July 20, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 109]

So, Kouka’s generals had an overwhelming victory in the war around Gold Province and Nandai. The Nandai territory that was plundered during Iru’s reign had been returned. While walking through the corridor with Gunte, bored Taewoo says that the five tribes’ meeting is over. Gunte laughs and says that what he said seems like he just got out of school. Taewoo says that his feeling seems a bit good. Gunte says of course, because they are able to take back the plundered territory and rights to mine the back mountain. Taewoo clicks his tongue and says that it has nothing to do with the Wind tribe. Gunte says that it has since it is a huge thing for this time around, there is almost no damage to their side. The divided five tribes are united and this is something that wasn’t done during Iru’s reign. If Suwon didn’t ascend to the throne, the country would be destroyed during Fire tribe’s armed rebellion. Taewoo says that he knows that, he at least knows that this country needs that kind of king now. Then, Suwon, together with Judo and Shuku, call out to Taewoo and Gunte to ask if they are going back now. Taewoo just glance at him, bows to say that he’s leaving and quickly went down the stairs to where Hende is waiting for him.
Taewoo scolds Hende for being drunk while Hende says that he came to meet up with him. Suwon and Gunte are glum over Taewoo’s rudeness [/not in the mood for chit-chat]. Suwon thanks Gunte for his help. Gunte says no, taking back those territories are Earth tribe’s long cherished wish and to be able to quickly accomplish it, he is so grateful that there are no words to express it. Suwon says that it has been a long time since he had gone back to his place and Yuno is definitely waiting for him anxiously. There is a scene of Yuno praying for his safe return. Gunte changes the topic by telling Suwon to at least have one or two women who can heal him. Surprised Suwon says how can he.. Gunte says that here he goes again. Shuku says that it is good if there are people like that around. Gunte is shock that there is none, he must be joking for Suwon is going to be 19 soon and there should be a concubines who is of age since he isn’t the same with Judo who is an old widower. Judo angrily complains not to make him an example. Gunte wonders whom to introduce Suwon with and it would be good if he has a daughter, no, wait, how about adopting from now on..
Shuku says that he had already set Suwon up before he ascended to the throne. Gunte asks if there is really nothing wrong with him for he really never had interest towards that type of thing. Then, Jungi appears behind Suwon. Suwon asks what is it but Jungi says it is nothing. Gunte says that speaking of daughter, doesn’t Jungi have one. With a sparkle, Jungi asks what about his beautiful daughter. Gunte says that it has been a long time since he saw her so is she doing okay, that modest [/dignified] daughter of his. Suwon and Judo wonders if they are talking about Lili. Jungi says that Lili isn’t at Suiko and she is having a docile smooth life. Suwon and Judo wonder if they are talking about Lili. [<- joke that how Jungi describes Lili isn’t the same as the real one] Jungi says however, if Suwon wants to call her into the palace, he’ll immediately call for her. Suwon says ‘there’s no need’ 10 times. Jungi says that he said no need so many times. Suwon nervously tells them if they can drop the topic. Shuku says that is so, after all, a king’s partner cannot be decided on too carelessly. Gunte protests that Suwon isn’t interested in girls and that kind of thing make people uneasy. Judo says that it seems that Suwon will go and play around at Awa.
Suwon recalls how he took hold of Yona. Blushing Suwon says that is.. Judo says that is? Blushing Suwon says ah, no.. Gunte asks if he met someone in Awa whom he had taken a fancy on. He asks where she is from and he’ll get her. Suwon says that there’s no need, it is just a passerby and he doesn’t recall what she looks like. Gunte is amused and Jungi is shock that Suwon would do that with a girl who is just passing by..how shameless. Blushing Suwon says that he didn’t do anything. Gunte couldn’t believe that he didn’t do anything so what kind of playing around did he do with that girl. Suwon starts to cry so Shuku tells them to stop their interrogation of Suwon for now since he has a meeting with Jungi. Suwon perks up and says that’s right. He calls Jungi that they should go. Gunte asks if it is a private discussion. Jungi says that it isn’t some messy topic that he is guessing but then, Water tribe and Earth tribe isn’t the same, and it’s very meticulous. After Gunte left, Jungi tells Suwon that regarding the drug problem, it is as he told him at the meeting before. The private groups in Shisen and Sensui had overall been neatly annihilated. And, it is just as what Suwon worried, and he’s afraid that it is indeed already not a problem solely for Water tribe. Suwon looks serious.
At Water tribe’s Ryusui, Zeno is apologizing to Yun. Walking through a market place, Yun says that he has no way of believing him. Zeno says that he won’t do it again. Yun tells him that he stained his clothes way too many times that it became so worn out that it is useless no matter how many times he sewed it. Jeha says so they are going to buy him clothes. Zeno bows and thanks Yun. They gave him money so he can go buy clothes. Yun warns him that if he damages the clothes again, he is going to wear a mino [raincoat made of straw]. Zeno says that it won’t be long when he belongs to a streak [naked] clan. Yun tells him that he already doesn’t want to wash blood stained clothes. Zeno just smiles. Holding some cloth, Yona says that it seems that he is very happy. Zeno says that it is because Yun is worried about him. Kija comments how nice this town is and is this how Water tribe’s territory is truly like. Jeha says that the coastal area was laid to waste. [<- not taken care of before due to the drug stuff?] Then, Shina holds a flower hairpin to Yona. Yona says that it is beautiful and where did he get it. Shina says there.
A grumpy merchant with some displayed jewelry asks if they are really going to buy. Shina doesn’t have money. Yona thinks that even if she gets money from Yun.. Jeha says that it doesn’t matter just to buy a cute hairpin once in a while. Kija tells her that there are very beautiful ornaments there. Holding some necklace, Yona says that it really suits Kija so cute. Kija says no, there’s no need for him. The merchant says that the blue gem is a protective stone that can bring healing and happiness. Yona asks about this one. He says that it can bring long life. Kija is interested with the long life gem to give to granny. After looking at the jewelry, Yona asks Jeha where Haku is. Jeha points to the side. Yona finds Haku sound asleep on a bench by the side. She is surprised that he is sleeping. Jeha explains that Haku was on night duty last night to watch over them so apparently he didn’t get enough sleep. Yona says that’s quite rare. Jeha agrees for even if he’s so tired, Haku would unexpectedly show that kind of relaxed expression. Yona says that it is because he trusts everyone. Jeha says that he heard an interesting thing and he’ll use that later on. [<- to tease Haku?]
Yona goes to Haku and watches with surprise over him sleeping with a bit of drool on his mouth. She quietly sits beside him. She glances at him and blushes. She finds him so cute and it is the first time she saw him sound asleep. She gently touches his hair and Haku wakes up. The two are surprised to see each other. Haku wipes his eyes and quickly look away to ask if Zeno is finished buying. Yona covers her blushing face and says that he pretends that nothing had happened. Kija is about to call Yona when he sees Yona laughing beside Haku. He looks glum and turns away. Jeha asks him if he isn’t going to talk to her. Kija says that right now, it feels like he’ll disturb them. Jeha happily says what about going to disturb them. Kija says that he won’t suddenly intervene her field of vision. [<- no right to disturb/cannot love her?] Jeha asks if it is because [he’s one] of the four dragons. Kija tells him that is what he thinks that’s all so don’t mind it. Glum Kija looks away from smiling Yona. Later on, Zeno calls out to Shina to look at him dressed as a foreign noble. Shina applauds. Then, Zeno dresses up as a strange warlock. Shina applauds. Zeno goes topless with a straw skirt and says that he is a streaking clan. He goes to Shina and asks if he just laughed.
Then, he dresses Shina up as a streaking clan and laughs his head off. The merchant tells him not to play with the merchandise. Zeno comments that he can only buy thin clothes that is like an undergarment with the money Yun gave. Zeno mutters that he had used a cloth that he picked up to wrap around his body or if there is no cloth, just use straw as clothes..it has been a long life. Someone giggles and asks Zeno if he would like big sis to buy him some clothes. Later on, Yun is impressed with the clothes that Zeno is wearing so he asks if the money was enough. Zeno says that it wasn’t enough. Yun asks how he was able to buy them. Zeno happily says that big sis bought it for him. Finding it suspicious, Yun asks where that big sis came from. A woman giggles and says that they bought it for him. It is Tetora and Ayura. After everyone exchanges greetings, Yona asks about Lili. Tetora says that Lili right now is a bit.. Yona says that’s right, she returned to Suiko. While Haku looks thoughtful, Yun asks if they bought Zeno’s clothes. Tetora says yes, it is a gift and she only wanted to give some strength to the cute guys and besides, to celebrate, she has a present. The guys are delighted to see her carrying a small jug of wine.
Jeha says that with beautiful women around, the wine is also more fragrant. Haku says that is how he got poisoned. Jeha asks if he is bringing up that old topic again. Tetora laughs and says that the water of Water tribe is used to ferment the grape wine. And of course, there is no poison inside. Kija looks already drunk. Jeha asks if Shisen and Sensui are already okay. Tetora says yes, it can be considered to be and speaking of that, they were unexpectedly able to see everyone here. Haku tells them that if they got something to say, then say it straightforward. “Quit beating around the bush and bribing us. You have a problem so you came to find us, right.” Yun is surprised. Tetora says that no wonder it is Haku. They bow down and say that they have a something to request regarding Lili. To their surprise, she informs them that Lili is currently banished from Suiko. She assures them that it isn’t that bad for them to be worried about it but as expected, she basically has no way of staying put since this time around, she said that she is going to Sei. <- country below Water tribe. Ayura says that both of them has no way of stopping Lili so even if it feels that they are bothering everyone but they still want to ask them to go to Sei and act as Lili’s bodyguard.
Comment: Honestly, there are a couple of ‘WTH’ scenes here for me. ^^; What’s up with that Suwon blushing? It seems out of character so perhaps, that is just for the comedy and for Gunte to keep on pestering him about it. I’m not sure if he is blushing over Yona or about what they are thinking he did with ‘that girl’. Then, Yun is worried about bloodstained clothes. Hm..Zeno has to be hacked up in order for him to use his powers. Next time, get him to strip naked before getting hacked then no worries about bloodstained clothes anymore. Of course, that would be an amusing sight, I mean, what would the enemies think if he goes charging at them naked? ^^ I got nervous when a hairpin was mentioned. Thankfully, there is no mention of the infamous hairpin so did she already move on? She didn’t say that she already has one. Jeha seems to be pampering her too much when obviously, they are very low on budget. Yun has to do more shopping since he doesn’t know how much decent clothes cost now. It would be amusing if Yona pinched Haku’s nose instead of touching his hair. It seems that there are some problems with the dragons being Yona’s harem. Jealousy?

For Suwon’s group, it is Taewoo who is out of place and he’s probably not inclined to forgive Suwon for what happened to Haku and what Suwon tried to do with Wind Tribe before. True enough, getting those lands didn’t exactly help their tribe and the one who most benefited from it is Earth tribe. Gunte’s arguments about Suwon being ‘good for Kouka’ don’t quite convince me that it is so. If there’s no war then there’s no war casualty. They are united for war and that rebellion happened after Fire helped Suwon ascend the throne and his head probably swelled up to think that he can do anything. Again, it is strange that he didn’t rebel while Iru is king when Iru is supposedly coward and pacifist. Iru might have given what he wanted so that there will be no blood shed. So during Iru’s reign, the five tribe meeting is just pure hypocrisy that they are okay with each other when actually, they are not. Anyway, Yona and others are going to Sei. I’m not too sure if they’ll bring the dragons with them since except for Zeno, they will immediately become useless. Unless they start to say that Sei used to be aprt of Kouka. I’m surprised that they are going to Sei when I thought with that weakness, they are all limited to journeys within Kouka. So, I think that they might encounter Suwon again in the near future. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. I think many will hate me for this. But I would really love to see Suwon falling in love and fighting for Yona. Hihihi

    Though I want Hak for her. They really make a good couple. I just want some thrill on their love life.

    *evil laugh*

    Thanks Kat, btw. You always make my months really really good with you summaries.

    1. I don't know which pairing I should ship anymore... Haku has always been on Yona's side, but at the same time I see them more as siblings when they bicker. I just don't know anymore =.=

    2. nono, i completely agree! I would love to see Suwon fight for Yona. Although I truly ship Haku and Yona, I still hope there's an arc about Yona reconsidering Suwon once more

    3. Hehe, is that so.

      It would be something if he did that but I'm not sure I would like it. I mean the guy is already a traitor/backstabber but he sure is thick-faced to still want to do that after everything he did like killing her father but then, she doesn't care too much about that to give him justice so I can let that pass, he attempted to kill her just because the others said so, and I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, never apologized for the aftermath of suffering she had to endure after being removed from her pampered life at the palace.

      I have no positive words to say about Yona if she still continues to love Suwon until now expect perhaps, her love is really blind. Hehe, that can be deemed as positive depending on one's perspective ^^

      You're welcome and glad to hear that ^-^

    4. <__< Thank you Kat for writing this, it's good to know someone has sense. To the others, do you guys even hear yourselves? Suwon killed her father, he murdered him in cold bold, and then he opted to have his men kill Yona since she had bared witness. Love is more than just wanting to kiss or be with someone, it's a foundation built on trust. One that Suwon so throughly shattered, the fact that he even think it's okay to blush at the thought of Yona make me sick. He doesn't have the right, even if some will say he can't control how he feels. He obviously made the choice to kill her father and rule the kingdom. With that choice he should stick it his aims be responsible enough to hold himself accountable for his actions. He should not and will not end up with Yona, even if he directly apologizes and explains the reasoning behind his actions. (rant end)

    5. Well I don't think anyone who likes to ship Yona and Suwon is senseless ; anyone is free to see things as they will. I'm honestly in the minority who will never ship Hak and Yona, because I see them more as siblings for one thing, and then because I'd be a lot more interested in a dark and complicated love story than their middle schoolers'-like fluffy cliché romance. Suwon actually never meant to hurt Yona, not uselessly at any rate, and even though he cared for her, leaving king Il (who didn't wish for him to become king anyways) further damaging the country would have led to Hiryuu castle falling because of the Fire Tribe's long-schemed rebellion. And I wouldn't think Su-jin would have overlooked (let alone hidden) Yona's survival like Suwon did. So I'd love to see this pair reconsidered (since it's not even one-sided like 99% of this manga's ships.). Moreover, Yona incarnates the human-loving all-forgiving Hiryuu's persona, even though she still lacks both the strength of wishing Suwon dead and the strength of forgiving him. I'd like, at least, to see her coming to term with her feelings for him (love or hate, or internal peace, but not the in-between ambiguity) even if they don't end together ; it'd still be a more interesting development than her oblivious school girl act with Hak.

    6. Ah..anonymous, the long schemed rebellion happened during Suwon's reign and not Iru's. Suwon was also helped by the Fire to do the dirty work to pressure Wind to agree to make Suwon king. If I'm not mistaken, they were working together to overthrow Iru and make Suwon king.

      I'm not convinced that Iru has to be overthrown for the Fire rebellion not to happen. I think the opposite happened. Iru was overthrown, Fire got overconfident and launched the rebellion. Unfortunately for him, he belittled Suwon. I think the decline is also because of the Generals because except for Wind and not sure about Water, I don't think the other generals are helping Iru out or someone is keeping information about the true situation of their tribes to make Iru look bad especially since they do not approve of his foreign policy. The people are also expecting dole-out/expecting their king to do everything for them.

      True, Suwon might not meant to hurt her but I do believe if his goals requires it, like she obstructs his goals, he will.

      I think I can somehow grasp what you are expecting/wanting to happen. I don't expect it here since that requires a really deep and complex characterization. Or at least, make me feel/empathize what they are going through/feeling. As you mentioned about the Hak and Yona thing being an oblivious school girl act, I think that is the level of this series.

    7. Thank you for your reply !

      As Suwon ascended to the throne, he said about the fire tribe "they're pretending to be loyal to the king but their eyes are always on the throne". As we saw during the Fire Tribe arc, it has been a pretty long time since they basically started destroying their own villages by enrolling anyone who can fight in their army. I'm only guessing here, but they needed to seem loyal until their rebellion with the Kai empire was ready ; they helped Suwon make his coup indeed, but if he didn't, they'd have pretended to be loyal to Iru nonetheless until they could launch an attack. Suwon most likely foresaw this (since he seems to understand the country on a quite high level) and scheduled his coup before it happened to be the one to deal properly with it. It was at least what the manga tried to tell, when Yona saw him during that battle and said "Ah, so that's why you became this country's king..." The way you see it is a very valid possibility as well ; I guess we can't know for sure what would have happened if something or the other didn't happen.

      It hurts me a little but I agree with you. With every new chapter, Yona's feelings become simpler and simpler, and so her story with Hak's most likely continuing this way until it becomes official, so despite this manga being a ship tease, I don't think we'll have any surprise in that regard.

    8. No problem.

      I see. It does seem that Iru's intel is really bad that he didn't know what Fire is doing to his villages when that is so obvious. All of the generals are oblivious, too. I find it hard to believe that only Suwon knows and everyone else are clueless about it. Oh well, maybe they only care about themselves. ^^;

      True. Honestly, I have high expectations for this series but it isn't quite delivering for me. =(

    9. Yeah I want Su-Won to eventually fall for Yona once he starts realizing that she is no longer an ignorant princess who wasn't interested in her kingdom or the people in it. She has a sense of justice and morale now, better than his in fact. If you think about it, every time he encounters her (in Awa and in water tribe), he was surprised by her, especially when he starts picking up hints that she's doing a lot for the kingdom since the time of her exile. Come on guys, this is a shoujo reverse harem anime! Su-Won represents the guy who the heroine loved at first but he had brushed her aside recklessly to pursue his own goals and dreams, which he will later regret as he realizes that the little girl he used to know has determination, love for her country, and courage to fight for those she care about (unlike him, he lacks that courage and believes that it's right to sacrifice the ones you love for the greater good of the whole). Yona will probably show him that she can improve the country without having to sacrifice those she care about to accomplish it. I think this will be Su-Won's biggest life lesson, which then may make him fall for her and acknowledge that he was wrong. On the flip side, if he hadn't done this, Yona might not have been aware of the poor conditions of Kouka. Personally, I feel that Su-Won is conflicted with his feelings and his goals and he will continue to be as he sees that Yona is also trying to improve Kouka with the help of her friends.

    10. I want to see Su-Won's true feelings beneath the facade he puts up. Up until this point, his entire life was about revenge and taking over the kingdom to make it a better place so he hasn't had time to process his own personal feelings for Yona, thinking that he only cherishes her as a childhood friend along with Hak. But what happens once he realizes his goals and Yona grows into a mature, knowledgeable, and courageous young woman? He's going to have time to process those feelings. It's hinted in the manga that every time he hears her name during one of his missions, he's surprised that she was there and of her accomplishments. She's one step ahead of him (Fire Tribe, going to Kai to get Iza seeds, and Awa). Wait till he finds out she was the one who killed Lord Kumji! If the four dragons and Hak have love and respect for her, Su-Won will have to eventually when he sees her true potential. I can't wait till Su-Won sees how great of a woman Yona actually is.

    11. Su-Won is being bombarded with elements of surprise of Yona's growth. I'm sure he can't help but acknowledge her spirit, determination, and courage. These recognitions, on top of what he already knows about her personality and traits as someone who grew up closely with her, will transform his feelings for her from "brotherly love" to possibly romantic love and respect (haven't you ever had that, when you later fell for someone you didn't consider at first but once getting to know that person well, unexpectedly you fall??). Su-Won seems to be the kind of guy who puts his goals first, rather than himself or his personal life first (typical of politicians and rulers), it isn't much different from the modern day young adult (trying to accomplish one's dreams, no time for love), so emotions like love would be seen as a distraction...until he reaches stability (when his goals are accomplished and he actually has time to process his feelings and emotions for everything that he has done). However, towards the more recent chapters in the manga, we see Su-Won struggling with his feelings for Hak and Yona and the wrongs he did to them and it is clearly evident, he is conflicted; especially now that he sees they are indirectly helping him improve Kouka Kingdom (probably because he believed they were ignorant of the poor conditions of the country and that they don't love it as much as he did). At this point, Su-Won is starting to see that Hak and Yona share the same love for the country as he and this will become a problem because it will make it difficult for him to cut them down for standing in his way because they aren't, they are actually doing what he's doing. So saying things like "I'll be sure to kill them next time I see them" isn't going to work for Su-Won anymore; therefore, he hasn't really tried to kill Hak or Yona at this point. Sadly, because Su-Won killed Yona's father, it leaves little room for rekindling the closeness they once had as children as Yona will never be able to forgive Su-Won as much as she loved him. The only possibility I can see for Su-Won is redemption and changing perspective of not having to sacrifice the lives of the ones you love to accomplish your goals. Although, I think Yona will respect Su-Won for his rationale in making Kouka a better place. Ultimately, I think Su-Won considers death after he accomplishes his goals because he probably feels really bad about killing King Il and losing both of his childhood friends (referring to the anime's opening song near the end where we see Su-Won holding a knife while embracing Yona with a sad expression on his face, it looked like he wanted her to kill him). SORRY FOR THE LONG ANALYSIS, I REALLY LIKE SU-WON AS THE ANTI-VILLAIN T.T. Plus, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a guy brush the girl who loves him aside only to regret it later once he sees her true potential ;).

    12. Is that the reason why Suwon is 'turned off' by Yona? Because she is an ignorant spoiled princess?

      Surprised by what she is doing = in love with her?

      Good point, hm..thinking of it, I guess this is basically a reverse harem with a grand epic setting that so far isn't delivering because it is a reverse harem first and foremost. I would agree with that but there is the factor of him murdering her father and to appease his followers, allowed them to go after her to be killed. I guess this is my personal opinion but I really don't take those types of people lightly especially 'traitors'/'backstabbers'. He has already done it once. Is it possible that he won't do it again if she hinders his goals?

      Sorry, I'm not too convinced that Yona is actively doing something to improve the country at least for the long term. She and her gang are mostly helping people who are in help, move on, help, move on and so on. Something like charity work.

      Hm..he doesn't seem conflicted to me. ^^; And, if Suwon is suppose to be a brilliant strategist and everything, he should know what he is doing and its consequences. I would assume that strategists are the type who weigh the pros and cons in their brains for a long period of time so that later on, there will be no regrets. I don't think Suwon will regret it. At most, it is most likely for losing Haku.

      Sorry, I'm not that convinced. This is the guy who ordered/gave permission to Fire to force Wind tribe to accept him as king. Haku gave up his title so that his people won't suffer. Rather than helping the people's poor conditions, he prioritize getting territories of other countries. The other stuff is 'troubleshooting' and making Earth tribe rich. I'm more convinced that most of what Suwon is doing is for himself/his father and to make it sound good, it is for the country. For me, the mangaka wasn't able to show Suwon doing something concrete and long term for all of the country to make me believe that everything he does is for the country even if almost everyone in the series believe so.

      Actually, based on Yona's thoughts and actions, I think she can forgive and understand Suwon. Hm..Suwon changing his perspective regarding that...maybe. Depends on what else are his goals and if they are opposing him.

      I don't think he feels bad for killing Iru. That is for revenge. I won't be surprised if he tossed the body somewhere to be fish food or dog food. Losing Haku, definitely. Losing Yona..not sure..maybe a bit, after she was his fangirl. =P

      No problem, it's good to read other people's point of view ^^ Hehe, for that kind of scenario, I find Skip Beat more satisfying ^^

  2. Personally, I would be more than happy to see Lili again. I really liked her and would love to have another arc involving her. I'm not entirely sure what Suwon is planning to do next, but since Jungi mentioned that the drugs aren't only Kouka's problem, I'm guessing that he is heading to Sei as well. I can't wait to see what happens! And I wonder how Suwon will react when he finds out that the dragons are real ;D

    1. Is that so ^^

      Yup, I think so, too.

      Hehe, I'm actually curious how the dragons will react when they see him again. =P Of course, if he knew about the dragons are real, Yona is supposedly 'Hiryuu', and he caused Yona suffering...isn't he in trouble?

    2. Yeah I wonder how the entire kingdom will react once they know that Yona is Hiryuu. I also would like to see how that's going to come about in the storyline.

    3. Hehe..true..if it is ever going to happen. ^^

  3. Thanks kat for the summary .


  4. Thank you! You have a good point, I wonder why the generals didn't rebel against King ill when he ruled? I hope the mangaka explains about that later on.
    I enjoy coming here to read the summaries because you reply to the comments. ^.^

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Indeed..and hopefully.


  5. Hey Kat,

    I don't know but all this topic about Lily going to Sei, it sounds for me that it would definitely be an encounter between Suwoon and Yona again. Hopefully this time would lead us to the "darkness" or the "sword."
    I am also wondering what Suwoon is planing. I mean I am not still convince that he is the king that Kouka needs.
    And something that keeps bothering me, is Yona's role in the story. Is she going to continue with her kind of Robin Hood character? and how will she help Kouka? and especially what will she do about Suwoon? Maybe I am questioning too much, but they are letting rule someone who planned the first conspiration towards the kingdom and the king, or maybe Suwoon's instentions are good but somehow he was manipulated...I don't know let's see what happen is the next chapter.

    Anyway thank for your summaries and you effort to upload them on time :)

    1. Hehe, I think so, too. Hm..what 'darkness'? I must have missed that part. The sword...hopefully.

      You, too, huh. I think he is just doing things like how would his father would if he were king.

      Currently, it seems that she is indeed going to continue the Robin Hood thing..actually, they are currently travelers who help people whom they come across like help sick villagers, help kid go back home, become bodyguard, etc. Right now, she isn't going to do anything about Suwon..unless, I guess, being forced to. Ah, that is because everyone believes that Suwon is the 'good king that the country needs now'. Manipulated...or brainwashed? It depends but right now, he doesn't look that he's being manipulated but the one doing the manipulating. ^^

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

    2. ohh you are right about Suwoon, it's just that sometimes his character is a little bit tricky, you know because sometimes he looks clueless and defenseless but actually that's his tool to manipulate others.

      Anyway about the 'darkness' Do you remember when the priest tell Yona about her prophecy?
      He mention something like 'the darkness has fallen upon the land .' Well we can suppose that 'the darkness' is the bad situation of the kingdom but they already said that Suwoon is the king that Kouka needs and he is actually doing a good job to gather all the tribes in peace...but I don't buy it because If that were true there wouldn't be too much for Yona to do.

      And of course she has learnt about random problems in certain areas of each tribe but as we can expect when the climax of the story comes, it has to be present a big problematic, for the sword , the shield, the dragons and Yona to inverne all together so that's why I deduce that we haven't learnt about 'the darkness' in Kouka that Ik Soo was refering to.

    3. Indeed.

      Ah, that darkness. You're right and currently, that is indeed what's happening. He is doing a good job so she is okay with traveling around and helping who needs help.

      True. If it isn't within the country since everything seem fine now and no hint of any 'darkness', I would think that it is external. Hm..the neighboring countries to team up and attack them? For now, since they are going to Sei, I would think that the travel would continue and they might even go to the country beside it, Shin. Then, after knowing all of the situation/finish their 'around the world', darkness arrives. As for the sword, maybe it will happen during the travel or when the darkness is about to arrive.

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    1. It was already okay. Shina's body is returned and they found a way out..the end of arc.

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