February 21, 2014

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 22]

After Isuzu hugged and confessed to Karin, Karin asks him why he is saying that kind of words. She pushes him away and says that even if he didn’t tell her that, even she knows that kind of feeling. To Isuzu’s disbelief, Karin starts to say that he is her childhood friend and she also doesn’t hate him but even if it is like this, for him to tell her and Nao to divorce and give orders regarding her love life are two different things. And, she never thought of meddling in his love life. Isuzu angrily shouts that isn’t what he wanted to tell her. The teacher comes in to ask Karin if she is already finished. To his horror, it is completely blank, and it is already dark. Karin blames Isuzu that he’s always here disturbing her that she couldn’t work on it. So, Isuzu got tossed out of the classroom. Isuzu was trembling and furious over the outcome of his confession. He looks at his hand that just hugged Karin and he clenches his fist in determination. It is a beautiful morning in Oriyama mansion. Isuzu is standing in front of Karin’s bed where she is sound asleep. He becomes a bit flustered over the key and container near Karin’s hand. He touches her face and pinches her cheek. He greets her a good morning and for her to quickly wake up. Karin angrily shouts that hurts and why is he in her room. Turning away, Isuzu tells her to hurry up and choose which one she likes. Karin is puzzled and soon, she is smiling over the beautiful gowns, shoes and accessories that Isuzu prepared. Karin happily chooses while Isuzu watches on with a smile. After Karin has chosen the gown that she thinks suits her, Isuzu says that they are now going. She asks where. He takes out their passports and says, to a princess trip. Karin sparkles upon hearing princess. Riding on the Ebina’s private jet, they arrive where a royal-type carriage awaits them. There are lots of sweets and desserts being served. Classical music is played live with some animal mascots holding flowers and balloons. It is night. Karin walks through a garden and happily exclaims that Isuzu’s house in Australia is amazing. She says that it is unexpectedly beautiful and why did he tell her about it only now. Touching a rose, she happily says that she truly seems like a princess and this is her ideal world. Isuzu says that he knows for she always told him that ever since before. Karin exclaims that she also wants this kind of wedding. Isuzu holds her hand and says to leave it up to him. Karin pulls her hand away and says what he meant by that, and the other party should be.. Isuzu grabs her hand again and says that of course, the other party is him. He tells her that if there is a play, he’ll be dragged to play the princess that it always made him feel inferior for having feminine looks and she’s the only one who said ‘not cute’ and ‘like a guy’. Karin nervously tells him that isn’t what she meant by it.
Isuzu says that he clearly knows that she doesn’t want the cute him to take away the princess role that belongs to her so she simply wants to hinder him, right? Karin couldn’t refute it. He tells her that even if it is like that he felt quite gratified because for him, she’s the only existence who told him that and gave him manliness. Karin is flustered when he tells her that awful guy and her ideal isn’t the same, there is no strange request [?- probably referring to the arranged marriage] and he happily agreed in divorcing her. As fireworks lit the sky, Isuzu kisses her hand and tells her that when she’s 18 years old, he’ll definitely make her become Her Highness, an ideal princess. He lets go of her hand. Karin tries to call out to him but the bell is ringing. Isuzu tells him that dinner is already prepared so they watch the fireworks while enjoying the dinner because fireworks are her favorite. While they are eating and Isuzu is being served a huge can of milk in a wine glass ^^;, Karin thinks that is right, she always fantasizes a future that would make anyone envious. Everyday is filled with love and living like a princess. Unlike that everyday impoverished life that is filled with lies. It is as Isuzu said, perhaps it is good to simply divorce with Nao who always does cruel things as he wishes. In the Tsuruki residence, Reika is banging on Nao’s room and shouting for him to come out and properly explain things. She absolutely won’t allow him to divorce Karin. Nao says that thing is already final. Reika shouts that the marriage isn’t he’s sole problem so do not on his own.. Her husband tells her not to make a ruckus for maybe Nao had already carefully deliberated on this to come out with that decision. And, Reika vents her anger on Takumi that they would have to return the money to the Oriyama because they already divorced and they would go back to that rotten apartment. Takumi tries to scold her for saying that. Inside, Nao tries to muffle the noise with his earphones. He recalls how Karin said that it is only ‘venting anger by smashing plates’ and Nao’s mother definitely enjoyed it as well. Nao smiles and continues with his studies. Soon, Isuzu goes to school with Karin who complains about going back to school for extra lessons when she wanted to always stay in Australia during summer vacation. Isuzu asks if she really likes it there. Karin happily says yes. Isuzu tells her that she can go back there during summer vacation for today’s cram lesson would quickly be over and they can have fun again. Whether it is amusement park or aquarium, if she wants, he can book the whole place for her. Holding a crystal, Karin hopes it would help her pass through this difficulty and quickly finish the subject. Isuzu says that she is back to her original self. When she asks huh, Nao passes by behind her. This made Isuzu stare that Karin asks what it is. She turns around to look but to the others’ surprise, with Nao looking, Isuzu holds her face and kisses surprised Karin on the lips.
Comment: Hm..I think that based on physical looks, Karin suits Nao but based on personality, she seems to be more compatible with Isuzu. And, I mean the Karin who has always been like that until she met Nao. She is used to a luxurious lifestyle with some fantasy of being a princess and that is something Isuzu can and willing to provide for her. Of course, the problem is her feelings towards him aren’t exactly romantic. At the end of this chapter, I’m still doubtful that she actually knows Isuzu’s intention for her..maybe up to the kiss part because it seems that she’s quite stupid. Well, that is already established, and apparently, she is also easy to brainwash. Not just with Isuzu on how she can easily change her mind, but also with Nao, how she easily complies with whatever Nao wants just to please him and because she loves him. I’m curious though if Nao didn’t have that bad impression, would Isuzu still support him with Karin if they both love each other? Because Nao easily gave up, that is Isuzu’s opportunity to win Karin’s heart. I don’t know if I should laugh or be angry that while that is happening, Nao has locked himself up in his room back in that house and making his mother’s hysterics more pleasant with what Karin told him before + some music. He really makes himself look and act like a victim here. Well, after seeing that kiss, I hope he does something soon and take control of his life or something rather than let others dictate to him what to do, and he does it because it is to his convenience/advantage. Well, this is a fixed couple series so it would only be matter of time before we get to a reunion especially since I’m not convinced that Karin has already signed that divorce paper. As for Nao’s mother, ya..she is pretty much the type of mother who can sell her own child for money so that she can live comfortably. I still don’t know why his parents haven’t divorced yet. And while this is happening, it isn’t shown yet how Karin’s parents are reacting to the divorce unless they have a hands off policy with Karin’s marriage. And, I really find it amusing that Isuzu is obsessed with drinking milk to grow taller. I’m not sure if he’ll grow tall because of it since genes are a huge factor but at least he won’t worry about having osteoporosis. =P Scans by allwink

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  1. hello Kat! Thanks for the summary. I think chapter 23 has been out in japanese raws, visit this site: http://raffmanga.ch/manga/miseinen-dakedo-kodomo-ja-nai/ I think Nao is on his way to take Karin back. I hope they will be reunited soon. I really love to see how the characters will grow and develop especially the main couple since they unconsciously make each other's character change into something better. :)

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so. Well, I prefer not to check out raws. It is more enjoyable to read and understand it without knowing what happened beforehand through the pictures.

      Ya..it was like that until this divorce thing happened.

  2. Kikou ... ^^
    Tks you so much Kat for this summary ...!!! I was waiting impatiently for it ^^ ..... ^^...... Humm well, I still like the art and of course I'm still into the story but I find this topic a little too "imaginative" ... I mean yes we know that Karin has always been living in a "princess world" ... but Isuzu is making it like it's not really possible (even if we know that all millionars can have this kind of life !!) ... I don't know,... the only concret thing is Nao's mother (yes , with not so good intentions)... but yes like you mentionned in your comment is it possible that Karin's parent won't do anything about the divorce or at least about the separation ?!?! .... I mean they're still minors .... and yes the precedent comment is right the new chapter is out in japanese at "raffmanga" site ... but I don't know by the look of the chapter .... things seems even if at first Nao&Karin spoke again, things don't seems to look so good at the end !!!! but well I really do hope that chinese scans will come out quickly like this you will provide us a good summary ^~^.......
    I was a little absent this last timebecause my computer went completly out of order ... and I needed to buy a new one !!! And like I'm not very specialist with computers I needed some time to familiarize with it !!!!

    Sorry to bother you with my long post Kat !!!
    Bises ^^

    1. Thanks for reading, zaza ^-^

      Indeed..this arc is a bit.. hm..'hard to read'.

      Yup..their parents are really...

      Ah..is that so..hm..so this is going to drag on. Well, hopefully, some Chinese scans are a bit late lately..they are probably busy or something..it isn't just one group.

      Is that so..well, hope it will be fixed soon/there will be a replacement soon ^^

  3. Thanks for the summary! Nao's mother make me irritated so much. I would never sell my children for money. I want them to have happiness in their life. Money cannot buy love nor bring you happiness! UGH! Someone need to knock some sense in her! It seems like Takumi doesn't care about divorce since it look like it didnt affect him the way it affect Reika. As for Izusu, sigh... he is going to end up hurting himself and Karin. <3 Tika

    1. Thanks for reading, Tika ^-^

      Indeed. And, this mother blames her unhappiness on her child so.. Actually, I think the root of the problem for that family is indeed money. Everything changed when the company got bankrupt. I guess she really got used to a luxurious life that she would do anything to have it back.

      Yup, he doesn't seem to care about it.


    2. Reika was attending the University right? That's where Nao's parents and Karin's parents met. Why can't she finish her college education, so she can find a good job to support herself and her family. I hate it when women lay back, and do nothing because they depend on a man of the house to do all the dirty work. <3 Tika

    3. Ya..she was, Tika.

      Hm..I'm not sure if she has enough money for college education for herself..weren't they poor after the bankrupt? I wasn't needed before. I think she can still get a job and support herself, etc..but it won't pay much since she didn't graduate college and no prior experience. I think she wants to live comfortably since that is the lifestyle she is used to.

      Ah..I think that is part of Japanese culture. It is usually preferred for mothers to work full time housewife. So, they have to give up their jobs, etc...that is one reason why most Japanese women would prefer to keep their jobs than raising families = low birth rate. From the mangas, the mothers usually just stay home while the father works and only comes at home late at night or during weekends. The others..well, both parents work and let the kid all alone by him/herself...note with money for lunch. I'm not sure if they have day cares and stuff..but from articles on the net, they are not enough and the companies aren't willing to wait that long for mothers to go back to work.

      In Reika's case, I'm not too sure if she is indeed laid back and doing nothing..didn't she do housework, take care of Nao, etc..or they had a maid before? They were bankrupted when Nao was a kid..so she has to do all those stuff later on, right? Then, she probably wants to retire comfortably hence, used Nao to get the money to be able to do that. She cannot depend on her husband for that or else, why resort to this. She also won't expect anything from Nao because I believe she fully knows how she is treating him and that he hates her.

    4. True, like you said she still can find a job to support herself. It might not pay her much, but at least she will be earning income. Two income coming in the household helps a lot.

      Yeah, I totally forget about Japanese culture. Wow, I couldn't imagine to be a stay at home mother. I am willing to stay at home until my kids start to attending elementary school (I have 2 kids. My daughter is 3, and my son is 1) I finish my college education when my daughter was 2 years old. I just cannot stand staying home. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids very much, but isolated myself in my house drives me insane LOL.

      I understand your point about Reika. If she cannot depend on Takumi, then why didn't she make him stay home to take care of Nao and households, while she go to work. I mean there is many choices that she can make to support herself and the family. Why can't she ask Karin's father to give her a job in his company? I am sure Karin's father will find a job that suit her. He is too nice, and also he is fond of her. Excuse my rambles lol. <3 Tika

    5. Yup, Tika. Maybe when Nao is older. And, reading back, apparently, she used to help out in Takumi's company..well, that was the plan, I don't know if it happened.

      Is that so..actually, yes, it can be like that especially if the kids are at school and one doesn't have anything else to do at home.

      True..there are many choices..and that is possible but I get the impression that Nao's father is incompetent in business..hehe, maybe give him an easy job with high pay? =P Well, if it was like that, we won't have this story now. ^^

      Somehow, I wonder if there is more to Reika's unhappiness aside from the money. There is also a factor of Takumi womanizing..I'm curious where he got the money for that. Looking at her outfit behind the apron in chapter 10, that doesn't seem to be home clothes based on the sleeves. So maybe she does work and well, would want to live more comfortably later on but won't have the chance to earn that kind of money instantly and because of what had happened, so might as well use Nao, the supposed cause of her unhappiness to do it. Whatever it is, it is still awful to have that kind of mother. I'm quite curious, why they haven't divorced yet.

      Hehe, it's okay ^^

  4. I don'r like nao. How come it was so easy for him to throw Karin under the bus?

    1. Hm..megaworthit..because his feelings for her isn't that deep?

    2. indeed. I don' t even think he has any feelings for her at all. His actions are natural and common, most probably hormonal, and if we see some jealousy, that's natural. She was after all his ex-wife. But it seems to me he doesn't care if she disappears from his life forever.

      I don't know how the author will develop their relationship. It's been a long time since their last interactions.

      By the way, I've been reading your summaries for years ! ! But it's hard to comment here. I cannot get my comments to publish.

    3. Is that so, megaworthit. Hm..possible.

      Indeed...it seems like a long time.

      Thanks for reading and the support ^-^ Hm..is that so. So, this one got published after multiple tries? Or there are other comments that didn't get published.

  5. Ohhh.. Karin is back to her stupid, self-centered personality.. And how Nao seems to just accept the situation.. its disappointing Ms. Kat..

    Well, i agree that IsuzuxKarin is compatible with personality, while NaoxKarin is compatible physically.. but if Karin will continue to change for "the better" i think she will be compatible with Nao thoroughly.. And that kiss, i hope it makes them realize their true feelings for each other.. I don't want to, but i'm starting to hate Isuzu..

    Had a long wait for this chapter and its like this, hope next chapter will be better.. Thank you for the hardwork Ms. Kat.

    1. Hehe..indeed.

      True..if/when she changes. Hm..not sure about Isuzu but hopefully Karin realizes his intention = the true meaning of his confession.

      Hopefully and thanks for reading ^-^