September 20, 2014

Skip Beat [Side Story from volume 35]

[Free talk: I found this in baidu.  It is a side story for volume 35. The poster, 叶之溪, wrote the translation with some photographed pictures of it. Even if some of my translation is a bit vague in some parts since I couldn’t understand some parts but I think you can get the essence of it. ^^]

This is around the time when Corn showed that holy smile at around chapter 210 and in around 212, after Corn left, Kyouko’s demons are in a meeting. They are all wearing protective suits. 

Kyouko’s demons/ ‘souls protecting Kyouko’: Because of the urgent situation, we are doing to have a general meeting.

[showing Corn’s smile picture]

It has been a long time since we felt this feeling of being purified. Thus, we conclude that Corn and Ren is one person. On this earth, it is unexpected that there is someone else who can launch that murderous radiance. At that time, it is truly terrifying. Because of carelessness, a number of our comrades had passed away after being purified by it.

[showing Ren’s picture]

Before, when we were attacked by it, we had become weak. Even if the second attack’s firepower had weakened a lot, I think that if we weren’t wearing these light protective suits, it is very possible that the second attack will totally wipe us out. So, we should always keep this attire on.

That killer radiance is also too much [/excessive] that perhaps, these two people are.. but one person.

[showing pictures of both Ren and Corn]

Even if one cannot say for sure, if it is or it is not, because Corn copied Tsuruga-san, right?

No, it isn’t. He ought to only copy the voice and that’s all. And our leader, [Kyouko] also had already vaguely see [/modeled] Corn as Tsuruga-san. Even if a fairy can copy the voice, but it is impossible for him to emit a completely similar kind of temperament [/personality trait] energy [/capability]. It is impossible for the boss [Kyouko] not to discover such a big bug [/error].

It depends..then right now, could it be that boss is..

Kyouko: It is as if that haze from my heart has dispersed. *recalls Corn’s smile* That dazzling bright holy smile that can blind my eyes. Although I felt that Corn’s smile at that time is the same with Tsuruga-san’s.. As expected.. is it just an illusion? Just now, I saw Tsuruga-san’s holy smile that once again, I’m convinced that these two smiles have the same impact on me. Corn’s holy smile is Tsuruga-san’s holy smile but.. Corn can only duplicate the voice and that’s all. Is it possible that the holy smile is also recreated?

[Demons seems tense as Kyouko comes up with her conclusion]

Kyouko: Could it be that Tsuruga-san’s *looks at Ren* eighth ancestor has the DNA of a fairy. Oh my god!! So, his body built isn’t like of an earthling.

Demons go into shock.

Demons: We totally couldn’t guess boss’ conclusion. Even if we know that boss’ brain is made of fairy tale kingdoms, those Gordian knots [<- guesswork since I couldn’t figure out the Chinese 儿]  are more stubborn than we imagined. It is on a super long standby with extra high performance. [<- no idea but seems like a description for a battery ^^;]

Boss, please go and eat some medicine [to cure your stupidity; it is a common idiom]!

Kyouko: This is something that even Tsuruga-san isn’t aware of. The secret of his family origin. Perhaps, I’m the only one who is aware of it!

Demons: Ohmygodeath-

Ren: What is it, Mogami-san? Is there something that you want to say?

Kyouko: [probably thinking] At that time, Tsuruga-san will realize it, so right now, I won’t say it.

Demons: She generally thinks that during some vicious heterosexual battle, Tsuruga-san’s fairy ability will open up [/be revealed]. So worried about the boss’ future. If we don’t strive hard in protecting leader, we reckon that leader would have had been sold off earlier on to become a wife to the southern mountains [/Nanzan 南山 Not sure ^^; It is a real place though I’m not sure of the connection]

Comment: And, isn’t that amusingly funny? I actually didn’t think of that detail that indeed the smile ought to be similar. And, indeed, the voice is only copied so the obvious conclusion is it is the same person. Unfortunately, Kyouko is too much into fairy tale stuff that she just concluded that Ren has fairy DNA. ^^; In a way, I think that will be a bit of help in making Kyouko accept that Ren is Corn or some way, I assume =P


  1. Oh MY GOD, I can't believe her stupidity! XD Thank you for the summary, Kat!
    To think that her DEMONS found out about it before herself, orz


    1. Yup, Yuki, this pretty much confirms it. Stupid = too much fairy tales > reality/big clue.

      Thanks for reading ^-^ Yup ^^

  2. Ah, jeez. How does the small Kyoko demons know and she doesn't? Then again, she know the truth deep inside her heart that Corn and Tsuruga-san is the same person. Maybe that's why the demons know and she doesn't. If Kyoko wasn't connecting him to fairytales then she'd figure out that they're the same person, not only that, she'd figure out that he's Kuu's son.

    Thanks for sharing, Kat. :)

    1. Hehe, well, they aren't into fairy tales =P True, I'm thinking it is something like that...deep inside she knows but whatever it was, her fairy tale obsession just covers it up. ^^;

      Hm..and figure him out as Kuu's son..was there a slip up before about it?

      Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

    2. No there wasn't. However, remember how Kuu kept going on and on about Kuon. Not to mention, Kyoko thought if it wasn't for Corn being a fairy then they'd be exctly alike, and that since Kuu is a doting parent he might be overstating things. And that they're the same age. Now if she figures since Corn is actually Tsuruga, wouldn't she put it together? Kuu's son is exactly like him, and Kuu is an actor. Tsuruga is very serious about acting. Two and two together, he's Kuu's son. Probably not that hard to figure out, besides he just might tell her his true name. Kuon Hizuri, says it all. :)

    3. Oh and another thing, Kuu's expression reminded her of Tsuruga, she just didn't connect the dotes.

    4. Hm..Brittany, I don't recall Kuu telling her how old Kuon is. Her portrayal of Kuon seems to be of a young kid. If I remember correctly, she even almost thought that he is dead because of how sad Kuu was when talking about him..or something tragic. I don't think there was a mention that Kuon is also an actor. Also, she probably didn't easily connect it because Kuu's blond and Ren isn't. If I were to believe Kuu's speech, Ren/Kuon should be more like his mother, right? Being beautiful, out of the world, etc.

      True..and she most probably dismiss the similarity as coincidence. Unlike with Corn, she is putting in her 'fairy tale' conclusions along with the stuff that he says. ^^;

      But yes, if she knows his true name, that pretty much says everything and it would finally hit her. =P And, that's another something to anticipate later and when she'll will know it ^^

    5. Oh, what I meant was that once she figures out that Corn is Tsuruga, it'll make more sense. Yes you're right, but Kuu said that his son should be 20 right now. Tsuruga and his son is the same age. Corn is blond with green eyes, yes I believe he got his hair and eye color from his mother. That was my impression.

      True, I can't wait to see how she finds out. He thought he'll tell her when they see each other as Kyoko and Corn again. But what if she finds out before then? Will she feel mad, betrayed, disappointed? Would she slap him for tricking her into kissing him? (Probably not, but that'll be funny.) :)

    6. Oh, he did, Brittany. Ah..that's seems that the eyes are also different. Well, I also think that Corn = Tsuruga is more likely to happen first than Kuon = Tsuruga.

      I'm not sure because she knows that there is a 'deep secret past' which seems painful to him..the dark abyss type so she might understand his reasons later on, but then, the first reaction will be a puzzle. Since she is 'fairy tale' brain, I'm not sure if she will be delighted to know that her 'corn/fairy prince' is actually Ren all along. I'm not sure if there are any fairy tale stories with secret identities though..if there are, maybe things will go smoothly rather than badly. ^^; Since the ending would be her fairy prince bringing her to his fairy kingdom with his fairy parents and live happily ever after =P

      Actually, I hope it won't be very bad..for it might take years to resolve. ^^;

    7. Many people seem to forget this, but Ren started wearing a specially made wig soon after starting his BJ role, since dying his hair as often as he would have needed to would have killed it. See Ch174 for his conversation about it with Yashiro (in the car, towards the end). He has Ren's hair over Cain's hair over his natural hair color now.

    8. Thanks for the remainder ^^ I do somewhat vaguely remember that, and it might be an important thing later on ^^

      Though his BJ/Cain role would be over by the time he returns to Japan right? Would he dye it back to dark color when he goes back to Japan? Though it wasn't mentioned if Jelly will come over for his makeover again. Anyway, at least that is something to keep in mind as a possible way that he'll be exposed ^^

    9. Honestly, it's a wonder that, despite Kyoko's amazing powers of observation, she has not noticed that Ren wears contacts. Color contacts are not so good that someone constantly looking straight into someone's eyes close up would not obviously be able to tell that it was not completely natural. Also, even if she did not, for some insane reason, notice that they were colored, how is it possible to miss that he is wearing contacts? Perhaps this is simply another things that is supposed to have crossed her mind behind the scenes? Like that she just assumes he has poor eyesight, lol, and is in denial about how "natural" Ren's eyes should look (he's got fairy blood after all, lmao).

    10. Lol, possible..unless they are high tech or something, to make them look natural. Of course, it probably boils down to the mangaka doesn't want her to know yet. It keeps us curious how she'll know it. ^^

    11. I kind of like how she keeps making these side stories which address these kinds of things that make our minds go in circles, because we just can't let them go (like wondering what in the world Kyoko gave him for his birthday). :)

  3. That is awesome! Lol, too funny!! Thanks for translating this side story. I've actually wondered if Kyoko figured out deep down that they might be the same person, but isn't ready to accept that possibility yet (the fairytale rationale would be a good excuse for her to dismiss the truth from her thoughts). The smile is a total giveaway and I never thought of it either. :)

    1. Yup, squeaker and thanks for reading ^-^

      That's right. ^^ Indeed ^^

  4. Thank you, Miss Kat!

  5. OMG! She's so stupid and naive XP I was thinking about something silly recently, but I really wanted to see a side story about the return gift of the White Day! I am so curious about what Ren's going to give her XD Or maybe this will be revealed later on |ω・)

    Thanks for your hard work (^_^)

    1. Yup, Lolli ^^ Hm..

      Maybe.., is it possible that it was the kiss from a fairy prince =P

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  6. Oh my gosh, I had loads of laughter when I was reading this. The boss is smart and hard-working when it comes to her acting career but completely oblivious when it comes to heart matters. Ren is going to have lots of trouble to make her understand that he likes her :D lol

    1. Yup, it's quite funny, RoseFleur ^^

      Ya, and if you mix in fairy tales and Ren's 'storytelling'.. =)

      Hehe, well, if she is the usual naive lead girl, she can easily mistake that 'like' as 'ordinary like' =P