February 26, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 65]

Flustered Shinya asks Riko to help him. After looking surprised by what he said, Riko tells him that he is really cunning to say that. This surprises Shinya. He sits up and says, huh? Riko says that in case someone ask help from oneself, regardless whether he pulling himself together or he is really like an idiot type..these kind of words cannot be said out. Shinya says so that’s how it is, unexpectedly, she is easily attracted to weak guys, that kind of peculiarity. Blushing Riko exclaims what is that peculiarity!! Shinya says, ah, he knows already, no wonder she fell in love with Aki, he figured it now. This irks Riko that she says that it seems that he is already okay so she’s going to hang up the phone! She hangs up the phone and Shinya hears the busy tone. Then, he laughs that she really hanged it up. After a good laugh, Shinya looks at his phone to see that he had a three minute and twenty second conversation with Riko. He muses that it is like magic, making him laugh out loud. Then, he starts composing on paper while humming.
Back at Aki’s place, Soichiro asks Aki about replacing Shinya as composer. Aki sighs and tells him not to do that. Sitting down, Aki asks how he [Soichiro] can possibly change Shinya. Soichiro says that Aki can still be assertive. Aki admits that he really hates this song, ‘Tomorrow Still’. “I felt that this song has something like ‘will this song be accepted by everyone?’ and ‘will it be popular among the audience?’ It is written with that kind feeling and besides, it is very pretentious. Actually, my interest is not only that kind of Jpop, rather it is a more intense music! It is like the kind of composition wherein one wants the other to interpret [/explain] it at all costs! *turns to Soichiro* Do you understand the feeling that I’m talking about??” Soichiro says that he totally does not understand. Aki says that in the end, that song totally depended on Riko’s talent so that it can be saved. “It is because Riko likes that song that she extremely sang it from her heart. It is because of this, that talent is able to save that song. In the end, it has a good master tape.”
Soichiro says that isn’t that very good. Pointing at him, Aki says that here is comes again, being results-oriented! Soichiro says that for professionals, they only look at the end result. Aki agrees that is so. “Right, so you cannot understand. The first time I heard ‘Tomorrow Still’, I immediately realize it... Actually, this song, Shinya also didn’t feel that this song is good, not one bit..” This surprises Soichiro. Aki says that Shinya wanted to convey that kind of feeling to him [Aki]. Standing up, Aki says so, he’s saying that perhaps, Shinya is waiting for him to come and defeat him. “That is what I think.” Soichiro says that his logic is jumping too quick that he doesn’t understand him. Pointing at Soichiro as he goes near him, Aki asks why, has his brain gone bad? “Is his brain totally starting to wither away!” Pushing aside Aki’s pointing finger, Soichiro says no, it is Aki who is currently a bit jittery. “Don’t use your hand to point at others.”
Turning around, Aki says yes, it is because he finally knew what is always making him feel anxious. “It started from the time I listened to ‘Tomorrow Still’. I always feel very agitated. About that. It is.” Soichiro sweatdrops and asks why Aki is blushing. Blushing Aki says no..as matters stand, it is also possible that he is mistaken.. Soichiro asks, ha? “What the heck is it?” Aki looks at him and says that possibly, Shinya really likes his music. And, while Miwako is sound asleep on her desk, her cellphone is ringing. It is Shinya. She finally wakes up from the noise and calls out to her mother. Then, her eyes widen in surprise. She quickly answers the phone. Shinya scolds her for being too slow and she must answer the phone a bit quickly. Miwako bows and apologizes to him. He tells her that he has already sent her the music so right now, she go and immediately listen to it. Flustered Miwako exclaims okay. Back at Aki’s place, Soichiro laughs out loud. Embarrassed Aki tells him not to laugh. Soichiro says that he is really an idiot. This irritates Aki. Soichiro says but then, no matter when, Aki is quite sincere like a fool.
Then, Soichiro’s cellphone starts ringing. He notices that it is Miwako so he answers it. Soichiro tells Miwako to send it to his Gmail account. Going to Aki’s computer, he tells Aki to lend this to him for a while. Standing up, Aki tells him to use it after he gives his consent. After Aki goes to the kitchen to grab a beer, he sits on his bed and thinks that Shinya has sent the music over. Just when he is going to drink the beer, Soichiro downloaded and played the Mush&Co.2nd (demo). Soichiro glances back at Aki who tightly holds his can of beer. Aki smiles and thinks that Shinya used it..Shinya used the [original] idea [/creativity] that he gave him. Meanwhile, Miwako exclaims that it is very nice to listen to and it is really good. Shinya says that’s right because Aki’s idea is added into it. This surprises Miwako. Shinya admits that even if he tries to resist it.. “Even if I want to resist it, but after chatting with Mush, I felt that it is not a big deal. *smiles* It is because Mush is so cute. I want to give her the thing which I felt is the best. Even if I’m very angry and totally resisted doing this, and besides, I still want to run away to the farthest corner.. But, in my heart, what I consider as the best music is already the seven years of working with Aki, Crude Play’s music. I want to perform that music. Anyhow, I also have no way of parting away from Crude Play..”
While smoking, smiling Soichiro asks Aki how he sensed that Shinya likes his music. Aki says that it is because Shinya would always bring out a beautiful music. “Playing the most amazing melody for us. *looks at Soichiro* If he doesn’t like it, how can he possible do those things, right?” And, girls are screaming when Shun and others go out of Dogo onsen. A girl asks how the onsen is. Shun says that it is super amazing so everyone go try it. Another girl screams that the yukata suits him. Shun asks is that true, does she want him to strip it off? The blushing girls scream. Shun smiles over this. A staff member says that the car is already in front. As Shun thanks the staff member, the girls tell him to come back again and do his best. While walking beside Senzaki, their manager, Shun asks what had happened. This surprises Senzaki. Shun tells him that his expression already sold him out. Senzaki looks tense.
And, Aki immediately opens the door and rushes to the elevator. He kept on pressing the down button. Soichiro tells him to calm down a bit for even if he were to worry, what can he do? Aki says that for him, he is a very important person.. The elevator door opens. While trembling Aki struggles to press the button at ground [/1st] floor, Soichiro presses basement 1 and says that he’ll drive him there. Soichiro says that let him say it ahead, for him [Soichiro], he is also a very important person. Aki looks flustered and tense. Flashback: Aki’s cellphone is ringing. Aki found it rare for Shun’s mother to call so what could have happened. Aki answered the phone. Shun’s mother apologized to him for it is quite late when she called him. Aki said that it is alright. Shun’s mother said that she doesn’t know what to do. “Right now, Shun is still in the middle of a concert tour, right? It is probably better not to tell him.. but, if I don’t tell him..” Aki asked her what’s going on. At the hospital, near the ICU [intensive care unit], Shun’s mother told him that Shun’s father collapsed. End flashback.
Soichiro and Aki immediately got in the car. While driving to the hospital, Soichiro says that it is possible that it is such a heavy burden to make Senzaki to tell Shun. “After we arrive at the hospital and understand the situation, you can give Shun a call, okay.” Aki didn’t reply. At the hotel, Shinya notices that Shun and the others have arrived. Shinya asks them what happened that they have that kind of mood. Senzaki says that Shun’s father collapsed and right now, he heard that he is still in the ICU. Shun immediately takes off his yukata. After wearing his jeans and shirt, Shun says that he’s going to drive the car to go back to Tokyo. Senzaki protests. Shun tells him that his family is not an ordinary family. “My father’s health status can influence the rise and fall of the stocks. That is our family so, if it is just a small issue, they wouldn’t have contacted me.” Typing on his laptop, Shinya says that he googled that if he were to drive the car from Ehime, he will be spending around 10 hours to arrive there. “Right now, if you were to take the first flight out, then it is possible that is much faster.”
Shun looks at Shinya and says that even if he thinks that what Shinya said is right but he doesn’t have the confidence that he can wait like this for a good number of hours. Shinya tells him that if he were to go back, in the end, what can it change? Kaoru shouts at Shinya for why he would say that. Shinya says that he thinks that right now, Shun should calm down. “Even if I can also understand why you are acting on impulse but if I were to agree, would he really drive the car and go back? What if he got into an accident, what then? What should he do if he were exceeding the speed limit and got caught? We still have an advertising contract as car endorsers. It will enormously damage Crude Play’s reputation. I cannot simply just agree to that.” This made everyone silent. Kaoru says that tomorrow, they have a concert at Kagawa. Putting his hand on Kaoru’s shoulder, Teppei says that Shun clearly knows that. Shun says sorry. Teppei says that he thinks that if Shun wants to go back, then he should go back. “I cannot assume that kind of responsibility. I cannot decide on this for perhaps, it will make one regret it for a life time. I also cannot give any suggestion.”
Then, Shun’s cellphone starts ringing. Shun answers it. It is Aki. He tells Shun that right now, he is on his way to the hospital. “I fundamentally wanted to know the situation first before giving you a call but I think I should at least tell you that I’m currently on my way to the hospital.” Shun tells him to please be at his mother’s side since she is quite frail. Aki says that of course he will do that and he’ll properly ask the doctor about his father’s condition. Shun says also, what his mother says always mixes up imagination and fact together. Aki laughs and says that women are like that for they will consider an illusion [/misconception] as something that has really happened. Shun smiles over this and says, “Ya. Ya. I know already. I’ll wait.” Narration: “..but, this night has already become the prologue of Crude Play’s disbandment...”
Comment: So, for Riko, Shinya swallowed his pride and used Aki’s idea on the music that he is composing. In the end, he chose to do what would be the best for Riko. In a way, I guess that music is a collaboration between Aki and Shinya. I guess they somehow mutually admire/respect each other. Aki makes the beautiful music that Shinya likes, and Shinya plays it how Aki intended it to be. Whether they will work together again later on remains to be seen. I guess that is the reason why Shinya stayed with CP even if he couldn't blend in with the others. It is good though that Shinya acknowledges that it isn’t purely his work and that Aki has a hand in it. Aki isn’t a selfish type of person for he seems okay with it. I think Aki can really understand people’s feelings through music rather than words or anything else. It is through music that he finally realizes how Shinya feels rather than what Shinya has been hinting to him all this time. It took Aki time to realize it, too. ^^; Anyways, that issue seems to be solved so the next one will be CP’s imminent disbandment. This has been already hinted before. I actually thought that when Shinya mentioned that he is with CP for 7 years, it is a flag that something bad will happen. Shun is really worried and after all, he seems very close with his parents. I think that even if what Shinya said is kind of harsh, he has a point. I don’t think he is really stopping Shun from going but he is against him driving all the way to Tokyo.

I’m not sure if he is really concerned about CP’s reputation, maybe along with that, he knows that CP is also very important to Shun that he wants to keep its reputation intact. Kaoru is somewhat worried about their upcoming concert that Teppei gives his ‘Shun, it is your choice so that there will be no regrets’ hands-off statement. Thankfully, Shun has somewhat calmed down when Aki informed him that he is doing something in place of Shun. I think Shun will always be uneasy until he knows of the news. If it is bad news, would he immediately go..by car or by plane? I’m not too sure how this works in Japan. Fans might be understanding, though I’m not sure of the producers, organizers, etc. Here, if the concert is cancelled, they usually just do refund and that seems to be it. I don’t know if there are compensation and stuff though I guess that depends on the contract. Somehow, I guess it is wishful thinking on their part that Shun’s mother is mistaken about the seriousness of his father’s condition. Because of the ending narration, it does seem that something bad will happen to Shun’s father or at least, he isn’t well enough that Shun would have to quit the band and has to take over the family business in place of his father. Unless, Shun really drive the car on the way and Shinya’s worst case scenarios happen. When CP disbands, it will be the other two CP members’ future in the music industry that will be uncertain. Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

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  1. Wahhh!!! So sad! I don't want them to disband! What the heck?! Is this manga supposed to be depressing???

    1. Ah..not sure, Ili. So far, the 'bad guys' seem to get off easily. I guess disbanding is part of the manga being somewhat realistic?

    2. Bad guys? Which bad guys? The girl? What's her name again? The evil witch? Oh. Wait. There are two of them. Hmmm... The witch and the satan. Well, it's been a slice of life kind of manga since the beginning but I didn't expect them to overdo it until they include 'all has an end, nothing lasts forever' kind of stuff. Ah. So depressing.

      Anyway, thanks for the hard work! =D

    3. That would be Mari and Reiko,Ili . Even Shinya who seems to be 'bad' at first..and also Soichiro. Of course, the first two are quite vicious.

      I see...

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    4. Ah right. Mari and Reiko. =P

      Shinya? I never thought of him as a bad guy though. He has that edge but well... Hmmm... Wait... Now that I think about it again, there are few instances where it's very easy to turn his character to a bad one...

      Soichiro, yeah, I think what he did to Aki was really low but since then his character has completely mellowed. Well, I guess it's just telling us that not everything is completely black and white in this world? Just because a certain someone has that edge, or did something really terrible, doesn't mean they're a demon. Well, of course there are exceptions to that. =D

    5. Yup, it is like that, Ili.

      Even Mari and Reiko's behavior has its reasons. Mari seems to be still going into the spiral down. Not sure if Reiko will turn over a new leaf.

  2. I think Shinya doesn't want CP have a "bad" disbandment. I guess he wants to have a clean disbandment, so they will not be judge harshly by others, and it will not affect their future or ruin their reputation. Of course, CP means a lot to Shinya, but I had a feeling that he knows CP disbandment is approaching. I hope Shun's father's condition isn't serious. Thank you for the summary! <3 Tika

    1. Ya..most probably so.

      Indeed..he seems to be hinting it before. I guess he is aware of Shun's possible future commitment?

      Hm..somehow I think it is serious..though it depends if it is a short term or long term problem because he is in the ICU.

      Thanks for reading, Tika ^-^

  3. Thanks for translation kat :)

  4. Lots of thanks to you that I am able to be updated with the manga! :)) Just finished watching the movie again so I really missed this. Anyway, the manga has a slice of life genre so I can't help but feel that there is a big chance that CP will disband... That would be really depressing but, let's see what will happen then... On the other hand, i am so happy for Aki and Shinya who seems to finally understand each other, even though it seems to be only self-declarations without them really discussing it personally, Haha. Well that would still do.

    Anyway, I will be waiting your update. Thanks! :))

    1. Thanks for reading, teen ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Thanks for the support ^^

  5. Well I like the way Shinya shows his love for Mush, and the way Mush showed her love for Aki in the previous chapters (but when is that guy going to show her some open affection?! What a stingy man!).
    It is good that the mangaka is focusing on things other than romance, but if CP were dismantled, where will that leave Shinya and Aki? And what about Aki and Mary's business relationship? Things will be tough for Mush when Mari get reintroduced into the chapters ...
    Anyways, thanks for this and the previous summaries Kat. Keep up the good work (^人<)〜☆

    1. Lol, RoseFleur...it can only be through music..which is how I think he can really express his feelings ^^

      Hm..maybe Shinya and Aki can collaborate for Mush & Co.?

      Hehe...was there still a business relationship? Aki seems to be idling around. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

    2. hmmm but he is still stingy ... real flesh and blood fans can't hear his music. I want some fancy and rosy words! ((╬◣﹏◢))
      I know Mush will want those too!

      Lol idling? Perhaps the mangaka has an amnesia about Mari or - though it would be too good to be true - Mari gets hijacked by two aliens and shipped off directly to Mars, or any other distant planet, the farther the better! Good rrrrrrrrr.....riddance Mari!

      Of course this is me fantasizing, I have to keep strictly with the mangaka's narration.

      If Mary reappears I'll have to organize a strike or maybe kidnap her ((╬◣﹏◢)) ... would you like to join me Kat?
      You give her a blow ((╬◣﹏◢)) and I'll take care of the rest ... then, everyone could be happy and the frog prince becomes human again.

    3. Lol, RoseFleur...actually, I don't think he is capable of that. ^^; Based on previous conversations, when he talks, his meaning tend to get wayward. ^^;;; But then, he writes the lyrics of his songs, right? Unless, they aren't romantic ones. ^^;

      I think so..Mari is dealing with her insecurity alone by lip synching and CP are having a concert by themselves, too. He is what..fishing? Bumming in his apartment?

      Hehe...even if she is like that, I actually pity the woman. Reminds me of has-been famous female singers who went spiraling down or have to cope up with 'getting old and no longer popular'.

      Hehe..lol, I'm not sure that she is the only problem here. =P

    4. Well I know ... but he wrote lyrics for Mari not only music (in the first chapters ... they were about his love for her) and Mush cried her eyes out when she realized that he was humming the tune of the song he wrote for Mary when they first met and just before asking her to be his girlfriend.

      So he can write love words for Mari but not for Mush? Furthermore, and though Mari has only appeared a handful of times in this series, but in my opinion, I think that he seemed more close to her (and more caring) than with Mush. The best we've seen of him is him being goofily happy after being confessed to by Mush, but does this mean that she is more important to him than Mari?

      Do you remember in "Parfait Tic" when one of the two cousins left out of the blue, the main girl for his old flame? Do you remember how distressful it was? I never saw it coming! Mangakas can surprise you. I appreciate it that sensei is focusing on the showbiz and real-life carrier issues and choices but still it is uncool to see a scenario like the one which happened in "Parfait Tic", unfolds here (that is why I insist we kidnap Mari and ship her off to the farthest planet possible in the universe LOL (◣_◢)

      Of course, I shouldn't take my wrath on her, she is only ::ahem ahem:: a minion. The real problem lies alas, elsewhere. Aki boy, you have a lot of work to do if you want to live happily ever after.

    5. True, though that is humming..and not singing.. I'm thinking maybe it doesn't have any depth..something like simple lyrics like the Mush & CP song.

      Hm..good point there. He does seem to. Hm..not sure how it was when he was with Mari but he does seem more prone to be childish when he is with Riko. Is it because she is younger? Or, as you are implying, the feelings of importance/love is different.

      Is that the ending part? Yes, that is usually the way love triangles are solved...someone giving up. There is actually a side story for that series..she is marrying Daichi, and Ichi still loves her. ;_; Talk about cannot move on. I see...anyway, from my point of view, it seems that Aki has 'abandoned' Mari...though ya, it might be temporary.


    6. oh, ok I see. Thank your for feedback ^^ ... well the mangaka doesn't give us a lot of details so I don't know for sure. Sometimes I side with Aki and at other times I have my doubts and questions (I hope that there will be more insight in the future, on the long run).

      As for Parfait Tic, you are right that wasn't the ending but the distressful part. I did read your summaries back than all in one take and the ending was different (I will go back to see if I missed the side story because I don't think that I have read it).

      Thanks a bunch kat ^^

    7. No problem ^^ True. Well, hopefully ^^

      Ah..actually, I couldn't summarized the side story. It was in raws and I guessed what happened based on the readers comments on the Chinese forum that is now 'dead'. ^^;


    8. Ugh.... depressing conversation between you two.

      I dread the part of this story when Mari and Aki start their business relationship, as commanded by the manager, what's his name. It's taking a long time, and it does make the waiting a bit of a torture. Because, we have to admit it will come full circle to what happened on the first chapter.... a break - up.

      * sigh *

    9. That would be Soichiro, megaworthit but then for now, it seems that there is no business relationship or any working relationship. ^^;;

      Ya..though was it definite that Mari was the cause..or it could be something else?

    10. I'd bet all the treasures in the world the cause of break-up would be Aki cheating with Mari. These two would pick up the sex part of their relationship.