November 6, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 97]

Yona calls out to Jeha who collapsed. She tells approaching Haku about it. Using the bottom of his halberd, Haku pokes Jeha’s head and asks if he’s dead. Jeha weakly asks if he was mistaken about Haku being very violent on him. Haku denies it by saying that he’s treating him nicely. While Yona wonders if the same sickness with Kija, Haku keeps on poking Jeha’s head and asking if he’s going to die. Jeha weakly complains that Haku isn’t being lenient on him when he has a fever. On the second day, Jeha is in bed together with Kija. Kija asks if he infected him. Jeha says that it seems to be like that. Kija asks Yona to quickly leave or else, she’ll also get infected. Yun agrees with him and tells Yona not to stay there. Yona asks if she can do anything to help. Yun assures her that it is okay and he would be relieved if he knows the sickness then, he can put his all-out effort to heal them. Yona is a bit puzzled by that. K’s father got worried about them bringing some illness from Kouka. He got Kalgan [correction again by Na-chan; used to be Kilgan] to move away since he fears that the illness will spread.
So, with Jeha’s lead, they start to get out of the house. Kalgan tearfully apologizes to Yona but Yona says that it isn’t his father’s fault. While Yona bows in apology to K’s father, Yun tells everyone that they first bring the sick to the tent. Zeno helps out Jeha. Jeha tells him not to get too close to him but Zeno assures him that not to mind. While helping Kija, Shina says that there are horses and soldiers, something is happening in a faraway place. Outside the house, the people are talking about the war. Yun wonders if it is some small dispute among bigwigs. Then, someone is shouting that it is bad for Kouka has gone to war against Kai. Yona looks surprised about this. The villagers wonder why, is it because a new king ascended to the throne. Then, Yona notices that even Shina has fallen ill. At some place, Suwon tells everyone that everything is ready. Gunte tells him to leave everything to them for this land is earth tribe’s territory that was snatched from them so their morale has ignited to its peak. [<- Ah, so it belongs to earth tribe but Suwon’s father ruled it? ^^; Or they are talking about some other place of what they are going to take back?]
He calls out to Kyouga as ‘small young master’ if he’s okay since this is his first frontline battle. Irked Kyouga tells as a military person, it isn’t proven with talk but rather with one’s sword. He asks him to quit calling him ‘small young master’. Gunte laughs and says that he’s reliable, small young master. This irks Kyouga again but Judo advises him not to take Gunte seriously or it will disturb his mood [/psyche]. Gunte tells Judo that isn’t he the one who always beautifully think that what he said is true. Gunte offers to introduce Judo to some girl because he believes that Judo couldn’t calm down because there’s no girl beside him to heal him. This angers Judo. Suwon tells them that is enough and if they want healing, go raise a cat. While they are fussing about, the soldiers start to wonder if there’s no problem with these generals. Suwon then seriously tells them that it is time to depart. Dong. The gong is rung. Everyone raise their swords and got ready to attack. K’s father asks if it is coming again and it would be good if it didn’t spread to this village.
Yona listens to him saying that the king and the might ones would definitely not get hurt, the ones who are hurt and trampled are them, the weak ones. So, in order to take back that place, Kouka and Kai went to war. And Kouka’s overwhelming power gave them the victory in the end. It seems that the army of Kai has a weakened state system due to some northern ethnic group problem so they weren’t able to send enough troops to the border. Judo says that the Kai soldiers had retreated. Keishuku comments that compared to the plan, it is over half a day earlier. Thanks to that, they were able to save on army provisions. After Keishuku talked about the plan winning them a single-handed win, Suwon says that the goal is to leave an impression that Kouka is formidable. Suwon praises Kyouga for doing beautifully and it made Kyouga thank him for believing in him. Suwon says that it is nothing. Upon turning around, Suwon looks serious and thinks that the northwest defense should also be increased, then he made some agreement with some other place [千洲], and some group that is pressuring the people no longer exists [<- sorry, I’m don’t know what he is referring to but probably those foreign troublemakers in their land] so what’s left is...
Back at the village, the people are glad that the war is over. It happened nearby but in just a number of days, Kouka had an overwhelming victory. They are glad that they didn’t get involved in it. Upon hearing this news, Yona goes back to the tent and asks about the dragons. Yun says that the fever still won’t leave. Yona is sad about this but Zeno assures her that it is okay. Even if the four dragons can use mighty strength, but at the same time, their bodies easily weaken so right now, they need to recuperate a lot. Yun asks him if he is okay. Zeno tells him that his body is sturdy, which is his strong point. He also tells Yun to leave it to him to take care of the sick. Yona quickly goes into the tent and Haku joins her. She informs him that Kouka won the war. She wonders out loud if it is because of that thing with the water tribe that he sent out the soldiers. Haku tells her no, for he thinks that since the start, it is already planned to take over the place and [they] just use that water tribe thing as some righteous excuse. Grabbing back earth tribe’s territory would also strengthen Gunte’s trust, and the five tribe’s morale will surge up.
Haku says that this battle’s goal is only to expand the territory. Yona comments that he really understands [/knows] what Suwon is thinking. Haku replies that he doesn’t understand and he also doesn’t want to understand. Yona starts wondering if her father’s death didn’t happen and he approved of the war, would Haku and Suwon fight alongside each other in battle and she definitely pass the days within the royal palace without worries.. Yona says that if there is a gap that exists within Kouka because of her father, she wants to fill that gap. She is surprised when Haku tells her that there’s no need for her to assume [responsibility] for everything for she doesn’t have a reason to continue this kind of journey because of atonement. This make Yona slightly flustered. She tells him that she only wants to put her all-out effort but is it fine if only Kouka is okay? Is it or is it not, she has been thinking over this. Recalling what K’s father said earlier about the weak being trampled, she says that for the people in this place, the enemy is ‘war’ itself. Even if for Kouka, Suwon is a good king..this battle, whether it is Kouka or Kai, she won’t participate in it [/join either side]. Haku looks at her in surprise.
In the tent, Kija whines about his headache. Jeha tells him not to say it out loud for it makes it hurt more. Carrying in a huge bowl of water, Zeno asks them if they’re lively. Jeha asks if they look lively. He considers it hell to be with male patients in a tent without a cute girl visiting. Zeno offers to dress up as a girl for him but Jaeha declines. Kija says that it is embarrassing that the dragons become like this- Zeno tells him that it is because they left Hiryuu castle. Kija asks if the four dragons leave Hiryuu, they’ll get sick. Zeno says no, but Hiryuu has a very strong dragon god[?] protecting it. So basically, aside for him, the other dragons’s bodies aren’t that good [/strong] so when faced with sickness, their resistance becomes weak like that of a child. Jeha says that is why dragon villages cannot move outside the country. Zeno tells them that youngsters always get well so they shouldn’t be reckless and they’ll survive. Jeha isn’t assured with that ‘survive’ part.
Someone comments that Zeno unexpectedly really knows about dragons, did his village pass that knowledge down from generation to generation. Zeno says that it can be considered as that. Kija says that it would be good if that is also passed down in his village. Zeno tells him to sleep and puts the wet cloth on his head. Kija looks Zeno and says that he gives him a nostalgic [/cherished] feeling. Zeno asks if it is like a mother. Kija exclaims how it can be a mother. Zeno tells him to be quiet and he is referring to making him feel at ease, okay, if something is up, call him and he’ll rush to him. Kija is falling asleep when he says that Zeno as a dragon, isn’t he a long way from being strong.. [<- not too sure on this one] Smiling Zero says yes, even if he is the lowest ranking dragon, but he will absolutely protect them well. There is a gush of wind so Zeno goes out and looks at the dark skies. Scowling Zeno says that obviously the war is already over, but this atmosphere, makes him unhappy.
Comment: The war is over..that’s fast. Of course, it turns out that the dark sky isn’t referring to that one but something else. I guess it is whatever Suwon is planning to deal with..Yona and others or something else? This part could be a turning point for Yona in re-thinking of what she wants to do with her life. That journey seems like she wanted to make up to the people over her father’s philosophy which Haku told her that she doesn’t need to do. With that, she is focusing on ‘war’ as the enemy which is what the red dragon is for, iirc..for peace. It seems that she is also no longer aligning herself with any country. She and her gang would most probably be an independent group. She might think beyond Kouka but it seems that the dragons cannot go beyond their country since they are exclusive to Kouka. It seems what without the dragon god or castle protection-whatever, dragons easily get sick. I guess, if Zeno is saying the truth, it depends on what sickness they got to know what their chances of survival are. ^^; Of course, it would make sense plotwise if they don’t die here. =P Basically, this seems to be time for Yona to reassess things while the dragons are sick and the two countries are killing each other.

For Zero to say that he is the weakest dragon, maybe that is physical power-wise and there ought to be something else compensated for it like in this case. ‘strong body’ meant that? ^^; It seems that he also knows a lot than the others. Is it really just because his village passed it down to him? Kija is sensing something from Zeno so he ought to have a lot of secrets the way he seems to be evading answers. I guess if he keeps some secrets from the dragons, all the more from Yona or else, why didn’t he warn them about the danger of going out of the country? But then, they might not believe of how grave it is unless they went. ^^; Anyway, it is amusing how Haku is getting back at Jeha for that stolen hug. And, in either Yona and Suwon’s group, there are always some bickering teasing guys. =P For Suwon to suddenly be serious after talking with Kyouga, it makes me realize if they are fools to trust a guy who can easily betray his king and childhood friends. Of course, for the others, they have their own motives and reasons for cooperating. So, they must probably be cautious in a way but it is quite definite that Fire, Earth and Sky are for him. So, it makes sense that Suwon brings these guys to the battlefield with him rather than Water and Wind. Lastly, seeing Yona with that hood most of the time, it makes me think that it would be nice to see her when she no longer hides her red hair but flaunts it, as well as true identity. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
In war, truth is the first casualty. ~ Aeschylus


  1. ugghh you're right Kat, now shin-also collapses and looks like zeno is the least affected because he's the ouryuu?! that's why i really want Zeno's arc, to know what's his power, he really seems so different.. tnx for the summary, much appreciated!


    1. Maybe..the popular theory seems to be that he is the original YD so his body is kinda of 'immortal' but then, he doesn't have super powers. And he knows a lot. He was also not found in some dragon village.

      True..he is different and 'mysterious'.

      Thanks for reading, Na-chan ^-^

  2. I really wish to know more about Zeno! Such an interesting character and yet not completely explored! Makes me wonder more and more about what he's hiding haha! And thankfully, it's not like new dragons were born so these guys are losing their powers! Still, makes me wonder just how serious their illness is.
    Thanks for the new chapter! Your comments on it are also much appreciated :D

    1. I think his mystery will be told gradually in the main plot itself = possible twists later on? Indeed...I guess it might be some sickness from that area since Yun doesn't seem to know what it is. But then, the villagers or at least, K's father also didn't know what it is. ^^;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. Ahh.... Sick dragon and knowledge yellow dragon. It make me this of some certain theory. What do you think about a theory about Zeno is the first Ouryuu, Kat? Do you believe that? I kinda believe that actually. It's bother my by the way Zeno called him self by Zeno (by third person way of speaking) and acted like he way older than everyone. Remember about how he called a grandma by young lady when they selling some medicine?

    Actually, I don't really think it's about leaving Kouka. (Who are you to saying that, the author herself already said that *slapped) since If that is true, why don't they go back to Kouka ASAP? Problem solve, isn't it? Or they just don't realize it yet?

    And Zeno... I have bad feeling about him and what he said. He's too mysterious. More than Soowoon in my eyes. After all, the most cheerful person usually is the one who keep deepest secret. Now I thinking that actually Zeno already understand what is Sword and Shield that Ik-soo mentioned before and know what kind of path that Yona will choose. But, really, why is he keep it in secret? He what Yona and the other found the truth by themself or... maybe... just maybe, that actually Zeno aren't siding with Yona?

    Argghhh... Still need to wait the next episode.
    Anyway, as always Kat, otsukaresama~

    1. Ah... aahh... I make few typing mistake. Sorry sorry~~
      Actually I said that He WANT Yona and the other blablabla~

      Seriously, I so lacking in english *sob

    2. Ah, sangataa, ouryuu is? Being the god dragon or, being the first YD? ^^;; I think there is some truth since he is knowledgeable and seems to act really older than everyone is. I don't recall that part though. As for calling himself as third person..I tend to think of it as 'being cute'. ^^; In other shoujo, there are characters who talk that way for cute-effect, addressing themselves as the third person.

      Hm..possibly but it seems that traveling with 3 sick people might be hard and might aggravate the sickness. Also, there is a war going on. I'm not sure they can travel freely like before.

      Most probably, I think, he is letting them know it by themselves and let them grow type rather than spoon-feeding them and telling them everything? Or, it isn't the right time to tell them yet. Or, telling them won't really help. Hehe, lots of possibilities. Lol, more than Suwon huh...well, maybe it takes one to know one. He did find something 'different' about Suwon. So you think we'll have another betrayal?

      Thanks and don't mind ^^ It's okay ^^

    3. Zeno being the first YD. But if that true, it must be so sad to live alone TT____TT

      No wonder why Zeno look cute *slapped

      Glad you point out about that XD That is just sooooo suspicious! But I don't think it a betrayal or at least it not like Suwon betrayal. I don't think Zeno is somebody who will do something out of revenge. In my assumption, Zeno genuinely care about Yona, Hak, and his fellow dragon and will not trow them away just for achieve something but Zeno have other intention that have same goal with Yona's fellow but will take different path. It's seem like he want to protect something or want to do something that have some connection with the ancient tale. And that's must be something to do with Yona current enemy (probably), Suwon.

      In summaries, I think Zeno do care about Yona but will siding with Suwon in some point of the manga.

      Well, that is just my theory XD

    4. True..but he seems okay...still quite optimistic and everything + meeting a lot of people...ah through traveling?

      Ah, I see a different way of doing things, perhaps? Oh..siding with Suwon. If that happens, I'm curious about his reason for it. ^^

    5. I really love everyone on here commenting. I am only on chapter 52 and haven't been able to find English scans of anything higher. But reading all of your comments, spoilers, and theories REALLY makes me want to get to where you all are soon!

      Reading all of your comments, I kept thinking "Wow, sometimes I love people. I really, really do."


      Clearly everyone posting has a mind of their own. I feel stupid just sitting around waiting for more chapters. But you guys make it so much more fun by guessing!!

    6. =) Sophia B Gambatte ^^

      Hehe, is that so.

      Well, it also shows having lots of imaginations. =P

  4. Actually I think that Zeno's strong body means that he doesn't age and he can't die from illness. My theorie is that other dragons die because their human's bodies lose their strength and get weak. After thirties human's physical capabilities decline. Hence why old dragons die at a very young age, they need all their power and strength to protect the red dragon. If Zeno doesn't age, he doesn't lose his strength so there is no need to a new dragon to take his place. I really think that he is part of the first dragon that why he knows more thing than the other and gives some good advice to Yona.

    1. I see..good theory..though that means, GD will die soon? ;_; Oh well, maybe Yona figured out what she has to do with them before that happens.

      Indeed..he act older and mature at times.

  5. Thank you kat for the summary you are the best ^-^

    Well ,it seems like you were right about the dragons being sick because of the border well it's because of the castle but in the end they can't leave the country so it is the same .To me it seems like they are more loyal to the country than to the red dragon (yona) because they are supposed to be stucked to their king and here if yona want to leave they can't follow that's what i can from the castle has strong dragon protection or whatever .This make me think they will no longer leave the country in the future .
    By the way if the sword and shield end up being objects i think they may be hidden in the castle what do you think ? something like king"s arthur excalibur he was the only one who could pull it out of the stone which proved that he was the true king maybe in the castle yona will be the one to find the sword since she is the true king or maybe not ^^

    About YD i really think he is the first one ,it seems like he is well aware of how the dragons work and his character is surrounded by too much mystery and he didn't react to yona and when kija said he feels nostalgic maybe because he is the first one and the fact that he has such a keen intuition and knows how to read people it feels like he had a long life went through a lot and that's why he has such skills in reading others .

    Hak and yona it wasn't what i expected i thought it was THAT TALK but it wasn't :( i do think hak made a good point she doesn't have to pay for her dad's mistakes .If she want to fight for the country she should do it because as a princess she want to make it better not to correct what her father did wrong somehow she is like suwon in that aspect i mean i do what i do for daddy .I told you she won't join the war didn't i ??? the fact that she admit that it is unfair yet did nothing about it to me it shows like i said before that she doesn't have it in her to stand up to suwon .

    I really like hak's answer to yona i don't understand and i don't want to understand . It is during times like this that i think yona is really insensitive she knows that when she mention suwon she enter hak's land mine yet she tell him stuff like you must know what he is thinking almost as if she was envious that he does . Also she really is still an idiot if she think that suwon is doing things just like that ,claps to hak who know how suwon function that the dude is someone who calculate each of his move and always has an ulterior motive .I really like how he explained the whole thing that by taking back that land he will gain the trust of earth and rise the spirits of the tribes and all what it is about is expand territory .While yona believe that he did for the water tribe lol even at that meeting he made it seem like he had nothing to do with attacking kai and the dude planned the whole thing so as to invade .

    About yona so just what will she do now ? no idea but i doubt she can stay neutral because i think the war will reach that village and since she mentioned that the ones who are suffering are those who are like baby hak's village maybe she will indeed help them so as they can become neutral nor with kai neither with kouka

    1. the interaction with the dragons are funny as usual ^^ same thing with sky and earth who always make fun of him because he is single ^^ i feel sorry for fire who is trying his best to look good in front of a worthless bastard .About suwon i'm pretty sure he is aiming for baby's hak village it has to be but they will be in troubles with sick dragons ,yona who can't fight YD who only has a strong body since it is hinted that he is more of the defensive than the offensive type . So only hak left to fight and i really believe that he is the strongest but if he has to fight generals +soldiers and worry for the sick and the weak i doubt he will do well so what will happen now ? will hak get injured near death ? will yona or YD power up ?

      by the way i think the land they are speaking of is the one they made a treaty with during the fire tribe arc and about yona i really find it kind of sad that she still believe in suwon being innocent but thank you hak for laying down the truth ^^

    2. Thanks for reading, sofia ^-^

      Indeed..unless there is some sort of remedy for that. Maybe, like what you mention about the sword and shield being objects within the palace. If they got that out and that was the dragon god protection whatever then, they can go wherever they please ^^ That is somewhat what I was thinking know, she gets the sword and powers up. I'm not sure if that would be cool = instant power up and we no longer have to see her practicing, or lame since she didn't work for it.

      That's right. It seems like since he is more knowledgeable and mature so he probably also learned to feel the 'mood' of people. I also think that way when Kija felt that nostalgic feeling from him.

      True..well, I guess she is feeling guilty in a way over how the country suffered because of her father. Ya..though for Yona, it seems to be more on guilt. Yup..and well, the war is over when she said that. ^^;; Is that so..actually at their current state, they are in no position to join the war, too.

      I like that is like, 'I don't care about Suwon'. Well, she is clueless which usually borders to insensitive. ^^; That's a good point. Didn't think of that, I thought of it as, 'wow you're amazing, you figured out what Suwon thinking. ^^; Of course for Haku, that isn't a compliment. ^^;; That's right..Yona is still lacking that and it made me think, how can she rule a country at this rate. Again, she didn't have training for it whereas Haku did. I'm imagining it as studying politics, strategies and stuff whereas Yona spend her life --ah, dressing up and being pretty? In a way, yes, it didn't seem to have sink in to her about Suwon's ulterior motives, double-faced etc. Sigh.

      Cannot say..if it does go to the village, well, it depends what goes to the village. ^^; The war is supposedly over so, they'll probably take over the place. I'm not sure how they will do things here. In other stories, they just send soldiers and new rulers..and some, take everything and raze the rest to the ground. If they are going to do something bad to the village, Yona will most probably do something. If they go neutral, Yona would make that place her base but then, apparently, it won't work since the dragons cannot function that far away from Kouka.

      Indeed, the interactions are quite fun ^^ Suwon mentioning about the cat makes me think that he isn't a 'manly man'. ^^;; Ya..poor guy. He seems like Yona is/was. Ah..I rather not have Haku injured near death so I'll probably opt for a power up of the other two. Not sure if it is a bit of an advantage that if they go there immediately, they are also tired from the war for some days..probably except for Suwon and the adviser so Haku might easily defeat a huge number of them.

      Thanks for the hint ^^ Yes, after checking it, it is indeed the one with the fire tribe before.

      Ya...she's still a bit naive. I almost hope that Haku would give her some sort of history/politics lessons aside from fighting lessons.

    3. Yeah maybe if they are tools and not people and those objects do carry the protection of dragon gods or whatever they can go whenever they want to go but i have a feeling they are people . To me it will super lame if she gets a instant power up i hate that kind of thing .

      Also did you notice that he never call yona and gang with their names .Yona is miss hak is big brother . yun is kid he call the dragons Blue white and green dragon . It's another hint that he doesn't belong with them since he is the first so his king and fellow dragons are already dead . If it turns out that he is the current dragon than it makes no sense because it doesn't feel like he share a deep bond with yona and gang unlike the other dragons . I re -read your comment at the end of the summary and you made a good point why didn't he tell them they will get sick at least warn them thus if they got sick they will know why .It feels like he isn't trusting them or is he testing them if he is among the first dragon to see if they are worthy of being dragons ? I'm very curious about him .

      Actually i think that 's one of the main reasons why she isn't fit to be king because she doesn't have a leader mentality i believe if she wanted to change the country because she had a certain awarness as the princess of the kingdom that someone of her rank should show the way it would've been different she would think of long term solutions like suwon but since she is doing out of guilt for what her dad did she is trying to help everyone .

      Yup his "don't know don't care" attitude about suwon is really cool sadly for yona it is the sakura attitude no matter what i will always care .Ya , here i thought after his breakdown she would take a hint and not mention suwon in front of hak yet here she is again insensitive and dense that's what she is .It isn't only a matter of training i thought after all she went through she would no longer be naive i thought after she heard from suwon that it was all planned she would take a clue that he is the type of dude who is ruthless and manipulative and always has an ulterior motive nothing happen out of the blue with him it is always planned but no she think it is to take revenge for water tribe but thank god for hak who is here to remind her of reality . Yeah he had training in all of that but unlike yona he faces reality that's the difference if you don't have that i don't think having knowledge in politics and military will matter;

      the next chapter is called 【暁のヨナ】「逃げろ」Run so i think we will see soldiers arrive at baby hak's village .So maybe since they dragons are injured they will have to make a run for it to avoid the soldiers what do you think ? Ya it will be cool if it their base but like you said the dragons can't function there unless the problem gets fixed .

      Lol yup he isn't even his looks are quite girly . Ya he IS like yona and you did make a good point in your comment when you said how can they trust suwon because even though yona's dad worthless he still betrayed the king i understand why sky is doing it because they are in league with him from the start .Fire i don't understand why i mean he used his dad and then got rid of him ,earth because suwon gave him what he wanted war and take back the lands but at the end of the day suwon is a guy who make use of others and throw them away when he is done and thus he really can't be trusted .

      Neither do i love the dude , you did make a good point but like i said if he was alone he would take on the army easily we saw throughout the manga that his skills with a spear are terrific but now he has the whole group not just yona to look for and YD is just a shiled not a a spear so what can he do ? But i do hope he kick ass and give hell to suwon and his generals .

      You are welcome ^^

      She needs a slap to wake her up not lessons

    4. Hmm..good point on YD. Well, it can be viewed as not part of them or he is just bad at names =P Or rather, probably didn't bother since they'll probably be dead anyway, later on..that is if he is indeed immortal. In a way, that might be a reason for not being 'attached' to them. Hm...I'm not sure if he is testing them if they are worthy being dragons because being dragons is born with like that..not exactly earned or worked hard for. It isn't like they want to be dragons either.

      True..and in a way, she doesn't seem to have that ambition to be king. Hehe, in a way, it is kind of a contradiction, don't you think? She can help more people if she is in a higher position but then, she isn't exactly fit for it. So in a way, don't you think she is more or less fine this way..going around helping people? Or at least, do it in a different way rather than being the leader of a country. At most, I think she can be the leader of a small group like she is now.

      Ya..again, I don't fault her for it because she can be a bit 'short-sighted' on things since she didn't think that 'far' and can only know based on what she currently knows or what had happened. Aside from that, I think there is that self-blame thing going on for her. It is like, was it our fault that we helped the water tribe that this war is happening. It makes me think that maybe Haku told her that because she starts to believe that everything bad that happens is because of her.

      Not sure if it would be useless for her to have an education on politics and stuff to at least minimize the 'naivete'. If she knows history, she would at least know how kings work and their real motives. Politics on how to deal with people with a smile and then, 'stab them on the back' later Anyway, when they were talking about the war and the history of the village, Yona looks like 'wow, is that how it is' instead of knowing such things like Haku. In a way, it does seem that she is kept naive. ^^; But I agree, she seems to still cling on the positive image of Suwon..or at least, she must have limited his 'badness' to killing her father. Well, Suwon did help out in some of the other stuff they least, the water tribe thing.

    5. Possible..or it is the villagers who have to run. I'm actually not sure how they can run. Can Haku carrry 3 sick people and make a girl, a boy and a kid run fast for soldiers in horses to not catch up with them?

      Yes, Fire's dad helped Suwon then iirc, betrayed Suwon so that he can be king. After rip, it seems like Fire owed Suwon big time for not punishing his family or at least, replacing them from being the head of the tribe. Also, there is that honor thing since his father betrayed the king..ah, makes you think that he doesn't know Suwon killed Yona's father, right? He probably doesn't since what seems to circulate around is Haku killed the king. Was that the rumor - in the water tribe, it seems to be limited to kidnapping and taking Yona away/killing her? Anyway, honor thing to regain the honor and clean their name that they are still loyal to the king. He also seems to be clueless to the stuff that his father is doing = he is indeed totally clueless of Suwon's real side and what happened before. So, for Fire, it seems like Suwon is some benevolent nice king who gave them a second chance. Hence, he is grateful that he didn't kill them all off for that betrayal.

      Earth, Suwon made him look good in front of his people and helped the economy by showing off those stones during their bowl on the head match. When Yona and others arrive there, it was mentioned that the tribe hit it big with the mining stuff. Of course, he also get his war and some lands so... It seems that he also tends to 'look up' to strong guys like Suwon's father and Earth is really impressed with Suwon. I'm not too sure though how much he trusts Suwon. is always amazing to see Haku fight ^^

      Lol, I think a slap will not wake her up. I mean..seeing your father killed by that guy you love..would you still think of the guy positively..or think of his worst? That is like a slap on the face..figuratively. In a way, I wonder if Yona just have trouble dealing with two-faced people. It is easy to deal with pure good guys and pure bad guys..but if it is on the grey area...can be good and makes it harder.

    6. yeah no matter how strong he is he can't handle that much and add to what you have mentioned him watching their backs if they cross path with soldiers . but again the titles have always something to do with the main characters so i don't know and truth to be told i really don't know how they can get themselves out of this mess . My only guess is that YD will reveal a way to overcome their sickness so they can get out ,or he will show great powers and help hak .I don't expect much from yona since whenever suwon is involved i mean throughout the series the only times yona was shown to be truly shaken is when suwon is involved so i won't hold my breath with her .So the only one left is hak and maybe YD .

      But at the end of the day suwon got a taste of his own medcine right ? i mean he is a traitor and back stabber and thus he himself got betrayed and i do hope his karma will come and get him^^ so to make it short he is getting fooled like most people and i bet you even if they all knew about it they wouldn't mind since he is such an "amazing" king . Yeah i think those who know are the sky tribe and the former head of the fire tribe . Ya i really feel sorry for him trying so hard to please a two faced bastard .For me suwon is a capable king but a worthless human being .

      Ya earth is a simple guy he love strong dudes that's why he likes hak and ya he is now fully on suwon's side for all the reasons you stated .I think he trust him and like i said before even if he learned about the truth now it wouldn't change anything plus if it were me i would choose suwon over yona as king . Wind will side with hak anytime even if they have to go to war against the whole kingdom .

      Ya he really is very shouen-like personality and combat wise .

      Ya he should beat her within an inch of her life maybe it would beat some sense into her . Ya i know if seeing her dad get killed didn't change her feelings toward suwon nothing will and that's pretty pathetic .I so hope she would face reality .I think it is only limited to suwon .

    7. By the way kat you said she was the leader of the group it is a shame but that's somehow the truth i mean the only reason they get along with whatever she says is because the dragons can't help it ,hak consider himself to be her servant ,and yun follow her because he think she is amazing but if you think about she is by no means a leader if their group had a leader it should either be hak for his military and political knowledge plus the fact that he is mature or GD because he has wisedom and is mature .Yun is also capable but he is too emo and hak actually has experience as a leader

    8. Possible..though it might make YD look bad like, 'you know how to overcome their sickness, why didn't you tell us earlier so that we won't be sitting ducks here.' among other things. Ah, okay.

      Ya but then, it failed. In a way, royal life is like that...Iru supposedly did that to his brother, son gets revenge, underling tries to pull that on him. So as I've also said, Yona doesn't seem to suit that kind of 'world' for now..which as you've mentioned, still thinking of Suwon that way. In politics, long term bonds doesn't really matter if one's interests become top priorities.

      In a way, I think Suwon is also kind of Yona on how he thinks of Haku. I'm just thinking that he just stood there in shock-whatever when Haku snapped. Is he like never imagined that Haku would react that way after what he did? Does he think that he would be like Yona who couldn't kill him? ^^;

      Hehe, reality-wise, I don't think beating up stupid/clueless would bring any sense. ^^; Even if you would prefer they do not talk about it since it is Haku's landmine, I would really want them to talk about Suwon. Even if it might hurt Haku, but at least, confront her on what she currently thinks of Suwon and what does she plan to do with him. All this while, it seems that they are just avoiding it and beating around the bush. That way, maybe they can move on or something.

      Yup, I know but nevertheless, for whatever reason it is, she is still their 'leader'. =P She makes the decisions on what to do and they follow. And when I said 'leader', of course, I didn't say 'qualified leader' if you base it on those criteria.

    9. Yeah it does but i just got that feeling that he isn't telling them all he knows and i have a feeling he knows about the sword and shield .I don't know if i explained but when i said test them to see if they are worthy of being dragons ,i don't mean in a sense where if they aren't he will take the power away but he won't help them using his strength and knowledge because i don't see any other reason why he isn't helping them with all his might i thought maybe yona isn't the king but we know that she is based on the other dragons reaction and then there is his reaction to suwon so no idea

      Exactly her treatement of suwon in my opinion speak volume on what kind of queen she would be somehow a little bit better than her dad .Suwon is ruthless and won't hesitate to take down those who stand in his way even if they are his best friends again remember AOT

      I think he was shocked to see him react that way maybe because yona was okay with him he thought hak would be as well .He never thought that hak would have such huge hatred and intent to kill toward him .Next time they meet i think suwon would react lol he wil "kill" him lol as if he could but i could see a fight with hak beating the living hell out of him .
      You know when i saw suwon being shocked at hak going crazy on him i thought to myself what did you think he would tell you something like "what's up buddy been a long time let's hit the bar and talk about the old times " really for a smart dude what did he expect ?

      I know and i don't believe that violence solve anything but sometimes when you encounter idiot like that in reality or in fiction a good beating may do them good .You got me wrong kat i don't want yona to mention suwon if it is to tell hak "you understand suwon" with a certain envy in her voice or stuff like that but i truly want them to talk about suwon about their feelings toward him that i want to happen .But if it is to say you understand suwon i saw suwon's hak just no please that just hurt hak and it would make it harder for him to believe that yona starting to like him as a man and at the end of the day their relationship won't grow .

    10. In short, he is 'mysterious' and may/may not be keeping things from them for whatever reason. ^^ = we have to wait for more chapters on him. I see..more like not spoon feeding them = let them know on their own if they couldn't, give them hints? So that they'll grow and not be too pampered/dependent on him. Is it something like that?

      That's right..and as they say, it can be quite lonely on top = cannot trust anyone.

      Ya..I'm quite curious how it will turn out if they meet again next time. What is better, 'want to kill you out of hatred' or 'don't care about you'. ^^; They say apathy is much worst. Ya..well, he probably thinks that everyone would think that what he did is 'okay' since he basically got away with it.

      Ya, I know the urge of wanting to do that. Still..I tend to reserve it to 'hateful' people rather than on 'dumb' people. =P Still..ah, it seems futile.

      Ah, I see. Basically, talk about Suwon for progress and not just to beat around the bush about it = usually Haku ending up hurt since she is clueless about it.

    11. Ya we don't have enough material to guess who he is truly .Ya something like if you guys are dragons and want to save the country then prove it .

      It is but suwon knew what he was doing and it's consequences and he still did it .

      Ya some believe that hate is the opposit of love but it isn't both are strong feelings ,the opposite of love is apathy when you ignore and don't care about the person .I like the fact that he keep his i don't care attiude with yona but with suwon i hope he drag him down his high horses and give him a taste of hell and if he could do the same to the adviser as a bonus that would be terrific because i feel like if he ignore suwon when he see him the latter may believe that hak is okay with him and that i don't want to . I just want suwon to be on a losing end for once everytime he come out on top and i hate it .

      Ya someone times when deadling with certain people you think to yourself whatever i do is futile since they are just a lost cause .

      Ya ,everytime suwon is brought up it is by yona who seems to yearn/regret those old times and you get that she will never view him as evil .

    12. Kat i forgot to mention something ,during this chapter yona said something along the lines "if my dad was okay with wars then things would've been different" then we see a pic of her dad dead body .Just stop a minute and think about it instead of saying if suwon didn't kill my dad then you and him would've worked together to improve the country ,what she is saying to me at least that how i understand it my dad didn't improve of wars and led the country to waste so him getting killed was what he deserved it is like unlike hak who blame suwon yona can't bring herself to do it and it is like what the hell that man was your dad and you are trying to justify his murder as something which was meant to happen !!!!! and you know after what happened with hak when he broke down i really felt like she would come to term with what suwon did and move on but it seems like she didn't progress at all she is still attached to suwon and i'm truly getting tired i mean her so called courage and greatness to me were never there to begin with but at least she developed well but she is still the same as she was during chapter 20 and we will soon reach chapter 100 .You know there are things i look forward to in this manga like hak but the main heroine isn't one of them .

    13. Good point..Another way to view that is it seems more like she doesn't approve of what her father is doing..after being aware of it = she is clueless before. She also mentioned this to Lili, to be with her father even if they don't understand their thoughts/ I'm assuming that Yona disapprove of her father's 'no fighting' because of how it made their country into a 'wimp'. In a way, I think she is more on 'defensive stance'. You attack us, and we fight instead of you attack us, we give you what you want. Suwon would be we attack you first before we let you attack us.

      It can be interpreted that way. From that view, it seems more like her father is easier to convince than Suwon. It is easier to convince her father to fight, etc, rather than make Suwon accept the kingdom as it was. Not only Suwon but the rest of the country which I think, is what she believes is Suwon's reason for killing her father. I forgot to whom Suwon mentioned that it is partly because of his father. ^^; In a way, she does seem to realize that it was inevitable..or as you mentioned it, deserve it, since the king is no longer attuned to the rich people/nobles, soldiers and most of the generals/heads on where the country is headed/like how things are running. Ironically, they are the closest to the king and so, can easily dispose of him if they want.

      Well, if that is true, it is no wonder she isn't for revenge at all. She understands the reasoning..and too bad, it got her father killed? And, we were talking about 'being coldhearted to be a ruler', does that count as being cold-hearted? I agree though, it looks like she favors Suwon more than her father. Does it mean that she spent most time going gaga over Suwon throughout those years than have a 'good relationship' with her father? So, she has more 'bonds' with him? It seems that way to me that she kept that hairpin, and other reasons you mentioned before.

      Hehe, I see.

    14. Yeah i get that when she learned of the state of the country she knew that her father's way were wrong .But this convincing thing i don't think she ever thought of that in fact to me it seems like she her thoughts her vision of the world is very limited .Ya just like with the war with kai she thought he did it for water tribe while in fact he wanted to get his father's land back and win over earth and the other tribes . It's truly sickening that despite the facts she still refuses to face reality about suwon so just because he is a good king everything he does is okay ?
      Do you think can it is normal to say something my dad was a bad king so he got what's coming to him suwon did good by doing that so i can't hate him!!!!Because all what she is doing is basically that saying that she doesn't care about her dad's death and won't hold any grudge against him .

      I'm not saying she should go sasuke on him no hell no .does she really understand ?If she truly did she would now that suwon is a bastard and when her journey ends she gotta go back and settle it with him that he also has to pay his debts and above all she won't act all buddy buddy with him like what happened in water tribe arc and of course she won't make puppy /envious eyes to hak saying how he understand suwon to hell with that

      Ya that's what it seems like she spent 16 years going gaga over suwon and only suwon that's why she never noticed what was going on in the country and hak's feelings as well as her dad's feelings .

      Also i wanted to add one last thing no matter how badass yona become she may become a sword master but i will still hate her because if her skills develop and her mind and feelings don't then that's by no mean character developement .

    15. Hm..cannot say. Her vision of the world is isn't that partly the reason why she didn't think beyond the water tribe thing as the reason for the war? I think she accepted reality that for Kouka, Suwon is a 'good' king because that is what most of them wanted = to conquer lands that was used to be theirs. Of course, the masses aren't included there..we already mentioned that they don't really care who the king is, they just want to have 'productive peaceful lives'. For her to not join the war, I thought that was disapproving of what Suwon is doing..but not to the extent of opposing him.

      Of course, that's not normal so I'm thinking there should be more reasons for it. So, I mentioned, maybe there were bonds stuff and Suwon is heavier than her own father..a sad reality. ^^;

      Ah, at her state, she cannot personally do that because that will be suicide. Unless you mean, Haku and the dragons doing it for her. And then..what? It would be nice to think that Haku would be the king and stuff..end of story ^^ Of course, the lead here is Yona.

      I'm just thinking that say, they killed off Suwon and become the rulers..what do they plan for the country? Which stance would they take? Of course, not Suwon's, but then, if it is the former king, what happened might repeat itself since that isn't what the 'country'/people in power except for Haku and Yona wanted. So, it gets complicated and this series isn't exactly that kind of story. ^^;

      True..and it cannot be easily changed, for her, I guess, her view of Suwon. Well, she never noticed since she was pampered and spoiled. In a way, usually a bad thing happens is the time when people 'open their eyes' to the truth.

      Honestly though, as I told you, seeing someone killed one's father, that would naturally make one a 'bad guy' no matter how you cut it. There are so many ways to do it except killing but Suwon did that so it pretty much mean, he doesn't care for Yona and others...even if he makes some sad eyes about it. And, the guy he killed is supposedly against arms and a weakling.

      Lol, is that so..well, not sure if this series is going for character development..but how you described her here, reminds me of most of the characters in Naruto ^^;;

    16. Ya and not only that how she think feeding each person she meet will make things better and it will but for how long ? a month ? and then what ? But what about suwon as a person if she accepted reality then why is she still holding on into that freaking hairpin !!!! If next chapter they attack the village and she help them out then i would consider that she disapprove of the war otherwise it will mean that she doesn't have the guts to stand up to suwon .

      The hell with the bonds i mean for god's sake it was made clear that the guy was pretending to be someone's else it also clear that he was smiling for her he was waiting for the day to kill her dad and yet she still "love" doesn't this remind you of sakura and OMG that's no a good sign at all .

      I know that and i don't mean to go kill suwon and take over because that will create more chaos but do something at the end go face those who chased you away because to me all she is doing right now is runing away she is even hiding her hair what the hell !!!!

      I know that but now she is no longer the princess she was once at least that's how other see her and how the author try to portray her but to me she is the same a tiny bit less annoying ,so the fact that she refuses to face reality about suwon is mainly what makes me hate her .

      Amen to that kat ^-^ hak seem to get it and yona maybe she does but she refuses to accept/face it and it is like get over it girl hak also loved him i think even more then she did wanted to become capable general for him but he accepted the truth even though hurt him (remember the tears) but she make it seem like it is only about herself .

      I really dislike her whenever suwon is involved because she seems so very pathetic .

    17. Ah..nothing..she is still looking for her purpose, I guess. But the feeding thing is limited to the fire village, right? Until they got that crop that grows everywhere so they can leave that village on their own. I think it is more of a Robin Hood thing for now. The traveling..after reading an article about a family stopping their children from schooling but travel a few years instead to learn more things than in school..maybe that is what Yona is doing? Travel to learn more about the world?

      Wishful thinking = she is holding to that hairpin so that she can give it back to him :P Geez..I kept imagining her stabbing him with it. ^^;; Okay..let's base it on she will react if the village is attacked.

      Yes, it reminds me of Sakura..but it doesn't seem to be in that level yet..she didn't stop Haku from wanting to rip him into shreds. She didn't keep on saying stuff about..whatever Sakura tells Suwon. So, I don't think it is a hopeless case..yet?

      Hehe..well, in this case, it seems logical to be 'running away' because she isn't strong yet. But I think I know what you is more on doing things to make that as an end goal, right? But now, she is just traveling and helping people around. I do hope that later on, she won't do that anymore..hiding herself...etc.

      I see..well, it does seem to be a major flaw on Yona. I do is hard to see her thinking of Suwon, hairpin, etc and Haku is there...probably wondering what she sees in Suwon until now. Strangely enough, he is too kind not to scold her like how you are..that this is the guy who killed her father, etc. Oh well, maybe because of that master-servant relationship. Anyway, I'll gauge things later on..since it is already hinted to her about her feelings for Haku..the dragons know what Suwon looks like, etc...unfortunately, they're sick...I'm just hoping for the best. ^^;

    18. Yeah i get that she is an asian robin hood since she feed those who are hungry and when she find a villain in a town she kicks him out (the dragons and hak do) but she takes credits for it anyway , She doesn't have that type of thinking " i will travel to learn more the world and understand it better" it is more like i will go around around trying to fix what my dad did you know let's compare kouka to a person who has cancer it is dying yona is doctor A what she is trying to do is make the person feel better by giving it drugs but after a little bit the effects will wear out and the person will still die suwon on the other hand is doctor B who decide to perform surgery because what he want is to save the life of the sick patient and erase the cancer .Now if you had cancer it is pretty obvious which doctor you will pick .

      Nah that's not a wishful thinking you are in denial that would be cool but nope she is holding into it because she cares .

      That's true even she is in sakura 's category of stupid fangirls ,sakura is on a league of her own when it comes to being dumb and pathetic .

      Yup ,you know if she was hiding and going on her journey to see the world and become stronger to go back to the capital at the end then it would be great but now right she is just in the wind wherever there is troubles she goes and it is like this is it ? this manga is supposed to be about an epic journey right ? and it is so far from .Because if she doesn't face suwon and co she will have to hide all her life and for her it 's seems okay .It is like she just want to be strong and this is it ,hak on the other hand he swore that one day he would return her to the castle and that's great .

      Ya and one would think after his breakdown things would move forward but we are back at square one and all you can do is facepalm . Exactly ,i know that hak is her "servant" which pisses me off because a guy of his caliber being the "servant" of a girl like her is like WTH but i hoped GD would point this out since he isn't naive like WD or BD . I just recalled a quote from an amazing and outstanding woman called kyouko mogami it said" if forgive me was enough there will be no need for hell" sadly yona is so far from having this kind of mentality . I don't care about her "feelings " for hak since she still has her suwon moments which seems to be bigger than her hak's moments

      I feel a great deal of frustration with AnY because i feel like the author is wasting great material

    19. Ah, we already talked about talking credit thing..of course, it is the 'leader' who takes credit for everything even if s/he doesn't do much. Hehe..of course, doing surgery doesn't exactly result to curing the cancer. Also, the drugs are meant to be taken throughout life so the effect doesn't wear out. =P Maybe she is still feeling out which drugs would be permanently effective for the patient without resorting to surgery.

      You know, I just realized something. Doesn't it seem that Suwon is taking favoritism with the heads? Sky is already his. It seems like he is using the ones who can easily be manipulated and helping them out in some way like the Earth and Fire. Of course, Fire is somewhat thanks to his father doing that revolt thing.

      I just thought, he would rather go to war first and who cares about the drug addicts in water tribe or help Earth first. Maybe it is strike while he has an excuse to invade..but still.. I guess it is for the story that water tribe is dealt with last compared to earth in making them rich first with the mines. If I recall correctly, the Wind doesn't seem to have too much resources but he obviously don't care about them either. It makes me think that Suwon isn't exactly for the whole country, it is just for his own allies and own goals. Then, putting in the same question with Yona, after he conquered the lands that he wanted, then what? Improve the tribes that he likes and who cares about the ones he doesn't like?

      Nah..not denial..just wishful thinking. I'm just thinking of some other series but thinking of it now, this is shoujo so that kind of thing is really unlikely to happen. But then, even if this is shoujo, this doesn't exactly go the same way with the usual since usually, the lead girl won't stain their hands with blood. So, slightly basing on that among other things for the wishful thinking. Well, I will abandon it if she kept on viewing the hairpin that way.

      You know..I just read that there are actually Sakura x Sasuke fans. Are there a lot from what you read in other forums/places? Even if we don't agree with them but there are actually people who like those kind of couples. I was in disbelief before when some people are rooting for Shou after what he did with Kyouko.

      Well, I was also expecting that epic journey then after everything becoming queen. As you mentioned, it isn't exactly going that way ever since she got all the dragons. ^^; It seems that things got sidetracked or the mangaka wants to focus more on 'introducing' the other tribes to the readers before getting something started. All of the tribes are 'introduced' so, time for war with outside country. So, I think it is in this part wherein something substantial should happen...and maybe that sword and shield thing will make an appearance. Maybe Yona will finally decide on what she wants to do, etc, etc. In short, I'm hoping this arc will show some important progress before I dismiss this series as something like VK = lots of potential but it turns out to be a dud.

    20. True...though it is common to have the servant is way too strong and the boss is a weakling. is because of that so strong servants are needed or else, there's no need for a servant. And, I've already told you of my wishful thinking of a power couple..would want that but currently..ya, it is a wishful thinking...dream in the clouds... Anyway, except for that Suwon thing, I think Yona is not bad at all compared to other shoujo fantasy-type female characters.

      Ah..what would you want GD to point out? That he shouldn't serve a weakling master? The thing is, it seems that it is already ingrained on Haku that he is a 'servant' of Yona. She was even worse before and he is already babysitting her so I do not think that even if GD pointed that out, Haku will give it up. If you mean it is about Suwon, I would indeed want someone to tell her.

      True..if you based it on that, Kyouko couldn't forgive someone who used her like tissue and throw it away..what more of someone murdering one's own father. That is what makes this somewhat 'unrealistic' in terms of what a person should feel after that..regardless if that person is one's childhood crush-whatever.

    21. You are very positive person aren't you ^^

      You made a very good point kat i don't think it because he doesn't care or favor a tribe over another i think it is like you said he favor the tribes who can be manipulated and are useful to his goals .Earth is easy because he likes strength and suwon showed his "strength" and gave him war and as a bonus he made his land rich .Sky is his like you said .Fire he easily won him over because he used his guilt and "to clean the name of my clan" thing .On the other hand both wind and water were left to defend .I think it is because both can't be easily manipulated he knows that he will never win wind over and water even though he seems like useless he is no fool .So yeah good point he took his pawns with him and left the wild and wise ones behind .No idea he said to yona i can't die yet so maybe after he is done and the peace is restored he will welcome hak's fists and blade with open arms maybe ...

      Like i said you are very positive person :) well for me i would rather don't have my hopes up at least if it turn bad i wouldn't be shocked and if it turn good i will be happy .

      Ya but those are very few i think at least among english speaking fans .Well the comments i read are mostly jokes that the real couple is sasuke and naruto (which i do believe is the case) and that sakura is crazy for loving him despite all what he did to her ,long story short it is like all what i have been saying ^^ i can root for shou and kyouko but for sakura and sasuke or suwon and yona even if my brains get damaged i won't do it .

      Well we are almost at 100 chapters and i doubt the series will be as long as SB so i think we won't get this epic journey that was forshadowed at the beginning .What i hope will happen in this arc is zeno 's identity will be revealed if he is indeed the orginal YD and i think that he knows what the sword and shiled are and he knows all what there is to know .

      I'm not saying this based on her skills but more on her mentality .A man of hak's skills should've gone with suwon since i'm sure he skills would be used to the fullest and hak would become an outstanding general . I hate both suwon and yona but i would pick suwon over her . You know for me the only thing that i like about her is that she tries to do something herself otherwise she is pretty much a cliché shoujo heroine .

      Not that i want him to point out to yona to watch out for hak's feelings that's all .Yup and that's why the only love in this manga for me is hak for yona ,i mean the dragons love her because their blood said so ,yun because he is a fanboy ,yona love suwon because he thought he was sweet prince and was there when her mother died but since she knew nothing of his true colours and is a naive girl i see it as crush rather than love .Hak on the other hand he knew yona as a spoiled and selfish princess and loved her even knowing that she has suwon in her heart and still does he stood by her and is willing to die for her anytime his loyalty is really WOW to me out of all the character he is the most loyal because even if he is hurt he continue to protect her .

    22. Lol..well, it depends ^^

      Maybe..though is it really for peace or like what Haku said, just out to get some territory?

      Hehe..well, my hopes aren't that up. I won't be shocked if it won't happen but I'll be happy if it does. Neither if it turned out really bad...I would say, ah, sofia is right.. ^^

      Hehe, is that so. For me, I cannot root for any of those guys. ^^;;

      Yup..hopefully, reveal something or major plot progress.

      Ah, I see. Putting it that way, don't you think Suwon is dumb to kill her father. ^^; Perhaps it is for the story but if it isn't I think it is dumb since he just made the most powerful guy in the country his enemy. Since he's suppose to be clever, he can do so many other things to achieve his goal especially if he knows that Yona is gaga over him. Maybe he just want to personally kill the king?

      I agree...ah, you just make me think of some other shoujo wherein a 'other guy' does all that but unfortunately, the girl doesn't like him so..sorry. Ugh. Here, there is a bit of hope even if well, Yona deserve him....yet? =P Even so, whether deserving or not, the girl is always the 'prize' so...

    23. You know i don't think suwon wants peace i think he want kouka to be this powerful country which dominate all the other kingdoms he wants to prove that they are superior that he is but i do think that everybody being happy and having what to eat isn't his main goal unlike yona who only wish to do that .

      Me either but i can't shou seriously so i could picture him with kyouko as a joke since this is what he is to me but the other two oh HELL NO

      Yup because up until now nothing really big happened right ?

      Ya ,it was indeed a bad move from him ,what did he think that hak won't be able to take him down and that's beyond stupid or did he thought hak would never harm him ? even more stupid he thought he was the only one who be ruthless and harm his childhood friends ? ya he did want to do it himself the adviser said it was his long cherished wish to kill the king

      That's true and i really believe that he is too good for her mainly because she has this guy who is always loyal and is honest always there to support her and make her stronger always ready to die for her and what's the girl doing thinking about the guy who killed her father and was gonna kill her if it weren't for loyal guy so i find it really hard to like her or support her being with hak but i gotta give her credit for two thing number one she didn't stop hak when he wanted to duke suwon in a pool of blood number two she want to do something herself and that's it

    24. Sorry i mean dunk suwon into a pool of blood ^^ NOT duke

    25. Yup..and amusingly, I guess people do not think of him as that, except for those who realized who he really is or they are smart enough to know he isn't what he seems, because he doesn't look like the type who wants to be superior. Looks like a herbivore. =P

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but does it seem like Suwon kind of feels 'guilty' for doing that deed more for losing Haku than Yona? Somehow I feel that he doesn't quite care about Yona..unless it is because he and Haku tend to hang out more than Yona with them since she is really childish before..ah, she is younger than the two, right?

      Yup..nothing big especially in terms of resolving the Suwon issue.

      I it is an 'emotional' thing for him.


    26. By the seems that there is a spoiler pic that is already out in baidu.Don't know why it is 99 ^^;; Typo?

    27. seems that my chapter numbering is all wrong ^^;;

      They've skipped chapter 95 ^^;; Seems to be a typo from the magazine.

      Hehe, have to edit the chapter numbers to copy the magazine. ^^;;;

    28. hahaha yeah he is carnivore who looks like a herbivore ^^

      Nope he didn't shown any guilt which is way the fact that yona is still into him makes even more angry .He showed puppy eyes maybe it is his regret ??? Ya they did spend more time together since they are both boys of the same age and yona is younger and childlish and i also believe that he has a stronger bond with hak from what he have seen in the flashback when they were kids and when hak tried to break his neck he was quite shock so it is like a naruto and sasuke thing maybe ?

      and in terms of the prophecy they found the dragons and this is it .

      hehe i was gonna send you the same pic ^^ that's look nice but i don't want ti get ahead of myself so i will wait for the full scans

      you did make a mistake but i thought you were aware of it and it was okay .

    29. Ya..maybe..something like that but of course, thankfully, Haku isn't like Naruto. But then, that role seems to be Yona' a way.

      Is that so..I wasn't aware until now. Weird, they skipped chapter 95. Actually, I think this had happened before..the Jap numbering the chapter got it wrong. ^^; I guess they counted the side story before of GD as 95 ^^;;

      Ya..will just wait for the full scans to know its context. ^^

    30. YA if hak was like naruto then i will not read ANY oh never yup since just like naruto she keep liking him despite him being a jerk to say the least .

      Yup GD isn't 94.5 but 95

      Ya i tend to get ahead of myself when i see spoilers like last chapter i thought yona and hak were having a heart to heart talk while in reality it was yona being still all over suwon . next month it will be chapter 100 and i remember correctly their will be a character poll i wonder how they will rank as long as suwon isn't higher than hak or the dragons i'm oaky with it .By the way among the chinese fans who are the most popular characters ?

    31. I was under the impression that it is Haku and the cute dragons. Though there are those who like Suwon. Checking the threads in seems that they are more concerned about Haku ending with Yona than anything else. ^^;;

    32. Glad to hear that that ,i'm suprised since even the likes of sakura got fans ,ya there isn't much to look forward except that by the way chinese scans are out i really hope you will be able to provide a summary soon when you have time .

    33. I mean i'm not suprised ^^

    34. Ya..I guess it is a matter of like.. ^^

      It's done ^^

    35. Haha! I enjoyed reading your lengthy conversation. While I don't dislike Yona, there's a lot that you guys said that I agree with. Funnily, just as Kat pointed out, it also seems to me that Soo won cares/cared more about his torn bond with Hak than his torn bond with Yona. I'm just loving that Hak doesn't seem willing to forgive him. I truly hope it comes to the point where Hak is quite indifferent to Soo won. I don't want to see him lose it again like he did in that chapter where he went into a rage when he saw Soo won in the Water Tribe territory.

      Regarding Soo won, he does always seem to win. I can acknowledge his merit as a good king for Kouka but I find characters like him very creepy. Not knowing when someone is going to stab you in the back is downright creepy. This Soo-won actually smiled and chatted with Hak while plotting against him. It makes me appreciate Hak's sincerity, honesty and frankness even more. None of the two-face stuff.

      Regarding the story as a whole, I can't believe chapter 100 is the next chapter is it feels like little has happened. I mean, Yona's purpose is still undefined. I just don't get where this is all leading. Imo, she is also unfit to be king so I am wondering if her role is to be something different.

      As to her feelings for Soo-won, I also get the impression that she loved him most. Dare I say more than her father? Yes, I think so. I guess I see why because I really think she had a whole fantasy going on with regard to Soo-won from a young age until now. Perhaps it is hard for her to accept that that fantasy won't come true although really, if she wants it that bad she can still achieve it. All she has to do is surrender to Soo-won. I don't think he would kill her. But yeah, I don't get Yona's undying love for Soo-won after witnessing something so traumatic. I feel that initially her feelings of love wouldn't disappear but over time as the truth sink in, I thought there should have been some diminishing of that love. It's really bizarre to me. I think maybe she's trying to justify that Soo-won had a valid reason for killing her father and the suffering of the kingdom might be it.

      It's kind of sad that no one mourned her dad though and the general consensus seem to be that the country is better off under the new king. All the tribes just continued on as usual. lol

    36. I also hope that hak will come to ignore suwon's existence after beating him within an inch of his life i hope ^^

      Actually i like suwon 's type but the way he was portrayed is very meh ,there are others character of the same type like lelouch but lelouch was incredible he had charisma like none but suwon...

      Ya ,it doesn't feel like we got anywhere there is no clear plot and please don't mention romance .

      Ya i agree ,you would think that her feelings would grow from chapter 1 to chapter 100 but they didn't and that's one of the main reason why i have been saying yona lacks character growth . Yes she is trying to justify the king's murder and that's pathetic .

      Ya i can't blame the people and generals but his own daughter that's shocking .

  6. Kat i know this has nothing to do wtih AnY but i wanted to comment on naruto since it ended and since i have a lot to say and i didn't want to flood the tagboard i will do it here and i'm sorry since this has nothing to do with the summary .

    Naruto a series that i grew up with it ended and it left a bad taste in my mouth . I lost any hope for the series at the beginning of shippuden because all the basis of the series were shattered .What i mean by that is naruto is supposed to be a loser an under dog with zero skills who worked himself to the bone in order to change his fate and accomplish great things and that's something one can relate to this notion that if you work really hard than your situation will improve but in part 2 what do we learn is that he is superior because of who his parents were and that he was a child chosen by the god of their world that a prophecy about him was made a long time ago that from the beginning he never fought against fate that all what happen was fate ,all of his powers were random power up because he is a sort of ninja messiah .Also plotholes contradictions everywhere for a example when naruto lost the kyuubi and sakura was trying to heal him she was saying i have no chakra and then next chapter she has a lot of chakra that she can pass to obito to save sasuke what is that ? and kakashi when he fought against pain he was on the verge of death for using his eye too much and it was just a few minutes in the war he fought for days and was OK ? but the biggest thing that i found so annoying about naruto is the characters and their relationships ,throughout the story we have seen none of the characters have a proper relationship yet kishi tried so hard with his bonds this this nakama that and blah blah blah the series ended and i see no bonds ,no love no nakama ? and the way he characters developed let's take sasuke after itachi died he pulled a 180 i'm gonna kill konoha than all the world after meeting hashirama he pulled another 180 i will become hokage and protect the world in a rather crazy manner and in the end he pulled a 360 after naruto brainwashed him because talk no jutsu is really a lethal technique to the point he ended with freaking sakura but i will get to it later .

    The fighting were rather boring since it was always the same moves except for very few characters .
    I don't know what to add except that when i saw spoilers yesterday i was quite upset ,i'm not a hardcore fan i really i'm not an otaku but i do love mangas and i have been reading it for a very long time and it is true that it is quality has declined and i do think the naruto series is mediocre for the point i stated above and for all the other things i said during our previous conversations but i still hoped that at the very end kishi would pull something "good" but he didn't .

    1. What the hell was that ending !!!!!! well first i should point out the things that i liked : shikamaru x temari those two didn't interact a lot but i did love seeing them together that ship is awsome

      -Naruto seems like he is a mature and composed adult based on how he talked to his son and his facial expression he seems to be less stupid .

      -The fact that the previous kages and the current ones seem to have good relationships .

      Things that i found weird :

      what is that village why doesn't look like a moder city and naruto will a laptop what ??? so weird
      sasuke's daughter 's name salad really ????
      the other kids look really weird including naruto's and sasuke's look like karin .

      let's start with sasuke what the hell after all he has done is that how he ends ,the best ending would be if he stayed out of the village but always there to help naruto the hokage of the shadow yet he married sakura that's when of the biggest troll in manga history the guy never showed a hint that he liked her neither did she ever like him for himself .After all what he did to her so what's kishi message if you like a guy stalk him and bear with killing attempt his harsh words and he would come and love you back and even get you pregnant when i think that those two ended together it feels just wrong .Saying it doesn't make sense doesn't even come close to it .

      Naruto hinata either she was just stalking him and yet but at least he didn't do all what sasuke did

      ino with sai what ? they saw each other once ????

      speaking of sasuke and sakura the forehead thing didn't mean anything to me all that smooth talk come for sasuke and him being sweet do a girl he just genjusted through the chest it feels off and just no and well what can you except when that girl still want to go with him after all he has done to her

      the headband scene was okay ,sasuke 's narration really made it seem like the only he care about is naruto so him getting with sakura feel even more wrong to me . what a let down kishi and yeah what happened to orochimaru he is an important character isn't he and kabuto and karin and sasuke's group what happened to those ??? this ending really leave a bad taste in my mouth gotta read new mangas to forget it but it will be diffcult to do so since i 've been reading naruto since forever and thus my trauma won't vanish that easily plus i'm sure these days on manga websites it will be only about naruto .

    2. No problem ^^

      Ya, it was like that at first. Honestly, the time I was really hooked or the part that I really like was when Naruto defeated Neji. ^^; And the rest seems to be like Naruto chasing after Sasuke, etc. ^^; a way, from what you've mentioned, Naruto is like the 'ugly duckling' ^^ He is being teased, etc..then suddenly, it turns out that he is..

      Amusing way of mentioning Sasuke's 'degree personality changes' ^^

      Fighting is it look more awesome animated? ^^ But then, it could be worst.

      Yup, Naruto has matured and stuff. All kages are in good terms. Weird for the older ones, since I think they are in some 'oldies home'. Gaara's hair looks weird..he seems like a nerd of some sort with that slick hair. ^^;

      The village like that..I guess it is more on modernization. I was thinking Hinata's outfit seems quite modern. Lol..ya, Sakura must be craving for salad when she's pregnant. Hehe, ya, looks like Karin.

      He's tsundere. He says mean things etc..but he really doesn't mean it. After being defeated and everything, he suddenly says sorry and everything is forgiven. Yes..a shounen type of shoujo if you will. Your description reminds me of those smut manga wherein girl likes bad boy and even rapes her but she still loves him..huh. Actually, I think it is kind of a fantasy for some girls to change the 'bad boy' into 'good loving boy'. In reality, it doesn't work that way. Actually, even without manga, there are girls in real life who do that...hoping to change the 'bad boy' though success rate doesn't seem to be high.

      True..and didn't Hinata save Naruto's life? I recall that there was a touching scene before during the war. Hehe..the opposite of Sasuke-Sakura.

      Yup, they saw each other once but I recall Ino was attracted to him at first sight. =P

      As I've mentioned before..she is CRAZY in love with him ^^ Hehe, so don't use reason/logic for it. =P Well, I guess they came to accept Sasuke in the village and he travels a lot so less reminder to everyone.

      Lol, because this is all about bonds and stuff and not romance =P Hehe, though it somewhat made me think, what is this a love letter narration type to Naurto. ^^;;

      They're probably dead. Anyway, there seems to be side stories so maybe what happened to the others will be mentioned there. By the way, there is a part that I don't understand. What did Tenten and the others seal?

      Lastly, I was wondering why there are 'One Piece' stuff on the last page of the chapter. It seems that it is some sort of 'buddy-buddy' thing with OP. If you look carefully at OP's cover page, it is dedicated to Naruto. In a way, I guess the bonds/nakama type was the aim of Naruto as it was in One Piece but the way it was handled and somehow things got wayward or at least, it wasn't done too convincingly. ^^;

      For me, it is okay since I'm not really into it except the part which I mentioned above. ^^; Honestly, I think it is around the time when they are beating each other up the first time, I stopped reading this series. Also the part wherein Oro's gang kidnapped Sasuke in that tub..I thought that was kind of boring. Lol..I even managed to read it even without memorizing their powers much and how things worked. ^^; Still, it would be nice if it is shown how Naruto grew instead of showing it 'instant mature'.

    3. That's the same for me after the fight with neji the story lost all of it's beauty and i honestly believe that there was no need to have part 2 .Ya all of part 2 was about that it should've been called let's stalk sasuke not naruto shippuden .Ya that's one way to see it ^^

      About the fighting it was nice in part one since there was a lot of thinking in part two it was only big blasts everywhere and zero thinking or strategy .

      Ya it was weird to see them being all buddy buddy .Ya his hairstyle really doesn't fit him it isn't only him who looks weird all the kids do .

      Modern buildings and laptops in ancient times ok that so not out of place but that's not the problem here . So if she were craving fish she would call her daughter fish how lame .

      He isn't a tsundere kat if he were a tsundere even though he would act mean/cold you would see that he cares but it isn't what happened with sasuke .sasuke got hit with talk no jutsu which is the most lethal illness that exist it touches you and your whole personality will change on the spot .Had sasuke change being gradual i would accept it but there was no hints no forshadowing nothing so it really did get stuck in my throat .not only is it a shouen /shoujo but you gotta add yaoi/shounen-ai into it cause that's the truth .I know that but sasuke didn't change for sakura nor was she the one who changed him .In fact it doesn't seem like she understand nor does she know of his suffering .She just stalked the guy and wanted to force her feelings on him . It may happen if actually the bad boy love the girl but in this case ...sigh

      Ya and don't get me wrong naruto and hinata don't make sense either but they are still a better pairing than sakura/sasuke .

      Yeah because he looked like sasuke

      As i've said before she is just CRAZY so yeah common sense /logic don't apply to her but what can i do it still pisses me off .Still it is too much he should've lived his life on the road protecting konoha from the shadows .

      Ya and usually romance has nothing to do with shouen and again the only one who handle the theme of bonds in a nice way is oda and the fact that there is zero romance is fantastic . So i'm not the only one who felt like he was declaring his love to naruto in his narration told ya the real couple is naruto and sasuke .

      I doubt it orochimaru won't die that easily same thing goes for karin and co . Ya but i don't really care this ending was too sickening . I think it is those two brother who had the nine tails powers .

      Well for OP i think it is a tribute to naruto since it ended and for naruto something like "i hope all the naruto fans will read one piece now " ya nakama moments in OP are epic and very touching in naruto it makes one feel sick

      I started losing interest when sasuke left the village since naruto became super annoying but i continued to read since to me naruto is what DBZ is to others i grew up with it and even though part 2 was a failure in my opinion i continued to read for old times sake .

    4. That's right..^^

      True..for strategy and stuff, the Shikamaru vs the one who killed his teacher is pretty good, iirc. In a way, those thinking-fighting stuff is HxH's forte right? Those kind of fights are quite fun ^^ Rather than, as you've mentioned just some power and blasting each other away based on how strong it is.

      Yup, if she craves fish, her child would be called fish. =P

      Hehe, well, he seems tsundere, though I wasn't talking of it based on a strict sense..but yup, after talk no jutsu, total change and his 'warm side' of the tsundere that wasn't there before appeared. Ah..don't wish for gradual change..just look at the rest of them Uchiha and other similar villains..after talk no jutsu..they have a complete change of heart. Yup, he didn't change for Sakura but I'm referring to it as, what she is aiming to do hence, she is like that..ah..persistent = kind word for it.

      Hm..maybe from the shadows, there is nothing to protect Konoha from...they are currently in peace, right? So, he had become like a traveler? I wonder if what he heard in the forest alludes to something or it is just nothing.

      Ah..I see, thanks. I got slightly confused with the characters..actually, the newer ones are already gone in my head =P

      I see. Well, reading for old times sake or any other reasons, can be frustrating if it is really going downhill/train wreck. ^^

    5. Yup fighting scenes in HXH are epic you see people blasting each other and at the same time using their brains .

      LAME like anything that has sakura involved in it .

      Ya ,that's why the series sucked it lacked character developement .You know i have read a lot of series that had ending that i didn't like still the ending made sense because there was characters growth and forshadowing but why i'm so shocked with naruto is because it had none of those and i hope that at least the main characters would be dealt with proprely but sadly that wasn't the case .

      Well if they are in peaceful times there would be no need for high security like it was stated in the last chapter when the kages meeting was being held .Plus ever lasting peace doesn't exist ,i don't like how the story ended for him it is way too easy because i was hoping for something like we forgive you for your crimes but you can't settle in any ninja village or something like that .

      Ya and naruto became just bad after the neji fight .

    6. Kat i wanted to ask you something can you picture sakura and sasuke as husband and wife with kids living in a house like a family cause i can't and i don't want to brag but i have a rather big imagination .

    7. another thing did you check out baidu ? i wanted to know how chinese fans reacted to the end of naruto .

    8. would be nice to see how they became like you want Naruto 2 for it? =P Anyway, it could be worst like those endings wherein, they are still the same as before in chapter 1 or at least, the second season. Actually, I can imagine that for Bleach. The part after Aizen, everything was like how it used to be before..more or less..and Ichigo still has his powers.

      Ah..that part didn't register on my brain. Lol. But I get your point, it is getting punishment for what he did..and not get off easily. Well, they seemed to have pardoned his crimes because of helping out against Kaguya..even if he is still at it after that. ^^;; But thanks to TnJ.. =P Though I remember you mentioned that the mangaka likes Sasuke so maybe this is partly the reason for it.

      I can imagine it because he'll be spending most of his time out of the house as a traveller. =P I cannot imagine them making a kid though. Or as you are implying, together and playing with a food-named daughter who looks like one of his stalkers. ^^;

      Well, in Chinese, it seems more nostalgic like, has been xx years, goodbye. The usual question I saw is, is that really Sakura/Sasuke daughter? Then, some Gaara fans who seem to like the new look. What's with the computer..and..congrats to the mangaka.

    9. NO i don't i will probably check out the side stories that will come out but i'm done with the series hoping that my trauma will soon heal after almost a decade of abusive relationship with naruto . That's true but it isn't that great in naruto since it happened out of the blue to say the least .

      Ya he is a sasuke fanboy so him getting a happy ending was a given but not like that i just can't swallow that ending .

      hahaha yeah do you imagine sasuke getting sakura pregnant and taking care of her like out at night to buy her things she craves or helping her when she want to puke because no matter how i try to picture it i can't but naruto hinata shikamaru temari i can see them as a couple and family with their kids easily . hahaha maybe she is karin's daughter ^^

      Ah okay well it is the same with the english speaking base though it recieved a lot of critisim i read comments where they made dirty jokes about the pairings mainly saskura and sasuke

    10. that so. I'm not sure if I'm going to check out the side stories..Probably depends what it is about. Was it about the 'future' after the ending, or 'past' their thoughts on it? If it is the 'past stuff', I'll pass on it. would be weird and I'm not too sure what kind of husband Sasuke would be. Actually, cannot imagine Sasuke doing those stuff. ^^; Maybe he just made her stay with her parents as he go traveling. Lol, obvious, I tend to think of Sasuke as some 'absentee' father. ^^;

      Is that so.

    11. if it is the past hell no but if it is present /future events yeah probably .

      See ? it is impossible for a sane human being to picture it ^^


  7. Thanks kate chan so the dragons lose his powers when they go another country

    1. Thanks for reading, ricardo ^-^


  8. A question kat chan you don t made summarys of manga chihayafuru

    1. Sorry no..I think the English is quite up to some way. Also, the karuta stuff is difficult to translate. For some reason though, I'm no longer that interested in it anymore =(

  9. Try checking out the first chapter of AnY. Yona is carrying a sword in it.

    1. Yup, she is indeed holding a sword.

  10. I <3 u~ you update so often.
    Best blog for this manga