February 22, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 102]

[Free talk: Ah, I’ll be using the color as names for the first gen dragons because I’ll get their names wrong anyway if I base it on the kanji. ^^; For those who know, just mention it on the comments..hm..in case, they are mentioned again in the next chapter or something for future reference. Thanks.]

A man calls out to Zeno and asks him to please go and show his face to the soldiers at the training grounds because without a commanding officer, everyone don’t have enthusiasm. Zeno says that even if he went, he has no way of training everyone like White does. Zeno says that compared to him, it is more suitable for him [the man] to become the commanding officer so he’ll [Zeno] leave everyone to him. Zeno leaves as the man can only call out to him. Green calls out to ‘good-for-nothing’ and says that indeed he has no way of training the others because he doesn’t have any power. Zeno tells him to replace him in practicing with those guys. Green complains why he would help other’s people tribe in practicing, idiot. White tells Green that he’s really stingy for they have Tenryuu [sky dragon] blood which hold them together as brothers so properly be an older brother. Green complains what brothers, that really makes him sick. It is just that they so happen to be strangers who drink the dragon blood, that’s all.
Green believes only on his own ability so who cares about this no ability lowest ranking [dragon]! Blue says that Green’s voice is so noisy. Irritated Green says that he’ll simply use this spear to puncture his eardrum. Blue says that before that happens, his whole body will be paralyzed. White says okay, okay, count him in. Then, someone calls out to all of them and says that their relationship is really good. The four are surprised to see Hiryuu. As White bows to him, Green asks if they look like they have a good relationship, stupid king. Hiryuu laughs and says that from what he sees, they are cute dragons who are making fun of each other. Blue tells him to wash his eyes. Green tells him that he isn’t old yet he’s already senile. Hiryuu tells them that they’re quite mean. Then, he notices Zeno looking glum that he asks what it is. Zeno says that he isn’t suited to be the tribe’s commanding officer who’ll lead the troops so it is better to give this position to someone else. He tells Hiryuu that among the four of them, he has no power and at the battlefield, he only gives people trouble, that’s all.
Green says that the dragon said that from the Yellow Dragon, he’ll inherit a strong body-something, so is that a lie. White says that before, Zeno tripped then got a bit of injury. Zeno protests that his wound got well very quickly. This surprises Hiryuu. Zeno exclaims that’s right, the wounds will also immediately heal and this is the so-called Yellow Dragon’s power. White says that youngsters usually heal quickly. Zeno says no, look here closely. He holds up his fist and hits the wall made of rock. While everyone is surprised, Zeno holds his hand and says that hurts. Green scolds him for being an idiot for what is he doing. White asks if he is okay, there’s blood.. When he looks at Zeno’s hand, White is surprised that the wound has completely healed. Hiryuu looks surprised by this. Zeno happily says see, isn’t it amazing. Green says wait, he hasn’t seen it clearly, so how about using his spear to poke him a bit. Zeno says that if he got poked, he’ll die and even if it is a small wound but it also hurts.
While Hiryuu still looks surprised as if he realizes something, Blue asks if the Yellow Dragon’s ability is only quickly recovery. Green asks what kind of military power is that. Zeno says that it isn’t bad for he basically doesn’t like an ability that will injure people and for him, this kind of ability is just right. “Right, king?” And to his surprise, Hiryuu hugs him tight. Zeno asks him what’s up. Hiryuu takes off his necklace and gives it to Zeno. While Zeno holds the necklace with a dragon medallion, Hiryuu says that when he descended to the human world, it was bestowed to him by the dragons and he is going to give it to him. “This is proof that I will be together with you forever.” Then, the other three are looking at Hiryuu. They say that he’ll give one to Zeno so how about them. Surprised Hiryuu says that he only has one. This shocks the three. He asks them if they also want one. Green exclaims who wants that, he doesn’t want it. This made Hiryuu laugh which made Green ask what he is laughing about.
Zeno thinks that even if when speaking, the four dragons’ relationship won’t totally be harmonious but with only King Hiryuu around, he feels that they are one body. Then, a man arrives and says that the clan from the north the Grand [] Tribe is invading into their border.. White tells Hiryuu to please let him go ahead and immediately suppress them. At that time, King Hiryuu and the Four Dragon’s tribes, one by one, they are pacifying the surrounding anarchy. It is an enormous expansion of Kouka’s territory. While heading to the battlefield, Green tells Blue that he’ll gallantly collapse again. Blue tells him to shut up, next time, he’ll do his best. White tells him to simply go to sleep and he’ll be in charge in dealing with the enemy. Zeno calls out that he’ll also.. Then, Hiryuu says that it is endless wars, is forever peace really just an illusion? Zeno tells him that he’ll will help him even if right now, he doesn’t have power but.. Hiryuu tells him that he isn’t allowed to fight so just be good and stay behind him.
Previously, Hiryuu won’t let him who has no power to go and fight and at the same time, all the more he does not want him to stand at the frontline. “At the battlefield, the powers of White, Blue and Green are regarded and revered as god’s ability. At the same time, it is dreaded and also viewed as a thorn in one’s side.” It is raining as they face a huge army. “There is someone who has a claw that can rip up everything. There is someone who can see far places. There is someone who has the ability to soar up high in the sky using one’s feet. And, then, there is someone..” And, Blue faints but is caught by White. White says here it is again. Green curses. White tells Zeno to go take White at the back. Green shouts that if he [Zeno] gets hurt, that stupid king will cry so quickly scram. “And, there is someone who has a strong body that won’t get injured.” Zeno shouts that he never got injured..and if they got injured, the king will also cry. He thinks that obviously he is the same kind of dragon yet he couldn’t protect anyone.
Then, he is surprised that someone is already preparing to slash him. And, he got slashed. Zeno thinks that really hurts, he got slashed, he’ll die.. And he is surprised that he is still alive. The enemy freaks out as Zeno’s body mended itself. Thinking that it is a monster, the enemy quickly runs away in fright. Zeno is stunned by what happened and wonders what that is when he was obviously slashed. He holds himself as he felt dizzy and disgusted.  Many years after [I think], at the palace, Zeno brings Hiryuu’s food to him in the bedroom. Hiryuu apologizes for always making him carry his food over. Zeno tells him that it is a trivial matter and today is a particularly delicious food. Hiryuu lamely says that he cannot wait [to eat]. Zeno looks at Hiryuu and says that lately, the king has lost weight. He always gets sick and his smile has no strength. When did it start? Hiryuu notices that Zeno is looking at him. Zeno tells him that White would wolf down his food while both Green and Blue are speechless when obviously not long ago, they are still always quarreling.
Hiryuu says that they have mellowed down for Blue and Green have grown up. Zeno thinks, grown up..isn’t that a good thing..watching them gradually growing up, all the more he cannot suppress this dread. Holding out his hand, Hiryuu calls out to Zeno and asks what’s up, lately, he isn’t that lively. Is there something troubling him? If he is like that, he won’t be able to rest at ease. Zeno asks instead if he isn’t feeling well. Hiryuu laughs and says a little bit and even if he always start to become sick but then, he is getting old so it is alright. Zeno says that his own body doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He doesn’t feel tired nor does he get sick. Upon getting injured, it obviously really hurt but then, the pain will also disappear as if it didn’t happen. As Hiryuu looks surprised, scared Zeno says that he is always very lively but this makes him feel quite disgusted. Clinging on to Hiryuu, Zeno asks if the so-called Yellow Dragon’s power, after all is.. “King.. do you know..?” Narration: “A few days after, our king has gone to an eternal rest but he still hasn’t answered me.”
Comment: So, that is how Zeno realizes that he has that kind of power and how he reacted to it. Hiryuu apparently knows but for some reason, won’t tell him about it and just gave him that medallion. I guess he thinks that it is better for Zeno to figure it out on his own? Is it just me or Zeno is Hiryuu’s favorite dragon? Strangely enough, during the battles, only the dragons are fighting. Where are their soldiers? Is it already enough for dragons to deal with those guys? I guess since they are all okay, they are already that powerful and that is without Zeno. I’m not sure if he later on fought with them after he found out that he cannot be killed or he also kept it a secret from the others. Or, maybe the others figured it out since it would be very strange that Zeno isn’t getting old like them. The thing I’m driving at is, ‘are they fighting all these time without Zeno as a shield?’ 

If so, maybe that is the reason that there is no ‘sword’? There was no mention of that during their talk so does it mean the ‘sword’ is a thing or one of the dragons? I wonder if Hiryuu already achieve what he wanted or not. But then, it seems that his goal is ‘forever peace’. I’m not sure how realistic this manga will go for that. If that is achievable in this manga, then that should be Yona’s goal as Hiryuu’s reincarnation. Based on what Hiryuu is doing which is suppressing unrest and expanding their territory, isn’t that what Suwon is doing? So, I guess Yona will probably do something else and she doesn’t seem to like wars...or at least, starting wars? Hm..maybe the prophecy came afterwards so that Zeno would know that there will be a Hiryuu reincarnation to wait for. I'm sure he can still 'see visions' from the dragon god. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thanks for the summary
    well this chapter was whatever i mean it was just fluff ,we learned nothing at all .I don't think zeno finding out his powers is worth a chapter or a flashback
    Anyway , i don't know what to say well about the dragons i have to say that they are more beastly than the current ones ,the scene where they stood up in the battle field under a dark sky looked rather nice .I have never felt impressed by the current ones , i have never see them do something that was cool .They make look better than the first ones but the first generation were way better fighters , i guess that's to be expected since it is a time of war .To be honest the only one i was ever impressed with is hak ,i'm talking about his combat scenes it is always something to look for despite not being a dragon
    About the dynamics in their group ,i guess they didn't get along that well but their love and loyalty brought them together .The scene where they also wanted something from the king , the faces they made were pretty cute ^^
    About hiryuu based on what we have seen he was very loving and simple man . It is like i thought he gave that medallion to zeno , i guess he understood that zeno would no longer age or die so he felt sad for him and wanted something that would make him remember hiryuu and the time he spent with the dragons .
    The way zeno was behaving is in this chapter it felt so yona-like , he wanted to fight despite not having any powers and be useful .But i didn't thought she was like hiryuu at all ,he looked quite calm and composed dude unlike yona who is very emotional .Also ,it seems like hiryuu wanted to bring peace to the kingdom whereas yona....well you know
    I wonder if hiryuu didn't want zeno to fight /shield him because he didn't want him to find out that he will never die ?
    Now it is time for me to complain ,alright so we will never see how he came to the human world ? and how the dragons picked the humans who will inherit their powers ,i mean on what basis did they chose them ? We will never find out how he made kouka and the castle .And of course we will never find out about the prophecy ,so all of that was to see that zeno was suffering i'm sorry but who cares a page or two about that would be enough .Another thing why the hell did hiryuu die ? he looked young so what he accomplished what he had to do and kicked the bucket ,or maybe if he lived a long life as a dragon then he had only few years left as a human ?
    But like you said if yona is his reincarnation then it means he has unfinished business and what could that be ? I know zeno said she doesn't have to live like he did but it would make more sense if she here to do what couldn't finish
    By the way i think zeno always saying that he is useless and that no matter he will protect them is because he was useless during his time and couldn't protect the king and co . By the way i hope they show us at least how zeno find out about his powers ( can't release his strength until he has been chopped a few times)
    About hiryuu ,if he wanted peace then why did he expend their territory ? i don't think having a large territory has anything to do with peace ? Based on that he is doing he is indeed like suwon .Yona on the other hand i don't think she has some grand goal like eternal peace or make of kouka a dominant power like what suwon want , her "goal" is just to travel and help those need to make up for what her dad didn't do for the country . By the way hiryu looks like yona don't you think ? but he also looks like suwon maybe this will further my theory that the two are siblings ,or it is just the art ^^

    1. Now my final question , the legend /prophecy said that the sword and shield that protect the king shall awaken .I think that the shield and sword existed even during zeno's time ,because hiryuu was a human with no power and i know that he probably had some skills but i think he was rather weak and the ones who did all the fighting were the dragons ,so i think he needed a sword and shield if zeno is the shield then maybe being introduced to the sword would help us understand who the current sword is but the author went for the fluff instead of story development FACEPALM
      Also i don't the sword is an actual sword since the shield is human ,and it is said awaken ,how can an object awaken ? also it isn't like zeno is weak he just need to be cut pretty badly to awaken his power .
      p.s i also think that hiryuu had a soft spot for zeno :)

    2. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      True..and yes, perhaps, it is because it is during wars.

      In a way, yes, and yet, it seems like the usual bickering. White gives me the feeling that he is the 'older brother' among them. From his outfit, he seems like some sort of 'barbarian'...more crude than the others. Yup, that was cute ^^

      Lol, good point. It is indeed like that. Yup, and I think Hiryuu has insight of some sort, I mean, he immediately figure out Zeno's power. I got the impression that it is because he doesn't want to find out about his immortality. For what exact reason, I couldn't quite guess. Could it be that they can manage without him for now and no need to put him into anguish/make him a human shield? Of course, I'm not sure if he knows that Zeno becomes invincible after a number of hits.

      About making Kouka and the castle, I think it is understood that with all that fighting, they had expanded their territory and rich enough to build a castle. Further expansions of territory and the castle will probably be done by his successors. I'm curious though who is the next successor since obviously, Hiryuu didn't seem to left a heir unless that will be shown later on. Also, did the dragons retire after his death. That might be tackled if the flashback continues. As I mentioned above, maybe the prophecy is just for/about Yona? Not about Hiryuu..I mean it isn't needed while he is still alive. Hehe, maybe it cannot be just done in a couple of pages?

      I got the impression that he died of illness. I'm not sure if Zeno is just not being observant that he didn't know that Hiryuu is becoming thin. In real life, if it is sudden thinning in a short span of time, that is bad to the point of life threatening. I think Hiryuu is really sick than he claims to be. He doesn't seem to have any appetite either that they have to make a particularly delicious food.

      True, oh well, maybe Zeno wants her to have the 'illusion' of free will? We'll only know for sure later on if being reincarnated has a purpose or not. Ah, that is possible..kind of want to make it up to that time when he was useless. Ah true..wonder what happened for him to know about that part of his power.

      My idea of that is it is like the 'unification' of a certain country that is composed of tribes so there is peace within the country. By unifying the tribes under one rule, there will be peace in that place. Of course, maybe Hiryuu's miscalculation is the world is bigger than he thought. So after unifying the country, there are other countries to deal with. And of course, he is also sick and old by then. I'm sure at that time, other countries won't dare fight them since they have dragons. Now, there are those skirmishes between countries. I would think that Yona might want to unify those countries into one so that there is peace though she isn't for war. So, how is she going to do that. Of course, I'm not sure if she will do what Hiryuu did..actually, not sure if they are after the same goal. ^^;; That is what Suwon is doing though I'm not fully convinced that he is doing it for 'forever peace'. Now that I think of it, if she isn't for war/fighting then what are the dragons for? Okay, probably for defense purposes rather than offensive purposes?

      Yup, he does..maybe that is the mangaka's way in trying to show that Yona is indeed the reincarnation though in a way, it kind of make him look feminine. ^^;; I think it is the just the art. And well, aren't Yona and Suwon related? Cousins, right?

      Ya..or maybe the mangaka doesn't want to give any hints who/what is the sword. It will awaken when Yona touched the magic sword =P And it will bestow upon Yona the fighting power that we longed to see. Kidding.. Well, if it will be like how Zeno the shield awakens, they ought to be in very dire situation for the sword to awaken.


    3. True but to me it looks like the current ones are more buddy buddy than the first generation .But they are way more powerful then the current dragons .That's true among the current dragons the big brother is green but it looks like with the first generation the big brother was white . Well zeno and BD look cute but it is true that white as well as green have this wild feeling to them . Also he really look different from kija who is very refined .

      I also think it was to prevent zeno from finding out that he would never die no matter what and it isn't like he is a key fighter , so it is okay .Maybe he knows but he just doesn't want to see him get hurt .

      That was probably the case but i would've loved to see how hiryuu and the rest met , how they engaged in so many wars ,what did he want to do when he stopped being a dragon stuff like that would've made the chapter so much more interesting .Well the fire tribe believe that they are from his bloodline so maybe he got a heir but yona is from the sky tribe yet she is his reincarnation ,so either hiryuu didn't have a heir so he never continued his bloodline or yona is adopted and is in fact a member of the fire tribe .Ya i also would love to see what happened to the dragons after the king's death . Well this chapter didn't live up to my expectations so i won't rise my hopes .

      Well , so the sword and shield are only meant for the current red king ? It maybe possible but again ,it is hard to tell since we have zero hints .But more than sick it seems like he got tired maybe from all the fighting or like i said his lifespan either way he died , it would've been better if we understood why but whatever .

      Well i think he was being honest when he said that she doesn't have to lead the same life ,but reincarnation = unfinished business , so for hiryuu to be reincarnated in yona just like that ,i think it is silly . Yup that's what i think since he always say stuff like i'm useless and weak but i will protect you all .I hope we will find out about that at least .

      Okay i get it ,the same idea was used in Magi. yup maybe he thought it will be okay after unifying the tribes but once a war start other wars are sure to follow .

      Lol , we have talked about it before yona 's "goal " fall short when compared to suwon's or hiryuu's goal . She has never mentioned anything about unification nor has she shown knowledge in politics .It has never crossed her mind to unify kouka , like i said her goal is to travel and help every widow and ,orphan that is starving and that's gonna help today but tomorrow ,all what she did will vanish into thin air . But if she actually had plans to achieve something bigger ,things maybe different .

      Ya suwon isn't for peace and love , first he want to take back all what belonged to his dad including the throne , second he want to make of kouka a dominant country and that's it .

      The dragons are here to be her harem and be in awe everything time she does something "badass" LOL

      That's true , i think he looked feminine because even suwon isn't manly looking .Yup they are cousins but i have a feeling that they are siblings .It maybe as to why her dad was so against her marriage to him .

      Maybe ,but sometimes when the authors doesn't give a hint ,and then reveal something big it feel like he was trolling the readers . Lol that would be so lame ,if she has to rely on a magical sword to have powers then maybe when she hold the sword she will turn into a red dragon and restore the dawn in kouka LOL

      I have an idea what if hak is the sword (which i hope / i think he is ) then during a fight yona is in grave danger and he is too injured to move and then something will awaken inside of him that will make him super over powered and he will be revealed to be the sword . I know it sound silly but what do you think ?

    4. Yup, and White has fangs while Blue has shark teeth =P

      How they engaged in so many wars...ah, wasn't that Hiryuu and Zeno staying really behind while the three dragons fight the rest. Their soldiers are nowhere to be found unless they aren't trained yet. ^^; So, if they aren't, how come Zeno is at the battlefield when he felt that he is more useless than those soldiers based on what he said in the first few chapters. Sigh..I shouldn't think too much about this series. ^^;;

      Since it wasn't shown that he had a wife or anything and Zeno is the one bringing the food, I would assume that he didn't have a successor. Also, being a reincarnation, does it have to be from the same bloodline as Hiryuu? Okay, that really depends on where Yona got the red hair. Iirc, she hates it which would be strange if her mother also has the same hair..so it was a 'magical' type of thing? That she just so happen to have red hair because she is the reincarnation? Fire tribe believes that but is it true? Isn't it just because fire is red, so Hiryuu having red hair is...

      Ah..but then, iirc, most of the dragons are found near Fire tribe, right? So, maybe that was the former capital? Actually, it isn't necessary that Yona is adopted for maybe Iru's wife is from fire tribe, or one of their ancestors. True..though I don't get the impression he is tired from all the fighting..when he isn't the one doing the fighting. ^^;; Lifespan is possible..though he mentioned about being old so becoming sickly? Anyway, it was mentioned that he isn't feeling..then a few days, he is dead..so I would think he died of illness.

      Oh..that was in Magi. I'm actually thinking of real life stuff like unification of Japan/China. =P

      True..so, still waiting for Yona's 'grand goal' if there is one.

      Maybe..but didn't her father supposedly kill his father? I think that is part of the major reason why. Though I'm not sure if we'll ever get to the truth soon.

      Hehe..not sure what is 'restore the dawn' when she is a dragon. I can only imagine her frying the enemies if she becomes a dragon. Or, head back up to dragon heaven and tell the people, I give up, there is no forever peace. Hm..I'm starting to wonder if I should translate that as 'eternal peace' which Hiryuu got with his 'eternal sleep'. ^^;; Anyway, the magical sword might just give her excellent swordmanship =P

      I'm thinking of that but then, I'm not sure if the time when they fell off the cliff doesn't count because the dragons are not with them yet. Also, what does a human sword do? We know what a human shield can do. But a human sword...and it better not be a human turning into a sword thing. ^^;; Unless, it is the person doing the fighting for her. So, that will what..make her just stand there and watch them all fight? Like what Hiryuu seems to be doing?

      Actually, we might be in trouble if Yona stays how she is, being naive and powerless. If she's intelligent, politically savvy, etc who knows what to do with her dragons then I wouldn't mind if she cannot fight. Here, she isn't..yet, she also isn't that good in fighting either. Doesn't seem to have a life goal to do something that can majorly impact people's life or at least, a dream/goal of what she wants to do with her life now after being driven out. So, she's special just because she is the reincarnation and the lead character, that's it? So, I'm really hoping things change soon after she seen things and probably reflected on things.

    5. Well since during the first chapter we saw hiryuu on the battlefield i assumed that both himself and zeno want to war even if they are useless but that's true we shouldn't think to much about it .

      I would assume that it has to be from the same bloodline , because it would be very random if it is just anybody .Or maybe if someone has the same heart as hiryuu then he would be his reincarnation but like i said before yona doesn't seem to be like him at all .She doesn't mind fighting while hiryuu was sad about not having eternal peace .

      Nope her mum got black hair just like her dad yona stated it herself so it is a magical thing .Well i think that the belief that has been passed on that the fire tribe are from hiryuu's bloodline now if it is because they are from his bloodline or because they are fire which = red i don't know .

      Nope , i think white and green were found near the earth tribe the other two i don't know .What i meant by tired from fighting is that he who longed for peace have had enough of long wars ,doesn't mean he was the one actually standing on the battlefield . Yup maybe he just got sick and died no need to look for anything deep .

      Yup , well it is true there is actual events in the real world that are like that (japan /china) but i don't like comparing yona to the real world because if i do ,i will have to think that a girl whose father got killed is still in love with the killer and that's a NO NO .

      " supposedly" exactly because i still don't buy it that he actually did it .

      Lol , i wonder if we see the dragons +yun +hak on her back as she flies through the sky of kouka ,something like that

      You know if she has to have a magical sword to gain power then i would rather she stays weak .

      That's true but i mean something much more serious than falling from a cliff .Well if hak is the sword and he has to awaken it will mean that he will get more powerful ,and his function will be to provide yona the strength she needs to do whatever she wants to do ,or like you said hak and dragons will do the fighting while she stays behind ? A human turning into a sword wrong manga ,you are talking about baby 5 ^^

    6. That is so very true and at the same time so very lame . I agree with all what you have said and i told you before my problem with yona is that she lacks in personality and in skills . Not only is she very naive ,about suwon but also about i'm gonna go on a tour and help all those in need ,not realizing that there will always be people in need that's never gonna end .Now if she was a true princess /king/leader/mature person she would to lead her people not protect them ;she would make sure they can protect themselves and live on no matter what if she dies or if the country get wrecked the people would still stand up and re -build but the way she tries to do everything for them will only spoil them .

      The pillar of the country itself isn't that good ,i mean did you see at the beginning of the story even now ,how in these villages people have no wills ,just let themselves die .Life is hard but before waiting any help from anyone or god himself you should help yourself . If the gov / king is useless then don't count on it ,do things yourself if yona tried to guide her people toward this idea it would be great but now she goes and help them bath and feed them what the hell ??? do that if you want to be a saint not if you call yourself a princess .

      Also , it is like you said she isn't intelligent regarding political or military matters , she is just like we will go and stop them and she doesn't even fight . She doesn't think about hak and co and their stamina if they can hold out against an army . She just doesn't think about the results . Doing this and that without knowing that a simple mistake could drag the country into war .

      So at the end of the day not only are the dragons+ hak wasted on her , so is the fact that she is hiryuu 2.0 . Yup she is special because she has red hair and can glare .Another thing that really bothers me a lot more than yona being well yona is how hak who has military and political knowledge and zeno who is very old always go with her reckless and stupid plans .It would've been better if they tried to teach her how to be wise leader and skilled general but she is so far from it . To me she is a little girl playing heroine , so you can understand that i faceplam everytime the characters and readers go gaga over her .

    7. Ya, so that was what..moral support for being there even if they are useless in battle? Not sure if Hiryuu has Suwon's brains.

      Indeed..so maybe we shouldn't think of this reincarnation in the same way as we think of it? There is no unfinished business, bloodline isn't necessary, same heart/goal/personality..erase all that. ^^;; And think, it just so happen that Yona is the reincarnation. What is the purpose of that...remains to be seen.

      Ah, I thought White is near fire since they were kind of scared encountering people from the fire tribe. After they got all the dragons, they are still in the fire tribe area so I assumed that they are going around near that area before venturing to water, then earth before going to Kai. Ah, wait, they probably returned near there because the priest is there and they have to go consult what happens then.

      I see, so it is black hair. Okay, so it seems to be a random thing. ^^; I wonder if that will be another thing we will never know or know much much later on..nearing the end? Or that is just fire tribe's excuse to take the throne. =P


      I also have that same kind of imagery..so now, Yona as a dragon has a use. =P Air transportation.

      Why? Having a magical sword makes her useful..and at least, if there is no major epic-type of personality development, she has a magic sword/power. = think bleach or naruto minus a major goal in life.

      I see. That is another wait and see. Lol, as if Haku isn't that powerful already. Lol..and I was wondering where I got that human turning to sword idea from. ^^;;

      Yup...unless her idea of doing that is one village at a time..helping them out then giving them the seeds/tools for a living. Put a caretaker..that was fire dude before. For water, solve problem then move again. Something like a little help goes a long way. You know, thinking about it more, she probably doesn't think that she needs to be king/leader whatever since she already seem to assume that Suwon is doing a good job at it. ^^;; So, I guess maybe what we are hoping will only happen if Suwon did something bad or isn't aligned with what she thinks a good ruler should do?

      Hehe...true, but I guess that is showing she isn't a highly princess for she would stoop down to do such menial work? I think that was the intention of that. Lol, somehow, that makes me think of our country's situation so, some people just help out towns in becoming self-sufficient and stand on their own without much help from government. Of course, as you mentioned, that is just a 'little help' and not 'vast' unless one is in power.

    8. So far, in a way, that seems to be inconclusive for Yona and others since they just so happen to be traveling..then they help out the town/village that has a problem. In a way, like it is coincidental rather than purposely. I can say it is on purpose if she says, guys, let's help each and every village around Kouka to be this and that so that they won't be poor. They would have some projects, etc...and then, make the dragons do chores...so it is back to what are the dragons and Haku for? Doing those stuff doesn't require that kind of strength and power. Dead end again. ^^;; Lol, I can almost imagine the dragon ancestors who suffered so much facepalming if that happens. So, in the end, the most probable thing is if Suwon messes up or some other very strong country invades.

      That is another thing that I'm always wondering about. If the towns are more or less poor, except for Earth tribe who strike it big with the mining, is it wise to start a war? Where did they get the troops and money for it? Choose war first before helping the poor towns, etc? I mean troops are from the villages..taking all the able men and leaving the weaklings, women, children and old in the town. I think that happened to fire tribe. So, Suwon might be doing that in a larger scale?


      Lol, I'm amused that you tend to emphasize the glare. True, true..they should advise her something like how it is usually done having a 'child king' so that perhaps, she knows her options or something. Oh well...

    9. something like cheerleaders maybe ?

      Yup we both agree that we shouldn't think too much or expect too much about AnY .

      Oh i have no idea and i don't really care that much about their location .

      True ,it does seem to be random and i doubt we will know anytime soon why she has it when her parents don't .

      Maybe she can even taunt those who chased her out for chosing suwon since she can fly and can even turn into a dragon which is pretty cool .

      hehe that's true ,if she lacks personality it will be better to give her a power up but since she has never shown great skills having her power up out of the blue will be very meh .

      I know that hak is op but i'm just thinking since he is already just a 18 years old dude he has room to grow .

      That's the problem she put in caretakers and those people will die no ? So when they are gone those people who are used to being taken care of will just let themselves dies if a problem arise ? like i told you remember the start of the story where people were just sitting and letting themselves starve and die because they had no help from the king .

      The problem with yona is she doesn't try to guide her people toward the future ,she just help them solve today problem and that's it . Yeah i also think that yona will only try to take back the throne if suwon does a bad job but we both know it won't happen .

      I don't mean that she is lowering herself by doing what she does ,i'm just saying if she call herself a princess then she should be trying to lead her people toward greatness and the future , what she is doing is like charity work i guess .

      Well ,she told the priest i will travel the country to see for myself what needs to be done ,and she just told hak that she will correct whatever mistake her dad did so it is on purpose .Ya ,you would think that 4 guys who got the power of gods and a dude who doesn't lose to them in strength would have a better use than fixing the roofs of houses .

      Ya ,at the end of the day it all depend on suwon and even there i doubt yona would order her dragons to attack him .

      Lol , i know but look everytime she unleashes that "killer glare" everybody gets all scared and impressed , i remember when they met green and they helped the girls ,a guy said that she was supposed to be a shelterd princess but she has the eyes of a savage beat LOL doesn't that make you laugh .Wanna see the eyes of a beat look at the glare hak gave sky general when he was beating him now that's a glare anyway it is like you said ........Oh well

    10. Yup, something like that or some sort of moral boost like..look, Hiryuu is there, if enemy gets near him, it is 'game over' so let's do our best and defeat these guys.

      I'm not sure she can taunt those who chase her out because ah..they need a ruler not a dragon. ^^; You know, do you think that they'll find the sword first before Yona if ever will have a goal of some sort? Before, I thought she will discover her goal then the shield will awaken ^^;;

      Meh as it is but then, at current stage, development has been stagnant.

      Yes, but like, pass on the knowledge and know how to another caretaker? At least, there is already something there but not in a grand scale. Of course, like in this small case or in a grand scale like being king, it can be somewhat long term yet it can still be short term depending on the successor. Also, in that case, I assume that everyone, not just the caretaker, are working to improve their lives. The caretaker is like guiding them how to do this and that instead of bumming around, and giving the others the know how to treat the sick or make themselves useful...because right now, the fire dude was ordered to fight in the war, right? So, I don't know what happened to that village if they are doing alright or it is back to square one.

      Indeed, they are only solving the problem of what they see or just happen to encounter. That is why I thought that things are just coincidental. It isn't like they know this certain town has a problem so they'll go there, it just so happen that they are traveling there. Poor and sick people, let's help that. Drug addicts, let's help solve that. Lost kid want to go home, let's bring him back. So yes, it is kind of charity work but seemingly no direction. Not sure if those are her father's fault though since we do not know how was the kingdom before Iru's rule which made their father choose Iru instead of Yuhon.


      Hehe, is that so..must have missed that. ^^; Glare without anything else do not amount to much.

      By the way, maybe they can just become a circus entertainment troupe - traveling and helping people while doing that. I think it would suit them ^^

    11. Well it is kind of the same with yona in a sense that hak and co are doing their best because she is there

      Well if their king is a dragon i doubt anyone will dare to stand up against them ,so yeah she can taunt them . Yup i also thought if yona found a goal grew to be a true king then the sword and shield would awaken to protect her in order for her to reach her goal .

      If you think about it ,she stopped growing once yun joined the group . It is always the same thing i want to be stronger blah blah blah .

      That's what i mean , if a caretaker is there to show them how to care for themselves then it 's okay but it is seems like yona and the caretaker she picked are there to do everything for the village and it is like you said since he is gone what happened to that village ?

      Nope ,before they headed for water tribe they knew there was troubles so they went to see what's going on . So it isn't tottaly random .

      Ya ,it is seems like before her dad , it was her grand father who ruled and kouka was very rich but it changed with her dad's rule .But it is a key mystery of the manga if her dad was so lame and suwon's dad so great how come he was picked as the next king ?

      I truly believe that it isn't all of the king 's fault .I mean the generals didn't nothing to improve their tribes ? fire only wanted power for the military , earth only wanted war and didn't try to improve the life of the people in his tribe .The people as well just let themselves die , it is like if you have a bad teacher , it doesn't mean that you should give up and drop out of school , in fact you should study by yourself if you can't rely on him right ? My problem is that both the generals and the people blamed the king for everything but what about individual responsibility ?

      That's the reason why i liked none of the cities /villages we have seen so far , people tend to go into self-pity mode and blame everything on the king .

      ya , here is an example http://www.titaniascans.com/reader/Akatsuki+no+Yona/035%3A+Sweetly-Scented+Cargo/#page=16

      Lol that would fit them perfectly ^^

    12. regarding your question about poverty . Based on what wa have seen so far it seems like it is only the capital of each tribe that is doing well the other villages in each of the tribes are really poor .

    13. Yup.

      Probably...I mean Yona taunting...seems out of character. ^^;;


      Ah, okay...well, I assumed that they can already take care of themselves..ideally, when the caretaker is gone or someone takes his place. But since they go into war in a short time, I'm not sure what fire dude did..I'm thinking that he put his chubby buddy to take over while he's gone.

      I see..so it wasn't that random. =P Hehe, stubborn, aren't I?

      Indeed..maybe the grandfather is tired of wars? Was senile at that time? =P

      Good point. And the politics here is a bit hazy like what is the power of the general in a tribe and how much can the king meddle in it? So, are they blaming the king for not whiping the generals into shape to improve the tribes? Wind seems to be thriving on their own.

      Okay...anyway, hopefully/wishful thinking, that there is more than a glare later on =P

      I see...since it is the 'city center'... it is somewhat realistic since 'provinces' aren't usually helped much compared to the 'cities/urban area'.

    14. True and not only it isn't in her nature but i just don't see her do something like that to suwon .Also she hide her own hair because she fear attracting attention so taunting isn't an option .

      Well , if they could they would've done it ages ago , but it seems like it 's only women ,old people and kids in the villages .His chubby buddy will probably tag along since fire dude is really clumsy and useless otherwise he may die .

      in a way yes ^^,you are so very postive that you try hard to redeem characters that can't be redeemed .

      No idea but it would be nice if it were revealed .

      True ,no they are saying it is the king 's fault because he was scared of war so he gave up our land and now we are starving . But they still go land yet they don't try to work with it . I mean when they went to that village in kai and yona danced there was an herb that was very useful . The people who had it were poor and the soils of their village was as bad as the ones in kouka yet they did something and were very cheerful . But in kouka it is like every single person is in self -pity mode .The only people who tried to change things are that old lady and the pirates others all let themselves die .

      I was also thinking about earth who is praised to be "strong" and he wanted to fight .Yet , women in his tribe were sold as slaves and he was in his castle doing nothing .The point is none of the characters sees that it isn't just the king's fault but the generals and the people are at fault as well .

      Yeah the wind tribe they do things their own way .

      Ya , it is realistic .

    15. Indeed.

      Lol..okay. Ah, about the caretaker, I was only referring to when Yona visisted..I'm hoping that they didn't let it be and it continuously become self-sufficient. Of course, if it didn't, you are right, she does need to do something to make it permanent or at least, a longer period of time.

      Hehe..is that so. Actually, since it is fiction, they can be redeemed...so I'm somewhat hopeful. It does takes time for me to realize in disappointment that things aren't going the way I wanted it to be. ^^;

      True..so I guess the people of Kouka have some sort of attitude problem. ^^; Ah..it turns out that village is Kai. Actually, even this current village that they are in..they are always in the 'tug-of-war' between Kouka and Kai yet they seem to be doing well. I mean compared to say, that village in fire tribe...it was always 'safe' inside Kouka yet they are in that kind of state. And again, maybe we shouldn't think too much about this ^^;; They are just conveniently there so that Yona will be on a guilt trip over what her father supposedly done to make the people like that.

      Ya..and another thing about wind tribe..they are doing fine even if their general is in the capital babysitting the princess. Of course, maybe it helps that gramps is there. =P

    16. Ya , that's why i have been saying that what yona is doing is just charity work it won't last for long .So , in order for it to last the country need to be changed from it's very core .

      Well , i tend to lose hope quickly there maybe a lot of manga nowdays but only a few are actually good ,most of them are very meh ^^

      Ya , and this is problem is how themselves + the generals tend to shove every problem they got on the king .Ya , that's why i have been saying that the people of kouka suck . I don't see any reason why the people in kai who are as poor as they are , are more cheerful and work harder than they do .

      True , and i will tell you the truth i'm sick and tired if yona having a guilt trip every single arc whether it is about what her dad did ,or about her being weak .I feel the same i did when naruto had one of his speeches .

      True ,we have seen just a tiny bit of the wind tribe and they seems to be pretty good people ,and yeah gramps is there so it's a big help .

    17. True...it is like putting bandage on a deep bleeding wound instead of treating the root cause..something like that.

      Lol..ya, and it is like mining...somewhat difficult to find the gems after reading/browsing though a lot of meh manga. Of course, there are somewhat meh manga that turns out to be amazing later on, and vice-versa. ^^;

      Ah..and Kai people are portrayed as 'bad'..at least, their rulers. So perhaps, either the rulers are doing something good or the Kai people just figured out things themselves without the help of their king and government.

      Hehe...and I cannot say that it will stop anytime soon ^^;;

    18. You explained it perfeclt ^^

      True , for example with toriko i thought it was meh at the beginning but i quickly got into the manga and now i think it is one of the finest gem

      Ya , which i find really weird ,considering that they have freaking suwon as their king . Nope it is the second option ,they figured things themselves that the higher ups didn't give a damn about them ,thus if they want to live they should do things themselves .

      Ya ,sadly just like naruto continued to talk no jutsu everybody ,yona will continue to be yona till the very end .

    19. Hehe..I see.

      Yup..most likely, she will be like that until the very end...

    20. Ok this is my take on it. The king didnt want Zeno knowing about his immortality because he knows it s a lonely life and that everyone would be leaving him behind. He had a soft spot for Zeno because Zeno had the same sort of values. When he said he didn't want to hurt anyone and he was quite happy having a passive power. I REALLY BELIEVE hehehe that Zeno is the Shield (to protect all of them) and Son Hak is the Sword. Well then again, maybe the 3 dragons themselves are the sword? Nah, I think its Son Hak. I really do :)

    21. That is the guess of most people, passing_through..that is if the sword is also a person. There is also future Yona holding a dragon-decorated sword so that might be the sword.

  2. I saw one of the review in tumblr that the reason why Zeno find himself a wife is because he heard that the three other dragons found themselves a wife and have children on their own and passed the dragon blood and then died after. And in there, it was said that Zeno thought that maybe if he father a child, he can pass the dragon blood he has. But then he discovered that his power cannot be pass.

    But then, I'm excited to know the whole story of his life after King Hiryuu's death. And I think that the reason King Hiryuu died is because he already fulfilled what he needs to do. So now, my question is: will Yona's fate be the same as the first king?

    Thanks Kat! Really great. You did SB and AnY for these two consecutive days. Otsukare!

    1. Oh, is that so. I wonder what happened to his wife and kid.

      Perhaps..he had fulfilled it so why is there a need for a reincarnation? So far, there is no 'forever peace' unless he meant for the country as a whole. I think he died of illness.

      Not too sure if her fate is the same. Ah, do you mean dying young? She looks okay in chapter one and the one who has a death flag is Haku. The goal doesn't seem to be the same..or rather, Yona doesn't seem to have a life's goal yet. Zeno says that she doesn't have to do what Hiryuu did. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

      You're welcome and thanks ^-^

    2. Yeah. I hope so. And I hope that Hak won't die because of that dream. But I'm actually worrying about is the prophecy. I can't remember the whole thing but as you said that there's nothing called "forever" which is why it might be the reason why King Hiryuu got reincarnated. And now I'm speculating that there's some connection between Yona's mom's death, King Il killing his own brother and Yona being the reincarnation of King Hiryuu. But since my hunch is really vague, I'm going to keep it to myself for now and wait the progression of the story.

    3. I also have that kind of theory. My guess is the brother plotted with the rebels that somehow ended up killing Yona's mom then, the brothers quarrel..not sure how Iru managed to kill him when that guy is supposed to be very good in battles and I'm sure a weakling pacifist guy like Iru cannot easily kill him. There is more to it though it might be at the end when we learn of the truth...if we will ever know the truth.

  3. Kat thanks for the summary :D

    I still have doubts about the shield and the sword ,now that we know Zeno is the shield ... that means the sword is also a person. I hope no. Also something that is bothering me is that it seems that Yona doesn't have a specific goal. I understand right now is still young and she is still learning about the country and its problems. I hope by the time she finds the sword or after understand that she is Hiryuu rencarnation she thinks a little bit about what she wants to do.
    I really want her to become queen but after some years, right now she is not suitable for be one, I want to see how her character is going to improve.

    About Zeno I don't want him to be inmortal :( and watch Yona die as he saw Hiryuu's death or generations of dragons, and for Zeno probably he doesn't like him this kind of power and he just endure it because he was waiting for Hyruu's rencarnation.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Hm..why not? Out of curiosity, why don't you like it if the sword is also a person?

      Hopefully so ^^ I thought that would be her goal..but from how things are going, I'm not so sure anymore.

      Well, a reader mentioned that maybe Zeno can stop being immortal if Yona accomplishes what she has to do..or she can release him from that 'curse'? I'm curious though how he knew about the reincarnation. Did the dragon god tell him about it? So that he has something to look forward to instead of living without purpose? Still wondering why he didn't do anything of importance while living that long...

    2. ohh how can put it? because the profecy mention that the sword and the shield will protect Yona...but she doesn't want to depends on the others all the time so i would like the sword refers to something else and not a person who protects her all the time but damnt it hehe I can't imagine her fighting with a sword (like I like warrior just when is really necessary.)

      About Zeno I'm pretty sure that he still have visions and probably he already knows about Yona's goal but is waiting until she realize it and he didn't do anything of importance because "his big moment" is related to Yona's goal.
      After helping her I hope as you mentioned before she can release him of his curse.

    3. Hehe, I see.

      Hm..that is possible so, I guess if that happens, Zeno would still be secretive like before. I mean, just let Yona figure things out herself and just intervene when needed to.