January 18, 2014

Mairunovich [Chapter 69]

Mairu is surprised when she blurted out that she likes Tenyuu. Tenyuu also looks surprised. After a pause, he says, “...eh?” Snapping out of it, Mairu becomes dumfound for she got careless and said it. Tenyuu asks if what she meant is.. Mairu got terrified that she says, “About that..! But about that, I will still support you and Momo-san.. so about that.. about that. *turns around and runs off* The bell has already rang so I’m going first to the classroom!!”

Tenyuu says that the bell didn’t ring. Wanting to escape, Mairu turns to him and says, goodbye! When she takes another step, she felt a sharp pain and she falls down. At the clinic, the doctor says that it is a sprain. She says that if the swelling doesn’t subside after putting the plaster, she should go to the hospital to get it x-rayed. Mairu timidly says okay.

Mairu couldn’t believe that she got a sprain after falling down the hole when obviously she was fine a year ago..she’s old already [<- prone to injury].. The doctor asks if her mother is at home. Mairu says no, her parents are in Fukuoka. The doctor says is that so. She asks who Tenyuu is. Tenyuu lied by saying that he is a graduate student.

The doctor says that since they know each other, bring Mairu home since it would be quite hard for her to go home by herself like that. Tenyuu says okay. While riding the taxi, Mairu feels uneasy and awkward while sitting next to Tenyuu because it was just a while ago she confessed to him and she unexpectedly all alone in a confined space with the person she confessed to.

He calls out to her that she exclaims, yes! Tenyuu asks her if her foot hurts and is she okay. Giving him a thumbs up, she smiles and says that she is totally okay and sorry for the trouble. She actually thinks that this is hell on earth. In front of her house, Tenyuu tells her to use his shoulder as a support. She apologizes for the trouble again. He tells her to bring out the key.

Inside the house, he asks her where her brother is today. Mairu says that he went to the university and she thinks that he should come back late, around 8pm. After helping her sit on the sofa, Tenyuu offers to accompany her until her brother comes back because with her foot like that, it is definitely inconvenient for her. This made Mairu protest that there’s no need for that, and it is alright.

Tenyuu insists that he’ll stay. Mairu timidly says okay. It felt like the continuation of hell on earth. Later on, she’s taking a bath. She recalls how Tenyuu told her to take a bath since she is all dirty and he’ll help her put water in the tub. He said that while she’s taking a bath, he’ll go to the convenient store to buy food for her and her brother. Mairu just timidly says okay. And, it is because of those reasons that right now, she is taking a bath.
Mairu thinks that she confessed to him today and what can she say, his expression [/behavior] is more normal than she imagined. She is startled when Tenyuu asks if she is okay and isn’t she finished. Mairu shouts that yes, she is okay and she’s almost done. While toweling her hair and wearing what seems to be a towel, Tenyuu asks from outside the bathroom if her foot is still swelling. 

Mairu says that it has already subsided a lot and just now, she can walk more properly. Tenyuu says that is great since it isn’t a fracture. Mairu says yes, and she made him worried. After a pause, Tenyuu says, “..about that, the reason why I came to school today is because I want to tell you about that thing regarding Momo-san. ...in conclusion, I and Momo-san didn’t do steady. I went to reject her.”   

Mairu is stunned. She quickly opens the door and says is that true. This surprises Tenyuu that he quickly closes the door and tells her that she shouldn’t open the door. Mairu exclaims that she’s already done. Tenyuu exclaims that it is still quite revealing. Mairu[/Tenyuu] suggests to open the door a bit and just avoid the back of the door [?].

After sighing, Tenyuu says that he went to the photo studio to reject Momo because he feels that it is better for him to properly face her and say it. Mairu thinks is that so, then right now, he is not [in a relationship] with someone.. She becomes nervous when Tenyuu says, “..today, you, Mairu, said that you like me, right. I’m very happy. *Mairu perks up* Because I also like you, Mairu. *tense Mairu blushes* but, it isn’t the same with Mairu’s ‘like’. *Mairu has a blank expression*...

...I have said this before. For me, Mairu is like a daughter, or rather more like a younger sister-type of existence... Very, very, very important. *Mairu looks at his back from the slightly open door* I don’t have that kind of feeling towards you, ..I’m sorry.” Mairu mentally tells herself that she’s an idiot for what the heck was she anticipating. The door opens and Mairu is all dressed up.

From gloomy, Mairu forced a smile and says, “What can I say. I thoroughly lost my head that time and said such strange words, I’m truly sorry. You can just forget about that thing, okay.” Tenyuu just looks at her. Narration: “I obviously knew it early on, that things would become like this.” Going in the house, Airu says that it’s cold.

He calls out to Mairu that he’s home and let’s eat. He is surprised to see Tenyuu who tells him that there are bento from the convenient store on the table and sorry but he would have to eat that [tonight].. While Airu mutters that he came again. Tenyuu excuses himself and left. Outside, as the snow falls, Tenyuu looks up and says, “..snow.” And, Mairu is moping on the bed. Narration: “Brave [/heroic] sacrifice.”
Comment: And, once again, Mairu’s heart is broken. Is it better to be reject while facing the person or be rejected with one facing you backwards? It makes me wonder for the conscious/unconscious reason why Tenyuu rejected both girls in different ways. Mairu would probably regret blurting that out but then, to be formally rejected, I guess that that would help her move on.

The way Tenyuu treated her in the house makes me think that he indeed treats her like a ‘daughter/younger sister’ after one is hurt – go take a bath, I’ll go buy food so that you don’t have to cook, and stuff like that. Time will tell if Tenyuu’s feelings for Mairu would still change but, hehe, I’m rooting for Fuyu =P

This series is indeed the failed loves of Mairu and I’m really, really hoping that Fuyu would be the one. Surely, it isn’t a coincidence that it starts to snow = winter = Fuyu ^^ Scans by 工作室  PS. The Chinese scanlations is behind the Japanese raws so I’ll really appreciate it if no one spoils me what would happen in the next chapter. Thanks~

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