February 20, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 43]

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At the hospital, Iriya apologizes to Makoto. Carrying a basket of fruits, Makoto shakes her head and says not really, and it’s great that it isn’t a huge issue..! Iriya says but he was really careless for lately he always have a nightmare that he didn’t get enough sleep. He mentions that it is quite humiliating and he really wants to eat her cake. Makoto assures him that it is okay for she can just make them no matter how many he wants to eat at any time! “And what about the birthday, there is always a birthday the next year and the year after that! Right!?” Iriya smiles and touches her cheek. Then, Iriya recalls something. He looks at her right arm and says that he heard from the paramedics that she broke the glass in order to get in at that time. “Did you get hurt?” After looking surprised by that, Makoto is about to tell him that it isn’t her when three nurses happily come in and say that they are going to check his body temperature so visitors please go out. With that, they toss Makoto out. Iriya tells them to wait, she isn’t the person in charge and how come three people are needed to check the temperature. They say that it isn’t fair for he’s such a cute high schooler. Makoto decides that it is time for her to go home.
By the lobby, she met with Ken, Yusa’s uncle, a policeman. Ken says that it is already okay for he already contacted Iriya’s parents and it seems that his mother is going to return to the country ahead of schedule. He will also immediately get someone to put in new glass to replace the broken one. Then, he’ll go there in a while since he was told that it is already finished. Later on, that guy [Yusa] will also come to the hospital. Makoto says is that so. Ken commends her for having such a precise decision since in that kind of situation, she had immediately decided to break the glass. “That kind of kid is very rare!” Makoto tells him that actually, it is like this. She apologizes for she thought that Iriya already mentioned it to him so she didn’t immediately tell him. “At that time, there is already a woman there. It is that person who broke the glass and probably also called the ambulance..” Ken is shock by this. Makoto apologizes to him for saying it so late but it seems that Iriya didn’t remember it. Ken says that it is good if it is someone whom Iriya knows but if it isn’t, it might be a thief.. He asks if Makoto knows that person and if she still remembers what kind of person it is.
Trying to recall, Makoto says that she is around 25 years old, has very long hair, taller than her and very thin, she is wearing a long checkered shirt..and also her arm has wounds so she probably broke the glass to get in. Ken says that he’ll first report this..so is there anything else. Makoto says that she is a super beautiful person!! Ken sweatdrops and wonders if she has become stupid because she is in love and is that okay. Thinking of what she just said about that woman being super beautiful, she thinks that woman resembles Iriya a bit.. Ken calls out to her so Makoto snaps out of it and says no, it is nothing.. Walking out of the hospital, Makoto thinks that she is just thinking too much and possible it is just some friendly random person passing through. Just when she passes by a corner, someone calls out to her. It is the woman. She is sitting by the wall and waving at Makoto. This surprises Makoto. The woman thanks her for yesterday. She jumps down the wall and asks how is that child, what happened afterwards, is he okay. Makoto says yes, and it is thanks to her. The woman says is that so, that’s great. Recalling something, Makoto asks about the wounds on her arm.
The woman changes the topic by asking if she is that child’s girlfriend. Makoto says yes, it is like that..for now. Then the woman puts her arm around Makoto’s and says then, stroll together with her. This surprises Makoto. Putting her arms up, Makoto says wait..about that..sorry but as matters stand, can she ask who she is!? The woman tells her that the details don’t matter. Makoto says that it isn’t good, what is her name.. Holding up her cellphone, Makoto thinks that it is no good, this person is strange and she is going to call Ken. To her surprise, the woman takes her cellphone hostage and tells her to call her, Shizuka-chan [Guesswork from ]. As Shizuka drags Makoto away, Yusa who is carrying a basket of fruits sees them. He wonders what’s up with that. Yusa goes to see Iriya who is now reading a book. Yusa says that it is great that he is unexpectedly quite lively. Iriya says yes, and he can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Yusa asks him if Makoto came over, and does he know who is she with. Puzzled Iriya says that Makoto came alone. Yusa says that downstairs, he just saw someone pulling her away. This surprises Iriya that he asks what kind of person is it, could it be that she is being flirted on. Yusa says no, it is a woman with a very long soft hair. Iriya looks surprised.
Later on, inside an ice cream store, Shizuka says, so they go here. Looking at the ice cream menu, she says that it looks delicious. Makoto looks nervous, she says about that sister.. [<- being polite since Shizuka is older; not blood related]. Shizuka tells her that it IS SHIZUKA-CHAN. Then, she asks her what that child usually eats. Makoto asks if it is Iriya, it is peanut, vanilla and also chocolate. With a smile, Shizuka asks Makoto to buy all three scoops for her. Makoto is speechless. Gloomy Makoto also bought an ice cream for herself. Just when Shizuka is about to eat, the vanilla flavor ice cream fell down on the foor. She is really depressed that Makoto offers to give her strawberry ice cream to her. While walking the street, Shizuka is happily humming while holding her three scoops of ice cream. Following her behind, Makoto notices some girls saying that woman is very beautiful. Makoto thinks that is true, she is very beautiful and obviously, she [Makoto] can secretly slip away and there’s no need to think that the current situation is very bad so why would she go along with her..
Then, Shizuka looks up the building and says so this is school. She tells Makoto to go in with her. Makoto asks if she is going in. Pointing at the door, Shizuka says that this is the front door. Rabbit says that she isn’t listening to what other people say. Makoto wonders if it is okay to go with these kind of clothes [<- not in uniform?] and she will be scolded if she is found out. Then, Makoto’s cellphone rings. Shizuka reads the message from Iriya saying that Yusa said that she is with a strange person, is she okay. Then, Makoto leads Shizuka to their classroom. Shizuka says that the scenery is really nice. After looking out the window, she asks where the seat is. She says that it is by the window on the fourth row. Shizuka sits down on the chair and looks out the window to see some baseball team practicing below. Makoto tells Shizuka to let her treat her arm and she just bought some bandages from the convenient store. Shizuka says that it is okay, she’ll just lick it and it is okay. Makoto exclaims that it isn’t okay. As Makoto bandages her arm, Shizuka pouts for she said that it is already okay. Makoto couldn’t bring herself to look directly at Shizuka.
Shizuka asks her what she likes about her boyfriend. “Tell me what kind of person he is.” Looking a bit tense, Makoto says that Iriya is always very kind and cool. He is very good at studies and sports. No matter if it is guys or girls, they like him.. Shizuka asks if that is for real since it is quite a good compliment. Makoto exclaims that it is true but then, he will also get jealous. “Iriya is everyone’s.. is my most important person so for saving him, I’m really very grateful to you.” After looking surprised, Shizuka stands up and says forget about that thank you-type of thing for she doesn’t have any right to receive thanks. Standing by the window, she says, “But, it is really amazing.. He unexpectedly became quite popular. *looking out the window* In the end, it is correct for that child wasn’t raised up by this of garbage.” After looking surprised, Makoto thinks that in the end.. She asks if she is Iriya’s mother, right..? Shizuka turns to face Makoto and says, “..who knows. Whether or not, I’m still considered as a mother [by him]. Isn’t it so? *looks at the side* Shun.” This surprises Makoto that she looks behind her to see Iriya by the door. Iriya is shock to see the woman with Makoto.
Comment: And, Iriya must have probably used his charms to get out of the hospital or Yusa helped him out. I guess Shizuka informed him about it so he went there. Well, I guess Makoto is mistaken about the age for she is probably just a young looking mother. A Chinese reader made some computation and say that it is impossible that she is 25 because if Iriya is 17, she would have given birth to him at 8. So, ya, she probably just looks young. From her interaction with Makoto, she does seem very immature and unfit to be a mother since she acts very childish. Somehow, I think she is a bum. ^^; I wonder how Iriya’s current mother would react to Shizuka though she probably gets some scolding from her sister. Actually, the important thing is Iriya’s reaction towards her and what happens afterwards. Strangely enough, Yusa seems calmer than the usual freaking out if something happens to Iriya. ^^; Scans by 离境

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