June 30, 2014

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 32]

Page 32: Namonaki Uta [/Nameless Poem/Song without a Name; seems to be based on another song of Mr. Children] Cover page: ‘Dawn will definitely come. A new day will start again.’ Narration: “Always wanting to know the answer.” Nino looks inside the ICU room where Kira is confined.

Tiara calls out to Nino and thanks her for coming again to see Kira. He apologizes for the ICU has limited visiting times. Nino tells him that it is okay, this is fine. Tiara tells her to quickly go back for Yuiji won’t still wake up. Looking into the window, Nino says, “I always firmly believe.” Beep. Beep.

The machine beeps inside Kira’s room. He recalls standing in Tokyo Tower’s observation deck. Narration: “—before I had met with Nino, I always ponder over something. It is during grade 5 elementary when my illness was found out. *Kira clutched his chest after dropping the basketball during PE class*

Even if my body is originally not very well but during PE class, it is the first time that happened. After the check-up, I was told that I cannot do sports or perhaps any other intense activity. *male Tiara[?] told young Kira about his illness and Kira looked surprised* I’ve realized that I’m sick.

*Kira watched the others play basketball while he just looked on* After that, my life totally changed. *clenches fist* The jittery feeling accumulated bit by bit. At the same time, because of my weak body, a guy who treated me as an idiot had appeared. *A guy holding a soccer ball laughed at Kira and Kira punched him* And like that, I started to go off track [/lose my way].

*Kira had ear piercings* After graduating [from elementary and started junior high] has become a turning point. In order to show ‘I’m not weak’ ‘I’m very strong’, like that, gradually *Kira hanged out with a gang while smoking, kicked some guy, fooled around with women, and got a tattoo on his back*

Gradually, I went forward according to the way I want. *Everyone is surprised when Kira suddenly collapsed on the floor from his chair* But it also resulted in making my body let out a scream.” Flashback: At the hospital, teary-eyed Tiara slapped Kira. Kira said that hurts and how he could treat someone sick like that.
Tiara told him that it isn’t because he [Kira] said that he wanted to go home but rather, didn’t he tell him that he is going to be confined. Kira shouted that he’s noisy to death and what does he care how he lives. Kira is stunned when Tiara said that he won’t live on. Tiara asked him if he knew what was the result of the check-up this time around.

“It is because you’ve lived on like this, it only shortened your life that I can no longer remain silent. Your life is [only] up to two years.” End flashback. Narration: “Not knowing when ‘Death’ is pressing near toward me. Upon entering high school, I felt emptier. *At Tokyo Tower, Kira looked out the observation deck.* Felt lonelier. Until today, I’ve only hurt others.

And once, I wondered, could it be that this is reaping what I sowed. But, I couldn’t stop thinking like this. *crying and bent down on the floor* ‘In the end, why did I live up to this day’ I’ve always wasn’t able to find the answer and time passes like this. *Nino held out her hand to him* At that time, a miracle happened. This girl gave me hope.

Always, unceasingly, over and over, gave me hope. *multiple flashbacks with Nino* That’s right, so I WANT TO LIVE ON. BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY FOUND THE ANSWER.” Kira’s hand twitches. As the machine continues to beep, Kira opens his eyes. He stares and looks at the side. Nino is sleeping by his side. Nino groans, ‘Hey~~~’

Kira touches her hair and to his surprise, Nino grabs his hand and says, “Sensei, where are you going? *somewhat awake* Didn’t I tell you that we will beat the hairy monster together?” She opens her eyes and sees surprised Kira looking at her. Nino holds up her hand and becomes teary-eyed. She says, “..ah..right now *crying while smiling* It seems that I’m dreaming..”

Kira touches her hair and asks if it is really Nino. She holds his hand and says that it is her. Kira smiles and says, “That’s great! That means, I’m still alive, right?” Nino tearfully smiles back and exclaims, “Yes, you’re still alive!” As Nino hugs him, surprised Tiara comes in.
Narration: “August 2nd. Kira-kun woke up. While Kira-kun is having his examination, I’ve reported to the others. *Sitting on the bench, Nino informed Yabe and Mio* In the end, it is Yabe-kun who cried the most.” Later on, Kira screams that really hurts. While holding his chest, Kira says that the wound hurts and it is no good, he can no longer move. 

Nino tells him to please don’t force himself and recklessly move around. He says ya. After looking at each other, Kira asks her why she cut her hair for it seems that mood has changed. She tells him that she has something to tell him and she wanted to wait for him to be well before telling him about it. Kira looks surprised and says that he wants to listen to it right now. She asks is it okay. He says yes. She says, actually--..

Kira shouts in disbelief for she had met up with the culprit himself who gave her a psychological trauma. Kira asks if that guy did something to her again. Nino says no, it isn’t like that. “From the start, I was very afraid that I didn’t think that he is going to apologize to me.” Flashback: While facing the bully, Nino is surprised when the guy bowed in apology.

While clenching his cellphone, the guy told Nino that right now, he doesn’t have friends and even if he had relations with people whom he hasn’t met through SNS [social network service] but actually, he’s alone. “So I’ve come to tell you, *young Nino telling him that one day, he will become alone* The one who is right is you, Okamura Nino. *Nino looked surprised*

...please let me make it up to you. At that time, I only wanted to scare you with the baseball bat, that’s all. But, I never thought that I had carelessly hit your head and knocking you down to the back fence.. In short, also give me the same scar!! *held up his fringes to show his forehead* Afterwards, we’ll go to a hospital and I’ll help you treat that scar!!”

The guy is surprised when Nino sighed out loud and said, what..so it turns out that it is this kind of thing. Nino told him that this kind of thing is already enough. The guy sweatdropped and told her not to easily.. Holding his hand, Nino happily told him to please let go of his cellphone and seriously make friends. “That will be how you’ll make it up to me.” The guy started to cry. End flashback.
 Kira is dumbfounded. He asks if that is how it was resolved. Nino happily said yes. Kira comments that no wonder, for she is Nino who was brought up in a pure environment. Nino tells him that it isn’t so, it is because of his gift that gave her support. This surprises Kira. She tells him without it, even if he woke up, she would still be a coward.

“Kira-kun, it is because I have you so I’ve changed. Right now, I have this feeling that I finally met myself.” Kira looks surprised as Nino blushes. She tells him that as the NEW Nino, she cut her hair. Kira laughs and says so that’s how it was. Nino asks him if what he wrote in the letter is still in effect. Kira wonders out loud that even if he has some impression but which part is she referring. 

Nino moves closer to him and says that if she moved forward, he would stroke her head. Kira glances at her and says okay and strokes her head. Nino smiles over this. Narration: “After meeting each other, this girl always illuminates me. *Nino looks up and looks surprised.* Now, she also still clearly responds to me.” 

Nino stands up and smiles, “This time, it is my turn. *holds out her hand to him* Kira-kun, I thank God that you were able to be born into this world.” Nino strokes crying Kira’s hair. Narration: “There’s nothing else that is more important than you. Wanting you to become happier.” [<- I’m not too sure on that last sentence. It is either that or, ‘needing you is a more happier thing’]

Back at home, Nino’s mother who is dressed up as a miko[/Shino priestess] greets Nino and exclaims that it is truly great. Nino happily says yes and thanks for letting her go [see Kira]. Nino asks if she told Sensei and how is he doing. Her mother lets go of Nino’s hand that Nino asks what it is. Her mother sadly tells her to go see for herself.

While walking upstairs, Nino wonders what happened and speaking of that, when she is going back, Kira is also very worried about Sensei. Nino happily opens the door and sees Sensei facing away from her while perching on the bird stand. Nino happily greets him and says that it has been a long time. 

Sensei didn’t react. Going in front of Sensei, Nino says that she knows, it is because he always didn’t see her so he is in a bad mood. Nino’s eyes widen as Sensei can only exclaims, “Pi- Pi-” Nino asks what happened, please talk. Sensei continues to only say, “Pi- Pi-” Looking worried, Nino asks, “Sensei?”
Comment: The flashbacks and the narration leading to Kira waking up are really moving. It does seem like a story of a regretful delinquent who got a second chance. The same thing goes with the bully, who after concluding that dark chapter of his life with Nino, he can finally move on again. Of course, it is the same with Nino who also started a new life now thanks to Kira’s ‘love letter’.

In short, the cover page narration fits these three characters regarding their ‘new day/dawn’. It is nice that Nino kept on believing that Kira will wake up and he did. ^^ They have some nice touching scenes together. And then, the bad news, it seems like there has to be a ‘sacrifice’ for this miracle to happen.

I think we had slightly guessed over its possibility that Sensei is indeed going to do something for Kira to live but for it to really happen. ;_; Apparently, the ‘exchange’ would be Sensei would now becoming an ordinary parrot.

In a way, it does seem that after Sensei had accompanied Nino during her darkest times, she now has Kira and this is the ‘greatest thing’ he can give to Nino. I wonder how Nino will take this. It seems that her dream of Sensei leaving just when Kira woke up is ominous. Scans by 离境

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