April 21, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 105]

Munching on a fruit, Zeno doesn’t know how many hundred of years had passed for he has no way of counting it in detail. Then, he sees some birds. After feeding them some pieces of fruit, they flew away. He thinks that now, the power of the five tribes in Kouka is at their strongest. From time to time, there is civil unrest caused by fighting over who’ll become king. Even if there are some conflicts with other countries’ gozoku [/prominent clan = the powerful and rich families], but he no longer fight at the battlefield with a sword against the army just like before. People rely on what is known a physical body’s vessel and were born to study then returns to the sky. That is so-called fate [/life span]. He mutters that he’s saying things at random. Time’s passage is astonishingly hard that it once led to an intense frustration for him as if it is cutting into his body. At that time, it is the dragon’s medallion that caused his scattered and smashed heart to once again be at its stable and tranquil state. Probably at that time, the king was aware of his [Zeno] fate so he bestowed upon him his amulet. With it, Zeno is the one asking for the dragon god’s protection.
When he left the city, he will give that medallion to his priest successor. He was distressed as if his insides are cut into pieces but to keep the city people’s heart intact, because of Hiryuu’s death, this symbol, the gods’ medallion, is essential. It wasn’t long when he left the city when.. He felt a clink sound. He found the medallion on his neck. The medallion came back to his side. End flashback. He wonders if it is because it is Hiryuu’s last wish or because there is some reason for this medallion that only he can hold it. He notices a young boar whose leg was hit by an arrow. When Kaya passed away, he unknowingly became an irresolute loafer [/wanderer] youngster and after his head had calm down a bit, he finally thought of it. No matter how many years had passed, no matter how the world went through change, quietly but truly, there is a constant new generation that is passing on White Dragon, Blue Dragon and Green Dragon’s strength. While petting the young boar whose foot he bandaged, Zeno thinks that originally, it only comes up as a bit of flaw for it appears that in no time, each and every weak village is falling into pieces.
Zeno sees mother boar with siblings boar so he let the young boar go back to its family. He thinks that however even if the disputes or perhaps crisis is approaching, strangely enough, only the dragons’ strength didn’t disappear. It is as if there is this strong power that is protecting the descendants’ bloodline. Furthermore, it is only the Yellow Dragon’s power that cannot be passed on to anyone, and was bestowed an everlasting life. Basically, the so-called four dragons were born and will die for Hiryuu. “But..obviously King Hiryuu is no longer around..*realizes something*..King Hiryuu will be resurrected!? No..but could it be I’ll be able to see the king again..? Could it be, perhaps, it is possible that the four dragon soldiers can once again gather..!? Even if they’ve gathered, it really isn’t White and the others who coming back but.. No matter how years had passed, the color of this dragon medallion never fades and perhaps, Hiryuu will be resurrected. The meaning of my existence is in this..” He decides that now, for the time being, he’ll keep watch this country’s future which is Hiryuu’s treasure. Perhaps, it is a hundred or thousand years, just in case there is a day, there will be a day.. And in the darkness, there is light.
Bathing young Kija sees a bright star in the sky. He quickly takes his cape to cover himself then climbs up the tree. And, he sees Zeno. He asks you are.. Zeno asks if this is his [Kija] special place, sorry [for intruding]. Dripping wet, Kija asks who he is, he doesn’t seem to be a bandit, and it seems that he has some presence.. Zeno tells him that he is just a traveler that’s all so don’t mind him. He tells Kija that compared to that, look, little brother, it’s the dawn’s [/daybreak] light. They look at the star. Kija says that it seems that star is calling out to him. Zeno says is that so. “Finally, will be born..our scarlet light.” He continues to say that but whether it will become a true light, he would have to see that person himself. It has been a thousand or two thousand years..forget it, he already waited for such a long time and it would now be just a bit of wait. Staring at him, Kija says that in the end, he [Zeno] has something.., then he sneezes. Later on, Zeno helps Kija dress up. Zeno tells him that he’ll catch a cold if he takes a bath so early in the morning. Kija says that it is alright.
While putting on Kija’s coat, Zeno sees the claw scar on Kija’s back. Zeno says that he bears a serious thing on his back. Thinking that it was a scar left by Kija’s predecessor, Zeno says that when he grows big, it will become lighter. Kija says that it is okay even if this scar didn’t disappear, and it is just that when the villagers see the scar, they would have a sad expression so he’ll take a bath while everyone is sleeping in the morning. Kija looks surprised then he turns to Zeno to say that he talked too much for unexpectedly, Zeno made him lower his guard even if they met for the first time. Just when Kija asks who he really is, the others are calling out to Kija. Zeno starts to bid Kija goodbye. Blushing, Kija excitedly asks could he be.. Zeno smiles and says that if they have fate, then, they will meet each other again, definitely will. The others have found Kija and they ask if he is okay. Someone says that there is a suspicious person there, quickly chase after him. Kija tells him to stop and do not chase after that person. And, he looks at fleeing Zeno. A decorated ball bounces near Shina’s foot. He picks it up and starts looking around.
Smiling Zeno tells him that he is giving it to him. “It’s a gift.” Shina thanks him and drops the ball. After Zeno returns the ball, Shina says about that.. Then, his predecessor calls out to Shina and tells him not to wander about. Zeno apologizes for calling Shina out. He notices that the predecessor’s life is already not long. Zeno tells Shina to properly cherish that ‘brother’. Shina says that he really..cherishes.. Zeno sadly smiles and pats Shina’s head. He says that if they’ll meet each other again, at that time, they’ll play together. The predecessor asks Shina who that is. Holding the ball, Shina says that he gave this to him. The predecessor asks if it is a travelling merchant. Shina says no, it is the Yellow Dragon. The predecessor asks what he is saying. Zeno quietly goes in some prisonlike hut and sees beaten up and chained Jeha. He mutters that if Green knew of this kind of situation, he’ll definitely be furious. Zeno takes off his coat and puts it on Jeha. He comments that it is really foolish for them to bound the Green Dragon onto the ground when obviously no one can do that.
Then, Zeno is walking around the cliff and into the forest. He wonders out loud if Hiryuu’s soul that will be reborn in this earth is for him to protect the country or establish a country. Or, could it be for the four dragons who longed for Hiryuu, so he is returning here once again. “Again, a little bit of journey for a while, perhaps, I will be able to find the meaning of my existence with the new Hiryuu’s life path. ..perhaps, my wish can also come true. Not afraid..for Zeno is the most expert in waiting..” End Dream/Flashback. Zeno wakes up from Yona and the dragons calling out to him. Kija asks him until when does he plan to sleep. Yona says that it is already noon. Jeha says that shouldn’t old people wake up very early. Yona happily says that a lot of things had happened so Zeno is also very tired so let him sleep for a while. Zeno gestures for them to come nearer. Kija asks why. Jeha asks if he couldn’t move. Then, Zeno happily pulls them all down to him. He laughs and says, nice, nice. [<- good kids] Shina asks if this is push down game. Zeno smiles and says that everyone has grown up.
Comment: And, the flashback is finally over. So, we learned that he got the travel bug after Kaya passed away. Then, he finally realized of the possibility of Hiryuu being reborn based on his observations. Yet, he still seemed to end up travelling around afterwards. Of the reasons why Hiryuu is coming back, I didn’t thought of it is as for the dragons’ sake. He already mentioned protect country or establish country which is possible for Yona though it is inconclusive if that is what she wants to do. But for dragons’ sake..hm..is it to be satisfied that they were able to serve Hiryuu once again? Or, is it to be free of the dragon’s blood since it caused them suffering especially the descendants. Or, maybe both? If that is so, based on Zeno’s observations, Yona would have to help those poor villages who are getting caught with the bigger tribes and other countries’ disputes/wars. That might be Hiryuu’s unfinished business so he was reborn.

And, after that, the dragons would probably be free from their blood. For Zeno, that release would be death but what about the other dragons? Would it also be death = no heirs? Or it would be just taken away like how the blood was just given to them? Anyway, since there is a ‘sign’, Zeno decides to check on his would-be buddies in the future. I’m not sure if it was okay for him to just help them out that way or he just doesn’t want to meddle too much until they definitely become part of reborn Hiryuu’s group. Probably like he didn’t meddle much with Yona before? If they are ‘worthy dragons’? Well, it seems that Kija and Shina has forgotten about meeting with Zeno. So, we are back to the present and let’s see how things go based on the possibilities that Zeno mentioned of what the new Hiryuu will do this time around. Also, I now think the prophecy is for Yona only hence there was no ‘sword’ and Zeno wasn’t exactly a ‘shield’ for Hiryuu before. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Life has a flow – a certain direction: Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move toward the unknown – even when we don’t want to and when we think we don’t need to. No matter how many detours and adjustments it made, the caravan moved toward the same compass point. Once obstacles were overcome, it returned to its course, sighting on a star that indicated the location of the oasis. ~ from Paul Coelho’s novel “The Alchemist”.


  1. I think the sword and shield bit will come about later and involve Soowon in some way also Hiryuu castle will play a roll. Just my opinion and I tend to agree with you. Thanks for the summary as always

    1. Is that so, TAP...but Hiryuu castle? Showdown in that place? Or there is something in that place?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. I think the fact that it has been mentioned several times that the dragons power gets stronger the closer they are to the castle implies something that will play a part in the final outcome. Whether it be a battle or closure for them of the dragons blood.

    3. I see. Maybe, even something is there...say...sword? If it is an item not a person.

    4. Hi, I would like to point out how in the beginning of the manga and anime you see Zeno with a shield and Yona with a sword that has a dragon on the hilt. So maybe the original sword that King Hiryuu used and some special shield are hidden in the castle, and until they get their hands on it they can't stray too far from the castle. This is just me speculating though. Really enjoy your summaries buy the way.

    5. Possible..but can you imagine Yona fighting with a sword and a shield? I couldn't ^^;; I can imagine her with a sword and Zeno as her shield though =P

      Glad to hear that ^^

  2. Thanks for the summary kat ^^

    At last the flashback is over .It was sad and all but at the end of the day it was very meh .I mean i was looking forward to it but it end up being very mehhh .Nothing important to the over all story was revealed .

    The dragon's crest may play a role later on , maybe if zeno isn't the shield it was reveal the location of the sword and the shield or it will allow yona to speak with hiryuu or something .

    About zeno talking about yona 's path i kind of laughed . I mean when you read stuff like guide light and blah blah blah and you see what yona is doing ,it 's making me laugh because that's something you would expect from a leader not from yona but sadly that's how she is viewed as someone amazing who would bring light to the land when in fact she is so far from it .It's okay i accept that sad fact .

    I really believe that zeno would die at the end of the series , also it's a good question why was hiryuu reborn ? I mean you presume that his re birth is something which was expected since the dragons who are meant to protect him were being born for centuries as if they were waiting for their king to appear .

    So why did the king appear ? to end zeno's suffering or the dragons in general or save the country that hiryuu loved because we can assume that it's hiryuu who wanted to be reborn to do something right ?

    I'm sorry but how can you save the poor villages when she did nothing when suwon declared war on kai and baby hak village was in danger and she didn't seem to have an remorse over it just being all emo about suwon being a good king...ugh
    but even she does nothing i know that she will be treated like some awsome godly being ,well she is already being treated as such ...

    Another thing that i really don't like about AnY that was again shown in this chapter well it's something that you find alot in manga such as naruto and that's bonds word which i hate thanks to naruto .

    Yona behave toward the dragons in a way which is very meh i mean they have been together for a few months and she says they are he rmost important people WTH friendship is something that grows through the years not in the span of few months .Even the way yun treats yona as if she is so precious it's like please spare me the corny stuff .and in this chapter the way they try to focus on the bond between the king and his dragons with the group hug i think it's very forced and of course there is how yona allowed yun and the dragons to call her by her names when it was just a few weeks she met them and didn't allow hak whom she knows for 10+years

    1. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Ya..except for a few speculations on what Yona will do.

      Ah, I think that dragon's crest has already disintegrated into dust. It is in chapter 100 - lower right panel after he picked it up.

      True..but it is still salvageable..I mean..it would depend on what Yona will do from now on after seeing baby Haku's village being caught in war, etc. Right? Yes, I'm optimistic. If after this, she is still doing those stuff, I have to sigh and totally agree with you. =P

      Freeing Zeno from his 'blessing/curse' ought to be part of it..as well as the other dragons but for Yona/new Hiryuu's goal..nothing definite yet. Well, she is in the prophecy..and their blood make them think that way so.. she is treated as so. She is the reincarnation after all but then, as you mentioned, it remains to be seen if she will be as great as her 'title'.

      Hehe...well, Naruto kind of also made me think of 'eh, really' when bonds are mentioned. ^^;

      Well...if you think of the reincarnation stuff, it is through the years. Friendship can be there for a few months but of course, it would be different if it is for years. The depth and trust among other things but of course, being reincarnated and that bonds of the group kind of make it an 'instant process'. Yun...honestly, I only recall that he is tagging along to see the world and be their nanny/doctor. I do recall that he hated royalty so maybe it was pity over what happened to Yona. Maybe you can jog my memory there.

      Also, years isn't the thing that makes friendship either...just look at what Suwon did..so, that was what, one-sided friendship after some time or since day one? Unless, Suwon still believes that they are 'friends' no matter what he did since it is for the good of the country = Yona.

      Hm..it didn't occur to me that it is forced..though the king wasn't in that group hug. Hm..by the way, isn't the 'bonds' because of their 'dragon blood'?

      Ah yes...there is that. In this chapter's last scene, it made me think that Haku and Yun are the 'outsiders'. ^^;

    2. I remember that scene but i don't know why i think it is still there and it's just the drawing that make it seem like it vanished into dust . Or it really did vanish because it may have served it's purpose which is to help zeno keep his sanity until he meet his new buddies .

      Oh well i don't want to be further disapointed so i won't have any hopes and i bet ya she will continue down the same road .Like i said she expressed zero anger at what suwon did i mean the results of his actions ,even if he brings wealth to kouka he will do so by tearing apart the lives of the poor (like baby hak village) she just said he is good king...blah blah blah .I want to be optimistic but those are the facts .

      I know and i don't like this blood bond thing ,they became best friends way to quickly and that does bother me .I mean i will not be willing to die for someone i met just for a few months it's too much but of course it's still better than what was done in naruto ,when bonds were mentioned i was like "where where i can't see them " in yona i'm like "eh,really" their dedication to yona and vice versa is a little bit too much considering their short history but i guess it's all the blood and how awsome yona is LOL

      Well yona quickly liked and trusted the dragons allowed them to call her by her name while she didn't allow hak whom she knows for almost all her life all that to show that the bonds between hiryuu and his dragons lived through the centuries i get it .But it's like those aren't really their feelings and that bothers me ,it's like they became a group way to quickly and that bothers me . I hate reincarnation stuff in manga ,it's like there is no free will at all .And the best example is with how the dragons and yona feel toward each other , i wonder if i made my point ^^

      Well yeah you got that right about yun and he was somehow distant with yona and then when they got together to free the girls on the ship he saw how brave she is and said sorry to her and they became best friends and he is always i will protect you blah blah blah blah yona this and that ,talk about a quick change of heart and those kind of stuff aren't my cup of tea .

      In SB it was awsome ,the progress was slow but it felt so nice and realistic in AnY i'm always like seriously ?

      Good point ,sometimes you may spend years with a person and one day you will notice that in fact you don't know that person at all , and that's what happened with suwon .So it isn't a rule that friendship grows with time since there are exceptions but most of the time feelings of love or friendship grow with time .And not after a few months
      About suwon i don't know if he still believe that maybe he does since he was clearly shocked when hak tried to tear off his head but i know that he love both yona and hak .

      Yup i do believe that their feelings are due to the dragons blood and that includes yona's feelings that alone make it forced .I don't like the way relationships are portrayed but the interactions are very funny .

      Well it isn't only this time that i got a feeling that yun and hak were outsides .After the fire tribe arc where the head betrayed them and tried to invade kouka with the help of someone from kai and yona and co rushed to the battle to stop him ,you remember that ? After all was said and done some soldiers were talking about they saw a strong group with a girl in the middle just like hiryuu and his dragons and you get a shoot of yona and the dragons ,i mean seriously are you gonna tell me that when speaking of strength or battle you will mention yona and not hak ?

      I don't know if you get what i'm trying to say ^^

    3. I would assume that it had served its purpose. Aside from keeping his sanity, it seems to be more on revealing his powers and finally coming out clean with them about his real 'identity' being the 'first'. I mean, if it is just meeting them, it would have vanished then..but it didn't, it is only after that fight.

      True..expectations must be kept low for this series. Ya...unless well, you know, some might interpret the 'glare' as angry at him. And, as we talked about before, she seems confused whether to be angry = glare or satisfied over what he is doing. Is that deliberate on the mangaka's part? Though, the only reason for doing that, that I can think of, is to keep the 'love triangle' alive. ^^;; Unless there is some other reason.

      It's the blood. They pretty much cannot help it. Though, Zeno seems to have his own free will for doing it. Well, it is pretty much shown why it is quick..ugh..cannot resist..body heating up, stuff like that. ^^; Later on, it must be out of duty and well, ya, they think Yona is awesome..cannot argue with that if we compare her to the women in this series except for that old woman pirate with GD before. Are there any awesome women in this series? I recall some people saying that she might become like that old woman pirate later on.

      I see...so it is indeed admiration of Yona.

      Ya, I got your point..and in this case, I think it ought to have hasten a bit since they are together in a few months almost 24 hours of the day. Maybe for them, Yona is charismatic, etc..something like how the others are attracted into Luffy's crew? Of course, for them, they each have their own dream instead of protecting Luffy. ^^; In a way, yes, like you mentioned, there is more interaction to make those bonds more believable. Instead of well, it is because the dragon blood and she is the reincarnation of their 'king'.

      It reminds me of AnY = VK. The relationships are not believable. I mean she loves him because he's her 'brother/ancestor', she loves him because he's her childhood friend but then, does she really know them or vice versa. Even Kaname's gang...why are they around him? Charisma? They cannot help it. But still, the interactions are funny.

      Lol..indeed. They must be blind. In battles, I think the ones who would really stand out would be Haku. Next is Zeno if he has his 'armor' on. Hm..maybe that would be more or less tie with Haku. ^^; Being a 'zombie' can already shoo away a huge army. =P


    4. Maybe but at the end of the day i don’t really care ^^
      Yes and again it’s a shame since it had great material that are either not used or used in a wrong/lame way . Well , i have to say that i facepalm each time she glare at suwon or someone else mainly when she does it for suwon .Because despite all glares and so called cool/badass attitude she is still being all emo about him so her attitude to me and her growth is so very meh .Something like she talks the talk but can’t walk the walk . Yup and it does indeed drag the romance which is so ughhhhhh .
      That’s true i think that’s how their dedication to yona became so intense in such a short period of time, that’s true when compared to the females we have seen so far except for the old pirate lady yona is doing good .
      Yup blind admiration
      Ya ,it was shown that they think she is awe-inspiring like when she killed the dude who was stealing girls .And everytime they go gaga over her i wonder if their brain are over heated or their eyes are sort of blind since to me she is by no mean as amazing as other make her out to be .
      Good point and that’s another thing that i hate in yona’s group ,the way each one of them has no goal of his own but to protect yona .So there is zero individualism and that’s not good .In OP each person in the crew has a dream on his own and is getting closer to it throughout the journey ,also without giving up their dream they started to work hard for luffy’s sake because he had a great impact in their life and they have come to respect him and even put him before themselves which is okay since Oda did an amazing work with how he painted bonds in luffy’s crew .In AnY they only live through yona and for her there is only the group and the individual doesn’t exist and i don’t like that .

      That’s sot rue ,relationships in VK were beyond love something like a sick obsession and you always wonder why ?
      You see that’s the kind of stuff that makes me facepalm .They way they try to force this dragon bond thing by leaving hak and yun behind who are way more important than yona to the group is very annoying . True if i were to rank them in terms of strength i would put hak ,BD ,GD ,WD and last zeno then yona .
      If you are wondering why BD is after hak ,it’s because he rely only on his sword and not his dragons power .Green can fight with blades . White has more strength than zeno even without his claw zeno he has to be beaten to death to awaken his strength otherwise he is even more useless than yona .

    5. Lol..and you were saying that it might be important. ^^;;

      Ah, I actually think it is cool when she killed that dude. It is really rare for a shoujo heroine to dirty her hands. After that, it seems like..well, not too impressive. ^^; I think she also did well with scar dude until she told BD not to kill/harm the dude. Anyway, based on the DVD covers, if that is any implication of what will happen in the manga later on, her weapon of choice will be a sword. So, even with low expectations, I can only really judge her battle skills when she has a sword on her hand. As in that..sword in chapter 1.

      Yup, it is indeed like that. Without her, as shown in their ancestors, their lives will be unfulfilled. Hehe, unfair but oh well, that's their fate.

      In that ranking..Zeno as in 'plain Zeno', right? I think Zeno ranks high if his power is turned on because not only is he immortal, but he also becomes invincible. True, because if BD uses his power, he's a sitting duck later on. So, he is an improvement from the first. I think Green's blades are kind of weak since they are small so in order to cause real damage, they have to be a lot. The first Green's weapon is better. Jump up and spear down an enemy and repeat. I think there is such a character in Final Fantasy....*checking* a dragoon in FF4.

    6. LOL well i just thought about how AnY went so far and i came to the conclusion that i didn't care ^^

      True ,but when she killed that dude they made it seem as if it were something so amazing that it was out of this world /their world and it's like wow aren't you exaggerating a bit ? Against the scar dude i thought she was done well until BD tried to kill him and she told not to ,just to slash his forehead i thought she was freaking ridiculous

      She already has a sword and just what did she do with it ? Unless it's like what we talked about, the sword of the prophecy is a magical sword .


      Well i ranked the dragons without their powers .I mean how powerful they are without relying on their powers so BD take first place ,then GD because he will be more useful then WD even with his blades and yes i agree his blades are super weak compared to hak or BD sword or the first GD spear . But still even without relying on his leg he can be useful then come WD who will be weak without his claw still he will be stronger than zeno ;then come zeno and yona

      If we take into consideration their DP ,it will be zeno GD and WD are equal then BD since he become quite useless after using his eyes .

      I can't say since i'm not familiar with Final fantasy ^^

    7. Hehe, I see.

      Well, it might be out of their world since this is a pampered princess. I'm not sure if they have seen a girl do that before..against the usual girls in their world...well, at least a rich high-status girl. I recall that during a certain time when Haku made her have a gamble in archery, those guys seem to scoff off the possibility that a girl can hit the target.

      Well, not that sword..the sword she'll use in the future. <- maybe some more time before she can be really good at it? Ya, it might be a magical sword. Still, posing with it before makes me assume that she is good at it since it is her weapon of choice. Right now, she is more into archery since her swordsmanship isn't as good yet. Yes..got to be careful here and keep expectations low. =P

      Ah...without the powers. True, WD seems a bit pampered while GD more rugged.

      And, after Yona would be Yun. =P

      In terms of range of destruction, I think WD is slightly higher than GD. Unless, GD can kick a guy unconscious or to death. As I mentioned, I think blades can only cause wounds and not heavy injuries so the enemy might not be permanently put down especially if it is a general. BD..true yet, depends on how many people he can 'put down' using his power in a one time use. Also, if he can use it against Suwon and the generals..wouldn't they already win? Something like, use it on the 'big boss/top guys' rather than the 'pawns/cannon fodder'.

      I see..but it is pretty much what first GD is doing. ^^

    8. That's true and yeah i know but my point is that whenever she does something they make it seem like it 's wow when in reality it isn't and without hak and the dragons she won't do a thing and can't go anywhere .

      Oh well we just have to wait and see but if by the end of the story like another few months passes and she become like BD in terms of swords skills i won't be happy and what's wrong with sticking to archery ?

      Yup yun is weaker than yona that's for sure ^^

      True , yup but you have to realize the way they fight isn't in an intelligent or strategic i mean for god's sake they are following the orders of a young girl who knows nothing of the world or stuff like war or military strategy .So don't expect stuff like take out the bosses first ,it 's more of a street fight than a fight between warriors i guess .

      By the way spoilers are out here http://weibo.com/honglianhanhua#_rnd1430408148129 can't say i'm looking forward to this chapter it looks like a deja vue

    9. True..for most of the time. ^^

      Unhappy because she powered up too fast? Since bows and arrows, isn't the 'sword'? It is too long ranged fighting? Lol, cannot say but well, when she had the sword on her at the first chapter, I did think of a princess warrior. It has a stronger image..than say a girl into archery.


      Thanks for the spoilers ^^ It is the partial Chinese scanlations. First part, Yona wants to kill a bear for food and Yun protests. ^^; Second part, BD seems to be possessed by something and is attacking Zeno.

      By the way, I'm already starting to read 7 sins manga. After finishing the anime, I feel that the series tend to be somewhat melodramatic. No wonder that girl reminds you of Inoue = healing power + big chest. Is it me or the mangaka is intent on pairing everyone up? ^^;;

    10. Yup ,I also thought of a warrior princess but that thought quickly vanished from my mind after starting reading the series .Well she could be badass with just archery if she does it well , like ishida in bleach or the quincies it's kind of cool how they uses their bows . But I said it before yona doesn't give me a princess warrior feeling at all not because of her skills but because of her personality/choices/goal you get what i mean ^^ we have talked about it so many times :)

      Yup , I saw the full scans on baidu and I kind of get those parts ^^

      Oh that's great at least now I have someone to talk to about seven deadly sins ^^ and until what chapter did you read it ,please let me now when you are up to date with the manga .

      Ya ,sadly that's true and things being melodramatic ,are usually related to meliodas and elizabeth .Ya she is so very inoue -ish that i can't help but hate her .

      Yup romance= melodrama in 7sins

      Let's talk about it a bit . The romance between Ban and elaine (king's sis) is okay /nice .Their backstory is kind of cute and didn't felt forced /melodramatic like with meliodas/elizabeth .The bad boy who has a big heart and the saint who knows nothing of the world i think it's a good pairing .Although the fact that he is man and she looks like a child even though she is older is very weird but it's okay . I like those two so no problem with that pairing , i like his devotion to elaine .

      By the way Jericho having a crush on Ban is lame and pathetic and just no she feels like a dumber version of sakura so no let's hope she is just there for comic relief .

      King/diane is also a cute pairing .Their flashback was adorable , I'm okay with that pairing as well .Though it is still a weird couple a giant/ a fairy who looks like a child .But i love them they have a nice history .King devotion to diane is also very cute .and i just love his character espcially how he tend to fly on his pillow /spear and diane i don't hate her like i hate elizabeth but i don't like her either ,still she is okay .And at the end of the day with this couple as well i have no problem at all .

      Just like with ban and elaine those two have history a cute one ^^ I understand why they love one another which i really don't get with the last couple and that's meliodas and elizabeth .

      First ,I hate both of the them as characters .Elizabeth for obvious reasons she is Inoue 2.0 power and personality meliodas i hate him because he is supposed to be a demon a very powerful one . Yet he is pathetic ,he is very soft and meh as a character his powers maybe impressive but i can't say the same for his personality and behaviour which i find rather lame or just meh .

      Now speaking of their so called love .We should start with liz from the past the one who looks like elizabeth and has short hair .So meliodas being into elizabeth and vice versa is maybe because elizabeth is liz's reincarnation because elizabeth stated that to diane that she feels like she knew meliodas since a long time ago .So maybe that's it and meliodas is so overly protective with her even though he is just met is because he couldn't protect her in the past so now he doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes .

    11. Now don't get me wrong , If it is indeed this and it's like some lame fated love that can't die . I would still hate because the romance between the two is so very bad ,but still it would make sense

      At least more sense that elizabeth falling for meliodas even without knowing that he is a very old demon or just not knowing his past at all and being so devoted to him just because he helped her out . Or meliodas being willing to go to such length for a girl he just met that makes zero sense and it will feel just forced

      In both cases it feels like their romance is forced .Their love is by no means cute or romantic like the two couples that i stated above . So yeah the author does indeed intent to pair everyone up .

      And yeah you will see in the vampires of edinburgh that all the scenes have a crush on one another except for meliodas and ban whose love interest aren't among the sins .

      Again , please do let me now when you are up to date with the current chapter^^

    12. True...but having great fighting skills do help in giving that princess warrior feeling ^^ Ishida..well, those arrows are not typical. Usually, I would tend to think of archery as 'back ups' since it is long ranged. Yona is suppose to be the 'main character' so has to be in the 'middle of the action'. Something like that. Or like, how about teaching Yun archery so that he can be a bit useful during fights. =P

      I'm about to read chapter 111.

      Well, there are melodramatic stuff aside from the romance like being 'friends'. Hen..something and Dreyfus was it then, there is king's and that green fairy. Then, Jericho and her brother.

      Ya, no problem with Ban and Elaine. Though I also have a bit of problem with Jericho being kind of a stalker.

      King and Diane is okay, too.

      You missed one hinted couple..Growther and that long haired girl. Then, there is Gil and his princess..this one is okay. Then, there is that big muscled dude and Veronica was it. So, I thought, is the mangaka pairing off everyone to someone. I won't be surprised if Merlin has something between her and Arthur.

      True..Meliodas as a character isn't too interesting but okay for a typical shounen lead. You know being nice and everything though he tends to like to grope and stuff. ^^;

      I also somewhat thought that she is the reincarnation of his former lover. Just read that chapter in 110. Hm..actually, it makes sense to fall for the guy who helps the princess. He did save her life so many times. It's like, 'you're my shining knight in armor' though I don't get how can she like him when he is groping her and everything as if it is nothing. And she isn't exactly protesting. But, there are stuff like that..it is just a small issue for the things he does for her is enough to make her fall for him.

      Meliodas..before, I get the impression that it is to help her since she is the princess of the kingdom which he used to serve so he is going to such lengths. I mean, fulfill his duty that he wasn't able to accomplish before. Of course, I don't think that it can easily be equaled to love/romance. The part wherein she has way too many similarities with his former lover, maybe that is what attracted him to her. Kind of overlap..as you mentioned, it would make sense if it is like that.

      I see...I'm having a bit of forgetfulness since I wonder where that edinburg was mentioned in 7 sins before. ^^; It is pretty clever though that Hend-something is just a pawn of the possessed Dreyfus. I'm really sorry but the names haven't stuck yet. ^^; I guess those demons would be their new enemy. You know some of the character drawings remind me of DBZ. ^^;

      I will ^^

    13. And, I'm updated up to the recent chapter of 7 sins ^^

    14. Yup but what give her more of a princess warrrior feeling is a princess warrior mentality which she doesn't have .As i have said before the most important thing to me in a character is his personality not his strength .Look at sakura after the time skip she became powerful yet I couldn't start liking her character even if naruto was the last manga on earth .But there is nami for example who isn't powerful but I love her character .The thing is no matter how powerful she is ,with her personality I'm not gonna like her .I know but when the quincies use archery they are pretty badass ,and you are saying those are not normal arrow but AnY is supposed to be a fantasy manga so it's okay . Well he said he didn't want to kill ,so he doesn't learn but at the end of the day even he is far more useful than yona .

      About the last chapter , I also thought that the dark dragon will be sealed into a sword ,since the sword we saw in chapter 1 ,it's hilt had a dragon .So here is what I think yona will chase after the dragons after some glaring ,she will tell the dragon I will be the one to carry your power and he will be so impressed by her glares that he will jump into her sword and of course we will have some more of yona being badass moment forced down our throats but at the end of the day she will power up ,which I would hate oh god .... I mean I was never a fan of random power up especially if the character do not deserve to gain powers out of the blue ,like when naruto became a god after he got powers from the sage did he deserve that power HELL NO the dude was a loser so is yona .So I'm gonna go on a full rant when that happens^^

      By the way this chapter yet again does the thing that i hate most about AnY ,which is they never talk about important stuff .In Enies lobby arc when luffy and usopp had a fight and usopp left the crew . They talked about it ,well it's zoro who started it but still they talked about it ,usopp said sorry and they continued their trip . Each one of the them doesn't follow luffy blindly .Not only do they each have their own dream/goal but as a unit they talk about their problems and no one is afraid to set luffy straight when he is wrong .In AnY they follow yona blindly and it will be one thing if she was an experienced warrior but she isn't ,not only that but her own goal is well you know ^^ and of course when hak went crazy they didn't talk about it ,yona never tried to explain about suwon and last but no least yona is hiryuu reincarnation and it's as if nothing happened .That's why in AnY we have nice interractions but zero relationships .

    15. True , there is a lot of drama with drefyus and since you are up to date you know how he got possesed by the demon that killed liz . So what i think is that sometimes drefyus can regain control of his body but most of the time it's that demon who is in charge . We have seen in the elizabeth rescue arc that there were times when he was very human ish unless he was just pretending .Hendy on the other hand was just under a spell ,i hope we see more of him i like him ^^

      Yup jerricho is pathetic but we are kind of used to it in manga .Since females =pathetic

      Well you now ,know that gowther isn't really with black haired girl and he just brainwashed her . By the way were you shocked to learn that he is a doll ? personally I felt dumb for not thinking about it since it was shown that he had no emotions at all and him trying to learn about it should've been enough as a hint .So gowther is like a creep version of Pinocchio but i do like his blunt attitude it's also funny .

      Well i don't see merlin and arthur as a couple , Merlin seems to have interest in everyone that is special like meliodas ,arthur who is said to become insanely strong in the future .And there is escanor who likes merlin that pairing is very funny .By the way merlin is the boar sin of gluttony , I think i understand why she is that sin , it has probably something to do with her strong desire to learn a lot about abilities and the differents clans .I mean in vampires of edinburgh she was collecting vampire eye balls so I think that's it but her hunger /curiousity makes her dangerous because she is clealry very suspicous person what do you think ? but so far out of all the females introduced I like her the best ^^

      I know that kat but the way their "romance" was written it felt forced on elizabeth's part and not natural on meliodas' part .If he likes her because she is liz 2.0 it's so lame same thing for her . I mean she doesn't even know the dude 's past or that he is a demon yet she is already head over heels saddest part even if she knew she would still like him My only wish is that this pairing gets little focus in the future .

      So what do you think of the demons which based on what was said are like the generals of the demon king .I like them i think they look pretty cool ,two of them are meliodas' brothers which is very interesting and they seem to be super powerful since even without magic powers one of them kicked meliodas and his group asses .Now what I wonder is how come elizabeth was dreaming of meliodas' brother the one in the wanted poster and they made it seem like he was also dreaming of her . So maybe elizabeth and liz were both the reincarnation of an orginal liz that existed 3000 years ago since the demon clan was sealed at that time ,and meliodas bro also knew her and maybe both had a thing for her something like that , well so what do you think so far of seven sins ? I like the direction in which the series is going it's gotten very exciting looking forward to meliodas 's past and to see more of the demons .

    16. By the way did you read AOT ? It's seems like kenny just wanted to be happy I guess and once again things became more messy with what the former king was saying about creating a paradise and the world vanishing . The historia part with levi was great ,her character did turn out to be quite good .It was nice getting glimpse of levi's past and how he came to be the way he is now .He has led quite a sad and harsh life . And he is comfirmed ackerman maybe him and mikasa are something like cousins and it's seems like the acherman are a clan of badasses .

      Bleach nothing happened they are still trying to return to the castle ....sigh but at last they revealed grimjow
      OP luffy gear 4 is very impressive but i'm not sure what to think of his looks while he is using it!!! doffy mentioning something about awakening is nice ,since it means DF users can advance further beyond their current ablities .

      Now the naruto extras . The girl is sasuke and sakura's daughter yup she looks like karin ,yes it makes no sense with sasuke to be with sakura let alone have sex with her but she is her daughter no doubt about it So this drama and daddy issues is really lame plot .Actually those kids are lamer version of their parents ,and honeslty the two chapters made me feel tired . Sakura is so freaking lame ,she married a dude whom she sees only once in every few years . Paying the rent and raising her kid alone . was she that desperate to marry the dude you can't tell me kat that this isn't beyond lame .

      The plot with the sharingan dude is only a mean for sakura's daughter to see sasuke and for him to save her and reunite with daddy and i bet ya that at the end she will become a daddy fangirl since she is sakura's daughter maybe she will even awaken her eyes power to impress daddy so lammmmmmmmmmmmmme

    17. I see, so more than strong powers, etc, strong personality is better ^^

      True..but AnY as a fantasy, the ones who has that kind of fantasy powers is limited only to the dragons. As I mentioned, I really think archery is more for 'back up/supporting attacks' rather than in close range. Is that so...well, how about not killing and just injuring to immobilize the enemy?

      Oh, you think so, too. That's quite likely..or at least, something similar to it. Though I'm imagining it as, ah..my body, cannot resist...must obey..something like that =P Maybe even a 'fanboy' Hehe..but as we both agreed, it is inevitable because they are the lead characters.

      True..it is mostly fluff/comedy during the interactions. I did wonder is this even important for the story..nope..it is for the comedy.

      Oh..that was the demon that killed liz. ^^; Now that you mentioned it, he was the one in that hole that I assume Meliodas-whatever created. I thought he was just pretending. Hendy is interesting and powerful..it was a nice twist that he wasn't all bad but controlled instead. And, they were all wondering what happened to the two that made those two 'evil'. Strange though, if Hendy is in a spell, what's up with that confrontation stuff with Dreyfus before. All an act, too, even if no one is watching them or anything?

      Ya, it seems so though it was noted that Elizabeth has more guts than Arthur in her willingness to help..of course, it might be a different thing regarding execution/doing it.

      Shocked..not really..but thought that was kind of weird for one of them is technically a 'thing'. Isn't the one who made him like that stronger than him? I do had a feeling that he might be a thing when he was mentioning about no heart..I was thinking of wizard of oz's tin man. ^^; Ya..blunt and clueless...somehow like a child?

      I won't be surprised since Merlin is an interesting character and powerful to boot ^^ Ah, is that so..but they could be a couple since I'm wondering why is she sticking around with him. Of course, that might be based on King Arthur's story. Ya, and correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Growther mentioned that she did something to Meliodas on that day when they saw Gil's father killed?

      I have only one thing to say about that: Love is blind = mostly feelings and not brain..well, for fangirls/infatuation ^^ We already seen that in some manga and of course, the extreme version is Sakura. That is really forced compared to this one so I'm more or less okay with this one. So, it was like, wow you're so cool...you saved me..I fall for you..helping me even if you barely know me, etc. Something like how that person makes one feel special so his past and real identity aren't really important. It is weird though that she is okay with him groping her. ^^; Oh well, that's fanservice and probably for comedy.

    18. The demons look pretty cool and some are a bit weird. Somewhat like Arrancar/Quincy variety..if we are to talk about the girls..character designs and personality except for the 'biggies' demons. I do think that they are overpowered. ^^; The seven sins barely able to defeated Hendy before and now... The irony shown here is amusing like the commandments probably mean the ten commandments = thou shall not lie and they are demons.

      Most likely she is Elizabeth's reincarnation. Hm..are you implying a love triangle?

      7 sins is okay..though currently feeling that the enemies are way over powered so that means, the group also has to power up in a massive way. If not, it makes me wonder if in the end, it would be like all the different races teaming up to defeat this few demons instead of one vs one type like in Bleach or any other shounen manga. I like the twists in the manga..like, it turns out that..actually, it is like this.. without making it seem like the mangaka is making things up to prolong the story.

      I have not yet read AOT..just browsed the Chinese. From what I can understand after fast browsing it, it seems that Kenny is looking for the purpose of his life and yes, what would make him happy. ^^; I do get a feeling that Levi is quitting the group after this after seeing the last page though I could be wrong about it ^^; What did he do with that syringe to become a titan? Gave it to Hange to learn more about it? It did make me think that the series is ending. Yup, Historia managed to pull it off.

      Ya... Do you think it would still be a one vs one against Juha and Ichigo or many vs one? Since Juha seems to be overpowered.

      Lol, is that so. Yup..and that's good against more powerful enemies.

      I actually thought that the Naruto extra is like some sort of shoujo ^^; The focus seems to be on the daughters. Desperate yet still love..I mean, this is a guy who tried to kill her and iirc, said some mean things to her so what is seeing him once in a few years, etc. Desperate...most likely but she got the man she wants and she isn't exactly complaining.

      That is very possible. I'm actually surprised that you're reading it especially since it is about Sakura and Sasuke's kid. ^^;

    19. Yup simply put that’s what I want /I’m looking for not only in AnY but in all the manga that I read ,those that have action of course .But if the character is strong in both body and mind than that’s better of course .
      True , but I would’ve loved if it was more like 7sins where the world they live in is surrounded by magic/fantasy elements maybe it would’ve made the universe of AnY more interesting since like I said before the various tribes we have seen so far are quite boring .Well Hak made a point before ,about you have to kill the enemy or he might get up and kill you ,so it’s a no and honestly I really don’t care about Yun’s character . The ones I like are Hak ,GD ,WD the ones I don’t care about are BD ,zeno and yun the ones I hates are suwon and yona .
      Lol I won’t be shocked If he becomes yona fanboy after seeing her fiery glare but what would be awesome if he get into Hak and he gain more power and becomes even more badass but no way in hell it will happen ,it’s all about yona …..sigh and hak would make a better use of an evil dragon than freaking yona .
      Yup ,their “relationships” are rather empty ….that’s so sad since they make it seem like they have strong and deep bonds anyway …..
      Yup ,I love hendy and you know I’m like I don’t like the art in the manga but to me hendy merlin ban and king look awesome I love their designs .And I love them as characters ^^ True and I’m sure he would prove useful in the upcoming fight ,I liked his “purge” but I doubt it would work on the elite demons True that’s weird either it is all an act or maybe at what times they were aware of what they were doing at least drefyus …..I don’t really know !!!!

      Yup , That’s what I think Elizabeth has always had “guts” but she is also very soft orhime sof so even if merlin said that she has to awaken her powers and even if she does become OP I don’t have any expectations for her . Except crying and screaming . Arthur maybe he faced the truth , I mean yup it was said that he will awaken great powers and lead all Britannia but after failing so many times I can’t blaming him for having doubts .
      Well I was shocked at my stupidity for not realizing sooner what he was ^^ Yup he is sort of like a child ,a very creepy one ^^ Yup and he maybe a stronger wizard than merlin which is very exciting .
      I agree ,she is my favorite character so far ,I love her looks yeah her outfit is pure fanservice but I don’t care since she looks super pretty and she is powerful oh hell yeah and the best of all she has a very good personality . I mean that in a sense that she is very smart as shown by all what she invented and also I loved her in the last chapter ,how she was considering their battles forces as well the demons strength and thinking about what needed to be be done in order to match up the demons strength and hope for a victory . That was great to see a woman who actually think and make sense instead of crying or being saved and frankly that’s the type of thinking I would’ve loved to see in yona ,think like a general not like what yona is doing .I also love her calm attitude is battle and I like the fact that she is very sly and fishy and that’s very obvious merlin isn’t sweet and innocent .What she did when they saw gil’s dad get killed was knock out meliodas and she seems to have stolen something from him ,to me she somehow had a hand in the sins being framed 10 years ago .But still I like her ^^
      About Arthur it was stated that the boy is special that he will awaken great powers and I think merlin based on her personality and her “sin” is staying with him to observe him and who knows maybe more ^^ but I would feel sorry for escanor 

    20. I get that and I agree that it can’t compare to sakura blind devotion to sasuke who treats her like trash But I still hate it and I will never get used to it and honestly it would’ve been better if it was like in OP no romance .Ya and honestly that’s yet another thing I hate about Elizabeth .
      Speakingof “important stuff happen yet no one talk about it “ it isn’t only in AnY but it is also in seven sins . How come except for ban and king no one questioned himself “maybe the captain is part of the demon tribe ?” I mean they saw him turn into something evil , they heard other characters speak of his demon powers and above all when they met with the elite demon galan or garan or whatever his name was . The dude clearly said that he knows meliodas and it’s been 3000 years ,and you haven’t changed and he knew that he had the power of “truth” yet no one thought of asking how come you know so much about them and how come they know some much about you . I doubt it will change even when they see his brothers .That’s so lame …

    21. Yup actually I think all of them look great except for the demon which is like a black thing with many faces and the demon who has four arms and his face is like torn .Meliodas’s brothers they look nice ,the girl who always say “taking it from the ass” the dude who translate what she says .They look really nice and yeah they are really op but it’s normal since they are the elites soldiers of the demon king and let’s not forget that other demons have awakened with them and like you said they struggled against hendy who was taken over by a weaker demon .So they are pretty much screwed and from what we have seen so far it makes a lot of sense that all the other clans united against them since they are badass and from I get ,I think for now it will just be the sins and other knights like gilthunder who will fight them and maybe later on we may see other creatures come out to help in the war .
      Honestly ,if it were like in Naruto where OP dudes are introduced just to be defeated by talk no jutsu I would be really bothered by such strong guys but so far in seven sins all the battles were won with brains and power so it’s okay and they aren’t easy victories so it’s okay . I’m expecting some amazing fights in the future . Also like we have seen in this chapter they know that they are inferior and they are thinking about how to close the gap in power which is good . Since in Naruto he just rushed in there and talked no jutsued the guys . So it’s nice to see those dudes who aren’t only op but also ruthless who bring a real sense of danger ,I mean with all the clans united they couldn’t kill off the demons but had to seal them so that makes me excpect a lot and I doubt they will be fighting with them anytime soon because after they are all defeated I don’t see what villain will be left in the series ?
      True that’s ironic since demon are supposed to lie and deceive people , I also thought about the bible but if consider that their power take after the ones mentioned in religion than it makes no sense .Like thou shalt not kill ,can you imagine if one of the demon has that commandment what does it mean if someone tries to kill him he will die ?
      Yup , I meant a love triangle or maybe he is just trying to destroy what meliodas cares about .I’m saying this because it was pictured ,it was as if he was also dreaming of her .
      Like I told I believe the only one who will be fighting now will be seven sins +hendy +gil and the other two dudes and maybe later on others will join . I believe it will be one on one or team up like gil and his friends team up against one of the demon since they are weaker than the sins .
      True ,so far seven sins has been great no random power up or plot twist .The battles are quite nice and they are won in a nice way .I don’t have much to complain about except stuff like Elizabeth and the so called romance .
      I’m looking forward to escanor but what I’m not looking forward to is diane losing her memories now that’s what you call drama .I couldn’t care less about her ,yeah her story with king is cute but that’s it seriously now is not the time for the emotional drama unless somehow this lead to escanor then I’m really not looking forward to it .

    22. Rather than leaving the group ,it seems like he was shaken by what Kenny said that’s all .He either gave it to hange so she can understand how the transformation works or he took it for himself and titan levi=the most badass thing in manga history .
      Ya I also believe it’s ending slowly but surely the mysteries are being revealed soon nothing will be left except a big battle and AOT would be done .
      Don’t know don’t care ,I have zero hope or interest in bleach whenever I think something may happens my hopes gets crushed so no I don’t care .

      I just think she is pathetic .I mean let’s forget about the killing and the harsh words .Just imagine yourself being married to a man that you see only once every year and worse you will raise his child while said child never saw her father .Now if that isn’t lame I don’t know what it is .But kishi was obviously trying to please the sakura fan and worse the sasusaku fans or whatever they are called .This pairing not only does it make zero sense ,but It’s a very sick relationship ,even if it isn’t worth being called a relationship .I mean she even had to photoshop a pic of herself and sasuke ,since she doesn’t have a pic with her husband how sad is that …
      Yup , a very lame shoujo if I may add .You explained it perfectly and you know at this point I don’t feel any disgust she is just pathetic .
      LOL I’m wondering myself maybe it is just so I can rant more about sakura or it is out of boredom or curiosity who knows ^^

    23. True. For me, that would be the best..but of course, if the plot can pull it through, I don't mind such characters too much.

      Hehe, I see. Yup, the tribe could be more interesting like the generals having elemental powers based on their tribe's name instead of it being like what type of place they live.

      Indeed..and it would make Haku too powerful..that is if that dragon is indeed power/has a magical type dragon based power. But most likely, it would be Yona because she's the lead and she needs powering up. Well, if we are thinking of this like a shounen series. =P

      Is that so. The art is okay for me. Oh, and I'm surprised that king is number one in the poll. Either the male readers aren't into too powerful guys like Meliodas or there are a lot of female readers who think King is cute with his pillow =P

      I see..it is like having guts but wasn't able to push through with it to show some results through actions. Hehe, I see, so that was Arthur's 'prophecy'.

      True..if Yona had Merlin's brains, it would have been a very interesting story. It would be Yona's brains vs Suwon's brains. But then, Suwon might get easily defeated since Yona has dragons. So, maybe Yona has 'power' = dragons while Suwon has his brains. But then, they aren't really antagonist against each other so there is no plotting and counter-plotting, etc. You know, I do think that AnY isn't really a 'deep' series since I can easily summarize it. If it is hard to summarize, then that means it is really 'deep' with all the political intrigue, plotting, etc. =P Like AoT.

      Yup, that was what I understood that Merlin did yet it wasn't totally mentioned clearly to us yet..probably another twist there. And probably something that will help power up Meliodas against the demons.

      Indeed..and just like the story of King Arthur, Merlin here and Merlin in the 'legend' can be both good yet bad depending on the situation. Iirc, Merlin is portrayed 'bad'. Hehe, unless Escanor has moved on to other things/person =P

      Hehe, I know...I'm just saying that if I can somewhat tolerate Sakura being like that with Sasuke..okay, so she likes him even if he does this and that to her-whatever...I can tolerate Elizabeth more. =P And, it is more logical for Elizabeth to do so based on what I've told you.

      Hm..because it doesn't matter if he is a demon-whatever since he is on their side? Ban and King would question it since he is part of the clan that destroyed the forest. That's what I'm assuming. Even if he 'turned evil', he is still for them and not against them. They obviously really trust him. They would probably think that he rebelled against the demon clan. And, it could be a, 'I'll wait for you to tell me when you are ready' thing.

      Ya, that is most likely. Maybe like in DBZ, give me your power so that I can defeat this villain. =P Ah, so there is still a demon king? Well, if that happens, it would be really like a 'war'.

      True..though now that you mentioned it..will they just be sealed again or be killed? Since they didn't have that power to do so before..will they be able to do it now = kill them?


    24. Hm..indeed, it would have been an easy victory if it is a 'thou shall not kill'. So, if it is, maybe a variation to it? Will they all turn into stone if the 'law' is violated or it would be a different punishment?

      I see..so maybe Liz was caught in that love triangle before? Well, since Elizabeth is dreaming of that guy.

      Well, it is the oldest cliche to have amnesia. Though, there is a debate about it whether the hit by the hammer caused it or it was Growther when they were fighting earlier on.

      I see..I haven't really read it thoroughly yet. Still waiting for MS. Indeed though titan levi is still a risk. I mean, what separates ordinary titans from human-titans like Annie? When Historia's father and Eren first got the injection, they went berserk. So, maybe Levi would want to know that first before injecting himself with it. =P Ah..then, probably just gave it to Hange.

      True..and the shocking climax would probably be what's in the basement. It would be like, what...it turns out that is that..so what are we fighting for, all the lives lost, etc.. Or, titans cannot be totally be defeated, it's futile for they are so many in the world and they are the only ones left. Hehe..well, just thinking of it that way if it is some sort of horror story ending.

      Lol..so Bleach has really hit the bottom for you.

      Actually, that kind of situation do happen. When the father/mother is working somewhere else, and can only see the spouse and children after a long time..sometimes more than a year. Of course, I don't think Sasuke is in dire need of money like we have here. ^^; I think it would be okay if Sasuke writes letters or something to his daughter. I'm not sure if he does with Sakura. He obviously does with Naruto =P That is indeed sad..and I don't even recall that was mentioned..the photoshop thing. ^^;

      Hehe..maybe all of the above =P

    25. But most of the time the plot can’t like in AnY ^^
      Ya ,not only the generals but the country itself would be way more interesting .
      Yup ,I know so it will sadly go to yona since she is the lead . I really do hate this “let’s give all the cool stuff to the MC even if said character is worthless”
      Well ,I don’t think it’s ugly but I’m not into the characters design .Me too I thought Ban would take first place ^^ Well I think it’s both and as far as I can tell guys prefer king over meliodas which I understand . I think king is very cute but also very badass when he needs to be .It was awesome when he reunited with ban and was lying on his spear just chilling while piercing ban’s chest ^^ Meliodas he is powerful yes but his character is so very meh .
      Ya that’s it Elizabeth is too soft no matter what power she awaken I’m not interested .By the way what did you think when she awakened her power ,and understood that she was the one who healed the doctor !!! I was sort of shocked but to think that when her sis “died” she didn’t awaken her power yet one a pig “died” she was shocked to the point of awakening her hidden powers how lame is that seriously ,it’s like your sister dies and you are okay and your pet dies and you have a mental breakdown .

      Yup ,it’s Arthur ‘s prophecy the kid is very special and unlike with Elizabeth I actually I’m looking forward to what he will do .

      Ya and of course not exactly merlin ‘s brains since she is a genius that’s very obvious .If she had more of merlin ‘s mindset I guess ,Of thinking ahead ,planning stuff considering her group’s strength as well as her enemies stuff like that which she doesn’t do .The only character who does that is suwon .And yes you are right AnY lacks depth ,if you find it easy to do a summary I find it easy to read since nothing much is going on it’s as if I’m reading bleach anyway one of the main reason why it’s lacks depth is because there is no plotting or counter plotting like you said .Yona is always “he killed my dad to help the country he is great king” and suwon is all “ the dawn is beautiful and she did blah blah blah” so you can’t expect a political plot in here when there should’ve been one . The author messed up this series on so many levels …sigh

      Ya ,Merlin is really fishy character and I like that for once we have a female who is sly and isn’t sweet and innocent and it’s like you said she is powerful .Actually she is the second strongest sin after meliodas I mean his power level was below hers but that’s his human form in his demon form he is far superior to her .Anyway I find merlin very refreshing as a female character .About what she did I’m sure there is far more to it then she knock out the captain ya whatever she stole will make meliodas stronger .Also another proof of how awesome she is ,is how she quickly reacted and transferred her soul into her weapon that’s nice .

      Yup and you know merlin somehow is like mayrui a mad scientist that’s the feeling I get from her .I mean she isn’t evil in a sense that she won’t go as far as to destroy the world to get what she wants .But she is the type to betray her allies to get what she wants ,which I presume is knowledge and skills .She is very interesting it’s like you said she can be good and evil .She also seem to be pretty selfish and I like that tired of the selfless heroines .
      Well none of the sins has moved on ,so why would escanor ^^ because he is the sin of pride maybe

      Of course ,sakura is on a league of her own when it comes to being pathetic .Not only does her devotion to sasuke does make zero sense but it’s just plain pathetic .Elizabeth love for meliodas isn’t pathetic because he is also devoted to her ,but she loved him way too quickly without even knowing him that’s what I’m saying .Orhime also doesn’t make much sense since she didn’t /doesn’t interact that much with ichigo but it’s pathetic since he treats her well .The one who comes close to sakura’s league is yona ,for still loving the dude who killed her dad and even justifying his murder .

    26. Well ,All what you said is probably true but we have never seen people like diane or Elizabeth question themselves about meliodas’ real identity let alone talk to him about it .But it’s like you said even if they learn that he is a true demon they will still love him .By the way I believe that he was one of the ten commandment in the past ,betrayed them because of a woman the orginal Elizabeth and helped in sealing them ,and yeah I also believe that maybe meliodas and liz are star crossed lovers and liz wasn’t the first liz what do you think ? Also you know that Elizabeth was born the day ,danfor was destroyed so maybe before liz died her soul passed on to Elizabeth since she said we will meet again when she was dying .Also how come meliodas went to work for elizabeth’s kingdom maybe he knew liz was being reborn there and followed her and also how come the king adopted Elizabeth as his daughter ?So many questions .In the future arc I want a whole arc about meliodas from 3000 years ago till he became dragon sin of wrath .

      Well ,this may seem like just a fight now but I’m pretty sure it will soon turn into a war since yeah there is still a demon king .

      Well I remember when meliodas split the hill in half he was talking to himself about ending the fight that has been dragged on ,so I presume they will be killed .

    27. Ya , I think that it is the same principle as with the bible a set of rules you shouldn’t break .We can just assume that when a person break the rule he will receive demonic punishment like being turned to stone .

      Yeah maybe the two fought about orginal liz before since liz the red head existed 10 years ago and the demon were still sealed back then so maybe there is an orginal liz that existed 3000 years ago .
      Well there is a high chance it’s creepy gowther who did it ,by the way is threader gay ? I mean I kind had my doubts and in this chapter when gowther took off the towel he jumped to look at his lower half .
      Either way I’m not fan of the amnesia cliché
      Ya , despite the way he acts he is very careful guy .Okay let’s talk about it later then when MS version comes out ^^
      Me too I have a feeling the story will end in a tragedy but I’m looking forward to it since this manga is really good and intense .

      Yes it has chapters and chapters of people going up and down others making entrances yet nothing happens if that isn’t the bottom I don’t what it is .

      I know but usually you write ,send pics ,call stuff like that which sasuke doesn’t do and just so pathetic that she is home alone for years with no news just waiting raising the kid paying the rent what kind of life is that .And I bet ,that kishi will pull something like your dad is always away and was never there because in the past he did horrible stuff and he doesn’t want you to think bad of him that’s why no one tells you anything about your dad and it will be a family hug in the end and I on the other hand will be puking on my computer screen .
      Yeah and not only does he send nothing to his daughter or his wife but he does send stuff to Naruto and Naruto he doesn’t have time for his child yet when sasuke calls he goes to see him on the spot .Now maybe it’s just me ,but this smells like boy love .Now I have zero doubt that she is his and sakura’s daughter and kishi will find some corny lame way to explain why he is a worthless dad .

    28. Ah..true.

      Lol..well, since you put it that way, maybe the cool stuff are giving to the MC because it makes up for their being worthless =P Boost them up since they are the MC. You know..making up for the handicap which is usually character/personality or being weak or as you phrase it, worthless =P

      I think the design is shounen-ish and as I mentioned, sometimes made me think of DBZ..some sort of similarity. True though I would assume guys would like manly Ban than chibi King who can turn into a fat guy. ^^; iirc, even Growther defeated Meliodas in the ranking.

      Hm..good point. I'm not sure if that is deliberate or a flaw on the mangaka's part to make it appear that she cares more for the pig than her own sister. It doesn't exactly jive either to say that she is closer to the pig after a short time rather than her sister whom she is with for a longer time. But then, her sister is trying to capture her and did that Meliodas whereas the pig sacrificed himself for them. Maybe that is part of the reason. She couldn't stand someone sacrificing oneself for her and dying for it. Hm..possible that it is connected to her being Liz? Of course, I'm not sure if Liz sacrificed herself for Meliodas. What do you think?

      Indeed..too bad about AnY. Since you read her previous series, was it better written than this one? I was under the assumption that it was so I started reading AnY, but as it goes on, it seems that Yona has no major goal in mind but just wandering around, fooling around and helping people in trouble after finding her dragons. And usually, given that premise, it would be revenge or become the queen to change the country. Hehe, unless the mangaka wants to do it the 'un-cliche' way which is how this turned out to be. I'm wondering if the mangaka is going for it this way: on the run, find dragons, learn more about the other tribes, then find sword and shield..then perhaps, life's goal will materialize.

      Yup ^^ And usually, a Merlin-type of character is the 'bad guy' since she is fishy/sly, etc.

      Good point..none of the sins had moved on. Interestingly, that can be interpreted as either good or bad depending on one's perspective. Good = they really love the other person. Bad = it is futile yet they cannot move on to other things/people. There is Ban unless Elaine can really be resurrected. Then, there is Meliodas..who still love Liz.

    29. Ah, I think the knowing him can come later on. Hehe, you know like love at first sight, falling for the person who is being nice and everything to you, and here, he kept on saving you. A pure nice girl especially princess would easily fall for that person. For pervert guys, it would be beauty and sexy body =P Maybe you mean a 'deeper love' about accepting and loving after knowing everything. I think falling in love can be quite quick and more 'attached' if the acts = kept on saving her and treasuring her, kept on happening. At their stage, I would think of it as more on 'about to confess because she likes/loves him' = before going steady so it isn't necessary yet to know everything about him. =P By the way, has Meliodas ever done such things to other women except for Elizabeth/Liz?

      For Inoue, it seems more of an infatuation/one-sided love. As you mentioned, there isn't much interaction..she probably had more of that with Chad or Ishida or even Ulquiorra. I get the impression that she likes Ichigo because he is a hero/prince-type who unselfishly sacrifices himself for others..and supposedly strong & cool..good looking? Lol. He's her type =P

      Ya, he is probably one of the commandments before. What do you mean liz wasn't the first liz? There was another liz before the deceased liz? ^^; That is possible..so Elizabeth would be the third reincarnation? Oh..I didn't know about that..it wasn't mention in the anime when Elizabeth was born. That is highly probable. I'm not sure if Meliodas knew about the reincarnation so he worked there. He doesn't seem to react that way with young Elizabeth, iirc. Ah, so Elizabeth is adopted...okay, I was thinking of that since she is suppose to be a druid like Hendy. Why she is adopted..most probable reason is the king had seen a prophecy about it.

      I see..and of course, if they are just sealed, it somewhat leave things hanging since being 'sealed' can mean they can be 'released' unless the sealing is permanent.

      I actually do not get that scene..I thought he was jumping away ^^; but based on MS comments, he might be gay.


      That is highly possible..something that will give some reason as to why Sasuke is doing that. True..but then, the thing with Sasuke is a hokage matter thing..more or less. Naruto did send a clone for his son to play with. I guess the daughter is in good hands with Hinata. The son must be a papa's boy since he yearns more for Naruto than Hinata. I guess Naruto is the type who 'cannot be an attentive father since he didn't experience that = don't know how to' rather than 'I want to be an attentive father because I didn't experience it before and want my children to experience it'.

      Cannot say much about Sasuke since before the massacre, he should have known what it is like to have a family. maybe he is just 'trying to make up for what he did' and focus on that rather than his family? Protecting the village = protecting the family? Or maybe as you mentioned they don't want her to think badly of her father or probably for her to have this stigma/reputation for having Sasuke for her father after what he did. Wait..did they alter the history books or it was all okay since in the end, Sasuke did help save them and has 'gone back to the light'. Lol, we shouldn't be overanalyzing this series. ^^;

    30. Well ,to me it seems like it makes them lamer look at how ichigo gets cocky when he gets a power up when moment earlier he was probably crying on the floor .When Naruto became god did he became cooler hell no ? he was even lamer .So I won’t hold my breath for yona T_T

      Ya but strangely enough king is very popular among dudes and let’s not forget that he is quite fierce when he start fighting but ban is my favorite ^^ Actually I prefer gowther over meliodas ^^
      Either way it was so wrong for her to awaken her powers for a pig ,but it’s like you said because he “died” for them but even her sis tried to protect her and “died” ohhh whatever who cares about Elizabeth .

      Well maybe once she knew he was coming after meliodas she came to face him ,but I can’t say like I said we need a full arc about his past too many mysteries .

      Ya , I read NG life and it’s indeed way better than AnY it has I think 43 chapters but it’s really good .It’s mainly comedy ,it is so very funny ^^ and the romance ,the characters ,the plot are all very good .Unlike with AnY you will find it easy to like characters and even if it is mainly comedy it somehow has more depth than AnY I’m not joking it’s really deeper ^^

      Maybe it is what she intend to do ,all things will continue that way since in the author’s mind yona already has a goal of being robinhood which like we said before is no goal .You know if the author did this instead :get chased out of the castle ,decide on revenge ,tour the country for dragons to gain powers still plot some more to kill suwon and retake the throne ,then along the way notice that the country is falling apart and think to herself maybe there are stuff more important than revenge and start to find a way to help the country and maybe come to the conclusion that if she want to make a difference she need position and power and she will continue with her initial plan but instead we have the current AnY

      I know but I like bad guys ^^
      Yup ,in ban and meliodas ‘s case it is quite bad .

    31. Yeah you are right but the thing is ,I’m sick of those sweet innocent girls who fall for dudes just because they are nice .Yup that’s what I mean a deeper love ,nope he has only done it to Elizabeth and liz

      Yes,that’s why she loves him because he is a hero but in orhime ‘s mind it’s true love …LOL

      Yup that’s what I mean ,there is an orginal liz that lived 3000 years ago .Elizabeth said it herself that she was born the day it was destroyed and that the king isn’t her real dad ,and her tomboy sis also said it that they weren’t blood related . A lot of stuff hint at elizabeth being liz 2.0 . Yeah I know but meliodas almost never show his emotions and feelings on his face ,so maybe he knew all along that elizabeth somehow= liz .Ya she is a druid and yeah maybe the king saw that the child needed to be saved for the future of the kingdom so he did .

      Lol ,he seems rather feminine that’s why I’m asking ^^
      Ya his son is a daddy’s boy that’s for sure ,and sakura’s daughter is also a daddy’s girl .More than that I think the author want to say that Naruto has now matured and he is taking his duties seriously to the point where he can’t play with his son .

      Yup ,I think that’s what it is he is still making up for his mistakes by leaving aside his family for the greater good ,since it’s like you said protect the village=protect the family something like that either way the author is gonna find an excuse because if he doesn’t the sakura/sasuke fans yeah they exist will be very upset . Yeah it seems like Naruto is the one who took all the credits for the war and yeah sasuke ‘s behavior is probably due to all what you stated . True ,we will only end up having headaches ^^

    32. Hehe..I see.

      Hm..now that you mention it..ya, she did protect Elizabeth. ^^; Opps, I forgot. Anyway, it is indeed either she freaks out more about the pig or it is the mangaka's mistake. And, I won't be surprised if there is actually something in store for the pig later on = how he survived. Hm..isn't he kind of like Kon in Bleach?

      Is that so. So, what was in NG Life wasn't in AnY..

      True..or maybe this got popular and the mangaka is just dragging things around? Since you mentioned that the previous manga is shorter = got to the point immediately. That would be interesting but as I mentioned, the mangaka decided not to do that 'typical' way for some reason which we are both expecting.

      Hehe, is that so. I actually have more problems with sweet innocent girls falling for bad guys/jerks who treat them badly/ignore them especially if there is someone better beside them. ^^; The sweet innocent girls who fall for dudes just because they are nice is a 'standard' and I think that isn't bad and it would be better that way in real life. Of course, in the stories, that could spell boring. =P Hm..I guess it really depends on the storyteller's ability. ^^

      Ya...well, when young, people can sometimes confuse true love with infatuation, right?

      I see. Well, it is a possibility..it does make one wonder if Elizabeth is the better version of her past self. =P

      Indeed, Growther is quite feminine looking.

      Ah, okay...so as a hokage, Naruto is doing great but as a father...not really.

      Why would SxS fans be upset? Because Sasuke didn't care about his family? I mean, they are already for the couple after all this time so why be upset about that.

      Anyway, I'll read AoT and the other Jump tomorrow...it is already out in MS ^^

    33. Maybe who knows ? since he got something big from someone as useless as elizabeth so maybe there will be something for the pig .

      Well in NG life what i liked is that each character had his own story while in AnY every character revolve around yona .It's like with her there is no them which is so very ugghhh annoying to say the least . In NG life every character is easy to like even if it is mainly comedy ,you will find the characters to be very touching .The way things are handeled is very nice ,the feelings of love are also quite nice and quite deep which is something you won't expect from a comedy if you have time give it a shot and you will see for yourself in my opinion it is 10000 better than AnY .Also you will see how the characters move on from their past ,and it's done is a very nice way so much better than in AnY .

      Yeah maybe but it doesn't change the fact that NG life is way better again i wish you will have time to read it and see for yourself .

      Of course ,that's obvious did i say otherwise ^^ that's the most sickening case .Just like in the new manga of the same author as maid sama where the girl is overly sweet (puke i had that kind of girl the most) and is head over heels for a guy who treats her like a piece of trash and believe me that even when i say that it doesn't come close to how he treats her yet she gets all excited and think he is cool and of course i start coughing blood when i read stuff like that and yeah there is a really great dude next to her yet she doesn't care .

      Of course in such cases it's better to pick elizabeth's type of love which is okay since he treats her well .But i have two problems one is the sweet innocent girl stereotype which is sickening since it make it seem like all girls are dumb .and the love at first sight as if it was possible ,feelings need time to grow and you don't fall madly in love in few days or few weeks that only happens in fiction . Actually what i like about SB is the way romance is depicted it took a lot of time for it to grow and bloom into love and when it happened you actually understand why they love each other and what i see in one another which i don't in most manga .

      That's true and usually it ends with a horrible tattoo that you will regret when growing up or sometimes it gets more extreme and it may end in tragedy .

      I don't think so from little we have seen of liz she seems better than elizabeth at least she wasn't okay with being groped


      Yup , and it's kind of sad since he was very lonely as a kid yet he does this to his child but the child is very spoiled since he got friends and a mom +sis yet he is still such a daddy's boy .

      Yeah that's one reason and the other is if the girl isn't sakura 's child but karin's which a lot of people seems to think I'm saying that kishi would never do that since it will be too much for the SXS fans .

      Bleach was whatever , i want to say that hashwalth being his first son is interesting that maybe he is the first quincy ever but i don't care ,juha looks creepy .

      Naruto was okay more shoujo -ish stuff and who cares .

      OP was okay and again just how does luffy plan to beat kaido when he is at his limits against doffy ? and damn after all that doffy is still kicking . Looking forward to see sabo in action ^^

      So what did you think of SB ?

    34. I mean of AOT ^^

      By the way kat can you please tell me what going on in these pages




    35. Hehe..true. Though technically, Elizabeth isn't totally useless. =P Say, compared to her sisters?

      I see. I did try to read it before..iirc, skip to the last chapters but I don't think I lasted enough to finish it or did I forgot the ending. ^^;; I just recall guy going to the past and about getting some girl..some regret in the past I assume which was the cause of the reincarnation. Anyways, I tried to read it to know more or less how AnY would end but then, as you mentioned, it is better than AnY. So no use for the comparison. Thanks for the input ^^ Strangely enough, I guess people like AnY better because it has an anime and running for 100+ chapters already.

      Love at first sight..depending on what type of love are we talking about. If it is deeper love, impossible..if it is a crush/attraction type, it is possible. Lol..I cannot really say that it doesn't happen in real life since it seems to happen to other people especially, I presume, emotional people. Ah..he's so handsome/cool/nice, etc..let's go steady, go to bed, get married..and well...possibly divorce? Of course, if you are talking about deep love so yes, that is impossible in just a few weeks or less time than that. In other manga, I think it is mostly attraction first, then go steady, then get to know more of each other which includes predicaments..then deeper love.

      In a way, what you hated is how Kyouko was before with Shou, right? =P What did she like about him? Is it because of too many fairy tales that she imagines him as her prince? Was Shou nice to her before? Pretended to be nice to her? Was it love? She was truly devoted and everything to him but it was seemingly one-sided. One cannot say that it wasn't love for she did all that for him with no complaints.That is one reason for the extreme hate she felt. The extreme version would be Sakura. For her, that's love. Of course, for us, that's pathetic, etc. Somehow, I think time to grow and bloom isn't 'fixed' either. Kyouko has been with Shou for such a long time..did anything grow and bloom? In real life, I know of people who were together for 10 years and ended up splitting up. So, I can just say that it is really hard to say that this and that are needed for it to be love. ^^ It also depends on one's perspective, age, culture, etc. Lol..am I too open-minded about this? ^^;


      Hehe..well, that could spell better/an improvement for Meliodas = can grope her with no complaints.

      Ah, I see, the Karin bit.

      I actually find Naruto more interesting to read than Bleach even if it is lame shoujo-ish. ^^; Bleach has been going up and down, around with little fights in between + lots of blahs.

      Indeed..it was a joke that the mangaka got lazy and just made Juha a black blob thing with eyes ...just black ink. =P I do wonder what their new world would be like. Lots of those small creatures around or lots of eyes and black everything? Oh well, you are already in 'don't care' mode =P

      I'm actually glad that Luffy wasn't able to defeat Doffy easily with one punch. It shows that Doffy isn't that weak like the others. Things get a bit extended so that probably, Luffy can fine tune his power. As someone in MS mentioned, Law noticed that he was using too much haki. For Kaido, there is that awakening thing. Also, maybe the mangaka is going for team effort rather than just one vs one to win. I mean, against someone powerful, one cannot do it alone. We'll get to see Sabo in action. Maybe actually see Zoro cutting down the birdcage. ^^ How the gladiators believe what Luffy told them and are now risking their lives for him..actually, they'll also be dead if they didn't help him. ^^;;

    36. Ya of course she a little bit better than her sisters .

      Well in NG life all the characters are living their second lives .In the past they lived in pompeii and it’s like you said each died with a regret . For example a dude was a mercenary for a rich lady whom he was in love with but he betrayed her and then he was reborn to try and fix his mistakes with her and win her over . All the characters that retain their memories struggle between past and present while trying hard to move on . It is such a nice piece of work i love it ^^

      Ya attraction ,of course that’s possible but what i’m trying to say is that you can’t call love at first sight true love ,it may grow into real love but with time .
      Yes it does happen in real life and usually the result isn’t pretty at all especially when kids gets involved and it end up in a nasty divorce .

      Yes that’s what i hated ,and kyouko was indeed in love with shou because as we have seen in the flashbacks she knew that he was a player but still loved him . To me her love with shou is mainly so she can have something good in her life because of how harsh her life was . And this ties to fairy tales like you said shou is her prince whom she will marry and will live happily ever after .She was in love with shou that i can’t deny and it’s like you said her extreme hatred for him is proof of that .
      That’s true that love didn’t bloom between shou and kyouko and it’s both their faults .Shou for being shou , i mean the dude is shallow and full of himself it’s the type of dude who can’t be in a relationship with anyone ,because of his personality .He always put himself first and i guess it’s kyouko’s fault for always putting herself last ,she worshipped shou and never set him straight when he was flirting with other girls or behaving badly .So what kind of love would grow between those two people ?

      You are right that sometimes even time doesn’t change a thing for certain people aren’t meant to be no matter what .
      No not all you are right about what you said ,love isn’t math soi t depends on a lot of stuff ^^

      True ,in bleach it is always going up and down but also in naruto during the war we had chapters and chapters of speeching with nothing happening .

      Yes i will continue to read bleach till the bitter end but i don’t care ^^

      That’s true and i’m also glad about that ,and yeah i like it when they put in team efforts but i’m just saying that all these dudes are struggling so much against doffy who is scared of kaidou ,so what the whole lot of them can do against kaidou ? I wonder what will oda do ? Well even if luffy does awaken this means that kaidou will also have an awakened form and that’s bad news .

    37. AoT...I didn't get the impression that Kenny is looking for happiness. He seems to be more of talking/musing like a philosopher at the end of his life. That for everyone, someone is drunk/slave of something. Maybe more on how futile it all was? Well, his lust for that power.

      It's strange though, I thought Uri is younger than Kenny. ^^; I wonder though about the real reason why the first king doesn't want humans to survive. Is that because of something that's for the good of humanity = better off dead, or something else? Struggle and die? Maybe got betrayed so this is revenge? The way he gave the syringe to Levi, I guess that is like his last 'gift/inheritance' for him as his uncle. Hm..it seems that the coordinator tend to be priest/tess? Or that is just their 'family business'? I mean since the past life of the predecessors are just passed on so the current coordinator ought to have stock knowledge of the sermons.

      Historia manages to pull things off smoothly and got guts to hit Levi. Levi..not sure why he is thanking them though because of the blurb, I thought he is leaving..though it might apply to Kenny. So, I guess after some rest and preparations, they are going to the basement.

      Page 1: Spiky wants to add in a certain Juketsu/Jiketsu into the team, I guess and he asks which of them senpai-s would want go with him for the shokugeki/food war.

      Page 2: All three refuses. Guy says that Juketsu, that first year youngster is basically not considered a rival. Sorry, Masami/Manaka/Makoko, etc. Don't know the names ^^;

      Page 3: Two tone hair apologizes and says do not be angry, Masami/Manaka/whatever. because they are now in second year. It is just that the person who was knock down from the top would be super busy.

    38. True ,he just came to the conclusion that everyone lust for something in their lives to give it meaning i guess some want sex others alchool and he wanted power . I think he also wanted to improve the fate of the ackerman .

      Ya it was kind of weird to see him all old while kenny looked fine maybe it is a side effect of titan powers ?

      Maybe it is something along of the lines ,humans will never understand each other they will always fight so let them all die .Or maybe if they live on their fate will much worse ? Or maybe it's personal like you said

      Ya ,it felt like a legacy , i think it is just family business and yeah but this is eren so i don't know if we will be getting anything anytime soon .

      Ya ,who knows maybe it's an emotional thing ,ya i think so ,because levi has no reason to leave . I hope so ^^

      Thanks kat ;)

    39. Indeed.

      True..and it also kind of applies with, there is someone better beside her yet she kept on thinking of Shou. Of course, Corn is suppose to be a fairy, and he left her later on. In a way, because of her intense crush with Shou, she didn't see anyone else.

      That's right. Though I did think before that he had/have a relationship with his manager. ^^; Are we to assume that he is living with her and nothing is happening? Unless, he is keeping her as his 'replacement babysitter' for Kyouko?

      No..I mean the recent Naruto chapters compared to the recent Bleach chapters..even if it is shoujo-ish. =P

      Ah, true..anyway, let's hope it works out best since so far, he is doing pretty good with One Piece ^^

      That's right..though I think he already improved the fate of the ackerman before he started lusting for that power.

      Maybe but he didn't mention to Kenny about the side effect but rather old age and disease..so maybe a disease that makes him become old at a fast rate? Not sure if this will be explain later on..or if it is a side effect of titan powers, is that limited to Reiss blood or not.

      True..anyway, we'll know more later on.

      Lol..but I'm sure they'll think of a strategy and hopefully more truths will be revealed. Hm..could the new enemy be the ape titan, reiner and others again? Anyway, we'll know soon..

    40. True and it happens in almost all manga where the girl is so into a guy who is usually a jerk that she doesn't see the nice guy who is always there ,this could also apply to AnY where she is so into suwon that she never saw hak's feelings for her and the suffering it caused him . The point is kyouko and shou weren't meant to be because of shou's shallow personality and how kyouko always lowered herself never speaking her mind and telling shou to mind his manners when he was flirting with shou but yet again i guess this has to do with her mother .I mean it is better to cling to shou who is a jerk or complain to him and risk that he may abandon her because kyouko has a clear fear of being rejected and left behind .Those around her should mind their words because even if she acts tough and she is but deep down she is very fragile girl .

      When you look deep into kyouko's characters it is easy to understand that all her fears are a result of her mother cold attitude toward her .For example there is one thing that i really hate in kyouko herself and her relationship with ren .
      Ren was shown to be very jealous dude so in the past when there were times when she got involved with shou ,he told her some hurtful and mean stuff . He was always on the wrong yet kyouko never told him so but always begged for forgiveness and was worried sick about his reaction when they aren't even dating . I really hated that i mean she doesn't own him an explantion does she ?

      It happened when she was on shou's PV and he thought she was happy because it was shou ,telling her stuff like you went there to make a fool of yourself ,and at the end she had to beg for his forgiveness .

      When shou saved her from reino and he got mad and treated her coldly and she had yet again to beg for forgivness .;;;; all those things shows how scared she is of being rejected ,even when she was acting with kuu .

      That's the one thing i don't like about kyouko but i understand why she is that way .I wish at the end of this arc she would move on from her past and be done with her mother maybe she will grow to be more confident in her life and career because let's face it she lacks confidence ,she needs to believe in herself and her own talent .

      I also thought ,that they were in a relationship but he will end up with black haired girl with the big boobs . And who cares about shou as long as he stay away from kyouko and ren .

      True ,can't argue with that .

      Ya ,OP is one of those rare manga when you can always expect great things .


      Yes maybe a side effect is growing old rather quickly . I don' tknow ....

      I hope so ,yeah i will put my money on ape titan making a move and there is also annie right ^^

    41. True.

      Yes but then, in a way, it shows that she values the relationship = fix it whoever is wrong. If she doesn't own him an explanation or ignores him, then, that's it, right? In some way, Ren also tends to realize his mistake and tries to make it up to it after he has calmed down. Let's just say that it isn't really a one-sided thing and there are more happy stuff than those kind of stuff In a way, it is realistic since it isn't a 'perfect relationship'.

      Ya..hopefully so, and surely, that's part of the point of the story/ one of the end goals.

      Hehe..that's right.

      Indeed...and is it possible that ape titan is Annie's papa? Maybe he came for her?

    42. That's true and it sort of nice but i still hate it how she always has to apologize when it's ren who is misunderstanding . I hope that in the future he will have enough confidence in kyouko not to behave in a such a childlish way ,well it's sort of okay since like you said he usually realize his mistakes but i hate that . Above all I see no reason why kyouko has to apologize and lower herself when she does nothing wrong .So what i want is kyouko gaining confidence in herself and both need to have faith in the bond that they share .But kyouko being the way she is i understand why and that what makes her so human and i love it . I hate it yet i love it ^^ oh well i can only hope for the best ,in this arc more than with ren i need major growth for kyouko as an individual .

      Oh nice one ,i didn't think of it ,daddy came to fetch his girl but one this kind of dad comes to pick you up it will end up in a blood bath^^

    43. Indeed... In both instances, I think she is also protecting her reputation = not make him think that she is some liar/flirt/dumb girl who kept on going back to the one who used her since she told him that she hated Shou yet she kept on being with him.

      True...let's hope it will happen in the end ^^ Something like the Heel siblings' relationship?

      Some spoilers are out and it seems that my anticipation didn't happen ;_; And, you're right. And, I forgot that there is no AnY this time. By the way, don't you think that this one looks more like GD rather than Haku? Lol, fanservice =P

      Yup ^^ The idea occurred to me when you mentioned both in a sentence ^^

    44. That's true ,it is one of kyouko's fear to be thought as being a dumb fangirl which she was in the past ^^

      Yes exactly that's what i had in my mind ,possessive yet trusting of each other that's what I want . And again don't get me wrong i don't mind ren getting jealous ,in fact usually it leads to great moments ^^

      Also ,if you compare ren and hak , i sometimes think that hak's devotion to yona with expecting anything in return is very noble but that's it . Ren on the other hand he is very obvious in his jealousy sometimes in a mean way but at least he shows it .He doesn't accept like she loves him so it's okay as long as she is happy ,but he want to seperate them ,i think he even said it during the reino stalking arc ,if god is trying to bring them together then i will smash fate something like that and i love it . He loves her and he doesn't back down and so there is progress and also it makes kyouko watch it out ,regarding shou she doesn't mention his name or stuff like that in fear to anger ren .

      With hak on the other hand ,since he never said to yona that he doesn't want to hear suwon's name ,she is always going on and on about the dude and it hurts .But again he went crazy mode yet a few chapters later she is all about you understand suwon you are so lucky .

      Well i think it's bad two compare the two because kyouko is someone who pay attention to others feelings and she can read the mood . Yona on the other hand she seems only focused on suwon and his goal /motives/feelings . She hurt hak so many times .Also , i think the reason why hak doesn't say anything is because he is a "servant" and yona has given him no reason to believe she is over suwon . Oh well you get my point ,kyouko has tact when dealing with others while yona does with most people but not with the one who has always been there and that's sad .

      Ohhh i don't want to say it but i told you so ^^ the author is an S you should know that after all that but if she is an S then we readers are all M since no matter what we will be asking more ^^ I'm not gonna check it out i gotta be strong this time ^^

      Yup , no chapter till next month .

      Oh now that's nice ,that's very nice that's how you do fanservice thumbs up for that freebie . Maybe the author is starting to realize that the dude is her most popular character and will do him some justice in the future .

      Yup there are times where i think hak looks like GD ,like this one ^^

    45. True..especially that stolen kiss =P

      But as you mentioned, it does make me think that it is because Haku is a 'servant' so that is how their relationship is. Also, they tend to just obey her and be submissive unless her life is in danger-type of situation.

      True..that is why Yona and Haku relationship is lacking in lots of ways compared to Kyouko and Ren. Kyouko also 'worships' Ren and thinks highly of him. Whereas Yona..that seems to be more towards Suwon and she tend to take Haku for granted which of course, pardon the word, royally pisses you off. =P

      Ya...got tricked by that blurb that something is going to happen..from the spoilers, it seems nothing much. ^^; But then, that is how it usually with SB spoilers..thankfully, the chapter tends to be better than the spoilers.

      Maybe ^^

      I see. Well, it is a bit apparent after some time on how some characters start to look like some other characters that would make us jump into the wrong conclusion like who Hiryuu looked like and young Haku =P

    46. Or the bed scene ^^

      Ya , I mean look he once tried to get closer to her when he tried to call her by her name and she said no , so the dude never tried to do that again as he was reminded that he is a "servant " when he tried to kiss her after the festival she had the damn hairpin again everytime he make a step forward she pulls out something to remind him that suwon is still on her mind and heart so at the end of the day can't blame him if their " relationship" isn't really a proper relationship despite all the years they spent together .Their relationship is one sided not only because hak is the only who is in love ,it's because he gives her everything and just what does she give him in return ? she took the dude for granted and that no can argue about it .

      I mean yeah she says i will protect you blah blah blah ,she is happy when he smiles ,she blushes at time but all that it's fluff when you think about how she always is thinking about suwon ,about his motives ...etc to the point where she has come to jutify her father's murder .

      Not once have we seen yona actually think about hak and his feelings not once but just how many time was yona seen to be thinking about suwon ??? It's is always suwon ,always no matter how much she tries to seem cool and badass i can't take her seriously because of that .

      You think it royally pisses me off well you couldn't be more wrong it's far beyond that ;)

      Ren and kyouko on the other hand are wow just beautiful relationship with it's up and down . Both support each other with their power , it isn't always ren who is helping out ren with work and personal stuff but kyouko does as well and i love it .How each one of them help the other grow further as an actor and as a human being . I love how ren is jealous over kyouko because it means he doesn't take her for granted, I also love how he doesn't like it when kyouko lower herself and treat him like he is buddha .But want them to be intimate with each other like how she is with corn (unlike yona who put a barrier between her and hak ) .

      I don't like how kyouko lower herself when ren gets pissed but like you said it shows that she value the relationship and doesn't want him to think bad of her .She always tries to understand him and his suffering

      I also love how both are happy just to see each other or talk to one another ,always looking out for each other .They both have a relationship as equal and no ones takes the other for granted .

      So yeah the two are somehow similar where both girls were betrayed but the dude they loved all their lives and to whom they were devoted ,but the big difference is that kyouko tried hard to move on and by doing that she became aware that there are far greater dudes in the world and she can actually be happy with a dude worthy of her love .

      Yup ,even if nothing much happen but SB chapters are always pretty good .

      That's true ,we got tricked with those two .So we can assume that in AnY looks means nothing .

    47. Indeed..so I understand you when you hope that Haku would leave them so that Yona would realize what she is missing.

      Yup, I like relationships like too..wherein the two are helping each other grow and stuff..rather than one-sided or at 'blinded by love' thing. It is nice that they also think aside from the emotions..of course, that can hinder things = overthinking. ^^;

      Indeed, SB chapters are. ^^

      Yup...it is 'similar drawings'.

    48. Ya ,I thought that maybe if he is gone she would realize "ohhhh yeah I had an awsome dude here all along even before the dragons came ,even when everything was fallling apart he was there "but no he decided to stay there ,sometimes more than noble i think his devotion is pathetic . Or even if he didn't leave he could've become more distant with her but no he is still there as loyal and devoted as ever .

      Well what's worse is blind love because most of the times it means one is being treated like trash and is still so in love But yeah there might be overhtinking which is quickly cleared away in SB as we have seen and great scenes tend to follow .

    49. True..this is one of the first things we talked about in this series..he won't leave her no matter what.

      Indeed. As they say, it is best to have both heart and mind when in love rather than just one of those two.

      By the way, started watching HxH..91 was it, the arc you recommended. Giving birth to the king is really disgusting. ^^; Looking at the characters, I kept on thinking, am I watching DBZ..isn't that Freezer. ^^;;

    50. Ya and it's a shame but he will never stopping chasing her ,I hope that if she were to turn around and not see him she would come to realize how wrong she is in dealing with him and her feelings for suwon but ain't no way in hell this will happen .

      True and usually in manga it's just heart and the result isn't pretty .

      Ya ,it has some disgusting moments but those chimera ants are horrible so it's okay .But trust me it's worth watching the action/emotions and best romance ever .This arc is top notch ,LOL i was also reminded of freezer

    51. Hm..let's just say that Haku won't leave voluntarily. For him to suddenly 'disappear' in her group due to other reasons might be possible. Actually, it would be interesting how she'll react if Haku was the one who vanished instead of the other dragons.


      I see. By the way, can you tell me a bit why Gon's being sad/emo about when that certain doctor[?] went to see someone and whining about being weak? Or, maybe, tell me if it is important to know that to appreciate the arc. ^^;

    52. That’s good idea ,I also would’ve loved to see it how she would react but we have talked about it before the dude has no proper focus given to his character so …

      Well ,from what episode did you start watching ? If you start with episode 76 you would know why ,doesn’t matter the reason is because kite the dude thanks to whom he became a hunter was killed in a horrible way to say the least because he was looking out for him and killua and it’s super important detail .You will see that gon will start become darker to the point of madness and keep in my mind he is just a child .And yeah it’s very very very important ^^

    53. Ya..and if ever there is, it will be at the very last.

      The one you mentioned, 91. Hehe, so it is important for this arc. Thanks for the info ^^

    54. Ya ,or it may never occur ^^

      oops did I say 91 I meant 76 if you start from 91 you are gonna miss stuff that are important to the story but if you understood all what's going by starting from 91 then it's okay .

  3. I personally believe that all of them will die in the end (meaning Yona and the four). Yona will simpy age and with her death their powers will be gone with the wind so as there own lives. Like together forever. Soowon will most likely die even sooner. My guess is that he will sacrifice himself To save Yona at some point.

    1. Is that so, Alisa.

      Well, hopefully, Yona fulfills whatever she has to do as Hiryuu's reincarnation before that happens. So, you think this is just a fantasy shoujo minus the romance? I'm curious about what you think will happen to Haku.

  4. I have this idea of a plot twist where soowon would be the red dragon for some reason. And a really heart broken haku at the end D: hopefully Im wrong, because, I think yona's feelings for soowon are more like father figure. Like when orphan girls like older guys because of a variant of the electra complex.

    1. Hehe..that plot twist will really mess things up as to what has been build up so far. Then, Yona would be really just an ordinary princess who got 'bad luck'?

      Haku would be heartbroken because of..?

      Ya..but, all throughout that time, she has a father so how can she develop an electra complex? It would be stranger if she got it after her father was killed by Suwon. So, that will be electra complex with the crush who killed her father.

    2. Sorry for the long wait, I didn't remember about the black dragon etc. That changes my point of view about either Haku or Soo won. Yona for me doesn't seem to be fit for the queen position. So at the time I just see her as an ordinary princess with bad luck that is playing camping with friends. But Im sure the mangaka will develop her ability and maker grow mature and at least a little bit more reliable in combat.

      The heart broken Haku is for the fact that he loves soo won and yona, and it is very possible that one of the two is going to die.

      When yona's mother died, soo won took care of yona, soo won filled a little that hole, so she felt in love.In that case, there is a variant of Electra complex, where girls look for that fatherly-motherly love in older men.
      But Yona's love for Soo won is diferent from her love for Haku. She had idealized soo won, on the other hand she knows Haku's flaws and yet she wants to be at his side even though she hasn't realized that yet.

      PD. Last time i didn't explained my comment correctly because all that I wrote got lost when I actualized my browser :( .

    3. Hopefully so, and currently, she does seem to be like that. Actually, the black dragon is a joke among them when they say that maybe Haku is the 'black dragon' since he is strong and powerful almost like a dragon/one of them.

      I see..I don't think he'll be heartbroken if Suwon dies. He was already heartbroken when Suwon betrayed their friendship.

      Ah okay, I got the impression that it was Haku who was babysitting Yona all that time. Suwon only visits from time to time later on, which is probably because her father doesn't like the guy. I think she has fallen for Suwon because he is a 'nice guy' unlike Haku who always teases her.

  5. Thanks for the summary Kat! ^.^
    I think Soowon is more like brother figure. I hope things will go well between Yona and Hak.. If not, it will be really disapointing.

    1. Thanks for reading, Koizumi ^-^

      Is that so.