September 29, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 60 + Side Story]

With the full moon hanging above the sky, some guests of CP’s Budokan concert have started to take their leave. Shibaken’s manager tells him that if another 10 minutes have passed, they won’t be able to reach the Live Broadcast show in time. Shibaken tells him that he knows already. He looks at the side and to his delight, Senzaki is already escorting Riko to him. Senzaki apologizes for the wait. Shibaken’s manager says that they should be the one apologizing for they are so busy and they still find some time for them. With a victorious smile, Shibaken greets Riko otsukaresama deshita ‘good job’ for the concert. Riko says thanks. Silence. Shibaken suddenly realized that they are still in a quarrel period. Viewing her with an irritated expression, he thinks that she must be still angry and holding a grudge against him. Actually, Riko is thinking of the encounter earlier. Flashback: Lucca introduced herself and praised Riko for her amazing performance. Riko thanked her. [By the way, they all call her by her stage name, Mush/Mushroom.] Lucca happily said that she really anticipates it for she was drumming while she’s singing. This puzzled Riko.
Smiling Kyoko informed Riko that Yamamoto Kyoudai band show’s last LIVE performance, and that is the aspect of the show. [<- Probably saying that it relies on LIVE performances] Riko looked at them then at the side. She saw Sou with Yuu. Sou saw her looking at him so he smiled and waved back. This made Riko sad and teary-eyed. Kyoko saw this and smiled. Kyoko told Riko that soon, they’ll meet again during the preparatory meeting. Somewhat serious Riko said okay, I’ll be under your care [/yoroshiku]. Riko thought that for this woman to tell her ‘make friends’, it meant to introduce her to a drummer. Lucca happily said that she hope that they properly get along. With Sou’s faded image, Riko thought also saying..saying that.. End flashback. Shibaken is irked by glum looking Riko who is lost in thought. He tells her that no matter how angry she is, it isn’t good to show it on her face. This surprises Riko that she looks at him. Shibaken says that actually what he said before is a bit mean but it is for her own good so he said it, and he hopes that she can understand.. She stares at him which made Shibaken glad for it should be like this, she should gaze steadily at him.
While Shibaken has his ‘Shibaken smile’, Riko asks him what he is referring to. This surprises Shibaken. Riko asks if something had happened. While Riko is trying to recall it, Shibaken wonders if this is a way to attract someone’s attention, pretending not to remember and considering that, he’s quite bothered by it. Shibaken says that it is okay if she doesn’t remember. Mentally, Shibaken’s inner self is scolding him that following the tendency, the conversation will end, just look. Riko says that’s great..ah..she’s going ahead. She bows, thanks him and turns to leave. This made Shibaken call out to her. Puzzled Riko looks back at flustered Shibaken. He angrily reprimands her that she still hasn’t changed, too self-important when she’s a newbie, that she unexpectedly turned around ahead of the senpai. This surprises the managers. Riko apologizes to Shibaken. Shibaken’s manager tries to tell her that it is okay, and it isn’t that serious. He asks Shibaken what’s up with him. Shibaken immediately switches ‘on’ into ‘work mode’. With a follow up, Shibaken looks distress and tells Riko that it is too dangerous..that he blurted it out..and someone like her who may or may not be able to have a firm standing in the showbiz, he is a bit worried.
He apologizes for being meddlesome. Thinking of Kyoko, Riko mutters that it turns out that she..ah, how should she say this.. Shibaken asks her what the matter is. She tells him that does she look totally like an amateur. Shibaken is puzzled that Riko immediately says no, even if she clearly knows that they had just debuted and they are still lacking in a lot of areas. Troubled, Riko says that isn’t what she should she says this.. She looks at Shibaken and asks that does it seem that they don’t have the awareness to become professional. He looks serious at her and says that [he] can see it. This startles Riko that she says if he means.. They were interrupted by Shibaken’s manager for it is almost time for the broadcast recording. This made Riko apologize for holding them up. She glumly bids them goodbye. Shibaken’s manager thanks her. Then, Senzaki is telling Riko that they are now going to greet a magazine editor. Looking at Riko, Shibaken suddenly asks her for a way to contact her. He tells her that since he is in showbiz, he has lots of experience. “I want to provide you some suggestions!” This makes Riko break into a smile and exclaims, “For real!? Then, I’m really grateful to you!”
Then, they exchanged contact information. Senzaki and Shibaken’s manager look at each other. By the wall, Miwako is watching Riko thanking Shibaken. She recalls Shinya asking if she wanted to hurt Riko, and he despise that kind of woman. Miwako tries to shut off the memory when Senzaki interrupts her by asking what she is doing, she should be with Riko and the Empress is going to leave soon. Miwako apologizes for she felt that she has no way of getting close and with her at Riko’s side, she’ll only be a hindrance. Senzaki asks what she is blabbing about, for the empress, even if Miwako is some unknown person, she definitely won’t ignore her. He asks isn’t this work about being patient with all kinds of unfairness [one will experience]. Miwako looks flustered then she notices Shinya going out of the room. Senzaki asks what and Miwako says that Shinya had just.. Senzaki sighs and says that Shinya ran away again for he isn’t quite good in situations that require socializing. To Senzaki’s surprise, Miwako tells him that she’s going to bring him back. With clenched fists, Miwako heads to where Shinya went. This surprises Senzaki. In the canteen, Aki is reading the twitter messages on his phone. Relieved over the twits, he mutters that’s great. He continues to check the messages. He smiles and starts humming.
Someone asks him what he is smiling here for and it feels really gross. Aki is surprised to see Shinya. Looking aside, somewhat flustered Aki tells Shinya that it is nothing. Shinya asks if there are many praises that were coming out, for him in Twitter. Aki says that’s for sure. Shinya looks glum. He sits down and pulls out his own phone. After a while, Aki asks if there is no need to continue on greeting [the visitors]. Without looking at him, Shinya says, so, isn’t he also here. Aki says no, it is because he is a shadow [backstage] member and Shinya is a member [of the band]. Still not looking at him, Shinya says so, his [Aki] hated socializing has been pushed to him [Shinya]. This startles Aki. Aki tries to break the awkward mood by offering Shinya with a drink. Shinya reads out the Twitter messages, ‘mushplay is awesome’, ‘it is the first time I felt that Mushroom is not bad. The performance is really remarkable.’ ‘Before I thought that ‘Tomorrow Still’ is such an ordinary song, I was mistaken. It is simply too awesome.’ Aki looks at Shinya who stands up. Shinya slightly smiles and says that he also think so, too. Shinya leaves stunned Aki. Then, he wonders out loud if he was just praised by Shinya.
While walking at the hallway, Shinya looks flustered. Then, Miwako bumps into him. She apologizes to him then exclaims what he is doing. This surprises Shinya. He sighs and asks her if she had violated a traffic law by leaning on the right thus bumping into someone. This made her flustered that she answers back that there are still guests so please properly complete his duty. Shinya retorts back that from the direction he is going, she can see that he’s going back. Miwako keeps silent. Shinya sighs and asks if he cannot even go to the toilet. This made Miwako apologize. Then he says, forget it, he’s lying. He tells her that it is because she thinks that he is slacking off so he admits it. While walking towards the reception room, Shinya says that he had already reflected on it and he’s preparing to go back. Miwako is puzzled. He turns toward her and says that by the way, he felt that it is actually dangerous every time they have this kind of greeting [visitors] thing after the concert. It is impossible to keep calm [/be the same as normal] after secreting too much adrenaline so it is too weird. Miwako says that he looks calm and the same as before.
Shinya says that in the end, she doesn’t have discernment [/understanding] and she belongs to that role in horror movies wherein she was gotten rid of from the start. Irked Miwako says, hey you.. Shinya stops walking and asks why she is here for shouldn’t she be staying at Riko’s side. Miwako says that it is because.. She looks away and says that she is also considered in charge of him. Shinya goes ha. She tells him that it is because if it is Riko, she is okay by herself. Shinya asks if it is because Riko looks okay, so she thinks that Riko isn’t uneasy. “Do you know what kind of feelings that child had when she went on stage today?” Shinya sternly looks at Miwako who started to look flustered. Miwako looks away and says, she unexpectedly did quite well, right? Shinya just looks at her. Meanwhile, in a car, Shibaken’s manager is on the phone kept on apologizing for making them wait. He tells the other party that they will arrive at around 5 minutes and right now, Shibaken himself is currently confirming the script.. And he looks at the backseat to see elated Shibaken looking at his iphone. Shibaken muses that he didn’t think that he can quickly add Riko to LINE [internet messaging app]. Shibaken’s manager doesn’t look pleased over this.
Side story‘It is not at all the fan’s dream but rather, my own dream’: Shibaken glances at a beautiful girl and passes by her. As she looks back at him, Shibaken thinks that he deliberately keeps distant from beautiful girls. His co-band member exclaims that isn’t that Misa [guesswork from 美紗] the model and she’s super beautiful. Shibaken casually says is that so, is that it. His band member says that his ideal type is too high. Shibaken says no, he is only saying the truth. Shibaken thinks that it is because if he carelessly fell in love, it will be troublesome. It is also troublesome if that person took advantage of his popularity to hype oneself. Right now, it is the era wherein if he were to look and smile, it will be uploaded and talked about on the internet! In Music Stage, the host introduces Kaitouranma’s ‘STAY’. While singing and dancing with his members, Shibaken thinks that it is because he is a super popular idol! With only a new song out, it will definitely be number one but then, this is inevitable because the level he wanted to reach isn’t this. “It is because I want to become the first male idol to be printed on the banknote! I want to become the citizens’ superstar! HA HA HA I absolutely will become the anchor of Kohaku Uta Gassen! [annual music show during New Year in NHK. Female vs male singers] I’m not like the others because I became an idol with this kind of awareness [/thinking].”
The interviewer is surprised that Shibaken wrote his own resume and sent it out. She says that she heard that the other members weren’t discovered by a talent scout. The other interviewer tells her that his relative, an aunt took the initiative to send out the resume. Thinking that it is because he wanted to become an idol, Shibaken tells the interviewers that in order to become an idol, he put all his strength into it after pondering on the answers [of the resume?]. At that time, he is around 10 years old so he wasn’t able to fill in the educational background. He happily tells them that it is really great that he got employed. Narration: “So, I don’t plan on getting married until I’m 40 years old. *Concert at the Tokyo Dome* By the way, I felt that true love at 40 is very good. *Shibaken waves to blushing fans who call out his name. Then, he winks and gestures a kiss to his delighted fans* So I want to become the lover of the fans. But because I’m a man. *looks at Misa* Towards beautiful girls-whatever, in the end, my resistance is very weak. *passes by and ignores Misa* So, I deliberately keep distance from beautiful girls. But, as a result. *Shibaken asks to exchange contact information with Riko.* This girl doesn’t matter. Because she is an ugly girl.”
Comment: Ah, Shibaken is smitten by Riko. His façade is slipping because of her unpredictable reactions. Because of Kyoko, Riko’s confidence became unsure of herself and her band. It became an opportunity for Shibaken to ‘keep in touch’ with her. Riko doesn’t seem to know Shibaken’s intentions but the managers already know. I do wonder why Riko easily agreed. Is it because it is at that spontaneous moment? I think she could have asked Aki and the others though given what Shun said, Shibaken has been in showbiz longer than they are. Or maybe he is at her age? Actually, he can help her a lot because unlike the others, Shibaken pretty made a career for himself with his own initiative compared to CP and the others who relied on Soichiro to find them. Unlike the other ‘people in charge’, Miwako is really insensitive with people. I actually think that she is similar with Aki in that aspect. Unfortunately for her, even as she seems to like Shinya, that is one side of Aki that Shinya dislikes and it is making him dislike her more. Miwako seems to be somewhat unprofessional too because she is letting her uneasiness with Riko hamper her work. As usual, Shinya can be quite blunt with Aki regarding being his substitute yet still find in his heart to praise him. It pretty much hurt that the song he made is getting attention just because of Aki but then, he also looks up to Aki’s genius music skills. I’m amused over his sarcastic remark about Miwako’s role if she’s in the horror movie. 

Anyway, back to Shibaken, as an idol, it is a no-no to be in love so this might cause some problems for him even if he seems to unconsciously know that he is really infatuated with Riko. And, he knew that love is bad news for his career. There is still about how Shibaken’s fans will react to Riko if they learn about this. These fans might react differently from CP’s fans. As for the side story, Shibaken is into this for the fame. To think of it, at around age 10 and for him to reach this stage, the kid is pretty driven and knows what he wants to do in life at such a young age. His last statement makes me think, ah, no wonder the mangaka didn’t draw Riko as cute or beautiful. ^^; There’s actually a purpose to it. Actually, with that fact of not having the good looks, Riko ought to be something for she has enough charm and sex appeal to form a harem. =P And, she is getting popular with the guys that can make both beautiful women like Mari and not so pretty girls like Reiko be jealous of her. Being ‘ugly’ or ordinary looking really makes them look down on Riko until she opens her mouth and sing. ^^ Of course, that is one thing but then, from the looks of it, after that, the guys are pretty much hooked on her already. ^^; I’m not too sure with Yuu though. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组.

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  1. This story line has gone in all different directions which on the one hand is good keeps it interesting but on the other hand the cryptic comments at the beginning make you wonder where this is truly leading. I have a feeling Riko will not end up with anyone but choose music her way over all else. As always thanks for the summary.

    1. True..and I guess it keeps us guessing.

      Is that so..but then, do you think she'll still be with her group or with another one?

      Thanks for reading, TAP ^-^

  2. Well, I liked the side story ... it is very amusing when a guy falls in love with a girl he thinks is ugly., though personally, I think that most women are beautiful even the ones who don't look physically appealing because they would definitely have something to compensate for it (100% ugly girls/women are rare).

    Wow you hit the jackpot when you described Shinya's feelings towards Miwako and Aki (yup, they are both insensitive though I think that the more Shinya reprimands Miwako, the more she falls for him - hence in spite of how things are looking right now, we might expect a twist in the events if the mangaka makes them end up together.

    This chapter also shows how carefree Aki is, he never directly supports Mush. I've commented so many times about this relationship that I've decided to drop commenting on it, surprisingly I liked these last chapters because they are focusing on slice-of-life scenes, I would like to see more of the infatuated Shibaken (at least he shows us what Aki never showed towards Mush sincehe didn't hook up with her because he was infatuated but for other motives etc. (no need to dwell on their past).

    Thanks Kat
    Good job as usual. Take care a lot ^^

    1. I don't know about the ugly thing. Maybe Shibaken is so used to gorgeous girls that a girl like Riko whom, I feel may not be gorgeous like female actots are, but maybe above average if compared to ordinary girls.The fact that she was even considered in a drama means she has potential. Take note,she will not sing in a drama ( I guess ). And I tell you, a group of guys will not get a girl to be in their band, no matter how good her singing is, if she is ugly. Optics matters too.

      Aki is not only carefree, his attitude is wishy washy towards Mush, like he does not even care if he loses her in the future. Ha ! That makes sense. Intuitively, he knows he has a back-up. He's not that desperate to be with her. he even planned to cheat on her., though he knew that would be a cause for break -up.

    2. True, RoseFleur ^^ And indeed, in a way, I'm thinking that Shibaken x Mush can be a completely new different series by itself. =P

      Lol, so she's a M? ^^; True..somehow I think she'll be Shinya's consolation prize.

      Hehe, true.

      Thanks for reading and comment ^-^

    3. Maybe, they say, beauty is on the eye of the beholder. ^^

      Hehe..and from your comment, I'm wondering if he's wishy-washy in general..not just with his love life. ^^;;

    4. @ megaworthit

      Well actually, this is the third time Mush has been described as being ugly by a guy throughout the entire series (Yuu, Aki who told her this in her face - how sensitive of him! - and now Shibaken). I tend to agree with Kat though, Mush has an unusual charisma, that is why she is developing a "harem" around her. Perhaps what they mean by "ugly" is not being strikingly pretty (a drop-dead-gorgeous).

      About Aki's part, I am giving myself a break from commenting about his character and motives though I think he is carefree in general even with Mari, though perhaps he was more passionate about her because they were more intimate (do you remember the song he wrote for her and that he was humming its tune the day he met Mush? She cried a lot when she realized to whom this song was written for ...

      @ Kat

      lol yup Miwako is an "M" and Shinya is bordering being an "S"; isn't he bullying her? :p I would have wanted a better consolation prize but this lady is better than none :D

      Cheers ^^

    5. True, in a way, they are kind of a pair. ^^;; Ya..and so far, this series seem to be plot driven than character so I don't think personalities will change much. Of course, maybe someone new would be introduced.. ^^

  3. Thanks for the summary. Miwako is irritating me; most unprofessional female characters like her never seem to get fired, or they get off the hook easily. She's 28 years old taking it out on a 16 year old...time to grow up. Anyways, Shibaken is so funny! I had the same initial reaction as you when he was first introduced. He looks too much like Aki, and acts too much like Shun. He was too redundant. But now I think he's kind of growing into his own might be nice for Riko to have a friend who's not CP & Mush related. She doesn't have to worry about professionalism as much with Shibaken. Honestly, I know the author keeps pulling the "ugly" card on Riko, but let's be honest, a truly "ugly" female would not be able to make it into showbiz. If Riko were real, I imagine she would have a plain and childish face, with a godawful haircut. Even if someone's face is conventionally good, bad hair can go a long way into making them ugly.

    1. Thanks for reading, Kimberly ^-^

      Indeed that it is making me wonder if Riko is her first major job/assignment or what. ^^;

      Yup, Shibaken is indeed becoming his own character. Ya, in a way, somewhat like an in between those the business and friend. I'm not sure if she doesn't have to worry about professionalism..with CP, she doesn't since they are very casual with her. Because she is Aki's girlfriend? But with Shibaken, he kept on mentioning it to make her stay around or he wants to say something back at her. ^^;

      Ah, was it mentioned before? Probably depends on whom she is compared with. Like if it is with Mari, ya..but with Reiko.. That's true though amusingly, I don't find it that awful. ^^; Hehe, manga-wise or live drama-wise. Anyway, haircut can be easily fixed ^^

  4. Well I really like Shinya and Miwako's intercations. I feel bad for Shinya because he's always been a step behind Aki, he needs to find his one and only, someone who will treasure him over anyone else, and who better for that role than someone who originally was in love with Aki? Even though he's been very harsh with Miwako, I'm confident that at some point all that "hate" will turn into attraction towards her. I knew this would happen ever since chapter 47, when he took her to his place after a man tried to make a move on her when she was drunk and she told him in the taxi that she was moved by Mush's performance (that is, Shinya's music).

    I would be very upset if Miwako made a drama with Shibaken, she's lives for music, that's how her character is. She's not just another celebrity who makes dramas and stuff just for being famous.

    1. Hehe, is that so ^^ It is possible..let's see how things turn out.

      Ya..though publicity is good ^^ Depends if Riko actually had some hidden acting skills. ^^

  5. The fact is... I just want Aki to disappear from the scenes from hereon. Or just have a minor role , like on this chapter. It's always a pain in the as* to see him in a chapter.

    I notice that in mangas, the "rival" always has the best hairsyle... If only Mush will change her horrible hairsyle... but then, she won't be called Mush anymore, that's the problem. Her hait turns me off... I can't seem to get past that, lol. Maybe it's because I feel the hair is a woman's crowning glory. It's my personal preference that I project into the mangas that I read.

    1. LOL @ megaworthit

      I'm with you.... I can't get pass that hair of hers either. It's just so.. ugly. ^_^

    2. Lol, megaworthit. But he's the main lead.

      True..and as I always say, unlike most people, it didn't bother me. ^^;;