January 16, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 55-58]

Chapter 55: At the imperial palace of Hakuyou, the gathered courtiers bow and greet, “-we are expecting the king’s return. Your entire subjects are waiting for your return.” Standing in front of his throne, Reishou thanks them for taking care of things [during the time he is away]. “—Everyone, has there been any change.”

The cold-hearted Wolf King has ended his inspection of Ninshu and has returned to the royal capital. The imperial palace emits a somewhat nervous feeling. And, Yuulin, the working consort, is in the process of returning to her familiar harem life. While passing by cloister, Yuulin stops to notice that the wind is very strong that the trees’ leaves are blown to the ground. Her court lady tells her that she’ll get cold so they must hurry to the government hall.

Blushing Yuulin says okay. While walking, she thinks that after all sorts of things had happen [like travelling, kiss and confession] during the inspection, she also have a distinct nervousness. Basically, she and Reishou had been getting along just like before [lovey-dovey in front of everyone] but— His Majesty would occasionally sudden stop and then become silent. Afterwards, he would have a strange action..
Blushing Reishou said yes, about-that, what is it again. “Very obviously that started after the time of my (-> I like you), Could..Could it be..could it be..that confession of mine, he felt that attitude is very perplexing!? *she is aghast and flustered which puzzles the court lady* I have deceived him by saying that there is no special meaning to it! Ah ah ah, not thinking over the consequences, I’ve confessed to my superior!?

...*imagines Reishou rubbing his chin and saying ha, it’s quite perplexing to be a popular guy* Could it be that it is like that? No way— Nnnooo. *trembling* I..I have to say it one more time that there is no special meaning to it. Just treat that confession as.. But, I still haven’t thought well of a good reason.. Huhuhu..what should I do..about that..”

At the government hall, Suigetsu informs Yuulin that just now, His Majesty went to find out the reason [regarding some problem?]. He looks at Yuulin and says that she seems somewhat lethargic. He also mentions that His Majesty looks a bit different from the usual. Surprised Yuulin asks if he also think so. Smiling and sparkling Suigetsu says that there is always this very cold bone-chilling melody, and it is like what he said, simple and kind [/mellow and rich] now but also, unstable.
Yuulin comments about that, that is Reishou whom other people do not know of, and Suigetsu would use musical instrument to convey it, that is amazing. Suigetsu says that the cold air suddenly became cold and during this time, there is an increasing tendency for many officials to get sick. “You have not yet recovered from the journey’s fatigue. Princess consort-sama, please do not force yourself too much.”

Yuulin thinks, “Health..situation..? Speaking of that, lately, His majesty’s face is always bright red--!!! *Reishou smiling and blushing at Yuulin* Could it be that this is--!!!” Suigetsu is telling her that he also had proposed it a long time ago to His Majesty, that they leave the meeting early. “Ah, are you listening?”

Later at the harem, Yuulin gives puzzled Reishou a bowl of soup and tells him that this has fruits and medicinal herbs that has been boiled into a soup. “It can warm up the body! Ah, and also, some honey is added to sweeten it so it is very delicious. This is very effective on the first stage of a cold.” Reishou sweatdrops and asks why. After Reishou drank it, Yuulin apologizes a bit but can she touch his forehead a bit. After touching it, she says that right now, it seems that it isn’t very hot.
Reishou becomes nervous when Yuulin becomes teary-eyed. She tells him that even if he is so calm but his body is not feeling well. “In the end, I haven’t noticed it. It is the disqualification of a professional consort. Really embarrassing.” Reishou says no, he is quite energetic.

Holding a bowl, Yuulin exclaims that it is very dangerous for one not to be conscious of it! “Your Majesty is very strange. Ah, want another bowl?” Reishou smiles as he watches Yuulin putting more soup on the bowl and telling him to eat more nutritious food. “After you are warmed up, rest early, okay.”

Yuulin is surprised when Reishou suddenly hugs her from behind. She exclaims what’s up with him. Puppy Reishou says that it is nothing, just being near her, he is very warm already. Getting dizzy and thinking that her heart can no longer take it, Yuulin says is that so, and it is also not bad because when she is young, she and her younger brother would hug each other tightly during winter.

Reishou smiles and says is that so, that’s great. She turns to him and about to say something when she stops upon seeing Wolf Reishou holding up her hair. She thinks that after returning to the harem, she doesn’t know why but when it isn’t necessary to act, His Majesty’s wolf gaze will usually appear.

“We meet each other’s gaze and not saying anything then-- ah, he’ll stop again. And then, be speechless.. and afterwards, be like puppy as usual.” Holding the bowl, Reishou timidly says that this is really delicious. Yuulin sadly thinks that it is really different from before.
Their eyes met again and they have a silly awkward smile. “Really, in a split-second, which part isn’t the same.” While holding some scrolls, Jun is walking by the cloister and thinks that there is no big problem while the king is away and it is because Kouren is around. “..the interior [department] is really stable. Afterwards, if possible, His Majesty won’t loathe working..”

He sighs, then he overhears three courtiers talking below. The three are standing near a tree. They are saying that until now, without decreasing a bit, she is being dotted on— Jun thinks that those courtiers are gossiping about the consort and in such an obvious place. He overhears them say, “—no matter how beautiful the flower is, definitely the season for it to end will arrive...

...Right now, everyone is evaluating this issue. We also shouldn’t stand on the wrong place.” They were interrupted by a cough. Jun tells them that unexpectedly, the division [‘s people] has leisure time to play around at this side. The courtiers apologize and say that they’ll quickly go back. As they hurriedly leave, Jun thinks that one thing is very sure – no matter how beautiful the flower is, *image of Yuulin* definitely the season for it to end will arrive.
Back at the harem, Reishou is surprised after Yuulin sneezes. Thinking that she was careless, Yuulin apologizes for doing that in front of him. She is surprised when Reishou puts his cape over her and tells her that she ought to be the one who should pay more attention on catching a cold. “What was it? ‘eat more nutritious food and rest early’ right. [<- copying what she just told him.]

...It is better for you not to go to the government building tomorrow.” Thinking that it is his cape [he put over her], she exclaims that there’s no problem, and it is just a sneeze, that’s it, she’s very healthy. He says no, and didn’t she mention it, it is very dangerous if one isn’t conscious of it.”

Angry Yuulin exclaims that she isn’t that weak [/in poor health] and do not look down on a commoner! Please do not strip me of my work!?” Trying to calm her down, Reishou asks why she is letting her emotions affect her decision.
Yuulin exclaims that she’s not and in short, she is very well [/healthy], whereas His Majesty, he-- After looking glum, Wolf Reishou suddenly carries her up and says that if it is like that, then the two of them lie down together like this. “In order to understand each other’s view? ..[they] won’t get cold.” Blushing Yuulin thinks that he is always the ‘Wolf King’ who perplexes people.

“I want to escape. *flustered* His majesty is an idiot.” Blushing Yuulin looks at him and says, “If His Majesty feels cold..” Reishou’s eyes widen. Shocked and aghast Reishou says no, that should be a no, right, Yuulin. This startles Yuulin that she exclaims that just now, wasn’t it acting and what is that reaction.

Reishou says ah, sorry, yes, he’s really sorry. He imagines the rabbit charging at the wolf as if giving up its life for a sudden attack. Pushing him away, Yuulin says that she is quite energetic so please go a bit far away from her. He laughs and says that they have to calm down both of their heads a bit. Yuulin angrily says that she is very calm.
Holding her face, he tells her not to be so angry..the king’s beloved flower. “You can always make my heart feel warm.” Blushing Yuulin bites her lips and thinks ah, it is already too sweet that she cannot take it. At Ryu residence, Keitaku complains up to when would His Majesty love the princess consort ardently, and it is really hard to believe.

While having a drink, his father tells him that it is that issue again. “You cling on too excessively on a trivial matter. ..didn’t I tell you before? Enlarge your vision.” Thinking that he doesn’t like that princess consort, Keitaku protests to his father that he is concerned over the country’s future..! “That consort is always quite shameless--”

Gikou says, “..of course *Houen passes by outside their room and overhears them talking* after the time of having fun is over, we also must correct the king’s mistake.” Houen looks glum over this. At Han residence, Suigetsu overhears his smiling father saying that after His Majesty returned, there are some noises at the imperial palace. “—it is almost time.”
Suigetsu asks what he is saying. While holding a cup, Shisei asks, about? Suigetsu looks glum and suspicious. Narration: “Even if there is no audience, the married couple acting is still being continued. Unable to grab and stop time.” While Reishou is carrying Yuulin by the porch and happily smiling at her, Yuulin thinks that this person is absolutely overdoing it again.

“So near. Ah ah but it is because right now, it is very cold so this is also inevitable.”  Narration: “Hand not letting go. Stealthily igniting at the depths of the harem. These two’s temperature. Quietly. Calmly. The cold season, that is blowing towards the country of Hakuyou, is about to arrive.” As they look at each other, Yuulin notices that Reishou had stopped again. “What is this. What should I do about this!?”
Chapter 56: Yuulin narrates that in order for Reishou to evade marriage, she has been hired. And she is working in order to pay back her debt. While secretly adoring him, she is playing the role of ‘the kings doted consort’, the Wolf king’s bride. At Hakuyou’s harem, Yuulin asks if that is still no good [/not enough], and he ought to almost go back to the imperial palace.

 Pouting Reishou asks it is no good even if it is for a little. “Do you hate it?” Blushing and sweatdropping Yuulin says no, she doesn’t hate it.. As Reishou hugs her, Yuulin wonders why they are in this situation. After His Majesty’s inspection, he has this strange action [suddenly stop and become speechless] that until now, it still persists. In additional to this, there are those sudden hugs.

“Very strange! Our time together, this is very strange!” Pouting and flustered Reishou apologizes to her and says that lately, it always feel cold. Dizzy and blushing Yuulin says yes, it is also inevitable. Victorious puppy Reishou happily wags his tail and smiles. Yuulin thinks that he looks very happy, and the puppy is the Wolf king’s [true] nature..that shouldn’t be seen by others. And, she can see his tail wagging around.
As Reishou hugs her again, Yuulin worriedly thinks that he seems to be a bit lethargic so is there something up at the imperial palace that he won’t tell her. Later on, Gen, the harem supervisor, is staring at cleaning lady Yuulin. Rubbing his chin, he asks if there is a real progress between her and His Majesty.

Surprised Yuulin says of course. Brightening up, Gen tells her not to lie. Looking sideways, Yuulin says how could she. Gen smiles and says that there’s more or less, there’s no need to be embarrassed huh. “Not yet worldly wise of the skills to keep one’s distance yet tightly holding on a man’s heart. Want me to explain it to you in detail. *going around Yuulin* After talking, definitely say, ‘sensei gave [/taught] it to me!’ Look, didn’t I say so. Look, pro∙gress.”

Thinking that right now she is just suddenly hugged by the puppy, flustered Yuulin says that what happened isn’t what he is anticipating it. After looking surprised, Gen whispers to Dai, “Eh? Lately, aren’t this two always casually flirting.” Dai chuckles. Gen asks is it possible that something happened during the inspection. Yuulin angrily shouts that it is noisy to death.
Teary-eyed Gen says that she would unexpectedly dislike him for being noisy. “I.. I.. *Yuulin looks tense* I only wanted to see the face of the successor earlier, and that’s all there is to it! Idiot- The cleaning lady is an idiot!! *cries* I don’t care about you anymore.” Dai tells Yuulin repeatedly that she made Gen cry.

Yuulin angrily says that he’s really very faithful to his own desire. Gen says that he also has his position and of course, this is his role. “Do you know of my situation? Do you understand? Quickly have an intimate romance.” Aghast Yuulin is speechless. While walking, consort Yuulin recalling how Reishou would stiffen.

She thinks that after the inspection, it is indeed a bit strange for Reishou to be like that but then, he isn’t saying anything so she also couldn’t bring herself to ask him about it. At the cloister towards the government hall, she notices a couple of courtiers gossiping, ‘so-- this is our-- but--" Then, they notices Yuulin that they become startled. They slightly bow to her with their hands together. She wonders why it feels like they were startled upon seeing her.
At the government hall, Houen scowls at Yuulin who greets him. She is puzzled why he sighs. Houen says that she is always so at ease. Surprised Yuulin asks what he means by that, and he is thinking of quarreling with her at one side and greeting her at another side, right, she accepts that. Turning around, Houen darkly says that her nerve is really quite big. [= thick-skinned].

Yuulin asks back what he meant by that. While Yuulin angrily wonders what he meant by that, smiling Suigetsu tells Houen that he also knows about that. Houen scowls at him. Suigetsu says that regarding the harem, the people in the imperial palace are restless [/causing a disturbance]. “This time, it is like a silent old man. Your father seems to be also stepping in, right?”

Houen says that he isn’t interested over that kind of issue. “That is other people’s issue, right. Isn’t your younger sister also a consort candidate?” Smiling Suigetsu says that even if Houen says that, but his younger sister doesn’t have the heart for it [= not interested] and he really fears His Majesty.
Emitting dark aura, Houen says that Han siblings are the same, having that KIND of nature..do not have enthusiasm... Suigetsu says no, his younger sister is quite spirited <- in writing love novels. Suigetsu says that no matter what, afterwards, the princess consort-sama’s position will become very hard. “Sooner or later, a problem will arise.”

At some other room, Reishou is looking at the side and tells Jun if those guys do not get weary of saying that everyday. Jun sighs and says that after using ‘princess consort sama’ to reject [marriage], it did quiet down things for a short period of time. “..this time, Minister Ryu’s determination is very firm.”

Reishou recalls Gikou and some courtiers telling him that for the country’s social order, this is necessary. “Please, you need to accept a new consort again. Afterwards, please marry a queen consort [/official wife]. It is okay for you to dote on the current princess-sama. –but, please properly treat her in accordance with one’s position. If there is no social order, then, conflict will arise.” Reishou frowns over this.
Meanwhile, walking at the cloister again, Yuulin looks up and thinks that for just a moment, she saw a snowflake. Warming her hands with her breath, she thinks that no wonder it is so cold and would His Majesty come early today. “No matter what, I hope we can look at the snow together.” At the harem, Yuulin worriedly says about that, right now, he isn’t that energetic.

Sitting on the sofa, Reishou says, that he is very energetic. She pouts and says, that in the end..if there is anything that she can do, please do not hesitate to say it. “In short, say it out!!” Imagining a hopping rabbit, Reishou laughs and asks if anything will do, then that’s great. He holds her hand and says, “I want you to smile for me.” This made Yuulin blush and exclaim if that is acting Wolf king’s desire! “So, sweet! Is it right now!”

He laughs then he suddenly stiffens and becomes silent. And he suddenly hugs her. While trying to resist, she asks if he feels very cold again. He says yes, today’s Yuulin is very warm. She tells him that it is her honor that she is able to help him. She thinks that in the end, His Majesty is very tried..but he won’t tell her the reason.

“He can’t tell me, right? Even if I don’t know the situation – but, if he doesn’t want to say it, then it is also alright.” She holds his back and tells him, “I’ll always be at your side.” To her shock, Reishou suddenly hugs her really tight that she exclaims that is very painful.
 Then, he relaxes his hug a bit. As he slightly pulls her away and makes her lean down, surprised Yuulin says about that married couple acting just now..it has a distinct sweetness.” She is shock for it isn’t the puppy, then the sweet acting is also isn’t? “Eh? It’s the Wolf king. Why.” Reishou holds her face near his and she closes her eyes.

Then, Reishou suddenly looks startled as he covers her mouth with his hand. Surprised Yuulin calls out to him. Flustered Reishou apologizes to her. “Just now, that is. *lightly pats her head* --sorry.” As he leaves, blushing Yuulin thinks that the Wolf king is an act and the puppy is the true nature. “Then, just now, what is that? *Reishou looking flustered while covering his mouth* Very scary. *recalls Reishou looking at her*...

-it seems like I’ll be eaten up by the wolf. *holds chest* My heart is quickly going to break down.” The next day, a very stunning thing dismayed her. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says that there is something bad he has to tell her. “It has already been decided that your work will be terminated.” Jun sighs and shocked Yuulin says, “Eh? –eh?”
Chapter 57: Yuulin recalls when she is about to be eaten by the wolf, and then the next day, she is told that it has already been decided to terminate her work.  At Hakuyou’s harem, the court lady asks Yuulin what’s up. Snapping out of it, Yuulin says no, it is nothing. She smiles at her court ladies and tells them that they’ll go to the government hall.

Yuulin goes to work while half-stunned after hearing Jun-san’s astonishing declaration. At the government hall, Reishou happily calls out to her as the king’s beloved consort. “With you around, the sunshine illuminates.” Yuulin says geez, Your Majesty, saying that kind of thing again.. Yuulin thinks that Reishou’s acting as ‘the Wolf king who is really sweet with the consort’ hasn’t changed. At the harem, Reishou apologizes for suddenly startling her.

Gripping her skirt, Yuulin asks if she did something yesterday that caused her to be expelled. Reishou tells her no, no, she didn’t do anything wrong and it is totally the situation in this place. “..about that, actually before at the imperial palace’s side, the harem’s expenses has somewhat increased.

“..so, before some troublesome issue arises, I’ll take advantage once again of revising it first. Do not mind about the debt for it is almost settled and just leave the remaining part at the side. *smiles* Yuulin, you are a lot of help to me.” Yuulin thinks that without using her brain, she knows that this is already a decided matter. “I do not have the right to say no.”
To Reishou’s surprise, Yuulin smiles and says, “Yes, is that so. I understand. The time when it ends, it ought to be not today, perhaps, it is tomorrow, right? *There is a scene of Jun gloomily muttering about sudden revision* Always until the end, please let me properly complete my duty. I beg of you.”

As Reishou looks at smiling Yuulin, she thinks that she is just working and she knows that this day will come. “After the inspection, the mood between us had also changed. –At that time, His Majesty’s penetrating glance implied that I’m not allowed [to stay?] by him. It is definitely like that. After some time, something felt unreal. I pass each ordinarily. *walking at the cloister*...

...with the acting sweet Wolf king just like before *Reishou lovey-dovey with Yuulin in front of the court ladies* During our time together, the gentle puppy king. *happily drinking some tea* --but, it seems that he is excessively kind...

...*Reishou urging her to eat something for it is very delicious; Reishou telling her that there’s no need to do the cleaning job; Puppy Reishou calling out her name* ..It makes me think of being extremely doted on after running away before and afterwards..that frequently emerging action that I cannot comprehend”
At the harem, flustered Yuulin asks him what’s up. Reishou says ya--.. He holds her hair, stops and becomes speechless. He hugs her and says that it’s so cold. Blushing Yuulin says yes. She wonders if he is lethargic because of a problem at the imperial palace’s side or is it that there is really something bad about her.

“The time when I couldn’t say it out. The place that I do not know. The reason that I do not know. The king has decided everything. ..a selfish person. *looks at gloomy puppy Reishou* but obviously he is the one who decided to terminate the work. ..compared to me, why does this person look lonelier. ..I couldn’t bring myself to get angry..

...*Reishou holds her hand* Even if he’s lonely, right now, no matter what, what he wanted to do is.. ..what is revising the harem once again--.. *walking at the cloister as some courtiers look at her* Is that something that he must definitely do. No matter what the reason is, the professional consort’s goal is an upgrade of one’s acting.

...No matter what happens, I’ll properly display the acting. ..I won’t be perplexed.” Houen sees smiling Yuulin talking with the courtiers. Houen wonders what that is, completely lethargic.. He meets up with his older brother who calls out to him and asks what he is doing there. “When outside, I felt quite bored since a lot of people would look at me, of the Ryu family.”
Houen tells Keitaku that he has nothing to do with the government hall yet he is walking back and forth outside, it will just make disturb people. “Quickly go back.” <- as if talking to an outsider. Keitaku angrily shouts that it is work. He notices Yuulin passing by with her court ladies. Keitaku says that consort is detestable.

“Finally, the imperial palace also started to face squarely this problem. –she also couldn’t give birth to a successor. Wanting to be like that forever is impossible. –hmph, ‘no matter what kind of flower, the season of its end will arrive’. ..if it is you, you ought to be able to comprehend it, right, Houen? *Houen just scowls*...

...Your older brother is very correct. Because of my greatness, bow down and worhip me! Hahaha, let’s go you, two.” The two courtiers say yes, Keitaku-sama. Houen wonders if Keitaku is an idiot, lowering his [Houen] outlook. At Reishou’s office, Jun asks Reishou about Yuulin, is doing that really okay. Reishou says that he would unexpectedly say that kind of words.

Jun sighs and says that it is because it is too sudden so he is bothered by it, that’s all. “Indeed Minister Ryu and the others’ voice is very loud regarding wanting to improve the harem. The future policy on it is still not yet definite. Right now, just firing her is also.. ..Could it be that there is something about Yuulin-sama--”
Jun is puzzled when Reishou says that the mood in the imperial palace had rapidly worsened. “It must be..the person, who was temporarily quiet for the time being, had started to play. *image of Gikou, Shisei and the other courtiers with a veiled person behind them* ...afterwards, the path will become poorer. Continuing to involve her in it, won’t that be very ‘pitiful’?”

Jun sighs and pushes up his glasses. He tells Reishou that if that is so, there is something regarding Yuulin that he must inform him. Reishou looks surprised. At the harem, Reishou calls out to Yuulin. Puzzled Yuulin welcomes him and asks what’s up that it is so urgent [for him to immediately come]. Reishou says that he heard from Jun that she’ll continuously remit her remaining debt.. Why!?

Yuulin says yes, she thinks that there is still a need to spend a longer time [<- in working to pay for the debt]. “After coming here, I had been spoiled by His Majesty in a lot of things so merely doing things half-way..”

Reishou asks why she has to bear so many hardships. Yuulin tells him that this is living up to her responsibility and this is the right thing to do. Reishou looks surprised as smiling Yuulin says that didn’t he also mentioned it. “A beautiful ending, right. If you have time, it is also okay for you go come to downtown and get it [her payment for the debt], anyway, there is that way, probably.
Yuulin thinks that this way, afterwards, there is still a little bit of link. “..even if I’m doing such a foolish thing..” Reishou sadly says that she always won’t accept his kindness [/good intention]. “I don’t want you to be too hard up. ..whatever it is, I want to do a little bit of something for you.” As she says His Majesty, she smiles and thinks, “—Liar, it is because you cannot let me be at your side, right?”

Reishou continues to ask if there is something she wants before she leaves this place. “Some other desire?” Yuulin tells him that she already fully understand his intention so please do not waste money on her who is just a temporary worker there. Reishou insists if there is nothing that he can do. “—if you ..if you wishes it, regarding marrying off ..is that also okay?”

Yuulin looks at him and thinks that at this time, in her heart, something exploded. Reishou becomes aghast over her facial expression which he hasn’t seen before. Yuulin goes geh? “Just now, what did you say? ..marrying off? ..Marrying off? *explodes in anger* That kind of thing is unnecessary-!!! What is that!? Why would you do that kind of foolish thing!?”

Scared Reishou replies, “No-- It isn’t that! I only want to hold responsible. I’ve pondered on this to the utmost limit.”
Furious Yuulin exclaims, “Ha aah!? Please don’t joke around. Whether it is one husband or two, I can think of a way by myself!! (Always acting, as ‘wolf king’s doted consort’ actually that role doesn’t exist. ..incapable of conveying my thoughts to you. For His Majesty, that is acting. For me, that is my true feeling.) In short, thank you for your concern...

...After resigning, I’m given that kind of strange affection. If it is like that, an ice-cold treatment would have been a bit better!! *teary-eyed and angry* (No matter where I go, my ‘like’ doesn’t have hope.)” After a pause, Reishou says, “You’re really amazing. Forever won’t change at all. Determined, strong and stubborn. Even acting as an opponent.. you also won’t change...

...*walks towards her and Yuulin becomes slightly scared* Only regarding you, I always, always..am not able to do it without a hitch.” Yuulin backs away to the wall and calls out, “Your Majesty?” Holding her face, smiling wolf Reishou says, “if you do not want such kindness, I think I can be more at ease, right?”

Yuulin thinks that this moment, it seems that he has frozen the world. Reishou tells her that if it is her wish to be treated terribly..then there will be no reward and anyway, all will be lost. Yuulin thinks that the she is being looked down on by the cold-hearted Wolf King.
Chapter 58: Yuulin thinks that person is a ‘non-existent person’. He is a kind king who is acting for the country-- the cold-hearted Wolf king. Cornered to the wall, Yuulin thinks that it is strange, she couldn’t move and she’s so frightened. “I’m --the ‘consort’. Such a cold glance, heartlessly coming towards me.”

Reishou asks if she’s trembling when obviously just now, she is still quite lively. She fearfully says, “Your Majesty. Right now, acting.” Reishou says yes, there’s no need. “—you always firmly believed what I said, that THIS is acting. You’re so frank. Always taking advantage of you yet you didn’t notice it. ..really a nice child.”

Teary-eyed Yuulin asks what he meant by that. Reishou smiles and tells her not to have that kind of expression. “You’re so cute that I would want to bully you. If it is possible, I always wanted to treat you nicely until the end.”

As he holds her face, Yuulin thinks that the wolf smiled. “That is the penetrating glance that made people scared. The wolf that dominates other people. The person whom I couldn’t convey to, ought to be the one in front of me. The one I saw. The one I’ve touched.”
As Reishou holds her hair, flustered Yuulin wonders if it isn’t an act, it’s the Wolf king, and isn’t this an illusion. Reishou whispers to her ear, “My cute rabbit. The time I spent together with you is very delightful. For me, that is happiness that cannot be imitated. ..it is good if we can act forever. It is already over.”

He leans down and kisses her deeply that she holds on him tightly. After the kiss, he hugs her and says, “—use this to cancel..the remaining debt. You already completed your task and responsibility.” Starting to cry, Yuulin says, “-what. That. If it is that. If it is like that, I won’t be able to stay here, right?” Reishou tells her, “..there is nothing here. What you have seen is a nightmare. Forget all of it.”

On that snowy day, the one and only consort at the Wolf king’s harem had disappeared. Jun pushes up his glasses. Gen looks glum. Court ladies are weeping. Houen scowls at Keitaku bragging to his courtiers. There is a scene of Gikou, Shisei and the other ministers. Sad Suigetsu with a flute. And, some courtiers are gossiping.
Narration: “The officials are very shocked. What could have happened to the consort who was deeply doted on? Basically, they do not know from where did that consort came from. No one also knows the reason for her sudden disappearance. At the quiet imperial palace, there are only some hushed murmurs, ‘the harem’s flower has withered.’”

Reishou is looking out the snowy courtyard. Jun calls out to him and says that it is almost time to go to the central palace hall. Reishou says okay, he’ll go now. Jun looks quiet and slightly worried. At Kanrou, Hakuyou’s royal capital, Gaku comes in the house and calls out, “Hey, is anyone here?”

There are some running footsteps. Holding a ladle, Yuulin comes out and shouts, “What’s up, Gaku!! Do not just go in my house.” As Seishin tries to calm his sister, Yuulin exclaims that right now, she no longer owes him any debt right, and she even settled it all up. Gaku says that she still hasn’t changed, not charming at all. Yuulin asks, charming? “If I have that space and time, I can go to work with peace of mind. “If someone wavered just because of ‘cute’..that is really idiotic..”
Aghast Gaku says that she’s really mean and why is she filled with ‘kill aura’. “Ah- after being abandoned by a man, you’re quite desolated huh. Gambatte [strive hard] well.. *waving goodbye* By all means, do not cause any bloodshed.” Holding up her ladle, Yuulin shouts, Ha!!? Shisei pleads to his sister that is enough.

Narration: “My name is Tei Yuulin. I’m living with an undependable father and cute wise younger brother. A very normal type of commoner-- only the workplace has changed.” Later on, Dai hangs upside down to the kitchen’s window and greets Yuulin that she is very lively everyday! She is filled with enthusiasm living as a lady of the house [/housewife-type].

Yuulin tells him good job [otsukaresama] regarding his spying work [<- keeping close watch on her]. Dai tells her not to look at his ‘work’ that way for he hasn’t told anyone, and for the meantime, first, do not give up. Holding a carrot, Yuulin says that Jun resolutely used that severance payment to coerce her. “I really do not have trustworthiness..”
There is a scene of Jun holding a bag of money to trembling Yuulin to remind her that just in case, that thing is divulge outside [/to outsiders], the whole family.. “..do you understand? Do you know what will happen? Afterwards, this is hush money so definitely accept it..” End flashback. Dai laughs and says that it isn’t so, it isn’t like that for she is treated super-special.

“‘Spying’ and ‘hush money’ is wishing you’ll be able to properly return home and no wonder the treatment of her being fired is different.” Holding a kitchen knife, Yuulin asks if there is something that he wanted to tell her. Dai says nothing, nothing, and he has no unnecessary secret things to say.

“Ah, isn’t today’s seasoning a little bit strong?” Yuulin says is that so, no matter when, it’s very boring. Then, Yuulin has finished cooking. She had started to finish the things she had to do that had accumulated. Later on, she’ll sweep here and there, then do a bit of house renovation.. While carrying laundry with Seishin, Yuulin thinks that after returning home, there are so many things to do everyday. Until not long ago, she is still at the harem as a working consort.
“It felt like a dream. Wearing gorgeous accessories. Eating delicious gourmet food gracefully. At that vast harem, seasonal flowers surround it. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. With you. The two of us spending them together. I already cannot go back. His Majesty is.. an idiot! A fool! *chopping food with a cleaver* Womanizer! *chop* Awful-! *chop* A big liar! The Wolf king is not at all, an act!

...*rolling the dough* Deceiving the working me is that to laugh at me!? I do not know what is the meaning of that! He probably treats me as an idiot, right! *angrily smacking the dough around* What could it be!? He’s so not in touch with reality [/’set up on high’ idiom]! It is because he is the king!

--intending to marry me off? Is His Majesty my father!!! What kind of joke is that, nitwit!! Pervert!! Later on, after saying those kind of words, *hitting the dough around* he’ll also kiss me that way, that womanizer-!!!” Seishin comes in and asks her if there’s no problem for there is a loud sound. Holding up her hand to him, Yuulin tells him that there’s no problem, and dinner will be done soon.
While molding the dough to make buns, Yuulin thinks that day, His Majesty listened to her suggestion. “Using that very ice-cold glance and said such mean things. Not allowed to have any bit of remaining relationship and letting me go. Such a mean person. Such a terrifying person. –but at that time, your arm is quite gentle...

...In the end, compared to me, he is even more, a lot more lonely as he hugged me. Whether it is the terrifying king or the kind king, no matter which one, it is that person. I have already fallen [for him]. –basically I cannot detest. ..my throbbing sentiments, feelings of liking him the most...

...It is already in my heart. I cannot turn them into a dream or perhaps a delusion. No matter where, even if I cannot be at your side, *teary-eyed* even if we cannot see each other again, it won’t change.” Then, Yuulin is surprised that while she’s angry, she was able to prepare the buns well.
On top of the roof, Dai thinks that Yuulin ought to be okay and she’s really strong. “In the end, the problem is at that side.. Frankly, looking at the imperial palace’s request--..” At the imperial palace, Kouren says that based on the current problem, they must seize the moment..” Reishou says then, he’ll be troubling him [to do that]..

Kouren stares at him that Reishou asks what is it, he doesn’t want to hear some boring prediction. Emitting dark aura, Kouren says no, it seems that Reishou’s health[/body] condition doesn’t look that well. Reishou says that Kouren’s complexion is unspeakable ugly. “It is because of work, right. Do not mind him.”

After a pause, Kouren says that there is one other thing. Giving Reishou a sealed scroll, Kouren says, “There is a letter from Youshu that has been sent over..” There is a silhouette image of a veiled woman and a young boy. Reishou slightly smiles and says, “Ah, is that so. It finally came.”
Comment: And, Reishou finally let Yuulin go. More than about pressure from the ministers regarding the harem, it is more to protect her. Even if what he did is similar with his father who sent them away, Reishou is letting Yuulin go before things become messy. And, I guess it is also sudden because he had to let her go before he can no longer do so.

I’m sure he is well-aware of the pressure to have a successor but he is obviously not going to involve Yuulin too deeply with the political intrigue among other things. The timing and situation is also no good because there are many people who object to Yuulin. Not only for being the only one consort, but it seems that, it also had something to do with her unknown identity and status.

For Reishou, it is probably not a big thing but for the others of noble blood and status, etc, it is a big thing for the queen consort to have qualifications, status, noble blood, etc. Most likely, he knows that love is not enough to make things work, just like what happened to his parents. Well, the acting is pretty much exposed.

 Both aren’t actually acting but they think the other person is. I’m specially moved by the farewell kiss ^^ It is nicely done ^^ Well, Yuulin used work to vent her anger and realized that no matter what, she still loves him ^^

As for Reishou, it seems that he is dealing with it quietly but those who are close to him are getting somewhat worried. Well, it seems that the one who ‘started to play’ has made an apparent move. Scans from BaRaMei私人

Quote of the day:
There are things in life we don't want to happen, but have to accept. There are things we don't want to know, but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go. ~ Author Unknown


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