June 25, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 63]

Summer vacation has ended and it is now September in Tokyo. A guy says that he frequently see her at the station and thinks that she is really cute. “Miss Kobayashi Megumi, *holds out his hand* please go steady with me” Mego apologizes to him for currently, she’s already engaged. The guy is shock that she is engaged when obviously, she is still a high schooler. Slightly bowing to him, Mego says that she is very happy that he has that kind of feelings, thank you very much. The guy tells her to wait, at least go on a date once..please.. And, he is surprised to see three guys appearing behind Mego. It is Chiharu, Mogami and Toudou who ask the guy what he wants with Mego. The guy got scared that he shouts nothing and runs off. Mego turns around to her ‘guarding group’ and calls their names. Chiharu says that it is troublesome while Aoi isn’t around since there will be some bandits who’ll try to use every single opportunity [to woo Mego] but then, she is already engaged with Aoi...? Mego says yes, actually, she wanted to immediately marry Aoi but because her father opposes it at all costs.. Chiharu sweatdrops and says that is inevitable.
A month ago, Satsuki exclaimed what did she say!? Mego shouted that right now, she is going to marry Aoi and afterwards, from today on, she’ll live in Sendai. Angrily pointing at her, her father scolded her about what about school, work and living expenses. “Do you want Sanada to shoulder all of that!?” Trembling in tears, Mego said that she won’t study anymore and she’ll directly go to work here at Sendai. Aoi bluntly tells her that is no good. With a heart break, Mego thought that he no longer wants her. Aoi explained that she absolutely cannot abandon her studies like that for him. “I wish that you’ll properly cherish your friends, family and future dream. I wish that when we get married, your important people would also be able attain happiness from you, Mego.” End flashback. Mego thinks that it is because Aoi is very kind so he doesn’t wish for her to abandon the things that she have. She tells the three that she’ll wait until she properly finishes her studies and get her parents’ approval, and then, she’ll definitely go to Aoi’s side. Teary-eyed Mego thinks that every time she thinks of that dream, she becomes extremely worried. “So, please. Before I go to his side, by all means, do not let anything happen--..” The trio is moved by this.
On the other side, Mitsuru is also gradually going to face the decisive day. Three days before the national mock exam. Mitsuru is darkly muttering about when part of X integer is substituted for K integer... X^2+y^2=(k+y)^2+y^2=2y^2+2ky+k^2.. Sitting on the bench beside Asuza, he asks her if it is correct. She asks him if he is okay since his facial complexion doesn’t look that good. Mitsuru says is that so, he is totally okay.. And he suddenly faints on Azusa’s lap. While Mitsuru is sleeping in his bed, his mother tells worried Azusa that Mitsuru isn’t getting enough sleep which increased [the chance of being] anemic. Basically, his physical strength can be said to be excessive and possibly, it is caused by his very late night studying lately. She thanks Asuza for bring him over. Azusa blames herself for this since she blindly indulges into Mitsuru’s kindness that she got him involved into this crisis when he has nothing to do with her family. She wonders if she would just be a spectator? Even if it is a good thing for Mitsuru to win against Shougo and inherit the Tokugawa family business..
She clenches her fist then kisses Mitsuru. She thanks him and apologizes. To her surprise, Mitsuru suddenly grabs her hand and tells her that she won’t be going to Shougo, right. Teary-eyed and flustered Azusa calls out his name. Then, she protests that it is because she made him bear some unnecessary things that he would even get caught in some unhappy things. He calls her stupid for she shouldn’t decide on her own what makes him unhappy or not. “Because there is no more unhappy thing compared to losing you. For me, Tokugawa Asuza is a girl worth betting my life and [worth] fighting for.” This moved Azusa that she hugs him tightly and tearfully asks if she can always stay at his side. Holding her, Mitsuru exclaims of course and he won’t submissively hand her to anyone. The next day, Asuza sees Shougo waiting for her while she is walking. He says that the national mock exam is for tomorrow so how’s the condition of her prince. Passing by him, Azusa tells him that there’s no need for him to worry for she believes in Mitsuru.
Shougo says that he really doesn’t understand for she is beautiful and intelligent so what’s good about that Kobayashi Mitsuru when he is just a passerby that one can see everywhere in the streets, that’s all. Azusa says is that so, and someone who is intelligent like him would definitely won’t be able to comprehend it. And, finally, it is the day for the national mock exam. Riding in a bus, Mitsuru thinks that it is bad for he’ll be late. He angrily complains why there is a traffic jam today. He curses and thinks that it is probably faster if he makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Azusa is waiting at the testing site. She wonders how come Mitsuru hasn’t arrived yet and did something happened.. [<- doesn’t he have a cellphone?] In his car, Shougo’s driver informs him that there is a traffic jam and it seems that there is a collision in front. Shougo presumes that it is faster if he got off the car so he got off. Since he has 10 minutes left, he decides to run so that he’ll be in time for the exam. Just then, he bumps into one of the three talking delinquent-looking guys walking towards him. The guy grabs Shougo and tells him to quickly apologize.
Thinking that he is in a hurry, Shougo hits away the guy’s hand and blames the other party for not paying attention in front. He asks isn’t it a bad behavior for them to walk side by side at the sidewalk. “Sorry, I’m not free to talk with you people right now since I don’t have time.” This angers the three delinquents. They recognize his uniform to be K University affiliated primary school and that is a school where the rich goes. They demand that he gives them money as an apology. Shougo is flustered when the three grabs him. Just as he tells them to let him go, Shougo notices Mitsuru stopping midway from running and looking at him. Puzzle Mitsuru wonders what’s up with that guy. Shougo looks away. One of the delinquents asks what’s up and is this guy his companion. Without hesitation, Mitsuru waves goodbye and says no, he totally doesn’t know him. <- passerby. Shougo becomes tense for this is bad because if Mitsuru takes the exam, then he’ll win by default..!! To Shougo’s surprise, Mitsuru suddenly hits the guy holding him [Shougo]. The guy instantly falls down. Mitsuru grabs Shougo’s wrist and asks what he is staring for, quickly run!! So, Mitsuru runs while pulling Shougo along with him. This made Shougo remember Azusa’s answer that the intelligent Shougo won’t comprehend it. Flashback: She smiled and told him that the ‘stupidity side’ is very thorough. “I like his twinkling dazzling stupidity and straightforwardness.” End flashback. He realizes the truth of what Azusa told him. And, Azusa is still waiting for Mitsuru at the site.
Comment: So, Mego’s ex-‘suitors’ are now her bodyguards which is quite nice of them because even if they are doing it for her, it is also for Aoi. But, it goes to show that Mego has also become popular with guys. I don’t really like Azusa being portrayed as helpless but I guess it is necessary to make Mitsuru shine. Their lovey-dovey is nice. I wonder if this incident will make Shougo have a change of heart. And for now, he doesn’t seem to be the type of antagonist who would do underhanded things. What Mitsuru did is indeed stupid but then, it is the right thing to do. I guess he also doesn’t want to win by default. I do wonder what is the possibility that both of them won’t reach the testing site? =P I really would have wanted Azusa to take that exam and top it so that she can show her father that she has the brains to take over their business. ^^ Hehe..impossible. =P Scans by 工作室

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  3. Thank you for your summaries as always.
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      Toudou is glasses guy who had a crush on Mego.