June 24, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 35]

It is a beautiful spring day. With blooming sakura trees around them, Makoto has a picnic with her friends. Uki says that it is such a nice hanami [sakura flower watching] day. Nanami says that the bento is also quite nice. Makoto comments that it is a truly nice weather and starting tomorrow, they will be second year students. Her smile freezes and she gloomily says that she really hates changing class sections. To Makoto’s gloom, Uki exclaims that it is impossible for them to be together. Nanami tells Uki that she’s digging into someone’s pain [say some hurtful things] again, and at the same time, swiping Makoto’s sandwich. Uki tells Makoto that compared to that, shouldn’t she be more worried about Iriya because there would definitely be a ruckus among the kouhai-s [/underclassman]. This shocks Makoto and says is that so. Nanami informs her that during junior high, whether it is senpai-s or kouhai-s, Iriya is very popular. Sweatdropping Makoto admits that it is so. She starts to hope for Usa[gi]-man [/super rabbit] to help her for she wants to just continue on being a first year. Uki laughs and exclaims that it is Makoto’s crisis. Nanami quietly smiles over the scene. Uki asks her if she’s cold and does she want to wear her jacket. Nanami declines. She says that she is thinking that if they are in different sections, this ought to be the last time when they can gather together like this. Uki exclaims what she is talking about when from today on, they are still friends. Uki tearfully cries over not wanting that to happen or else, she won’t be able to eat such delicious sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Nanami smiles and says ya. Holding Makoto to her, Uki exclaims that Makoto’s bento is also very delicious. And, it is back to school. Iriya brightly greets Makoto a good morning. Makoto greets him and says that everyone is already there so have they seen the change class form. Iriya says that he hasn’t, and he is just going to look at it. Iriya and Makoto look at the list together. In section E, it has Makoto, Nanami, and Uki. In section F, Iriya and Yusa. Makoto is shock and Iriya sweatdrops. The girls and the boys are totally separated. The girls sweatdrop for Makoto while Yusa rejoices. Tapping the shoulder of the one distributing the forms, Yusa laughs and says that it is because of his accumulated good works – ‘one good turn deserves another’. The student tells him to please go to his own classroom. Yusa exclaims if it is his and Iriya’s love class[/nest], understood.
While they are walking at the hallway, Makoto wonders if she should be sad or should she be happy for it is already an amazing miracle that she can still be classmate with Uki and Nanami. Iriya says that it is truly regrettable but. He pats Makoto’s head and says that he’ll go see her during breaks and they’ll go eat lunch together. Somewhat teary-eyed Makoto says ya. Holding out her phone, she informs him that she also got a new smartphone. Iriya says that he’ll send her an email then. A ponytailed teacher tells them to quickly go in the class for the bell has already rang. Iriya bids Makoto gambatte [/good luck] and he’ll see her later on. She says yes. The ponytailed teacher glances at Makoto and tells her that it is truly nice, high schoolers’ spring time. Puzzled Makoto wonders if he is talking to her. In the classroom, the ponytailed teacher introduces himself as Kudou Yoshiaki, their class adviser and he’s teaching biology. “Ah, even if I think that it is okay for everyone to just do as they please and happily study but do not give me any additional trouble.” Getting ready to leave the classroom, he tells them to casually introduce themselves each other and after 45 minutes, they go to the gym by themselves for the opening ceremony, that’s it. After he left, everyone are quiet and sweatdropping. Makoto whispers to Nanami who is seated in front of her that it is an amazing teacher. The others start gossiping that he is a biology teacher yet isn’t it suspicious that he has long hair but then, he is really cool. They say that he looks so young, how old is he and unexpectedly, they have this kind of teacher. Uki just looks quiet and wide-eyed. Meanwhile, Yusa is telling some girls to go away. The girls are telling him that they go home together since it is rare for them to be classmates but he tells them that he is going home with Iriya. A girl asks for his email address and another one also wants to talk with Iriya but Yusa exclaims that except for Iriya, he won’t let others know of his email. He turns around and asks isn’t that right, Iriya. To his shock, Iriya is no longer there. Instead, Nanami is there telling him that Iriya has already left and took Makoto with him, and it seems that Uki has gone to her club activity. Yusa becomes gloomy as his fangirls continue to pester him. He shouts for them to quit following him and he wants to be alone.
Later on, Yusa is walking down the stairs and Nanami is following him. Irked Yusa turns around and angrily tells her not to follow him. Nanami tells him that she is only going towards the same direction to the station. Yusa clicks his tongue and says that anyway, she also thinks that he’s very disgusting, right. Nanami says not at all. Yusa clicks his tongue again and tells her that it doesn’t matter to him what she thinks for he cannot help it because he doesn’t want to see Iriya become unhappy so it is okay for him to be like this. Nanami is puzzled over Iriya being unhappy and having it hard but then, isn’t it because he is that kind of type. [<- probably referring to having many fangirls] Yusa asks if she didn’t know. Nanami asks know what. Muttering that it is nothing, Yusa thinks that useless thing [Makoto] had unexpectedly kept her mouth shut and has not spilled it out. Nanami says that in short, she knows that Iriya is very important to him so she doesn’t feel that he is disgusting. “Isn’t this very good? If you don’t give him additional trouble, it is okay to [just] wholeheartedly hope that he’ll attain happiness.” This surprises Yusa that he holds her hands and says, “You really understand me, Shiroyuki-chan.” While wondering over him calling her name, Nanami tells him that it is ‘if you don’t give him additional trouble’ and if he gives him more trouble then.. Yusa just pouts and looks away whistling. Nanami says that isn’t he saying empty words when the one he ‘likes’ is Uki. Freaking out Yusa exclaims if Uki told her. Nanami says so it turns out to be like that. Yusa is shock that he had slipped up. Nanami asks if it is during the Christmas night because he is always concerned about Uki and she thinks that something had happened between them. Yusa exclaims no..that is basically..reindeer. Nanami is puzzled so Yusa explained. Flashback: Yusa had asked Uki if she’s free on Christmas night. Wearing a reindeer costume, Uki asked what this is all about, and it is because Yusa told her that there would be delicious food so she came. He shouted for her to shut up and this is because there isn’t enough money and staff. The kids are asking Yusa if Uki is his girlfriend and have they kissed. Yusa shouted for the brats to stand still. After the two staff members of the children welfare center bid them goodbye, Uki held her shoulder and said that she’s tired. She asked him if he does this every year.
While walking together, Yusa told her that his grandma asked him to go since his grandma used to work as staff in that orphanage, and he also plays there when he was young. Uki said that she thought he’ll be inviting Iriya. Yusa didn’t say anything. Uki says is that so, and perhaps he [Yusa] isn’t an incurable idiot. This made Yusa hold her face and kiss her. Unfazed Uki asked if he likes her, no way. Blushing Yusa shouted that he doesn’t like her. Uki angrily asked huh, then what’s up with that. Pointing at her, Yusa shouted for her to shut up, stupid, stupid, he’s going home. This made Uki shout back for him to leave, idiot. End flashback. Nanami is totally speechless over that and felt that she is having a headache for this isn’t something that can be mentioned so casually. Yusa insists that he is saying that there’s nothing between him and Uki and, he just took the opportunity to kiss her, that’s all. While waiting for the stoplight to turn green, Nanami asks but, he wasn’t rejected, right..since she thinks that Uki doesn’t hate him. Serious Yusa says no, it isn’t like that. “That girl probably has a guy [already].” Nanami looks at Yusa in surprise. Back in school, Uki opens the door to the biology room and calls out, “..I’m going in- Kudou-SENSEI.” Yoshiaki asks her what’s up. Somewhat irked, Uki tells him to mention first that he’ll be their class advisor. Stretching his fingers, Yoshiaki says that it is because she didn’t ask and don’t be angry, by the way, is her older brother doing well. Uki angrily shouts for him to listen to her and aren’t they friends. Yoshiaki laughs and says, okay, okay, when they were in first year, they totally weren’t able to see each other in school and their school is quite large. While patting imaginary Uki, he happily says that shorty Uki is right now quite tall and big. Uki angrily says that she’s going home. Yoshiaki tells her to tell Ritsuka [<- Uki’s eldest brother, guesswork from 立夏; not sure if it is that or it is Rikka] that they have a drink when he’s free. Uki angrily clicks her tongue. Just before Uki is going to open the door, Yoshiaki tells her to wait. She stops and he kisses her. Meanwhile, Makoto’s phone suddenly vibrates. Makoto is having a hard time with her smartphone on how to answer it. While holding ice creams, Iriya tells her to press the answer key.. Just when Makoto is going to answer it, Nanami had already hanged up. Makoto wonders what had happened.
Comment: Ah, for the characters to reach second year, that means, this series is quite popular and the side characters are developing their own stories. ^^ So far, there is no trouble for the main couple even if they are in different sections and possible, troublesome fangirls. Iriya is really such an ideal boyfriend to take the initiative to see her during breaks, lunch break and ‘steal her away’ after school dismissal. In a way, it shouldn’t be surprising since Iriya himself mentioned that he knows what to do to please a girl or anyone, which was partly due to his trauma. Next, things are shaping out to be very interesting for Uki. She is pretty much the opposite of Makoto. It is rare to see a girl being kiss and not fuss about it. Actually, it totally seemed like nothing for Uki. I guess that can really hurt a guy’s pride more than a girl reacting angry-shock and those type of reactions. I wonder if it is because of that reaction that made Yusa think that she already has someone. It isn’t conclusive that it is Yoshiaki since he is making the move here and Uki mentioned that they are ‘friends’. Still, for the friend of one’s brother and currently teacher, he is quite daring to kiss her like that. I guess it will depend on Uki’s reaction in the next chapter for us to know what she feels for him. Would it be a different reaction from Yusa’s kiss? I’m amused that Uki got two kisses from two different guys in a chapter. =P And, it is a surprise that it seems Uki and Yusa won’t be paired off but rather, he might be paired off with Nanami. Nanami is very understanding of people and really treasures one’s friends, which is the same with Yusa in his own way. =P So, I wonder what Nanami is calling Makoto for. Is it to ask about if there is any guy in Uki’s life? She seems okay with Yusa and Uki so it seems unlikely. Wait..maybe the one Uki likes is actually Nanami =P Anyway, let’s see how their lives as second years will turn out. ^^

Quote of the day:
Let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time comes. Don't remain stuck on the same page. ~ Author Unknown


  1. It's nice to see the stories develop of the side characters as well. I never get tired seeing Yusa's different reactions because it's always entertaining XD I also get the feeling Yusa and Nanami will be paired off, I don't why but I just get that vibe while seeing their interaction.

    It looks like the story will focus a bit more for the side characters as of now and some little bit of moments between Makoto and Iriya.

    Thank you Kat for the summary ^_^

    1. Hehe, is that so ^^ True..I also get that feeling.

      Indeed, and thanks for reading ^-^

  2. wait wait... wasn't nanami fallen for uki O.O; this chapter totally turn everything around that we read or hear from summary so far.. but anywhom i'm feeling like cheering for the sensei x uki at one though but then changed that yusa should be better choose for uki too.

    thanks you for summary kat ^^

    1. Hm..kind of hinted on but it isn't definite if it is 'romantic love' or whatever. Indeed..this chapter totally changed everything.

      Is that so..for me, it is too early to tell though I did thought that there is the typical 'bickering couple' between Yusa and Uki.

      Thanks for reading ^-^