May 22, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 45]

Makoto is walking around the hospital’s hallway. She had already run over here so early in the morning but how should she start the conversation with Iriya. If she is asks too deep about it, he would wonder who is she [to ask] and what’s up with her mother [for not teaching her some manners] but then, she wants to hear him say his sincere words. She feels like crying for she really doesn’t know how to talk. She is startled when Iriya appears behind her and calls out to her. She asks how come he isn’t at the ward. He tells her that he was discharged this morning so he wants to greet [/thank] the nurses. Makoto asks if he is already okay since he is discharged. Iriya says yes, and Yusa’s uncle will handle the discharge procedures later on. She says is that so. Iriya thanks her for coming over for he thought that she’ll hate him because of what happened yesterday. Makoto protests how can she possible hate him, and about that.. Iriya smiles and pats her head. He tells her that the thing yesterday is really already over. Looking away, he says that everyone believes that mother-child relationship is very good but there are exceptions. This made Makoto silent so Iriya apologizes [for making her feel awkward]. He asks a favor of not mentioning it since his mother is coming back today.
Recalling his parents, she wonders if it is really okay and even if she wanted to ask.. Teary-eyed Makoto says that what he wants to treasure, she’ll also treasure. Makoto decides that right now, this is also okay.. Then, Ken, Yusa’s uncle, arrive. Iriya apologizes for specially making him come over. He tells him that it is okay, and did he already finish with the preparations to be discharged. Iriya says yes. Ken asks him if he knows when his mother is coming back to the country. Iriya says that he still doesn’t know but it is an afternoon flight. Ken says is that so. Because of his expression, Iriya asks him what it is. Ken tells him that it is nothing and he’ll wait for his mother before talking about it. Iriya is very curious and urges Ken to tell him. Ken tells him that he listened to what Makoto said yesterday. He was very curious that he investigated it. He asks wasn’t his mother’s home town in Kyoto. Iriya says yes. Ken says that a few days ago, his biological mother seems to have paid a visit there. She was immediately driven away. Afterwards, her family seems to have also started investigating. In the end, it seems that she ran away from the place where she was hospitalized and right now, it seems that her whereabouts is unknown. This surprises Iriya.
Holding some papers, Ken says that he went to ask that hospital and after explaining to them the situation, they gave him the medical records. While Iriya and Makoto look at the papers, Ken says that his biological mother’s life is already short. The two realizes what she meant that she doesn’t have much time if Iriya doesn’t decide on it earlier on. Ken says that he had told the nearby policemen to contact him if they had seen her. That is her own desire[/opinion] so this is very difficult. Even if it is this kind of situation but perhaps, she’ll come and see Iriya. Iriya says that basically, she seems like dead already [to him]. Giving the papers back to Ken, Iriya says that it already has nothing to do with him, sorry. Makoto asks Iriya about looking for his mother. Iriya says that it is fine and there’s no need to go. Makoto tries to protest. Iriya repeats that it is fine, there’s no need to go, and he already said that there is an exception. Makoto says that perhaps, there is an exception, but he isn’t like that, right!? They were interrupted by Uki, together with Yusa and Nanami, greeting them. Uki explains that they heard from Yusa that Iriya got hospitalized and she thought that Makoto would also be here. She asks if he can already go home..and the mood is a bit strange.
Makoto says that it is about Iriya’s mother. Uki asks what happened for isn’t his mother currently in Europe. Makoto says about isn’t that.. She glances at Yusa who realizes whom Makoto is referring to. Yusa asks if it is that repulsive woman. While Uki and Nanami are puzzled, Yusa asks Makoto if it is for real, she is here! Iriya tries to intervene but Makoto tells Yusa that she doesn’t know but it seems that right now, she was hospitalized and she is still nearby here yesterday. Ken freaks out and says so, in the end! Makoto says that if they don’t quickly find her. Iriya tells her that he said that there’s no need. Yusa exclaims that this isn’t good for he absolutely wants to viciously beat her up. This made Iriya and Ken aghast. Ken nervously tells Yusa to wait, he can also understand his feelings but that is very bad.. Yusa exclaims that he doesn’t care and tells the girls to also help. Makoto tells her friends that she’ll explain things in detail later on. Later on, Uki says, so they are going to look for someone but then, they don’t know what she looks like. Makoto tries to tell them that her hair is very long and very soft.. Makoto shows them a drawing. Nanami asks if there are other clues for they’ll be just looking randomly..
Thinking of clues, Makoto says that she got her cellphone. Yusa says that he’ll go and call it. There is no answer which infuriates Yusa. Makoto suggests that they use the computer software to trace it [GPS] and perhaps, they’ll know the probable location. That is if she didn’t turned off the cellphone. Uki scolds Makoto to quit imagining strange scenarios!! [<- don’t be pessimistic] At a computer shop, they found where Iriya’s mother is and it is nearby. Uki decides that they split up while looking for her since there might be some inaccuracy. Nanami offers to stay at the computer store to confirm the location and if there is any movement. Uki tells Makoto to move together with Iriya since she doesn’t have a cellphone. Iriya looks apprehensive about this. Soon, they were all looking for her. Makoto finds out that she is going towards the river. They found Iriya’s mother sitting by the bridge’s handrail. Makoto calls out to her. The mother asks what is it, why are they here. Makoto asks what she is doing there. The mother says that she is touring [/visiting] the river. Makoto asks if she is The mother asks why they know. Makoto says that they just heard about it. The mother sighs and says is that so.
The mother tells them that she wanted to leave the place at ease but how come every time she wants to do something good, there is always a bad outcome. It is the same with her older sister..and also with Iriya.. Flashback: At a construction company, a man paid the mother her salary for the day. The mother thinks that with this, she can pay for the rent. Then, she noticed a Bunny capsule toy. It is the Bunny that Iriya told her that he likes since it is cute. The mother thought that he likes it but she doesn’t have any money. That’s right, today is his birthday so she decided to buy one. She wondered if he will be happy about it. Then, a truck headed toward her direction and hit her. Later on, she woke up at a hospital. The nurse immediately called the doctor. The doctor told the mother that she was sleeping for two months. She didn’t have any identification on her at the time of the accident so can she tell him her name. She said that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know who she is, where she is from, and she totally doesn’t remember. After a year of therapy and rehabilitation, she found the capsule toy in her bag. She remembered Iriya. She quickly ran out and went to her old apartment. She was told by a woman that the kid at room 203 was taken in by a relative.
Then, she went to her sister’s place to see Iriya happily watering the sunflowers with her older sister. She thought that if he is there, he’ll have a happy life. End flashback. Iriya asks why would she say it in such a nice way and does she think that he’ll forgive her, then on hindsight, she’ll also come.. His mother says it isn’t so. “Didn’t you already hear about it? About the punishment, there is already one earlier on. *points to her head* There is a bomb here. It’s called, tumor, right? It was incidentally found out during the check-up after the car accident. I ran away. 10 years had already passed and it is already too late, right. I basically planned not to see you again throughout my life. A few days ago, we had a brief encounter in Kyoto. I thought that God is telling me to go. ..but, I only gave you unhappy memories, right. I won’t give you any trouble again. *smiles* I’m sorry for coming to see you.” To the couple’s surprise, the mother leans back from the handrail and falls down into the river. There is a scene of his mother asking young Iriya before, “Did you know? If rabbits are too lonely, they will die. Are humans also like that?”
Comment: So, it turns out that she is indeed dying. It turns out that she got into an accident and had amnesia. Actually, even if there is no amnesia, Iriya could have died with no food for two months. That would be a bit forgivable since it was an accident even if Iriya couldn’t. Well, probably it is because she didn’t explain things and got him back when she got her memory back. Things might still be repairable since Iriya was still young then. What I’m irritated with is for her to come now, ruffle Iriya’s feathers, then to please him, try/had committed suicide in front of him. What is she trying to do, give him a guilt trip? That would be another terrible memory for Iriya to shoulder. She really isn’t fitting to be a mother for she might have thought that she is doing him a favor by killing herself. ^^; And, it is kind of his wish for her to disappear. ^^;; Does she really think that will make Iriya happy? If she wanted to do that, she could at least not do it in front of him. Hm..whether she survives or not, I think Iriya might take this quite hard. ^^; Maybe Makoto will also go on a guilt trip for insisting that they find the mother and she ended up doing that. ^^;; Scans by 离境

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