February 8, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapter 70]

In bed, Mairu recalls how Tenyuu rejected her. She turns left and right then, when he said, ‘..sorry’. It made her look flustered. She quickly puts her head on the pillow and muffles her cry. “Ah--! Ah--! How humiliating. How painful. How sad. How it hurts. It is truly very miserable. So this is the pain that one has after being rejected..”

While walking, Tenyuu calls someone. The other person answers and asks what is it? Tenyuu asks where he is right now. The other person says at home, so what is it? Tenyuu says that Mairu got a sprain. The other party exclaims in surprise over that and says that she is really slow-witted like her external appearance. Tenyuu says that actually she would more or less get better soon.

After a pause, Tenyuu says that he thinks that right now, she ought to be in a very low spirits. After a pause, Fuyu asks, “So you want me to go and see her, right? *putting down his PSP* What? Could it be that girl confessed to you? And afterwards, a brave sacrifice?” Another pause, Tenyuu says that he no longer can stay at her side. 

Fuyu asks him if he is thinking that doing this is very considerate. “Making some other guy to go visit a girl whom you have rejected is actually not a bit considerate. Stu-pid!” Fuyu hangs up the phone. Tenyuu looks downcast. Meanwhile, Airu looks worriedly in front of Mairu’s room. He knocks on the door and calls out to her that guy called Tenyuu brought her share of bento so would she come out and eat.

He is surprised to see a note slipped out from under the door. It said that she doesn’t feel like eating so just leave it. Nervous and aghast Airu wonders why she wrote her reply and it seems like a note written before one dies, very messy. Airu asks her what’s up and does she have some trouble again.

Sparkling Airu tells her that since the start of college, he is number 1 in all of his exams and he plans to maintain this kind of situation so that when he graduates he would be the number one student and he is actually planning to study really hard today.

“Even if I’m truly very busy but it is also alright to squeeze a bit of my precious time just to chat with my younger sister, okay? So?” Another paper comes out. The note says, “There’s no need.” While Airu is stunned by that, Mairu thinks that right now, she doesn’t want to talk with anyone because she doesn’t have any energy.
Then, her cellphone is ringing. She looks at it. It is an email from Fuyu asking, “Is your foot okay? Short-legged mushroom girl.” Mairu wonders why he knows about her sprain. She is startled when there is another email. Fuyu says that Tenyuu told him but for other things than that, she can relax for he didn’t ask about it but regarding what had happened, he can pretty much guess it.

Aghast Mairu thinks that ugh..after all, the first one to notice it was Fuyu and furthermore, he noticed it earlier than her own self-awareness. Fuyu asks if she is alright. With a subject of ‘truly thank you very much’, Mairu replies that she is fine, she felt thoroughly relaxed after being rejected so sorry for making him worry about her. 

Fuyu writes back, “Liar. Do not pretend that you are alright. Obviously you cannot pretend. It is that-side-of yours that really infuriates me.” This shocks and irks Mairu. She wonders what’s up with this person, she doesn’t want to make him worry that even if she has no energy she also wanted to pretend that she has a bit of energy. “Since it is like this, I had-enough!! I’ll just complain everything to you!!” 

Mairu quickly types, “Yes, yes! It is like that!! I’m pretending as if I’m alright!! Obviously I’m forcing myself. Actually, I’m really super disappointed! Because he told me, ‘My and Mairu’s like[/love] isn’t the same’ ‘I don’t have that kind of feelings towards you’ I’m totally rejected!! This is the darkest part of my life!! Quite perplexed!! It really hurts. Painful.” 

Mairu sighs and thinks, “How about that!! I gave my entire bad mood to you!!” Fuyu replies, “Is that so, ah, it is inevitable.” This shocks Mairu again that she wonders what’s up with this, she doesn’t understand.. He tells her to look outside. Puzzled Mairu goes to the window and sees Fuyu standing outside in the snow while holding his cellphone. She is surprised.

He emails her again, and says that she injured her foot so don’t come out. “I only wanted to see you so I came.” Mairu is surprised again. Fuyu writes again, “Do not pretend again that you are alright. Go ahead and cry.” Mairu starts to sob. While Fuyu looks at her, Mairu thinks, “I’ve cried like a child. While it is snowing, he didn’t send another message. He always stood there until I stopped crying. Like this, Fuyu always stayed at my side.”
Comment: Mairu’s monologue in the pillow pretty much summarizes the pain of rejection. Airu tried to be a good brother and listen out to her but she is really not in the mood to talk. Actually, it can be embarrassing to tell one’s brother that you just got rejected. I’m not sure of their relationship since I’ve skipped a lot of chapters but somehow, I get a feeling that Airu might laugh at her. ^^;;

And, since Airu is more into studies, I don’t think he can comfort her. About the brave sacrifice thing, the meaning of the word used can also mean ‘die like a hero’, ‘heroically gives one’s life’ or ‘martyr’. Given what he told Fuyu, I think it might meant that Tenyuu is going to sacrifice his friendship for Mairu to move on and find the one who would really love her. But re-reading it, it seems to apply to Mairu so it might be confess = fail -> die. ^^;;

I think Tenyuu means well to get Fuyu to go to Mairu so I’m not quite sure why Fuyu scolded him that this isn’t being considerate. Perhaps, not for Fuyu as if he is some sort of second choice for Mairu? Maybe like making someone else remedy something that he caused to happen?

Anyway, in the last few pages, Fuyu pretty much show that he can be there for her even if he did irritate her enough to make her release her pain and sadness by crying rather than suppressing it. Well, that is good for Mairu. That scene increased the possibility that Fuyu might be the one for her. Scans by 工作室 

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  1. Disappointing, it looks Mairu will end up with Fuyu.

  2. Maybe... juuuuuust maybe, the sacrifice would mean Tenyuu likes Mairu as well? And can't be with her for some random reason?

  3. Thanks Kat!

    For some reason I felt a bit sad as I was reading this chapter. At the beginning and up to the last chapter I was cheering for Mairu and Tenyuu but this chapter made me really like Fuyu. That was really sweet of him and although he wasn't showing any vibes of being romantic and not comforting her in the romantic way but I thought it was romantic! Plus Fuyu is just as cute as Tenyuu (I normally like dark haired bishies but Fuyu is really cute) ^_^

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Well, in the beginning, I also thought that it would be Mairu and Tenyuu..after that disastrous loves..but then, Fuyu is introduced. I felt some romantic vibes on him especially at the train station before even if he acts that way. =P

  4. Somehow to me it still feels that Mairu and Tenyuu will be together at the end. Fuyu is just a someone that may make Tenyuu realise his feelings for Mairu or something. Fuyu came a bit too late I think.
    But who knows what's gonna happen (well the author).
    Can't wait for the next summary and chapter =) (I have already looked up the chap 71 though) =P

    1. Ah, is that so. I think it is possible.

      Indeed..he did came quite late.

  5. Thank you!!! I hope the author can just pick a guy for already.I don't care who. Just pick!!!

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Hehe, is that so.

    2. That makes me laugh xD but is really true, just pick one!!

  6. Haha, I don't think that Airo would laugh at his little sister. Though, he might punch Tenyuu if the past is anything to go by (Mairus second boyfriend kissed another girl and she saw it and ran home. When the boyfriend came to 'explain', Airo punched him once and tried a second time).

  7. For 1 week , I wanted to kill tenyuu. I realized that he was just a stupid boy.
    But now that I saw the spoilers , I'm wanting him to kiss mairu.
    mairu no BITCH!
    yeah , that's actually another name.
    that describes tenyu :)
    am i weird

    1. Hehe, is that so, Pearchy ^^

      Indeed, that is the other name.