February 17, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 87]

With some college document on the table, Shouta tells his father that he wants to go to college. His father hits the table and shouts that he’s saying such foolish words again. He says that he wants to go to college but he is studying notes like this. Even if he says that he’s serious, then show him this earnest enthusiasm and depend on himself before coming to talk about this again. Shouta shouts back okay, he’ll show him. His father says okay, this will be fun to watch. Soon, it is 11:33pm and Shouta is still studying. At the living room, his mother tells her husband that it is obvious that it is because of him that Shouta doesn’t have time to study. He tells her that ever since before, if there is an opportunity that boy would rush out of house door and it isn’t about there is or there isn’t time, after all, he can just find some time if he is serious. She agrees. And, his father continues to read the college documents. At the park, Shouta tells Sawako that in the end, he wasn’t able to continue the conversation and even made a declaration to his father. He says in short, because of this reason, he would depend on himself to strive hard and properly study. He exclaims that he would absolutely get his approval. Sawako wishes him good luck[/gambatte]. He smiles and says, yes. They cutely make a fighting pose with clenching fists. Then, they laugh. While walking, Shouta comments that Sawako’s tone has become tough when she said ‘good luck’. Sawako says is that so, she is learning enthusiasm. He says that she went to the trial cram school, so she wants to go. She says yes and everyone is super serious that she also wants to study. She recalls this year’s fortune about she’ll soon determine her goal and she must give all-out effort. Shouta says that she still remembers so how about his. She says that it is ‘determination[/resolution] not enough, be diligent [/study harder]’. Shouta sweatdrops for it is what his father said. Shouta says okay, he’ll do his best. Shouta looks back and asks what is it since Sawako stops walking and looks eager. She asks him what she can do for him. He goes closer to her and says that she just cheer him on and do what she wants to do. That way, he’ll put in more power in striving harder to chase after her. This embarrasses Sawako. She tells him that he’s cunning to say that, and she’ll be the only one who would benefit. So, Shouta hold out his hand and tells her that they hold hands. Sawako takes his hand then pulls him to her. This surprises Shouta and she kisses him. While the two blush, Sawako says that in the end, no matter what she does, she’s the only one who benefits. Embarrassed Shouta exclaims that it isn’t so. Sawako exclaims he’s angry. He exclaims he isn’t angry, it is his heart is palpitating. Sawako exclaims that hers, too. He says that he’ll do his best and he absolutely won’t make her feel uneasy, absolutely, absolutely won’t, from today on, forever!! After looking surprised, Sawako smiles and says, me, too! So, they walk home holding hands with plans to study together if their time coincides.
In classroom 3D, Pin asks Kent if he’s going to cram school. Kent tells him yes, because he definitely has to get into these colleges. Pin asks if there is something that he wants to do. Kent says yes, he wants to be lovey-dovey together with Ayane in college. Kent says that it seems that there is none and how come his class is so idiotic. Kent tells him no, wait a moment, there is one, he isn’t joking for he was serious. Pin decides to listen to him for a while. Kent says he has some interest in interior decorating and don’t be indifferent with him for actually, he has that notion. Pin has ‘groan expression’ and informs Kent that these colleges don’t have that kind of major. Long pause and Kent is surprised. After Pin sweatdrops that Kent didn’t realize that, he starts to point out the colleges that have that course and as class leader, his grades isn’t that bad. Pin tells him to try getting a recommendation for this college. Kent doesn’t want to for he wants to go to the same college as Ayane. Pin asks him what happens if they break up. This made Kent say that they won’t break up. Pin repeats that those colleges don’t have that course. Kent just tells Pin that he’ll just forget about interior decorating and treat it as a hobby. Pin tells him to do what he likes. Ayane passes by and sweatdrops that the door is open while Kent is having his consultation. While she eavesdrops, Pin asks if he is sure that this is okay, and if he is, then it will do but during high school, this is the last chance wherein one thinks for oneself in determining something and has worries about it. It is what is the most important for your current self. He tells Kent to be a bit more serious and isn’t it good to worry a bit. Although it is after he is older and he is reluctant about [/forced into] his decision, but if he didn’t take advantage to think and worry about this when he is young, it would be more difficult to ‘independently decide’. Kent says, ya, okay. Pin sweatdrops over his too casual reply. Kent comes out and sees Ayane. He tells her that his talk is over and is she next. She says yes. Kent tells her that she’ll always wait for her until the conversation is over. She tries to protest but he insists. She says okay. She goes in, sits and observes how big Pin’s hand is. Just when Pin is about to talk, she asks him if there was a time when he is worried. He tells her about being worried in high school regarding toppling down his childhood dream because his choice will determine his future. Ayane tells him not to say it in a scary way. Pin says that it is scary but it is because it’s interesting and it is more interesting for it is what one wants to choose so she ought to properly think about it. Recalling being told of her potential growth, she asks him what he thinks of her. Pin looks surprised that she quickly says that isn’t what she meant. Puzzled Pin asks what it is. Pointing to a college, she asks him what he thinks of this. Pin mutters, Tokyo.
Ayane is thinking that if Pin says that it is okay and ‘try testing there’, then... Pin asks instead what kind of answer she is looking for. This made Ayane blush. Pin tells her that according to her current situation, it is a bit dangerous so she should strive really hard. Ayane thinks that she’s stupid and she’s embarrassed that he has seen her through since compared to what she imagined, she always felt he seems to approve of her. Then, she is surprised when he says that she’s such a brat. She exclaims what and he starts laughing and shouting, brat, brat. Thinking stupid for asking this silly thing and hoping that it didn’t happen, Ayane says that people always say that she’s very mature. Pin laughs and says that she is a brat. She doesn’t have self-confidence, only using her brain and thinking of choosing safety[/security] but are her safe choices before really safe. For example, the club activity, she thinks she’s very mature but.. Ayane says she knows, geez, yes, yes, she is a brat. He tells her not to pretend to know herself and also pretend to not know. He tells her to relax, she is indeed a brat because she can still cause trouble. While walking with Kent, Ayane continues to think of what Pin said that although she always force herself but properly look, even if she doesn’t tiptoe, it is already really enough in some places because it is a child who quickly grows up. Kent kept on calling her name until she snaps out of her thoughts. He laughs over her not listening to him. He asks if she would like go for a drink since lately, they aren’t always together. Ayane apologizes for there would be no time except sleep after cram school and she wants to review a bit. Kent says okay. Ayane tells him that the same goes for him, like this situation today, it is totally okay and there’s no need to wait for her, it’s such a waste of time, right? Kent is surprised by that and he mutters, ‘..waste..’ This surprises Ayane and says no, she didn’t meant that being together with him is a waste of time, she is saying that he doesn’t have time to study. Kent is staring at how Ayane is holding her bag’s strap tightly. He seems to be lost in thought that Ayane calls out to him. He snaps out of it and smiles to say that he understands. She apologizes for her way of expressing is always quite harsh, she knows that but.. Kent assures her that it is okay and that is one of her charm. Ayane calls him stupid. So, they separate ways at the station and they’ll see each other later at the cram school. Kent thinks that she’s striving hard and he should also work hard. He sees her at the other side and tries to greet her but lost in thought Ayane just kept on walking. After her train left, Kent thinks that she is striving hard with such concentration and he must also work harder for it to be okay. He recalls how she holds her bag and thinks, but, if he doesn’t do it up to that extent, it won’t do right, Ayane.
Comment: I think Shouta’s father is into ‘tough love’ and maybe, he does know more about Shouta than Shouta knows himself. ^^;; That was a nice lovey-dovey moment for the two with cheering each other on. Will that keep up when Shouta learns that Sawako’s ideal school is different from what he is aiming for? So, we have a love idiot who is deciding his future and making his world go around a girl who MIGHT not exactly have the same feelings he has for her. Unless that is another of Ayane’s ‘different way of expressing’. Maybe it is just infatuation? Recalling the comments on how idiotic/fast it is for a guy to propose after a few months of going steady, I think ah, doesn’t love makes one forgot that one has a brain..being madly in love..? There are stories of people getting married in a much shorter period..though I’m not sure how long it lasted so I’m not really quite harsh on that. If the couple mutually love each other, I think that would have been lovey-dovey = proposal/being in love with intention to marry the other even if it is just dreaming and stuff even if they are going steady for such a short time. But for Ayane not to react much on it, how else should I think of it? So, I’m not really sure what Ayane thinks or feels for him but for him to say such things including proposal, I would think he is serious/stupidly in love. Being the more sober one, I’m expecting..hoping that Ayane would stop give false hopes to the love idiot if until now, she doesn’t have any feelings for the guy rather than dragging this much longer. Or maybe ask him to give her space and time since she has her own issues to deal with and do not exactly have time to play lovers with him. Either way, he’ll be hurt whether he’ll be dumped now or later on, but I’m thinking, at least, if it is now, he won’t regret later on about choosing his future career based on his infatuation/love for her then will be in for a rude awakening later on. Since she is always on ‘safe choices’, maybe she doesn’t want to cause undue distress caused by a heartbreak on Kent during this important time. Maybe, she’ll just drop the bomb on graduation, hey, I’m actually got in Tokyo instead of Sapporo college, and after all this time, I still don’t have the same feelings for you as you do for me..sorry, truly sorry, bye. Oh well, if that happens, maybe Kent can just learn from this experience to not be too in love and do everything for someone he loves especially if it isn’t mutual and consider himself a bit more. As for Ayane, I guess I was a bit mistaken about that Ayane and Pin conversation..probably that ‘he got big hand’ thing threw me off since it is usually mentioned in other romantic-inclined scenes. ^^; Anyway, it seems that Ayane is trying to get some approval from Pin on what to do..strange especially after what Pin mentioned a while ago regarding choosing for oneself. Maybe there is something more to it, if he says ‘go to Tokyo’ or, it is indeed just approval or a guarantee that she can do this = safe/secure choice. I forgot about her family circumstance, but I recall that it is a mother-dominated family..so maybe she’s looking for some sort of father figure type? Well, that ‘waste of time’ thing really irks me just thinking if someone tells me that. It is like I’m spending time to be with this person and the person would say, ‘aren’t you wasting time, shouldn’t you be studying/working, etc instead’. The person might have a good intention about it but it really rubs me the wrong way for it seems how I view that person isn’t mutual and it can make me go cold on that person. Well, for now, maybe Kent ought to start thinking about Pin’s advice. Scans by 工作室

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  1. Waaa finally... And hi it's me again.. Lol
    The little fighting courage pose that sawakaze did was so sweet..cute i might say as well.
    And ya, i want to talk about kent x ayane x pin...again..
    Yeah, like i said, i honestly dont think that Ayane really develop romance something towards pin. But, if later it is revealed that she is, then im wrong, and im okay with that, happy rather. But, it's just not clicked yet to say Ayapin is a fact, though im their hardshipper.. The problem is, i think, ayane sees pin as someone older that she respect to because he is a fool but his advices always kinda right, and Pin..he sees her a brat that kinda different with any other brats he knows, maybe it's because he thinks that she is really need help as he remember something about homself in the past or because she is a brat thats not like a brat but a brat(?)
    Ayane is complex, Pin is still myaterious, we dont know a thing bout him, and Kent is kinda too easygoing. I kinda picturing him goimg a little bit protective [with emotion] towards his relationship, towards ayane.
    Well umm, wew this already this long...-_-
    I want to ask something by the way.. In the raw, i dont think it is in your corped picture, when Ayane points out about tokyo univ, whoose face is that in the bottom panel? Ayame's or Pin's? It's kinda bother me how to interpret it. It is really bother me. And, what is mean in the last page, when kent said that if he dont go to that extent, it wont do right? Is it about his own future hes think about? Or is it something else about his relationship with ayane ?
    Ah, i hope i will see Ryu in the next chapter
    ...ahh, thanks a lot cat! I can see that you kinda really disapointed with ayane through your writting ahahahah. Thanks for yhe summarise, thanks for the hardwork ^_^

    1. Hi again, Faghost ^^

      Yup, that is cute ^^

      Is that so..there are some scenes that somewhat shows that she is interested in him romantically..I don't know..maybe I should dismiss that as the mangaka fooling around?

      Was he? I recall there was a part that Pin pretty much told his past..well, a portion of it regarding not going professional and becoming a teacher instead, and also for always tormenting Shouta. Or do you mean more than that?

      I think it is Pin's...then he said, '..Tokyo..' in the next page. Also, even if it isn't really a basis but the direction of his face. I said not really a basis because there are mangaka who suddenly change the direction of the face of the character and not how they are currently positioned. ^^;

      It is vague, what Kent said in the end..I guess it depends on the readers' interpretation. I'm assuming though that it is about Ayane and probably studies to be able to to where she wants to go.

      Hopefully ^^

      Ya..I liked her character..but lately..sigh. Thanks for reading and the comment ^-^

    2. Well yeah, but i kinda feel that way, how do i put it though...it is not sure yet,not clicked yet to say Ayane has romantic feelings for Pin. It is yeah though if you say Ayane has something for Pin coz it's shown from her kinda over awareness over his presence. But romantically? I kinda doubt that now. I was really sure though if she likes pin that way, but after this chapter, i dont know...hahah. And because of that, AyaPin is not clicked just yet to say 'yeah AyanexPin is a fact' romantically....well i dont know hahahahahahah

      As for Pin, yeahhe is still mysterious. And yeahi I mean more than that. That is true that in some chapters, Pin's past is told, but wedont kbow him. Do we can consider him as main character? Along with sawako, kaze, chizu, ryu, ayane? Because of the 5 characters which i mentioned, we know them all..including Ayane whose complex character, which not much of her past that revealed, but we know her. Her complex character is a part of her character development, so i'd say it is okay if we dont know much what is she thinking about..but Pin? I dont think so. How is Pin really..not as a homeroom teacher, not as baseball's coach, but him as Pin. I remember Tooru said he was kinda their generations'hope or something like thay, i forgot... Yeah well, i jus wish we know about him more. For AyaPin's sake Lol

      If it is Pin's...then, how can i interpret his expression there? How do you think, kat? Or everyone here? He said, "tokyo...?" while having that expression..
      Is he sad? Kinda shocked? Confuse? Or any other reason? Or just flat because...well i dont know why..

      Wjat is Shiina-sensei wants? Lol...well, if it is about his relationship with ayane, then maybe we can see any other expression of his? Mad maybe or kinda stricter....

      Well, just my opinion about them all.. Amd the truth is, i really want Ayane x Pin hahahahah, but sigh.. Very well, thanks for thw reply, im really happy ^^

    3. Hehe...I see.

      Ah, before, I also think he's part of the main character..now, not too sure. If it is indeed AyaPin, there should be more about him than being the one who always bullies Shouta and being their current adviser on their future/college.

      It seems to be other than that..probably surprised over the choice and thinking why she would suddenly suggest that college. That is what I'm thinking..then, starts thinking what Ayane truly meant by asking that to him.

      Not too sure but it seems like dragging type stuff..

      Hehe..I guess for now, you think it is unlikely, right? Well, thanks for the comment ^^

  2. Thank you!! Keep up the good work! X

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment ^-^

  3. Ayane needs to stop messing with his feelings its clear she`s not inlove with him she needs to stop leading him on.Poor Kent

    1. Ya..Linda..I feel sorry for the guy..just thinking if that actually happens.

  4. sawako and shouta are so cute!
    two questions ... I do not understand, when he said:
    "he'll put in more power in striving harder to chase after her"

    Did he mean to get her as his girlfriend, or refer to the studies?

    and the second:

    "when she told him she's the only one who benefits"

    thanks in advance, for you I bear a little more while they translate the chapter U__U

      excuse my english, my language is Spanish >. <

    1. Yup, Ivette ^-^

      Hm..it wasn't mentioned. I presumed get her as girlfriend so that is why she is embarrassed.

      It means that she gets more pampered by him as if it is benefiting her more than him. Like the kiss = it is what she wants..not necessarily what he wanted. Something like that.

      No problem and hope this helps ^-^

    2. thank you so much :D

    3. You're welcome, Ivette ^-^

  5. Thank for the summary :-):-):-)

  6. Ohhhh I'm realy in love with Pin hehehehe
    Thanx kat for this beautiful summary
    Keep going ♥
    I'm looking for the next chapter

    1. Is that so, Abeer ^^

      Thanks for reading and the support ^-^

  7. Very awesome, thanks a lot for the summary!!

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, svines85 ^-^

  8. Heeey! Thanks again! Regardless of what Ayane feels towards Pin - which has been hinted many times - it still angers me to see that there are shippers out there who don't care about what happens to Kento in the way to that. Kent started dating Ayane knowing that she didn't like him back and that she was cold but she accepted it and he's an amazing boyfriend, giving her space, respecting her, cherishing her. He's weird and says stuff like "let's get married" in like two months but he has been giving his best to make sure that he thinks she's worth all the sacrifices, something no one has ever done to her before. That been said, of course Ayane has no obligation to feeling anything for Kento back but it's the way she's handling it, avoiding telling him things, being disonest and getting to the point of saying stuff like that that is really awful. If she's having doubts, she shouldn't hang out to it. Of course, that just comes to show Shiina's amazing way of building characters because Ayane, along with Ryu have the most self-demaging inferiority complexes in the series (which is funny as they're not given enough credit for it) and it results on both of them avoiding trouble as opposed to facing them as forward as they could (even if, in Ryu's case, it manifests itself differently). I guess that's why I don't ship PinxAyane too much, I'm not against it nor am I KentoxAyane in particular but it has just gone too far for me to handle it very well. Kento is a genuinely good guy and I can kinda see him being the one to tell Ayane that she likes Pin, that she should go after him and all that, but the poor baby, man. If only the fandom liked him, then I would feel better. :~~~Anyway, thanks again for the great work!! And I'll be here praying for some Ryu and Chizuru on the next chapter for a change, it surely has been a while. I mean, I can't even imagine how hard it is for people who ship PinxAyane cause they hardly have any progress ever but maaaan, she could at least solve the whole ryuchizu issue a little more before moving to another couple for so long haha *sobs*

    1. You're welcome, thatu ^-^

      Ya, that is somewhat like what I felt about that love triangle though there are indeed those kind of things that happen in real life.

      Well, hopefully, maybe the mangaka is going for 'the best for last' = Chizuru x Ryu? ^^;


    3. =) Thatu...when the Chinese scanlation is out ^^