March 25, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 27]

Everyone is speechless after Shou said that he sincerely likes Yuki-senpai. After that processed into their brains, they suddenly shout in disbelief. Shouji exclaims that his face is so serious when he throws out that statement that they do not know if he is serious or joking. Someone shouts look at Yuki’s face, it is already ashen, isn’t it!! Hatori exclaims that obviously a second ago, it became red. Yuki denies that it became red. Miyoshi calls out to them as to what they are being noisy about. He tells them to quickly take a bath for don’t they still have a ‘test your courage’ game even if he absolutely won’t play it. The guys call out to him that a while ago, Shou just seriously confessed to Yuki. Miyoshi exclaims if that is something he can listen to. Yuki casually tells Himiko that they go take a bath. As Himiko says okay, the guys think that Yuki ran away. As Shou watches them leave, Yuki wonders what that guy is thinking. Splash. In the bath, Yuki angrily held her head and is really baffled over why at this time, he would announce that, what is the meaning of that..!? Always until now, she has been using her utmost best for the club not to get into trouble!!
Aghast Himiko tensely calls out to her and asks if she recited the multiplication table in the bath when she is young. She isn’t good with sevens. Yuki thinks that it is no good, because Himiko is too worried about her that in the end, she is saying some brainless thing. She sighs and thinks that she mustn’t burden the club because of this. Yuki tells her not to mind what Shou said a while ago. It isn’t some big reason, and he is probably just usual. Himiko stands up and shouts that she thinks that he is serious because Shou definitely cannot tell a lie, right. She is recalling what he told her if one doesn’t tell what’s in one’s mind and feelings, then no one would know about it. Himiko tells Yuki that she thinks that he is serious with Yuki. She goes back into the water to apologize for it obviously has nothing to do with her yet she is all stirred up to stand up. Yuki tells her that it is okay. She tells Himiko that she’s going out so Himiko can slowly soak up for a while. Yuki thinks that always until now, she always speculate nonstop and for things to reach up to this day, she already doesn’t doubt his feelings but even if it is like this, why would this time..when it isn’t easy for her to quickly make a firm resolution.
Yuki goes out of the bath to the dressing room. She immediately backs to the door for Shou is there dressing up. She exclaims what’s up. Shou says that he thought that there is no around for in the end, at the next door, guys’’s so erotic. She whispers for him to shut up for Himiko is also here. She tells him to take advantage of the time while no one has noticed, and quickly go out. It is his fault for recklessly saying such strange words that things became troublesome. Shou says, ‘strange words’ shouldn’t it be the ‘truth’ and does she know why he said that a while ago. Clinging on the door, Yuki angrily says that she doesn’t know and she totally doesn’t understand, don’t come near her. After clicking his tongue, Shou says that she probably didn’t know what he felt in these three days as she made him see her made food for the others, fold up the futons, and talking with someone else with her wet hair. “Couldn’t endure it. *leans down to her* Want to quickly tell the others that you are mine.” This made Yuki blush and try to say..what. And, they were interrupted by Himiko exclaiming that it hurts, and how come it won’t open. She calls out to Yuki and asks if someone is there, sorry, she didn’t bring her glasses so she couldn’t see. Yuki apologizes and says that she’ll quickly open the door.
As Shou starts to leave, Yuki thinks over what he said and realizes that it isn’t at all because of the birthday, and it is just because he isn’t satisfied about how she is looking after the club members. So, about that kind of thing—what should be done. At the cafeteria, the guys hold out their gifts and sing a happy birthday to glum Shou. The gifts seem to be a robot coin bank, books on respectful language and kanji. Ponytail angrily slams the book on the table and shouts for Shou to look a bit happy for them. Shou says that those are things that he doesn’t need. They shout what kind of attitude is that when he is receiving other people’s things. Holding the porn DVD, Shouji tells Shou happy 17th birthday, and starting next year, they’ll entrust Ryuhoku basketball club to him. Shou asks isn’t he entrusting that DVD to him. Amamiya teasing calls out whether or not Yuki prepared a gift for Shou. Holding a flashlight, Yuki says that she didn’t particularly prepare any. As Yuki gives instructions to Himiko about not dropping the flashlight, Hatori exclaims that isn’t good onee-sama [<- didn’t prepare a gift]. Shouji shouts for Shou to be in a group with Yuki for the ‘test your courage’ game.
Holding the porn DVD, Shou says that Yuki is tasked to act as a ghost. They shout how come they are so cold and why would he suddenly confess to Yuki. Is it because he groped her chest? He says that he didn’t grope. Yuki thinks that things would become more troublesome than she imagined. She wonders how to fix this situation whether to act as if it is a joke or deceiving them, she must quickly do something. It is all that idiot’s fault, casually running away regardless of the consequences. Opening the DVD case, Shou says that he won’t participate in the game and he’ll just simply watch this in his room. Shouji calls him an idiot for if Yuki heard that just now, his romance is over. Yuki thinks no, it isn’t like that, obviously he also has the same uneasiness with her and she chose to ignore it this time again. She is only thinking of herself when she thought, ‘I’m relieved upon seeing that guy acting the same as usual’. She looks flustered and thinks that whether it is to feel relieved or courage, she’ll merely blindly ask. Outside the building, Miyoshi puts the flashlight beneath his face and holds a box for lottery. He tells them that those acting as ghost are already in their places so it is almost time to draw lots to know who’ll be paired up. The others tell him to shut up when obviously, he isn’t participating.
Holding a piece of paper, Abe shouts how come he is paired up with Kanda [guesswork from 神田; ponytail guy] Kanda shouts how come he won’t do. Abe shouts that he has a bad degree of ‘road idiot’ [<- has no sense of direction]. It is now Himiko’s turn to get a lot. She wanted to act as ghost with Yuki but then, the others told her that it is compulsory that the first year and second years would be the ones going to be frightened. And, the game starts. There is a scarecrow with Shouji’s name on the shirt. Hatori is quite scared that he asks Nishiyama how about they make a run for it and the one who made that scarecrow since it looks very scary. Just when Nishiyama is assuring Hatori not to be scared about that and anyway, the details of the game..  Suddenly, a long haired person slams down from the branch tree. Running really fast, Hatori exclaims that it is really no good. Nishiyama says that just now, it is absolutely Tonomura and even if he knows that, he is still very scared. Tonomura smiles and says that path is.. After catching their breath, Hatori and Nishiyama try to wonder where they are. Then, they notice something crawling on the ground. It is ghost Yuki who scarily says that since they are here, how about giving her 500 squats.. The two screams no, and runs off.
Somewhere else, Himiko wonders what to do for there is a loud scream from behind. Being paired up with Shou makes her scared feeling rise up a single fold. She doesn’t know anymore so.. Shou asks Himiko where Yuki is. She tells him that Yuki is outside the walk path that everyone is passing through [<- at the detour] and she thinks that they had probably already passed Yuki. She suddenly recalls something. She stutters while thanking him for yesterday. To her shock, Shou asks what happened yesterday. Himiko finds him scary for making things difficult. She tensely tells him when Shika burst in, and without him helping her, she definitely won’t be able to properly express out her feelings. Shou asks her how about trying out going steady with Shika, isn’t that very good. Himiko exclaims that it isn’t because of that, she joined the basketball club. Shou says that he also thought of it yesterday, in the end, she and Yuki are a bit the same. And, Yuki sneezes. She wonders what’s up, could it be that Shou is saying things about her. She thinks that the mood of the club had become stranger that one couldn’t stand it. She thinks that probably, there is only one way to eliminate Shou’s uneasiness but then, for her, the basketball club is very important. She doesn’t want to involve the club because of the change between them, so--..
Just then, there is some rustling sound behind her. She looks behind and becomes scared. She recalls the time when she is in elementary at Rinkan [林間] school, her teammate would cling on to her and shout how to quickly say sorry so that the ghost would forgive them. Yet, she is actually trembling. End flashback. She thinks that even if she has decided not to play ‘test your courage’ game again, but acting as a ghost is more difficult than she imagined. Feeling uneasy, she tries to recall what she was just thinking, Shou at basketball club.. Then, she heard some noise behind her that she shouts in fright. It is Shou asking what is that ‘Ah’. He tells her not to make such a cute sound. Yuki asks why he is here. Shou says that he already reached the end point, and then, he came back again because he thinks that she is probably scared all alone. This made her become flustered for he would always see through her because— he said before that she isn’t at all perfect, she only seem to be very prefect. She thinks that he always, always, watching her frankly but she is always blindly asking. While he sits beside her, Yuki asks him if there is something he wants for his birthday. He asks why she is asking suddenly. She says that she is thinking of asking him within the day. He tells her to forget it, there’s no need. She says no, is there something that he wants. He tells her, “I only want senpai.”
Yuki becomes flustered as she tightly holds her wrist. She recalls him saying that he couldn’t endure it that he wants to tell the others early on that she’s his. She He asks what. She says..the. He asks ha, he couldn’t hear it. Blushing really red, she shouts, “I said, I’m already yours!!!” After looking surprised, he asks if that means, it is okay for her to go steady with him. Turning away, she exclaims, “Of course!! But, as a condi..tion..” Shou immediately hugs her tight. He asks what to do for he is so happy that he couldn’t breathe. And, he kisses her. While she wonders if this is a right or wrong decision, Shou pulls her to him. She tries to tell him to wait. He says no. She tells him that there is still something she wants to say. He asks what. She says so she’s saying, they’ll officially go steady after she resigns. “I hope that you can wait for me until that time..! ..I.. If we go steady like this, I have no way of facing the club members. So, whether it is club activities or it is you, I cannot properly attend to two things at the same time..but, I won’t run away again. I guarantee it. After I retire, I can be frank towards you. I hope that before then, you can wait a bit for me.” Shou says, “No.” Pause and the two are speechless.
Narration: “So, like this, the up and down four days and three nights camp has ended.” And, everyone packs their things into the bus. Miyoshi asks if no one left behind anything. They say yes. While eating chocolate-covered stick biscuits, Amamiya tells Shouji that it wasn’t easy to get them to exchange seats but how come they are the same as usual, acting quite cold, could it be that those two aren’t aware of it. Sitting together, the two says, about what. Shou is fiddling with his cellphone. Yuki is reading a book. So, with the remainder of her courage, Sho easily refused it. Flashback: Yuki said that it is only around three months. Shou said no. Yuki asked how come when three months isn’t much. Shou said it is an absolute no. End flashback. She thinks that it isn’t easy for her to rack her brains in thinking of a way to resolve it yet he would easily overrule it but-- While someone ask who want to play poker, Shou falls asleep and leans on Yuki’s shoulder. She blushes a bit and whispers a happy birthday to him. He answers if she’s going to say that after the day itself. She tells him to sit up since he is awake. Narration: “For things to reach up to this point, backing out-whatever, it is already impossible.”
Comment: And, she finally confessed though the wording isn’t exactly the usual type. ^^; It seems that the new issue that they’ll be fussing about is when to go steady. She tells him to wait, and apparently, he isn’t inclined to wait some more. I guess he’s already at his limit. So, somehow someone has to give in or they compromise in some way. I guess Yuki is worrying about how others would treat her or perhaps not take her seriously, but I think it is somewhat too late for that since they are already actively pairing the two together. But then, they might give up if there is no romantic reaction between the two most of the time. Anyway, I wonder if the mangaka created this situation so that Shizuka can still somehow ‘intrude’ since they aren’t officially together. The series will be on a break and will resume on April 20th. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Hello, thank you for the summary Kat!

    Instead of the club treating her differently, if I were Yuki I'd be more worried about the school than the people around her at the moment since Shou is quite popular with the girls. I remember one comment when they went out and a girl asked if Yuki was his "current" girlfriend. Clearly implying something. Little do they know, Yuki probably isn't like the other girls to him. I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Ya..that's a possibility. I wonder how she'll deal with them. So maybe Yuki do not mind them or she isn't aware of them yet.

  2. Even if i saw the raw in baidu yesterday,i just confused and wondering what they're talking about. So thank you so much for the summary Kat 😃
    After geting over the shock,it seem that the club member rather supportif of their relationship.
    And Shou get the biggest gift on his birthday even if they are still not officialy going steady yet. Again 😍

    Tiara ^_^

    1. Thanks for reading, Tiara ^-^

      That's right..they are actually supporting the two. So, I guess Yuki is more concerned about her image = ability to make them concentrate on playing?


  3. Finally.... Thanks for your hardwork Kat^^
    Now I understand what happened here hehe
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  6. I thank you so much for the summary!
    This chapter went exactly how I had thought it would. Machida tenchou dismissed (or rather, ignored) his confession while the others were making a commotion out of it. And then, she confessed during the game of test of courage. I was hoping that she would shout it like during one of his matches, like she yelled about spanking him. (But that might be too overboard...)
    I had even foretold myself that she would ask him to wait for her till she retires from her designation of the club's manager. One would expect the guy to agree readily. But I loved Naruse's insolent and blunt "no". His 'cheeky' antics keep on justifying the title of the manga.
    I guess he wants to 'assert' his relationship with her in front of all the club members (perhaps as a retaliation for all that jealousy he had to feel) while she still is the manager. And there is a certain thrill about the club manager dating the ace player of the team. To her, three months might not seem like a lot of time; but, since she would be graduating before him and the two would not be able to see each other so much, he might have felt desperation about the matter.
    And I completely agree with you about Shizuka intruding. I cannot wait to see his and Naruse's followers' expressions on knowing about Naruse and Machida.
    Well, that will be all.
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    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Most likely...

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    2. so, it's not that popular in Japan? T-T but it was a really good story..

    3. I actually do not know how popular it is in Japan. In Chinese sites, it is popular. What I meant is for it to be very popular, enough for some company to invest and make an anime of it. ^^

  8. Hi Kat. Thank you so much for your work. I found another chapter of Namaikizakari and I was wondering ifyou could makea summary for it. here is the link :

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      That one, I'll pass. It is just a 'what if' Yuki is a manager of idol Shou. The relationship dynamics is the same as everything already happening. Then, it was all just a dream. Sorry.

    Hey beloved Kat, can I make a request? I've found a new chapter, can you please make the summary of this? Or just explaination is okay for me ^^
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    1. Viska, it is a side story when Yuki got the hickey.

      This is the brief summary:
      Yuki wants to search on how to remove the hickey but she doesn't want to search for that word but she has school tomorrow. Shou only gives her trouble. She plans to strictly lecture him. And, her cellphone is ringing. She thinks that he's calling late at night and just like what happened today, so troublesome. He is already in second year yet he would do this kind of mischief. She answers the phone. He asks what she is doing. She says getting ready to sleep. Yuki is about to lecture him but Shou interrupts that he's tired today so tell him about it tomorrow. Yuki scolds him to then, he should go to sleep, why is he calling her.

      He complains that he is tired but he couldn't sleep so they play shiritori. <- Japanese word game using the last syllable to form a word. So, they play it. At the 'nukade'/centipede, he says, 'want to go on a date'. She says, 'right now is no good'. He asks what is the reason for it. She says she has to study for a test. He says she's lying. She says that she wants to stop this. He says no. She says that it is annoying to death. He says that obviously, she is just saying it with her mouth. She scolds him that he is already in second year so how about maturing a bit.

      He says, stupid. [<- she end the word with 'ba' and he says, 'baka'] She says, garbage, kasu. He says, like you, suki. She says, woodpecker, kitutuki. He says, kiss, kisu. She says, sukiyaki. And, he says, kisu mark/kiss mark. So, in the end, even if she almost said the word she wanted to say, but she also heard the word that she doesn't want to hear. The end.

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