January 13, 2014

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 6]

Cover page: “Compared to expectation, the real me, is multiple times COMPLICATED..”  After they kissed, Eiji pulls away from Yuki and apologizes that he couldn’t do it. Yuki asks if he is thinking about Yuuya. Holding his hands, Eiji says it isn’t Yuuya..he already has Saki. He looks at her and says that except for her, he cannot lay a hand on, and it isn’t that he hates her.. This made Yuki blush. She hugs him. He calls her name. She tells him to let her stay this for now. She wonders why this is quite complicated for she is quite happy on how he regards Saki’s feelings and her own. As Eiji hugs her back, Yuki says, “Thank you..I can treasure the future because I met you, Eiji-kun.” While on the way to the hotel, Yuki thinks that just thinking of Eiji, her head becomes clear. She calls someone on the phone. She introduces herself as the younger sister of surgeon doctor Mizuhara Shiki and is his brother currently on duty. She takes a bath and thinks that currently, her brother is on duty so tomorrow, she’ll ask him again. “If I don’t properly deal with the past.. the future will..” Shiki returns home and is startled that Yuki is waiting for him at the living room. Yuki welcomes him home. Shiki says that it’s quite early today and he thought that she would sleep a bit longer. Standing up, Yuki says that she also wants to sleep a lot longer but she still couldn’t sleep for a long time. “Is the one who attacked me and Erika, you, brother?” Loosening his tie, Shiki says what about it if she knew. “You don’t have any evidence to prove whether or not I’m the culprit. You yourself also couldn’t determine it.” Yuki asks that even if it is like that, she also couldn’t wait for her memories to recover on its own. “I’m very worried about Erika. And also, where is the real Yuki right now?” After a pause, Shiki says okay, he should start talking about it from there.. Looking out the curtained window, Shiki says, “My younger sister, Yuki-chan had committed suicide during a trip. *Yuki is surprised* When I found her, she has already started to show signs of rigor mortis [post mortem rigidity = body stiffness] so I don’t even have a single trance of margin to revive her.. I brought Yuki-chan along and drive through the night at the mountain road. As I was speeding along, I found the injured you. I saved you but Erika wasn’t at that place. Even if I couldn’t confirm it but I vaguely feel that generally, Erika is already dead. Both Yuki-chan and Erika are already no longer in this world.”
Yuki says that it is also possible that he killed her. Shiki says yes, so it is already not necessary to continue on talking about this but her experiences that she can recall during these three years are real. “I will treasure you like a real family member. You are an existence wherein even if I were to lose everything, I will protect you.” Yuki tearfully says that she knows so she couldn’t believe it if he attacked someone. Looking away, Shiki apologizes to her for he only came home for a change of clothes since he is currently attending to a patient who is in a critical stage. Yuki tells him to go. While removing his coat, Shiki says that perhaps she still has many things that she wants to ask him. “You can stay at the house. If you don’t want for us to stay together then it is also okay for you to continue on living at the hotel. You can also keep on using the credit card. You can do whatever you want until you’re at ease.” Yuki thinks that if her brother is the culprit, he doesn’t have a reason to let her live.. “I understand brother’s kindness the most, but..” Walking in the streets, she looks up and thinks, “Really want to see.. want to see Eiji..” She looks at the side and there he is, waiting for the stoplight to turn green. This made her blush in surprise. She calls out to him. He turns around to call her name and asks what she’s doing. Yuki smiles which made him blush. Approaching him, Yuki says that she went home and she’s currently going back to the hotel. She asks him if he’s returning from school. Eiji says yes, he is getting ready to go home since there is no work today. Yuki happily invites him for them to eat lunch together. This surprises Eiji. At a diner, Eiji sighs over why this happen yesterday and also today. Holding a sandwich, Yuki happily says that it is such a coincidence that they met for two consecutive days. After a pause, Eiji says ya. Yuki says that he eats a lot, the amount for two people. Eiji says that he always eat this much. Yuki says that his Engel coefficient [spend more on food if you have more money] is quite high. Eiji says that Yuuya is the same.
Yuki makes small talk about their body build being good and according to others, people who eats a lot are also in good spirits[/mood]. Eiji says that she’s eating too few and does models eat quite few. Yuki tells him that for her, this is already a lot. Eiji says that she’s lying right, for as a snack, that wouldn’t even fill him up. After eating and heading out of the diner, Eiji says that it is really delicious and is she going to ride the train on the way back. Yuki says that the hotel is nearby. Eiji notices that Yuuya had called his phone and even left a message which he totally didn’t notice. Eiji looks tense for Yuuya had emailed him, ‘The body remains found at the ruins is Erika’.” Calling on the phone, Eiji says that it seems that Yuuya and Sou[ichirou] are nearby so he’ll go and meet up with them. Yuki offers to go with him. Eiji tells her not to get involve again. He bids her good night and left. [<- ah, maybe they ate a late lunch or their lunch took the whole afternoon ^^;] After a while, Yuki suddenly chases after him. She looks around and finds Eiji comforting grieving Yuuya while Sou watches on. Yuki thinks that it is true, Erika is already dead and in her dream, she’s the good friend whom she wanted to save even sacrificing herself so for her, Erika is a very important person. “But, *tears falling* I wasn’t able to save her.” She takes her cellphone and leaves a message on her brother’s phone. “Brother, it’s me, Erika has already passed away. I have something that I want to tell you, when can we meet?” At Sou’s place, Sou gives Yuuya a drink. Eiji asks Yuuya if he has calmed down a bit. Holding the cup, Yuuya says yes. He tells Eiji that there is no clue regarding Saki. This surprises Eiji. Sou tells Yuuya that he just learned of Erika’s death so let him tell Eiji. Yuuya says that he wants to tell Eiji himself. “Eiji, the management company [..something like security? probably hired by the owners of the ruined place] would patrol around that ruins once a month and they said that during their last patrol, Erika’s remains weren’t there. She became a skeleton in some other place and was moved into that ruins. *shaking and crying* It is feared that it was deliberate.. to make people discover it. *Eiji consoles him* if only Saki is okay, I hope that she’s still alive..!” Soon, Yuuya is sleeping. Eiji is relieved that he is sound asleep. He goes out the bedroom.
At the living room, Sou tells him to stay at his place for the night. Seeing Sou’s expression, Eiji agrees. As they share some beer, Sou says that they still haven’t told Yoshiharu about it yet since the thing regarding Kousuke is already enough for him [to handle] so he is looking for an opportunity to tell him. Eiji says okay and he apologizes for making him to do that kind of thing. Eiji asks if there are clues about the culprit. Sou says that it appears that Yuuya wasn’t able to know up to that degree. “From the state of decomposition of the body remains, it should have been buried before. The death is approximately three years ago. If we can determine the place of burial based on the type of soil and then, basing on the temperature and humidity, etc, we should be able to confirm whether or not she died soon after she was missing. Perhaps, we can also find clues regarding Saki.” Eiji asks why the body remains were deliberately moved to a place where it can easily be discovered. Pushing up his glasses, Sou says, “In order to tease.. the still living ones..” Clenching his fist in anger, Eiji trembles and mutters that he really wants to kill him, kill that culprit. Without reaction, Sou tells him that he heard that the skeletal remains are all intact. This surprises Eiji. Sou tells him that the culprit dug up the skeletal remains and didn’t leave a single bone behind. “Then, it was all arranged within that ruins. It should be a shrewd and quick-witted person who is quite familiar with the structure of a human body.” At the hospital, Shiki goes out of the operating room and removes his bloodied gloves. The other doctors tell him ‘good work’. They also praise him for speedily doing the emergency surgery, being a genius, and for being the surgeon chief. A nurse[?] tells Shiki that his cellphone rang and it is from a girl named Yuki-chan. The other woman asks if it is a girlfriend. The other guy calls her stupid, for it is the doctor’s younger sister. A guy asks Shiki if his younger sister is okay lately since he remembers that she got in an accident and lost her memories. On his cellphone, Shiki is retrieving his message. He says, “Ya, but [I], more or less, should tell her everything.”
Narration: “I was contacted by Yuuya. Erika and Asumi [Kousuke] are no longer around. I think I should comfort him a bit and would meet up with him later on.. I wasn’t able to meet up with brother. *walking at the hallway of a building in the guys’ university* Erika and the real Yuki-chan are both dead. Why am I the only one alive.. What could have happened to me. I want to know the facts. I want to know the truth. If I was able to find some news [/get some facts], perhaps, I would be able to remember something. If I’m Saki, then I definitely know the murderer who killed Erika.” Then, she sees Yoshiharu and calls out to him before he heads inside a room. Yuki apologizes for not being able to attend Kousuke’s funeral and she heard that he and Kousuke are totally close to each other. Yoshiharu wonders what to say at this time. “..thank you, for worrying about me..” Yuki says that she is currently going to see Yuuya so does he want to go with her. Yoshiharu says that he doesn’t want to for they ought to be on a date and Yuuya would kill him [if he comes along]. Yuki says that it isn’t a date, and didn’t Erika passed away, so Yuuya is definitely depressed. “I want to just console him..” Yoshiharu looks tense and nervous. Seeing his expression, Yuki continues to say that Erika was the body remains in the ruins. Pushing Yuki inside a storage room, Yoshiharu tells her to wait a moment. Holding her shoulders, he says that he hasn’t heard about that. Realizing that they didn’t inform Yoshiharu, Yuki tensely says that she just got Yuuya’s text... Pushing her to the bookcase, Yoshiharu exclaims who the culprit is, and why is the body remains at that place! “It’s too strange!” Yuki tells him to stop, she doesn’t know, so go ask Yuuya. The things on the bookcase start falling down. Holding his head, Yoshiharu says that hurts. He is surprised that Yuki is unconscious on the floor. He calls out to her and asks if she is alright. Her hand twitches. Later on, Yuki wakes up upon hearing her cellphone ringing. She sits up from the fallen things around her and answers the phone. Yuuya asks her where she is. Holding her hurting head, Yuki wonders out loud where she is. Holding her bag, she goes out of the room and says that she’ll quickly go to the appointed place and wait for her there. Back in the storage room, there is someone muttering, “Is someone..there. ..hel.. ~hel.. ~~he..lp..!..” The person is lying on the floor with a pool of blood around [his] bloodied hand. Blurb: “Who is the bloodied person calling for help? What would be Yuki-chan’s fate?”
Comment: The bloodied person is probably Yoshiharu. So, who did it? It is possible that Yuki probably did it like when she wakes up with a bloodied shirt and then, Kousuke is dead. But then, she woke up in the same place where she was unconscious. I don’t think her brother knows that she is there so could it be someone among the other guys? Maybe panicking Yoshiharu called for someone’s help and that happened to him. I’m still wondering of the possibility of Yuki being framed because she was there. Of course, Yuuya being the son of a top brass police can do something about it. It is really strange for Yoshiharu to be excited and jumpy upon knowing that the dead was Erika but Sou seems strangely calm compared to the rest of them. Sou seems to be a bit like Shiki who is totally collected. Since the culprit/s is somewhat meticulous on how he/they hid Erika’s body, they seem to be the suspects..unless, Yuuya is good in acting. He seems visibly shaken upon knowing Erika’s death. Well, so far, I guess Eiji is the ‘innocent one’ here. He is falling for Yuki and everything but yes, it is kind of complicated. I wonder if he really could kill the murderer/s if they turn out to be someone close to him. It seems that Yuki at times is confused if she’s Saki or not. Maybe that is one of the reasons why she still didn’t tell Eiji who she is. I wonder if when the ‘real Saki’ is out, she is sure that she is Saki like when she asked Shiki if he was the one who attacked her and Erika. I actually wonder who Shiki is talking on the phone..since the dialogue was ‘retrieving message’ so to whom is he saying that he’ll tell everything to Yuki? If he knew where Yuki is, maybe he’s the one attacked to shut him up? Apparently, the real Yuki is presumably dead. I wonder why she committed suicide? Could it be because of her possessive brother or job related? Shiki seems to be hiding something from Yuki since he kept on saying that the past didn’t matter, and only present does. Is it because he really wants her to be with him or something else? Maybe letting Yuki know the truth makes her want to stay with him as Yuki. Shiki did mention that he’s willing to protect her even if he loses everything. Based on what Sou said, maybe Shiki was the one who took out Erika’s remains and put it in the ruins..though did he know that Yuki was going there or it was a coincidence? Maybe he knew that Erika is dead, where she is buried and put the body there in the ruins to taunt the real culprit/s? If he is the culprit, what is the purpose of ‘teasing the living’ and why now? Is it related to Yuki recalling that she is Saki? Indeed, if he is the culprit, why spare Saki? Is it because he is very desperate to have a substitute for his younger sister? Also, I wonder if there is a problem with Yuki’s memory..or aside from cannot remember her past, when she woke up from the storage room, she totally forgot about Yoshiharu..unless, it is because she is just in a hurry to meet up with Yuuya. Ah, still lots of questions even if it is confirmed which is Erika is dead. I still don’t know if I should trust what the other guys say especially Shiki and Sou. Scans by 深雪

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  1. thank youuuuuuuuuu Kat! :D

  2. Wow, she didn't see the puddle of blood? Maybe someone followed her and took advantage when she was unconscious? No, is more likely he has called someone and it happened, as you said. >.< You're with a guy, and there are things falling on you, and you wake up *alone*, not knowing where you are and is concerned with the meeting... Sure she has the memory of a goldfish ...

    1. Ya..I assumed that it is behind her and she was rushing to meet up with Yuuya so..

      True..I'm also assuming that she was disoriented..she has a tendency to be when she wakes up. And well, like you've mentioned memory of a goldfish = Yoshiharu is forgettable for her =P

  3. Thank you Kat I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this!

  4. Thanks a lot Kat! The story's getting more interesting and you gave me another possibility. Yeah, it may be Yuki herself.

    1. You're welcome, Katniss ^-^

      Yup ^^ Possibly..