September 3, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 56]

After Kasane asks if she wants to become someone else, Nogiku says, yes, of course she wants to, if it can be done. Kasane says, “But why? You obviously have that kind of beauty.” Nogiku thinks that unlike Kasane, she doesn’t have that kind of acting skill and she’s afraid that it is impossible for her to be like Kasane who can fabricate a complete deceit, but.. 

Nogiku says that it doesn’t have much benefit. “Those men.. would actually only look at my face then say some sweet and honeyed words but they do not treat me at all as a person.. (using genuine feeling) There is someone who had scolded me as ‘a defective product who only has good looks’ [<- her father] (And add a bit of lie--)

...No matter how I tried to escape, just like before, there are also some other men who had come over to stalk me or attack me. I want to free myself from among the people I know. That’s right. *recalls her mother telling her to go where she wants to go..* ..I want have a life that I want..”
Kasane thinks that before, she thought that Nogiku had experienced a lot of misfortune but she didn’t think that it is unexpectedly because of her beauty that caused her such misfortune-- --No.. it is fine for me to just take advantage of this. If it is me.. I will be able to make better use Nogiku’s beauty..! To evade misfortune but also, to be able to attain happiness--” 

Nogiku notices that Kasane is sitting beside her again. Kasane takes out her lipstick. Nogiku says that is Nina’s.. Kasane says yes. After opening the lipstick, Kasane asks her to turn towards her a bit. Nogiku asks what she is going to do. Kasane tells her not to mind her. She puts the lipstick on Nogiku’s lips. Kasane says that in the end, it really suits her. 

Nogiku says that she really hates makeup. While putting away the lipstick, Kasane says that this isn’t merely makeup. “This lipstick is special. It can make your and my wish come true.” Just when she tells Nogiku to come [so that she can kiss her], Kasane’s phone beeps. Nogiku asks if it is her phone. 

Kasane says yes. Nogiku glares at Kasane as she goes at the corner of the shrine. On the phone, Kasane asks what is it. Kingo says that there’s something up, and he wants to see and talk with her. “Are you home right now?” Kasane says that she is outside and she cannot immediately go back. Kingo asks if she went faraway, and that is truly unprecedented. She tells him to drop it.
Kingo says then, they’ll talk some other time. Kasane says, “That’s right.. it just so happen that I also have a bit of something going on. I..there is a person whom I want you to meet.” Later on, Kasane calls out to Nogiku and tells her to come over for a while. Walking towards to the back, Nogiku thinks that she can imagine what will happen and what Kasane will do to her, even if it is like that..

She is startled upon seeing some dark beast-like figure behind Kasane. Kasane tells her that she’ll tell her Nina’s secret. “What is it?” Steading herself, Nogiku says that it is nothing. Holding out her hand, Kasane tells her to come over here a bit. Nogiku thinks that this indescribable uneasiness isn’t at all because she is afraid of Kasane.

She recalls that small prison room where her mother was locked in. She felt like she is re-tracing her mother’s steps. Nogiku asks why she went in such a dark place. Kasane says that it is because they cannot let anyone else know the secret. “Close your eyes.” Nogiku did what she was told. Nogiku wonders if she is walking the same path as her mother did. She recalls seeing a woman kissing her mother. She wonders if she will be swallowed up by the terror of having same kind of fate.
Kasane grabs Nogiku’s wrist as she is about to kiss her. Nogiku thinks no, how can she let Kasane swallow her up. “The one who is going to swallow you whole--is me!!!” Kasane is surprised when Nogiku suddenly grabs hold of her head and gives her a French kiss. Kasane struggles and manages to push Nogiku away. 

Nogiku’s widen as she sees herself wiping away the saliva from her mouth. She immediately holds her face. While touching the scar by the mouth, she thinks that the scar is..ah is unexpectedly real..!!! Kasane holds Nogiku’s face and says, “There’s no need to be afraid. I’ll immediately change you back.. compared to this, I want to have a deal with you in order to make our wishes come true..” Nogiku says, ah.

Meanwhile, sitting at a table with some notes, Kingo thinks that Kasane would say, ‘person whom I want you to meet’ so she probably found a woman’s face that she can take advantage of. “Is it that easy to find such a suitable person..” He muses about something for a while before standing up.

He thinks, “if.. it is really like what I think, then at first glance, it doesn’t have a bit of relation and perhaps, it is also just connecting things. Forget it, will just talk about it when the time comes.” And on his notes, is the name of Kasane and besides it, is Nogiku’s name. [<- the word above seems to be part of Sugeyo’s name so he must have drawn a family tree]
Comment: The sisters are quite alike yet the opposite of each other. If Kasane uses mostly lies with sprinkles of truth, Nogiku uses mostly truth with sprinkles of lies. Kasane took the bait and revealed to Nogiku the secret. Still, in a way, the mangaka shows that neither side is totally winning or losing. Nogiku isn’t going to timidly just accept things as demonstrated by the French kiss.

Yet, even if Kasane doesn’t know Nogiku’s background like she knows Kasane’s, she still somehow manages to unnerve Nogiku. Anyway, it seems that Kingo is on to Nogiku so Kasane might have an edge again. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
A lie which is a half truth is ever the blackest of lies. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. I have been following this manga for a while, and I have to thank you for the summaries. It's one of my favorites because it is so unique and unpredictable. I can't even start to guess how this will turn out! I hope they all find happiness in the end, but with the way things are going, the end is most likely going to be as dark as the rest of the story...

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup...I also wished that but it seems to be going towards tragedy.