August 2, 2014

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 33]

Page 33 – WE. Narration: “Whether it is the radiance of spring, or the clouds of the summer season, it is autumn wind or perhaps winter season’s sky. IT IS SPLENDID BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE.” Narration: “It has already been a month since Kira-kun has waked up. The season has totally changed into autumn.”

At the international airport, Nino glances at her watch. At the waiting area, she asks if he hasn’t come yet. While Yabe is sitting uneasily with Rei, Nino says that he should have already arrived. Yabe orders Nino to go to that side and look around. Nino says okay. Narration: “Kira-kun is coming back to the country today.”

Looking at the map, Nino wonders if she made a mistake about the meeting point. Then, someone appears behind her and puts his hand on the bulletin board. She turns around to see smiling Kira who asks, “Right now, Japan is a very popular sleeping[?] corner, right?”  

 Nino looks surprised. Yabe and Rei are also surprised to see Kira. Tiara is holding a wheelchair with a bag on it. Holding up her arms, Nino happily greets him a welcome back but he tells her to stop and wait for a moment. While she is puzzled, Kira walks some steps away from her and turns to her.
With his arms wide open, Kira says, “Come. Please rush toward me as much as you want.” This surprises her. After contemplating it for a bit, she runs towards him and jumps. She hugs him and exclaims, “Welcome back!” Kira smiles and says, “I’m back.” Tiara and Rei look happy for the couple.

Crying Yabe shouts that he also wants to hug so let him go. Rei stops him for he is a hindrance. After looking at Nino, Kira looks distracted. She asks what it is. Kira says that after he went to the recuperating hospital, at that time, he is always worried and can he go to her house. Nino asks what he is worried about. Kira says about the parrot.

He asks if there is no change ever since that day. Nino looks surprised and sad. She says okay. In her room, Sensei kept calling out ‘Pi Pi’. Nino says that Sensei’s appetite is good and there are no other changes. She tells him that as a precaution, she wanted to have him checked but he basically hates the hospital so when she is going to bring him there, he would run away from her. “Yabe and the others also came to try and talked with him but it is still no good.”

Dressed as a maid, Nino’s mother calls from below that she has prepared some tea. Nino tells Kira who is looking at Sensei that she’ll bring the tea up. While Sensei continues to go ‘Pi pi’, Kira recalls Sensei telling him something while they are having a bath. Kira rubs Sensei’s head and sadly asks, “Is this really okay?”
Soon, in section 2-3, during lunch break, Nino is showing her friends a picture of Kira working out at a physical therapy gym. Her friends squeal over how cute Kira is in exposing his abdominal muscles and he’s so cool. Nino happily says that it is a picture of Kira during recovery that was sent to her by his father.

Her friends thank her for showing it to them and they didn’t know that she and Kira were going steady and Kira got sick. The ponytail girl says that is most surprising is Nino’s change because it is totally different when she tried to talk with her before. She tells Nino that she was really startled when Nino shouted, ‘Please eat lunch together with me!!’ Nino happily smiles.

Narration: “Right now, my every day is very substantial [/enriching]. School life is also very happy. *At the hallways, Nino greets Hyakuta and Ikigoma* I even have very good friends. *While Rei is eating, Nino and Yabe are praying that Yabe’s manga will be chosen after they mailed it to the publisher.* My important person is still at my side. *At the gym, Nino gives Kira her specially made beverage.* But..”
In her room, Nino tells Sensei, “And also, Sensei..this time around, Rei-chan will get published in a magazine. It’s really amazing.” She looks sad since Sensei is just busy cleaning his feathers. She rests her head on the chair and mutters, “Please smile happily with me..Sensei.” Narration: “[But..] the one, whom I really wanted to report all of these things, doesn’t give me any reply.”

At school, Nino is hurrying to her next classroom when her cellphone is ringing. She finds it quite rare for her mother to call her during school hours. Nino answers it and her mother says, “Nino-chan, it is bad. Sensei, he..” Nino looks surprised. At the veterinarian hospital, the doctor tells Nino and her mother that he already prescribe some antibiotic and vitamin dosage.

The doctor says that regarding the vomiting problem, they thought that he is very healthy at home but the result of the examination isn’t desirable. While Nino looks at sick Sensei in a box, the doctor informs them that this child [<- Sensei] has a tumor but it grew in a place that is very difficult to operate on. Nino and her mother are shock to hear the news.
The doctor had told them that in the meantime, it will be alright because the tumor is very small. “So, I recommend that you cherish the times that you’ll have together with him.” Nino is walking really fast in the street that her mother holds her back and asks her to wait, where is she going to bring Sensei. 

Nino says that she is going to find a doctor who can operate on Sensei. “Because Kira-kun was saved then, Sensei will also definitely..” Her mother calls out to her and says that Sensei isn’t a human but a very very small animal so do not let him undergo so much pain.” Nino looks at the box and recalls Sensei calling her, “Nino~~! Nino Nino~~!” Nino starts to break down and cry.

Hugging the box, she thinks that this is definitely a lie. At the university hospital’s courtyard, Nino tells Kira that in short, they are temporarily going to use medicine to stabilize Sensei’s illness. Clenching the helm of her skirt, Nino wonders out loud if it is because he is sick that he can no longer talk and it would be good if she knew early on, for it is her responsibility.

Kira tells her not to say that kind of thing for it was unavoidable. Nino protests that Sensei would always prioritize and consider her first, but she wasn’t able to make him happy. Kira looks surprised over this as Nino recalls how she met Sensei. She tells Kira that when she was in grade six, she met Sensei.
There is a scene of young Nino looking at a very injured Sensei lying by the street. Nino tells Kira that Sensei got attacked by crows. Since he was in a life and death situation, she picked Sensei up and brought him home. Kira is surprised by this that he repeats that she brought him home. Nino says yes, she had asked her mother to bring him to the hospital.

There, she was informed by such depressing news. Aside from Sensei being injured by the crows, he had scars from being maltreated by a human so it is possible that while he is trying to escape, he was attacked by the crows. At that time, Nino is in a state wherein she doesn’t trust people that she overlapped her own circumstances with Sensei’s situation.

She had asked her mother to please let her bring it home and she’ll do her best to go to school. End flashback. Nino tells Kira that from the start it was difficult because Sensei was frightened but after she persevered, their relationship gradually became better. “Afterwards, one day, he suddenly starts to talk.”

 Flashback: Flying down to Nino, Sensei exclaimed, “Ni no. Am I properly talking!? I’ve watched a lot of television and learned to talk!! About that, I always wanted to wait until I’ve learned it, then I’ll tell you. *Nino says that is what he said* From today on, I’m offering all of my life to you Nino. *v-signs* So, we’ll be together forever.” End flashback.
Nino starts to cry as Kira watches her. Nino tearfully says, “Obviously, he treated me really well and he would even say such words to me, but I..” Kira reaches out to pat Nino’s head but he stops. He covers his face and exclaims, “Ah- It’s no good!!” Nino looks at him and asks, “Huh?”

Kira says that even if he really understands what that guy is feeling but in the end, it shouldn’t be like this. Kira looks at her and says, “That guy...” Nino rushes to her house and heads up to her bedroom. She sees Sensei eating. Nino tells him that Kira told her a lot and told her that actually, he can still talk. “But he made me come to directly ask you the reason. After everything, why Sensei.”

After a pause, Sensei looks at her and says, “Pi?” This irks Nino that she grabs Sensei who can only exclaim, “Pi!?” Downstairs, Nino’s mother exclaims in shock if Kira ran all the way from the hospital. Catching his breath, Kira says yes, he wasn’t able to catch up with Nino.

He explains that he came because there is something that he is a bit worried about. Nino shouts from upstairs to her mother that she and Sensei will be staying in the toilet now so don’t worry. While Kira and Nino’s mother look surprised, Nino looks at Sensei who is standing by the toilet bowl.
Nino exclaims to him that if he won’t talk to her, she will stay here and she absolutely won’t go out. “I won’t go see Kira-kun, or friends and even my family. I also won’t eat!! Okay!! Give up and say it out, Sensei.” Sensei is about to open his beak but he turns away from her. Nino sits beside the toilet bowl and thinks, “Okay then, I’ll wait.”

Later on, Sensei mutters that Natural Perm has a big mouth. Nino turns and looks at Sensei who is still looking away. Sensei says, “..but Nino, you gave me a smile. *Nino is puzzled* At that time, you still would close the door and won’t come out. Your face has no expression. During the time when I was able to eat by myself, you showed a smile that is like a sunflower.

From that day on, I’m very happy. Everyday is very happy. *Nino is blow drying her hair and having fun with Sensei with it.* You would still teach me very gently. *Nino stroked him and he said that it is very comfortable, stroke him more.* We also had times when we quarreled.

*Both look away from each other, pouting with crossed arms* For me, those are shiny dazzling.. precious memories. *turning to crying Nino* But I’ll die. *crying* I cannot endure to be separate from you, Nino. So I want to first get used to it..”
Nino cries even more and hugs Sensei on her shoulder. Sensei admits that he has lost. “In the end, I cannot win against you, Nino.” Nino exclaims, “That’s right, so you should be aware that even if you hate it, I’ll accompany you until the end!! I like Sensei the most.” Kira is standing outside the toilet and smiles.

Inside, Sensei exclaims, no, he’s the one who likes her more. Nino protests, no, she’s the one who likes him more. That night, Sensei is sleeping beside Nino on her bed. He says that it has been a long time since they slept together. Nino says yes, so let’s properly chat, okay.

Narration: “Sensei, even if it is said that the one I love the most is Kira-kun. But if I was asked, who is the one whom I want to thank the most, throughout my life, the answer won’t change. That is you, Sensei.” Blurb: “Next chapter, the moving finale!! Nino and Kira, and also the others’ fate will be!?”
Comment: Ah..everything is coming around. It will be a year soon in their time so that pretty much signals that the series is ending. ;_; The mangaka is still at it..bringing out tears up to this point and, it’s so moving. First, I love how Kira want to do the ‘run and jump to me’ reunion rather than the ordinary hug thing even after he already showed himself. ^^

Just when we thought that we had passed through the possible tragedy ending, it turns out that there will still be a tragedy to keep tears falling until the end. It is really hard since Sensei is her ‘pet, best friend, adviser, confidant, etc’ all-in one. It makes me wonder if the mangaka did this in order to satisfy the readers who want a happy ending and those who would expect a bad ending to make things realistic.

Of course, maybe Sensei will also have a miracle and live longer than was expected. It is really nice how everything comes together on how they helped each other and it goes around. They all affected each other’s lives positively in their own way. The main characters here have changed and now live happier lives than when the series started. It is indeed very evident with Nino. 

Nino helped Sensei and he helped her in so many ways so now, she is going to help him once again by being there for him until the end. Apparently, Sensei already knew that he’s dying so maybe what he and Kira talked about is, one of them..or rather, Kira should survive this or else, they’ll leave Nino all by herself.

What Sensei tried to do is indeed understandable though there are those who want to cut relations with the assumption that it is the best for both since it won’t hurt so much when it is time to leave. Of course, in exchange for that, a lot of memories wouldn’t be made. And, some things must come to an end so I guess we might have to prepare tissues or hankies for the grand finale. Scans by 离境

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