July 17, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 92]

[Free talk: Slight delay due to a typhoon hitting our city yesterday and it resulted to a blackout the whole day until night. ^^; And again, this morning ^^;;]

In the toilet, Kent is practicing his ‘do not go’ lines on the mirror. In section 3-D, everyone is getting ready for their school festival which has the theme of ‘Present∙Past∙Future’. The third years will do the ‘Future’. Chizuru complains over the difficult topic. Kent says that they’ll concentrate on a certain type of future like distant future or far away future. Chizuru asks Pin’s opinion on it. Pin says, home of the aged[/nursing home]. No one has a clear idea about it. All this while, Ayane is dreamily thinking of the future. While keeping the PE materials, Chizuru has been complaining about the festival being annoying even if it will be their last one. When Ayane says that she’ll help out, Chizuru says that she’s busy with cram school. Ayane tells her that it is okay. She tells them to change their clothes first as she goes to give back the gym key to the PE teacher. When they offer to accompany her, she insists that she go alone. After glancing at the room and thinking of whatever, Ayane goes in and tells Pin that they’ve finished tidying up. She returns the key and kept on glancing at Pin. They talk a bit about baseball club advancing in the competition. She tells him ‘gambatte’[/good luck] and he just says ya. While Pin turns away from her and goes to his table, Ayane tells him that she chose to accept the recommendation. He just says ya. Then, after some silence, he turns around. He asks why she is still here, he heard it, and he’ll remember it. This made her flustered and Pin shoos her away. Before leaving, she glances at him again and recalls being told not to put the responsibility/blame on someone else, in the end, the only one who’ll think of a way, is oneself. Ayane becomes flustered and thinks that she knows that.
At the courtyard, Kent asks Ayane if she isn’t going to eat when it is her favorite bread. She says that she’ll eat, thanks. And, while eating, she is lost in thought again. Kent recalls what he overheard from Chizuru about not being able to cheer Ryu on. Kent comments about the cram class--, is it alright, it feels like it seems like she’s accompanying him. She says that in the past and in the future, he has been conforming to her. Kent tells her that it is alright, he doesn’t mind. Ayane blurts out that even if he doesn’t do that, it is also alright. Kent is surprised by that so Ayane takes it back by saying, no. Kent says that he’ll accompany her. She tells him not to worry. He asks her why she wants to go to a Tokyo college for it seems that she didn’t mention this before. Ayane asks what he will do if she tells him, and she won’t go anymore so what’s the use of mentioning it. Kent says yes, though he wants to know what she’s thinking and after all, her aspired school is very concrete-- He asks her why J University. This darkens Ayane’s mood. She put down her juice and says what’s the use of saying it. Kent insists on wanting to know. Ayane continues saying that it is useless to talk about it since she already said that she isn’t going. He asks if that is for real. If it is for real, then he’ll be super happy but is it true? And, what she is really thinking. Ayane laughs and tells him not to ask anymore. Kent asks if she thought of this before she went steady with him. Ayane tells him again not to ask. Kent says that he doesn’t want to separate from Ayane and even if he doesn’t want to, but if he’ll also go to Tokyo--.
Ayane finally tells him that in terms of studying abroad J University is very strong. This surprises Kent so Ayane exclaims that didn’t she say that she’s going to accept the recommendation. She already said it but how come he would still mention about her not going to Tokyo. How come he is deciding his aspiration based on her aspiration!? Could it be that he doesn’t have something that he wants to do!? Everything depends on her!? That won’t turn out okay..he’ll blame her right.. Kent calls out her name and tells her to look at him when talking. She looks at somewhat flustered Kent and thinks that she’s mean for she vent her anger on someone. She wonders if she was pushing the responsibility [/blame] on Kent. Ayane says that she wants to choose what is the most important to her. Then, she thinks about this ‘most important’ she mentioned, and Chizuru’s ‘do not want to separate from Ryu’. Probably, Chizuru and Sawako also..like[/love] and still going steady, probably it is like that. Ayane apologizes and tells Kent not to mention this topic again. Kent’s friend calls out to him and asks if he is busy. Kent says ya but Ayane tells him to go, for she needs to relax. She apologizes for being quite embarrassing so she needs to clear her head. Kent says okay, and don’t apologize, he should be--..sorry. She says it is okay. While leaving with Kent, his friend asks if they had quarreled. Kent says, pretty much, he provoked her to anger. His friend asks if that is for real, and it is okay. Kent says but generally, just now, she just told him, is the truth. And, Ayane mentally apologizes to Kent for she is totally no good like this.
While they walk home, Kent asks if it is alright not to go to cram class. She says ya. He asks if she wants to stroll around. She says ya. He looks at her when she suddenly invites him to her house. Later on, Kent is amazed to be in her room. She tells him to sit wherever he wants. He asks about her mother and the others. She says that there is no one home at this time. He says that it is the same with his. Then, he exclaims in surprise for she used the chocolate jar as decoration and she ate some of it. [<- Vday gift, iirc] Ayane mentions ya, and before studying.. She pauses and says forget it, don’t mention studying today. While sitting on the bed, Kent says that he always wanted to see her house, and she let him come in. She apologizes for there is no opportunity before. Thinking that she wanted to treat him nicely, treasure him, make him important, she apologizes again for today. He tells her not to apologize. He smiles and she blushes a bit. While holding hands, Kent asks her how she got along with her ex-boyfriends. She says that it should be very ordinary. He asks if it is hard to talk about, but then, before, he totally doesn’t plan on asking her [about this]. He asks her if he isn’t the same with her ex-boyfriends and did he properly valued her. Flustered Ayane says, yes, yes!, he is totally different. Then, she recalls talking with Sawako about going steady. Tightly holding her hands, Kent says that she is totally not the same [as the others]. He kisses her and says that he likes her.
Then, he pushes her down on the bed. He tells her not to think again about studying abroad, do not go, and choose him. She tells him to stop..but he goes down to her. Thud. Looking flustered, Ayane had pushed him away. She laughs and shouts, geez, what’s up with him, looking very serious, stupid, don’t be like that! While moving away from him, she laughs and exclaims that he startled her and quickly stand up to that side. As he tries to call her, she ignores him and says that she’s thirsty, how about buying some, about the school festival.. Kent tells her that if she doesn’t want to, she can tell him directly. If he’s too fast, she can say it, and it is okay, he’ll wait for her. If it is her real feelings, then.. He slightly laughs and says that he is serious, he’ll get hurt— As Ayane looks surprised and clenches her fists, Kent continues to say that because he’s serious, so, he asked her to go steady with him. He thought at that time, it is alright even if she currently doesn’t like him, and only, from today on, it would be good if she can like him..  “..Ayane, have you imagined us *covers face* ..having a long distance relationship? Before we gone steady, you’ve started to plan your own path. Afterwards, you’ve gone steady with me, --your mind is filled with exams and everything.. was there a place for me [there]? *looks at Ayane who is still facing away from him* Have you thought of me even for a little bit?” Kent notices Ayane opening her clenched fist. She didn’t react. Kent looks downcast. He takes his bag and leaves Ayane standing there. She couldn’t find the words to answer his question because if it isn’t definite[/certain], then it is meaningless. And, even if he told her that if it is her true feelings, then.. but she couldn’t find words.
Comment: And, this series is going on a break for a month. It will resume on September. And, if I get to go on that planned vacation trip around September, the next summary will probably be delayed. About the chapter, even if Kent is pitiful to have some wishful thinking that Ayane might love him after all that ‘playing boyfriend and girlfriend’, I’m somewhat relieved that he finally went straight to the point there. But then, even if it is just testing her or whatever, forcing her like that on the bed is not good. In a way, I wonder if what he mentioned about choosing him actually meant not breaking up with him. He is already feeling very uneasy and from this chapter, he is confirming his suspicions. Well, I hope he breaks up with her because this is getting very difficult to read. It is hard to watch an idiot making a fool of himself and making his world go around someone who doesn’t love him at all. Well, it seems that way and she is just ‘playing along’ with him or at least, forcing herself to since he is a ‘nice guy’. This is a lesson on ‘do not go steady with anyone who only has half-hearted or even zero feelings for you because there is a huge possibility of getting hurt in the end’. Of course, I’m sure Kent knew that and took the gamble so he got himself to blame. Thanks to Ayane’s reactions and everything, he finally got his head hit on the wall and faces the truth. Hopefully, he sober up from being in love, and move on. 

As for Ayane, a break up will be good, too. She no longer has to pretend having a ‘love life’ like Chizuru and Sawako have. Obviously, what they are feeling about fear of separation doesn’t apply to her and Kent. Maybe, since she is no longer attached, she can go after Pin rather than keep on making those glances at him. Hehe, whether that is considered two-timing = having a boyfriend and looking at someone else like that, I’ll leave that up to your own perception. =P Ah wait, since she seems to fear failure, maybe she won’t confess or anything until she is sure that Pin likes her romantically. =P I’m not sure if Pin is aware of whatever she is feeling for him, but for now, it seems like he is keeping some distance or rather, not taking anything further than what it is now. If the mangaka isn’t aiming for any romance on that, well, maybe just like for Kent, Ayane can choose what she really wants to do, not blame someone for her decisions and using them to cover up her fear of failure. It would be nice if before she goes into any relationship, she sort herself up first on whether she is really for sure, going to give up her dream or not. Being in a relationship will just complicate things. For those wanting to read about the other two couples, maybe in the next chapter =P Scans by 工作室

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  1. I'm kind of glad those 2 are breaking up as well lol, every time I would watch their relationship it would make me cringe :/. Looks like we will finally be able to see Pin and Ayane start to realize their feelings for each other? Or if it is just going to be a un-requireted love on Ayane's side.

    1. Indeed..it is really hard to read.

      Hm..I'm not sure. Possibly with Ayane but with Pin..there seems to be no hints towards it.

    2. Ah I also forgot to thank you for the summary! You do a great job every single time.

    3. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

  2. A typhoon hit and you're still updating asap? I don't know about how bad it may have been in the grand scale of things but I thought I would take the time to say thank you. Your summaries are always beautifully written and I really enjoy reading them.

    1. Hehe, Hazy, well, this is one of the popular series. ^^

      Not that bad, though it is really affecting the electricity in our area. It isn't fully fixed and stable yet.

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

  3. Though I'm shocked on what Kent did out of desperation (even though it's never right), I think there are two things way more shocking: finally seeing Shiina use a)canon information that Ayane actually does have feelings for Pin (keeping the cough drop) and b) sex exists in the KnT universe.

    1. Yup, thatu. Some are saying that this part doesn't seem to belong in KnT. ^^;

      Hm..didn't know of this canon information. ^^;;

  4. The whole Pin and Ayane shipping is a joke and not what the author is going at. The whole scenario with Ayane and Kent is that she planned to leave very far from home to attend college which would make it a long distance relationship with Ken, Ken doesn't want that and want to stay with her. There's no real romance between Ayane and Pin because there's nothing to gain and has nothing to do with the plot. Say she does want to be with Pin, she still leave for college and be in a long distant relationship which equal not solving the in the first place. I wish people could look at the drama that's at hand instead of the AyaneXPin shipping nonsense.

    1. Hehe, perhaps it would be easier to do that if Ayane won't keep on doing those meaningful glance and having some sort of anticipation from Pin.

      Even if it might be about the long distance relationship but I think there is already a major problem before it gets to that point..does Ayane love him or not. It seems that until now, she doesn't love him so what's the point of a long distance relationship or even their current relationship?

      Not really..say she wants to be with Pin..if she can easily give college up for someone she doesn't seem to really love but probably using him as a cover up for her fear of failing, so I'm sure she can still give it up for the person she has feelings for. Even if it is one-sided? ^^;

      Because of this development, I think it would be better for Ayane to decide for herself if she wants to go or not without considerations for whatever relationship she might be leaving or wanting to have.

    2. I wish "YOU" could look at the drama that's at hand instead of "DENYING" AyaneXPin shipping. Its NOT nonsense when they existed and had (funny)chemistry from the beginning of the series 'before' Kent even came to the picture. It is exactly where the author is going at. We got Ayane's flashbacks even from the earliest chapters of their interactions. Its a longshot but not impossible. They can date after graduation and Pin is mature enough to let Ayane fulfill her dreams than say "Dont go...". pffft!

      She doesnt even Love Kent, no chemistry. she even said to sawako "i started dating others because i was going with the flow, or because i was moved by their affection" which is what happened with Kent. She did "try" to love him back, but Pin has been more on her mind than the said boyfriend. Her relationship with Kent was only meant for character development or just so she can be with someone and not be left out with the others pairing up. It was too early to be with Pin but now that they will be graduating he wont be their teacher anymore. He's not that old anyway and he's the best looking guy in the series.

  5. Sorry i need to comment somthing but i cant do it in english XD
    Wow no puedo creer lo que le hizo kent a ayane de verdad no parece knt.... pero en otros mangas de shiina karuho ya ha habido sexo asi que hay esperanzas para kazehaya hehehe. Por otro lado creo que mas bien las miradas que le da ayane a kent son como que recuerda lo que pin le dijo... que tiene que escoger lo que quiere y no conformarse...
    Well that's all i have to say :) thanks so much for the summaries always read them <3

    1. Thanks for reading them, Shinohara ^-^

      Using google translate, ya..it doesn't seem like KnT. Is that so, I haven't read her previous series. True..in the end, everything is put to her.

  6. Thanks for the detailed summary! :)
    I really hope Kent and Ayane will break up soon. Although Ken is a good guy and loves Ayane, it is frustrating to see him have his world revolve around someone who clearly doesn't share the same feelings :/
    As for Ayane, even though it is becoming obvious she has feelings for Pin, I think before she goes into any romantic relationship, she should figure things out in her life first. Romance would only complicate things...

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I agree..it really makes this part hard to read.

      That's right. ^^

  7. Thank you very much for the summary!

    (Sorry my english)
    I think that she will probably be the character who will choose herself (her wishes, her aspirations, loving herself) and will travel and study abroad, before choosing a relationship or something...
    At the time, I think it's better for them to break up and for her to solve her own problems. She pushes herself too much while trying to be an adult, but doing that makes her act like a child, as Pin said...
    Maybe, when she matures in the future, I could see a long distance relationship with someone (hopefully Kent?).

    Kent is also immature in love because he gives it all. For his partner he is able to give up himself and his dreams.
    I know he wants to give her everything that her ex-boyfriends never did, he really treasures her and that is so romantic, but it is sad, because his love is wasted -sorry the tough word- on someone that could never appreciate it all.
    Ayane might acknowledge his efforts and his feelings, and will feel bad about not loving him or even like him in that amount, but until she doesn't love him back his love will not truly reach her (using the words given by the mangaka: "their love reached each other" ♥♥).

    Well, I don't know if I'm explaining myself right, but I tried to. It's too much difficult in another language :P Sorry!

    Thanks again ;)

    1. Thanks for reading, Kakun ^-^

      True, that is probably the best thing to do right now. Maybe..or find someone new while abroad.

      I guess that can be called immature..or well, he was really in love, I guess. True..and thinking about it positively, it can be a lesson learned.

      That's right. And, she cannot exactly force herself to love him.

      It's fine, I understand your point ^^