May 13, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapters 70-72]

At the dojo, Atohira comments that it has been so many years already and it is here where they met for the first time. <- Atohira defeated Kawasumi. Recalling Atohira’s letter about this being the last time, Kawasumi asks if he is going to give up on karate. Frowning Atohira says that in any case, he’ll leave this place by spring and right now, it is a good opportunity to leave. Looking at the place, Atohira says that it is really great to have met Kawasumi. This surprises Kawasumi. Smiling Atohira tells Kawasumi that this is the last so Kawasumi better win. At home, Suiren is uneasy and glum. She decides to make some bagels for they aren’t very sweet. She looks at the clock and it is 1:40pm. Then, she is chopping some vegetables. It is already 3pm. Ding dong. She immediately opens the door to see Kawasumi. Kawasumi smiles at her and she hugs him. Suiren didn’t ask him about what happened that day.. Whether it is Kawasumi or it is her, there are some things that are only hidden in one’s world. It is not at all demanding to understand the other’s everything. Even if it is like this, they still collide with each other. That is what she thinks.
Later at Kawasumi’s house, Ryousuke holds a package and tells Kawasumi that Hajime said that he passed the exam. Holding the package that Ryousuke gave him, Kawasumi asks what is this. Ryousuke says that it is a congratulatory gift for Hajime for getting enrolled. He asks Kawasumi to explain that to Hajime for him. Kawasumi tells him to give it to Hajime himself. Ryosuke tries to leave but Kawasumi grabs his collar and tells him to quickly come in [the house]. Ryousuke says that there’s no need. Then, he is startled for Hajime is staring at them. Ryousuke nervously exclaims that he heard that Hajime got in the college here with the highest grades, congratulations, really amazing then he’ be going ahead. Hajime tells him to come inside. Aghast Ryosuke says ok..ay. While eating the food that the Kawasumi’s mother is serving, Ryosuke mentions that Atohira also got in college and he didn’t think that Atohira would go to college. Meanwhile, Atohira is busy packing at his house. There is a knock and two women come in to say, otsukaresama [/good job]. Atohira asks what is it and don’t come when he is almost finish doing this. [<- come earlier to help him]
They tell him that he’s so cold. He asks who’s cold. While offering a lollipop to Atohira, the women ask if he cannot stay at home when his and their colleges are also very near. Atohira says that he cannot stand dealing with his sisters the whole day. Atohira becomes tense when his sisters look at him and starts to frown and cry. Starting to mess up his luggage as they vent their anger, they shout that he doesn’t know the happiness of having older sisters. Atohira shouts that kind of thing is very annoying and don’t throw the luggage. Soon, he managed to get his noisy sisters out of the room. To be sure, he taped the door. While packing again and eating his lollipop, Atohira thinks that women really have no way of restraining their feelings. He looks at the side and sees a picture of everyone in the karate dojo. He puts it on the table and smiles at it. Spring came. Atohira and other guys graduate. Koharu and Koume also graduate. Suiren and others are on a ski field trip. Everyone is having fun. And, there is a picture of the couple in ski outfits. In the end, the passing of time becomes faster day by day.
After spring break, Suiren is in 3A section with Yuri and Meguna. Kawasumi is in 3D section with Ryosuke, Kawata and Aya. During the school opening, both male and female students blush as they watch Suiren pass by them. One of the guys asks why he is blushing. The other guy says is because.. They wonder who is that beautiful person, an actress? Someone says that she is called ‘Takane-chan’ but it seems that she already have a boyfriend. Another guy asks why she is called Takane-chan. One of the guy says that of course, it is because she is a ‘Takane no Hana’. The other guy says ah, so that’s it. Suiren looks up the sky as the wind blows away the sakura petals. She smiles and thinks that it is high school’s last April. At the corridor, Suiren and the others are talking about it being Kawasumi’s birthday today and what are Suiren’s plans. Walking towards them, Aya sees them and is about to call them when Meguna says that she gave her boyfriend food that she made herself. Yuri mentions about guys dividing the handmade things they like and don’t like into two groups. Meguna agrees.
Aya is watching them when Yuri calls out to her. Aya asks if they are going to the roof right now, she is also going. And, they walk together to the roof. While eating lunch, someone asks how Aya’s class is. Aya says that it is truly horrible. Someone asks why, isn’t she in the same section with Ryousuke. While eating, Aya says so she is saying that it is horrible and she simply does not want him to enter her line of sight. While Yuri nervously laughs, the other two girls look at Aya. Narration: “Even if it is like this, just like before, spring has arrived.” Aya asks if Suiren is okay. Holding her melon pan, Suiren nods and says yes. Yuri says that at present, one can say that it is very ordinary because Suiren has them. She assures Aya not to worry for it is alright. Aya says is that so. Narration: “Obviously, there was change, and obviously currently changing but it seems that there is also ‘cannot change’.”
After eating, the girls walk by the courtyard. Aya notices Ryousuke happily smiling after Mina gave him a drink. This made Aya scowl and be in a bad mood. When Ryousuke ran off, Aya is surprised to see Mina looking at her, and more surprised when Mina goes towards her. After a pause, Mina is telling Aya something when Meguna turns around to see the two. Meguna calls out to Aya so Mina says sorry and goodbye. After she left, Meguna asks Aya what they are talking about. Aya says that Mina suddenly asked her what type of person does she like. Meguna says that girl is Ryousuke’s girlfriend, right. Aya says yes and what is it. Meguna sheepishly smiles and says nothing, just now..she thought that they are quarrelling so she got worried. Aya asks quarrelling, how can that be. Looking tense, Meguna asks Aya if she would listen to what she has to say. While they are sitting by the bench, Aya asks what it is. Meguna says that saying this might startled her but she thinks that Mina ought to have noticed it already and that is, Aya likes Ryousuke. Aya scowls and says, “Ha ah?”
Aya sweatdrops while Meguna tries to say that she and like how Aya is, she [Meguna] also liked a person who had a girlfriend before. Aya asks what, quickly shut up, what’s with that. Standing up, Aya says that she’s going when they go to this place to talk about this. Meguna tells her to wait but Aya refuses. Chasing after Aya who is walking fast, Meguna says that in her eyes, Aya likes Ryousuke. Aya tells her to quickly shut up. Turning around, Aya angrily says that it is super disgusting, a guy like him who doesn’t know shame and stupidly laughing hehe non-stop. Meguna asks isn’t that Ryousuke’s strong point. Aya shouts for her not to say that. Then, she bumps into Ryousuke. They both fall down on the floor. Ryousuke says that hurts. When Aya is about to apologize, Meguna asks Ryousuke if he is okay. Ryousuke says ya.. He smiles and gives them a thumbs up. He assures them that he is okay. While Aya is watching him, Meguna asks if he is really okay. Standing up, Ryousuke says he’s okay, he has revived, goodbye. The girls watch him leave.
Later on, while walking, Ryousuke blows his wrist and thinks that it really hurts, his wrist got twisted. He is startled when Aya appears behind him and asks if he is okay. She says that his wrist looks painful. He assures her that it is okay. Then, Aya disappears then comes back with a cold pack [I think]. She apologizes and gives it to him. She says that if this didn’t cure him well, she’ll pay for the treatment expenses. Ryousuke sweatdrops and assures her again that it is really okay. Taking the cold pack, he happily thanks her. As Aya watches him leave, Meguna and the other girls are eavesdropping at the corner. Yuri whispers if it is really like that for she totally didn’t notice. Meguna says that it is very obvious. She asks if Suiren had noticed it. Suiren shakes her head. Meguna says that it appears that Aya also didn’t notice it herself. Yuri protests that even if it is like that, the other party has a girlfriend. It is a love that cannot be actualize so she can only give it up.
To the two’s shock, Meguna says that it isn’t so since there are few couples whose relationship would always go very smoothly. This made the two nervous and say is that so. The school bell is ringing so Meguna says that they should go. Yuri says that there are times when Meguna says really frightening things. Suiren nods in agreement. Yuri wonders out loud if Aya would be happier if she always didn’t notice it. At the café, Suiren asks Aya what she wants to do that will make her feel the happiest. Aya says that when she is cooking or perhaps eating a delicacy, and also when she is together with the little bears. Holding a teddy bear, Aya asks it if it wants to sleep. Suiren blushes and says that she’s so cute. This made Aya blush and asks Suiren asks what is she saying, she isn’t a bit cute. Then, Kawasumi arrives so Aya stands up to leave. She tells Suiren that it [she is at her happiest] is also when she sees Suiren happy. Kawasumi is puzzled while Suiren blushes. Suiren wants Aya to become happier. She is surprised when Kawasumi apologizes for being late. Snapping out of it, Suiren gives him a package and greets him a happy birthday. She tells him that this is clothes for jogging. Blushing Kawasumi thanks her.
Holding the package, he says that he is already 18 when obviously when he entered high school at 15 years old and quickly became 16. Blushing a bit, Kawasumi asks if she wants to go take a walk outside. Soon, they are walking by the beach. Suiren recognizes the place for this is the place where they went to an excursion for the very first time. She calls out to him so he looks back. She shakes her head then follows him again. Suiren thinks that his back, the face’s side view, everything makes her love him. Kawasumi says that they had their excursion here and he is very sorry that he bumped her at that time. Suiren says that it is okay. Thinking that she’ll convey it to him right now, Suiren grabs the hem of Kawasumi’s coat and says, “Like. *Kawasumi turns to face her* Let’s be together always.” The water reaches Suiren’s shoes which startles her. She loses her balance and falls down on the ground. Surprised Kawasumi asks if she is alright. He holds out his hand to her and she takes it. He holds her tightly and pulls her to him. The two blushes and they look into each other’s eyes.
The blushing two quietly look at each other as their faces are only an inch away. He asks if she hates it. She replies that she..doesn’t at all. And, they were interrupted by a barking puppy. A woman calls out to the puppy. After getting the puppy, she embarrassingly nods at the two and left. This made the two blushes really red. Kawasumi lets go of Suiren’s hand. He slightly covers his face and apologizes to her. Scratching his head while walking away, he says that while outside, he always felt that he is very greedy. Noticing his reddish ears, Suiren says not at all. She tells him that it is in this place..for the first time..she knew that she likes him.. Kawasumi glances back at her. Suiren thinks that just now, the mood is very good so what should she do in order for it to come back once again.. Then, Kawasumi stands beside Suiren as they watch the sea. Suiren doesn’t want to go back.
After a while, Kawasumi asks if she really doesn’t hate it. She tells him that it is impossible for her to think that way. He holds her hand, leans close to her, and they kiss. He holds her hand tighter. Blushing Suiren kept on thinking ‘like’ and it feels like her feelings of like for him is going to spill out from her heart. While holding hands and walking together, Suiren thinks that she already doesn’t know why she likes him nor does she know what to do to stop this feeling but in any case, it will always be there from here on. At 3-D section, Kawasumi and friends are chatting. Aya is watching Ryousuke happily laughing and talking which puts her in a really bad mood. She takes out her bag that has a bento box. Just when she is about to go to Ryousuke, Mina calls out to him. Aya quickly sits back on her chair as Ryousuke talks with Mina. Holding the bento box, Aya felt bad that she injured his hand and it isn’t good for her not to do anything for him.
This is the only think that she can think of doing something for him. She looks flustered while watching Ryousuke happily chatting with Mina. At the roof, her friends are surprised that Aya brought two bento boxes for lunch. While they watch her eat, Yuri wonders why Aya has to bento boxes. She wanted to ask but couldn’t bring herself to say it out. Suiren is speechless. Meguna thinks that Aya was going to give that to Ryousuke. To their surprise, Aya asks them to tell her what love feels like. Yuri says about that, if she can write a love poem to convey it. Aya tells her to forget about the love poem. Meguna says that one would feel very happy just being able to see the person one likes, and that is unrequited love. Munching her food, Aya says okay. Suiren says that even if there is this light as feather feeling, there are times when her chest has this sudden tightness to it. Aya says okay. Then, she recalls Meguna mentioning to her about liking Ryousuke. She thinks that she only felt that she’s in a very bad mood, that’s all so that’s great.
After she finishes eating two of the bento boxes, Aya thinks that if it is that guy, he’ll definitely accept it if she gave it to him. Aya says that she’s going down to the snack counter. Wondering if Aya still wants to eat, Yuri sweatdrops and says okay. At the snack counter, Aya is about to buy a long wrapped food when Ryousuke grabs it and exclaims that it is the last one. Noticing her, Ryousuke timidly tries to give it to Aya. After Aya paid for it, she watches Ryousuke sighing. She calls out to him and asks if his hand is already okay. While she walks straight to him, Ryousuke timidly says that it is already okay. She gives him the snack and quickly leaves. Frightened Ryousuke tells her to wait, what is this. Aya says that it is nothing. He goes eh- Then, he thanks her loudly. She stops and scolds him for his voice is too loud. Ryousuke can only timidly apologize.
Comment: And, we finally got our kiss. Nicely done in a natural way at a very special place on a special day ^^ Atohira seems to have already given up. The mangaka left it up to our imagination as to who won though Kawasumi probably kept did what Atohira told him which is to win. In a way, that might help Atohira to move on. It seems that Atohira had women issues thanks to his sisters. ^^; I wonder if we would still see Atohira and the others who graduated later on. We seem to be on the ‘final arc’ = ‘the cast is now third year students’. Things are going smoothly for the couple. It seems that they are indeed the laid back type. They tend not to pry too much on each other as in giving each other a lot of space. There is a lot of trust there since they will just tell/ask the other if there is something important they have to say or know. Well, they tend to be the quiet type so they would likely speak up if it is something important. =P

Even as third years, there is still that awkwardness between them for strangely enough, Kawasumi thought that Suiren might not like being kissed. ^^; So, he doesn’t like to force or do things on her which she might not like. Hm..maybe it is more being overly cautious since he made a lot of mistakes before. Well, the new conflict would be Aya’s unrequited love for Ryousuke. It does seem that she isn’t too aware of her feelings. Meguna is sharp on things as usual. I’m not too sure that Ryousuke will break up with Mina for Aya since he seems to be happy with Mina and he isn’t exactly in love with Aya. In a way, Ryousuke does seem to be easily scared. He seems to be with Aya and he is with Hajime. ^^; I don’t think they are compatible but let’s see how things go.  Scans by allwink

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