February 12, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 19]

Flashback: During grade 5’s PE class, there is a huge scar on Rino’s right upper thigh that is peeking out from her shorts. The guys muttering to look at Rino’s thigh and that’s amazing. The girl said she would hate it if she got that kind of wound. The other girl told them not to say it anymore, she’s too pitiful. A boy named, ‘Yoshino’ [guesswork from 吉野] said, “Ah, Sakuragi, don’t you feel ashamed OF THAT.” Narration: “And, my first love when I was 11 years old wilted like that.” End flashback. At a storage place, Rino opens her mouth wide to take a big bite of her sandwich. While munching, Rino thinks that she’s cured, and in the end, it is the school canteen’s potato salad yakisoba hamburger bread is the most delicious, after all, it is has such a long name. Reading her manga, Rino thinks that ‘Ao Koi’ [/formerly ‘Blue Love’ manga] is also great and no matter how much she looks at it, Kyouya [manga character] is really cool. “I already don’t have the courage to be assertive. I won’t fall in love again but it’s generally, very difficult. That kind of memory, don’t replay again.” She touches her scar. Then, she is startled when someone says that it turns out that she’s there. Rino realizes that it is Ren’s voice. Ren says that he wanted to consult her about something regarding the school festival. Ren calls out to her again since Rino isn’t reacting nor turning around to him. Rino wonders why, and what is she to do, because it would be very bad if she turns around right now, but then, she also couldn’t ignore him. Turning to leave, Ren starts to apologize for disturbing her that Rino calls out to him. Talking with her mouth full, aghast Rino asks what it is. Ren is speechless. Since she is the committee member, Ren informs her that right now, they are preparing for the school festival in the classroom. Flustered Rino apologizes for she couldn’t endure the urge of her hungry stomach so she went ahead for afternoon tea and also read manga while she’s doing that. Ren chuckles and says that she totally didn’t change like before. Rino asks ha? Ren smiles and says that it is nothing, and this time, it will be a secret between them. While nervously thanking him, Rino thinks that his smile is quite scary but is that just her misconception. She asks him what he wanted to tell her. Ren tells her that he and Tamiya exchanged roles so from today on, he will be the school festival's committee member, yoroshiku [/I’m under your care]. This surprises Rino.
Ren explains that Tamiya is in some situation that he can no longer do it so he’ll be replacing him. Rino says is that so, it’s quite sudden. Ren mutters that if he volunteered first, she would run away. This surprises Rino. Ren asks her about the flower exchange thing for the night festival [<- Kouyasai]. She asks if it is that traditional activity of giving the same flower engraved emblem to someone special. Just when Ren is saying that on that day, all section’s committee members..., a girl calls out to Ren since she wants to discuss with him something about the school festival. Ren tells her that he is currently talking..but Rino quickly says that it is alright, don’t mind, for they can talk about this later on, and she’s heading back to the classroom. Ren tries to call her but Rino quickly turns and leaves. At the corner, Rino watches them. She thinks that the girl is going to confess to Ren and even if she said that she’s going to talk about the school festival, it ought to be because she wants to stroll around the festival with him. Rino couldn’t hear what they are talking about. She glumly wonders to whom Ren is going to give his flower on the night festival and right now, how does he view about that thing regarding Chihiro. Then, she decides to go back to the classroom. Ever since their first encounter, she has always been thinking of Ren. But..she kept on infuriating him over and over again that she would always apologize. Even if it wasn’t easy to go home together, it is because she is awkward that she has no way of talking normally.. Tightly holding her skirt which slightly reveals her scar, Rino wonders what she can say for even if she thinks of him, it is also of no use. She snaps out of it and exclaims that shouldn’t she stroll around the festival by herself. She thinks that in the end, Chihiro has Sho so that means, she’ll have to stay in the toilet to pass the time. Then, she becomes gloomy over that. In class, Sho and Chihiro tell Rino that they’ll stroll around together, the three of them. Rino asks if they’re joking. Chihiro says that she wants to stroll together with her. Rino sheepishly says that even if she’s very happy about that but she isn’t that inconsiderate. And for them to specially be thoughtful of her, it puts her in a more difficult position. Sho asks if they also invite Ren then it would be okay, since it will be 2 and 2. Sho starts to call out to Ren. While Sho is asking Ren about the school festival, freaking out Rino tries to stop him and says that she already have an appointment, she is going to stroll around together with Yuu-chan so it’s alright. Ren overhears this.
At a different building, Yuuto asks Rino if she’s an idiot. Rino sheepishly says yes, she is an idiot. Flustered Yuuto exclaims why he has to stroll around with her. Rino apologizes to him and she was careless that it just slipped out. Yuuto exclaims that in the end, his sister is going to spread out some killer chi that he’ll be seriously hurt. Rino sighs over how come she is always apologizing lately. Yuuto shouts if she’s listening. Rino apologizes again. She says that he’s quite nice that even if it is a lie, he won’t tell Chihiro about it, thanks. Blushing Yuuto looks away and says that it is nothing. Giving him a two thumbs up, Rino exclaims that it is alright, because during that time, she will just spend time in the toilet and he can stroll around with his friends. This surprises Yuuto. He blushes and asks if she wasn’t serious about it. Rino is puzzled that Yuuto tells her that it means, he’ll stroll around together with her, because this is volunteerism. Rino says that he’s so cool. He tells her to shut up. At the committee members’ meeting, someone informs them that the permission to stay overnight for the preparations of the school festival has been granted so committee members should be careful in supervising and not allow the students to go outside at night. While walking at the corridor, Ren is saying that they have to be careful about the overnight work especially with the Sho-types who tends to go overboard with their fun. While nervously saying that’s right, Rino feels a bit embarrassed for refusing Ren upfront yesterday. Then, Ren casually says, “YUU-CHAN is..the younger brother, right? Of Tachibana. Are you two going steady?” After looking surprised, Rino exclaims in surprise. Ren asks isn’t it so, for didn’t she say that they are going to stroll together during the school festival. Rino says no, no, it is a misunderstanding, Yuu-chan is just sympathizing with her that he is going to accompany her.. She stops and realizes that she gave it her all effort to deny it.. To her surprise, Ren darkly smiles and says that they all stroll together then. Rino tries to decline for Yuu-chan is also.. Starting to walk, Ren says that it is okay for three of them to stroll together. Rino continues to protest how can that be, and wasn’t he already going to stroll together with that girl whom he talked earlier with. Ren turns around and tells her that it is impossible for him to stroll together with someone whom he totally doesn’t know. Rino wonders what he meant by that..could it be that he..[has feelings for her]..
That night, while everyone is working and chatting about the overnight stay, Rino is holding a bag of gifts. She is standing by the door. One of the gifts has a dark colored ribbon on it. Rino nervously laughs and thinks, “No, but it is impossible. Hahaha. Towards Chihiro, Kiritani-kun.. But.. *flustered* what am I to do if I’ve guessed it right..” She is startled when Sou asks her if she isn’t going in and what are those nice things that she has. After Rino told him about it, Sou calls out to everyone to get gifts that Rino brought for them. Rino tells them that since they are staying overnight, she thinks that they might need some additional snack in case they got hungry. They praise her for doing that, everyone has a share and she’s an expert in making snacks[/desserts]. Rino gives Ren the one with a dark-colored ribbon. Ren thanks her and takes the gift. Rino thinks that he won’t notice that the color of his ribbon is different or that there are more snacks in it. She wonders if he still remembers the cookies that she gave him last summer [at the bookstore]. Rino snaps out of it and thinks that at the very start, just looking is enough but her desire had spilled over. She is flustered over what she is doing after making the cookies. Her thoughts are interrupted when someone shouts that if you don’t want to play then lose. She sees a girl and a guy arm wrestling wherein the girl is complaining that he’s too sly and the boy says that in winning, there is no sly or not. When Rino asked what they are doing, Chihiro explains that the guy managed to borrow a cheongsam from a friend and wanted the girl to wear it but the girl doesn’t want to that they had an argument about it and in one way or another, it ended up being decided with arm wrestling. The rule is only one girl has to win and there’s no need to wear it but the girls couldn’t win because the opponent are guys. Rino says that it isn’t reasonable. She glumly thinks that she doesn’t want to wear a cheongsam. To her surprise, Ren says that he wants to see her wearing it. He challenges her to a duel. Soon, everyone is cheering for Ren and Rino. Rino is nervous for Ren’s hand is quite big, and this is quite unexpected for it is the first time they are touching. She looks flustered for Ren is smiling. Ren tells her to use both hands. This irks Rino and says that it is better to obey than to be polite. After someone shouts ‘ready, go!’, Rino uses all her strength on both hands to pull Ren down..but it was instant death for her. She is surprised when Ren says that it has been decided. The other guys are calling Ren god, good job and cheongsam, cheongsam. Rino asks what’s going on. Ren says that she’s the last one and he really anticipates it. This made her blush.
By the stock room, Rino sighs for she couldn’t sleep. She mutters out loud that in the end, Ren said some strange things. Ren asks, strange things? She is surprised that Ren is there. She becomes nervous when he sits beside her. She tells him about wanting to see, anticipating-whatever, it would be better not to say those words to a girl because it would be misunderstood. She thinks that it also includes the strolling around the school festival. Ren says that it doesn’t matter if it is misunderstood but she doesn’t have the right to say that of others for just now, he also would misunderstand. Rino becomes flustered for she realizes that he was talking about the cookies. Ren tells her that actually, before there is one time when he wanted to tell her something. Rino is puzzled. He tells her that generally, she has already forgotten about it but does she still remember the time when they met at the bookstore last summer. Rino says of course. Ren says at that time, he said, ‘–by the way, it turns out that you don’t remember me’. Rino says that he did said that and she is still wondering what he is referring to. Ren says that the reason is they already met each other the year before last year. During the break time of second junior high regional tournament, while eating, he saw a girl eating a very delicious super huge sandwich that for some unknown reason, he couldn’t take his eyes of her. There is cream sticking on her face and her eating strength didn’t even decrease by half. [<- probably eating rich and heavy food = not feeling full at all] Ren chuckles that because it was hot then, he totally doesn’t have any appetite but he can say that he got energy from her that it moved him to eat a lot. Embarrassed Rino asks if she was such a glutton. Ren says yes, pretty much, and actually, after that, they unexpectedly met up again at the convenient store. It was the last limited edition onigiri bomb and Rino got it before he did. Flashback: Rino split the onigiri in half and gave half to Ren. Then, she happily wished him gambatte[/good luck] with his kendo. End flashback. While Rino is surprised to hear that, Ren says that up to now, he still remembers what she said before they parted. Flustered Rino says that she also still remembered that second junior high incident, and it turns out that guy is Ren.
She didn’t realize it because his hair and temperament aren’t the same as now. “What to do.. Is it also okay to say that I also remembered it? Or it is better not to say it.. Which one is better? What should I do..” Ren smiles and says that in the end, she couldn’t recall that incident before- He is puzzled for Rino isn’t reacting. He looks closer and sees her trembling while huddling to herself. He leans very close to her..inches away..then he stands up and leaves. Rino turns around and wonders if just now he planned to kiss her. This made her flustered. “No way, why..? Wrong, I know. I only do not want to think about it, that’s all. Actually, I’m already aware of it. Whether or not Kirigaya-kun also have that kind of feeling.. *recalls Ren* But.. *recalls Yoshino*..” During the school festival, while Rino is standing guard, she wonders if the three of them are really going to stroll together, and what kind of expression she should have upon facing Ren. Then, the girl who interrupted her and Ren’s conversation a few days ago, calls out to Rino and says that she wants to ask a favor from her. At the haunted house, Ren asks Chihiro if she knows where Rino went. Chihiro tells him that she just took a break a while ago. Then, the girl tells Ren that Rino won’t be coming and Rino asked her to pass this message, ‘In the end, I still want to stroll along together with someone else, I’m sorry..’. The girl says that isn’t Rino quite mean and if it is okay, can he stroll around with her instead. Ren looks away and looks a bit flustered. While sadly walking, flustered Rino thinks that she still ran away.. “(This is good. This way, I won’t constantly anticipate on being together. I’ve become more and more greedy.) I’m already hated by him.. (It is inevitable. I reap what I sow. I know. It is only because I don’t want to be hurt, that’s all.) *looks up teary-eyed yet somewhat smiling* This way, whether that exchange flower thing or anything else, it is no more. (I obviously wanted to go near you but I’m scared of getting close to you.. Because I’m a coward.)” Blurb: “Will Kirigaya be able to capture Rino who is running away because of love..!?”
Comment: In a way, it seems that Rino has the personality of Kotori, the female lead of mangaka’s previous series yet her dilemma is a bit like Skip Beat! minus the ‘used like tissue part by the first crush’. It is indeed traumatic that the person, whom she likes, would be the one who would say such harsh words to her. Even if it is unconscious, it makes her think that all guys are like that..well, all the guys in her grade 5 class. Ren’s actions are already so obvious that he is interested in her. Based on Rino’s thoughts, she wasn’t clueless at all but rather, she is ignoring it unconsciously because of her fear and trauma. Well, she is indeed sharp to think that girl who insisted on interrupting their conversation wanted to invite Ren. I guess the mangaka didn’t mention much about their time together before because nothing much happened except for those moments shown..and now, is the time when it is ripe to progress their relationship. It is indeed sad that she would rather stay in the toilet to pass her time rather than stroll around alone. ^^; I also like how nice Shou is, to let Rino join them because Chihiro wants to be with her. If ever they get to stroll together with Yuuto, that would be very amusing =P Probably something like in the prologue? In a way, I feel sorry for Yuuto since Rino didn’t know that he likes her. Well, for him to act that way, one won’t easily guess..except for the love rival, Ren. Okay, I’m not quite sure if I should still use the prologue as a basis for that statement since Nanjou didn’t seem like a ‘bad guy’ then. ^^;; I guess Ren noticed the different ribbon on his snack and I wonder if Rino would wear a cheongsam later on which could finally reveal to her whether or not, Ren would be disgusted with her because of her scar. The story of how they really first met is really nice. It really has a lesson on how nice you acted to a stranger might later on have rewards for you. Apparently, Ren wasn’t as handsome as he is now so he probably isn’t as popular as Sho. Because of how Rino treated him nicely and even unintentionally inspired him, Ren knows what she is really like. That other girl is really awful to ask a favor then say mean things about Rino just for her to have an opportunity to be with Ren. That is the impression I get but then, thinking about it, it is possible that Rino realizing what she wanted, immediately say that excuse for her to run away. Whether Ren knows the truth about it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Rino is running away from him. Rino is indeed conflicted over this..that narration was quite sad. And for her to say something out loud, I wonder if there is another possibility for Ren to overhear her. =P I don’t think Chihiro is in a position to tell Ren about what is troubling Rino – maybe a case of let her tell you herself. Anyway, we’ll see if Ren would still chase after her with this latest rebuff. Well, from the blurb, it seems that he won’t easily give up though I’m not sure if he is somewhat aware of her true feelings for him. It seems that their love story is more on the serious side than Sho x Chihiro’s. Lastly, I find it amusing that just by eating happily like a glutton, it can actually make someone fall for you..or at least, you’re eye-catching for a future handsome guy =P Scans by Link同好会

Quote of the day:
Sometimes we are afraid to let ourselves feel things because of past experiences but why do we run away from something that could be very special in the future? ~ Nishan Panwar


  1. Thanks for the summary! Finally RinoxRen's time now! I think Yuu will overhear her since they are suppose to stroll together, and he might run over to look for her then accidentally overheard her. I hope Ren will not give up and run after Rino, but if I am right earlier about Yuu overheard Rino, so there may be a chance Ren caught them being together then he may misunderstand. I hope it won't happen because it will be a drag LOL. Hopefully, we will know how Rino get that scar soon. <3 Tika

    1. Thanks for reading, Tika ^-^


      Maybe if Ren already sees it = explanation.

  2. Better than Sho×chihiro couple. Wen s da next update?

    1. Ah..don't know, depends on the Chinese scanlators.

      It is on a break in this month's Cheese! so the next chapter will probably be out in Japan on March 24th.

  3. It's great to finally see progress between these two :) But I'm still super curious about the hat-girl who knows Sho!

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    From the flashback, i thought Ren might be Rino's crush/first love, although being rude before but had change and had a crush on her.. but it's not.. So, Ren already met RIno 2 years ago.. though i can't believe how he come to like Rino from that situation (being glutton) i'm very much happy he was interested. And yeah, as you've mention Ms. Kat, being nice or kind to someone gets them interested in you.. c",) And that cookie thing with different colored ribbon is so cute.. ;-)

    And i really like that overnight event..Kirigaya seems to flirt with Rino, saying she wanted to see her in a cheongsam. and he's so cunning, how happy he was about winning in that arm wrestling.. hehehe.. And how tense Rino was while "holding hands" with Ren.. ^^

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    ohh.. i want more.. progress for this couple.. though they might look serious than the other couple (ShoxChihiro) i don't think they are less interesting.. Thank you again Ms.Kat. for the long awaited summary and for that long and very good comment..

    1. Yup..and maybe Ren does has a thing for female gluttons. I wonder if he loves to cook =P

      Indeed..Ren is quite cunning ^^

      Ya..that girl wanted to get Ren to walk with her. As for what happened next, read the next chapter ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^