April 29, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 54 + Side Story]

Narration: “I was intimidated by him.” Shinya kisses Miwako. As she opens her eyes, she thinks that it isn’t detest..but rather, being intimidated by him. As Shinya continues to kiss her, she realizes that it feels good to be kissed, so [/no wonder] everyone is doing this... After she closes her eyes again, Shinya breaks off the kiss. He turns away and she watches him head towards the door. He pushes up his glasses and says, “..I’ll give you two choices.” Miwako is puzzled. He looks at her and asks her to hit him or perhaps forget this thing. “Which do you think is good?” Miwako looks at him in surprise. At 503ST studio, Aki is looking serious and Kaoru is feeling nervous. Shinya notices that Kaoru is holding his guitar tight. Shinya passes by him and whispers that it doesn’t matter if he played wrong, properly enjoy it. Kaoru looks somewhat flustered as he looks at Shinya putting on some earphones. Kaoru exhales and everyone is ready. And, they start playing. At Office Takagi, Soichiro is reading a paper and his assistant look flustered. Flicking the paper, Soichiro says forget it for Miwako is coming soon. On cue, there is a knock on the door. After Miwako greets the assistant, Soichiro, the ever sharp guy, notices Miwako’s expression and asks what happened. Miwako says that it is nothing. Soichiro tells her to take her seat. As Miwako sits down, she sees the huge poster of CP behind Soichiro who is lighting up a cigarette. She looks at Shinya’s picture and immediately blushes. She lowers her head and Soichiro watches her. Soichiro says, “Shinya, he..” This perks Miwako up. Soichiro says that he wants to re-do the composition. Miwako exclaims that’s right, like he said, it is unexpectedly like that and it is really troublesome. Soichiro says that there is still time, right, and for an artist, he has this feeling of wanting to do a little bit better than before. “You can also understand that, right?” Flustered Miwako says that even if he says that.. Soichiro smiles knowingly and asks, “..ah?” This irks Miwako that she asks what it is. Soichiro says that it is nothing, nothing at all. He shows her the paper coming from Hearst Office. He tells her that within a day, they got almost 50 same emails today. It is a protest letter from a fan. [..well, you know a certain freckle girl.] She wrote that she is a fan who supported CP from their first debut. The first day of CP’s tour is a special day for the fans. With that kind of day, they would have a deal on unexpectedly making MUSH & Co. go onstage and that is absolutely unforgivable. [Part of the letter is covered but it is something about selling the band and this kind of act is absolutely unforgivable].
Side story: Five years ago, it was Aki’s 20th birthday on Dec 29th. They are celebrating at an okonomiyaki-type restaurant. On the second floor, Aki finds Shinya alone. He always celebrates his birthday with his childhood friends on this day and starting two years ago, there is a stranger who joined them whom he doesn’t quite know how to treat him as co-worker, comrade, or acquaintance? Aki sheepishly apologizes for making Shinya join them on his birthday. Shinya tells him that he always ignore him so he always doesn’t mind. Silence. Aki sits at the corner that Shinya asks why he isn’t sitting in the middle. Aki just says that he feels calm at the corner so don’t mind him. Silence. Aki asks how come this restaurant is always empty, could it be that there’s no business. Shinya angrily thinks that it is because they booked the place. Shun and the others arrive. While talking about what to order, Shun asked if Shinya got the material. Shinya said that it got postponed and it is good to have not come[?]. Silence. Shun orders five beer but Shinya declines since he is still a minor at 19. Shun orders orange juice for him but Shinya protests that he’ll order for himself. While Shun is ordering the food, Shinya protests if they are going to share, he wants to eat his food solo. To Shinya’s irritation, Shun ordered soda for him. Aki offers to open the soda for him since he is an expert. Shinya tells him that Aki is the lead role like a king so it is okay to do it. Then, after some drinks, Aki hits Shinya for eating his food. Aki narrates that he isn’t drunk and wants to pretend to be so towards Shinya who has this ‘there’s no need to mind me’ attitude. They offer some food to Shinya who refuses it because he doesn’t like sharing other people’s tableware and they shouldn’t take turns drinking from a single plastic bottle.
To Shinya’s shock, irritated Aki drinks his soda and says that it is an indirect kiss. Aki starts complaining why he came here when he won’t eat together with them. Shinya says that it is bonding for work. Aki laments over how pitiful he is for there is an unwilling person on his birthday. Shun shouts that it is not allowed for Shinya to hurt Aki. Irked Shinya says no, unlike them, he’s a minor so don’t get him involved. Aki asks him where his birthday gift is. Shinya says that this is work so why would he bring one. Aki tells Shun that Shinya is cold-hearted and mean. Shun repeats that Shinya is not allowed to hurt Aki. This made Shinya think that Shun is also drunk. Aki demands that Shinya make him a heart-shaped okonomiyaki. Shinya exclaims in disbelief if he is a fool. Aki calls him [Shinya] a fool for he [Aki] is a king like what he said before. The four call out for him to make the heart-shaped okonomiyaki. And, Shinya relents and made one. Soon, everyone is sound asleep. Aki is somewhat drowsy when he notice Shinya sighing. Aki wanted to protest against Shinya paying for the bill but his mouth and body won’t move. Shinya seems to be complaining over how much it costs. He tells the owner for a receipt in Aki’s name but after thinking for a while, he says that there’s no need for a receipt since this isn’t work but private matter[/reason]. Aki wonders what’s going on and he thinks that something very serious is happening but his brain is blank. After hearing a lot of sighs from Shinya, Aki fell asleep. So, afterwards, everything was a vain attempt in listening to what Shinya said. Looking at sleeping Aki, Shinya says that this is his birthday gift to Aki, he paid the bill when Aki first drank alcohol. He tells them that he doesn’t want to have a really good relationship with them because this band is Aki’s. In case Aki comes back, he must leave his current position and leave the band as quickly as possible. About this thing, he only knows too well that he really detest having a good relationship with them because he is still a 19 year old brat.
Comment: It seems that Shinya indeed did that without thinking since both his choices to Miwako meant he has no romantic feelings towards her. I wonder what she chose. Whatever it is, she apparently likes his kiss and she didn’t seem to react violently over it..during and after. Could it be that she has fallen for him through that first kiss? That is believable in most shoujo teen stories..I’m not sure here even if well, Miwako is ah..unexperienced. It is nice that Shinya is still encouraging Kaoru there. And Reiko acts fast in voicing out her protest. I think that they should really start plugging the leak from where this fan is getting her news. But then, isn’t it better to know how a fanatic fan would react over that rather than having knowing the bad reaction to it when it happens onstage? I think it would have more impact if the emails are from different fans rather than from just one fan. Do the other fans also think that way? Most probably yes based on how they immediately badmouth Riko because of her apparent closeness with CP. Of course, that was before she impressed everyone in the TV program. As for the side story, it is amusing since Shinya is the ‘straight guy’ in that comedic plot. It does seem that he is deliberately keeping a distance from the others since he knows that they would kick him out when Aki comes back. I wonder if he still thinks that way or rather, he seems to want to quit the band soon from what he has been doing lately. It just gives me that kind of feeling. But then, I’m not sure what part is an act and what part is real like not wanting to share food with them and being a killjoy most of the time. In a way, because of what he is doing, he cannot really belong to the group and he is probably protecting himself from the hurt if that time comes, when Aki takes his rightful place in the band. Scans by 红莲&wink炖蘑菇汉化组 
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  1. thanks for the summary. I love this manga

  2. Thanks for the summary, i was thinking that you have been drop this manga. I want to see more chapters!! :)

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I was thinking of the same thing..with the Chinese scanlators. ^^; Anyway, hopefully they work on more chapters so that I can write the summaries.

  3. Whoa ! An update.

    With this manga, I really have to read your commentary first before reading the summary. I want to know your take on what goes on in the chapter . This is one of a few mangas that I'm actually afraid to read. I'm worrily anticipating if this is the chapter where Mari comes in, and creates chaos, again. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what went on in the first chapter was actually the future.... on this chapter , Aki is reflecting on what happened to his relationship with Mush....... that is, why he and Aki have parted ways, and Mush is now with another guy. I assume Kanojo wa Uso..... is the story behind it. And I have this gut feeling it has something to do with Mari...... because Aki has finally succumbed to Mari's wiles. It has been foreshadowed on Chapter 47?? ( not sure ), and Shinya and that manager/lover of mari have talked about Aki and mari, and they predict something will happen again between those two now that Aki will have more " carreer " contact with mari,, and the fact that they have speculated Aki has not really gotten over mari. I fear that 's straightforward foreshadowing if what's to come.

    1. Yup, megaworthit..it was a surprise.

      Hm..I got that kind of feeling too when I first read this but such narration wasn't shown much anymore so I've already dismissed it. ^^; After the playing piano thing - Riko's tv debut, I thought Aki had somewhat severed ties with Mari at least romantically. Of course, who knows if things will be rekindled later on or some hindrance comes up.

  4. I don't know... that first chapter is always at the back of my mind. And I notice that there have been so many incidents/ scenes where Aki actually contemplates taking up what mari has been offering to him. Aki is an adult, who is on his own, living independently, and definitely has his " needs." And here' s mari who hasn't been subtle about her intentions. One of these days, Aki is bound to take her up on it. We now know they will have more contact soon. I'm actually wondering why they have not met up yet since that time when we all thought he and mari slept together. How long has it been, since then ? 7 chapters ?

    I heaved a sigh of relief when mari was rejected that night. But here's the thing, Aki is always so easily led to situations where something can happen, without even thinking how these situations might be misunderstood by his girlfriend, Mush. Remember that time when he was led by mari into the dressing room, and someone actually saw them together? Then, the fact that he chose to be with mari instead of being with Mush celebration of her successful debut is another foreshadowing that situations like this can happen again.

    And I really don't like Aki's mindset when he's confronted with situations like this. If you recall, Mari had actually asked to hooked up with him, and it was clearly for Aki to sleep with her..... Aki weighed in on the idea of sleeping with Mari, but thought he wouldn't because he " respects " Mush. What the heck is that reasoning ? " No, Aki, you don't sleep with another girl because you have a girlfriend , not because you have respect her. " he can respect all the women, even his dog, but he has only one girlfriend he is commited to love. And the fact that he even contemplated on doing it is already a danger to their relationship.

    And about the piano playing thing..,.... so okay, he didn't do it, but he actually wanted to do it with Mari, and for what reason? To make Mush jealous ? That he wanted to know Mush's reaction if he indeed had sex with Mari ? And he, of course, wavered. thank goodness. Should readers think that, wow, he';s such a nice man because , again, he rejects Mari ! At what point will he run out of reasons not to take up mari's offer ? Apparently, having in a commited relationship is not reason enough for him not to sleep with Mari.

    LOL Sorry, but I need to rant out., What do you think, Kat ? Am I right in suspecting that Aki will hook up with mari ?

    1. Is that so, megaworthit. Hm..perhaps but lately, he is in working mode so he's busy and I don't think it would happen soon. Rather than Mari, I got the impression that it is because Riko also got into showbiz that will somewhat cause problems with their relationship.

      True..and they both claim that it is okay since it is work and they are being professional..still it hurts, right? I think it might not be quite an issue if they work together. He might celebrate her success if it is his song that she's singing and not some song written by someone else, ah..Shinya, a love rival.

      I don't quite recall that but if it is so, perhaps just like Soichiro, for Aki, having sex is nothing to them and it doesn't really have any relation to having a girlfriend or a wife. And, the two seems to use it as a way of comforting Mari. Hm..Mari being a special case?

      Ah..that seems to be the mindset. It is somewhat like how they had a fight at the cafe. Not that I'm surprised for Aki isn't that good in dealing with people and I assumed he's low on EQ. For now, given the situation and circumstance, I think it is unlikely for Aki to hook up with Mari. He seems to want to 'sever ties' in a way since he isn't that excited to work with Mari and even if he can take advantage of her, he didn't. Right now, he would rather focus on the CP tour and if given the chance, make music for Mush. Afterwards..it depends on what happens by then.. And based on the current focus, I don't think we'll see Mari anytime soon after that disastrous performance.

  5. Maybe so, but this will be putting the blame on Mush. Mush loves him, enough to even sacrifice her happiness for Aki. It is Aki who gets together with Mush with less than stellar reason. He just asked her to go out with her without liking her romantically. ( Well, he even said he doesn't really like her, and HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IF HE WILL LIKE HER IN TIME. * First chapter * I have a feeling that even if Mush doesn't get into showbiz, Aki will still have this problem with Mari. In fact, Mush being in the same showbiz circle as Aki will somehow deter Aki from being sucked again into mari's embrace. Take note that at this point, it is Aki's hormones that are acting up, and has nothing to do whether he's wth Mush or not. The problem is, we don't know how Mush will react if she finds out.

    Mush has sacrificed her feelings when she allows Aki to be with Mari, instead of with her. But she hurt, so much so that when Shinya told her she wouldn't leave her ( unlike Aki ), Mush told Shinya to not leave her, too. That's how much Aki has hurt Mush. Mush is starting to cling to Shinya who has promised to be with her. Maybe Shinya will be a rival, but I'm not sure anymore when he kissed Miwako. What's that all about?

    1. Ah, megaworthit, that was indeed in the first chapter and based on what he is saying lately, I think he is now in love with her though he seems to have a problem conveying what he feels/thinks through words and ends up hurting Riko. It makes me think that maybe he should do it through music =P

      True, but then, she isn't telling him either that she is jealous or anything. I think it is really complicated to differentiate between work responsibilities and love. It would be nice if they actually talked about it..though from the cafe scene, it was somewhat disastrous. ^^; So far, things are usually okay as they made up with kisses and stuff.

      I'm not so sure about Shinya. Lately, he doesn't seem to be pursuing her anymore and it is depicted that he has somewhat of a love-hate thing for Aki..with the love somewhat greater than the hate. Since I find this guy interesting, I would rather he move on from Riko =P As for the kiss, probably temporary insanity because of the pressures, etc that lead up to that point. ^^;; Or, something like, at least kissing the girl who likes Aki?

  6. Thanks for the summary Kat, it's delightful as usual ^^ I'm actually also wondering about the mentions of time skips ever since I re-read the English scanlations and re-read your summaries. Somehow, I think that Mari will not be the cause Aki and Mush will split - the latest chapters seem to show that Aki truly likes (rather than loves, I think) Riko. He seems to be in love with her voice though, and that may actually strengthen his romantic feelings for her as well. After all, for Aki, music is the number one priority in life, I remember him lamenting in chapter one how instead of experiencing some great love story, he preferred to write measly songs.

    It seems to me that in the end, Aki's inability to separate music from love, and Riko's not wanting to assimilate the two, is what will tear them apart. And the second reason will probably be a guy, though I somehow cannot predict at all who it will be. The most likely candidate is probably Shinya, though I'm somehow doubtful of this option as he seems to be presented as this springboard in the series - firstly to bring Crude Play to its heights, and then to enhance Riko's career (eventually leaving Shinya behind, Takagi imagines). Other possible contenders for Riko are Yuu and that new idol guy (forgot his name), but I'm unsure about them... Or perhaps it'll be Sou-chan? Haha, he's deffo my favourite out of all of the guys in the series :D

    In any case, I hope we'll get a glimpse of the future storyline soon, i'm just so curious to see what everybody will be up to in 7 years (as Aki lets us now in one of the chapters).

    1. So far, Mush has been reacting to what Aki has conveyed to her. Mush loves him, but , the things that have so far agitated Mush and made her sad and insecure is Aki's relationship with Mari, and I think this is what will separate them.

      that chapter where we all thought Aki and mari had sex , is , according to the author the game changer. I wonder then why specifically that chapter. It's like a foreshadowing, because , Aki had almost taken up Mari;s advances, and the reason why he might accept her was twisted, in my opinon... that is, just to make Mush jealous. What is that mindset? Cheat just to find out his girlfriend;s reaction?

      Somehow, and sometime in the future, Mush will see that for real, and that would be the cause of the split.

      I don't know. Have Aki and Mush actually dated ? Like have they gone out to have fun ? I know both have been busy, but I don';t anymore feel any romance between the two. I don't think Aki has true love left to give to Mush, at least, a love that will make Mush secure.

    2. Thanks for reading and the comment, Milly00 ^-^

      True..I also think that way lately, that Aki truly likes Riko even if he does seem to really like her voice before. ^^;

      Hm..possible. I'm not too sure on Shinya lately so if it is a love rival, probably Shibaken is the one based on the current situation. Yuu is somewhat too timid and always procrastinating so he seems unlikely. True..Sou is really likeable ^^

      Yup ^^

    3. Ah..I think they've dated, megaworthit. Since I was comparing before on how Shinya would 'date' her like in a hotel, etc whereas with Aki, it is somewhat 'common' like in Starbucks, just a walk, etc.

      I base their intimacy from how they kiss like when they met each other at the convenient store. =P

  7. Thank you Kat!Cant wait for the next chapter