October 1, 2014

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 11]

[Notice: This chapter has some mature content that might not be appropriate for young readers.]

Cover page: “Always unable to FORGET, until now, still THINKING of you” Still on top of the building with Yuuya, Sou calls Eiji on the phone to meet up with him. At a certain restaurant, Eiji meets up with Sou who is already sitting on a table. Eiji apologizes for the wait. While taking his seat, Eiji asks if Yuuya had also told him about the progress of the search. Sou says that it seems that they weren’t able to find Saki’s remains near the place where Erika was buried. Eiji says that Yuuya had already informed him about that and maybe, just like Erika, Saki’s remains had been moved by someone. Sou says that he doesn’t think so. He pushes a file to Eiji. Picking it up, Eiji asks if this is a written report. Sou says that it is about the siblings, Mizuhara Yuki and Mizuhara Shiki. When they were young, their parents divorced. The mother got Yuki while the father got Shiki. They were brought up separately. When Yuki is 15 years old, their mother had died for some reason so she was taken in by her father and all three started living together. Yuki’s temperament is of an extrovert and she is very lively. She is very good in socializing. Her modeling job is also going with the flow. Afterwards, their father had a stroke and passed away. He left them a huge amount of inheritance. And, it became the two siblings living together.
Then, when Yuki is 17 years old, because of an accident, she lost her memories and from that time on, her personality had changed. She became shy and an introvert. Not good in socializing. Her brother, Shiki graduated with excellent grades from a university of medicine. Right now, he is in the surgery department of the university’s specialized hospital. He has no lovers and the siblings’ relationship is harmonious. Sou says that furthermore, even if she got into a car crash that made her lose her memories and had to stop studying for a year, but he couldn’t find any records of it happening or even records that she got hospitalized. Sou tells Eiji that chatting with Yuki’s former classmates, they say that after the accident, Yuki and the past her seems like totally different people. Surprised Eiji asks how can that be. Sou asks if the current Yuki is the real Saki. This shocks Eiji. Musing over it out loud, Sou says why would she be given Mizuhara Yuki’s identity, and why won’t they reveal the fact that she is Saki. “Even if a lot of things don’t make sense but Yuki and Saki’s figure is very similar.. Mizuhara Shiki is also a surgeon. His skills are particularly outstanding. Could it be he did the plastic surgery?” Still in disbelief, Eiji asks how can that be..is this a joke..!? Soichirou asks Eiji if he can please confirm this a bit. Eiji looks tense.
Soichirou tells him that if Yuki is Saki then perhaps, she knows who Erika’s murderers are. “I want her to go back to her own life. And maybe, be with you just like before.” While wondering if this thing is possible, Eiji shouts why she would have plastic surgery. Eiji then says, no..sorry..he is a bit confused. Sou just watches him. On the street, Eiji tells Sou that it is no good, Yuki won’t answer his phone call. He decides to see her at her house. Getting ready to leave, Eiji tells Sou that maybe Yuki already went home and if he meets her brother, he’ll go and ask him. “I’ll contact you again later on!” Sou says that he’ll wait for his return call. Then, the sun is setting. On top of another building, Sou asks Yuki if she didn’t get Eiji’s phone call. Yuki says that she did but she doesn’t know what she is going to tell him if she answered it. Sou says that’s true. She asks him if he called her out just for that. Sou says no, it is for some other thing. “But, right now, it is already alright. *Yuki puzzled* It seems that you have really lost your memories. If you still remember, then you wouldn’t come here alone in this kind of place with me.” Yuki is puzzled. Sou quickly gives her a karate chop on her nape and it causes her to fall unconscious. He holds her to keep her from falling on the ground. Sou says, “Since it is like that, you also know about us, the murderers, right? *carrying Yuki away* Brother Shiki.”
At the house’s gate, Shiki tells Eiji what does he want, Yuki isn’t home. Eiji says that there is something that he wanted to ask him. Shiki tells him to go ahead. Eiji says that Yuki told him, ‘I am Saki’. This surprises Shiki. Eiji admits that at that time, he didn’t believe it but his friend, Sou had investigated about him and Yuki so he came to confirm the truth. Shiki looks serious and invites him inside. In the living room, Shiki says that it is no good, he couldn’t contact her. He asks Eiji if he knows where Yuki could have gone to. Sitting on the sofa, Eiji says that he doesn’t know because she won’t answer his calls. Shiki wonders out loud how much does Sou knows. Eiji exclaims what he meant by that. He hits the table and shouts for Shiki to first tell him the things that he knows. “Is Yuki Saki!? *standing up with clenched fist* Why would you do plastic surgery on her? Why would you make her live someone else’s life!? Why!? *gripping unfazed Shiki’s shirt* Making her abandon me and her family..!?” Shiki tells him, to protect Saki. “Yuki is Matsushima Saki.” Trembling with disbelief, Eiji repeats what Shiki said. Shiki tells him that right now, he is going to only tell him, and this is the truth that he didn’t tell Saki. Eiji looks flustered and tense.
Shiki says, “When I saved Saki, her body is covered in mud and bruises. She has been attacked by several men and strangled tightly that she is on the verge of dying [/stop breathing]. And, she was buried in the mountain. But, on her own, she climbed out and asks him, who is driving by, for help. After four whole days of sleeping, she woke up with her memories still intact.” Flashback: Bandaged Saki asked if Erika is dead. “..Erika..ah? ..those guys. Obviously are our friends..” Shiki asked if the culprits are friends. This startles teary-eyed Saki. Saki repeated that Erika is dead. “..She cried for my help.. but I wasn’t able to save her.. My neck.. was strangled..” Shiki tried to comfort her by saying that she lives on and she can see her family and loved one. He is about to touch her but she asks him not to. She held herself and continued to tremble. End flashback. Shiki tells Eiji that for Saki, it is hard to accept everything that has happened to her [body]. Shiki says that he had proposed to her to go and report this to the police in order to capture the culprits, abandon everything in her past, abandon her family and boyfriend then live on using Yuki’s identity. Eiji asks if the one who made Saki live on is..[Shiki] To puzzled Eiji, Shiki says yes, Saki’s choice [is]... “After buying food, I came home one day and  noticed that she isn’t in the room. *flustered* ..I was quite careless.. I didn’t know when she had taken out my surgery tool..” Flashback: Shiki called out to Saki. He is tense to see her standing in front of the sink. Blood is dripping down from the sink. She told him that she cannot hold on..if reported to her boyfriend..family..they will know..and even if she became Yuki..”
Beside the sink, there is a scalpel with a small puddle of blood. With her bleeding left hand in the sink, Saki said to just let her die. This made Shiki aghast that he muttered her name. Crying Saki said that she couldn’t sleep because every night, Erika is pleading, ‘save me’.. Nervous Shiki said that he understands. Sitting on floor, Saki lamely asks what that is. Holding a bottle of liquid and some cloth, Shiki said that he’ll give her medicine and after breathing it, she’ll be at peace and die, and then her suffering until now.. He put the cloth with the medicine into her nose. Before closing her eyes, Saki muttered, “Mizu..hara..san.. tha..thank..thank you.” Then, she fainted while crying. This made Shiki teary-eyed that he hugged Saki’s unconscious body. End flashback. Shiki says that he has no way of killing her that way and it is just some anesthesia. “And even if I know that for Saki, this is more painful than death.. The next time that child woke up, she has lost all her memories. *Saki wakes up* I told her that she is my younger sister, Yuki. In order to remove the remaining scars, I also carried out the plastic surgery. From then on, in the state of having lost her memories, she peacefully lived for 3 years. Always until she met you guys again.” After looking surprised, trembling with his clenched fist, Eiji asks if the male friend culprits are.. Shiki replies, “Asumi Kousuke, Ono Yoshiharu, Kamiya Souichirou, Tachibana Yuuya.” Shocked Eiji shouts that he is lying for Erika is Yuuya’s girlfriend.
Shiki says that is what Saki said and it depends on him if he believes or not. “But, I want you to believe me. Believe me and together with me, let’s protect Yuki okay? If it is exposed that Saki still lives, they ought to come and silence her. I also considered telling her everything then escape overseas. But if it is possible, I don’t want her to remember the past.” Puzzled Eiji says that even if what he said just now is true, why he would do things up to this point for Saki. He asks where his younger sister is. Shiki tells him that Yuki had committed suicide in the villa. While he was driving down the mountain road with her remains, at that time, he saved Saki and want to make her live on using Yuki’s identity. The deceased Yuki is cremated in the radiator [/fireplace] and of course, there is no funeral or grave. “I’ve overlap the deceased Yuki with Saki together.. For Saki’s happiness, I’ll do anything. *standing up* I’m the one who killed Asumi Kousuke and Ono Yoshiharu. And also, Kondou Keita..” Shocked Eiji asks why he didn’t let Keita go. Shiki explains that when he killed Yoshiharu, Keita saw him. On the street, he happened to meet him and greeted him. “I pretended not to know him but he kept on pestering me. In the end, when I tried to get rid of him, I carelessly threw him down. I immediately gave him first aid and saved his life.. I didn’t want to make things hard for him. But, I hope that in the meantime, he won’t wake up.. I’ll give myself up until everything has ended.. Saki, that child, wanted to end her life and making her live is me who rashly.. So I already abandoned everything.” Eiji looks tense. He tells Shiki that he doesn’t know if he should believe him or not regarding everything what he just said but right now, they must find Saki for he had confessed to Sou that Yuki is Saki. This surprises Shiki.
Then, Yuki’s cellphone is ringing. Someone answers it. Eiji shouts where she is right now. Sou calls out Eiji’s name. Surprised Eiji exclaims Sou’s name and asks where Yuki is. Sou says that she is with him and she’s sleeping so what did he hear from Shiki. Eiji says that nothing, for he still hasn’t talked with him. Sou says really, then why he is so anxious. Eiji tells him that he was the one who told him that Yuki might be Saki so he wants to talk with her face to face. “Tell me where Yuki is right now.” Looking inside the bedroom, Sou says no.. “I won’t tell you.. Right now, she is with Yuuya. Do you understand?” Eiji exclaims what..!? Sou tells him that Yuki didn’t say anything and the same with Yuuya [<- she also didn’t tell him anything?] who is sleeping together with her on one bed. “Were you able to ask and get something out of Mizuhara Shiki’s mouth? Tell me.” Eiji exclaims that he still hasn’t seen him and where is Yuki. Sou says okay, he’ll leave Shiki to Eiji and no matter what, he must see him. “Also, on Saturday, bring him to the ruins of XX factory. I also have a lot of things that I want to ask brother Mizuhara. On my side, I’ll try, whether or not, I can ask and get something out from Yuki’s mouth.” There is a scene of the figures of sleeping Yuki and Yuuya in bed with the blanket pulled over to their head. Eiji shouts wait. “Sou, what are you going to do!” And Sou promptly hangs up on him. Blurb: “The fate of Yuki, who had fallen into Sou’s hands, is!?”
Comment: A lot of stuff being revealed here that it makes me think that things are going to the climax. I was informed that this series has ended so to those who already know or seen the raws, please don’t spoil me. Thank you. First, let’s start with the female lead. It turns out that before she lost her memories, Saki had told Shiki about it. Given her mental state, she is in no condition to push through Shiki’s plan. I cannot really say she should do this and that because what happened to her is not something should happen to anyone. It is pretty much confirmed that she was raped and not by just one person. It did make me wonder how come Sou knows Yuki’s body type is similar with Saki’s when the boyfriend Eiji doesn’t. ^^; And after the deed, she must be killed. So, whoever strangled her was either lenient on her or careless that he didn’t check if she’s really dead. It is strange though why Erika would ask for Saki’s help when they are in the same situation. Could it be after the deed, they somehow managed to escape for a while, then were caught thus have to be killed? That is assuming that Erika got caught first. But then, what is the reason for them to all do this deed? Erika is described as flirty so maybe Yuuya and others wanted to teach her a lesson and since Saki was there, too, she’s collateral damage? Or they also hate her? Maybe they were drunk or under the influence of something. One thing is for sure, everyone who did it was now overly nervous and probably guilty when it was first revealed that Erika’s belong was found. Everyone except for Sou. Sou is too calm, collected and calculating all throughout. For now, he is cleared from killing the others. Based on the reason why Sou met with Yuki, it doesn’t seem to confirm her identity as I first thought but rather, it is to confirm if she killed his friends. Since he started to focus on Shiki, I’m sure Sou already suspects him. I dread to think what he plans to do to make Yuki talk and what he is thinking for putting her and Yuuya both on the same bed.

I feel bad for Yuki/Saki since Sou might make her experience that nightmare all over again. And if we were to go finger-pointing, that will be both Eiji and Shiki’s fault. Eiji for carelessly telling Sou that she is Saki and Shiki for making her live. Anyway, what’s done is done so what now? Obviously, meeting in that factory ruins is a trap. Sou seems to know that Eiji is lying but he is playing along. It is amusing that both just kept on talking without listening to the other. ^^; For now, it seems that the ones who are against each other are Sou and Shiki while the rest are just pawns/bystanders ^^; I also cannot imagine what Eiji is feeling right now after learning all this. He must be angry, betrayed, confused, etc. At this rate, one really cannot trust anyone. I’m still suspicious of Shiki’s intention with Yuki/Saki. From what is described about the real Yuki, she seems really unlikely to commit suicide. If I were to imagine the worst, maybe Shiki also did what those guys did but he was remorseful and wanted to atone by doing what he can for Saki whom he views as Yuki. Or, maybe the real Yuki isn’t what she seems and after their parents’ death, she was unstable? Or, maybe some sort of incest thing like Shiki is in love with someone else so she.. Even if it is incest or anything like that, it is unlikely Shiki would fall for Saki since they are very different from each other. Going back to Saki, her nightmares of Erika might be one thing. I do wonder if she also thought of the problems later on since one of the suspects is related to the police head. She might have thought that it is futile. In that situation, it made me think that maybe it would be better if Shiki is into psychology so he can help her sort things out. So far, up to this point, I guess I shouldn’t expect her to be in fighting form or anything like what I saw in chapter 1, and she might be just a damsel in distress until the end. I’m also curious though what Sou plans to do with Yuuya or is he into this with Sou. Anyway, let’s see how things unfold and perhaps, start to guess who’ll die next? Scans by 深雪

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  1. oh wow so much stuff is happening @_@ I wonder why Yuya did all of those things in the past but it might be as you said that Erika was described as being flirty so it might as well be teaching her a lesson? but for me, isn't that extreme way of teaching her a lesson? or they're just twisted guys like the vibe I'm getting from Sou since he's too calm and manipulative.

    I really feel bad for Yuki/Saki, she had gone through much already and now this again :( I wonder why Shiki is so attached to Yuki/Saki...could he be replacing her for his dead sister or there's more to it than that?

    Thank you so much Kat for doing the summary of this series, I never really like this kind of stuff but you got me hooked! I was just curious though, how many chapters are left for this manga? ^^

    1. Yup, hana. True..so I'm thinking maybe they were drunk or something. And if that is the reason, why involve Saki, too.

      He said that he is replacing her..but I'm somewhat suspicious that it might be more than that. Hm..perhaps, she is the excuse that his younger sister is alive..not dead/murdered..though why didn't he get rid of the body earlier..so that's the flaw on that theory.

      Thanks for reading ^-^ It is said to have ended at chapter 15, so 4 more chapters.

  2. It's really complicated, isn't it ? Erika is Yuuya's GF, but Yuuya was there when they assaulted Erika and Saki/Yuki. What is more perplexing is the violemce done to the 2 girls. Why ? I understand that they needed to be " silenced"....... but , what did Erika and Yuki/Saki do to be assualted like that, in the first place?

    I'm speculating maybe Yuuya loved saki, and he and his friends planned to kidnap Saki , for Yuuya, and Yuuya gave them Erika... but they were recognized by the girls...... and maybe Yuuya didn't want Saki to be killed. But they did....... I think Yuuuya has feeling remorse and guilt.

    Kat, this is purely speculation ! ! lol I really have no idea. I didn't even look at the raws because I know I wouldn't be able to understand any of it... so it would just a waste of my time.

    1. lots of typos... oh, my gosh.... he he

    2. True, megaworthit..that is the mystery here..the motive since we all know the suspects.

      Hm..possible and since Saki is already taken, he wants a 'one night stand' with her..but then, it wasn't just one person who assaulted her so... 'kidnap-rape' gone badly wrong? I'm still wondering if what Sou said earlier about that angle is actually a lie just to make Yuki not trust Eiji and think that Yuuya is a good guy. I'm leaning towards, it is a lie. =P

      Hehe, won't worry about typos ^^

  3. WOW! You have continued the translation. THANK YOU. I am sooooo happy right now!
    Anyway, here is the raw for those who didn't know that the series has already ended ---> http://raffmanga.ch/manga/sleeping-beauty/

    1. Thanks for reading, Saki ^-^

      And to those who check that out, please DO NOT MENTION what happened here. Thanks ^^

  4. I checked at the Raffmanga N this manga finishes at 15th Chapter. I saw this manga at your blog.. started reading it from today & read all the summaries of 11 chapters written by you .. Why will those boys do such a disgusting thing to the girls ? It looks to me that Yuuya is kind of a Psycho , Since Who does this kind of thing to take Revenge And Sou must obviously be the one who actually planned everything N He was the weirdest person since the start of the manga .. He obviously has his own motives to help Yuuya .. N I hope we will come to know that in end .. I will be waiting for your translations since I do not understand Chinese or Japanese >_<

    1. Thanks for reading, Eliza ^-^

      Ah..you pretty much nailed it there, Eliza regarding Yuuya.

      Yup..weirdest and most suspicious.

  5. I enjoy reading your summaries.. My pleasure ! ^_^

    1. Thanks for the comment, Eliza ^-^