August 26, 2015

Boku no Ie ni Oide [Chapter 33]

[Free Talk: Request by Fatima. This is the last chapter of the series.]

With Mirei on his motorcycle, Fumiya drives her to his house. Before opening the door, he says that in his castle, there is a birthday party for the princess. He opens the door. Blushing Mirei sees the place decorated with draperies, roses, paper chains and hearts. She asks if he did all of this himself. He happily says that it took him a month. He also says that she celebrated his birthday and he really felt happy so he wants her to have this kind of happiness, too. Mirei is moved to tears. He leads her to her seat. Mirei wonders if he also did this table setting. He poured her some popular ladies drink which is popular at his store. He served her omurice with shrimps and tomato sauce. Mirei says that it has a restaurant feeling to it. He tells her that he was working a while ago so the food is from the store. Taking out a box from the refrigerator, Fumiya says, but, he tried making the cake himself. Mirei is shock that he baked a cake. He tells her not to be startled as he opens the box. Teary-eyed Mirei thinks that it is definitely beautiful because he made it himself. And they are speechless over the unsightly cake.
Embarrassed Fumiya apologizes to her for he usually doesn’t cook and this month, he has always trying to do it yet he always failed so he is quite depressed. Even the paper chains are sloppily made if someone looks closely at it. He says that obviously that it is her birthday but he made the cake like this..he’s truly sorry. Mirei is moved that during this one month, he has always been doing his best for her..and just by imagining how hard he worked..he’s so cute. She calls out to him and kisses his cheek. She tells him that she likes him the most!! She thanks him for doing all sorts of things for her. Fumiya is glad that he tried doing that for he unexpectedly got kissed by her. Soon, he feeds her some food and it seems that she finds it tasty. She wishes that this happy time together with Fumiya will always continue on. After they finish eating, Mirei wants to wash the dishes but he won’t let her. She insists that housework is her job. He reminds her that for today, she is the guest or rather the princess, so please take a sit. Sitting at the sofa, she thinks that he is right for they no longer live together. When he finishes, Fumiya is surprised to see Mirei crying. She asks if she can no longer live together with him again.
Mirei tells him that after they parted, she is quite lonely that she couldn’t see him and she couldn’t sleep when they couldn’t contact each other. She tearfully says that she really likes him but the distance is so far that she’s very afraid that they’ll break up one day. She wonders if they cannot always be together as lovers. Fumiya says that’s true. He goes to the balcony and says but then, he is definitely lonelier because before, she is always at his side smiling but right now, she isn’t at his house anymore. In an empty house and he is always by himself, the loneliness is unbearable. Besides, she is very popular and it is possible that some guy will steal her away. She protests but he adds, “But in this lifetime, I don’t plan on giving you to any other person. So, in order for you to be always at my side, I want for us to make a special promise.” He holds her hand and asks if she knows what today is. Puzzled, she says that today is the day when she is born and it has already been 16 years. He asks if she knows about what’s with being a 16 years old girl. She is still puzzled. He tells her that for girls, it is the age when they can marry.
Fumiya puts his hand in his pocket and takes out something. He puts a ring on her finger. He says that from today on, he wants her to be always smiling at his side. She starts crying and asks if she can..before, even if she promised to stay at his side but in the end.. He tells her that they are both students so it is impossible for them to immediately marry so that is an engagement ring. He promises to definitely come and get her after she graduates high school and when he is already working so there’s no need for her to be uneasy even if they don’t see each other. She says yes. He calls her name and says the promise’s kiss. They kiss each other. They were interrupted by the doorbell. Her father is screaming if Mirei is inside. Fumiya notices that it is already 1am. He apologizes for it is already this time that her birthday had passed. She looks flustered but manages to smiles and says that she’s going back. She tells herself that she finally got a promise so she cannot become a crybaby again. She exclaims that with just this ring, even if it is half a year or a year when they don’t see each other, she’ll be fine. Fumiya is surprised by her attitude. Mirei goes out the door to meet her worried parents who tell her not to make them worry about not coming home at this time. She tells them that for worrying them, she’ll properly study and not see Fumiya as much as possible and for some time, she won’t be coming back to this house.
Mirei stiffly walks away when her father asks if she will really be happy doing that. The mother says that actually they talked over about this for some time. Ever since she left Fumiya, they always see her lonely this whole month. If she is happier together with him, then it is okay for them to live together. She asks Fumiya if it won’t cause him trouble. Fumiya says no, he’ll be very delighted but Mirei seems to be already okay about not seeing each other for a year so there’s no need to insist on it. This surprises Mirei that she immediately apologizes and admits that she is acting brave for actually, she doesn’t want to leave his side even for a minute or a second. She kneels down to him and says that she can clean, cook and wash-dry the..and also study, she can do everything well so can she once again go in this house. He bends down to her and says that there’s no need for her to kneel because she is no longer a housekeeper. “From today on, you’ll be my future bride, come to my house.” This made her cry. As she takes Fumiya’s hand, the father freaks out about her being the future bride. Later on, the parents together with the couple had a laugh over Fumiya’s failed cake. Mirei thinks that from today on, she’ll smile everday at Fumiya’s side and live happily in this house. The end.
Scans by 疯狂唰from baidu.

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  1. Nice! It already ended.


    Btw, Kat. If possible, can you do summaries of ReRe Hello again and add Haru Matsu Bokura too. Please, please. Pretty, pretty please. Thanks.


    1. You're welcome, Eclaire ^-^

      Rere Hello..maybe. Depends on the new arc/chapter.

      Haru Matsu Bokura...sorry, I won't since I no longer browse that series.

  2. I'll admit that I didn't read it 'cause I'm way behind this part, but do you guys knows if this series is ending or near of it?

    And Kat, since I'm here, is there any chance of making summaries of Ore Monogatari? If you are too tired - that's a whole ton of series you're doing - or don't have much of a good will towards the story itself, it's very okay to say that you don't want to pick up or do it ar all 'cause reasons - your own.

    Just asking cause it really is one of my fav and the anime is nearing it's end. T____T

    And thank you again, Kat, you rock!

    1. Fê, it ends in this chapter. This is the last chapter.

      I'm okay with Ore Monogatari. It is an episodic feel good series. ^^ Hehe...maybe depends on the new chapter/arc. I think I can get away with not summarizing it consistently since it is episodic. The latest arc recently ended with a certain guy trying to steal the girlfriend. ^^;

      You're welcome and thanks ^^

    2. Then I gotta have the best/worst timing ever, huh? Hope the group scanning doesn't drop the project, they are really way behind, and depending on the note of how it ended, well, I'll just scoop around then come back to read, I don't mind spoilers anyway.

      Kat, once you die, you'll be canonized and if I'm still around, I'll be the one that proclaims you as a new saint, lol. Thank you!!

      Ah, there was bound to happen, right? Someone going for Yamato, that is. If she doesn't waver nor give in like most of shoujo heroines and act like Takeo acted when the other girl feel for him, I'm alright with it. Now, if she wavers or gives any hint that she's wondering I'll just flip some tables, smash anything near and continue as nothing has ever happened. Aah, and I'll change my ship to Nee-chan, though her despair was used mostly as comedic relief, I could sympathize with her and felt really sorry for her losing Takeo.

      Let us just hope, lol.

      And thank you again!

    3. Based on the two chapters, it seems somewhat rushed.

      Lol ^^ You're welcome.

      I don't know how long this arc was but based on the two chapter I browsed, she was totally clueless about it until it was revealed. Nevertheless, don't worry, it was nip from the bud. She knows who she likes the most ^^


    4. I feared as much since the feeling this series gave at the start was more of a com than a rom. But it seems to have ended on a good note, so all I can say is that I hope that the jorney might be fun enough to wait for the scans to catch it up.

      Aah, I see, I see. Might been funny though, and painful for the guy, lol.

    5. Hehe, hopefully. I didn't read it..just these two chapters. ^^;

      Hm..let's say it is a 'feel good' thing = 'being good pays' ^^

  3. Thanks so sad it ended ..hope they release another chapter with them as a married couple...
    Omfg. I wanted more of it ...arghg

  4. Oh my, this is already the end! T_T Thank you so much, Ms. Kat! I wonder at what manga magazine is this? Betsafure? Dessert?

    1. You're welcome, Nikki ^-^

      It's Ribon.

  5. I haven't been updated with this series and didn't realize that it already ended. I keep forgetting the girl is really young, lol. And that 16 is already a marriageable age in Japan. Btw Kat, is it possible to summarize Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi? I think the latest chapter is 13. I like josei manga with strong female leads. ^_^ Like Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu, too.

    1. Sorry, no, tsubakimari because I don't read those series. ^^; Wanted to before..and was busy..and it now has a lot of chapters...and...^^;

  6. Hi.

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into writing these manga chapter summaries. Could you please post the summaries of 4-gatsu no kimi, spica?

    1. Thanks for reading them ^-^

      Sorry no. After reading a couple of her series, I'm going to pass this one which is another love triangle series.

  7. Kat, is the series the one with a picture of a huge looking guy ? So , is he the male lead and does he get the female lead ?

    One commenter here has mentioned the manga Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu. OMG, this is one of my most favorite manga , currently, although the male lead is a first class jerk, and a player, a real player who bangs every woman who comes on to him , and he gets a lot of " loving" because he's one good-looking SOB. It's depressing, but I still like ease te female lead is a strong one, and I know she'll one day kick his ass,big time. lol

    1. Ooops, sorry, wrong manga, ha ha ha. I'm commenting on the other manga that just ended, the one with a huge looking guy as a male lead, am I right ?

      Anyway, the male lead in this series is nice, but I feel no empathy towards him. The ending is rushed, and I don't know, something is fundamentally wrong with the plotline. he used to live with his girlfriend, and when he met the Mirei, he asked her to leave with him, too.

    2. Hehe, is that so, megaworthit. I haven't read that one.

      Do you mean Blue? Was he huge looking?

      Is that so..I only know that he asked her to live with him. ^^;;

    3. Hahaha ! I got confused. There was suddenly an avalanche of " new " chapters of different mangas.

      I have read this manga from beginning. The male lead is nice, but he does seem to have a habit of asking girls to live with him. Although of course he was actually generous to the female lead because she was homeless.....I don't know, I'm conflicted. He did not take advantage of the female lead. But he did live together with his ex like husband and wife.

      By request, Kat, can you please summarize Chapters 17, 18, and next chapters of Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu ? If you want me to summarize the previous chapters, I will .... that's to keep you in the loop, and make you understand what's going on. It's a very interesting manga, I assure you. I usually don't like stories where the main guy is a jerk and a super player..... but the main girl is strong.... I'm always eager to know her reactions.

    4. Hehe, I see.

      Is that so.

      I browsed through 15-17...hehe, the guy seems to have a lot of girls. ^^; I think I can summarize chapter 17 without knowing much about what's going on. Ah, are they sex partners or something? How did they got into that arrangement? After I finish KoT summary by tomorrow, I THINK I can do chapter long as no popular regular series is out by then. I need the names of the characters that appeared on that chapter. As for 18, etc..I cannot say. 17 is the current chapter in Chinese. By the way, isn't this being translated in raffmanga/otakumole?

  8. I had forgotten I commented here. I also made a request regarding summaries of Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu. Kat, if I'm not mistaken, it's already on Chapter 20.... though I haven't actually read the translation from Chapter 17 up.

    Yes, it was being translated on raffmanga, but unfortunately, raffmanga is still out of commission,to date. I believe it stopped on Chapter 16 .

    No, they are not sex partners. The main protagonists, Nanami Ryuu and Asuka are in legit relationship. But before they got together, the guy, nanami ryuu already warned Asuka that he'll never get married, so she shouldn't expect any of that nonsense from him. Nanami also knows that Asuka has , at one time, declared that she wants to marry , leave her successful career, and be a normal housewife. This is due to her great admiration of her parents' relationship . She wants to have a happy family like she has with her parents. Of course there's a back story as to why Nanami Ryuu seems allergic to marriage. He had a passionate affair with an actress named Sakura for 4 years. Sakura is married to a rich man , who's also a cheating scoundrel, but Sakura didn't want to divorce him, no matter how Nanami begged her to do so. Since both are in the entertainment business, rumours about these two began to circulate... and to avoid scandal, Nanami was sent to the US by the company he worked with.

    The problem now for Asuka is that Sakura has come back to resume her career after a long absence, and she and nanami are now working together in the same company. And by the way, we all suspect there are lingering feelings for her....... after all, he did love Sakura very much, he wanted to marry her, but Sakura refused to divorce her husband,

    So yep, that's the long and short of it.... on to Chapter 17, Kat. Pretty please?

    1. I see, megaworthit.

      Actually, raffmanga is back up through otakumole. That is if you have registered.

      Thanks for the info ^^

      Ah, I found someone who translated 17 and 18.
      Go here:

    2. I haven't registered. I did attempt, but it didn't work for me. I'll try again. Ah, I wish you had summarized this from the very beginning. On other sites, there's only one chapter uploaded. I like your summaries, to be honest.

      Anyway, If you change your mind.............

    3. Oh, is that so. I thought it is the same one [username and password] from raffmanga.

      Thanks ^^

    4. Kat,I'm waiting, lol.

      Sorry for not coming here since , oh, I don't know..... been really busy...

    5. Hehe..sorry, won't be summarizing it.