February 3, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 41 - LA BANDE DU DRUGSTORE (Love’s Reprieve Until One Can Frankly Admit One’s Love[/like])

Takane’s grandmother asks him where he is going when it is already quite late and they still have to prepare for tomorrow’s memorial service early in the morning. Takane tells her that he doesn’t really need to rest and he has something to do that he has to leave for a while but he’ll come back before dawn during the preparation.

Frowning, his grandmother asks if he is still seeing that Sakuraba girl. Going inside a room, she says that she already said that won’t recognize their relationship and hasn’t he had enough of playing around. She tells him that there’s no harm in keeping his relationship with her [Junko] but if he wants a mistress, he should wait until he gets married. 

Takane tells her that Junko isn’t his mistress for she’s the only one whom he wants to marry and didn’t he already inform the abbot about it. After sitting down, his grandmother says that the abbot doesn’t know anything yet favors Sakuraba, and if this isn’t handled well, it would be hard to reject later on. Sitting down, Takane insists that no matter what she says, there is no other woman whom he’ll marry except for Junko.

He tells her that she is the woman who he, the heir, has chosen, so please, she must re-consider her decision. She replies that if it is like that then he must vacate the position of heir. Takane smugly asks what foolishness she is talking about, ever since he was young, she would always say that he’s the only heir of this temple.

His grandmother admits that is true but she is willing to make Amane replace him for she doesn’t want that girl to enter their family clan. Takane looks at the side to see Amane standing by the door. Their grandmother darkly says that she is serious, the position of heir or that girl, the one who needs to consider things carefully, is him. Amane urges Takane to give it up for it is impossible to disobey their grandmother.

In the car, Makoto tells Junko that generally for the time being, she’ll work as an instructor and a trainer. Looking at a book, Junko says that is right, it is possible that using this [teaching] method, it would be simpler to convey the message. Makoto says that is right and she can look for a while at that file by the left side and she can take it with her to study it at home.

Looking by the left side, Junko says that there are three files, which one, the red or the blue one. Makoto says that it is the blue one and he was saying that he would be able to explain things clearly if she is sitting at the passenger’s seat. At the backseat, Junko sheepishly apologizes and says that she is looking at it now. She thinks that’s not right, they only met once so she shouldn’t sit in that place.
Makoto’s GPS tells them that they arrive at their destination after turning right. Junko apologizes that they are already near, so can he drop her off here since her place is that apartment. Junko thinks that Takane hasn’t arrived yet and even if he might not come, but she still needs to be careful. Makoto says that even if it is a bit meddlesome but does her boyfriend easily get jealous that she cannot be alone in a car with some other guy.

While thinking that he is absolutely right, Junko denies it. Makoto says that he wants to tell her that there’s no need for her to worry because he is totally not interested in girls who have boyfriends and I LIKE YOUNGER GIRLS. This made aghast Junko answer back that to be honest, he SHOULD DIE, for he’s rude that one would totally not think that he’s hitting on someone. 

Makoto says that it doesn’t matter for she only has to be interested in this work so how about it, would she come in accordance to his arrangement. Junko thinks that she wants to try it out and based on selfishness, she can immediately agree but.. After getting out of the car, Junko tells him that because of the condition that she couldn’t quit for three years, she cannot decide on this alone so she would give him the answer after consulting him [Takane] about it. 

Takane arrives and says that it is truly regretful but even if she consults him, he also won’t give his consent. Junko calls out to Takane. Takane thanks Makoto for specially driving his FIANCEE back home. He says that it is already late so he should leave. Takane tells Junko that they should go. Junko tells him to wait, this person is related to her work so she has to bid him goodbye. Takane tells her to keep it short. 

Junko nervously thinks that this is bad for Takane totally has an expression of not believing her. Junko nods to Makoto and asks him to lend the file to her temporarily and she apologizes for this scene, she’ll be going ahead. As Junko goes in the apartment with Takane, Makoto mutters that is the rumored monk boyfriend.

At the lobby, Junko tells him that there’s a bit of problem with his expression for she would be quite troubled if he used that kind of attitude towards her co-worker. She admits that it is possible that she didn’t think thoroughly in making him drive her home. She thinks that it is because of work, and she was the one who got stood up [by Takane].

Entering the elevator, Takane says that it is good that she reflected on this. Junko says that he should reflect on it a bit, too. Inside the elevator, Junko uses a fighting pose and waits for Takane to answer back but to her puzzlement, he didn’t react. She asks him what happened because unlike before, he isn’t nagging and lecturing her.

She thinks that even if he did lecture her, she has a rebuttal. Takane just says that she is confused about it for one or two days and he already have a preventive measure so he forgives her. As they walk to her apartment room, Junko angrily asks what preventive measure.
Thinking that he’s acting strange, Junko asks if he isn’t that angry. Takane says that he isn’t angry. Junko tells him that she had declined the invitation to the party but she is suddenly free so.. Junko wonders what’s up with him is he too angry that he is listless but it felt very different from before. Takane says that it would be good if she quietly stays at home.

Recalling Amane telling her about those bride candidates that their grandmother gathered, Junko says that it is because Amane..no, it isn’t like that, Momoe-sensei is also at the party.. While putting her things on the sofa, she tells Takane that she bumped into that person there, he is from the main office, and she got careless while they are chatting a bit about work. 

Takane is surprised to see the plastic wrapped food on the table. He tells her that she said on the phone that she didn’t prepare any food Junko tells him that she plans to eat those all by herself when she gets back. Takane says that it is amazing for she unexpectedly prepared all sorts of food and it had taken some time to prepare all these.

Turning away, Junko says that she only made food that she likes to eat. Takane is already smiling when Junko looks at him and asks if he wants to eat. Takane happily says of course, after the memorial service is over, he wasn’t able to eat and he is already hungry. Putting on her apron, Junko tells him to tell her first, was he in a bad mood because he is hungry. 
Takane denies he is in a bad mood. He tells her that he is already not angry. Since Takane is in a good mood again, Junko decides to drop the topic. She tells him to wait for a while and she’ll heat the food up. Takane pulls her hand and hugs her tight. Junko asks him what the matter is for she cannot cook like this.

He tells her that in the end, he only wants her for his wife because she worked hard on all sorts of things for him so he also wants to be a bit stronger for her. Junko tells him that this kind of food is just side dishes for her. Takane says that is one thing but what he is referring to is about the work that she’s talking about with that guy. “You cannot decide on your own that you wanted to properly consult it with me before making a decision.” 

Junko asks if he heard that. Takane smiles and says that he’s very happy. He tells her that even if he said that, it is too negligent of her that she is riding on a car alone with another guy. Junko says that she did say that she was careless. Takane says that he won’t approve of that exception. Hugging her again, Takane tells her that he’ll also continue to strive hard so she must comply with their agreement. “I like you, Junko-san.”

Blushing Junko hugs him back and says, “Me, too. Very much.” Narration: “How come, at that time, I didn’t tell him, ‘I like you too’. I’ve thought of this for a long time. Generally, it is because I basically wasn’t able to imagine that I and Hoshikawa-san would lose all contact after that night.” Blurb: “What did Hoshikawa’s heart choose..? Next, Momoe came in Arthur’s room!!”
Comment: Takane’s grandmother leveled up her rejection of Junko in becoming her daughter-in-law. Since it always being mentioned to Takane that he will be the heir since he was young, I guess this is a blow to him. It would be like everything he did before to get to this position would be all null and void.

Actually, it seems that his grandmother is the same with Junko since she also made that proposition to him before. ^^;; In a way, I’m somewhat amused for this time around, is Takane willing to sacrifice that for Junko like how Junko is reluctantly giving up her job/promotion for him? Let’s say that Takane would give up being heir, what kind of job would he do?

He is intelligent though other than religion, he seems to have studied philosophy but he would have to start from below and work his way up whereas Junko is already ripe for a promotion. There might be a problem with income if he is disinherited and Takane might be forced to let Junko take up that promotion.

It is strange though that for them to have that conversation and how much Takane loves her, there would suddenly be no communication between them. It makes me wonder if the grandmother kidnapped him and locked him up or something – hehe, probably what he did to Junko before =P Or maybe the grandmother threatened to ruin Junko so out of love, Takane has to give her up?

In a way, I think this couple isn’t quite honest to each other. Junko doesn’t want to show that she loves him like she denies that she made those food for him, she went to the party out of jealousy, etc. Takane didn’t tell her about his grandmother’s threat which is why he is the reason why he is acting glum.

As for Makoto, if we were to believe what he said, it is possible that he is really just interested in Junko professionally and not romantically. I don’t know if I should interpret what Makoto said that is the rumored monk boyfriend, is it as a potential love rival, or that is the guy who hindered her exam to be promoted? Maybe there is no malice to it.

Anyway, for now, Junko is already aware of her status being a girlfriend and having a jealous boyfriend so she is more cautious in dealing with guys. From how they are talking about being careless about riding alone in someone’s car, it seems to be more than just being alone with a guy but rather, the guy is practically a stranger and he might bring her to some other place. Well, it is now problem time for this couple to test their love for each other. Scans by深雪组.

Quote of the day:
You always do what you want to do. This is true with every act. You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself. ~ W. Clement Stone


  1. Wow, this chapter is full of so many questions and cliffhangers that I can't even speculate about the future. I guess the only clue we have is Takane mentioning "he’ll also continue to strive hard so she must comply with their agreement" at the end. It almost sounds like he has something planned and he is indirectly telling her to wait for him. On a more light hearted note, her expressions in the elevator were quite funny. Can't wait to see more Momo and Arthur next chapter!

    Thanks Kat! - RC

    1. Hm..good point. That might be what he is hinting.

      Yup ^^

      You're welcome, RC ^-^

  2. Thanks so always for the story updates. I think the grandmother is a real witch... Threatening him in that way...You do as I say or else. I said live your life the way ,,,you want too.

    1. Thanks for reading, Virginia ^-^

      Ya..though not really surprising since she is strict, controlling and from a traditional family.

      In a way, it seems that is what his grandmother wanted him to do = you can live your life the way you want to but not in my house. Usually, in that kind of situation, it is best to move out right? In a way, I think if Junko and his grandmother live under one roof = it would be hell for everyone.

  3. Indeed, thanks Kat.

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    What a beautiful scene S2