April 22, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapter 73]

Mairu is shocked upon hearing Fuyu’s confession. She starts to wonder if he’s deceiving her for it is impossible for him to say that to her because after all, the other party is her. Since it is impossible, she decides that he is playing around with her. She laughs it off by saying that he is joking around just to cheer her up from her disappointment. She looks at him and sees his serious expression. 

Mairu realizes that she is wrong. She bows and starts to apologize to him but Fuyu interrupts by shouting that it hurts for some dust got into his contact lens. He starts complaining about his eyesight being bad and she didn’t know that he would occasionally wear glasses at home for he is a glasses guy. 

Looking at her, he tells her that there are still a lot of things that she doesn’t know about him so know more about him a bit. Standing close to her, he tells her that if she wants to reject him, reject him again after knowing more about him. He advises her not to give up midway in wanting to understand things. He asks her if her birthday is coming soon. 

Surprised Mairu asks how he knew. Fuyu claims that he has superpowers but in reality, he found someone who knew Mairu during their elementary days and he looked at the graduation book. Poking her forehead, Fuyu tells her to give him time and before then, he will properly strive hard in making her totally know more about him. “The answer to the confession, I’ll ask you about it on February 14th.” 

In school, Mairu is eating lunch inside the sports storage room by herself. She thinks that she should have clearly rejected Fuyu but in the end, Fuyu pulled her by the nose again.. She thought that from his appearance, he is a herbivore, but inside, he is a super tyrant. A wolf Fuyu is calling out to her to be quick. 

She observes that his confession is also quite manly and of all the guys she encountered until now, he is totally different. She sobs that towards that kind of Fuyu, her heart unexpectedly couldn’t help but beat fast [like a deer facing the car’s headlights/about to be hit by a car]. She thinks that if it is the her, who hasn’t found out that she likes Tenyuu, then she probably would have gone steady with him without any hesitation. Her cellphone rings.
It is Ayano who asked her if she know what’s up with Tenyuu since he’s going to work in Hokkaido. This stuns Mairu. Ayano tells her about a new establishment for make-up stylists in Sapporo and Tenyuu went there to help. When she heard of it, Tenyuu is already gone. Maehara told her that Tenyu himself wanted to go so why would he go when he is obviously quite happy working with Maehara. “Why would he suddenly go to Hokkaido.. could it be that you did something to Tenyuu--!?” 

After a pause, Mairu tells her that she confessed to him and got rejected. Ayano exclaims that it is because of that, stupid, stupid, stupid. She says that Tenyu is definitely thinking of avoiding her for it would be very awkward to be hanging around the girl whom he had rejected. A staff member calls out to Ayano that it is almost time to go onstage. 

Ayano angrily tells Mairu when did she confess to Tenyuu and she better tell her. Mairu wonders what to do. After school dismissal, Mairu heads out the school gate to see Fuyu waiting for her. Fuyu tells her that she’s so slow that the girls are flirting with him. He tells her that they go home together. She asks him if it is true that Tenyuu went to Hokkaido. Fuyu says ya, she also knew, that’s quick. 

Mairu exclaims that in the end, it’s true. He tells her that it is infuriating that she would talk about Tenyuu upon seeing him. Mairu gloomily apologizes. Aghast Fuyu says forget it, it doesn’t matter. Mairu tells him that Ayano said that in order to keep distance from her, he transferred to another post. She asks what she is going to do for Tenyuu is really avoiding her. 

Fuyu says that actually, Hokkaido isn’t that far. He tells her that they go right now. Holding up his cellphone, he says that he’ll help her find the latest scheduled flight. Mairu protests that even if she goes, he would still avoid her. Fuyu tells her that this time around, they’ll stop him in front of his house’s door and they will absolutely capture him. 

Holding up his cellphone, he says okay, he got the tickets. He tells her to go home now and prepare clothes for an overnight stay outside then they will meet at the first terminal of Haneda airport. Mairu tries to protest again.
Fuyu says that even if he said that Hokkaido isn’t that far but if she doesn’t go see him, this distance might perhaps make her not see him throughout her life. This surprises Mairu. She asks him why he is doing so much for her. He admits that he wants to earn good points from her. He smiles and says that obviously, he wants to be of good use to her. 

Blushing a bit, Mairu thinks that ever since that day [confession], he would call her ‘Mairu’. It is somewhat different from the ‘Mairu’ that comes out of Tenyuu’s mouth since it is a ‘Mairu’ with eagerness[/devotion]. While packing her things, Mairu has sent an email to her brother even if he’ll be angry, put in a change of clothes inside, and she prepared her money.

Mairu is ready to go to Hokkaido and then no matter what, she’s going to meet with Tenyuu and beg him with all her strength to come back, even if she might cry, but that way, Tenyuu’s heart would definitely soften and he’ll return to her side. She imagines herself crying to Tenyuu to consider that confession as something that didn’t happen. She stops by the door and imagines Tenyuu smiling. 

She wonders about hurrying to his side, and using tears to get his sympathy to make him come back there. If she would do that, isn’t she being too headstrong[/unruly] towards Tenyuu. At the airport, Fuyu is waiting by a post when he sees Mairu. He asks her where her luggage is. While holding her head down, she apologizes to him for she decided not to go to Hokkaido. “I’m truly sorry..” 

Narration: “It is Tenyuu’s decision in ‘wanting to part from me’. So, even if I feel lonely, and hurt that I won’t be able to see him but it is wrong to force him to return to my side. Obviously I was rejected by him so I don’t have that kind of right. Until now, I’m quite willful towards Tenyuu. Tenyuu always forgive[/is tolerant of] me and understands me. It is because of this that I’m very useless.” 

Looking at Fuyu, Mairu says that he won’t chase after Tenyuu again. Narration: “Goodbye, Tenyuu. Until now, I have so many apologies[/regret] towards you. I want to graduate from Tenyuu.”
Comment: I like proactive, supportive guys, and I really like what Fuyu is doing for Mairu. ^^ I’m not sure if it is a good idea asking for her answer to his confession on Feb 14 because if she rejects him, that date would always remind him of that..until he finds the one for him. It turns out that when he said that he’ll disappear, Tenyuu is way serious about it. 

He might be thinking that he’s doing her a favor when she just wants to still be with him. Maybe, for him to do that, he probably wants her to forget about him and move on? Well, it seems that is indeed what Mairu is going to do. I think her way of thinking is right. Why chase after someone who would rather leave her for whatever reason especially when she has been recently rejected by him? 

They would need some time to reconsider things and maybe, if they are meant to be together later on, it will happen with one’s own choice rather than forcing things. Anyway, we got three more chapters to go so this early, I’m going to ask the readers here to please do not spoil me on what happens afterwards up to the last chapter. Thank you. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
There are things in life we don’t want to happen, but have to accept; things we don’t want to know, but have to learn, and people we can’t live without, but have to let go. ~ Author Unknown


  1. This series has so many heartbreaks and I don't know why but I still keep on reading your summaries T_T Thank you Kat for the summary and bringing this series to my attention :) I never really like so much angst in a series but surprisingly I have come to like this manga xD

    I agree with you, it's nice Mairu didn't chase after Tenyuu and she decided to say goodbye to him. In my opinion though, If you get rejected by someone, even though it's hard I think it's best if you just accept the rejection and slowly move on instead of forcing yourself and end up hurting even more. I think what's most important is that you have told your feelings and made it known to them.

    1. True..and I've skipped them all except for this last one where I started reading. ^^; Thanks for reading ^-^

      I agree with your opinion. ^^

  2. I have actually dropped this a long time ago when I felt she wasn't making the right choices. I think I strated reading again when Fuyu appeared in her life. When she decides to move on from Tenyuu, I hope she is more decisive and steadfast this time. Tenyuu had never loved her . All that time, he was desperately in love with another girl. She should give up and find real happiness. Fuyu maybe ? I think Tenyuu has given her to Fuyu to take care of her. Tenyuu knows Mairu had it bad, and all this time, I feel what Tenyuu ever felt for her was more brotherly.

    1. Is that so, megaworthit. Well, I didn't really read this and only started at a part..got interested in Fuyu and read back up to the part where he was introduced. ^^;;

      It does seem to be that way. And, he did say that he thinks of her as a 'daughter', iirc. Since this is fiction, it is possible for Tenyuu to suddenly think, ah, it turns out that I love her after all. =P

    2. I was Team Tenyuu from way before, but then she went into relatiuonship with one or two guys, and it turned me off a bit, then I realized that all that time I was for tenyuu , he was actually in love with another girl. It turned me off even more. Ugh. But yes, you're right. Fuyu came in much too late in the story, so it is highly possible tenyuu will be the ending guy. O_O I look forward to it though. As I said, I was Team tenyuu anyways. * sigh *

    3. I see, megaworthit. ^^ It really does make one wonder what is the mangaka's point regarding the story..failed loves of Mairu? ^^;; I'm still wondering if it is either two or..no one. =P

  3. WHERE DID YOU READ THE CHINESE SCAN?! I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! Pleeeease tell me where you found the Chinese scans!!!

    1. You can read it here:http://www.17kk.cc/intro/18388.htm

      Or, try googling the Chinese title: 舞瑠Bxtch

    2. thank you SO much! now i can read ALL of the manga i wanted to!!! ^_^ you are a LIFESAVER!

  4. Tbh I'm still rooting for tenyuu cuz this was pretty disappointing... Even ayano seems to be doing better than mairu. Sure tenyuu may have been loving someone else but he realize he doesn't and tenyuu been in mairu life since forever and she decides to give up just after one rejection and decided that it's okay to let him go disappear just leaves a really crappy feeling...at least repair the friendship at least and stop assuming what each other wants... Throughout the whole manga it was always like lovers>>>> friends. She never even tried making friends and the whole time she was desperate for love just cuz she got pretty. Sorry I just had to do a little rant. Thank you for all your chapter summaries!!!

    Honestly fuyus great and all but he's kinda like mirai 2.0

    1. True...

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

      Hehe, is that so. I skipped those parts =P