November 11, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapters 46-47]

Episode 46 – Lie with Me (During Lonely Times, Please Embrace Me). Still at the party where everyone is watching the groom and his new bride, the waiter pours another glass of champagne for Junko. While drinking the champagne, Junko thinks that this is very awkward. She has been awfully busy since last night that she totally didn’t think that she’ll get to meet up with Satoshi.

But then, they’ll definitely meet because after all, they both used to be in the same club. And even if she were to talk with him, she doesn’t know what to talk about. The waiter asks Junko if he’ll pour her another glass. She says okay.

While drinking champagne again, Junko thinks that if Takane knew that she talked with Satoshi, Takane would be quite troublesome but then, he didn’t see her so how can he lecture her. As she drinks another newly poured glass of champagne, she recalls being told that Takane left early in the morning. She is irritated that she remembered that again when she doesn’t want to think of unhappy things on a joyous day. Junko starts clapping her hands when it was announced that the bride is going to change her gown.
Seeing her empty glass, the waiter asks Junko if there’s something she wants to drink. Junko thanks him and asks him for another glass of champagne. Satoshi interrupts by telling the waiter that it is okay to give her a glass of water. “Please, take away this lady’s champagne glass.” The waiter did as Satoshi requested.

Looking at Satoshi, Junko complains what he is doing. “Don’t just do things on your own when it isn’t easy to drink free champagne..” Satoshi tells her that she has been drinking at the pace of one glass every 15 minutes and right now, she is already on her fourth glass. Junko is shock that he was counting it.

He tells her if she kept on drinking, she’ll be at her sixth glass, and shell start to feel nauseous. Gesturing a thumb down, he says that afterwards she’ll rush to the toilet and puke a lot. Junko kicks his shoe and tells him to shut up, for saying such things in this place. Satoshi sighs and says so he is saying~~~he is being kind hearted to remind her not to drink too much. 

Junko tells him not to talk about her first, but what’s up with him. “Why did you quickly come back? Didn’t you go to New York earlier on? How come you went back to Japan..” Satoshi asks if she is thinking that it is because of her, he lost his will and got depressed that led to making mistakes at work so he is immediately sent back?

“Do not belittle my company. The company won’t make a person become a leader if he couldn’t separate his public and private life. It is because there’s a conflict in a different project so I temporarily came back. When it is resolved, I’ll quickly go back to New York.”
Junko smiles and says, is that so. She thinks that it’s great that his work is going very smoothly. Then, Satoshi changes the topic back to Junko by saying that with just one look from how she is drinking, one can see that she isn’t happy. He tells her that it is the same before at the club activity, she was like that when she is unhappy because, she was dumped by a senpai during second year college.

“..I thought that today, you’ll absolutely be wearing a ring on your left hand and be immersed in happiness.” Flustered Junko covers her left hand. Satoshi says that it is like that, with one look, one will notice that huge diamond embedded on the ring since that guy is the type who won’t hesitate to put a collar around her to hold on to her [/trap her]. “If it is like that, then I’ll also be happy for you.”

Thinking that is indeed true about being put on a ‘collar’, Junko tells Satoshi who is also drinking a lot of champagne that there are also a lot of things that had happened at this side of the temple. She apologizes to him for causing him a lot of trouble and not being able to properly talk things clearly with him at that time.
Satoshi says that it doesn’t matter, for it is the same with him, a lot of things had happened so forget about the past so they’re quits. Junko thinks that he is referring to Masako. She wonders if for him to say, ‘they’re quits’, is he saying that he’s very mature? Satoshi tells her that after reflecting on it sensibly, in short, there is no difference whether they had a falling out [/disagreement] or it is an external reason, it is okay for her and the monk to just be happy together.

Flustered Junko looks down and wonders what he is always saying just now, it is as if he doesn’t know what he is saying. To her surprise, Satoshi holds her left hand and tells her to quickly make that guy give her a ring, and then, with a spurt of energy, go get married. “Anyway, it will fail and until the end, you’ll still return to my side.” 

Junko looks surprised and asks what he just said. Still holding her hand under the table, Satoshi tells her that he’ll always wait for her so go ahead, relax and fail. “Even if you fail, you still have me waiting for you. In accordance to your feelings, do what you wish. I will also do that and wait for you to change your mind.” Junko asks what foolishness he is talking about, let her go.
She tells him not to say such ominous words. “You’re too abnormal!? (I want to pull away but I couldn’t) Did you drink too much?” Satoshi says that she’s right, he had earlier on become abnormal, and he already couldn’t free himself from it. “Compared to me, there is no other guy who would become abnormal because of you, right?” Junko frowns over this.

Narration: “At that time, I wasn’t able to proudly say, there is. *a scene of Takane* I really couldn’t find out what that letter’s true meaning.” Flashback: At one of the rooms in the temple, Hibari is shocked over what Takane said that she asks if he knew what he is saying. Amane told Takane if he is just saying those ‘rashly said angry’ words. [<- do not mean it] 

Takane closes his eyes and says no, he clearly knows what he is saying. “If you were to make me choose between inheriting the family property [/business] or be together with Junko, I’ll choose to be with Junko.” Amane is surprised that he said it so bluntly.

Trembling in disbelief, Hibari asked why he would say such shameless words all of a sudden, why he would disregard his important family property for that kind of girl. Takane said that they were the one who forced him to do it. He tells them that about the temple, Amane can replace him but there is no one who can replace Junko.
Amane tensely thinks that it seems that Takane was really provoked to anger. Still trembling in disbelief, his grandmother says that it is okay for him to say or think that way, for anyway, it is impossible, she’ll definitely.. Just then, with the brothers’ mother following him behind, the abbot arrives and tells them not to quarrel loudly for this isn’t something that Buddha should hear.

He tells them to pay attention to talking in the temple for their conversation can be heard. Takane apologizes for it. Hibari tells the abbot about news that this child has been led astray by that Sakuraba. The abbot says that didn’t he say not to discuss about it [here] again. He calls out to Takane to come with him to his room since he has something to tell him. Takane says okay.

After they left, Hibari starts accusing Tokiko [音生子], the mother, for ratting on the abbot about it so he came, and she got guts to do that. Putting down the tea tray, Tokiko says that she didn’ is because while they are quarreling, their voices are quite loud that it can be heard up to the main hall. She explains that the abbot is worried about it reaching to the followers’ ears so he came over. Hibari says yes, yes, her voice is too loud, and she’s really sorry about that.
Then, she starts accusing Tokiko about probably taking advantage while she’s gone, and letting that arrogant egoistic Sakuraba girl come over without her permission. Amane quietly slips out of the room and heads somewhere else. At the abbot’s room, the abbot asks Takane if what he said just now is his sincere words. 

Takane apologizes for saying those impulsive words without consideration but he wants to make an environment wherein Junko can marry and come over with ease, without any apprehensions. He says that it wasn’t easy for Junko to bluntly choose him compared to her own aspiration. It is a necessity to do it ‘immediately’ and ‘at once’, so that this issue would be pushed one step further because he is hard-pressed due to his grandmother doing all possible ways to obstruct him.

The abbot says that he can say that but didn’t he already at one time, gave the opportunity to marry the Sakuraba girl to Amane? Flustered Takane says that was..he didn’t thoroughly think that over. The abbot tells him that means, he is very afraid, and has no self-confidence that he can make her stay [with him]. Takane nervously laughs and asks what he is saying for he isn’t some intolerant guy. The abbot tells him to prove it to him by temporarily leaving Junko.
It has been a long time since he climbed up the mountains and underwent training [/disciple/reflection] for a period of time. It will enable him to seriously think it over and also enable her to cool her head for some time. If they are parted for a period of time, and there is no change in their feelings for each other, then, at that time, he will personally talk with Junko.

Whether to inherit the temple or not, they’ll discuss it at that time. “For you, isn’t this a very easy thing to do?” Meanwhile, Amane is standing outside the abbot’s room. His mother calls out to him and says that it turns out that he is there for he suddenly disappeared..don’t stand and eavesdrop there. Walking away, Amane asks her to pardon him for that, mother-sama. 

Tokiko tells him not to deliberately use Kyoto-ben [/dialect] in talking when he obviously can use the dialect here.. But Amane isn’t listening and just walks away. Inside the room, the abbot tells Takane that as he [Takane] said, this will bring about a dispute, and if it spread around, it won’t be good even if Junko goes there [/at the temple]. “I think it is also essential to cautiously take care of each other’s fate. Can the current you do this, Takane?” End flashback.
In the living room, Junko tries to understand Takane’s letter. He wrote ‘wait’ but wait up to when? He obviously didn’t mention anything about it when they last met. She leans on the sofa in frustration and exclaims that if he is going to some ‘training’ then he should have said so. She totally doesn’t understand this. She looks at her left hand and recalls what Satoshi told her about waiting for her.

Frowning Junko looks up the ceiling and thinks that obviously, she should feel perplexed but she doesn’t know why Satoshi looked cooler than before..why is are too cunning. “This letter.. And also, Mishima.. When I wasn’t able to settle[/calm] down, didn’t they make me waver more? Men are also too cunning. ‘Waiting’ or ‘to be waited upon’, I don’t like either one.”

At a bag store, Renji tells Masako if she isn’t finished for he is already quite hungry. “Hurry up and choose quickly so that we can go eat already. Geez-” Looking at a couple of bags, Masako tells him that he’s noisy, for the distress of not being able to choose, is also a pleasure. “Don’t disturb me. Ah-- what to do. I can use this big one in going to work-- But no matter how I look at it, this small one is quite cute--”
Renji sighs and looks out to the street. He is surprised to see Satoshi with a couple of his friends. Satoshi tries to decline his somewhat drunk friends who want to continue drinking at a third bar for his farewell party and to take advantage of Satoshi in accompanying them while he is back in Japan. Renji wonders why when he heard that he had moved abroad.

He is startled when Masako calls him over to help her in choosing as she try out-- Turning her around so she’ll face inside the store, Renji exclaims that there’s no need to choose. He tells the saleslady to please wrap all the bags from the left to right of the shelf. While Masako asks what he is doing, when she has no place to put that many...

Renji tells her that they’ll just rent a place to store them. He gives the saleslady his credit card to pay for the bags. The saleslady is all sparkles at Renji for he is a handsome rich guy. She thanks them for the business patronage. Renji asks Masako if she is satisfied with the colors.

While Renji looks back at the door to see Satoshi and his friends still passing by the store, Masako tells the saleslady to wait, to buy everything is a how about buying just those two a while ago..ah, or maybe three. Geez~ what to do. Narration: “I hate to wait and to be waited upon, so if I don’t go directly to the temple and ask them clearly about it, I would have just ‘sit and wait for death’ [<- idiom/ resigned to one’s fate].” So, flustered Junko arrives at the temple.
Episode 47: Confidences trop intimes (Intimate Strangers). In front of the temple, Junko thinks that Takane himself said that she go ask Amane so it should be okay that she came here. “Today is Sunday, and it is also early in the morning. It should be okay.” She wore her suit outfit which makes her look serious and tidy, she isn’t wear her very high heels and no nail polish.

She thinks that her impression isn’t that good, so before going inside, she should check herself first. Before, she was criticize for her wearing too casual clothes. Looking at herself in the mirror, Junko happily thinks that this time, the impression would be better. Amane calls out to her and says that she really got guts. 

Junko calls to Amane and it’s great that she saw him, is he free today? She tells him that it isn’t really urgent but it is something about Takane. [<- rather than calling him Takane, she changes it to Hoshikawa-san; and started calling Amane by his name instead of Hoshikawa-san before.] She is surprised when Amane tells her that the right for Takane to become the heir has been cancelled and right now, he isn’t at the temple. 

Amane says that if his grandmother and the others see her there, it would cause some trouble, because no matter what, his brother wants to marry her so he had a dispute with their grandmother. “You’re the main cause of this trouble. Because of you, brother would lose his standing in the temple.” In disbelief, Junko asks if he’s joking, is he deceiving her again.
Pointing his finger to his lips, Amane tells her that this isn’t the place to talk. He tells her to come inside through the east gate, for no one ought to notice her there. He says that if they go deeper and farthest from the temple, grandmother-types won’t go there. Junko asks if that farthest part is the damaged tea room. 

Amane says that it turns out that she knew, and it seems that is where she lived before he came back. He happily informs her that their grandmother won’t notice that place, and she ought to clearly know that. Junko darkly thinks that it turns out that she doesn’t have a good impression, and she couldn’t tell him that she used to be imprisoned there. 

Junko goes back to the topic by asking about what he said earlier about cancelling the right to become the heir, is it a joke, for even that elderly lady won’t say that kind of thing. Amane tells her not to be so loud, for today is Sunday and there might be a donor who came to clean the grave. Junko is shock that they are graves around them. She asks if this is a cemetery and, are those gravestones.
Amane says that if she is afraid of the cemetery, how can she become a monk’s wife? Junko says that she cannot help it because she encountered something scary when she was young. He says that if that is so, then isn’t it quite fitting that his brother won’t become a monk, and won’t she be happy about that. Junko says that is no good. He asks why.

She tells him that even if he resign from work as a monk, there are other temples.. Amane tells her that it isn’t that easy. Then, they were interrupted by Narita who tells Amane that the madam is looking for him. Upon seeing Junko, Narita offers to make some tea for her. Holding a plastic bag, Amane tells him that there’s no need for that, he plans to make the tea himself for her at the farthest tea room.

He asks Narita to tell his mother that he’ll be coming over. In the tea room, sitting in a seiza position, Junko thinks that Takane must absolutely not resign, for she herself, obviously repeatedly stressed that she doesn’t want to resign. Only him, she doesn’t want him to do that. But then, right now, it feels that that person’s attire and all sorts of aspect is the same with his style, and it felt not bad at all. [<- Seems to be referring to how Amane is dressed like Takane? She used 'that person' and 'he' so I'm not sure who she is referring to and if it is the same person. ^^;]
While preparing the tea, Amane apologizes that the stove here isn’t easy to use so he can only make a simple tea. Junko tells him that it is okay, and compared to that, about Hoshikawa-san, can he tell her where Hoshikawa-san is. While whisking the green tea in its bowl, Amane thinks that she’s noisy to death for keep on saying, ‘Hoshikawa-san’, and it’s totally different from before, does she like him that much. 

Amane tells her that Takane went to Kyoto mountain area for training and he’ll be back after three months. Junko is surprised that it will be three months. Amane says that it is because of her, Takane and their grandmother had a huge quarrel and their grandmother is furious. In the end, it alarmed the abbot so he made Takane calm down. Junko nervously asks why a training now..and for three months.

While offering the tea to her, Amane says to drink it while it’s hot. He tells her that Takane was very busy with the donors’ request for blessings that he wasn’t able to go. Basically, a monk should continuously go to training to accumulate ‘morals/virtue’ to rise up one’s rank. Junko asks if he can tell her Takane’s phone number and email.
While she drinks the tea, Amane says that during the three months, it is absolutely not allowed because it is a ‘seclusion period’ so he have to cut off all contact from the outside word. Takane will only transcribe some scriptures, read aloud the scriptures’ sutras, and those other stuff. He isn’t allowed to shave his hair nor his facial hair so his hair will grow long like weeds. 

Junko wonders if the ‘wait for me’ meant she cannot see him. Amane says that even if Takane comes back, the two of them won’t be approved. Amane tells her that he will inherit the temple, and it will be as she desired for his brother to get out of the temple, congratulations. Tense Junko mentally tells him to wait a moment, her brain couldn’t think. She asks him how can it be congratulations..

As the incense fills the air, Junko starts becoming dizzy that she couldn’t concentrate. She thinks that even if it is lucky that Takane won’t be staying at the temple but.. She starts to wonder what’s this is quite heavy. Steadying herself with her hand on the floor, Junko tells Amane that she absolutely does not want Takane to leave the temple because of her.

And if he isn’t a monk, he won’t be that arrogant person. When Junko is at her limit, she is surprised when someone says that it is alright, Junko-san. Junko thinks that it is Takane’s voice. Amane calls out to her again that Junko tries hard to differentiate but she couldn’t concentrate.
She imagines Amane as Takane asking her if she is alright. Junko hugs him and says that if he’s here, then quickly come out, stupid.. Thinking that it is Takane’s voice and scent, Junko tells him that she misses him. Patting her back, Amane asks if the voice is quite the same. He thinks that the drug is quite effective.

Holding her chin, Amane says that if she were to seduce him again like that, he’ll lay a hand on her. He tells her that from the start, he likes her looks. She stops him from kissing her by holding up her hand. He asks if it is a subconscious reaction but then, doing that will only have an opposite effect. Then, he kisses her.

Narration: “Important brother’s most beloved woman, if I steal her away, what kind of reaction will brother has?” While sitting naked, Amane greets her a good morning, and says that she also would do a lot of things to his brother. Lying on the futon, naked Junko looks at him in surprise and wonders what kind of situation is this.
Comment: I guess Satoshi is still in love with Junko after what she did to him that he is going to wait for her. I’m not sure if it’s temporary or until he finally found someone else...that he’ll keep this up. Temporary as in after Junko is married, he’ll wait for 2-3 years until they separate or divorce? I guess he is betting on Takane’s possessive personality to take a toll on Junko that she’ll leave him. ^^;

Well, since she isn’t wearing any ring yet and she has been drinking a lot, that means that there is trouble and things aren’t going smoothly with her and Takane. For now, it seems that Satoshi will also busy himself with work as he waits. He has shaken Junko upon his arrival, and it is the same with Renji.

Renji also seems insecure with Masako. I don’t think he should because Masako was only interested in Satoshi mainly because of his status, and looks which Renji has. Hehe, she can also be easily swayed with money and the things that can be bought with it. So, Junko has gotten impatient and puzzled over Takane’s letter that she went to the temple. Well, she also has to make a decision about her promotion in work soon so she cannot just wait around for Takane to contact her.

Since he will be away for three months, I don’t know if Junko should or shouldn’t take that promotion. Plus there is that what Amane did so, she might not want to have anything to do with that temple for a long time. ^^; She already has bad memories about being imprisoned by Takane, scared of the cemetery there, and now this. ^^;;

I’m still not too sure if Amane really did that to her but then, even if it is just to tricking her into thinking that way, that is too mean. It seems like a contradiction because if he wants to be the heir, there is no need to do this. Because if he did this, Junko might back out and it will make Takane remain the heir of the temple. Does he hate being a heir that much? Or does he hate his brother?

I also wonder how Takane would react because he pretty much got Amane to ‘take care’ of Junko. Maybe this is Amane’s ‘testing of Junko’ or of ‘their love’ in a twisted way? ^^; Actually, what would Junko do after this? It would seem like the brothers are playing around with her. ^^;; Just because he didn’t get his way/to punish her, Takane tried to marry her off to Amane. Now, when Takane is away, Amane did this to her.

Aside from that, Junko also hates the temple work, and there is that grandmother. Hibari is pretty much the nagging type that she would also accuse her daughter-in-law for going against her when she’s pretty much timid. In a way, Hibari doesn’t like dealing with strong personalities like Junko because they are harder to bully with.

Ironically, Hibari is pretty much arrogant and egoistic, too. So, they just clash. With all that stuff, will love still stand firm throughout it for a long time especially when they’re married? It can be very stressful living with that kind of least the grandmother and the younger brother, and in a way of life that she doesn’t like. I do understand her reasons for not wanting Takane to quit his job.

Well, not about wanting to retain his personality but rather, it will be difficult later on if they start blaming each other for their career decisions that they have given up for the other, if things aren’t going smoothly. I also understand the reason for the abbot’s ‘test’, but then, it seems that it led to more problems than what it should be resolving. ^^;;

Ah, it is indeed a dilemma to wait and not knowing up to when one should wait. It is good that Junko is taking action rather than waiting but then, I guess this is an outcome that she doesn’t expect nor want. Scans by 深雪

Quote of the day:
There is nothing wrong with waiting for someone, but you can’t wait forever. ~ Author Unknown


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