou can be of help in their business since in this chapters, she can research and know which store specializes on what products. She can be the accountant and resource person for the supplies indeed for the resorts.

It makes me think that the father came back for two reasons. To check on the girl hindering Yanagi’s original childhood dream and then, from that encounter, ask Yanagi what he plans to do. Somehow, I guess Ryoko is like her father because of their cunning and how Yanagi couldn’t win against them. ^^; Anyway, I think it is because they are on the verge of expansion so the father needs someone to help him out and to train that someone since they are going to start a new business somewhere. If Yanagi won’t succeed him, then he will find someone else to train during this time and will also most probably succeed him later on. Somehow, I don’t think the father would joke around here just to check Yanagi’s thoughts like what he did with Kujou. Aside from that, it seems that the father can finally have someone/a daughter/child who’ll appreciate his company unlike his own children. After all, Kujou lost her father when she was young. And, I guess the father realizes the frustration Yanagi had with Kujou while he was with her yet how she managed to attract him. =P Instead of a parent refuse to accept the girl, we have the ‘impending separation’ scenario which is usually used when a series is ending. So, let’s see how this turns out. Scans by 红莲汉

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