October 24, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 61]

Flustered Miwako tells Shinya that Riko unexpectedly was able to do it really well, right? “She is able to stand on Crude Play’s stage. And, become ‘Yamamoto Sibling’s official member. Just now, she even happily talked with Kaitouranma’s Shibaken. It is simply like a dream, right? It’s extremely delightful, right?” Pushing up his eyeglasses, Shinya says that even if it is him, he can understand her jealousy towards Mushroom. Miwako denies that she is jealous. Shinya insists that it is but then, it doesn’t matter because anyway, he thinks that this is very normal. She asks why he thinks that way. Shinya says that for her to ask him why. “Isn’t it because she is the girlfriend of Aki whom you like?” This startles Miwako that she angrily shouts that it isn’t because of that kind of thing that she’s jealous of her!! “It is because I..” She looks surprised but couldn’t continue what she is saying. Shinya is puzzled. Miwako thinks, “It is because you care too much for Mushroom. Because you only care for Mushroom.” She clenches her fist and looks down.
Shinya sighs and tells her that is enough, don’t say it. He turns around and leaves. Miwako wants to call him but she hesitates. Soon, Shinya is gone. Miwako thinks that right now, it would be good if she blocked his path. “It would be good to block his way and kiss him.” Then, she recalls Soichiro telling her that it is because she doesn’t have courage to do some stupid things so she is still a virgin at 25 years old. At the streets near Budokan, there are some girls still loitering around with cellphones. Sitting by the sidewalk, trembling Reiko grinds her teeth while holding her cellphone. The other twitters are telling her as love_cocoro: ‘do not to be too mean’, ‘un-follow [you]’, and ‘I think you shouldn’t say bad things about others. Do not make others think that Shinya’s fans don’t have common sense.’ Angry Reiko shouts that these garbage [/offal], when she still has Aki’s picture with her and if she uploads it, would they still praise [/say those things]. As Reiko prepares to upload Aki’s picture to Twitter, she is stunned to see someone called CRPL_MATOME had uploaded her [Reiko] picture when she is at the reception area [/hallway] of Budokan. Addressed to her, it says, “People lock on this person, Mush’s slanderer. *Insert school* High second year’s Terada Reiko. Just by looking at the picture, I think that she’s a disgusting ugly girl. Ewwww” [<- Sorry, I forgot what their school is called, it is this 德澤]
Reiko’s eyes widen in shock. Mimikanano asks if it is an ugly girl’s jealousy..an ugly girl is really an ugly girl within. Yuko009 decides on eliminating the ugly girl-ww. Later on, standing outside the barrier-fence facing the street where cars pass by, Reiko starts to cry and thinks that she already has no way of going back. “I can no longer go and join Crude Play’s Live. Ah ah what to do. *clenching the handle of her bag* What to do.” Back at Budokan, Yuu and Sou happily greet Riko ‘good job’ and double high-fives with her. Riko seems listless that Sou asks what it is. Riko says that it is nothing, she is just a bit tired. Yuu asks her if she just exchanged contact information with Shibaken. Sou exclaims in disbelief. Yuu tells her that she is definitely being toyed around by Shibaken. Riko asks what he is saying when she is not like him who doesn’t have a girlfriend equal to his age, for she has a boyfriend.
Yuu couldn’t answer back. He just tells Riko to abandon that jobless vagabond and rather than be taken by that guy, Shibaken is still much better. Riko looks surprised. Sou gulps and thinks that is Yuu’s confession. Riko goes huh, she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Yuu tells her that she’s an annoying idiot. Sou is shock for Riko totally ignored Yuu. He decides to change the topic by telling the bickering two about how Mush is being praised in Twitter. This made Riko flustered and teary-eyed. She bends down and says that’s great. The two are happy for her. Holding his cellphone to her, Sou says to look here.. Then, he looks surprised. He has seen that love cocoro/Reiko’s identity has already been exposed. The others say, ‘TL [Twitterverse] is making a ruckus... As Crude Play’s fan, I’m really ashamed. Obviously Mushroom and MUSHPLAY did very well.’ ‘CP fan’s shame. Poor Mushroom.’, and ‘Mushroom do not lose. You sang really well! By the way, I really skeptical about her [Reiko], could it be that there’s something wrong with her head.’
Looking at Sou’s phone, Yuu says that Reiko is now being targeted. This surprises Riko. Yuu says that the internet is really scary, all of everyone’s messages are just pouring. “Ah—karma’s retribution.” And teary-eyed Reiko is still standing by the street. She is surprised that her cellphone is ringing. She nervously takes it out and is surprised that it is ‘disgusting fatty’ who is calling. Reiko nervously answers the phone. Sou asks where she is right now. This surprises Reiko. Sou asks, “Aren’t you crying somewhere? I’ll quickly go there. Don’t cry.” Reiko is puzzled and confused. Sou continues to ask if she is still near Budokan. Flustered Reiko asks why. “Why are you coming over? ..I.. I..” Sou says, “It’s because you are my girlfriend?? So? ..No, you’re not at all my girlfriend, right. I actually notice it from the start. You basically do not like me, right. But, because it is my first.. Because it is my first time to be confessed to [by someone] so I’m super happy. So, Terada-chan is my friend. Because [you’re/it’s] important so I won’t let you cry alone. I’ll go to your side.” Reiko is moved to tears over this.
Comment: Sou is such a nice guy for if it is most people, knowing that this person used him/her and then, tried to destroy his/her friend’s reputation, he/she would have let that person be. Or perhaps like Shinya, don’t care if she commits suicide over it. I guess for Sou this might be the least he can do to somewhat thank her for confessing to him even if she doesn’t like him. Ah..for the experience of what it is like to be confessed to? ^^;; Sou is also sharp in observing people so he might have realized that Reiko is a loner and well, maybe let her know that she’s not alone, someone still cares Hehe, obviously those are lame reasons so let’s just say, the guy is just nice and bears no grudge on people who wronged him. Actually, he might be used to it just by how people tend to insult him because he’s fat. So, even if she did such a horrible thing, he’ll give her a second chance? Depending on one’s values, one can either say that what he is going to do is ‘how nice’ or ‘how stupid’. ^^;

Whatever his reasons, I think he knows that being there for her is just a small thing he can do for her because after this, Reiko will still have to face what she did. She’ll have to go to school and face the CP fans there. She is pretty much a ‘marked girl’ for CP fans. Life can be quite hell for there will definitely be bullying whether in the cyber world or not. She is already tarnished as a CP fan when that is her own personal world especially in Twitter. Of course, people can change names in Twitter so she might just do that. Actually, I’m thinking that she couldn’t have denied it. Hmm..I’m not sure if that will help though since it might be just a matter of time before it will be proven that she is indeed love_cocoro. Maybe Reiko will learn from this heavy priced lesson and change her ways. I doubt that Sou will always be there when she is being bullied. Also, fans might lash out on him for siding with the ‘enemy’ of his friend. If that happens and Sou’s image is affected, Riko would most definitely become part of the new group.

Hm..there are still some fans hanging around there so with a click from a cellphone, Sou might be in trouble. Also, what do his friends think about what he’s doing? Yuu won’t like it, but what about Riko? Whoever posted the picture got good timing just when Reiko is about to upload her trump card. I do wonder who it was who uploaded her picture. My guess would be Shinya. A fan couldn’t easily figure it out. Even if that fan is probably clever enough to look around and check who is the grumpy one going out of the concert could be Reiko, assuming the picture is everyone going out. Still, to know her full name, year level and where she studies, it is too much of a coincidence especially since she doesn’t exactly stand out in school. Shinya is the only one who is vicious enough to do this while the others couldn’t. He also knows how to tinker with the internet. Could it be that aside from checking the internet reactions regarding Mush with Aki earlier, he had uploaded this? Or maybe later on since meeting the visitors must be over because Riko already joined her friends.

This will pretty much shut Reiko up and talk about karma or poetic justice. What she is doing to Riko happened to her. Riko managed it but can she? In a way, it is the same with Mari. She kept on ranting about Riko having the luxury of lip-synching. Riko proved her wrong and now, Mari is the one stuck in lip-synching. The irony. Next, it seems that Shinya is indeed going to be paired off to Miwako. Hehe, she is really smitten after that kiss. ^^; I’m curious though how Shinya would react if he knew. Regret kissing her? Disgusted that a girl he hates has fallen for him? From Yuu’s hint, it seems that Shibaken would be Aki’s new rival. If Aki found out about it, would he make a fuss about it? Shibaken won’t be as nice as Shinya since he got nothing to do with Aki. About Riko, is it okay not to tell her friends about the offer to her so that they can talk about it rather than for them to learn about it later on..or even from someone else? I know she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings especially after what she shouted at the concert. Maybe not for now because they are on a high? Anyway, at least the Reiko problem is somewhat resolved now and the payback is quite fitting for her. Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组

Quote of the day:
Reciprocity, what goes around comes around, karma, you'll reap what you sow, what you give is what you get...You have a choice, make the right one. ~ Author Unknown quotes


  1. Thanks for the summary. This is one of my favorite mangas

  2. Thank you! =D is it too much to hope that Reiko and Riko will become best friends? Or at least buddies? As they say, the best of best friend is once an enemy. =D

    1. You're welcome, lli ^-^

      Hm..maybe later on. It depends if Reiko can overcome her jealous with Riko or how high her pride is. And if Riko wants her to be her friend.

    2. I thought Reiko was already accepting of Riko, or at least Riko's talent during the concert. It was only because she was provoked by the nasty tweets about her from other fans that she wanted to upload Aki's picture so that others won't think as bad about her as they already did and understand that as a crude play's fan, she has a reason to be mean to Mush. She just wanted to defend her own standing at that point.

      As for Riko, I don't think she has much of a grudge on Reiko, despite everything. Even when she found out it was Reiko who provoked the other fans about her, she was shocked and that's about it. Even when she cried, she cried because as a CP fan herself, she understands the fans' feelings and how sorry she felt, ruining the fans' anticipation for the concert. I think, now, with how all the fans bashing on Reiko, Riko would probably feel sorry for her. Especially as she's just a starting artist. She hasn't had that pride in her yet. For all we know, Riko probably felt that she deserved all the hate and that Reiko was right. To think everyone is ganging up on Reiko for her, she would probably feel she ( for both Reiko and Riko ) doesn't deserve that.

      I think right now, the story can go in two ways. Either Reiko will start to like Sou and dislike Riko for being so close to him and a new war will start between them. Or maybe there'll be no war at all. Who knows. Or Reiko and Riko will start being friends, in a way. Or maybe all of them will be friends. Or maybe Reiko will appear for just a while more and then slip to the background, never to be seen again. Oh, that's more than two ways... ;D

    3. Hm..now that you've mentioned it, yes, she did seem to accept Riko's talent there, lli and she just got provoked by the tweets. Though I'm not sure what she is writing regarding Aki's picture = positive or not since it is in Japanese. ^^;

      I see. True, Riko does care even if she could do much more to Reiko. Like earlier, she did try talking to her and told her to watch the concert. Ya..so because of that, they'll be friends? In a way, if it is a 'good ending', it would be nice if they'll be friends since Reiko doesn't have one. And, they are both CP fans.

      Hehe, I think the latter two are more possible than the first one. ^^ Storywise, it seems that the mangaka is moving the story to new problems and new characters so I don't think Reiko would still cause any trouble or..another love triangle way.

    4. *thumbs up! =D

      Well, I've got to say I'm more bothered about Miwako than Reiko. Miwako is soooo annoying she gives all the virgins in the world a bad reputation. There is a good kind of naive and there's a I-want-to-slap-you-silly kind of naivety. Shinya is Stupid with a huge capital S if he ever ends up with Miwako. At least, with the way Miwako is right now. And for someone who is supposed to take care of her band, she's being a bloody idiot about it. So unprofessional. I don't know how Shinya is supposed to respect that kind of Miwako. With all the flaws that Aki possessed, he's a social retard, but at least he's good in music. What is Miwako good at? Someone shows me the light because I can't seem to see it. At least with Reiko, she's more like a deranged stalker. An honest psycho. There's something wrong with her brain but not her personality. Just knock some sense into her and she'll be as good as new. With Miwako, wonderful brain, destructive personality. What do you do with that? Slap her silly?

    5. Hehe, is that so, lli ^^ Actually, Miwako seems to be typical in shoujo = 'naive virgin'. ^^; But true, there are two kinds of that..though seems to border each other. Naive or stupid? =P

      Indeed, hopefully, a better Miwako but for now, it seems that Shinya is totally turned off with Miwako especially the way she's handling Riko's career. I would want someone better for Shinya though..I like the guy. Though I did wonder what it would be like when they are a pair = how to kiss with glasses..but when Miwako's personality become obvious...sigh.

      Hm..good question. For now, there seems to be not much redeeming stuff from Miwako. Seems to be failing in both love and career. I don't know how good she is though in her career if the one she's handling isn't Riko though.


      I actually don't mind the typical naive shoujo type much because even though they're naive, they have their own redeeming qualities. Being naive is not the problem. It's when being naive makes you stupid that it's a HUGE problem. Actually, being naive or stupid is not that big of a deal. The main problem I have with Miwako is her personality.

      When she was infatuated with Aki, remember the taxi scene? When Riko just finished the radio recording with Shinya and Shun, and went to meet Aki to go back together and ended up sharing the same taxi the three of them? Miwako came up with all these reasons how she should be there and when Aki got off the taxi after Riko left, despite knowing the guy already has a girlfriend, what was that stupid smile she showed? Acting coy and concerned when she clearly has another motive just makes her a dishonest person.

      And now, after just ONE kiss, she starts to like Shinya and thinks it's okay to neglect Riko just because Shinya cares too much about Riko? What was that? She's not only naive, she's stupid, fickle, irresponsible and very unprofessional. Now I'm curious, if Soichiro and Miwako were to sleep together, would Miwako be crazy in love with him too? So in the end, it doesn't matter who the guy is, isn't it? In the end, the only thing that remains is she's still going to be irresponsible and unprofessional. Dishonest too.

      I can accept people's bad sides because no one is perfect and even more so when you're in love but when they're stacked together like that, it's really hard to find something to like. I mean, if Miwako neglects Riko and still liked Aki, then I can understand. But when she's so fickle and still has the guts to think it's okay to act like that, then it's really hard not to dislike her.

      Goodness, with the way Miwako is right now, I hope Shinya ends up with someone else too! He can be gay if he wants or marry a grandma as long as it's not Miwako. Anyone else is definitely better. He can even be a lolicon if he wants. I don't mind. I'm the go-with-the-flow kind of girl. As long as it's not Miwako. She's like a bad bacteria.

      Well, to give Miwako some credits, she did come up with those Mush pencils and badges thingy. Those are kind of creative. And cute. I suppose. Kind of funny. I suppose. Sigh, I just wish that woman regains some of her senses, though I highly doubt she has any in the first place. The mangaka should give her some good points soon because she's reaaaally annoying. Someone help her.

    7. Lol, is that so, lli ^^ For me, I usually don't have a problem with naive/stupid unless it is dragging the series on and it is starting to be annoying, or starting to hurt people because of it.

      Ah..cannot argue with you regarding that for it is right on the dot. From what you've mentioned, maybe Shun should have pulled those stunts too so that she'll fall for him ^^;; Of course, maybe Shun has luck that she didn't fall for him =P

      Lol, hate her that much, huh. Well, maybe the mangaka would give her some good points later on..just like with Aki and the other seemingly 'annoying/bad' characters from the start.

    8. Oh, I completely forgot that Shun likes/d Miwako. Is he blind? HAHAHA I'm so mean. I'm not usually this mean. ;P well, there must be something that Shun saw in Miwako then. XD

      LOL a lot of people seem to dislike Aki but I actually don't mind him. I can understand his character. I've never thought of him as annoying or bad actually. Do you dislike Aki too? Why?

    9. Hehe, maybe, lli ^^

      Yes, I tend to not like Aki. First, I do not like liars so I'm already biased with that. Then, he tends to say things without thinking. I don't find him inspiring. Dressed up in a sloppy way = untied shoes. Of course, it isn't exactly up to the level of dislike/hate. I do understand him in some ways. Lol, I have accepted the fact that he is the main character and apparently, this kind of character is needed for the story to work. ^^

  3. A very smooth chapter indeed.Thanks for the befitting summary and commentary though I tend to disagree about the identity of the person who uploaded Reiko's image. I think it's Aki for three reasons:

    1) he has a very pragmatic/ calculative nature:
    a- when the affair exploded i.e. that Reiko was the one targeting Riko (Mush) with her heinous tweets, Aki decided that the best thing that he could do to help his girlfriend was to write a befitting hit song, which he did,
    b- Aki is the mastermind behind the idea of ordering special head-wear in the form of a mushroom and cherries),

    2) In the previous chapter, Shinya went to see Aki and what was Aki doing? Yes, he was looking at his phone which such absorption at a crucial time where he ought to have rushed to Mush's side to congratulate her! Why? I think now we know. Plus, aside from Shibaken and Mush, he was the only one to be shown with a phone after the concert.

    3) The irony of fate or maybe the irony plotted by the mangaka: Reiko's image was uploaded at the same time when she was trying to upload Aki's; wouldn't be ironical that at the time she thought she had nailed Aki, he nailed her instead (which serves her right :p ) ^^

    I enjoyed this chapter, thanks again Kat ^^

    1. RoseFleur, I can definitely agree with the theory behind the Twitter photo uploader!! No one else was on the phone after the concert besides Aki. Let's face it he is very cunning/devious when it comes to this kind of surprise, but when it comes to romance he is very dense......

      Thanks for the summary Kat!! Love this manga so much.

      I hope Miwako and Shinya would somewhat become a pair. I love their bickering and comeback attacks (even though Shinya always wins).

      I guess Yuu is giving up on Riko and is somewhat accepting a better love rival for Aki.

      I think Riko and Reiko will become friends somehow after this incident. Riko might depend Reiko at school after all what she did to bush Mush and Co.

    2. Thanks for reading, RoseFleur ^-^ Is that so..

      I'll tell you why I do not think it is Aki. Yes, he is calculative, etc but I'll only give him credit up to the point when it is related to music. Otherwise, zero. ^^; This is a guy who has low EQ so I honestly don't think he can pull such a thing off.

      Yes, Aki is looking at his cellphone. Reading comments, relieved over the positive comments and smiling-humming over it. With that state of mind, I think he was already content with what they did. He isn't congratulating her because he is part of the group there and he should also be the one being congratulated. Aside from she is busy, he also hates crowds so he left.

      Of course, I love that irony if it is him but given Aki's personality and nature, I don't think he can pull it off.

      Now, I don't know if the timeline coincides with Reiko seeing that twit but Shinya just suddenly left the meeting and head to where Aki is. Is it only to check the comments? I recall that after the Shinya-Shun radio thing with Mush, he would also check comments in Twitter.

      Actually, I got two suspects..based on their personalities. The cunning ones is either Shinya or Soichiro. I'm wondering when and who took that picture. You see, Aki and Shinya should be busy before and after the concert so they wouldn't have personally taken Reiko's picture going in/out the concert. From the pictures, everyone is just passing by, not knowing that their picture is taken. Is it a camera or a video camera? Since they seem to be making a documentary out of it. So, our suspect, including Aki, in your case, have to ask someone to take the picture/screencap from the video. If it is a video, I think Soichiro might have a hand in it. He knows how cellphones works and other technical stuff..like knowing which wire to pull to make Riko do the LIVE singing.

      I'm also wondering what does 'matome' mean. ^^; In online jap-eng dict, it is settlement/conclusion though for a person, matomeyaku, it means mediator, peacemaker, troubleshooter, manager. The CRPL_matome poster would probably be Crude Play manager/the other above meaning?

      Sorry for that..I'm making this some sort of detective story =P Anyway, thanks for reading again ^-^

    3. Thanks for reading, avismonte080 ^-^

      Hehe, is that so.

      Indeed, Yuu seems to be giving up.

      You think so? Well, since Riko is nice, it is quite possible. Though, I'm not sure how fans would react to it. Something like they are helping you fight your enemy yet you are siding with the enemy. I'm thinking of some negative stuff. ^^; Actually, I wonder if it would be better if Reiko had apologized and Riko accepting it so that the fans won't be that angry at her.

    4. Well Kat, I do agree to some extent with what you've said however I don't think that Aki is dim-witted or stupid at all. It isn't a problem of low EQ or IQ either. He is just clumsy in love and someone who hasn't fully grown up yet because he has some unsettled issues to face and insecurities to resolve. Hence, I can still argue in his favor and say that he can pull something like this off.

      Anyways, back to the issue of the photo ... for starters, about the word congratulate (it was part of the argument but not the argument itself). The main argument (point 2) other than the fact that he has the ability to pull something like that (point 1), is that he secluded himself in the room and he was handling his phone. It doesn't matter if Mush was busy or if he hates crowds (that is not the main point). The argument was about establishing the fact that he had access to a phone.

      Point 3 – all of the scenes in this chapter shouldn't have taken more than few minutes (15 minutes at most), which means that they aren't fully chronological but partly simultaneous, which means that at the time when Reiko saw her photo get uploaded, it is fair to assume that Aki was still in the room with his phone (ehem ehem lool).

      Point 4 – I think that we can fairly exclude Soichirou as a suspect and that the photo had to come from a CCTV camera too, why? Actually, in this kind of manga, and giving the fact that we are talking about an experienced mangaka, it is all about gathering the clues from the scenes which preceded the one we are talking about.
      There isn't – not even a tiny shred of evidence that Shoichirou is the main instigator (unless you want to consider the twitter username as an evidence … but that is ambiguous and it could also involve either Shinya or Aki).

      Furthermore, if Reiko was able to take Aki's photo with her cellphone, then why wouldn't he be able to do the same? Plus, if it were from a CCTV camera, then why Reiko's photo was captured under this specific angle? If we want to talk about technicalities, then her photo was captured from a right angle and at a close distance enough to zoom-in (which means undoubtedly that it was taken when she wasn't looking by someone close enough to shoot this particular frame). If it were a CCTV camera than the angle should have been different and like I said, if Reiko took Aki's photo that simple then why wouldn't he be able to take hers as simple as that too? And if she had the chance to grab his then why wouldn't he be able to grab hers?

      (To be continued)

    5. Finally, it is all about hints … it is true that one's interpretation of the characters involved in the manga and previous incidents affect one's interpretation of a current scene but the hints involving this particular scene ought to weigh more. It is also true that I thought that Shinya was holding Aki's phone when they were in the same room but in reality each one had his own phone and examined his own phone. However in my opinion, this doesn't invalidate the “Aki”'s theory, it makes them both suspects with more hints in favor of Aki. Indeed, if one says it is Shinya, then here we would be speculating and assuming two things (1) he left Miwako then grabbed his phone 2) he uploaded Reiko's photo), whereas in the case of Aki I am only assuming one thing because it is already established that he is alone in the room with a phone at the time of the incident. Furthermore, is it really a coincidence that the mangaka pushed Reiko to grab Aki's photo but then decided to set one of this manga's characters in the track of uploading hers and exposing her on twitter before she exposes Aki?

      Eventually we will get to the bottom of this in the next chapters and in all cases, whether it is Shinya or Aki the outcome is one. The only difference is about discovering more about the characters from the perspective of their creator (the mangaka). It is about redeeming Aki or squashing him more, making him an unworthy shoujo's hero (but why would she sadistically reduce his status more when she has already provided him, according to my interpretation, as the potential instigator of an act which ended the trauma of his girlfriend? Will she really trample all over him? We have to wait and see)

      Cheers ^^

      Sorry for the lengthy reply but I write really fast ^^

    6. I know we are arguing about the perpetrator, won't it be very ironing if all our guess we're wrong and it might be a third party or like someone else (e.g one of the higher ups that investigated the case) ^_^

    7. Hehe, correct me if I'm wrong RoseFleur, but isn't immature/insecure, cannot easily adapt to people situation, tend to be clueless, always say the wrong things, have his own world, stubborn, etc.. = low EQ? ^^;

      Good points ^^

      About the video camera, I don't mean CCTV. I mean a man holding a video camera taking a video of the fans coming in/out the concert. Then, they'll edit it later on for some documentary type of show. While CP are doing their 'let's do our best cheer', someone is filming them so I assume they are doing to do some documentary.

      Next, I'm not sure Aki/Shinya would be taking her photo. He would have to stand before/after the concert and waiting for her. I'm not quite sure how many entrances Budokan has but in a huge stadium like this, I assume that there is more than one. Do they know which seat/kind of ticket Reiko has? What time she'll come? I'm assuming that Aki would be busy backstage though..if we base it on the manga scenes, he wasn't around until CP came out so, ya, maybe Aki was indeed standing around the entrance and waiting for Reiko. Maybe he asked the staff around as to which ticket/seat Reiko got if she bought it under her name. Lol, thinking of it, taking a picture of Reiko there seems to be a very tedious task. ^^;; Anyway, kudos to whoever did it.

      So, that seems to eliminate Shinya since he is busy before and after the concert that he might have time to upload it, he won't have time to get a picture of her. ^^;;; That is again assuming that the one who uploaded it did all this by himself.

      Hehe, indeed, we'll have to wait and see.

      No problem ^^

    8. Possible, avismonte080 ^^ So, higher ups would be..Kyoko? I'm not sure if the mangaka would make the uploader as someone totally unknown.

    9. Hello again .. Well about the "EQ" question, if it's a general question then I would have an entirely different response but it isn't general, it is your take, your opinion about this particular character, so I wouldn't object to that because each reader constructs his/her own interpretation of what he/she is reading and I respect other people's opinion even if I don't agree with them ^^

      As for the matter of tediousness you've mentioned, perhaps grabbing her photo was a tedious task and perhaps it wasn't.

      Finally, about the photo issue, I'll give you that ... if we say that this manga or more precisely this mangaka doesn't build her scenes by providing clues/ hints which decipher the cryptic or/and ambiguous situations or/and cliffhangers ... if she likes to introduce surprising elements which don't fit within the storytelling "mold" she used insofar, then all possibilities are possible (it could be Shinya or Soichirou or anyone else). I don't know if this is her style (I only read some of series done by her not all her them) but I know for certainty that she isn't an amateur.

      As a fan who aspire to learn more about her work, I can only accept the scheme she puts forward and the opinion of other fellow fans even if it contradicts mine.

      P.S. no avismonte080, we are not arguing, just laying out different approaches/ interpretations ^^ and why not perhaps your approach is also valid.

    10. ** correction - typo "not all of them"

    11. Ah no, RoseFleur..just asking if based on those criteria, was I wrong to say that a person has low EQ? Just wondering if I misunderstood the meaning of EQ. ^^;;

      Hehe, I see. Actually, I haven't read any of her series but I think she's quite good to have ah..most of them adapted into live action ^^ All this music industry stuff is quite well-researched and believable too ^^

      I see..well, contradiction also helps for it gives different insights and possibly form new ones ^^

  4. Thanks kat for your summary!

  5. You almost have to feel bad for Reiko going forward her life will be hell. Great summary one of my fave's to read

    1. Hehe, ya, TAP and thanks for reading ^-^

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  7. I don't think Aki did that. It's only the others , like Shinya and Shochiiro who are capable of doing that. Shinya has the passion to do such things. Aki is a lameduck who does not really care that much for Mush and her career to be able to do that kind of thing. Of course I cannot take that assertion to the bank. But he's a lameduck . that's why no one wants him for Mush. they already know Aki is bound to hurt Mush at one point, Yuu, Shinya and Sochiurou know it, to the point they even discussed it. ( Chapter 47)

    And seriously, that girl Miwako should have been fired a long time ago. She's a frustrated woman who is capable of doing something bad because of jealousy. Shinya and Miwako don';t mesh at all. I think Shinya is genuinely disgusted with her. Who exactly pays her salary ?

    And Reiko..... she got what she deserved. I wouldn't touch this girl with a 10 foot pole. She's a nasty piece of work, almost a psycho, and therefore it would be best for Mush not to have anything to do with a person who is capable of doing what she did. Same goes for Miwako.

    1. You too, megaworthit. Well, I won't say he doesn't care for Mush and her career..maybe not that much though he ought to care somewhat since he likes her voice. Hehe..no one? Hm..now that you mentioned it, that seems to be the case. Even Shun got Shibaken to meet with Riko.

      Her company, Hearst, iirc, pays her. She must be somewhat capable to be given this job of course, she is letting her emotions, etc hinder her work. So I'm not too sure if she would be like that if the talent is someone unrelated to her.

      Hehe ^^ Ya, usually, those kind of people are bad news that it is better not to have anything to do with them. But then, maybe they'll change..of course, that is a gamble/risk one would have to take.