February 26, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapter 71]

Narration: “I was rejected by Tenyuu. (Totally. Calmly. Bluntly.) Honestly speaking, I’m truly very hurt.. I kept on crying huhu that it made Fuyu worry about me. I’m quite disappointed [/at a loss]..  Before when this happened, I would engrossed myself with comic sketches and became quite rustic [/old fashioned]. I won’t do that kind of thing again! Even if I was rejected, I can still live on cheerfully, healthily and positively!!! Just look straight ahead!”

 And, Mairu looks awful with eyebags underneath her eyeglasses. She gloomily thinks that kind of thing is impossible. “After that, I skipped school for a week..! *wails as she hug herself while lying in bed* From the very start of 2-3 days, it is indeed because my foot hurts and the latter part of the week, I want to just hole up in the house!! I’m gradually becoming a good-for-nothing!! *trash surrounded her* Being heartbroken is truly terrifying!! *looks at her cellphone* Ever since that day, I didn’t see Tenyuu.. *holds the cellphone to herself* Not even a single text..”

Ding dong. She wonders if it is a mail or a delivery but she doesn’t want to go out to open the door since her hair is quite messy and she’s wearing her eyeglasses. Fuyu calls out, “Mai-ru-chan- Hey, let’s have fun together- *Mairu realizes that it is Fuyu* Hey- Maimai-chan- I know you’re in the house.”

Frantic Mairu doesn’t want to face him with this kind of appearance and even if he really took care of her, but.. Fuyu starts coughing out loud and continuously. He falls on his knees and says that after a week, obviously under the snow, cough..but he always stood outside..cough..his body.. Mairu is aghast over that and she quickly goes out holding a medicine bottle. She shouts, “Fuyu! Drink some cold medicine!!”

Making a face while sticking out his tongue, Fuyu says success, tricked her..see, he’s super lively. While Mairu groans and falls on the floor over this, Fuyu tells her to be a bit careful and don’t be deceived again like that just now. He comments that she’s wearing glasses. Mairu felt embarrassed for after being rejected, she became a hideous mess like some sort of sloppy type..!!

To her surprise, Fuyu looks away and mutters that it’s quite cute. While she goes ha?, he tells her that anyway, she got rejected so go out with him [<- as in go out literally] and she’s quite idle, right. He mutters that it’s quite cold. Mairu observes that she feels that Fuyu and his reaction from before is totally not the same.
Smirking Fuyu looks at her and says, “Let’s have fun together, rejected mushroom.” While Fuyu tells her to quickly change clothes, Mairu dismisses her thoughts about Fuyu as ‘she’s thinking too much’. While walking, Mairu asks where they are going. Fuyu says that actually, he hasn’t decided so he’s just going with the flow.

While Mairu is groaning, Fuyu’s friends call out to him. Fuyu says that it is Kyuu [guesswork from since I’m not sure if it is that or it’s Kiyuu]. Kyuu, the guy with a cap, asks what he is doing, where he is going and who that girl is. Fuyu tells him to shut up and tells Mairu that these guys are his school classmates.

Thinking that they are a group of energetic guys, Mairu nervously greets them. Fuyu asks Kyuu where they are going. Holding up his skateboard, Kyuu says that they are going skateboarding. Gesturing to the skateboard park, Kyuu tells Fuyu to join them. While Mairu is amazed that there is this kind of place, Fuyu says that he’ll join in for a while. 

Mairu exclaims in surprise that he does that kind of thing and isn’t it dangerous. Fuyu tells her not to belittle him for he always plays that during junior high. Mairu looks up to Fuyu above the vert ramp and thinks that it’s so high, would he be alright. Then, she watches in surprise over how good Fuyu is after jumping down to skate. The girls are screaming that it is an ollie, [<- skateboarding move; where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands Source: wiki] and finds Fuyu amazing.

Soon, Mairu is also amazed over how good Fuyu is in skateboarding. While making a face and flashing a v-sign, Fuyu asks Mairu that perhaps, she’s always thinking that he is that kind of strange guy who is into arts and stays at home-something. He asks how is it. Mairu doesn’t answer back. She just tells him that it is amazing and it’s unexpected that he is an expert in this kind of sport.

He asks her to try it and he even borrowed a skateboard. Mairu protests no, no no no!! Holding her hand, Fuyu tells her that it is alright and insists that she try it by getting on and he’ll pull her along. Mairu protests that compared to how she looks, she totally doesn’t have motor skills. Fuyu tells her to believe in him and he absolutely won’t let her fall down. This made Mairu step on the skateboard.
Soon, Mairu is screaming while Fuyu is pulling her along. He tells her that’s right. He urges her to try to kick on the floor herself. Mairu did as told. She exclaims that it’s so fast. Fuyu laughs and then, says that’s enough, stop here for now. Mairu happily exclaims how skateboarding felt and it’s amazing. Fuyu asks if she’s happy.

Mairu says yes, she’s happy. Fuyu smiles and says that’s really great. Mairu looks at him in surprise. Then, some guys are calling to Fuyu that Saki-senpai has arrived. Fuyu tells Mairu that he has to go and greet. He warns her not to play the skateboard on her own while he isn’t around because it’s very dangerous. Mairu timidly says, okay. He says that’s good, then he goes to talk with the others. Mairu thinks that in the end, it felt.. Kyuu asks Mairu if she’s a student of Aitani.

Recalling him as Fuyu’s friend, Mairu says that she is. Kyuu happily exclaims that in the end, it is like that, Fuyu went to see her, right. Mairu is puzzled that Kyuu tells her that for a certain period of time, Fuyu would go to Aitani Academy everyday after school dismissal. “So, he is indeed going to see a girl- We guys have been gossiping about that-” This surprises Mairu that she thinks that she didn’t go to school for a week and he went to her school everyday to look for her.

“Why would he do that..? *turns to Fuyu* After that snowing day.. *Fuyu looks back at her* In the end, *blushes* Fuyu isn’t a bit the same as before..” Then, her cellphone rings. She quickly looks at her cellphone and it is a message from her brother asking if she also doesn’t plan on going out of the room today..for how many days would she make him keep on eating outside, and don’t hole up in the house again.

Approaching her, Fuyu asks if she thought it was Tenyuu and she still wasn’t able to totally give up. Mairu is flustered that she wonders give up what and even if she still hasn’t totally given up but compared to that.. Mairu tells Fuyu that she doesn’t want things to be awkward between them. “My feelings..weren’t properly conveyed to him...

but I won’t want to destroy that kind of relationship we had before.. I’m always thinking of that..” Fuyu tells her that guy’s photo shoot for today ought to be nearby. “Want to go and verify it. *Mairu looks surprised* Whether or not, Mairu and Tenyuu’s bonds are severed by that.”
Comment: Mairu has noticed it but still doesn’t know what it means..for me, I think Fuyu is in courting mode..even if he still shows his teasing side which somewhat throws Mairu off that he’s like before. As usual, Mairu takes this heartbreak really hard and it goes to show how deep her feelings are for Tenyuu. I guess she would still want to properly confess her feelings to Tenyuu even if she was already rejected since she just blurted it out before.

Maybe it is also about her want to keep their relationship as before and she’ll go to Tenyuu since Fuyu did told her where he currently is. Hm..in their relationship before, I think it was a particularly close type of friends. It might be a problem if their future partners are jealous types. Realistically, can it be the same as before?

Maybe not at first..but I guess it really depends on the people involved. Though usually, I think if a friend confesses and got rejected, things cannot be exactly the same as before though there is a possibility that it can be somewhat the same. So, what would it be for Mairu and Tenyuu. As for Fuyu, so far in this chapter, he’s doing the right stuff. Time will tell if the things he’s doing will bear fruit or he’ll be like the others who had a relationship with Mairu. Scans by 工作室 

Quote of the day:
When we suffer a loss, a break up, a painful change in our lives, we need to remember to take all the time we need to heal emotionally. Moving forward and getting back on track with our lives doesn't take a day. It takes a lot of small steps to allow us to break free from our broken self and move on. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Thank you so much! You are amazing! It's my favourite manga and I'm grateful for the translation!

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment ^-^

  2. Thank you so much! I've been in silent reading this, after finding out just yesterday. I left this manga on hold for 6 months because I couldnt find the continuation of this, and now I finally found it! Thank you so much :D