December 31, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 63]

At Nagahama residence, while eating, Miwako is complaining about Shinya’s earlier deadline yet he would still-- She notices that her mother is staring at her that she asks what is it. Her mother asks if she likes Shinya. This made Miwako flustered that she exclaims why her mother said that, how is that possible, for that is Crude Play and a performing artist who has a lot of models and beautiful women beside him. “How is that possible..” Her mother says that it has been such a long time since she heard Miwako talked with her about a guy. Miwako exclaims that it is because he is her work and she’s saying this since he is giving her a headache. Her mother asks is that so, when she thought that it is something else. She tells Miwako that she is worried about her for not only is it a weekend, there is also no work yet Miwako always accompanies her in shopping. “Is this okay? Occasionally, there’s no need to mind mama and just go have fun by yourself. *Miwako glumly looks at her mother* Isn’t it really good? If it’s Shinya, you’ll be a very good match.”
Miwako bites her tongue and asks in what way. With flowers all around, her mother says that Shinya is very handsome and have a lot of money. She smiles and says that if it is Shinya, she won’t object to it. This made Miwako flustered again. She stands up and exclaims that she’s going ahead. Her mother calls out to her and says that her collar is crooked. After she fixed it, her mother waves her goodbye and tells her to take care. At room 1301 apartment, Shinya’s place is all messy. He plays on the computer the music he made but he isn’t happy with it. He leans back on the chair, removes his eyeglasses and sighs. He thinks that even if he is mentally focusing on it, he couldn’t make a good music in this situation. After rubbing his eyes, he puts his glasses back on and wonders how would Aki react in this kind of times. Below Chuo-Ohashi Bridge, by Sumida riverside, humming Aki sets up a folding chair and a chest cooler. While setting up his fishing rod, he sings, “have nothing to do with me♪ That guy liking that girlWhat about it *swings fishing line into the river* because the person that girl likes is me♫”
Flashback: Flustered Riko asked Aki what it has anything to do with them for the one she likes is him. Pouting Aki acted cute and said but in the end, he really minds it. With knitted eyebrows, Riko looked at him. Somewhat flustered Aki says that if she were to sing a song for him, maybe he’ll forget about it. This surprised Riko. With folded arms, Riko said that since it is him, she cannot help it. This delighted Aki. Riko grabbed his arm and pulled him down so that he’ll sit beside her. Riko told him that she’ll sing in a low voice. Aki listened to her sing to Matsutoya Yumi’s Mamotte Agetai (I want to protect you). “You don’t have to worry- worry♫ From the things that causes you pain, I’ll protect you Even if there are days when we don’t see [each other], I’ll also think of you in my heart [and] continuously walk on I want to protect you. ‘Cause I love you♪” Riko looked at Aki and happily said that she’s finished singing. Aki is moved. He leaned to her and kissed her. End flashback.
While waiting to catch a fish, Aki sings, “From what you have said Wanting to protect me something♫ What do you want to happen to me[/want me to do]♪ Is it to kill me” Something pulls his fishing rod so he pulls it up and it is only a piece of empty can. He starts giggling about it being an easy-open can. Then, he looks up the bridge to see Shinya looking at him. Shinya sighs and says that if it is someone who doesn’t know him, won’t he be a suspicious person? Aki somewhat smiles and looks flustered about it. While waiting for a fish to bite again, Aki tells Shinya who is standing beside him that he is just someone fishing by the riverbank, and that is fairly normal. Shinya sighs again that Aki asks if it is Shinya, where he would fish. Shinya says that he is mistaken for he isn’t talking about him fishing.
Compared to that riverbank thing, an adult, who is past 25 years old at Japan’s most populated 23 ward[/district] of Tokyo, giggling nonstop and singing a song. “Doesn’t that make one think that it’s very strange. *Aki keeps silent* ‘Looking at it from someone who doesn’t know’ *Aki turns to look at him* If it is someone who doesn’t know you..” Aki asks how one would think of it. Shinya didn’t reply. He twists Aki’s head around and tells him okay, there’s a fish biting. Something is pulling his fishing line so Aki tries to pull it up. He says what is this, it is probably a big fish. Shinya looks at Aki and thinks that right now, he has to write a beautiful melody so no one should disturb him. Aki stops pulling up the fish and looks behind at Shinya who is already sitting down by the bushes. Pushing up his glasses, Shinya tells Aki that there’s no need to mind him, for occasionally, he would also have nothing to do. He thinks, so continue to work on that music a while ago.
Shinya observes the scenery around him. Aki is fishing. A woman walking her dog and tells a kid not to run. A cruise boat is passing through the river. A bird flies over the sky. The river’s waves rippling. Then, Aki notices Shinya humming a tune. Shinya realizes that Aki is standing in front of him. Aki shouts for Shinya to stand up. Shinya is confused yet Aki repeats for him to stand up and to run. Even if he is confused, Shinya runs to where Aki is going and they left behind Aki’s fishing equipment. They go to Aki’s 4501 apartment. Aki unlocks the door, removes his shoes and rushes to his bedroom. He starts playing on his keyboard. While Shinya looks surprised, Aki exclaims that it is strange, how was it Shinya, ah, wrong, it should be like this. Aki starts playing again. He smiles and says that it is this one! Shinya looks surprised. Aki says that it is really a good melody. Shinya asks what. Turning to face him, Aki says that this is the tune that Shinya was humming.
Shinya mutters that’s wrong, it is just an all mixed up music.. Aki exclaims that this is good, this music is absolutely amazing. Gesturing excitedly, Aki exclaims to puzzled Shinya to be quick for what is he still looking distracted for. “Quickly use the bass and play it once.” Shinya asks why he is this excited. Aki says that just by hearing a new melody, no matter when, it’s very fun [/happy]! Taking his guitar, Aki says that this melody is already starting to play within his body so using the guitar, it will absolutely.. Aki starts playing the music. Shinya asks how come the music became like that. Aki asks if Shinya didn’t like it, he just thought of trying to give it a relaxed feeling, next, an uplifting feeling. It gives the feeling of Chuo-Ohashi Bridge’s mood earlier. Shinya mutters, “..why.. for it to be in your hand, apparently, it can become a very amazing music? *smiles and flustered* You are really a very cruel person. *Aki looks surprised at angry and teary-eyed Shinya* This is already not my music.”
Comment: Well, it seems that Riko has pacified Aki’s worries for now through a song. ^^ Hehe, I wonder if Riko will use her singing voice to her advantage later on in regards to dealing with Aki. =P Aki is really easy to please with music. Apparently, Shinya is still going to do his best to write a song rather than use Aki’s. Given his pride for his own music, it does seem doubtful that it would be okay for him to use Aki’s music and put his name on it. Hehe, I hope. Shinya seems to take it personally like some insult when Aki unintentionally shows that his music isn’t that good until Aki improved it. I think it would be best for Shinya to minimize comparing his compositions with Aki’s so that he won’t be so bitter and look down on his own works. Still, no matter what, in the end, Aki’s songs are better the same way Shinya’s playing is better than the rest of CP members. I’m not sure if Shinya would keep on composing though or give up like what Aki did.

Nevertheless, it would be nice if Aki and Shinya can become friends and collaborate rather than pitting against each other’s strengths and weakness. They can actually complement each other and enhance whatever music they work on. Aki improves the composition and Shinya improves the playing. Somehow I think for that to happen, there has to be a middle man/mediator of some sort. Aki is a bit too clueless to understand what Shinya is feeling and Shinya might still have this artist pride and stuff which still makes him want to create one’s own work even if it isn’t that good. It is a complicated feeling and I think most artists who aren’t geniuses/very talented struggle with. So far, none of the characters seem to understand/know what Shinya is thinking or struggling about, and if even if they do, no one is doing anything about it. Actually, I’m referring to Soichiro who ought to have some sort of ‘feeling’ about it. As for Miwako, it seems that she is indeed falling for Shinya though her mother’s reasons to like Shinya does seem to be shallow. ^^; I’m not too hopeful about Miwako doing something positive and helpful to Shinya but who knows, maybe. After all, of all the people, it was Shinya who helped Kaoru with his playing. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组

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    Aki please stop being so clueless all the time....

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