August 31, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 55]

[Free talk: This is something I wanted to do aside from KOT and ZGT as something different from the usual shoujo romance stuff. ZGT is horror stories for young readers. KOT is technically shounen. Kasane is seinen so there will be mature themes in the series.

I’m going to start at the recent arc. Here is the brief summary of what happened from where the English scanlation left of: Nina is furious that Kasane is stealing everything from her especially Ugo. She manages to steal Kasane’s lipstick in order to sleep with Ugo. Ugo had noticed the change and had realized that Nina isn’t the ‘actress Nina’ he knows so he won’t sleep with her.

After she returned, Nina starts telling Kasane that the deal is off. Unfortunately for her, she had her Sleeping Beauty syndrome attack. I think she slept for a few months and when she woke up, actress Nina has become very popular. Nina realizes that she cannot go back to being ‘actress Nina’ because Kasane did such a spectacular job that she didn’t want to live a life of a ‘has been’.

She doesn’t want Kasane to have everything so she decides to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. Kasane tries to save her but seems to be hindered by her mother’s ghost. Unfortunately for Nina, she is still alive but became a vegetable. Kasane managed to trick Mineyo to give them ‘Kasane’s vegetable body/Nina’ since she is ‘Nina’s manager’.

‘Nina’ said that she has Kasane’s will saying how badly her aunt treated her. After Mineyo backs off, Kasane somewhat feels guilty about what happened to Nina but she couldn’t totally assimilate herself as actress Nina. Kingo reprimands her about what can she do when she is her real ugly self.
So, since then, Kasane stops talking with vegetable Nina and treated her as a tool to become Nina the actress. There is a short arc about a certain bully during high school, iirc, whom Kasane wanted to take revenge at by making the guy she likes dump her. Even if the bully is repentant for what she did but Kasane still did it.

It turns out to be a blessing in disguise for the bully because the guy turns out to be a jerk. Then, Nina’s parents arrive. The mother notices the difference between her own Nina and actress Nina. Kasane is forced to make it appear that the mother is delusional so that she’ll stop being suspicious of her.

Later on, Kasane got the role of Salome which I think made her mother famous. Her acting was helped by the male lead, Nobuhiko and Kasane realizes that she is acting for herself and not for her mother or anyone else. She start to date Nobuhiko who somewhat realizes that Nina isn’t really who she really is since Kasane is too secretive.

And, Nogiku is introduced. She is Kasane’s half-sister, the daughter of the real Fuchi Sugeyo. Sugeyo was imprisoned and it is only when she is at her sick bed when she has been telling young Nogiku that this isn’t her true appearance, and she advised her to go live her own life, etc. The father is obsessed with ‘Sugeyo’/Izana, Kasane’s mother.
After the real Sugeyo died and Izana is gone, Kaidou Atae, the father, becomes obsessed in making Nogiku as ‘Sugeyo’ especially since they look alike. He dresses her up, forces her to act, beats her up and rapes her. Nogiku has had enough that she smashed his head with a lamp. While still alive, Atae tells her how lucky she is for everything is provided for her unlike her older sister, Kasane whom he drove away because she is ugly.

He warns her that she cannot survive outside since he never taught her how to live outside the mansion. Nogiku couldn’t care less that she kills him. After all, life inside is equally hellish. She finds a key and realizes that is the place where her mother was chained and imprisoned until they put her into a sick bed.

She recalls the time when she was young when she saw a beautiful woman ‘Sugeyo’ is kissing her mother at that prison. She vows to take revenge/make Kasane’s life miserable if she learns that she is having a better life than her and her mother. In order to survive outside, she sold her body. She found Amagasaki Yuuto, who is willing to help her investigate on Kasane’s whereabouts in exchange for sex.

Aside from the other men, she also had a director who gave her tickets to the play Salome. She was uncomfortable with the acting stuff because of what her father tried to make her do before so just when she is about to leave, she encounters actress Nina who made her appearance. Nogiku is amazed at how good she was.
After she saves ‘Nina’ from falling down, they become good friends while keeping each other’s secrets close to themselves. They had a special time at the seaside wherein ‘Nina’ gave her necklace to her to put a seashell as remembrance. That is the first time Nogiku saw the lipstick. Later on, Nogiku was stalked by one of her clients and ‘Nina’ saved her.

Since she has nowhere to go, ‘Nina’ made her stay at her apartment. At that time, iirc, Nogiku gets information from about Kasane being Nina’s manager. While ‘Nina’ is sleeping, she went into the locked room and found an ugly young woman on the bed. Nina couldn’t sleep that night for she realizes that the ‘Nina’ she knows is just a lie for the one inside looks like her mother.

She starts decreasing the times she meets up with ‘Nina’. She goes to talk with Nina’s mother who told her about Nina being not the same Nina. She showed Nogiku Nina’s previous performance. Nogiku realizes that it is indeed not the same Nina. She goes back to her old house to find more clues and found out that someone came into the house and had found her father’s body.

 <- that is Kingo who is also snooping around since they realize that someone else knew about the secret and was investigating. Nogiku went to her father’s office and I think, found some ingredients in making a lipstick. From some diary, she finds out something about the body exchange.
Finally realizing that the one in that locked room is probably the real Nina, she goes to Nina’s mother and stole a key which opens the locked door. Nogiku promises Nina that she’ll avenge her for what had happened when she realizes that Nina can move her finger. After verifying that she is indeed Nina, Nogiku finds a way to communicate with her through taps of her finger.

To Nogiku’s shock, Nina wants to be killed. After some reflection, Nogiku decides to do it since that will make Kasane lose her appearance. Nogiku kills Nina by putting a pillow on her face. Later on, Kasane realizes Nina is dead when she kissed her. It is because Nina is already cold. Later on, Nogiku is coming into terms about murdering someone.

She is currently staying at Yuuto’s place as protection from the stalker. She decides to make Kasane’s life hellish because of her own life and Nina’s. Meanwhile, Kasane and Kingo are making plans on what to do after learning of Nina’s demise. Kasane was freaking out over what happened. Kingo says that when Izana’s ‘partner’ died, it takes a shorter period of time when she can maintain the appearance after the kiss. 

Kasane wants to ask more about what happened like how did the other person died, but Kingo refuses to tell her. He just tells her that she can maintain the appearance for three days. So, Kingo disposes of the body. Kasane calls Nina’s mother and tells her that she is going to a faraway place, don’t worry, she’ll be okay and she really loves her and her father, goodbye.
After destroying the phone and tossing it into the lake, I think, she changes back to her original appearance. After a week, there is news about Nina’s disappearance. Kasane holes up in some apartment for a month. She felt guilty over everything and went back to her old lack of confidence self.

After a month, Kingo’s scolding didn’t work on her. Kasane kept on thinking of the happy memories when she was ‘Nina’. She doesn’t want to stay in the room nor go out where people stare at her. In the end, she comes into the conclusion that she doesn’t want to die ugly and alone in some dark corner of a house but rather be beautiful and in the limelight.

So, the next target is Nogiku. She recalls Nogiku calling her two days after Nina died. Nogiku hinted about helping her when she needs it and about going to the seaside when she is in a bad mood. Kasane thinks that she is her hope but fears how Nogiku will react upon seeing her face. Yet, like a moth attracted to light, she decides to go to the seaside.

She sees Nogiku who stands up upon seeing her and says that she is mistaken for she thought that it is someone she knew. Just when she is about to leave, Kasane musters up her courage to remove her mask and calls out Nogiku’s name. Nogiku turns around and thinks about how everything between them was a lie and now, she [Nogiku] is actually a filthy black beast wanting to gnaw at her throat. And this is up to chapter 54.]
׺°”˜`”°º× ׺°”˜`”°º×
At the seaside, after Kasane calls out her name, Nogiku turns around and asks, “How know my name?” Nogiku looks at Kasane who is still covering her face. Nogiku thinks, “No matter what kind of acting skill you use to answer, in my eyes, who know of your crime and lies, it is only just some lousy farce. The truth cannot be wavered.” 

Kasane says that Ni..Nina, she.. Then, Kasane notices some people at the seaside. Nogiku asks, Nina, does she know Nina. She is puzzled when Kasane suddenly puts her scarf around her head. Nogiku wonders if Kasane is mindful of other people’s gaze and indeed, there are gradually a lot people here.

“But, for her to be like this, no one would think that she is Tanzawa Nina. For her to be nervous like this.. What is she mindful of?” Since Kasane is putting her face mask on, Nogiku says that if she knows about Nina, then, there is something that she wants to ask of her. “Can we talk in a quieter place?” Kasane nods.
Then, Nogiku is walking ahead as Kasane follows her from behind. Nogiku glances at Kasane and wonders if that is ‘Kasane’, her older sister. “She is unexpectedly shock to the point of becoming restless like that.. It is as if she and the Nina she did before are totally two different people. That Nina would walk beside me.. Was it really just an illusion that’s all..”

At a shrine, Nogiku says that this is the path where she and Nina used to walk and can they talk here. Kasane timidly says okay. The two sit down by the shrine. Nogiku wonders if this person is really the same person as that greatly admired actress? Nogiku says that it is like what she said, she is ‘Nogiku’ and she is? 

Kasane says that she is Fuchi Kasane. Nogiku tensely thinks that it turns out that she has that kind of is is because she lost Nina that she lost everything. “After receiving that blow...just to talk with someone, she cannot even display her acting skills, right. After a pause, Nogiku asks who she is..
To Nogiku’s surprise, Kasane says that Nina is her benefactor. “I was originally her manager..but one day, because of depression [/taking things too hard], I jumped off from the building’s roof..! At that time, she wanted to save me but I wasn’t able to grab her hand.. *surprised Nogiku thinks, wha..* But I didn’t die..

...I only became a vegetable. When I woke up, I realize that a year had already passed.. Afterwards, I found out that throughout the year, Nina had always been taking care of me when I was a vegetable..! I don’t have any family. My relatives also doesn’t want to care for me.. I was only her manager for a few days, that’s all..

...*Nogiku thinks, “What..? This gives me goosebumps..when I obviously know that she is lying..”* But a few days after I woke up, she had disappeared. *cries* Right now, I really don’t know what to do..” This astonishes Nogiku for Kasane is forcefully twisting the real facts and putting it into this fake lie..!
Kasane says that from then on, she is always looking for Nina and she hopes to be able to find her. Nogiku thinks that it is no good..she must not let herself be confused by her..but.. Nogiku asks how come she knows about her. Kasane says that after she woke up, Nina told her about Nogiku. She said that by the seaside, there is a woman called ‘Nogiku’ whom she shared a valuable and beautiful time together..

Nogiku says Kasane knows it quite clearly when she hasn’t seen her before, yet, she knew that she is ‘Nogiku’. Kasane says that it is because Nina said it. “Nogiku is very beautiful. It is like that actress, ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ is living again.” This made Nogiku scowl in disgust. Noticing this, Kasane asks if she said something wrong.

Looking away, Nogiku says that it is nothing, it is only because people are always saying that she is like her..and she already started to get bothered by it. Kasane says is that so, she’s truly sorry. Nogiku says that she should be the one who should apologize. Kasane says but she didn’t think that she would unexpectedly really be able to see her.

She was just trying to see if they can see each other by the seaside. After glancing at her, Nogiku says that she also really wants to see Nina so she thinks that if she is always there, then perhaps, one day, they can see each other.. “Nina is always my heart’s support. It is only with her that I was able to be saved from this suffering [/pain].. *Kasane asks, suffering..?*...
...Yes..right now, the surrounding circumstance, luck..body and also face, right now, my everything makes me feel disgusted. IF I CAN THROW AWAY EVERYTHING..AND BECOME SOMEONE ELSE, it would be good if I can live a totally different life.” Kasane asks, “BECOME SOMEONE ELSE..” 

Nogiku says for her who is like this to say that, the time with Nina is her life’s only redemption. Nogiku tensely waits for Kasane’s reaction. After thinking for a while, Kasane removes her mask. Nogiku looks surprised for she looks like her mother. She simply looks like as if she is once again looking at her mother who was still alive.. 

Nogiku looks away that made Kasane bit her lip. To Nogiku’s surprise, Kasane is already taking her leave. She says that it is better that they don’t contact each other again for she is so ugly that it made Nogiku unable to bear and look straight at her.. Nogiku says isn’t that! She grabs Kasane’s shoulder and says that she didn’t think that she is ‘ugly’.

“It is just.. I felt that you are too similar.. with someone I know.” Kasane turns to Nogiku again and asks if she sincerely WANTS TO THROW AWAY HERSELF AND BECOME SOMEONE ELSE? Nogiku looks at her. Narration: “The two’s sharp blades are mutually piercing each other’s chest.”
Comment: From this meeting, it seems that Kasane had the edge since she was able to make Nogiku become bothered, surprised and other expressions when she is the one who knows Kasane’s lies and won’t let herself be wavered by anything Kasane says.

It does seem that Nogiku is planning to make Kasane reveal to her the secret and probably use that to make Kasane suffer for all the things she enjoyed while she, her mother and Nina suffered. Nevertheless, I think Kasane might have the short end of the stick due to Nogiku’s men who would think that she is ‘Nogiku’ and cause trouble.

I’m not sure either how Nogiku will handle things if she has Kasane’s face. It is really too bad that they are they are like this with each other when they could be helping each other. I guess how things will turn out for the two will depend if this series is a tragedy or not. Scans by RAD汉化组

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