May 2, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 34]

Makoto is panicking that she’s late for school because she didn’t consider the cooling time and the time to pack the chocolates. Rika asks if these are Valentines day chocolates. Packing the chocolates, Makoto says ya, but the sweet ones are difficult to do and she failed once. Rika says that nevertheless she did very well. Eating a piece of chocolate, Rika tells her that Iriya would definitely be happy. This made Makoto blush for it is the first time she’ll give a chocolate to a guy and it would be nice if he’s happy about it. Makoto quickly wears her coat. Ding dong. Shouki comes in and thanks Makoto about before. Rika had asked him to help her out with her luggage for the stay-in shooting and they are preparing to go together at the meeting place. Makoto asks about her school. Rika says that it is mostly self-study during third year’s third term and she had already decided to go to AO college[/university] on autumn. Their mother comes in and asks if they have a guest. She greets Shouki as a staff member who came to pick Rika up. Rika pulls Shouki to her and formally introduces him as a photographer, HER BOYFRIEND. While Makoto thinks that they are quite lovey-dovey, their mother is in shock. She asks if he is a famous photographer. Super honest Shouki says that he totally isn’t, and Rika probably earns more money than him. Rika scolds him for being like that when she told him not to mind that kind of thing. This made Shouki timidly apologize and says that she is right. As the two left, their mother is in total shock for the child she brought up.. Makoto quickly takes her leave and muses over things becoming very interesting. “Gambatte, Senda-san~~” At school, Nanami holds a package and greets her friends Happy Valentines Day. Makoto and Uki are amazed that Nanami made sweets and even mittens. Nanami tells them that she really likes a day that is related to deserts because she is a fairy from Dessert Kingdom. Makoto gives her friends the chocolates for them. Uki immediately eats the chocolates and says that Vday is such a nice holiday. Looking at the gifts on Uki’s table, Makoto says that Uki is very popular among girls. Uki says that it is giri [friend/no romantic relation] choco heaven. Nanami comments that Makoto’s choco is delicious.
With chocolates in his pockets, Yusa calls out to the monkey there. This made Uki angrily shout who is the monkey. Imagining a monkey calling out that it likes bananas, Yusa exclaims that she’s been calling out like a monkey. Uki shouts for him not to lose his head just because he got lots of choco. Soon, the two are in full blast screaming fest over who got the most chocolates, it is not receive choco but take choco since she’s a girl, her choco is specially given to her, she’s thick-faced, and she can send him flying for she’s into sports. As Nanami eats the chocolates, Makoto muses that the two’s relationship is quite good while they are quarrelling. She starts to wonder where Iriya is. Then, she overhears three girls wondering out loud what to do for Iriya isn’t around but then, they’ve heard that he refuses whatever the others gave him. They decided to just treat those chocos as giri choco and leave it on Iriya’s desk. After the girls left, Makoto becomes nervous for the others’ gifts look very delicious. She hears someone quietly calling out to her by the door. It is Iriya who is gesturing for her to come to him. At the hallway, Iriya tells her to be quiet when she calls out to him. When Iriya complaints over how annoying it is, Makoto mentions about how shocking it was for there are a lot of chocolates. Just when she is saying that each of those look very delicious, Iriya says that isn’t the problem. To Makoto’s shock, she exclaims if he hates chocolates. Makoto quickly hides her chocolates behind her and thinks that it is because she heard that he can eat sweets, but she didn’t confirm that gossip since it is possible that he doesn’t like to eat chocolates. She laments over not asking him directly. Standing up, Iriya tells her that he doesn’t hate it but rather, he cannot eat all of it but then, he couldn’t just throw them away. “There is only one that I want.” This surprises Makoto that he sheepishly says that it seems like he’s pressing her to give him one. Shaking her head, she says no. She takes out her box and says that even if she thought of it a lot on what to do and even if it might not be that delicious but this contains her grateful feelings as she worked on it. She holds out the box to him and tells him that it is for him, please take it.
Asking if it is homemade, Iriya takes the box and thanks her. He sees her fanning herself with her hands. He asks her if she’s that nervous when they are obviously currently going steady. Flustered Makoto says that it is because it felt like she is confessing once again. Iriya is moved by that. He looks away and mutters what is that. “This is also too cute.” To Makoto’s surprise, he corners her by the window and kisses her. Nanami and others are watching with Yusa’s spirit pretty much leaving his body. Then, Uki looks thoughtful. After school dismissal, Nanami decides to go home since the two are going on a date. Her cellphone rings and it is from Uki asking her to bring her towel that she left on the table to the gym where she has a club activity. At the gym, Uki is playing basketball. Fangirls are squealing for Uki. Uki’s co-members in the club hold out bags for the fangirls to put in their chocolates for Uki, so that they won’t disturb the practice. After Uki switch players with someone, she sees Nanami waiting for her. At some place [probably behind the gym], Uki apologizes and thanks Nanami for bringing the towel to her. Nanami says that it is okay even if it is awful how her fangirls has been glaring at her. The fangirls were wondering who Nanami is. Uki apologizes and says that she’ll pay attention to that next time. Drooling, Nanami is envious of Uki since she got a lot of chocolates. Uki laughs and exclaims for her to say that, but isn’t she a fairy. She offers for them to eat them together later on. Nanami refuses because those were only for Uki. Uki says is that so. Then, Uki gives her a small ribbon container and says that it is for her. This surprises Nanami. Uki says that it is friend [/giri] choco and she bought this just now at the convenient store before the club activity. Nanami protests, that doesn’t Uki only receive choco? Uki says that’s true but she was under Nanami’s care in various times and she helped her in looking after Makoto so this is specially given to her. Nanami is moved and thanks her. Uki smiles and says, ya. Someone calls out to Uki that the teacher is looking for her. Uki pats Nanami’s head and says that she’s going. Recalling Uki saying that choco is specially for her, Nanami thinks that Uki specially prepared it for her and for her [Nanami], she [Uki] is an incomparable sparkling radiance that she couldn’t open her eyes to but she wouldn’t fade away before her [Nanami] eyes.
Comment: It is Vday. Iriya-Makoto scenes are quite nice. Sometimes, it is nice to have a not timid and somewhat experienced boyfriend so that there’s that kind of scene =P Just like Makoto, it seems that Shouki is still not that confident. Makoto isn’t sure with her chocolate even if those who already tasted it said that it is delicious. Shouki would even mention that Rika earns a lot more than he does. Their mother’s reaction on Shouki is somewhat expected since she would want the best for Rika, not someone like Shouki. I wonder if their mother would hinder in their relationship later on since for now, she’s in shock. Uki and Yusa are still the same as before and seem to have some sort of popularity contest going between them. I’m not sure what the mangaka is aiming for but that last part is giving me GL/yuri vibes. Could it be just plain ‘special friendship between girls’ or there will be a love triangle later on with Uki-Nanami-Yusa? ^^; Scans by allwink

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  1. Thank you very much for the translation, these scenes are very cute.

    I wonder how much experience Kiriya has had?
    We know Kiriya had a girlfriend, but I do not think they have gone too far (I think they kissed at the most). He had always acted according to the wishes of his girlfriend, it prevented them closer emotionally. So I do not think he has much experience.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Well, I think it is up to kissing.

  2. Iriya is naturally a loving person. Kat, you described Iriya as " experienced". Ugh. I have a different meaning for experience as far as love is concerned, and I don't think Iriya is experienced that way. He says he just accepts any confession he gets, and goes with the flow , and when they dump him, he just shrugs it off. I don't think it had gone any deeper than that. I have a feeling though it would be different if, heaven forbid, something happened to his relationship with Makoto. I think it would have the same impact as when his mom left him to die. I can feel the love emanating from both Iriya and Makoto. In fact, more from Iriya who has so many girls drooling over him, but he has eyes only for makoto.

    I wonder if there's going to be a problem. So far, the focus is now on side characters. I'm not interested, sadly. Although I do like Rika's and Shouki's story. Now I know why authors add rivals, ha ha ha. Iriya and makoto are so comfortable with each other already. They are like an old married couple. LOL

    1. Lol, megaworthit..well, it also depends on whom you compare him with..when I've mentioned experienced, I'm comparing him with the super timid shy guys like in Kimi ni Todoke or Hibi Chouchou. So, I'm referring to the point of kisses and not up to that point. ^^;; seems to be more on the side characters now. Yup..that's the reason and if they are third years, it would be about leaving for college-separating stuff. =P

  3. Things are going good between Iriya and Makoto and I love their sweet moments. It makes me wonder though on what will happen next and it makes me think what if Iriya's mother suddenly shows up? What kind of reaction will Iriya make?

    Also I have been wondering for a while even though she's thinking what's best for them, why does Makoto and Rika's mother can't support her children on what makes them really happy or give them encouragement rather than focusing on appearances and whom you think best suits for you? ^^; I agree with you, the last part really gave me yuri vibes especially with the sparkling background and close-up look but it would be interesting if there's a love triangle later between Uki-Nanami-Yusa..interesting combination haha!

    Thank you kat for the summary :)

    1. Yup ^^ What would be the next is either that or the usual love rival. Maybe something really different? ^^

      About the mother, regarding the boyfriend, I think she's thinking that she brought up Rika with the best in her life so she should also have the best boyfriend in terms of wealth and appearance, etc rather than ending up with someone inferior to Rika. Somewhat like basing it on their status and stuff rather than love and being happy with the other person. Somewhat like what that other model thinks of Shouki. interesting and really rare.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  4. i thought there would have a story about uki and yusa more in valentine day.
    a little bit surprise that it's uki and nanami instead :O
    but well... kinda interesting lol :P (but for me i want to know the story of Uki and Yusa moreee)
    hmmm about shouki and rika hope her mom will not oppose about their relationship :3

    1. Ya, Samila..mangaka trying out something different?

      About that, we'll can prolong the series =P