July 24, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 35]

Chihiro and Sho continue to lie down on their futon. She tells him that if they don’t get up again.. Sho agrees with her. He looks at her and kisses her. He tightly hugs her and says that he still doesn’t want to get up. Chichiro says ge..ez, it will soon be time to meet up with Rino and Ren. She tells him to quickly go take a shower. Sho happily says that they do it together but she insists that he go ahead. He asks what about it. To his shock, she pulls up her blanket and says that it is too embarrassing so she doesn’t want to. He shouts what’s embarrassing when he already saw everything. She tells him that the night and morning mood is different so don’t show that kind of ‘hard to believe’ expression. Hugging himself, he calls her terrible when last night she is obviously so cute. She urges him to quickly go. He says okay. He stands up facing her that she is shock to see his little friend. Sho says that he’ll quickly go and come back. After he went in the bathroom, she covers her blushing face with the blanket and mutters that she hopes that he would cover himself before going, geez~ it’s deliberate, right.
Then, she has a silly smile on her face. She thinks that since he isn’t finished, in order not to see each other’s nakedness, she’ll take advantage of changing clothes right now. Then, she finds her panty near the wall. She thinks that she felt very embarrassed at a bright place even if it is morning. She wonders if Sho is going to come out soon but if the door suddenly opens, then that’s bad.. So, she decides to try to pull her panty closes to her using her foot. When she finally grabs it with her hand, the bathroom door opens and Sho says that he nearly forgot the towel. Already wearing a yukata, Sho sees her holding her panty while lying face down on the futon. Amused, he asks her what she is doing. Surprised to see him, she tosses her panty at him and shouts for him to say something if he is going to open the door. He says that even if she says that.. He blushes in surprise that she tossed her panty at him. Chihiro shouts in horror. She can only tearfully think that at this time, she really wants to disappear.
Going out of the inn, Sho says that they must thank Rino and Ren for letting them be alone together. Chihiro agrees with him. Chihiro is apologetic to them since they didn’t contact them always until morning. She thinks that it wasn’t long since they saw each other yet it is a bit awkward yet they still have to properly thank them. Seeing the two waiting ahead, Chihiro calls out and greets them a good morning. Haggard with dark eyebags, Ren and Rino greet the two back. After the two look surprised, Sho asks what’s up with those dark eye circles. Rino says ah..yes..it is a bit.. Ren says that it was quite intense last night that he didn’t get to sleep. Rino says that Ren won’t let her sleep (as they play) and he’s too strong..how sleepy. Ren laments that Rino is unwilling to take it lying down [/to show weakness]..so he also got careless..and overdid it.. Chihiro misunderstands them and thinks that last night, they also did it and wasn’t Rino perplexed for such a long time yesterday at the onsen. <- same with you. She wonders what to do for as best friends, for them to do it on the same day..what kind of face should she have..
Sho asks them where they will have breakfast. Rino says that it is because yesterday is very intense that right now, she isn’t hungry. Chihiro freaks out over how serious it was and what does intense refer to. She wonders what Ren did that Rino, who always love to eat, would lose appetite. Sho suggests that they walk around so when hungry, that they’ll just eat while walking. While Chihiro is still in shock, Ren and Rino agree with Sho. Chihiro worriedly advises Rino to tell her if her body feels exhausted and don’t force herself. This puzzles Rino. Chihiro tells Ren to not overdo it. Puzzled Ren asks what she is referring to. Sho smoothly puts his arm around Chihiro and says, then, let’s go. This made her blush and look at him. He asks what it is. She says no..nothing.. She thinks that it seems that it is already twice when he held her around the waist. She wonders if she is mistaken that she felt that it is more intimate than before. His arm pretty much draws her all up to him. She finds this baffling for obviously it isn’t the first time so could it be because they had H [sex].
Chihiro thinks that it always felt that just by doing that, it has already become special unlike the usual times. She glances at him that Sho asks again what it is since she has been doing that starting a while ago. Chihiro insists that it is nothing. She thinks that she really did it with Sho and also..it felt that he doesn’t look the same as usual. He looks dazzling and besides, doesn’t he look handsome than usual. She is startled when Sho points out that they can see the view below from this side of the bridge. Chihiro says that they’re up so high that her legs feel weak. She looks down and says that it is a bit scary. Standing behind her, Sho says that like this, she won’t feel scared, right? This made her blush. She holds up her arms to the side in surprise when Sho hugs her from behind. She thinks that always until before, it is the first time he does this kind of thing to her.. Rino teases her that she is copying Titanic [<- movie; this is a famous lovers’ pose]. Embarrassed Chihiro denies it. She wonders what she is unintentionally doing. Sho puts his chin on her face that it made her exclaim in surprise.
Sho teases her about it and she says that it is really ticklish, Hinase. He asks what, just now, she called him Hinase. She corrects herself and calls him Sho. This made Sho quite happy. She asks if he is teasing her. He denies it. She calls him a liar. He asks if she hates him being like that. She says no..she doesn’t hate it. He says that’s good. Chihiro thinks that it turns out that this is how he acts spoiled or rather, perhaps, he is a bit elated [/light airy feeling] and if it is like that then, she is a bit happy. And, it can be said that she also feels elated. She closes her eyes and recalls that he also hugged her from behind, like this, last night. Those kisses were not the same in the past and also those never seen before different expressions of Shou..very gentle.. She snaps out of it and blushes profusely. She wonders why she recalled those as if she’s intoxicated. Sho suddenly kisses her and says that it is a surprise attack. When she is calling out his name, a boy points at them and shouts that those two at the side are playing kiss.
His mother shouts for the boy not to look. This made Chihiro ashamed as she recalls that they are in a public place. She pushes Sho’s back and says that they quickly go at that side. Sho says okay. She thinks that everyone is looking at them after that boy called out..wrong..psychological effect? Then, someone mentions about those lovers being so intimate as if they are married. Chihiro turns to look at the people and wonders if they are being talked about. She starts to wonder how people look at them. She starts to imagine people saying that they had H last night and definitely did it, since they are so passionate so this is a H trip~~ Chihiro looks tense for it felt that they are thinking that way. She is startled when Sho says that last night, she.. She quickly covers his mouth with hopes that he won’t say it. Removing her hand from his mouth, he asks what’s up. She apologizes. He tells her that he basically wants to say that she’s very cute while wearing the yukata. Chihiro says is that so. Sho is puzzled by her reaction. Chihiro looks aghast for that startled her and she thought that he is going to say something about his thoughts regarding the H.
Then, Sho starts to say that while sleeping.. Chihiro screams out loud that Sho stares at her. Pointing at a store, she comments that this roasted squid looks delicious. Sho says that he is saying that there was a thunder sound at midnight but..by the way, that is an ordinary souvenir shop and there is no roasted squid. Chihiro apologizes to him and he decides to drop the topic. Chihiro sighs and thinks that it is a wrong judgment so isn’t she minding it too much. Sho passes by a shop and says that there is onsen steamed roll here. As he goes inside, Chihiro wonders if they are going to feed each other, what to do..  After buying one piece, Sho holds half of the bun to Chihiro. So she opens her mouth but to her surprise, he puts it on her hand. He tells him to first eat the half, and there are all sorts of snacks here. She bites into the bun and thinks that it turns out it isn’t feeding each other yet how come she feels disappointed since he unexpectedly refused when she had a bit of expectation. Then, he touches her face to say that there is some bean paste on her. Then, he licks his finger. She blushes and thinks that he is so seductive that her heart couldn’t be at peace.
Sho murmurs that kind of reaction [of hers] seems to be what he thinks as awareness. She asks him what he just said. He says that it is nothing. He holds her around the waist again. Chihiro isn’t quite used to it since she couldn’t properly walk and their bodies are sticking to each other too much. Then, he leans his head on hers. She quickly backs away and shouts no..in the end, it is still a no-!! Since she couldn’t take it, she tells him that he sticks to her too much so don’t keep on sticky-sticky with her and it is forbidden until they go home. “Understand..” She is surprised by his serious reaction. He says that is true, starting from today he was too overjoyed that got greedy. He seriously apologizes to her and says that he won’t do it again. Sweatdropping, she says no..she isn’t saying it like that.. Walking away, he tells her that he won’t go near her again within the 3m radius. She tells him to wait, she didn’t say that it has to be that serious. Hiding at the corner, he shouts for her not to come near, absolutely, absolutely, don’t come near! He continues to shout that from today on, he’ll walk behind her at the distance of three steps! Turning away, she pouts and says that there’s no need..and she also didn’t say for it to be up to that degree.
Sho suddenly jumps to her and says is that so. He smiles at her that she relents and says that they can hold hands. So, he happily holds her hand. She blushes and thinks that she was also the one who said that it is strictly forbidden.. Rino calls out to them and says that they haven’t bought souvenirs from this place so how about they all buy something. Inside, upon seeing the boxes that Sho is carrying, Chihiro says that’s a lot. He says that he’ll give them to his classmates, friends at the club and also her family. He explains that because they got her mother’s permission, so he felt that he should buy a gift. This made Chihiro blush. Saying is that so, she thinks that he considers a lot of things. He suggests that they buy a pair of lovers’ item. She acts as if she isn’t too interested that Sho says that in the end, she hates it then it cannot be helped. He turns away and says, that side has a lot of delicious food.
Shocked and aghast Chihiro tries to say something but in the end, she calls herself an idiot for she should have said ‘okay’ and how come she couldn’t say that. Rino asks gloomy Chihiro what’s up. Chihiro mutters that it is nothing, she is a bit defeated by her own uselessness. Rino asks if she finished buying souvenirs since their train is in the noon so they’ll leave soon. Chihiro says okay, she’ll go buy. And, she notices a handmade wristband on display. Then, Sho asks the others who came out of the store where Chihiro is. Rino says that she’s coming and it seems that she went to buy a souvenir. Chihiro rushes to them to apologize for making them wait. Sho says that it is alright, there’s no need to hurry. He asks if she enthusiastically chose souvenirs for her family. She says actually, for him.. She hands him a small package. She says that even if it is ordinary but do not laugh at her okay.
Sho opens the package and it is a pair of wristbands. She tells him that this is thanks for the usual times and the trip. She says that if he agrees, they can tie and wear them always. Sho smiles and says that actually, he also has something to give her. This surprises her. She opens the gift and it is also a pair of the same wristbands. She says that it is quite a coincidence and the colors are the same. Sho says that their hearts are linked as one but for them to exchange, isn’t it the same. She tells him not to say anymore, even if she also thought of it. He says that it is alright, they’ll mutually wear it. He calls out to her and says that they’ll always be together. This made her blush. She smiles and says yes. The two hold hands which has two wristbands on each wrist. Chihiro thinks that in the end, Sho’s smile is unrivaled. Next chapter is the finale.
Comment: So, this is pretty much the aftermath of the H. Chihiro being Chihiro tends to think too much, be overly conscious and etc. Of course, Sho likes to tease her as usual. In the end, it is lovey-dovey for both. For those waiting for Rino X Ren, that would be in the mangaka’s new series, 10万分の1, next month in Cheese. It turns out that she decided to separate their love story in a different series rather than put it in this one which pretty much focused on Chihiro x Sho. I probably won’t be summarizing the new one because this faster Chinese scanlation group won’t be doing it, the ones at raffmanga will most probably picking the new series up and the other Chinese scanlation would most likely be behind again if they took it up. ^^;; Scans by 红线漫画貼吧

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  1. Thanks for the translation Kat!! Love this series too, I can't believe that the next chapter will be the last one. Too bad you won't be translating the Rino x Ren story cause I'm curious about them as well, but it is alright. Can't wait for the last chapter :3

    1. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^