May 9, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapters 74-75]

After Mairu tells Fuyu that she won’t chase after Tenyuu anymore, Fuyu scowls and asks what’s with that declaration. This made Mairu aghast. He asks if she doesn’t plan on liking Tenyuu, can she do that. Mairu admits that for the time being, she still couldn’t do it but just for her willfulness, it is basically meaningless to force him to come back.

She tells Fuyu that she has decided that until it doesn’t matter for Tenyuu to see her, she won’t take the initiative to look for him. She apologizes to Fuyu for she obviously made him go to the airport. Fuyu says that actually, it doesn’t matter if they do not go to Hokkaido but he really wanted to go on a trip. She apologizes again.

Fuyu says no, actually, there’s no need to apologize. To her surprise, he smiles and tells her to go on a trip with him. And, the airplane goes flying and they ended up at the southern part of the country, opposite of Hokkaido which is at the north part. While Mairu is still in shock, Fuyu looks at his cellphone and says that there is a Southwest Paradise vacation hotel nearby and it has a hot spring, nearby beach and even a swimming pool. “Let’s go!”

Inside the room, Mairu finally manages to protest that this is no good. Fuyu asks why, she doesn’t like Okinawa, or maybe Nagasaki is better. Mairu exclaims that she isn’t referring to that. Looking out the porch, Fuyu exclaims that this room even has an outdoor bathtub that he wants to dip in. Mairu backs away when Fuyu takes off his shirt. He looks at her and asks if she wants to join in.

Trying to run away, Mairu exclaims that she’s going. Fuyu tells her that there are no more planes going back to Tokyo. Mairu wants to sleep at the airport. Stopping her from leaving the room, Fuyu tells her don’t and it’s dangerous. Telling him to move, Mairu exclaims that she is regretting that her mood was unstable that she ended up in this place.

Flustered, she shouts that she’ll return the money when they go back to Tokyo and in short, she cannot stay here alone with him. She stops upon saying that. Fuyu apologizes to her for it seems that he got a bit carried away. He apologizes again because he got a bit excited that he’ll be able to go some far place with her.

With his head down, he says, “I truly apologize for scaring you. I absolutely won’t lay a hand on [/grope] you. If you won’t want to do it, and if you don’t consent to it, I also won’t do it. Please, don’t say that you want to go back. I beg you.” She looks at him looking depressed and looking away. She timidly says okay, she won’t go and don’t bow his head.
He looks up to her and smiles. He tells her that they go look at the sea. Mairu smiles back and thinks that he’s like a kid. At the beach, Fuyu says that it is very dark. She says that after all, it is February. He says that it’s very cold. She says that after all, it is February and even if it is Okinawa, it is quite cold. Mairu thinks but the stars are very beautiful. She sees a small seashell on the sand.

Just when she bends down to pick it up, the wave washes it away. Fuyu asks what is it. She explains that she saw a cute shell but it got washed it away. To her surprise, Fuyu starts walking in the water with his shoes on. She calls out for him to no..wait..! With the water up to his waist, Fuyu bends down and tries to pick up something. He starts walking back shore.

He smiles and gives her the seashell. Holding it in her hand, tears start to form on Mairu’s eyes. This surprises Fuyu. He looks away and asks why she’s crying. Wiping her tears, Mairu says that she also doesn’t know. She thinks that she doesn’t know why she unexpectedly felt very sad as if something is pressing into her chest.. because Fuyu is truly smiled quite innocently.

Fuyu starts to tell her that he is thinking of making her happy and he didn’t know that it is quite hard. While Mairu looks at him and thinks that the stars are so beautiful, Fuyu starts sneezing out loud. Mairu exclaims that they should go back and take a bath. Fuyu says that it’s cold. That night, they have a scrumptious dinner of what seems to be lobsters/huge prawns and sushi.

When Mairu is taking a bath, she tells him not to keep knocking on the door and asking if she’s still inside. Later on, while looking at his cellphone, he asks her if she wants to go sightseeing to a place before going back. He calls out to her since she didn’t reply. He finds her sound asleep on the bed.  Covering her with a blanket, Fuyu decides to let it go since a lot of things happened in such a short time which had given her a shock and she’s also tired over things mostly about Tenyuu, or Tenyuu, or Tenyuu.

Resting his chin on the bed, Fuyu looks at her. He looks away and thinks that he really, really wants to kiss her. He tells himself that he promised that she won’t lay a hand on her so he cannot but the, she won’t notice if it is a light touch, no, no, no, it is the problem of being found out and isn’t this breaking the promise and could it be that he’s a junior high student.
He twitches when Mairu mutters Tenyuu’s name in her sleep. Mairu wakes up when she hears a sound. She sees Fuyu opening the porch door and angrily shouting that the sea breeze is quite comfortable. Puzzled Mairu says that it’s quite cold. Fuyu says that they’re going to call Tenyuu. Mairu is surprised when Fuyu grabs her cellphone.

Holding the cellphone on his ear, Fuyu says that they’ll ask why he’s hiding and why he ran away to Hokkaido, ask him about everything. Mairu tells him to wait, don’t call. Then, Fuyu gets a message that this cellphone is no longer in use. Fuyu wonders out loud if Tenyuu already ‘cancelled the contract’[/change his phone].

Mairu falls down on the bed and says, ya, if he didn’t change his cellphone, he’ll definitely be able to receive her call..ahahaha. She mutters that this is inevitable, after all, things had become awkward between them. He calls her a crybaby. Mairu says that she isn’t crying. Mairu thinks that the person she likes doesn’t like her at all and it felt as if the world will end.

Even if it is like that, everyday, she thinks that perhaps a miracle would happen and perhaps that one day, she prays that the unrequited love would be actualized. There is a scene of Fuwari [I assume, correct me if I’m wrong] asking a person named Alex through internet texting when Alex is coming home, it has already been two days since Alex didn’t come home, and he made Alex’s favorite hamburger.

Then, there is a scene of Ayano arriving in snowy Hokkaido. After observing the amazing heavy snow storm, she thinks that upon coming here and she is still rejected, then, it’s over, everything she drew up will be put to rest. She thinks of Tenyuu. Back at the hotel room, Mairu asks Fuyu what he is doing since he is waving his hand above her head.

He tells her that he is air-caressing her because she’s crying so he wants to comfort her but then, if he touches her, that is sexual harassment and after all, he promised. Mairu laughs and says that actually, that is alright. Pushing his luck, Fuyu says that actually, he really wants to kiss her. This surprises Mairu. Fuyu repeats that he wants to kiss her. Then, Mairu sees the seashell on the table. Mairu tells herself that giving up and giving up everything, it will definitely be very relaxing.
At Hokkaido, in the news, it is reported that there will be a great snow storm and the strongest in their history. Covered in snow, aghast Tenyuu greets everyone. His new boss exclaims if he is alright since he is covered in snow. There is some introduction of make-up artist, Yayoi, his new boss. Yayoi asks if Tenyuu is afraid of the cold since he looks deathly pale everyday when he comes to work.

He says ya, and he totally didn’t know that he is scared of cold until he came here. She tells him to wear more clothes and she’s worried about him. He just says okay but actually, he doesn’t have money to buy clothes. Just when Yayoi is asking him why he came to Hokkaido, the model has already arrived.

Tenyuu thinks that he wants to know the so-called reason and it is all that mushroom’s fault. For him, Mairu is only a super dirty stray cat that he picked up one day and after washing it, it became clean. Cat thanks him. And later on, it became very close to him. Cat calls him to quickly come and save her. And in the end, she suddenly became a girl confessing to him.

For her to say those words, it is impossible and his brain won’t react to it. In his apartment, he looks at the magazine while complaining of the cold. He still thinks of ‘is she still okay..’ and she’s with Fuyu right now. He lies down on the tatami floor and wonders how things are for Mairu with Fuyu and if it is Fuyu, it should be alright for even if that guy is very flirty[/frivolous] but he absolutely won’t do despicable things.

Tenyuu thinks that if he just let her be, she’ll immediately be deceived by some strange guy. He becomes infuriated that Mairu is that kind of kid. Sitting up, Tenyuu angrily thinks that Mairu would immediately like the person who is a bit nice to her and even if the cause is because the former her don’t have self-confidence towards herself but properly look at the guys.

And, those guys..her past boyfriends, they should have properly gone steady with her, be more nice to her, and two-timing is not allowed, blockhead. He wonders why they had to hurt that kid who is like a newborn baby, and why they hurt that kid who likes them as if her life depended on it. “If it is me, I’ll definitely properly, go stea--”

He stops that thought and says that’s wrong, why him, just now doesn’t count. And, he goes to work again looking awful and covered with snow. And, he gets a message on his phone. He goes out to meet with Ayano outside. Ayano apologizes for making him come and asks if it is alright. He says that it is, and right now, they are on a break. He comments that she is really capable to be able to know of his new phone number.
Taking off her sunglasses, she tells him that she is Ayano after all. Tenyuu laughs and says that she is still like that and how is everyone. He is surprised when Ayano asks her who is everyone and who cares about the others, she has something to tell him so she came. After introducing[/showing off] herself, what she does and her goal, Ayano says that even if he rejected her, she still likes him. Tenyuu thinks that she’s quite cute but, it is only that, she’s very cute. He says sorry.

She says that it doesn’t matter because she won’t cry. After a pause, she says that she’s going back to Tokyo. He offers to bring her [to the airport] but she refuses and says that they just bid goodbye here. She tells him that with her true feelings, she had properly come to this place and made a decision. She asks him what about him. This stuns him.

She says that this has already nothing to do with her. She turns around and leaves. While walking, Ayano tries to convince herself that it is alright since she no longer likes him, totally don’t like him but her tears betray her true feelings. She mentally bids Tenyuu goodbye. While walking back, Tenyuu gets a call from Maehara who asks if he met up with Ayano.

Tenyuu says that it turns out that he was the one who gave her his number. Maehara laughs and says that it doesn’t matter for it is only Mairu whom he shouldn’t tell. He asks afterwards, did they properly talk. Recalling what Ayano said about going there with her true feelings and making a decision, Tenyuu thinks that he had ran away from Mairu’s side and came to this place. Is it because of Mairu? Because he couldn’t return her feelings? Really?

As Maehara is calling out to him on the phone since he isn’t responding, Tenyuu looks at the side to see a van heading straight for him. He thinks that even if he ran away from Mairu’s side, his head is still filled with things about Mairu. Everything went black. Soon, he wakes up in a hospital room. Yayoi exclaims to the doctor that he’s awake.

Tenyuu immediately sits up and looks at his hand. He exclaims that it is great that he isn’t injured. Yayoi angrily tells him that he lost consciousness for three hours after the van hit him. This surprises Tenyuu. The doctor asks how he is feeling. He says okay. The doctor plans to do a detailed examination on him tomorrow just in case.

After the doctor left, Yayoi’s kids are laughing and saying that there’s snow outside. Yayoi is talking on the phone with Maehara to tell him that Tenyuu is okay and it is just a light brain concussion. Then, one of the kids says that the sun is up. Tenyuu looks out window and mutters that it is now clear [sky].. a revolving lantern..

Yayoi asks huh. Tenyuu says that the moment he was encountered the van, he thought that his childhood memories would come out  like a revolving lantern but in the end, he didn’t see it, and he saw something else. Yayoi exclaims what it is. Blushing a bit, he says the face of the person he likes. Blurb: “Next, the finale!!”
Comment: Winter is over and I guess it is time to switch back to the main character. Well, even if it is only short, those are some nice cute scenes with Fuyu even if he does seem to be somewhat manipulative yet childish. In a way, Tenyuu is pretty much spot on regarding Mairu. I mean if Fuyu isn’t that nice and she got brought there all alone without much reaction until they are there..what could have happened?

No wonder Tenyuu is quite protective of her because she is really ah..gullible? I cannot really say if Fuyu was different from her ex-boyfriends and if Tenyuu is truly better than Fuyu since I’ve skipped almost 3/4s of the story. ^^; The part here on: 1. girl confess to guy, 2. guy rejects her for some reason, 3. girl starts to have a suitor even if she still likes guy, 4. other girl lectures guy about facing his feelings with girl and 5. guy realizes that he likes/wants girl – is somewhat similar to a certain other Margaret series about a daytime shooting star. ^^;

And, I start to think that whatever the ending of this series is, it might be the opposite resolution for HnR or else, I would think that it would be a copy of this one. ^^;; Unless, of course, HnR would do something creative and different. After separating from her, it is quite apparent that Tenyuu is a worrywart about Mairu. It is the usual distance makes the heart grow fonder.

I’m not quite convinced that it is romantic love just because he feels that he could treat and go steady with Mairu better than anyone else. And, I’m not too sure if all of them are awful..I thought Mirai was not that bad. But then, well, it does take an almost life-death moment for one to realize how important one is in one’s life and he probably realizes that he loves her.

Since it wasn’t long ago since he rejected her and Mairu still has feeling for him, his chance is really high and Mairu’s unrequited love is returned..just like what she mentioned, a miracle. Ayano’s unrequited love would remain like that but I wonder what was the point in showing Fuwari, I assume, there? In a way, I’m glad that there isn’t much on him since I totally have no idea who this Alex is. ^^;;

It does seem that this series should have continued on since there is a character who wasn’t quite resolved. It also made me think that the ending is somewhat rushed because of Tenyuu sudden realization of his feeling for Mairu after all what he said before and that Momo thing. Anyway, for the last time, please do not spoil me on what happened in the last chapter. ^^ Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
You can't make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realize your worth. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Thank you for the translation.

    "I thought Mirai was not that bad"

    Yes he was good and not overly possessive as her first boyfriend (Kudou) who was jealous of Tenyuu and didn't want Mairu to see him anymore.
    Unfortunately she didn't really like Mirai, probably why she cheated on him with Kudou (which I hate).

    1. And it's why I didn't like Mairu, she was so in love with Kudou she accepted everything, when he cheated on her, she realized how much it was a mistake.

    2. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Oh..she did. aside from having many ex-boyfriends and that..that is why the title is like that - Mairubxtch?

  2. The frivolousness of emotions and feelings of each character is what turns me off with this story. It started with lots of potential to make this a good one, but I predict that the flaws of the characters will make the ending a total wash-out. . Believe it or not, Fuyu is the only one that I believe in.

    1. I agree. I dont think Tenyuu has the right to butt in on Mairu's life again after rejecting her like that. I want her to move on

    2. I doubt Tenyuu';s sincerity. He wanted to be and ran away with a married woman, then again, almost did it again with same woman, then rejected Mairu, and not contented with that, stayed away from her..... and I suspect requested Fuyu to be with her in his stead, and then , bam, he now thinks he likes her ? * rolls eyes*

    3. Is that so, megaworthit. Hehe, I only read the part when Fuyu was introduced and the first two chapters. ^^;;

  3. Thank you for summarizing this manga.=)

  4. Yay! I look forward to your summary of the ending, Kat! Thanks!

  5. Ugh, this remind me of Heroine Shikkaku. Heroine loved her childhood friend, get rejected, then found some other guy, then her childhood friend realized he loved her, then the Heroine go back to her childhood friend. Dang. For once I wanted the second guy to be with the heroine.. Does anyone want to recommend me some titles?

    1.'s similar to that one, too, huh.

      Second guy getting heroine = Otome Holic.
      Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi = technically, the kid is the second guy since he wasn't the first choice..if you are okay with elementary kid and high school girl romance.
      Akai Ito = he isn't exactly the first crush.
      Hatsu Haru = male lead is the second guy.
      Henyoku no Labyrinth = there is high possibility she'll end up with second guy.
      Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! = second lead character would probably end up with second girl.
      Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai = girl might end up with the one she didn't like at first.
      Nanoka no Kare = first love didn't turn out well so second love might be it.
      Pin to Kona = girl end up with the other guy instead of childhood friend and they mutually love each other.
      Skip Beat! = she won't be ending up with the one she loves since childhood.
      Ouji to Hero = ends up with the other guy.
      Same goes with Papillon -Hana to Chou-.

    2. Wow. Thank you so much Kat. Those really are interesting titles you give there. I'll check them all out. :) Anyway, I was disappointed and disheartened when Heroine Shikkaku's mc chose her childhood friend because I really like the second guy who is more mature and nicer..

    3. No problem. ^^

      I haven't read the series..but, true, it is disappointing when that happens.

    4. Nanoka no kare.------ I have a feeling both main couple will go back to their exes.

      Ouiji to Hero ------ that the mainguy and "main girl" will get together is merely implied. The bulk of the story is actually about a triangle .... Ouji----> second girl <------- Hero. The main girl has become the character that drives the conflict of the triangle to its logical conclusion. Hero gives way to Oiji when he finally realizes that it's Oiji that the second girl really likes. We really don't know why Hero tries to be nice to the main girl when he has a girlfriend who's practically living with him , together.... and it';s obvious that Hero and second girl are sleeping together. Readers on other forum are in denial of this fact because it is never shown they are in bed together. But the author does not have to show that. The second girl is always shown wearing just Hero's T shirt ( just a shirt ) and Hero is in bed , always in his undergarments. There's even a part in the story where they are together , as usual in semi-state of undress, and hero is touching the second girl's hair.. and they are both lying in Hero's futon. What do we think is going on when they are alone together ? Playing video games or having a nice conversation? The fact is, Hero cannot really go all -out because Hero's GF is Oiji';s ex fiancée, and I really don't know why they parted ways and fiancée hooked up with Hero. .

    5. Nanoka no Kare - I don't think so especially with those couple cover pictures.

      Ouji to Hero - true but still chose the second guy, right? Ya, it became a four love polygon. My memory of this is hazy since this ended a long time ago so take this with a grain of salt.
      From what I remember, the other girl is not his girlfriend because, well, really lame as it was, it turns out that hero is just taking care of her until prince is 'man enough' to take her back. There is some family/marriage issues I think that the prince seems to kind of 'abandon'? or something the other girl even if he loves her. So, in the end, prince takes second girl back --iirc, at the hospital after the second girl went psycho some party I think, and Hero goes with the main girl. the end.

      So, if they did do it together because they are in bed together, and with that ending, I'll say this manga is more messed up than I originally thought.

    6. Oh my gosh, I know this is so late, but I do want to respond to this so much. LOL Well, anyway, the main girl has been rejected straightforwardly, and has told her that he has a girlfriend.... the girlfriend has told the main girl to back off because she is the girlfriend . If hero really cares for the main girl, he won't reject her that way... how sure is he that main girl will not be taken away by another, and lose her, when in fact, as you said here, he is just " taking care" of that second girl? No, if the author has explained their relationship as just baby sitting ( as explained by the character) , it's up to the reader to think deeper than the given situation, as actually ILLUSTRATED by the author in the manga. Being together in bed, with the second girl wearing just Hero's shirt, and Hero in his undergarments, and Hero lovingly touching the second girl's hair, well, what would any reader think had happened, or about to happen?

      This brings to mind Ao Haru Ride. Kou's best friend has assumed that the other gitl, Narumi, is not Kou's GF..... which is a big laughable assumption..... Kou's fangirls are holding on to that remark.... but in fact, Kou and Narumi are heavily in a relationship... if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, why, it must be a duck. Readers must also think beyond what is written in the manga. In fact, Kou's and Narumi's relationship is as subtle as a jackhammer. LOL

    7. Yup, that's what was mentioned/shown early on, megaworthit. I assumed that he is just risking the possibility that she might be taken by some other guy. Maybe that is his way of 'taking care' of her. =P Actually, about that 'taking care' thing, I think that is the mangaka's deus ex machina to resolve things as things are getting messy and the main girl is ending up with no one at that rate. ^^; Since it would appear that both guys are into the second girl. ^^;;

      I didn't read that in detail, only the part when love rival got introduced and stopped reading when love rival got the girl =P And, true, I did think that they have a relationship for him to act like that towards her and, if I got it right, evade/dump the main girl before because of her. Unless, it was a 'she's like a younger sister that I must protect and willingly sacrifice my love life for her'. Haha, ah..that's just my assumption since I didn't really read the series. ^^;

  6. I still reckon the best manga where the second guy gets the girl is Tonari no Atashi :)

    1. Is that so, missjenni ^^ Well, I haven't read that one.

    2. OMG, Tonari no Atashi is one depressing manga, but it's one where the second guy deserves the main girl's love.

      One thing that makes it depressing is from beginning to end, the story is almost focused on the "main guy", including his thoughts, and the second guy whom she ends up with is just on the sidelines. What makes it depressing is the fact that while the man guy has real feelings for the main girl, he continuously have sex with his GF.... in fact, that's how her GF got him to be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, main girl is depressed because she knows what's going on..,.. they';re neighbors, and she sees the Gf in his room.

      There is another one where the second guy wins in the end. It's depressing because the main guy falls really in love with main girl, and because of something he has done to the main girl ( she was his girlfriend, and she really loved him, but he only got together with her for revenge..... he knows that the guy he hates is in love with the main girl, but since he knows the main girl likes him, he made her his GF , then dumped her. It was nasty. He made an innocent girl a victim of his hatred. By the way, he thought that his ex GF dumped him before because she was in love with the second guy, and that means, second guy took her away from him... but it wasn';t true.... second guy didn't even like his ex-GF )

      In the end, main girl gets together with the second guy. First guy decides to go to another country ... main girl goes to the airport to see him for the last time, and even tells him that she still loves him, but she has fallen in love with the second guy too, and then, she wishes him luck . First guy thinks that the main girl can just tell him that she wants him back, and he will not leave the country..... but when the girl leaves him at the airport, he cries. Seeing him cry is very touching, but he has indeed really hurt the girl who has loved him so much.

    3. I see..guy who missed his opportunities with the one he loves due to some reasons and ends up crying. ^^;

      Thanks for the info, megaworthit. ^^

    4. Hi megaworthit what is the name of the second manga you're describing?

  7. When will you be doing the last summary?
    Thanks for this one! =)

    1. When the Chinese scanlation is out.

      You're welcome ^-^