April 17, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 99]

Looking at their float, a guy says that even if seems to be a bit crude but then, it’s not bad, not bad at all!! Someone asks Shouta if that is already done. He smiles and says, yes!! On the second day of the school festival, Joe who is wearing a Masked Rider outfit, calls out to Chizuru and asks what is she dressed up as. Chizuru nervously exclaims huh!? Ah, no!! Ah..Ah~~ Then, Joe goes to the others and says that it is ramen, she wants to be a ramen store owner. Chizuru is startled when her friends call out to her. Blushing, she sheepishly looks at them. Ayane teases her that no wonder she went to secretly change clothes by herself and told them to go dress up first. “I was wondering what you’ll wear.. It turns out to be--” Blushing Chizuru exclaims for her not to say it and don’t say anything for she won’t listen!! Blushing Sawako thinks that Chizuru is wearing the ramen store working clothes that she usually wears and that means.. Then, Ryu, wearing a baseball uniform, is looking at Chizuru. Her friends take their leave. Ryu continues to stare at Chizuru that she became embarrassed. She exclaims what’s up and what is he looking at. He calls her name, “Chizuru. Haha, Chizuru!”
Narration: “My dream has changed.” He holds out his hand to her and asks how about they walk side by side. This embarrasses her that she shouts what walk side by side, and what is he laughing about. When Chizuru snaps out of it, she slaps away his hand and shouts how she can possibly do that. He says that it is because she is shy. She denies it. Narration: “..even if it changed, but it also didn’t change. I want to become your bride. I want to become the owner of a ramen store. *looks at Ryu’s back* I want to stay at Ryu’s side. No matter when – until the end.”  Then, Kent calls out to Sawako and Ayane saying that the two are looking good and it really suits them. He says that Sawako unexpectedly looks good. Ayane asks what Kent is wearing. He happily says casual clothes because no matter what he wants to do, in the past or in the future, ‘I am I’ so with that, the theme is ego/self. This made Ayane laugh and says that it really conforms with his style. Kent smiles and says that’s right. As Sawako leaves the two, Kent says that Ayane came as a female president [/director of company]. She says yes, and is it very strange. He says that it also conforms to her style. She smiles and says ya.
While the others are wondering who that girl is, Sawako wonders where Shouta is. Then, Shouta calls out to her and says that he found her. Sawako exclaims that he is wearing a sweatshirt and not a uniform so could it be that he didn’t get to change clothes.. He says no, no, it is like this..he thought of it a bit and chose this. She is happy to hear that and says is that so. She wonders if he is dressed up for voluntary practice. She is thinking that she’ll tell him after the festival ends. He surprises her by calling her, Kuronuma-sensei! And, the parade starts. They happily walk. Shouta manages to get a glimpse of Sawako and they smile at each other. So after the parade ends, it is the end of the school festival. The year before last year, she is paying attention not to hinder others. Last year, she wants to at least help everyone. ..what would this year be.. She tells people that because the costume group finished early, she just helps out in writing the report while the plan and design was made by everyone. It is a very amazing report. The others ask if she was the one who wrote almost all of the wall newspaper. The others say it is a great help and they can see it clearly. This made Sawako happy even if the 4-panel comic strip [yonkoma] wasn’t used.
The others start saying about Sawako casually running the other day with a mural. As someone exclaims if Sawako can draw, Sawako mutters that it has been rejected. The others say that it is terrible. She thinks that [this year,] she’ll properly become a member of the class. While pulling the float, Joe tells Shouta that unknowingly, Sawako became their class’ symbol. Shouta says but then, from the start, she is very gloomy so it felt that it is hard to approach her. Joe says that it is because she’s very scary and he thought that he’ll really be cursed. Shouta says that is impossible. Joe says yes, she is a good person even if she has this psychic feeling. [<- can communicate with spirits] Shouta says that he is saying that there is none at all. Joe asks if that is for real, not even for a little bit. Shouta insists that there is none. Putting his arm around Shouta, Kent asks Shouta what to do for his girlfriend’s popularity is quite high and is it okay for him not to be with her. Someone says that there is no need for Shouta to worry. Another one says no, things of the world are difficult to anticipate and one cannot say if from today on, she will become popular.
Shouta shouts that he won’t give her to anyone!! They tease him for saying out such a domineering statement. Looking at them, Sawako says that the mood is quite lively. When she notices him looking at her, Sawako smiles and waves her hand at him. Narration: “Kazehaya-kun, thank you. –from the start and also now, I’ve always been thankful to you..” Then, the 44th closing ceremony of the school festival starts. Everyone is excited over who’ll win the awards. 3-D got the first place for booths[/stores]. They got second place for the wall newspaper. They are happy for they have hope. But for the costume parade, they got 7th place and even lost to second years. The principal gives a summary commentary that this year, the classes’ floats and clothes are very exquisite that it moves people. Their creativity is really good even if there is a class that gives people the feeling that they are just wearing casual clothes, but that is also decorations on the side. While the others are laughing since he is talking about 3-D class, they are not happy about it as if they are skimping on materials [/did a sloppy work] and be called decorations on the side. Pin clicks his tongue and says that didn’t he tell them that they do a nursing home.
At what seems to be a karaoke bar, everyone have a toast that even if they didn’t get the overall winner prize and they are tied with section A, they are number 2 in the overall winners so congratulations!! After the toast, someone asks if they are really lucky to get second prize. It is explained that it is because their haunted house booth is winner by a huge margin. Then, it is announced that last night, they talked about whom they’ll choose as MVP and Shouta made a crown for the MVP. Even if they should use a vote to decide but then, no matter what, it isn’t needed. While the others are amazed over the crown that Shouta made, Sawako thinks that the MVP would be him for he really did his best. To her surprised, they say that it is Sadako. As her friends look at her, puzzled Sawako asks what it is since they called her. They tell her that they aren’t calling her, they are saying that she is the MVP so go up front. Sawako is still confused as Chizuru pushes her to front and says that it is okay that there is no voting since no one can oppose her. The others cheer that she ran really fast and is super terrifying.
And, holding the crown, Shouta says that it is for her since she won by unanimous vote. And, he puts the crown on her head. Then, the others tell her to say something. She says that being able to get the 2nd overall prize is the result of everyone’s hard work so this belongs to everyone so it is okay to give this to her. Someone laughs and says that they already said that it is for her. She tells them that today, she didn’t think of ‘do not hinder someone’ and just ran with all her might. That is because everyone distributed and gave her a task. “Thank you everyone. *teary-eyed* to be able to blend in as a team..I’m very happy!” And, they are going to their picture taken. They ask the waiter to help them out. The others urge Shouta to stand beside Sawako for didn’t he say that he won’t give her to anyone. This made Sawako blush. Shouta tells them not to say that even if that is right. Sawako recalls the time when they asked if it is some penalty game that is why he is going steady with Sawako. Sawako thinks that it is like having a dream. “Everyone is filled with smiles. Happily talking and laughing. I’ll forever remember it in my heart. This isn’t a dream.” And their picture is taken.
After everyone heads out, the others ask where they’ll go next. Someone suggests to the beach. Shouta asks Sawako if she has energy to go to another place. She says yes and is he okay. He assures her that he is fine and she worries too much. Sawako thinks that of course, she worries and that’s right, there is something that she must tell him. She tells him that when they are at the beach, can they be alone together for a while since there is something that she wants to say. She thinks that she want to see him but.. At some building, Sawako tells him that they won’t meet each other again in the mornings. [<- sorry for the wrong translation in the last chapter which was later informed to me by Jen. It even confused the Chinese readers. ^^; It wasn’t ‘they won’t see each other in the morning’ but rather ‘won’t meet each other in the mornings.’] As Sawako is about to explain the reason, she is surprised when he says okay for she decided to go to a normal university. “You also have to study really hard that seeing each other in the morning is quite exhausting, right?”
This surprises her that she wonders why..how come what she wanted to say, came out of his mouth..wrong, it isn’t that..normal university? She stutters while trying to tell him that it isn’t so..no..she isn’t saying that.. Shouta asks if it isn’t since he always thinks that she actually wanted to go. “Isn’t it really like that?” This surprises her again as she recalls studying hard with Ume and about going to college together. Sawako tells herself that no..she obviously wanted to say that but why.. She recalls him telling her that he likes her side of not telling lies. Sawako couldn’t say it. Shouta tells her that it is okay, and there is no problem being at a totally new place. Flustered and starting to cry, Sawako says wait..it isn’t like that..she..(it is just..she felt that in the morning, he..is very exhausted..his body..cannot endure it..)..she didn’t consider this thing, to be separated..from him.. And, Shouta hugs crying Sawako.
Comment: The Ryu-Chizuru part at the start is nice ^^ It seems that Chizuru has already decided what to do. I guess if ever Ryu goes to college through baseball, she’ll be waiting for him at the ramen restaurant with his father. It is nice that there were no hard feeling between Ayane and Kent after what had happened and they can still be good friends. In a way, I think they had indeed won second place because of Sawako. Not only for the haunted house, for she also contributed for the wall newspaper. In a way, it is like a dream come true for her. She finally blended in the class and became the MVP of it, and no one questions anymore why she is the one going steady with Shouta. Shouta is also becoming more vocal of his jealousy ^^ As always, it is another misunderstanding. This time, it is about Sawako’s intention on why they won’t meet on mornings. Nevertheless, it was revealed what Sawako really wanted to do even if she is in denial, confused and doesn’t want to make Shouta think that she is lying about wanting to be always be with him. I guess in the next chapter, they might iron out this possible long distance relationship. I wonder if Sawako would ever get to tell him the real reason for not meeting on mornings. If she is going to push through going to the normal university, she might want to see him every mornings but then, she’ll worry about his health which he assured her as no problem. Since he is very considerate of her, he would give up the morning meetings for her studies to get in the normal university. Oh ya, it seems that Shouta is quite good in craftwork. Scans by 工作室

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    What says sawako at the end?

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Ah, it is this, 'she didn’t consider this thing, to be separated..from him..' The one in parenthesis are her thoughts.

  3. Oh my haha...how anti-climatic! I thought there was something gravely wrong. It's about college again...how many chapters will this college decision be hashed out...I will guess a good 3 to 5 chapters before it is ironed out.

    So sad is me....no Pin x Ayana funny moments...oh well...

    The time between Chizuru and Ryu is always so special and tender. So he realized just what his future bride would look like standing in front of him in her ramen clothes and it made him freeze in his tracks thinking about their future together hehe (at least that's what I think he was doing all speechless and hot) :)



    1. Hehe...maybe.

      Lol..hmm..that's a possibility of what Ryu was thinking there.

      You're welcome, JLynn ^-^

  4. What university will Sawako attend? Isn't it the same with Kazehaya's?

    I am kind of confused about this. \(~_~)/

    1. It is suppose to be the same college with Kazehaya. But, since Sawako wants to be a teacher, it is more suitable for her to go to a normal university <- college specifically for teachers. It seems that deep down inside, she wants to go to a normal university together with Ume.

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  6. ya estoy aburrida con el tema de la universidad!!! ademas porque no sean dado otro beso!!! están saliendo o no??? shouta tu eres posesivo porque no le robas un beso!!! yo quiero ver eso!!!! ^^ quiero besos!!! como es posible que los personajes secundarios se besen mas que los protagonistas xd!!!!

    1. Hehe, is that so, yuki_x22x...well, arcs regarding college and stuff tend to be boring and it is usually the last arcs in shoujo. It doesn't help that the pacing is also slow.

      Kisses...well, they are the shy type so...those will be very rare, I think. And, they currently have a problem so, it might not come anytime soon.