April 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 59]

At home, Mitsuru looks at the clock. It is 4pm. He says that Azusa is so slow, could it be that something had happened..? And, Azusa looks surprised that she is being kissed by Shougo. But it turns out that Azusa has put her hand on his mouth. She tells him that he’s too naïve for her kiss won’t be easily taken away. Then, she stomps the wall almost hitting his head. She says, “You said that you are my fiancé? Did that person incited you to do this? *Shougo looks a bit tense* That person would unexpectedly still want me to marry some other guy..?” While thinking that there is no extra ‘seeing her underwear a bit’, he tells hier to calm down a bit for he is the second son of Toyotomi Commerce’s chairman. “You know it, right? Toyotomi Commerce. It is the subsidiary company in business with your father under the Tokugawa Corporation. Chairman Tokugawa is a very outstanding person that I, as an executive [/manager], respect him from the bottom of my heart. I felt very honored about this marriage.”
With a twisted smile, Azusa says, uh-huh, that guy is very outstanding and his [Shougo] eyes are quite blind. “Get lost and go back to tell that guy!! I won’t marry you, a guy who doesn’t have love [for me]!!” Then, Azusa turns around to leave. After looking tense, Shougo muses that it is the first time he met with a girl whom he feared. “This imposing attitude, this temperament, no wonder she is that person’s daughter. She is totally my ideal choice” He calls out, “Azusa-chan, will you hear me out again? Just now, even if you say that I’m blind, but I think that I still have the insight in looking at people. As an executive, I really respect your father, Tokugawa Shuuichi-san. From the time he was born, he has been brought up and made as the Tokugawa family’s successor. To promote the family clan, he married a woman whom he doesn’t like. In order to protect the Tokugawa clan, he devoted his whole life for it. Do you think that you’re the only one who is pitiful? Just like Shuuichi-san, you should also bear the Tokugawa family’s mission.”
Ding dong. Mitsuru’s heart skips a beat as he blushes and hugs the penguin doll. “She’s here-- He opens the door and tells Azusa that she’s so slow that she made him worried. He is surprised when she suddenly hugs him tight. Looking at him, she tells him to quickly, right now, make her his girl..!! This made Mitsuru blush and think that she is unexpectedly so proactive. “Is it okay!? *angel Mitsuru and penguin flying around* Is this really okay!?” He is puzzled when she mutters why she is born in that kind of family clan and it would be good if it is a normal family. When he calls out her name, she says that it is nothing.. Then, Azusa is sitting on the sofa. She looks at Mitsuru who is kneeling on the floor. She mentally asks him to remove her uneasiness. And, they kiss and do some French kiss. Azusa starts trembling that Mitsuru wonders if this is bad and did he use too much force. Teary-eyed, Azusa tells him that she’s so strange..it is just a kiss after all, yet her body won’t stop trembling..
This turns Mitsuru on that he pushes her on the sofa and says, “Ah- Geez, you’re too enticing. Too cute!!” While he hugs her, Azusa wonders what that is about, and did she say some embarrassing [/shameful] things.. She smiles and kisses Mitsuru. She finds it baffling for in this warmth makes her uneasiness melt away--.. Mitsuru’s food had hit the television’s remote control. It fells down from the sofa. After it hit the floor, the television suddenly opens. They were startled by the news saying that next, there is a news announcement. Azusa asks what happened. Mitsuru says that it seems that he hit the remote control and it accidentally opened the television.. Azusa’s eyes widen when she reads the news report on the television. FMM News Report: Tokugawa Corporation’s daughter, model Tokugawa Azusa (18 years old) and Toyotomi Commerce’s eldest son, Shougo-san’s engagement news is publicly announced. [<- here it is said that Shougo is the elder son when earlier it is second son. ^^; So probably a typo from the mangaka/scanlator]
This surprises the two as they look at the television. Mitsuru asks what this is about her getting engaged. Grinding her teeth, Asuza says that guy would casually.. And, Mitsuru is surprised when Asuza runs out of the house. At her father’s company, Azusa demands to the receptionists where her father is and demands for them to call out Tokugawa Shuuichi. The receptionist tells her that the chairman is currently at the ballroom [/banquet hall].. Running to the ballroom, Azusa thinks that she won’t forgive her father and Shougo..! She opens the door and calls out, “Papa!!” And, she is shock to see the press people in a party. The press people say that she has appeared and please tell them what her current feeling is. Her father tells Azusa that she is late and she made everyone wait for her for such a long time. “The engagement ceremony is officially starting.” Azusa realizes that it turns out that from the start, he had guessed that she’ll come.. She mutters that this is a good premeditated [plan].. She shouts, “No!! I won’t be having some engage--..”
And, Shougo immediately hugs her. He smiles and says that they see each other again, Azusa-chan Azusa struggles to get away but he is hugging her with all of his strength and mutters for her not to say anything This scene made the press people think that they are so lovey dovey that Azusa is being shy yet so cute. Azusa is furious that he is hugging her tightly to him that she couldn’t talk. Holding the microphone, Shougo says greets everyone. He introduces himself and says that he is Azusa’s fiancé. Then, Mitsuru grabs the microphone and Azusa from Shougo. He also introduces himself and says that he is Azusa’s fiancé. This surprises everyone including Shuuichi and Shougo. The press people ask what’s going on for unexpectedly, there are two fiancés.
Shuuichi shouts for Mitsuru not to cause trouble for he won’t recognize anyone except for Shougo. “Whether it is family background or even education background, Shougo is the only man who is at par with Azusa!!” Mitsuru says then, he’ll have a showdown [as to who is superior] with Shougo. “If I can prove that I am above him, then, you’ll recognize me as Azusa’s fiancé.” Mitsuru recalls Azusa wishing that she is born in a normal family. Narration: “Azusa, if you cannot escape from this kind of destiny, then I’ll carry it together with you.” As teary-eyed blushing Azusa looks at him, Mitsuru says, “Tokugawa, I always at a loss about future dream or perhaps about what to do when grown up-type of thing. Right now, I know. I will become the man who will be able to become the successor of Tokugawa Corporation.” Narration: “I’ll definitely become the ‘boss’[-sama] who’ll make Azusa happy.”
Comment: That’s a good way of making the father approve and that is to show that he is the better man than whom the father wants her to marry. Hopefully, Mitsuru can pull it off. ^^ I mean, yes, it is already noted that he isn’t good at studies but then, business can be more about common sense and street smart. So, he can get people who’ll help him out regarding the technical stuff though I’m not sure if Aoi can be part of that. ^^; Anyway, with that, I’m sure Azusa would fall deeper in love with him ^^ So, there was no stolen kiss since Azusa has quick reflexes. Interestingly, she didn’t use her high heel shoe to hit Shougo’s head but he must have thought that she would, that is based on his reaction. Apparently, being treated like that turns Shougo on. ^^;; What he said is an interesting fact. Even if Shuuichi is a horrible father and husband, he is an ‘obedient son’ and talented director to have someone admire him like that. In a way, Shuuichi chose ‘family responsibilities’ over ‘love’ out of duty, etc as the successor. He may be a ‘bad guy’ for Mitsuru, his daughter and mother but for others, he isn’t. Anyway, it seems that twins’ bed scenes are being interrupted by the girls’ fathers. =P Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thanks for the summary kat ^^
    Let me say this ,i really don’t like where this is going .I mean it is so obvious that the author is trying to put azusa’s father as a victim of his family traditions i guess and mitsuru saying he will be the leader of the Tokugawa group means only one thing he will be having a happy ending i mean not only will he accept azusa and misturu relationship and he will probably reunite with aoi’s mother .At least that’s how i feel and i don’t like it ,because no matter what that dude is nasty .His wife is one thing but how he treated his daughter isn’ t something one can’t forgive
    It’s like she is collateral damage ,he didn’t get the woman he loved and married a woman he didn’t love who tried hard for him because she loved him yet he still continued to chase after the shadow of a woman .He ruined the lives of two people yet we should feel sorry for him ? what the hell
    And it’s sad that others see him as an amazing person when he is in fact a bastard but i have already accepted that it will be a happy ending for him based mainly on mitsuru statement and of course azusa will make peace with shino that goes without saying
    About shougo , I thought at first he would be a bad boy but he seems okay guy kind of an M since he seems happy when okay was violent with him . by the way since he is a manager it means he is 20 something right ?
    Mitsuru despite his cute appearance is quite manly and has a lot of guts to say that in front of everybody ,anyway i think that we may see again the stalker i know at first i thought it was him but i think we will see him again and mitsuru will rescue her

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Yup..it is highly like that especially since Aoi's mother also made an appearance. Well, that's how it is..and it can be like that in real life. The guy might be an awful father/husband/bastard but for others, he is nice, amazing and everything. Kind of like dual personality. I'm trying to find of a comparison..maybe like Doffy...awful and everything to everyone but for his 'family', he isn't. So, I kind of understand if that is how Shougo views him.

      Sorry...maybe not, but the guy is pitiful to be like that. Pitiful in a negative sense or pathetic because of his choices and how unhappy he is now. And attempting to do the same to his daughter.

      Yes, he should be 20 something. True, he doesn't seem to be a really 'bad guy' for now.

      Yup ^^ Is that so...well, hopefully so since I had a feeling before that there was more to that stalker thing.

    2. Yup , i wonder if azusa's mother will also get someone in her life ? because it would be awful if she is alone while that man gets to be happy since out of the two he is the worst .And at least the mother is trying to make things better now unlike the father who is just trash .

      Yup , and people tend to look at things and other people differently and that's kind of sad that others respect someone like him .

      Yup , i think he is pathetic because he had years to move on and be happy again yet he prefered to chase after a ghost he could've learned to love his wife and daughter but he didn't even try so yeah he is very pathetic in a very negative way and what he is trying to azusa is beyond disgusting ,

      I thought so ,well for now i have zero bad feeling toward that guy .

      I also think he will be shown again and of course mitsuru will save the day .Ya happy ending for everyone but as far as i can recall there was never one as awful as azusa's dad so i don't know .

    3. Ah...that would depend on the mangaka if sunshine and rainbows covers all the characters. =P Hehe, well, since she is a weak person who cannot be alone = sad, she might find someone especially since Azusa is going to marry soon.


      I see. You know, I think it would be awesome if Azusa herself becomes the director and tell her father something like what Mitsuru said..I'll be the director and decide on my own whom I want to marry. But then, ya, guys have to save the girl and there are gender equality issues in their society.

    4. I know but it would really really unfair if he who is the worst character in the manga gets a happy ending while the mother doesn't get one .She should find a nice dude who loves her this time .

      True ,there is one thing i hate in manga is how the girl has to marry and the guy inherit her family business ,it's like why can't she be the boss ? unlike mitsuru she is quite intelligent .I wanted to ask you kat ,since you have been to japan .is it the same as in the manga where girls are treated as being inferior or not ?

    5. Yup.

      As a tourist, it isn't evident. I mean, we are just mostly passing by. Everyone is passing by busy in going to work, etc.

      With this manga, Azusa's family belongs to the 'old rich very traditional family'. So, thinking of it, I think even in other societies with that kind of set-up, they would prefer males to become heirs. And, they have to marry their 'equals'. I'm thinking of it like how royal families were before. Love is not part of the equation. They marry for status and money. It is mostly 'kings' rather than 'queens' ruling the country based on their history.

      Iirc, the present prince and princess in Japan had a daughter. They were thinking of making her the heir since there is no other sibling/other male heirs. That is until, the prince's brother had a son. Guess who'll be the heir? So, problem solved and they didn't change the rule about a female becoming the heir...for now. So, I guess this is why Azusa complain about being born into that family rather than thinking of changing it. Nevertheless, it would be awesome if she becomes or wants to become the director. ^^

    6. True ,you gotta live there to notice those things

      True ,usually in those manga they adopt a rich guy and he becomes head of the family not the girl who was born into said family .It's shame because azusa would be one hell of a president . Yup political marriage instead of marriage out of love

      That's nasty and i'm sure that won't change even if the girl turns out to be way more capable than the boy .Ya but i think azusa's dad will accept mitsuru and he will be CEO in the future .

    7. Yup. And the bad thing about that, it will most likely leads to what happened here...the unhappy would have affairs that is if they weren't able to love the other person.

      I'm sure he will.

    8. Ya and like i said azusa's dad didn't even try which is the worst...


    9. True. And having Azusa is probably out of duty, too.

    10. Yup if shino was out of love then azusa is out of duty since bringing shino into the family is out of the question since she is his "bastard" daughter and she is deaf let's be honest here i doubt a deaf girl would be accepted by high class people as a marriage parnter to some rich heir and since he love her he wants her to be happy and coming into the family=unhappiness .

    11. That's right.

      Actually, I don't think his family would accept Shino at all. ^^; Aside from the things you've mentioned.

    12. Ya and we talked about this before she is way too soft/kind of that type of life .While azusa with her fierce personality will fit perfectly in the upper class society

    13. Hm..I don't completely agree since I consider Shino somewhat strong compared to the usual shoujo heroine. So, I think she can survive in upper class society since she can survive Azusa bullying her. Something of a Yona kind? You know glare thing. Anyway, basically, she isn't 'too' soft/kind...maybe just soft/kind. =P

      I actually don't mean the personality but the other things you mentioned. One, she is an illegitimate child. and two, she's deaf. Three, no breeding/upbringing like how to be like high class..though that one can be taught. Also, we don't know how desperate they would be if like there is no Azusa. Would Shino be like those 'long lost daughter that we have to take in the family..teach her stuff..and marry her off to someone' and in typical shoujo, she'll fall in love with the guy plotlines? =P

    14. That's true and you did make a good point about shino . But still i believe that she won't do well among the upper class society .Shino despite being deaf and whatever she was raised with love and care , so she may not be weak but she is soft and that's not good when you live with the rich . Azusa on the other hand neglected and unloved that's how she grew up and that made her quite tough although she is very weak in front of mitsuru but i don't mind ^^,she is someone who relies only in herself and has a lot of confidence and let's not talk about the upbrining .

      So if shino gets into the family it would be really as a last choice .

    15. Hm..depends..you know, 'being loved' can make one strong. Shino would have Mitsuru, Aoi and others. But as you mentioned, with hardships, one can also become strong like Azusa. I would say that indeed with that kind of rich people, Azusa would do better..or can easily adjust than Shino.


    16. Well in azusa's case it made her tough and someone who can't trust others easily which is sad but it can also be seen as strength espcially with the high class society .

  2. and i thought that will make the father approve but then again he doesn't care about his girl so i don't thing it would matter but the point is he is gonna get his happy ending and that sucks .

    1. True. And yes, he would most likely get a happy ending. By the way, since you read her previous series, did the antagonist before got a 'bad ending'? Or at least get some punishment before a 'happy ending'? Hm..thinking of it, it seems that after the scandal before, his reputation is intact for the press to be still interested in him. Well, he did have to give up being part of the school. Forgot his position..was it board or director of the school. ^^;;

    2. True and that's so unfair but i know that he will be all happy rainbows and sunshine even for him ..sigh

    3. Hehe...yup. That's how it is...whether in life or in fiction, life can be unfair.

    4. Yup sadly it's the bitter truth .

  3. Sho-comi website had been teasing that Mego and Aoi's bed scene will happen soon!

    1. Hehe, ya..it seems so. I can only read the kanji, 'first' ^^;

    2. That's the teaser for ch 60. The tease for ch 61 also says something about "crossing over a line".

  4. I love the fact that although her father and Shougo had planned for any actions Azusa would take, their plans were just blown apart by Mitsuru just being himself. They considered him and Azusa's relationship with him to be trivial and worthless, and that arrogance is their downfall here. Don't see how Mitsuru's going to succeed in his promise, but his lack of motivation isn't a problem anymore.

  5. Azusa parent are divorced , Right !
    So , If Azusa doesn't want to marry anyone then her Father shouldn't have the right to force her !
    Specially if Azusa's worthless Mother get a nerve to stand up for her daughter.

    Also , Azusa's Father is by far one of the biggest bastard of a Father !
    He know What Azusa will go though if she go though this engagement Yet he still willing to put his own daughter though all the misery he gone though.Just to keep a family name.
    Considering he cheated and had a illegitimate daughter because he couldn't let go off his feeling!
    A Father like that doesn't deserve to take decision for his children .
    Because , A real Father willing to gave up everything for his Children ! He would rather live his entire life in misery instate to causing his children pain.

    1. No, from chapter 51, they aren't divorcing, they are only going to separate/live apart.

      True but then, well, he is still the 'father' whether he is a 'real/ideal father' or a 'bastard'.